Grey’s Anatomy cast’s off screen drama

The personal lives of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy may be more interesting than last season’s plot lines, at least according to this week’s Star..

McSteamy may be McSeparated

Eric Dane, aka Dr. McSteamy, is having marriage problems with wife Rebecca Gayheart. Star reports Eric has moved out of the couple’s West Hollywood home to stay at Hollywood’s famous Chateau Marmont. The reason is a common one in Hollywood: Jealousy.

“Eric and Rebecca used to love spending time together and were barely apart,” says one insider. “But as Eric’s gotten more famous, Rebecca’s behavior has gotten more erratic. One second, she’s jealous of his success; the next, she’s angry and won’t speak to him. Eric never knew what to expect.”

[From Star, print edition, September 1, 2008]

The two wed in 2004.

Star adds that they’ve also been trying to start a family, adding more pressure to an already stressed relationship.

Besides Grey’s Anatomy, Eric will also star with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in Marley & Me. Rebecca’s last TV series Vanished was cancelled after only nine episodes had aired.

Rebecca’s rep told Star that the report saying Eric has moved out is untrue. The rep says both Rebecca and Eric were staying at the Chateau Marmont while work was being done on their home.

Grey’s Gets Green

Eric’s Grey’s co-star Sandra Oh is a vegetarian and is introducing her show’s cast and crew to healthy vegan food. Star reports that on August 1, Sandra spent over $650 for lunch for everyone on set from her favorite Hollywood restaurant, Truly Vegan.

“They couldn’t believe how amazing the food tasted,” a crew member tells Star. “Patrick Dempsey enjoyed the chocolate vegan cake, and Ellen Pompeo has gone to Truly Vegan half a dozen times since trying the food.”

[From Star, print edition, September 1, 2008]

Sharing food like Sandra did is a great way to show people that vegetarian food is more than carrots and lettuce and tastes better than cardboard. Many vegetarians have reputations for lecturing or shaming people about eating meat, but Sandra’s way is more effective. Many people are surprised at how little meat they have to eat to get filling, delicious and healthy meals.

Litter Doesn’t Bug Izzie

On the other end of the both the healthy and earth-friendly spectrums is Katherine Heigl. Katherine’s chain-smoking is well documented, and apparently she’s too young to remember “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute.”

According to Star, Katherine had lunch with her mother at P.F. Chang’s in Santa Monica on August 11. After lunch, she tossed her cigarette on the ground right in front of a policeman, then had to sweet-talk her way out of a ticket.

“The officer told Katherine to pick up the butt and throw it away in the trash, 10 feet away,” the source says. “He added that he’d fine her next time he catches her tossing trash on the sidewalk.”

[From Star, print edition, September 1, 2008]

Sandra Oh should send Eric Dane a vegan chocolate cake to cheer him up, and another in thanks to the policeman who busted litterbug Katherine Heigl.

The fifth season of Grey’s Anatomy will premiere September 25 on ABC.

Katherine Heigl is shown smoking after the SAG Awards on 01/28/07. Credit: Fame. Sandra Oh is shown on 9/14/07. Credit: John Cronise / WENN. Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane are shown adopting an injured puppy on 8/17/08. Their relationship must be solid if they’re getting a widdle doggie. Credit: Ghost/ Fame Pictures

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  1. I choose me says:

    Are you sure that’s Rebecca Gayheart? I only ask because she looks sooo different; practically unrecognizable. He on the other hand looks yum.

    Oh and I heart Sandra Oh, Miss Heigl not so much.

  2. Lily Rose says:

    It does look like Rebecca….she was so cute as the Neutrogena girl but I don’t think she has aged well. Now her husband on the other hand, he is divine! He is very handsome and I hesitate to say this b/c I don’t want to sound cruel but I think Rebecca “married up.” That can be hard for anyone to take (just look at Posh Spice who obviously married someone much better looking than herself). I think perhaps Rebecca’s career may have stalled after the hit and run…wasn’t she charged with manslaughter?

  3. Embee says:

    If memory serves Ms. Gayheart went through quite a skinny phase after her Neutrogena fame. Now she looks like she’s touching up with botox and lip plumpers. I’ve never seen her act so don’t know if she has talent, but she should have left well enough alone with her figure and face–natural was definitely in her favor. It’s a shame the way that women maul themselves as a result of their insecurities. All this to say I can see her being…mercurial. So glad Heigl was busted littering. It is beyond gross to have a close encounter with someone’s nasty butt. Yay Sandra!

  4. Codzilla says:

    Katherine Heigl is about as self-important as they come. And for someone who believes that she’s an unusually sophisticated princess in a graceless world, tossing her butt on the ground is especially hypocritical. Not that she cares, but still …

  5. mae says:

    The only movie I’ve seen rebecca gayheart in was “Jawbreaker”, which wasn’t exactly a cinematic masterpiece. More of a poorly executed, would-be “Heathers”. As far as KH is concerned, I just can’t bring myself to hate her as much as everyone else. I think she just has verbal diarrhea and a fairly low IQ. Which could describe 90% of SoCal.

  6. tess says:

    never been a rebecca gayheart fan since she killed that child back in 2001.

    the boy was crossing the street and while other cars had stopped to wait for him, rebecca swerved around them, hit the boy and killed him. never served time but did have three year’s probation which i am sure was very taxing for her.

    i am sorry if her marriage is crumbling, but when it comes down to it, she’s alive and has nothing to feel but gratitude.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Ditto mae!

    I’d like to add that I’ve never understood the appeal of Rebecca. I think she is the farthest thing ever from beautiful

  8. vdantev says:

    Katherine threw a cigarette butt on the ground !! SFW- the are corporations who dump thousands of tons of toxic waste into our water, soil and air because it’s cheaper to pay the fine than to dispose of it properly. Sorry Sondra, I’d be eating a rare steak every day for lunch if that vegan crap was brought within 20 feet of me. Most Vegans I know have a shopping list of allergies and upper respiratory conditions- which all I need to know about that lifestyle. ‘Vanished’ vanished because it came out about the same time as Kidnapped, another premise that would have made a good TV movie, but not an entire series. Rebecca was kinda cute, but she’s seen too much sun and looks like she smokes too. She made a good psycho in Urban Legend

  9. Nikki G. says:

    TRUE THAT TESS! i feel exactly the same way about halle berry who had 2 hit and runs. no one died but that certainly speaks to her true character. that and she can’t act worth a damn…

  10. Orangejulius says:

    No wonder Rebecca Gayheart smokes (if indeed she does). If I’d killed a little boy out of my own impatience and arrogance, it’d be permanently happy hour. How in the hell would you live with that?

    Katherine will be at the surgeon’s office in no time if she keeps up the chain smoking.

  11. Gigohead says:

    I’m a driver and I can attest the times that adults disregard the crosswalks and I’ve nearly run them over. The worst is when they come out of middle of parked cars and onto the streets with no disregard that the light is not for them. INSANE!

    An accident is just waiting to happen. So I will hold judgment. Karma is a bad ass bitch.

  12. Maritza says:

    When will women learn that men don’t like jealous women. She is only pushing him away, it would be ashame if she loses a hunk like him!

  13. Blackalicious says:

    I like Sandra Oh. Won’t watch Grey’s (ER was it for me) but I liked her in Arliss (HBO show) and her movie roles.

    Sorry Rebecca might be having trouble starting a family but b/c of her recklessness- and it was totally unavoidable hitting and killing that child- someone else will never have their family the same. Hard to feel sorry for her.

  14. JoGirl says:

    Honestly, I don’t see how Rebecca Gayheart can continue to live anything resembling a normal life after killing a child that way. I’d seriously off myself if I were in the same situation. How can she even think about having a child of her own?

  15. vdantev says:

    How can she even think about having a child of her own? Because it’s her life not yours and it was an accident, you judgmental asshole. Is she supposed to run off to a nunnery because of a car wreck ?

  16. drm says:

    vdantev don’t hold back…tell us what you really think. RGH is a bit of a vacous biatch as my daughter would say, she interview badly. Other than that this is a bit of a *shrug*. I’ve never watched this show and can’t understand all the fuss…

  17. fab says:

    Maybe karma’s catching up to Rebecca?
    IMO, she should work on her jealousy issues and be glad that she has a husband that has a job. He’s the one that has to deal with supporting her ass.

  18. BABS81 says:

    Karma is a B****….She took a life..she doesn’t deserve a baby, unless she wants to give that baby to the child’s family that she murdered.