Lea Michele’s plunging neckline for Cosmo: trashy or cute?


Lea Michele is the March cover girl of Cosmopolitan Magazine. God, can you believe we’re already seeing March covers? So many of the British fashion magazines have already released their March covers too. Weird. Anyway, thoughts on the cover shot: Lea looks nice, although I’ve noticed that she tends to be ever-so-slightly wonk-eyed in photos. But her face looks good – they might have even Photoshopped her face to look slightly fully, because the girl’s weight loss has been dramatic. As far as the plunging neckline… well, the girl wants to be a sex symbol. She wants us to think that she’s hot stuff. Do you think she is?

The Cosmo people also sent us this amazing quote from Lea’s cover profile, where Lea is describing what it was like auditioning before she was on Glee: “I knew I wasn’t going to end up on a Disney half-hour show. I mean, look at me! I don’t look like those girls. I just wanted to do a guest spot, like on Grey’s Anatomy.” Oh, Lea. Disney hires Jewish girls. Sometimes. Okay, she’s right, they almost always hire shiksas. But because it’s Lea, I think the comment is pointed, like she saying “I’m so not Miley Cyrus. I can actually SING AND ACT.” Don’t you think that’s what she’s saying?

In other IT’S ALL ABOUT LEA news, did you hear that she’s been invited to sing at the Super Bowl? Can you believe it? Whose bright idea was that? Who encourages her? Oh, the Super Bowl is on Fox? And Glee has a post-Super Bowl show airing right afterwards? Right. Anyway, Lea is going to be singing “America the Beautiful” during the pre-show, and then she will have to give the stage (sob) over to Christina Aguilera. I swear to God, the preshow is going to be a train wreck. You know it.



Cover courtesy of Cosmopolitan. Additional photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Well it’s Cosmo. Everyone is supposed to look sexy on the cover right?

  2. malachais says:

    Her tiny boobs are heavily photoshopped, which makes her look weird. She reminds me of an old 70’s cosmo magazine cover. I think if she just wants to do broadway and sing all the time, stick to that. Her acting sucks and I’m sick of the puppy face.

  3. machiavelli says:

    The look of desperate hunger (for fame)…

  4. whybenice says:

    I’m thinking back to her trashy wide legged display in GQ. The girl needs to get herself a new career coach and class up her act.

  5. Kaboom says:

    That settles those rumors about her chest hair, at least.

  6. KatScorp says:

    Thanks to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ because I dunno what I’d have seen had I needed to google “shiksas”.

    Lea’s chest looks very strange on that cover. I think the semi-cicle shadow on the inside of her left breast, and the bright patch of light on her right breast, are just photoshopped. Like, the photoshopper was trying to create the illusion of a heaving busom but had nothing to work with. The effect looks as bad as Shakira’s most recent Rolling Stone picture. Shoulda just cut Lea’s head off and pasted it onto another body, like that Jennifer Aniston picture from a few years back.

  7. KLO says:

    She doesn’t have boobs. Why the cleavage?

  8. Jacq says:

    Sophia Vergara is the ghost of her busted future… There was a pic posted of Vergara the other day that I honestly thought was Michele.

  9. Bodhi says:

    I mean, look at me!

    OMG Lea, we ARE looking at you. We can’t help it, you are in our faces ALL THE TIME!

    10 to 1 odds the one of her “naughty secrets” is that she has a handful of tattoos. Really tiny, dumb tattoos.

    Gah, she is in insufferable, I can’t wait for the rest of the interview!

  10. Nanz says:

    I love that pink dress!

  11. LolaBella says:

    They photo-shopped her chest so badly it looks like she has pecs not breasts!

    There is nothing sexy about about her on the cover.

  12. pitd says:

    Hahahahaha @ Bodhi. She always talks about her tattoos to seem all ‘hardcore’ and dangerous.

    I think they really photoshopped her face because she doesn’t have that “crazy” eyes thing that she usually has going on.

  13. LunaT says:

    @Marianne–exactly what I was thinking. Don’t women always wear revealing stuff on Cosmo covers?

    My guess is that Lea is around for a while longer but that her ego and lack of job opportunities will make her fade quickly.

  14. Cherry Rose says:

    She’s really not that pretty. More of a plain Jane. And her lack of boobs does nothihg to help her.

    I hate how people have the tinniest of tattoos and think that makes them sooo hardcore. If you’re going to get tattoos, you might as well make sure they stand out. Sheesh. My biggest one takes up my entire lower back.

  15. LindyLou says:

    I wish this chick would get over herself. But we know that is never gonna happen. Ugh.

  16. guesty says:

    can’t stand her…but that’s cute for cosmo.

  17. Emilie says:

    She’s extremely conceited. It makes her annoying and unappealing. And I agree that the Disney show comment wasn’t about her physical appearance, but more an implication she is too talented for the Disney train.

  18. Bee says:

    Lea Michelle just reeks of insecurity, which she tries to cover up with heaping doses of arrogance.

  19. Sandy says:

    Don’t get this chick. Don’t get this show.

  20. jen says:

    Why bother doing the cleavage thing when you’re flat chested?

  21. Lily says:

    Cosmopolitan makes me sick. Everything is about how to meet men, how to please men and how to look better for men. I don’t watch Glee or care about Lea Michele but she always seems like she’s trying too hard.

  22. My Darling Pinkett says:

    I have to admit, I don’t watch Glee, but I have seen clips of her singing on it. I hate her voice. I also don’t think she’s particularly attractive. Not ugly, just average. But all of that would be nothing if it wasn’t for all the diva rumors I’ve been hearing about her. So, as few times as I’ve actually seen her, I’m already inclined to not like her. She really does reek of a diva, look-at-me attitude.

    As for the cleavage, if she’s so small-chested, then don’t photoshop it! Think about all of the girls and women who have small breasts and think about how they must feel when they see this. They’re going to think there’s something wrong with the way they look. Just be natural. Flaunt what you have, don’t pretend you have anything more or less than you do.

    But yeah, they made her chest look weird. The dress choice was bad, and whatever they did to the photo…just…no.

  23. Az says:

    I can’t stand her… she is so desperate and annoying!

  24. Vi says:

    i think she is beautiful and talented to boot, the problem is her fame whoring attitude. she’s so desperate to project a sexy image and it’s really off putting.

  25. Gititguurl says:

    Women always hate on this chick, but there’s no denying she is naturally gorgeous and extremely talented. I find this Cosmo cover pretty fly, actually. She looks amazing.

  26. jurgie says:

    I remember the days when a person had to be attractive to be on the cover of a magazine.

  27. stephanie says:

    She must feel like shit opening for christina aguilera. It doesn’t matter that she sings the best on glee, she’s no christina aguilera.

  28. Someone Else says:

    Nothing about this person is cute.

  29. Katija says:


    I’ll deny she’s gorgeous. I think she’s attractive but somewhat odd looking. I don’t think “gorgeous” is the right word.

  30. april says:

    no shes really not all that

  31. maria says:

    People will read into her comments whatever they want to believe.

  32. Harper says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks beautiful on the cover? I don’t like her attitude either, but I think she’s very pretty.

  33. jover says:

    Yes Jurgie I also remember the days when they actually had supermodels of the cover of Cosmo and other fashion mags but all those mags jumped the shark into celeb worship awhile ago. I don’t think Glee’s going to be around but a few more seasons – I watch it but its gotten too gimmicky and the pr and marketing disguise the fact that it’s not overwhelmingly popular. Remember Ugly Betty after the first few seasons it went downhill too.

  34. gabs says:

    She is talented. She can sing and act very well. That doesnt mean I like her but you can’t say shes useless. At least unlike kardashians and the hills girls shes got a JOB. lol

    She has a pt about the disney thing. They get pretty girls like selena gomez who cant really sing or act well.

  35. notsoanonymous says:

    This does make her look like she has pecs. Sad. I’m not a fan of her or of this look, although I do this she is a pretty girl.

  36. Brittany says:

    If I want to see pecs, I will find a better set and a better face on Men’s Health

  37. lilred says:

    @ Kaboom: Nah, she probably just had em waxed off. lol.

  38. lucy2 says:

    I think she’s pretty but not gorgeous, and talented but also increasingly annoying.
    Sometimes the plunging neckline works – her green dress from last years SAG awards, and sometimes it doesn’t. This just looks…odd.

  39. gg says:

    How long before she looks like cat-eye Kardashian?

  40. munchies says:

    Glee is great but I never liked her.

    Shes not sexy nor pretty, excuse me. Her head is big and unproportioned to her body. I dont know why she always pull down those necklines, theres nothing to see.

    She looks cheap flat chested little diva. Her face is like a cutting board.

  41. Henriette says:

    The neckline could be cute and it could work on her because she’s got a tiny chest – on a heaving-bosomed woman, it would look too slutty. But good heavens, Leah is FUG and absolutely even if this were the prettiest dress/ neckline/ style in the world, nothing could take away from her hideous ugliness. The fact that she’s apparently an insufferable diva biatch doesn’t help, either.

  42. My2Cents says:

    Her boobs are too small for such a plunging top. It makes her look too child like.

  43. belindaya says:

    She’s not a famewhore… she’s not a famewhore… she’s not a famewhore…crap who am I kidding??!!!
    Used to like her ages ago ( yeah it was last year!!)

  44. DunnoWhatNumberKate says:

    Unappealing personality aside, I think Lea is very pretty, but we both suffer from the same syndrome of nose-looks-awkward when photographed straight on. I do think she’s very attractive, but I’m not sure this is her best angle. And before anyone jumps on me for attacking her nose–as I said, I don’t have a tiny button nose, either. You have to learn which angles work for you if you want to sell the sexpot image, IMHO. I’m all for keeping your original parts, but wearing drastically plunging necklines is hardly keeping it real.

  45. jj says:

    Looking for reasons to hate, much?

    SHE is cute and talented. YOU are lame to twist an obviously self-disparaging comment and make it sound like she’s being a snot.

    With all the celebrities out there boozing, drugging and slutting it up, why is this girl the one you pick on?

  46. DebDebP says:

    She is a trash bag. I don’t say that because of this dress specifically. I say it because she’s on a show that is designed to appeal to young people, yet she goes out of her way to pose in questionable spreads. First the porny high school shoot, now half her chest is bare on the front of Cosmo. If you don’t like Glee, MOVE ON GIRL. I’m so over you anyway. I squirm with joy whenever someone else gets the lead in any song on Glee!

  47. Lee says:

    I think she has a beautiful voice, but that Cosmo cover is all wrong. She could be so much hotter if she actually covered up. She is too small chested for a dress like that. I do also think that part of that picture is airbrushed and photoshopped.

  48. Alarmjaguar says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine why female celebrities get plastic surgery and girls have body image issues. Apparently, if you have a small chest and large nose you’re absolutely hideous and should hide away so no one ever has to see you.

  49. DunnoWhatNumberKate says:

    @Alarmjaguar That’s a bit hyperbolic & reductive. She’s a very pretty girl. But she’s inviting criticism with these oversexed photoshoots, and she’s in an industry which is very much so based on looks. If she doesn’t want plastic surgery, more power to her. Seriously, rock on, Lea Michele. But her look isn’t congruous with a bombshell sexpot, and she’s not doing herself any favors by trying to shove that image down people’s throats. Stay classy, Lea, you’re gorgeous when you do.

  50. chasingadalia says:

    Personality and talent aside (not going one way or the other here), she is right that she does not have the Disney look.

  51. jayem says:

    It appears as though her main problem is everyone hates her! LOL!

    I do agree that she comes off as someone who is trying way too hard. Even if she is a really nice person, she does appears snotty and insincere. Perception IS reality, so she should think about that. She would have won infinitely more fans if she had done something cute on the cover of Seventeen or Teen Vogue. Cause sorry, sweetie, you are NOT sexy!!

  52. frewt says:

    @ DunnoWhatNumberKate – sarcasm is generally ‘hyperbolic’ and ‘reductive’. We have a great expression here in Australia for people who like to come across all smarty pants:- its ‘wanker’. Add that one to your extensive vocab.

  53. truthzbetta says:

    No wonder Cosmo has a down market sales price on there. They must be recycling stories for 30 years, it looks like. They try to make people think it’s for women so their actual target demo– 15 year olds– will buy it to feel grown up.

    The pink dress IS nice. So great the kryptonite personality can’t even ruin it.

  54. Bellaboo says:

    @DunnoWhatNumberKate “That’s a bit hyperbolic & reductive.” Huh? I don’t have a dictionary with me.

    Not sexy. Enough with this girl already.

  55. Hakura says:

    Cherry Rose“I hate how people have the tinniest of tattoos and think that makes them sooo hardcore. If you’re going to get tattoos, you might as well make sure they stand out. Sheesh. My biggest one takes up my entire lower back.”

    ITA. I only have 1, & it takes up my whole upper back. (If you’re gonna take the plunge, I’d rather jump in head first than stick my toe in the water.) I’m stuck up about tattoos though. I think they can be such amazing forms of self expression, but that most people approach is so casually that they don’t take any time to consider what they get. Or they just get them wanting to look cool instead of loving what they get as artwork.

    But yeah, putting my dislike for her personality aside, & admitting I think she has a beautiful voice (though I don’t watch Glee), I still think this cover was a bad fashion choice. She could have done any number of things for a classy sexy look. This looks like she’s trying too hard, & being small chested causes it to look oddly ‘flat’ all the way down. Why not have her sitting in a pencil skirt with sexy heels? Her legs could’ve been a good focus.

  56. Bodhi says:

    I’m a tattoo snob too. I don’t care what she has or where she has them, I just hate how she talks about them all the time. Get them because you want them, not because you want to talk about them.

    Of course I’ve no idea if she actaully talks about them in this interview since the whole this isn’t out yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me since she usually yammers on about them

  57. Lady D says:

    “And her lack of boobs does nothing to help her.”
    “She doesn’t have boobs. Why the cleavage?”
    “Why bother doing the cleavage thing when you’re flat chested?”
    “She looks like a cheap flat chested little diva.”
    “Think about all of the girls and women who have small breasts and think about how they must feel when they see this.”

    Well this one thinks that there’s some mean women out there.

  58. Cherry Rose says:

    @ Hakura – I take considerate care of what my tattoo means, and how they relate to one another. I don’t just get random tattoos, as I think that looks tacky to the eye. I also am very selective of the meaning, as each goes back to a part of my life, or is an outlook to my future.

  59. coucou says:

    Remember the fantastic way that Clive Owen’s character described Natalie Portman’s character in “Closer?” He said that she had the kind of “moronic beauty” that only youth can provide.

    This is Lea Michele to a T. She is a freaking twit and i wouldn’t like her even if she was my niece. She will age very, very badly, given that she’s already got an attitude that cannot be redeemed by her intelligence or acting ability.

    I hope she goes away as quietly as she came. Yawn. Yech. Buh bye.

  60. Liana says:

    I take considerate care of what my tattoo means, and how they relate to one another. I don’t just get random tattoos, as I think that looks tacky to the eye. I also am very selective of the meaning, as each goes back to a part of my life, or is an outlook to my future.


    Same here. I have a couple and they all have very real meaning to me. My favorite is the bracelet on my right wrist. It’s a tribute to my late close friend comprised of a bunch of symbols, including his band logo, in a very “untacky” way. You have to really look to see all the symbols in the tat. It was awesome work!

  61. mike says:

    Fugly’s fugly and no amount of photoshop or putting a lipstick on a pig will change that.

    Lea sweetie, give it up. Lose as many pounds as you want, but not even photoshop can turn beast into beauty.

  62. Jenna says:

    I can’t stand her.

  63. Cherry Rose says:

    Oh, something nice to say – that pink dress is awesome. If they had one in dark red I’d so buy one (and if I had the money).

  64. Emily says:

    She’ll never be a sex symbol, she’s kidding herself. For a start, she has that horrible personality, and secondly, there’s that face.

    Wow, this heat wave is bringing out my bitch today.

  65. My Darling Pinkett says:

    @Lady D Thanks for plucking something I said out of a paragraph and ignoring everything else I said. You seem to be under the impression that I was insulting women with small breasts, which I was not. I was insulting any attempts to fabricate her chest. I’d rather see a natural pair of breasts, no matter what size, than something fake.

  66. Kat says:

    Trashy, trashy, trashy. Rude, self-entitled and arrogant.

    And that’s just the cover photo.

  67. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @IDunnoWhatNumberKate: That’s what happens when you read a book, evidently. Forewarned is forearmed.

  68. Kim says:

    i ABSOLUTELY HATE that style of shirt/dress with the plunging neckline. Regardless of breast size it looks terrible on ALL women! I cant fathom why women continue to wear this style esp to red carpet events?! Its extremely unflattering. Just look at Amy Adams or Eva Longoria who wore this style to the SAGs and/or globes. It looks terrible!

  69. Hakura says:

    @Cherry Rose“I take considerate care of what my tattoo means, and how they relate to one another. I don’t just get random tattoos, as I think that looks tacky to the eye. I also am very selective of the meaning, as each goes back to a part of my life, or is an outlook to my future.”

    I hope you didn’t take my comment to be accusatory or judgmental, I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that you didn’t take great care & effort with your tattoos. If so, I apologize.

    I feel the same way about mine. I know I’ll likely get another at some point, & I really feel it’s important to have a sense of ‘unity’ between them, as well. I think Kat Von D. is a good example of what happens when you stop thinking each tattoo through (such as her ‘autograph signatures’ on her legs), & have no concern for unity. Now she looks like layer upon layer of graffiti on a city wall. Only she can’t erase it all, or paint over it permanently (no matter what ‘make-up’ she comes up with.) But I think her choice in men says enough about her ability to make ‘good decisions’.

    @Liana – Those are often the most special tattoos, those that represent someone special, or something specific that’s happened. =) Mine represents a major time in my life, but I do hope to get one special for my brother & his medical condition. Certainly something I could never regret.

    @Bodhi – I’m really glad to hear that I’m not alone in feeling a little ‘snobby’ about tattoos. I just think it’s foolish not to take time to apply meaning… I’d wanted one since I was 15, but didn’t decide for certain on what it was, & the design, until I was 24. It so annoys me to see those who just get them trying to be cool (like some who go in just because they’re 18, or the girls who go to get a ‘heart, butterfly, or star’ just because it’s ‘cute’.)

  70. Sam says:

    the only thing trashy here is what she just did to my pants…giggity giggity

  71. DeeRayy says:

    funny how the very thing lea stands for is that you don’t have to conform to the traditional idea of beauty to be beautiful, and to be proud of who you are. and here are a bunch of internet dwellers (all of whom i’m sure aren’t perfect themselves) trying to tear her down for it.

    Maybe if you all spent less time making bitter remarks about celebrities you’d actually have the balls to pose for a magazine cover in such a revealing outfit.

    you go lea, i’ll take you over megan fox any day<33