Fake marriage for Hugh Hefner?

Every few months we hear rumors of a marriage planned for Hugh Hefner and his main girlfriend of seven years Holly Madison. OK! Magazine reports that Hugh will be getting married as part of the fifth series of Girls Next Door.

According to Hef’s second girlfriend Bridget Marquart, 34, next season of The Girls Next Door features a “huge wedding.” So of course we have to ask, could Hugh Hefner, 82, finally be tying the knot with main girlfriend Holly Madison, 28?

Bridget was reportedly overheard dishing about the show, hinting that she and fellow girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson, 23, will be moving out of the Playboy Mansion once season five wraps.

“She said they will be moving on since Holly is Hef’s main girlfriend,” a source tells OK!. Holly is also getting more involved with the magazine. “Holly is taking a bigger role in the company, directing pictorials,” the source added.


At 82, I think Hugh’s Playboy image is getting a little hard to, ahem, maintain. I can’t imagine why a hot young girl would actually want to bed a guy that old – it can’t just be his personality and charm, okay?

OK! Magazine misses one minor issue though: Hef’s still married to his previous wife 1989 Playmate of the Year Kimberly Conrad. They separated in 1999 but never formally divorced.

Kendra Wilkinson is said to be moving on to her own reality series, and I can’t see 34-year-old Bridget Marquardt staying much longer. Hef needs a nursemaid for his declining years, or companionship, or someone to maintain his image. Having only one girlfriend at 82 Tseems about right for even the creator of Playboy.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that Hef is going to get married in name only, for the series.

Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison are shown at the Playboy Jazz Festival on 6/14/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. Shane says:

    Mo money, mo money, mo money. It all makes sense once you realize it’s about making money for everyone. No big deal. Most things make sense once you examine the money angle.

    I also realize I do like Hef because he likes women. I don’t see abuse here, just a sex addiction on his part.

  2. Maritza says:

    I agree, Hugh Hefner treats all his women with respect. He is very sweet with them and has them living a great life. I love that show, all their parties, all those animals, they have a really cool life! Holly seems to really love him, I love it when she rolls her eyes when other bunnys flirt with Hef.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Here’s a tip to all young women: If you are ever described as a man’s “main girlfriend”, DO NOT MARRY HIM.

  4. Dee says:

    You all have no idea, despite how so called forward thinking everyone is supposed to be, that this man is going to be held accountable for all of this gratuitous fornication at an age when he knows better. Everyone will start screaming this is the 21st century, and no I am not perfect and I get ho$%y and wont say I have never fornicated, but it is still something that should be avoided as much as possible. At least people act as if they retain some of that understanding when saying such and such “finally made an honest man/woman out of such and such”. All this debauchery and freedom of expression in this form is going to be our downfall, not that I’m an angel. Got people running around literally naked, even at sales counters and kids doing it for shock value just hanging out in from of gas stations/drug stores with everything hanging out. Little to no modesty is left and they then talk about kids having babies.

  5. KattyBitch says:

    Was there a point to that Dee?

    I was still waiting for the fire and brimstone part…

  6. notprfect says:



    I don’t think that Heff’s “relationship” with these women is harming anyone or anything(except giving ultra-religious people coronaries). If he’s happy and they’re happy, why not? Live and let live.

    Personally, I agree with the people who don’t understand why a woman would want to share her man with other women. But hey, if it’s something that works for you and it’s not hurting anyone, more power to ya, I say. :mrgreen:

  7. dannii says:

    “I agree, Hugh Hefner treats all his women with respect.”

    really? well i guess you haven’t read this: http://www.idontlikeyouinthatway.com/2007/06/hugh-hefner-loves-kendra-wilkinson-not-really.html

  8. duda says:

    girls are with Hef for their own reasons.. he doesnt force any of them.
    some ppl need to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

  9. KPC says:

    Dannii, are you really shooting this down with the uber-valid ICYDK site? It is all gossip, but for you to think you are fighting back with facts is just too funny.

    Saying someone is basically “adorably clueless” is not being disrespectful. He chose his words wisely. She isn’t a Rhodes scholar by any stretch. She is young and naive…that is why he keeps her around.

  10. Just Me says:

    what the heck was that about dannii?
    was that supposed to make some kind of a point?
    dumbest thing i’ve ever read!

  11. Cinderella says:

    Hef may be nothing more than an oversexed old man who used to be an oversexed young man, but he is still legendary.

    Some may think he is degrading to women, but my guess is any woman that ever set foot in the mansion did so knowing exactly what she was doing. I would almost bet Hef treated his women better than those women treated each other.

  12. Enonymous says:

    Bridget Marquardt is 34, 😯 I thought that she was like 25-26. Wow.

  13. nag says:

    I always thought the Heff kissed kendra like she was a child… and I have to say that as everyone needs someone when they get old, I can’t say that i think the main GF is a bit of a gold digger. She is smart..

  14. Lalala says:

    Ya know —

    whatever works for them and as longs as nobody is getting hurt…

  15. snappyfish says:

    Hef and Kimberly Conrad did divorce. Very quietly and privately a while back. I think it was 02-03. They have two boys together and she lives a house next down the street from the mansion.

    However, I am not sure that he does that much with his children other than his daughter, who runs playboy for him

    Kendra was hired to bring in a younger look for the girls’ next door show. I don’t think he actually sleeps with any of these girls (exception of Holly, maybe) It is all for publicity.

    He was the original master of PR. He has made a fortune getting people to pay attention to his life. I am sure the three girls will be highly compensated and they got a very high profile luxury life in the process of hanging out with a v v old man.

  16. Jwls says:

    First off
    Does this picture remind you of “Pretty Women” you know the prostitute who got involved w/ a multi millionaire but refused him unless she got the entire Cinderella story not just the Hollyerella story of taking the most before the man has to sit in a huge mansion alone after Holly cleans house
    She will get everything and then bounce ~ she will become jealous once she realizes Kendra can have her own fame w/out the assistance of the AARP Card
    You know that Holly is no different then Anna Nicole and her man the difference is that Anna got the real diamond where Holly gets the fake diamond
    Hef isn’t divorcing his actual wife ever and Holly ain’t nothin’ but a nasty lying fake “miss perfection”
    You know it is all an act to get the almighty dollar but she would have been better off getting out because Hugh dies and that spot as “editor” will be ripped out of her greedy lil hands
    She really is nasty and I can’t wait until she finds out being alone and single wasn’t worth all her “fakeness”
    Yuck ~ She makes me sick
    but I do like Bridgette and Kendra okay at least K is getting out while the getting is good and Bridgette well I just feel for her unlucky in love if you ask me

  17. cc says:

    i hope he leaves them something in his will

  18. Ada says:


    How to have three girls? Is it good?
    Three beautiful girls to treasure, right?
    Can you give me your autograph?
    If you want to reply to my e-mail!
    Thanks in advance!