Charlie Sheen busted his hernia during a coked-out critique of porn


There are like 20 million updates and different pieces of information regarding Charlie Sheen this morning, so maybe it will go faster if I just do it in bullet points:

*After being “rushed” to Cedars-Sinai yesterday morning, Charlie Sheen was evidently released (??) last night, according to TMZ and Extra.

*Charlie’s friend Steve Brodersen gave an interview to Extra claiming that Charlie injured his hernia when he… no joke… “laughed too hard at the TV.” Steve also says no drugs were involved.

*TMZ agrees with the part about Charlie “watching” something when his hernia ruptured or whatever. According to their (porn) sources, Charlie was up sitting up in his TV/theatre room for hours, watching porn, smoking cocaine and critiquing the porn that he watched. This went on for, like, 36 hours. According to one porn star’s eyewitness account to TMZ who was there, “They watched 3 hours of porn, as Charlie critiqued the action on the screen. We’re told Charlie, who fancies himself as a porn connoisseur, was questioning his companion about angles and body shots. We’re told the porn star was “surprised” by the depth of Charlie’s knowledge.”

*Charlie wants to create a porn family. As in, he wants to set up like four or five porn star girls in a sublet mansion and they can all be family.

*TMZ’s sources are saying Charlie plans to be at work on Tuesday, and that there is no rehab planned.

* People Magazine is not living in the ass of Charlie’s publicist. They have a detailed and sympathetic account of Charlie’s downfall, but they aren’t buying the official statements about his lack of drug use. According to the anonymous friend of Charlie’s, “He definitely did not OD but, yes, he was partying. He doesn’t think he’s going to die. He doesn’t want to stop. In his eyes, he thinks, ‘I’m having fun, so what? I’m making $2 million a week, the show has the best ratings, I show up for up work. What’s the problem?’ He’s got so many people saying they’re concerned and they have the power to help him but you can’t force things on someone, you can’t make him get help. He loves the attention, he loves to shock people, he loves that he gets away with all of this. And he can because there are no consequences – that’s the problem. It’s who he is, like it or leave it. Maybe at 22, you’re with five hookers, so what? But when you’re his age and a father, it’s just ridiculous.”

*Another friend: “He’s in serious condition. Doctors are still trying to figure out exactly what it was. They’re running a lot of blood tests. … The crazy thing is, he’ll probably be just fine. It’s part of why he doesn’t see the problem. People are rallying around him to intervene. Everyone is very concerned for him at this point. It’s a really scary situation. Nobody is surprised. This is an ongoing problem.”

*Radar reports that Martin Sheen wants Charlie in rehab. A source says: “Martin is extremely upset as you can imagine. He’s worried Charlie is going to kill himself. Martin has jumped in before when things got really bad with Charlie and even told a judge that Charlie needed rehab. He’s not afraid to speak his mind.”

And that’s all I’ve got.


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50 Responses to “Charlie Sheen busted his hernia during a coked-out critique of porn”

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  1. HotPockets says:

    I feel badly for his children.

  2. Sarah says:

    He seriously needs something, you can’t do this when you have children. Doesn’t he have 4 or 5 kids? It’s just selfish and no monetary value is going to make this ok for them. It also doesn’t seem like either of his ex’s care about it too much either…

  3. dread pirate cuervo says:

    “surprised” by the depth of Charlie’s knowledge.

    Translation: surprised by how small the dong is.

    Also, I 110% believe the line about wanting a pron family in the guest house. That is so an idea one would come up with when one is high. I remember making very late night phone calls many years ago to convince people we needed to move to an island & start an E plantation.

  4. devilgirl says:

    I don’t care about this man.

  5. Arianna says:


  6. Someone Else says:

    2 million a WEEK?

    That shouldn’t be legal.

  7. MissyA says:

    I feel terrible for his children. It’s painful to lose a parent to their own self-indulgent suicide. His kids are going to grow up empty and hollow.

    Such a shame.

  8. Attagirl says:

    Spin, spin, spin. This guy is spiraling down faster than Pamela Anderson’s career. With the amount of booze and blow he does, he WILL end up with severe liver disease and pancreatitis at some point. And the sad thing is it happens very suddenly. My sister died of it at 41 after 20+ years of hard drinking and partying – one day she was OK, the next bleeding to death in the hospital, and once it gets to that point there’s not much doctors can do to keep you alive.

  9. Hautie says:

    It is time to take it all away from him. The show and the money.

    This is like watching Britney Spears have her nervous breakdown. Everyone was watching and no one was doing a damn thing.

    So now it is time for Martin Sheen to intervene and hire a scary lawyer. A lawyer who can get Charlie committed for his own well being.

    And I am stunned that Brooke has not moved to have his parental rights terminated. I guess if she was sober she would have. But she is as screwed up as him.

    So the real question for me… who has those twins? Have the grandparents already taken over with them?

  10. Rita says:

    Hernia ruptured??? Is that what you call it after “watching” 36 hours of porn with five hookers and ingesting a kilo of coke, when your dong looks like an exploding cigar? (Kerr-Bloom)

  11. Riley says:

    The Today Show had pretty good commentary on CS this morning. They had that female doctor who wrote Weekends at Bellevue but they also had some guy I had never seen on the show before. The guy was calling out CBS and saying CBS is in part at fault for CS antic’s because they do nothing to give him reason to quit. He was saying until CBS puts him on some sort of probation or fires CS, he is going to keep at it. I thought what the guy said was very bold and pretty much spot on. He also noted that CS is really starting to look like dog poo and it is evident watching him on the show that he has serious drug, alcohol, and psychological problems.

  12. guesty says:

    He should def take over Playboy when Hef is gone…that is if Charlie can out live the old coger.

  13. WillyNilly says:

    Dread — that was YOU?!

  14. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @ WillyNilly, LOL

    @ Hautie, I thought the grandparents already had the twins. Charlie is busy with his hookers & Brooke with her’s (Paris).

  15. poopie says:

    i don’t think it matters that he has kids because if they are ever around him i’m sure there are multiple nannies around to ‘tend’ them so they are just other objects around his house like lamps, paintings, pron stars, etc. it’s not like the mother of his twins worries constantly about them being around drugs, etc as she is no shining example herself. i keep thinking his dad will step in again…prob wouldn’t do any good… making 2 mil per week he can well afford to surround himself with paid minions to assure him ‘he’s just having a good time..enjoying his life.. not hurting ANYONE”

  16. Roma says:

    @dread pirate cuervo: I used to make insane plans while high. We once packed up and found a redeye flight to new york, went through customs with like an 8 ball on us and landed in NYC like 8 hrs after our first line. And that’s why I don’t do coke anymore.

    That’s the problem – the drugs make you feel invincible. I shouldn’t be surprised that he’s smoking the cocaine as Brooke did, but that just shows how far this has spiraled.

    Why aren’t the police raiding his house? If I was a friend/family member I’d be calling the police every time I knew he had a new brick of cocaine delivered.

  17. bizzy says:

    a) is there anything less appetizing than ‘boyish good looks’ on someone who’s not a boy?
    b) the part i find truly unbelievable is that ’2.5 men’ is highly rated. snookie and the teenage moms are at less horrifying, whereas 2.5 men is just stupefying.

  18. Bam Bam says:


  19. original kate says:

    jeebus, i need a hot shower after reading this.

  20. Nanea says:

    Why should CBS stop doing the show, as long as CS is still somewhat able to do what they pay him $ 2 millions for.

    I feel really bad about the amount of money that gets tossed CS’s way.

    I think they’d only come to their senses if people started writing the companies that do the ads in connection with 2½ Men. If the advertisers feel the pressure from the public and pull out, as they’ve done in other situations when contacted by viewers, then CBS will probably feel the heat too.

  21. reba says:

    The only real plan I had when I was high was calling up Dunkin Donuts (repeatly) and trying to get them to deliver. oh those were the days. Still thinks it’s good idea.

  22. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @ Roma Wow! My plans never made it that far. I’d always get distracted by something or other. Thank God those days are behind me.

    You would think that the FBI or DEA would have someone parked in a van outside Charlie’s house. It’s reported on tv almost daily that homeboy is getting Scarface style deliveries.

  23. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    wow that sounds like a bunch of fun..

    Sit around and listen to douchebag critique porn for 36 hours. Are you kidding me?

    I would rather put a shrimp fork in my eye and listen to the House of Representitives for 8 hours then to be high and listen Bucky Buzzkill talk about how HE could do it better.

  24. serena says:

    I hope he doesn’t ends up like Heat Ledger and co.

  25. MSat says:

    Well, dammit. I guess I lost the excuse pool! This one is probably the most original so far from Camp Sheen. He blew out a hernia laughing at the TV.


  26. OXA says:

    I just hope he does not harm another person b4 takibg his final curtain call.
    He should have been locked up( like Britney was) as a danger to himself and others. The authorities should have stepped in to lock him up, give his father and the courts control of his finances.
    Harvey from TMZ is on news saying he was on a 36 hour bender, the young blonde hooker/porn star saying the coke was $20 thousand bucks a kilo and he had a satchel full of it which he was smoking repeatedly. He deserves to lose any custody,contact or visitation with his kids, cos it is damaging for his kids to grow up knowing he repeatedly chose coke and whores over them.

  27. mj says:

    Can he just f*cking DIE already. If I could I would trade this motherf*ckers life for some one who deserves it! Like my fiance and father of my daughter who was an amazing father and a wonderful man who died in an accident, or my husband after him, a soldier who died in the line of duty who left behind children he acctually cared about and a wife who will never be the same, or a mom dying of cancer who will never see her grandchildren grow up. That’s my reality. That’s my life and and I hate this man for squandering every gift that life has to offer. Some people have true heartache in life and this man is a joke, a discrace to everything a man should be. Everything a human should be. Pig.

  28. The_Porscha says:

    Wow. This man’s actions are epic. I think he’s surpassed RDJ in drugged-out odyssies. THIS IS INSANITY. How this man has escaped a 5150 hold, I’ll never know.

  29. Lady D says:

    I remember reading about CS when his twin boys were born. He talked about how he had wanted a boy for so long. I felt happy for him at the time. Live and learn.

  30. Str8Shooter says:

    @Hautie: Its for anyone to do a ‘damned thing’ when someone has more money than God, anything or anyone they want at their disposal, and an outright penchant for letting their life go down the toilet. They need to WANT to help themselves. Rehab can not be forced.

    As for Britney: her ‘breakdown’ was completely staged…all of it. Did you know she personally called the paparazzi right before one of her ‘episodes’? Every single time. Because her star was fading.

    Sorry. No sympathy here.

  31. TXCinderella says:

    He should just start his own porn company.

  32. trvlbug529 says:

    I think Charlie is making an attempt to secure a reality show after “Two and a half men” is a wrap.

    At this rate…how long before ratings drop or his demise?

    He needs to just go away!

  33. Roma says:

    @dread pirate cuervo: It seemed like the best idea at the time but I started crying when we sobered up in NYC and I realized we just smuggled drugs into the US. High ideas are rarely smart ideas.

    Except I do like the idea of getting Dunkin Donuts to deliver.

  34. noirod says:

    ahhh, live and let live, if he’s only hurting himself….why do you care so much?

  35. Ms MozSkee says:

    Dear Mr Sheens,
    While your internal organs are staging a mutiny and you simply kick off… please don’t forget the people who don’t have boatloads of excess and goodies just throw at them. I could *really* use some dough to stay afloat. Ya know – for tp, groceries, dog chow, some work clothes, my room rental. Yada yada

  36. bluhare says:

    CBS or the show’s producers need to grow a set. The only person who appears not to enable him is his dad. Everyone else just hangs in for the money.

    If any of you read this? I hope you can all look yourselves in the mirror after he’s dead.

  37. UrbanRube says:

    If he watched porn for 36 hours, he ought to have a herniated d*ck by now. Not a fan.

  38. UrbanRube says:

    And mj, I sure get your reaction… I’m so sorry for your loss of a truly good man. Honor is something that lasts forever.

  39. Meenasheena says:

    Go Charlie Go Charlie GO! After he’s done with 2 & a half men, he should do a reality web based show with his porn family! It should be Charles In Charge, All in the Family, or like a mini Manson family “Charlie’s Family”

  40. Liz says:

    Charlie never misses work his show is #1 as far as I know no sponsors have bailed if CBS tries to fire him they will be sued for Breach of Contract.He is at home and will be back to work Tuesday. He will only stop if he gets sent to prison like RDJ.

  41. Solveig says:

    The saddest thing is that if he dies, nobody’s going to miss him…

  42. Whitey Fisk says:

    He looks like a 73-year-old K.D. Lang.

  43. albeli says:

    From TMZ:

    “Two and a Half Men” producers released a statement saying, “Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing “Two and a Half Men” on production hiatus.”

    The statement continues, “We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision.”

  44. Abby says:

    Sad story. I hope his family/father intervenes and gets him the help he obviously needs. Feel for his kids.

    I am stupid when it comes to drugs, but smoking Coke, is that not the same as Crack? I always thought Coke was powder form? Does it affect your body differently then snorting?

    If the drug claim is true. I would imagine Police/FBI would be involved. Any reg person would have that home swarmed if what they are saying is true.


  45. Sassy says:

    Has anyone considered that Charley and his posse of pr reps, lawyers, etc, who make their money from percentages of his earnings are in on all of this. And it could be a set up. Yes, a PR stunt. The New York “hospitalization” got plenty of PR. Denise Richards was conveniently there. Read that Denise was also in the hospital for the hernia incident.

  46. Kim says:

    This is like a serial killer who starts subconsciosuly leaving obvious clues because he WANTS to get caught. I really think Charlie subconsciously WANTS someone to give him consequences and make him be responsible for his actions but no one has. He just gets paid more and more. Like a child who acts out because subconsciously they want someone to show they care by punishing them.

    Charlie is playing a game of how much crap can i pull and get away with. Whether he is doing it consciously or not im not sure. It doesnt matter.

    He ups the drugs and deviances every time to see what punishment he will get and its always none- he will keep pushing until he is dead or someone really steps in and intervenes w every aspect of his life.

    The first person to really force him into rehab, get off the drugs, get off the hookers, get off the porn and be responsible for his children etc. he will adore.

  47. Hmmm says:

    Rehab for Charlie? Can’t see it. He’s got the world at his feet (kissing his toes). Why should he let go of the perfect life of hedonism?

  48. Dana M says:

    Who watches 2 1/2 man anymore anyway ( besides my husband)? Geez!!!
    This guy is something else. What in the hell were these women thinking when they married him? That they could change him? Gosh! His poor kids! Doesn’t seem like he gives a damn. There is no regard to consequences in his book.

    @ #31- yes, I agree. He should start his own Porno company. Or at least direct the scenes! LOL!

  49. JenJen says:

    Maybe this is why Denise is tolerating him, a great insurance policy for her girls.

  50. Sandro Gondone says:

    Ma pippa di brutto Charlie, che te frega?
    Pippa a toro, sbattiti le freschette e fregatene di tutti questi imbecilli che sparano cazzate!
    Da quasi tutti i commenti traspare o del penoso moralismo o della semplice invidia dei tuoi soldi e del tuo successo.