Brad and Angelina have a messy house with little help & are moving back to LA

Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara and Pax out in New Orleans on 12/26/07 to see a movie. Credit: Fame

In Angelina’s Vanity Fair interview ahead of the birth of her twins, she said she had help with the kids but it was during the day and no one stayed overnight. She called the helpers “ladies who work with us,” and said there was a Vietnamese teacher, a woman from Belgium “of Congolese descent,” and an art teacher from America. The article came out in late May, and the news had just been released that Brad and Angelina were moving to that huge estate in France. They were staying at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s French villa around that time. It seemed logistically impossible to me that they would have three women available to them everywhere they moved who did not stay overnight. German celebrity magazine Gala printed an article after the birth of the twins that they were looking for a nanny. Some of the tabloids have made references to Brad and Angelina’s “nannies,” but if they do have anyone they keep them virtually hidden. Brad’s family visited after the birth of Knox and Vivienne and his mother was probably a big help.

In her May interview, Angelina made it seem as if she and Brad had a very laid back parenting style, and said that their focus was art and communication: “Artists raise their kids differently… We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”

Artists aren’t known for being particularly orderly. TMZ reports that Brad and Angelina’s house is a wreck and that the only help they have on the weekends is a chef and security staff, who often end up on babysitter duty. They also say that the famous family is planning on moving back to Brad’s home in Hollywood. I wonder if the mess they’re said to be leaving at the chateau has anything to do with that:

We started getting tips about Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile — that they never let the kids go out in public with nannies because they want the public to see them as hands-on parents, which means the kids would basically be held hostage in the house unless their parents take them out. Absolutely not true.

We have really good spies in this department and here’s what we know. As it was put to us, “Brad and Angelina don’t give a f**k what the world thinks of how they’re raising their kids.” We’re told their entire life revolves around the kids, and the houses they stay in are “dirty from the kids” — with toys everywhere, food on the floor and fingerprints on the walls.

We’re told during weekends, there is a “minimal staff” at home — a cook and security, and that’s it. The homes they stay at are often in the hills or at the beach, and security’s top job is making sure the kids don’t hurt themselves.

The Hollywood Hills home Brad has owned for years will soon become home base. We’re told the main advantage is it’s completely enclosed and the kids can roam on the property.

The best line — “They live like people in Simi Valley, only with more zeros on the price of the home.”

[From TMZ]

It seems like with a lot of kids you have to be really regimented if your goal is to keep the house clean. Some people prefer to focus on the kids and go with the flow, though, and the house reflects that. You have to wonder if the supposed damage to the estate is a motivation for Brad and Angelina to move back and if they’re having any issues with their landlord. If they do move back to Hollywood it should be a lot easier for them to find help.

In other Jolie-Pitt news, one of dad Brad’s photos of his family will be featured on the cover of the November issue of W Magazine. W is the Magazine that scored that somewhat controversial 50s-style shoot with Brad and Angelina in July, 2005 called “Domestic Bliss.” Do you think that Brad and Angelina are just responding to all the requests for publicity or are they actively seeking it? Pitt has Burn After Reading by the Coen brothers coming out in the US on September 12. It looks wickedly funny and also features George Clooney, Frances McDormand, and John Malkovich.

Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara and Pax are shown out in New Orleans on 12/26/07. They went to see the movie “The Waterhouse” and also picked up KFC. Credit: Fame

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    Seems like Brad and Angie are the only people on earth who don’t give a fukc. The rest of the world is yakking yakking yakking about them until they’re blue in the face

  2. jennifer says:


  3. Snowblood says:

    YAY!! They’re coming home! :D

    This article sure was written to spark a classic Us vs. Them debate here, Celebitchy! :wink: :D Can’t WAIT to see how the ZOMG HaterTrolls greedily, enthusiastically latch onto the teasing debate-strikig suggestions you’ve put forth, like a swarm of hungry eels, and then read all the wise & witty cool comebacks from my compatriots & sisters in arms, the loyal and loving BADettes. Tomorrow afternoon’s gonna be FUN in this thread! :D :D

  4. jacqueline says:

    who doesn’t have a messy house with young children- you can’t keep clearing-up after them as then there is no continuity in their play-world.
    I thought Brad’s parents were helping out f/t.
    Are you saying from your source that the estate owner has complained about the mess? Don’t you think the rent should cover mostly all messy scenarios? It must be BIG BUCKS.
    Here, in England, where I am, we know the French like visitors to speak French, so I would imagine that the Jolie-Pitt’s housekeepers and nannies probably don’t speak English (or not very well). This is ok for a while, but frustrating in the longer term I would imagine.

  5. geronimo says:

    OMG. France Betrayers. 8O

  6. Lara says:

    I haven’t read the initial post nor the VF article, so maybe i’m late on this, but this sentence caught my eye:
    “Artists raise their kids differently… We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk.”
    Is this taken out of context? I come from a working class family and we had art around the house (playing instruments, singing), we had books (a lot of books), my mom took us to plays and concerts and …gasp… we even talked at our home!
    Maybe i’m just pissy today and this caught me the wrong way, but it sounds pretentious.
    As for your question CB, i think it’s a combination of both and i must be one of the few species left who really doesn’t care how they raise their children, but good for them for not giving a f*** what the world thinks.

  7. yeah says:

    One small problem with the story about leaving France. Brad is scheduled to make a movie in Germany and France later this fall. So I don’t see this family moving back to the US since this group doesn’t stay apart for more than a couple of days. So, unless the movie is off, they won’t be moving back
    anytime soon.

    Also, they make it sound like the house in LA is new, it is always their base when they are in California, so again, why do they make it sound like something they are just thinking about. And with six children, a bit of mess is the norm, so why is it being reported like something out of the ordinary.

  8. RAN says:

    Yeah, seriously…I don’t care how they raise their kids – I hope they grow up happy and healthy and to all visual viewpoints, the kids ARE happy and healthy.

    If the hospital room they left behind is any indication of what the home looks like though, I can imagine it’s far from ‘neat’ and ‘orderly’.

  9. daisy424 says:

    I thought he was doing a film also….
    doesn’t sound right.

    In 15 years those kids won’t remember if the house was neat and tidy.
    What they will remember is how much time their parents spent with them.
    That is what really matters.

  10. crab says:

    Lara I’m with you, who cares!! I wish they’d go away to be perfectly honest!!

  11. Jill says:

    I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids and a husband who is a firefighter. There is always dust, sticky tables, the dishwasher going, toys being stepped on and laundry to my knees. Welcome to the world of more than 2 kids. I have always found it very Stepford wives when people with alot of kids have immaculate homes. But I have to say that if I could afford a maid we would probably have one… at least for laundry. No nannies though, my kids are mine. Good for them for trying to have some semblance of a normal life when they can.

  12. cara says:

    I can’t say or even THINK anything bad about Ange ever since the Rosie letter. She could kick street kids in the face and I’d just shrug.

  13. Nan says:

    I’m not buying this story either. I’m a very private person & have managed to have a cleaning person to come once a week & do the floors, cabinets & walls. I’m sure they move from room to room in that house of theirs. I’ve lived in a ginormous house & sometimes some rooms are just off limits a/they’ve been cleaned. I’m sure they only inhabit some of the rooms & rotate them. Cobwebs & dust just abound in a short time in a large home.

  14. Leandra says:

    Why is it anyone’s business how Brad and Angelina raise their children? I doubt they spend any time reading all this speculative nonsense about themselves. They’re too busy raising their family.

  15. RAN says:

    Agree Daisy, Jill :-)

    Off to work, have a good day folks!

  16. duda says:

    good lord… if the house is a mess, im sure they will hire a cleaning crew to clean it the eff up after they move..
    Id hire a maid weekly to come in and clean the damn house.. hate housecleaning..

  17. czarina says:

    What I’ve noticed is that once you have children–and I don’t care WHO you are–there are always people around who think they are better parents than you are (often when they have no children of their own). They make insinuating comments like “If I had childrenm, I would make sure they….” or “I never allow my kids to…”
    It’s insidious.
    So, people WILL comment, and, if they are smart, Brad and Angelina will continue to ignore it all and live life the way they want to.

  18. aaaaaaaaa says:

    I’m with most of the posters so far in that I can totally see how the house is dirty and they choose to embrace artistic values. Good for them. The only thing I don’t get is why they use the security people to babysit. It just sounds off. Either you hire someone for their expertise in security or child care, but the two don’t usually coincide. Maybe Brangelina need to swallow their pride a little bit and hire some real babysitters and then the security can focus on actually keeping the paps out of their life. … And then on the other hand, maybe they let this all happen as such because they don’t mind the publicity … and now we come back to the argument of whether or not they are actively seeking the attention they get.

  19. Maritza says:

    With all the money they have and they don’t have a cleaning lady? I doubt that very much! If I go a week without cleaning it really shows, there’s dust everywhere! I would be very unhealthy for those kids if no one is doing the cleaning.

  20. Kaiser says:

    “Brad and Angelina don’t give a f**k what the world thinks of how they’re raising their kids.”


    They’ll seem like great parents when we nominate Zahara as our Dictator For Life in 2020.

    (And I think Brad will be doing a movie in France and/or Germany… with ZOMG TARANTINO)

    @Geronimo – I think “ZOMG FRANCE BETRAYERS” should be the new “ZOMG HOMEWRECKER”…

  21. geronimo says:

    My guess is that it’s probably a normal house in which 6 kids, 2 adults and a handful of staff make more or less the amount of mayhem that you’d expect in such a situation. So, one
    big, happy, tangled, exhausted mess.

    Concur, K! I felt I needed to get it in before the *others* did…

  22. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – You know who else is a ZOMG FRANCE BETRAYER? Malkovich. And Depp.

    You see, because they don’t live there every second. And that’s the standard they should be held to, according to the HaterTrolls.

  23. Guest says:

    I believe that they are actively seeking publicity. They really need to take those poor children out of the spotlight a bit. Can you imagine Johnny, Matt or Ben ever doing this?

  24. nina says:

    They’re moving because they did not get enough admiration in France. In 20 years or so one of their kids will publish their “mommie-dearest” memoir about A.J. BTW – classifying all these who disagree with you under an offensive term “HaterTrolls” is pathetic and reeks of intolerance. You girls/guys have a nasty little cult going on here (and I mean some of the crowd, not the site)

  25. KERRI says:

    I agree with most of the posts here. I’m sure there are some rooms that are messy, e.g., playroom, a couple of bedrooms, perhaps the kitchen, but I cannot imagine the whole mansion is a wreck. These are normal, happy children at play in their home, not a demolition crew. There is a difference between messy and dirty. Their home is most likely messy with toys strewn about the house.

    Relax gossip mongers and Brad & Angie haters, there is nothing to see here, so just move along!

  26. daisy424 says:

    Nina, I am rolling on the floor laughing, you can’t be serious :roll:

    If you think Hater Trolls is an offensive moniker, you need a thicker skin. Where are you from, Wonderland?

  27. geronimo says:

    “They’re moving because they did not get enough admiration in France.”

    Seriously?! There I was, thinking they probably settled in France for a period of time because it suited them to do so, when all the time they were only on their endless quest for approval and admiration. Is that your best shot?

  28. Kaiser says:

    Nina/Lola/Carla/Tia/Laila –

    I think posting here under multiple names to bash Angelina and praise Aniston and Cruise is truly pathetic. HaterTroll.

  29. duda says:

    why on earth would you use multiple names??? is this High School.. am I gonna get beaten up??
    ooooh do we make the HaterTrolls mad when they get called out???

    damn and we are now a cult????

  30. daisy424 says:

    She’s her own tag team :P

  31. Syko says:

    I don’t find “hater/troll” any more offensive than “brangeloony”.

    Sometimes when I look back at how I kept my house when the kids were small, I cringe. You can either have good times with your child, or a clean house. We chose the good times, and apparently the Jolie-Pitts have done the same. I applaud them. They’ve got a gaggle of well behaved, apparently happy children, including one future world dictator. Good job!

  32. cali angel says:

    I would imagine that it would be extremely hard for them to find a nanny that they can actually trust. As long as they are focusing on their children, they can’t be half-bad parents right?

  33. vdantev says:

    59 people were just killed in another Afghany suicide bombing but- ZOMG!!!! BRANGELINA HAS A DIRTY HOUSE !!! That’s definitely more worthy of a strongly held opinion.

  34. susan says:

    Well – here we are again with the Pitts (Angie likes to think that she is not married but in reality she is it’s called sommoon-in-law spouse so call them the Pitts) pimping their children for the purpose of selling their movies. You would think that after they tried this last year and their moives failed so badly (Jess James and A Might Heart made what 20 million combined and cost 60 million to make) that they would realize that it doesn’t work. So funny to watch them sell themselves and their children over and over again in their desperate attempts to gets Oscars from the movies no one wants to see (well I shouldn’t say that with Jesse James the ‘fans” each went like 5 times in a desperate attempt to make it look good). But when you are desperate to win an oscar what can a person do? Sell their children of course every movie start thinks of that don’t they? Oh wait Johnny, Matt, Ben, Halle they haven’t thought of that yet – better hurry guys take some pictures of the family and sell them quick gets you lots of attention. Think that this money will go to their own personal charity fund too? I am sure not this is probably for free. A Please come see our movies and vote for us at Oscar time. These two really are the most pathetic couple out there right now. I actively enjoy making fun of them and their desperate attempt to get attention. I pay attention to their life because it warms my heart that some people actually see them for who they are. Money grabbing, publicity desperate and poor parents who sell their children to get attention.

  35. Codzilla says:

    I have two toddlers and eight assorted pets (who are like more children, in our eyes), and my house always looks like it was hit by a tornado. But it’s home and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Who wants to live in a house where you can’t prop your feet on the coffee table? Not me!

  36. nina says:

    I totally agree with you, Susan. As would any reasonable person.

  37. Syko says:

    I am assuming, Susan, that you mean “common law wife”. This varies from state to state. For example, here in Florida there is no such thing. However, in Kansas if you spend one night together and hold yourselves out as married, you are. That particular law caused me some real fear when I was living in Kansas City, MO and trying to remember if I’d slept with anyone across the state line!

    At any rate, Susan, you probably need to check out the California laws before you declare Brad and Angelina to be married. It’d be nice if the haters could keep their facts straight.

  38. susan says:

    Honey they don’t live in California – they really don’t like the States and try not to be in it they only use it to make money off of. And by the way any court will consider a man and wife who have lived together for over three years with 6 children to be common-law. Accept it they are married they just like to think that they are not because then they would get that tied down feeling. Oh and I am sure that you know but Brad (because he is such a good father) took his children right into the heart of the Venice film festival – of course no paps there to take pictures and he will have so much times with his children as he is busy promoting his new movie. Wonder who looks after the kids while he is busy as they have no nannies? What a great photo opportunity it was for Brad. Selling the kids again. Think that it will make this movie a success? Maybe but probbaly it will do better than Jesse James because it has George. Brad really cannot carry a movie by himself anymore. He really should just quit and look after his children.

  39. Bodhi says:

    In a perfect world, Syko.

    Oh & susan, Angie already has an Oscar, member? And they are legal residents of CA, honey. does that mean that Goldie & Kurt & Susan & tim are married as well? I bet they’d be surprised to here that

  40. Syko says:

    Susan, I am not your honey.

    You are wrong about “any court”. The laws are different in every state. They are bound by the laws of the state where their legal residence is located, which I assume is California.

    In states which do recognize common law marriage, the time is usually 7 years, not 3.

    As I said before, you haters need to research your facts before you make total asses of yourselves on here.

  41. nina says:

    AJ won an Oscar because “Girl Interrupted” did not require any acting skills on her behalf. She just had to play the role of the messed up weirdo, that she is. She has zero acting skills.

  42. nina says:

    Syko, it is your little nasty cult of Angie-worshippers, that is looking rather silly here – check your facts before claiming that someone is posting under different names…

  43. geronimo says:

    Y’know I was thinking lately. I really miss the old Antis, you know, the ones who’d post “OMG, LyiNG LIER HUSBAND-STEEEELER WHoreLINA AMERICA HATERXXX!!!! etc. At least you could have some fun with them.

    This new breed are just spiteful and life-sucking and, frankly, very very dull. :(

  44. Syko says:

    Nina, why do you propose to answer for Susan? Or did you forget which name you signed in under?

    In any event, Susan/ Nina/ Lola/ Laila / Tia / Dumbass – bite me.

  45. geronimo says:

    Susan/ Nina/ Lola/ Laila / Tia / Carla /Dumbass

    Just to be thorough, Syko.

  46. Bodhi says:

    Hmm… I bet the Oscar giving folks would beg to differ. It doesn’t really matter, though. She has the Oscar.


  47. nina says:

    Have CB check my IP. You are just embarrassing yourselves here. Of course, with so much common sense, surely you are used to it in your real life.

  48. Syko says:

    Thank you, geronimo, what would I do without you?

  49. Syko says:

    And having every fact wrong, but stating it positively anyway, and going into threads for the sole purpose of causing dissension, and being unable to write coherently, and spending hours with hate boiling in your hearts for people you don’t know and will never meet – this is not embarrassing?

  50. daisy424 says:

    I see that the D-Listers are still here, patting themselves on the back.

    Click it and weep…..,,20163463,00.html

    Your racor is prosaic.

  51. Megs says:

    It’s not spelled Cown but COEN… sorry I had to tell you, I like the Coen brothers’ movies. Oh and Angelina & Brad’s spread for W Magazine wasn’t 50′s, it was more 60′s- ish. I looked at the pictures last night.
    Plus this site is the best!

  52. daisy424 says:

    *edit – I’m your Huckleberry Syko.
    Bring it on nina….

    Delusions are described as false, inaccurate beliefs the person holds onto even when he/she is presented with accurate information.

    Follow the links……easy for even you two, just click.

  53. nina says:

    Talking about yourself Syko? English is my third language, btw, so grammatical structure is not always perfect. Congrats to you for having mastered one language….

  54. Syko says:

    Nina, or whatever your name is, I refuse to continue sparring with you. You have no idea how many languages I speak. You don’t know anything about me. You’d need to learn quite a bit more before you could make an effective personal attack. So fukc off.

  55. susan says:

    Syko honey – They are legal residents of California – says who? Just becasue he has more houses in California doesn’t mean that he is a legal resident. I thought that they called New Orleans home – remember the whole we are moving to NO promotion to look good in helping out there? And sweetheart I am not the one making an ass of myself. I thought you fans wanted them to be married? No? It’s Ok calm down go look at the “I brought my kids to Venice I am a good father” pictures they will warm your heart. This is sure to get him that Oscar he is so desperate for. Think he might do another Newsweek round table thinking that he is going to get one and then not even get nominated. Poor desperate Brad. Oh well sell the kids some more. I just wish that Matt and Johnny would catch on to this I would love to see their children more and maybe Johnny would be in the running for an Oscar. Oh wait he was last year! Oh well keep trying Brad. You and your common-in-law wife can keep pimping those children.

  56. nina says:

    It is not dissent, btw, it is called pluralism. As is democracy.

  57. Bodhi says:

    Susan~ I believe you meant to attack me, not Syko.

    I don’t give a tinker’s damn if they get married or not, its their business, not mine.

    I can only speak for myself, of course, but I’m calm as a cucumber. And so is everyone else, bar a few. The only person making an ass out of themselves is you. And nina too, of course

    edit: I’m pretty sure Skyo’s question has gone unanswered…

    edit 2: agreed, syko

  58. Syko says:

    Susan, you can fukc off under this name too.

    I also don’t care if they get married or not. And I don’t consider myself a fan at all – I just despise small minded criticism and people who go out of their way to cause dissension – which is another word for “disturb shit”. However many of you there are – I strongly suspect only one or two – only come into these threads to try to rile people up because that’s what you enjoy doing. You attack with no provocation and then dissolve into ridiculousness when someone counters. I’m tired of defending people I don’t really care about. Obviously it’s more fun to be a shit disturber than it is to be rational.

    I’m done commenting in this thread. Call me whatever sarcastic sweet names you want, I’m finished with you and your stupidity.

  59. czarina says:

    Actually, where they live or what their legal status is really has no bearing on anyone’s life but theirs.
    Moreover, I can understand people critcizing them when they do covers for magazines with their kids (I don’t agree but I can understand the argument), what I don’t understand is how this particular article–which was based on ‘spies’ or a ‘source’ at TMZ and may or may not be true, but really comes down to that they have a messy house and no interest in what anyone thinks of how they raise their children, can be construed as using their kids for publicity for a movie?
    Which movie? Is there one starring one of them coming out now? How would knowing they have a messy house help rake in those ticket sales?

  60. KERRI says:

    Angelina has 2 Oscars under her belt. There’s also Oscar buzz about her role in the Changeling. Though “A Mighty Heart” did not fare well at the box-office, she was magnificent portraying Marian Pearl. She completely became Marian in the movie, and she got the accent down to a tee. That is what a superb actress/actor can do, disappear into the character.

  61. Kaiser says:



    Susan/Nina/Tia/Carla/Lola/Laila/ Miscellaneous HaterTroll(s) with a fixations with names ending with “a” -

    Ask yourself this: Would you be any *more* or *less* of a mangy, psychotic, pathetic HaterTroll if The Pitts were married?

  62. okay... says:

    Syko, how did you allow yourself to get pulled into this mess?
    Actually in all fairness, it does seem that Snowblood started this with the baiting and passive aggressive attitude. I find all of this back and forth about this family a little ridiculous truth be told. Why aren’t people allowed to their opinions where this family is concerned? BOTH sides try to get the other going. Be honest, Badettes.

  63. Bodhi says:

    I speak only for myself (duh) but for me, its the blatent lies & made-up info proffred as fact that is so loathesome

  64. Susana says:

    Excuse me for saying so, but its absurd to think that they may be moving back to the states because they may have trouble with their landlord due to the children’s chaos. Its obvious they have enough money to patch up a hole or repaint if the wall are dirty. What it would cost to fix they spend on a single shopping trip. PLEASE

  65. geronimo says:

    Ditto, Bodhi. And point of fact, I’m SICK to the back teeth of having to explain why we end up defending when it should be apparent to anyone with half a brain cell. Can’t recall the number of times I’ve been on J-P threads, where we’ve all just been having a laugh with other like-minded people (pro AND anti J-Ps), and then have had to leave because it all turns so f*cking sour and bitter and twisted.

    Even in cyberland, you know you don’t want to be in the same ‘room’ as some of these people.

  66. Syko says:

    Kaiser, I’m not gone forever, just from fighting with the A-names.

    As for how I got drawn into it – I think the posts speak for themselves. And Snowblood didn’t start it. Everyone was happily prattling away about messy houses and kids when Nina came in with the comment that the J-Ps were leaving France because they didn’t get enough attention there.

    Then here came Susan with the absurdities about their common law marriage.

    I could care less about the Jolie-Pitts. I could care less if the whole world hates the Jolie-Pitts. What I can’t stand is stupidity and the blatant stating of “facts” which are untrue and easy to prove as being untrue – and then after you prove them untrue, you get personally attacked.

    I don’t have time for that.

  67. daisy424 says:

    That’s why I saved those links.

    Notice how when facts are presented, they slither away?

  68. Kaiser says:

    @Bodhi, Syko, Geronimo, Daisy — All will be well and right with the world when we elect President Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt-Stefani-Rossdale as our Dictator-for-Life, Empress and Beloved Queen, with her Crown Consort Kingston.

    Praise Queen Zahara…Praise…

  69. Bodhi says:

    :lol: Indeed Kaiser, indeed

  70. geronimo says:

    Just looking at the pics above. Ist row, 3rd pic. Look at the SMILE on Queen Z’s face!! So much for none of the kids ever looking happy in public. Award-winner!

  71. Syko says:

    Kaiser, just sittin’ here trying to figure out the shenanigans our Queen will have to go through to get the legal name of Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt Stefani-Rossdale.

    That little Kingston Rossdale is about a cutie – not a bad choice as the consort for our Queen.

  72. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – Kingston is a little cutie. But he’ll still have to walk three paces behind Our Beloved Queen.

    @Geronimo – Her Majesty has one the most expressive little faces, it’s unbelievable. She even has the little “I’m totally gonna cut a bitch” face – she must get that from Angie.

  73. Syko says:

    Or she could wait for little Zuma Stefani-Rossdale to come of age. Zahara and Zuma. Excellent.

    She strikes me as one who’d need a younger man to keep up with her anyway.

  74. Kaiser says:

    Mmm… Zuma could be Archbishop of Zaharism. You know, Goddess worship.

  75. Lara says:

    don’t want to interrupt your sweet little conversation Kaiser and Syko :wink: , but may i remind that not everybody with an a name is a hater troll (or whatever you call them) :P
    Peace, people, peace (jeez, are those Brangelina threads crazy)

  76. susan says:

    Syko – Thought you were leaving? No? Thought you didn’t care about the Joli-Pitts? No? Really honey go and look at the pictures of Brad and the boys. He is trying so hard to sell his family and get brownie points – why what other star ever takes their children to Venice with all the paps around. Actually no one. Just start getting excited becasue it appears that Brad is going to pimp his children again. Save up to buy W magazine.

  77. daisy424 says:

    Tom Cruise, Italy,
    Bono, France,
    Madonna, NYC,
    Hugh Jackman, Sydney
    Jennifer Garner, NYC
    Is that enough or should I continue?

  78. nina says:

    with these bow legs and the bald patches – who is going to marry Zahara? poor baby – such looks and such b*****c for a mother….

  79. Lara says:

    @susan, how deepy and utterly mean spirited must one be to write such a post about syko (one of the nicest here around)?! As Michael Moore said it, shame on you, no really, shame on you.

  80. geronimo says:

    Do you mean YOUR bow legs and bald patches, nina, since Zahara has neither? Aw. Is that why you’re all twisted and bitter?

    Maybe if you eased up on the bile a bit, things might start lookin’ up for ya.

  81. daisy424 says:

    Oh nina is back…When faced with the facts, you resort to picking on a child?

    Answer the posts dumbass.

  82. nina says:

    geronimo, trust me, you WISH you had legs and hair like mine….Zahara has a medical problem which causes a problem with her legs, and her hair is kind of patchy…
    Daisy, I was actually responding to your lunatic babbling on this particular child. Which facts are you talking about, BTW? Evidently you get yours from gossip blogs and tabloids?

  83. KERRI says:

    Nina: Uncalled for. That was an awful comment. Taking your anger out on an innocent, beautiful child can only mean you need Psychiatric help. Anger management classes wouldn’t hurt either.

  84. geronimo says:

    Paraphrasing Syko’s wise words on another post about men bragging about their prowess…

    Those who feel the need to boast about something online rarely, if ever, deliver in reality.

    And on that note, I’m off, as the ‘room’ is beginning to stink of desperation.

    Night, BADettes! Hail Queen Zee. :mrgreen:

  85. nina says:

    Kerri, are you on drugs that you have delusions of grandeur to diagnose or dispense advise like this? Or maybe you are a world renowned psychologist? Get off my case – I am posting on the blog, not having a discussion with a bunch of half-wits.

  86. Snowblood says:

    Nina, with your endless shit-spewing insults and your relentless hate-baiting fight-picking tactics, shut your insulting, poisonous gaping face-hole, woman. I’m so over your endless abuse of other commentors at this site. :evil:

  87. czarina says:

    Kerri–I agree with you totally. Even if you dislike a celebrity (although the hysterical hostility of SOME people towards Angelina Jolie strikes me as nothing short of unbalanced), what kind of person is cold enough or cruel enough to spew that vicious hostility onto an innocent child?
    What kind of ugly person would say about a little girl who has had (and may still have) medical problems “nobody will marry her” because of her legs or her hair.
    Even if you are posting here just to get your jollies by upsetting people with your nastiness, Nina, maybe you should ask yourself why you feel the need to do this? What pleasure does it gain you to disgust everyone who reads your posts?
    You want to provoke a reaction by saying something outragous?
    Do you need attention that badly?

  88. Snowblood says:

    That’s it, Czarina, I think you nailed it, bella – she does, she needs attention THAT badly. :?

  89. daisy424 says:

    “When faced with the facts, you resort to picking on a child? ”

    That’s the only comment I made on this thread concerning Zahara, you twit.

    @4:54 “I totally agree with you, Susan.”

    If you had taken time to click on the links I provided, you would see the facts to which I am referring. Do you have a learning problem?? Can you retain anything you read?
    I find I have to repeat my posts when you pick a fight with me.
    You shouldn’t agree with Susan if you didn’t read her entire post.

    You have a habit of running from comments when you’re wrong only to show up a day or two later and start up again with the same stale slop.

    Save up all your pennies and consult a professional, you have serious issues madame.

  90. KERRI says:

    Nina: I’m merely stating that you seem to be an extremely distrubed person. There is no other explanation for you’re half-witted comments. People who need help do not realize it until someone points it out to them. I’ve met my share of nut cases in my life, and you definitely fit into that case. Enough Said!

  91. nina says:

    Trust, me – I DO NOT WANT your attention. I am posting on this blog because it can use different opinions, and because I find Angelina Jolie, annoying.
    I did not start ANY arguments with fellow posters. I get attacked first. I am really not interested in discussions with any of you. So again – get off my case.
    Kerri – whatever makes you feel better about yourself, hun. You sound like you need it :)
    Czarina, I am not sure that you would like my response to your pears of wisdom. Besides – you consider obnoxious anything that does not match your opinion. How trashy is that?

  92. czarina says:

    Snowblood–so, rather than reacting to her hatefulness the way she would like, should we just feel sorry for her?
    Every obnoxious post, we can all just respond with: “Poor Nina…there, there, you’ll feel better after your medication..”?
    Kind of like a rabid dog…
    Nina is like the Celebitchy version of Ol’ Yeller??

  93. KERRI says:

    “Poor Nina…there, there, you’ll feel better after your medication..”?

  94. nina says:

    “Poor poor Kerri and Snowblood…there there – you will feel better after you pool resources and move into a double-wide from a single-wide”?

  95. czarina says:

    Poor, I mean, Nina…there, there…you’ll feel better after your medication…

  96. Bodhi says:

    Whats your obsession with trailers & trailer parks, nina?

  97. nina says:

    czarina, karma is a funny thing, before you know you may be reaching for this medication….just pointing it out, sweety.
    your bullying is pathetic….i sincerely hope that your kids will be ganged upon in school like you gang up on me now. a possible example of karma.
    What’s all of yours obsession with mental/emotional disorders?
    Can we just stop this stupidity? You like Angelina, I – don’t. Live and let live.

  98. czarina says:

    Poor Nina…there, there…you’ll feel better after your medication….

  99. daisy424 says:

    Nina;”I am posting on this blog because it can use different opinions…”

    Good point, I do like a healthy debate.

    BUT you started the personal insults dear, not us. Scroll up…..

    “Can we just stop this stupidity? You like Angelina, I – don’t. Live and let live.”

    Hate this couple all you want, shout it from the mountain tops, you have a right to your opinion.
    Just stop the personal insults and falsehoods.
    You might be tolerated more.

    You are wrong about us ‘people’, we disagree all the time, but we usually don’t personally attack people unless provoked. This thread proves it.
    *sigh* You still won’t answer me. Instead you keep attacking my fellow posters……..

  100. nina says:

    “Repeatedly baiting other commenters or giving rude and attacking responses is not allowed.” – I just reported you, czarina. Other than that, I will not be responding anymore to personal attacks. You do not sound like people that I would talk to in real life, so why would I talk to you on-line?
    LIVE AND LET LIVE. I have no interest in attacking other commenters, but sometimes it is hard to exhibit maturity (mea culpa) and not to respond to personal attacks when they are directed towards me. Will try to do better.

  101. czarina says:

    @Nina–heh, heh, heh

  102. KERRI says:

    Nina: What is it with you and your abusive comments about children?? Bring a copy of one of your blogs to your local physicatric center, and you’ll find that they won’t let you leave.

    Oh Yeah: Poor Nina…there, there…you’ll feel better after your medication….

  103. nina says:

    “Repeatedly baiting other commenters or giving rude and attacking responses is not allowed.” – I just reported you, KERRI

  104. Bodhi says:

    Attacking kids, those alive now & those to be, is just plain low. And resorting to it is proof positive that one’s arguement holds less than no water

  105. KERRI says:

    Scroll up, Nina, you called me a half-witt. I was having fun expressing my opinion until you came on board.

    I agree with you Bodhi.

  106. nina says:

    to remind you – it all started a couple of days ago with Bodhi saying that I was “spewing shite”, which I found to be an example of rude. the ball kept on rolling since…..but I refuse to partake. i will not contribute any rude or attacking comments to fellow posters, and will dutifully report all these directed to me that qualify as such or as “baiting”. hopefully it will foster an environment of healthy and polite debate among those who agree to disagree.

  107. czarina says:

    Ah, Nina…here I was working so hard to be a better, non-judgmental person.
    Then you come along with ugly remarks about an innocent child, and I can’t help myself…
    In part becuase, I am GOOD at being mean…I can do it without resorting to name-calling or wishing bad things on people’s children.
    Really, it’s a gift.
    But, in keeping with my resolve to be a better person, I accept what you have said…you want only polite disagreement without personal attacks.
    We will BOTH be polite from now on, right? I agree to that.

  108. Snowblood says:

    Hopefully this Nina will get banned, as she is a perfect example of someone who persistantly, relentlessly ignores and goes against’s comment policy, which contains the following directives:

    If you make comments using different nicknames, repeatedly harass others, or spam, you will be banned.

    Do not dominate the threads by making the same point over and over again or you will be banned.

    Repeatedly baiting other commenters or giving rude and attacking responses is not allowed.

    Celebitchy, MSat, JayBird, Sammie, Helen – please do consider banning this odious individual, who baits, baits and baits until the whole site is steeped in negative, unhappy energy, and everyone’s sucked into this endless ping-pong of attack-defense.

    We are dozens and dozens of good energy, happy, fun-loving, even-tempered and courteous commentors here, and this one – only ONE indvidual, Nina, has managed to cast a sick shroud of ugliness and fight-baiting bile over the normally fun and harmless threads here.

    The last 2 or 3 days have NOT been fun in these threads, thanks to Nina and her spewing of trite, fight-baiting nonsense upon EVERYone here.

    In fact, I’d like to start a petition here, and anyone who agrees with me that it would be best for the atmosphere of the site if Nina were to be banned, please pipe up & say “Aye” to my suggestion. Together, we can bring back the peace!

  109. Bodhi says:

    Oh no, nina would never contribute any rude or attacking comments.

    You were spewing shite then & you’re spewing shite now. My original comment as to such is still up for all to see, so you are clearly the only person who thought it was rude.

    I’m clearly able & willing to agree to disagree (see: for example, my comments to & from Scott F., going back to when he first graced us with his presence) with those with whom I don’t see eye to eye.

    You really think that comments like with these bow legs and the bald patches – who is going to marry Zahara? poor baby – such looks and such b*****c for a mother…. and czarina, karma is a funny thing, before you know you may be reaching for this medication….just pointing it out, sweety. your bullying is pathetic….i sincerely hope that your kids will be ganged upon in school like you gang up on me now. a possible example of karma. don’t count as rude or attacking other posters? Really? *shakes head in disbelief*

    Oh, & you never answered my question as to your continued use of trailers & trailer parks as a personal insult.

  110. KERRI says:

    Snowblood: AYE!!!!

  111. KOAlabee says:

    to quote rachael ray: “angelina jolie’s a skanky back-door cunt”. on a side note, i can’t stand the woman and believe everything she does and has ever did is for show.

  112. Bodhi says:

    What? Who quotes Rachel Ray?! She is the single most obnoxious fake cow ever to grace the silver screen. Ugh, she makes me ill

  113. nina says:

    If one performs an investigation of comments, one will see that I did NOT initiate an attack on a fellow poster. Sometimes I responded. Furthermore – I extended an “olive branch” and some individuals welcomed it, but some – are relentless and cannot stand an individual with differing opinions on this site – it makes their posting experience not fun.

  114. KERRI says:

    I’ll accept your “olive branch” Nina, if you’ll stop the hateful comments about children. Agree?

  115. daisy424 says:

    NINA, your very first post on this thread today;

    “They’re moving because they did not get enough admiration in France. In 20 years or so one of their kids will publish their “mommie-dearest” memoir about A.J.

    BTW – classifying all these who disagree with you under an offensive term “HaterTrolls” is pathetic and reeks of intolerance. You girls/guys have a nasty little cult going on here (and I mean some of the crowd, not the site) ”

    Please take responsibility for your comments. Provide a link or back up to your claims, that’s it, simple.

    KOAlabee; She also reportedly said this about Oprah :”Why is she wearing slave drag? She obviously has problems being black.”

    I see you’re hateful person, are you also a bigot?

    edit, yes czarina

  116. czarina says:

    Who is Rachel Ray? Is she that cooking woman?

  117. nina says:

    I am not posting under KOAlabee, if that’s what you mean.
    KERRI – personally, I do not see why children are immune to comments, but if it upsets you so much, than – no problem, I will not post comments about kids.
    A small question though – I do recall a lot of posts about Suri looking creepy etc – do you have a problem with these posters too or is it just me?

  118. Snowblood says:

    Which begs the question, so what other names ARE you posting under, Nina? Comment Policy – “If you make comments using different nicknames…you will be BANNED.”

  119. nina says:

    Snowblood, I did not post under ANY other names. Futile effort. Just let go.

  120. daisy424 says:

    Nina; I see your point, (I was addressing Koala in the second part of my post), I never said that Suri was creepy, for the record. I said she looked scared.

    The reason Snowy wrote that is, CB let us know a couple days ago that another poster was doing that. Sign up for Gravatar nina, then we will know who you are and there will not be a question if you’re tag teaming here. :wink:

  121. nina says:

    Daisy, I did not mean you posting on Suri. I meant other, unrelated posters. I was “visiting” the site, did not realize that it would grow into this crazy “back and forth”, so did not bother with a Gravatar.

  122. Bodhi says:

    czarina~ Yup, & she sucks hardcore

  123. Snowblood says:

    If I had the time right now, I’d spend a bit of it carefully combing through the last few days’ archives of threads and copy-pasting each and every deliberately provocative baiting comment penned by this Nina, as well as the few other comments submitted by similarly voiced people whose name du jour all end with the letter “A.” Also, I’d find & copy-paste that post Celebitchy herself gave us in which she let us know she’d looked up Lola’s IP address and had found she’d been using several other screennames.

    But I’m horribly late getting out of this house and into rush-hour traffic this afternoon, and cannot afford to pour another minute of my day into this Nina-the-scourge-of-CeleBitchy silliness. Maybe someone else can?

    I’ll be back later on tonight, though. But, I’m not giving up this fight, ’cause I’m TIRED of my favourite internet place getting all ruined by this one particular person.

  124. daisy424 says:

    Snowy, CB’s comment was on the Katie Holmes broadway thread;

    “A quick IP check reveals that Tia is “Lola,” remember her? She’s also going by “Carla” on another thread.”

    Have a nice evening everyone :-)

  125. I choose me says:

    Just so you know nina. Most of the commenters here consider hateful posts about ANY child to be offensive. Children are off limits dammnit.

    All hail Queen Zee!

  126. Blanche says:

    Susan said–Well – here we are again with the Pitts (Angie likes to think that she is not married but in reality she is it’s called sommoon-in-law spouse so call them the Pitts)
    They do not have a common law marriage. Common law marriage is only permitted in a handful of states and California is not one of them.

  127. hello says:

    Why are people so glued to loving or hating them??? Everyone does something crappy in their life, everyone does something really great. I agree, it is fun to imagine Zaraha as a little diva queen because she’s so feisty looking, but daaaaang everyone. We don’t actually know these people (celebrities). Speculation is fine via gossip, but keep it civil with each other…we’re all bored people somewhere!

    Simmer down! Although defending yourself when personally attacked is understandable.

    For the record, I am not a BADette or a HaterTroll. I like their social concerns, not a fan of the acting. :mrgreen:

  128. pamela says:

    WOW Celebitchy, a little over the top aren’t you. How did “sicky fingers and food on the floor” suddenly become “damage to the estate”?

    I find it hard to believe that Brad and Angie are parents who would encourage their kids to show blatant disregard for other people’s property. Yes, there would be signs of children living there, but not to the extent of destruction. I remember seeing a picture of Angie and Maddox (I think it was in NYC), and she was directing him to throw something in the garbage. But as usual, any news re the JPs will always be exaggerated.

  129. Blanche says:

    wow the obsession with those two is scary and pathetic
    I am so out of here
    You guys is crazy

  130. czarina says:

    Bodhi–you mean this cooking woman called Angelina a “skanky back-door c***” ??
    I didn’t think they allowed that kind of thing on the Food Network!
    How can you seriously take menu advice from the same mouth that uses that sort of language?
    So, why would Rachel Ray have a hate-on for Angelina Jolie? Did Angie dis her cookbooks or something?

  131. hello says:

    Angelina knows more 30-minute meal recipes and could steal her empire…haha

  132. Kaiser says:

    Ah, another HaterTroll hijacking. We fall for it every time…


    It’s as simple as that.

    BADetttes, carry on.

  133. czarina says:

    hello; Yup, one Angelina Jolie cookbook out there, and it would be serious competition.
    She should call it “The Second Best Way To A Man’s Heart…”
    OK, so it might be advice on take-out food, but hey…marketing is marketing!!LOL

  134. Bodhi says:

    Sorry, anyone who says It is akin to comparing a human being to something that was scraped from the bottom of the toilet in a mental asylum. Not to offend the mentally ill. and follows it up with some other choice gems and then bites my head off for accusing them of “spewing shite” can shove a branch, olive or not, in their pie hole.

    Maybe it’ll stop the shite

    edit: :lol:

  135. nina says:

    Bodhi, what you quoted was not directed at a fellow poster. Also, I have seen much harsher posts in the threads. I do find Angelina kind of ratty-looking…..And always in a need of good shower. Sorry if my description of AJ offends your sense of esthetics.

  136. Bodhi says:

    I never said the aforementioned quote was directed at a poster.

    I was comparing out your especially vile comment with my far less than vile response. To which youfuh-reaked out at. You respond to any critism with unnecessary venom; how did you expect your fellow commenters to react? I think your action/reaction button needs to be rest.

    And with that, I’m out. This has taken way too much of my day & I’d rather spend my time with my fiance & puppies.

    Oh wait… So WHY do you continue to use trailers & trailer parks as a personal insult.

    Edit: Don’t flatter youself or your opinions, nina. Its your vile words & unbridled venom that offend me (and many others). Especially when focused on a child. I’d hazzard that 85% of people who post on CB are more than willing to have a proper discourse, but only with thosw who would do the same.

    I clearly “see it differently”, as do the vast majority of other posters on CB. And we all comment accordingly. Deal.

  137. nina says:

    Bodhi, why do you take my opinion of AJ so personally? She does not read it and does not get hurt. Fellow posters, on the other hand, read the comments directed to them. Therefore, to me – the standards are not the same, whether directed at a fellow poster or at the object/subject of the post. You may see it differently, of course.
    Edit: Sure, let’s all stick to the formal rules of the site and deal with it.

  138. Shane says:

    Brad and Angelina really should hire some help, wherever they live, since they can afford it. It would improve everyone’s quality of life in the house, including the kids.

  139. Lola says:

    I always said that the whole family seems dirty all the time. Angelina seems like the cleanest, but even with her, I suspect she wears black because she repeats her clothers all the time and bathes only when she has a decent meal- rarely.

    The kids have greasy hair most of the time. Brad, just this month has a hole in his trousers. Shiloh seems like she has a bath once in a blue moon. They do have nannies though. In the recent pictures in Venice you can see one following Brad, Maddox and Pax. She is in a flowered dress.

    As for Brad the photographer :roll: , he seems like he is trying too hard to show that he has some grey matter up there. He looks dumb and has even looked dumber in the last couple of years. He has always pretended that he loves architecture- so that we think he is clever. Obviously no one buys it.

    I hope the photog story is not true because pimping their kids ‘for charity’ once again may not go down when. But after the flop of the highly publicised twins, may be another shot may do wonders. Hopefully the kids are cleaner and bathed this time around. May be that will sell more issues.

  140. KERRI says:

    Time to call it a night. Before I go I’d just like to repeat that there is a difference between messy and dirty. Any household that has six children under the age of 7 would show signs of children living there. I’m sure there are plenty of toys and games scattered around the house, but, so what? That’s what little kids do, play with their toys then walk away to play with something else. That’s not messy, that’s called a normal household with six kid.


  141. nina says:

    I am only annoyed by AJ. BP sort of just tags along. Maybe he is really in love with her and that’s why he follows through with this ridiculous lifestyle….At least he does not look as fake as her. He’s just being a regular guy, IMO.

  142. Lola says:

    They have the money, let them hire someone to clean up after the kids. I doubt any one is surprised that their home is messy. They look messy even when they are in public. Angelina can’t cook, Neither can Brad. A chef comes in over the weekend, what do they feed on the whole week? Oh, the security men cook too?

    I know they want to avoid any backlash for appearing like they are abandoning the kids to a nanny but, it is unrealistic that any person can handle 6 kids with 5 under 5yrs. That why I love Heidi Klum, she moves with all her nunnies yet no one can deny that she loves her kids. Brangelina just try way too hard.

  143. RAN says:

    Wow…! I’m late checking in tonight, had to take the kid to buy her first car (it’s adorable btw) and check in to see how far off the beaten path this thread went – and boy… I’m almost at a loss for words!

    C’mon people, it’s ok to dislike the couple, but leave the kids alone. I’m a little shocked that the conversation went the way it went. Although I AM impressed that Jennifer Aniston wasn’t repeatedly mentioned **side note – good job everyone** :wink: .

    Baby Z is just that…a little girl. If I saw an adult, ANY adult, picking on this child in public, I would immediately get in that person’s face. Please, let’s be respectful of each other and leave the kids (and the defenseless trailer parks) out of it.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  144. pamela says:

    I see that a few hateful posters are trying their best to disrupt the Brad and Angie thread. Personally, I think they should just be ignored. No acknowledgement whatsoever. Eventually they will leave the site from sheer boredom. No sense in the fans getting all worked up over thrash like that. They are not worth it, especially when they stoop to attacking a child. And any woman who calls another woman a w**re is a disgrace to womanhood. I get a kick out of imagining them frothing at the mouths. Trust me, it’s a great visual.

  145. dumdee says:

    eww herpes infected mother teresa wannbe is back. woe is me

  146. Kaiser says:

    “But after the flop of the highly publicised twins, may be another shot may do wonders. Hopefully the kids are cleaner and bathed this time around. May be that will sell more issues.”

    Ah, more lies from Barfy Lola/Tia/Carla/Nina/Laila — what flop are speaking of? The flop of Pity Party’s credibility after her Goddess Circle losers pimped her Pity out?

  147. Baholicious says:

    Their kids do not look dirty, they look like kids who are allowed to be kids. Say what you want about the parents as celebrity figures, but the kids should be left out of it.

    I’ve got my own beef with B&A and their ‘idiosyncracies’, however I have no idea how they are as parents. Neither does anybody else on this board so we all need to cool it. There’s always room for opinion, banter and debate. If people are being truly offensive, by all means ban them but don’t call for banning someone whose viewpoint you disagree with. Or accusing people of posting under multiple names without proof. The only person who can tell that I would think is CB, from the IP address.

  148. Reality Check says:

    People calling angelina all sorts of nasty names are just plain UGLY inside and out and i’m kind of wonder why these FUGLIES hate Angie so much as if Brad Pitt himself dumped these bunch of DEMENTED TROLLS please HAGS stop projecting your hate to AJ just because you HAGS been dumped various times by your bf/husband don’t blame them (bf/husband) coz you HAGS got little between your ears and speak like a street WH0RE! that’s you NINA and the rest of the Hags!

  149. Mairead says:

    As it happens nina did start with the passive-agressive attacks when she said:
    I totally agree with you, Susan. As would any reasonable person.

    Implying that anyone who disagrees with Susan’s opinions that it’s the general public and not the Academy who votes for Oscars (according to runour some years though, it seems that it’s the film with the best goody-bag that wins. Allegedly) –
    that a film about a journalist that was kidnapped and beheaded (in an ongoing war where there are thousands of military families and families of other workers in Afghanistan and Iraq who are terrified the same thing could happen to their loved ones) was ever going to be a blockbuster. … are unreasonable.

    Susan had her opinion, which we can agree with or disagree with – but there was no statement that anyone who didn’t think along the same lines was a gibbering moron.

    And no, I don’t believe that nina is posting as anyone else. There is only one Lola and her brand of demented obsession is truly unique. I mean, who else who vomits in her sink at regular intervals would have the gall to call a family dirty-looking.

    And bless her cotton socks, you have to admire her tenacity in tiiiiiiiightly clamping her eyes shut and just not seeing anything that may contradict her view..
    But after the flop of the highly publicised twins, may be another shot may do wonders. Hopefully the kids are cleaner and bathed this time around. May be that will sell more issues.
    is a case in point.

    Actually – I LOVE most of lola’s posts – she is delightfully barking most of the time :D

  150. nina says:

    Reality Check – I wish we could compare lives and looks. I am fairly confident, that out of the two of us I would be the better looking and the successful one (in life and with men)….Just saying….Your assumptions and reasoning is immature…Very jealousy-based…Not mine…Also, calling another woman a whore – is a proof of some kind of substandard….

  151. RAN says:

    Thought I’d check back in. Nina, please let it go. As I’ve said of others, you’re entitled to your opinions and I respect your right but isn’t it safe to say that it’s ok to ‘agree to disagree’?

    I’ve said many times before that I don’t care for this couple (BP & AJ) but like Baholicious I will never pick on a child – that’s just pure mean.

    Reality Check, you make the AJ adoration crowd look ridiculous. Do you really believe that people who don’t like AJ are ugly and jealous? :lol: Those types of absurd statements totally discount anything rational in your comment. I think the woman is pretty (and could be considered a beauty when she was younger) and I’m far from jealous (or a hater) – for me, it’s the ‘holier than thou’ nonsense they try to portray that puts me off – jealousy and personal looks has nothing to do with it… but then again, I’ve never been shallow.

  152. Mairead says:

    RAN – you rock :wink: Someone who doesn’t ;ike Brangelina, but doesn’t get almost personally offended either is ok by me

  153. Lola says:

    Actually – I LOVE most of lola’s posts – she is delightfully barking most of the time

    Thanks Mairead. I love your compliments too :wink: Just wondering what you think of ‘reality check’s posts’. On seconds thoughts, I don’t wanna know and risk indigestion. :roll:

    Kaiser, the magazines sold only 2.6m, they thought they would sell way more than 3 million, get over it. Gloss it over whichever way you want. The truth is that the pictures were a flop. And when their PR machine stops stuffing them down our throats, this fact will truly be appreciated. Serves them right for making money off innocent kids. Geez, they made more than what Angelina made from her movies in the whole year. Shame.

  154. Jan says:

    To the delusional Lola: Brad and Angelina’s twins’ People magazine cover was the fourth highest selling People of all time. That may not seem like much but the first three were the 9/11 cover, the death of Princess Diana, and the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. In other words, it was the best selling happy news cover. Not to mention they walked away with $14 million for their charity. That is a positive story no matter how you try to spin it.

  155. RAN says:

    Mairead, we should start a mutual admiration society because I think you’re pretty awesome too :-)

  156. Judy says:

    God I have 3 grand kids I am raising and the laundry is always piled up and there is always finger prints nad toys and whatever to do. I try to make them pick up and they try but when it gets out of hand I call for HELP! I am sure Brand and Angie do too. Good for them for being able to spend their time with the kids and teach them about things that they love . Screw the dirty house , play with the kids and do a few tubs of wash after they go to bed and sweep the floor. They are young only for a while.

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