Brad Pitt and George Clooney at the Burn After Reading premiere

Last night Brad Pitt was given the trophy he won last year from the Venice Film Festival for best actor in 2007′s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. The awards at the festival are handed out on the last night, at which point a lot of stars have gone home. Pitt had a run-in with a crazed fan at last year’s Venice Film Festival, which gave him even more reason to hightail it home. Usually the trophies are mailed to the stars, but it seems they held on to Pitt’s in order to make a big deal out of handing it to him:

Now back as star of the Coen brothers’ “Burn After Reading,” which opened the festival, Brad Pitt was handed the prize at last.

“I guess you forgot something here years ago,” said the mistress of ceremonies, handing him the gold cup.

“You can run but you can’t hide,” Pitt said accepting it. “It was an honor to receive this last year and it’s an honor to receive it this year. Thank you very much.”

It’s common for stars not to be present to accept the Venice Film Festival awards. The prizes are bestowed on the fest’s final night at which point most celebs have gone home. Sometimes winners turn around and hurry back to reap the honor, but often they can’t. That’s what happened to Ben Affleck. Two years ago he found out that he won best actor for “Hollywoodland” soon after he landed in Los Angeles after returning from Venice. Affleck scrambled to try to arrange flights to get back before the fest officially closed, but without success.

Last year Brad Pitt attended the Venice Film Festival to promote “Jesse James,” but left before awards night after being jumped by a crazed fan who pushed past his bodyguards and threw her arms around the heartthrob star. Pitt was obviously shaken by the ambush and said afterward, “I haven’t been jumped like that in a while. It tells me that we’re vulnerable. It’s something I have been thinking about, but I don’t want to change my life to avoid those kind of things. I’ve had break-ins in the house and I’m dealing with a recent one now. You also develop a radar. You feel it when you are approached by unbalanced people.”

It’s strange, however, that the Venice Film Festival didn’t ship the award to Pitt after he won. That’s how Affleck eventually caught up with his golden cup.

[From The LA Times]

The mistress of ceremonies also congratulated Pitt on his twins and handed him a yellow flower – saying it was for his “friend George.”

Some reviews are in for Burn After Reading and they’re disappointing. Variety trashes it, calling it “sophomoric,” “immature” and “silly.” The Hollywood Reporter says it’s a “minor piece of silliness” full of idiotic characters and that some may love it and others will want to leave it.

Here is some footage for a press conference for “Burn After Reading” in which Brad and George get asked those stupid questions that they joke about. It’s not as funny when you see it. You can tell Brad’s “two more kids by next year” was just a throwaway comment.

And here are pictures from the premiere at the film festival last night as well as the opening night party. Thanks to WENN.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Wow, Tilda’s dress is not crazy. Good for you, Tilda!

    The header pic reminds me of that famous photo of Gary Cooper, Van Heflin, Jimmy Stewart and somebody else, all in tuxes, laughing their a$$es off.

    Love men who know how to wear a tux. Yum.

  2. princess says:

    I know. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend that he needs to have one made for an event this fall.
    Needless to say he is dragging his feet.

  3. geronimo says:

    Damn. That Variety review is very disappointing and unfortunately seems to be backed up by other mutterings I’ve read about BAR. The Coens seem to work best when the story takes precedence over the cast and I’m really not sure that that was the case here. Damn again.

    Tilda’s still stunning.

  4. daisy424 says:

    I just love a man in a tux. They both look zexy 8)
    I now have my fantasy for the day……

    BTW; if Brad allegedly has Botox treaments, why does he have wrinkles on his forehead,around his eyes and is still able to smile normally? I don’t care if he had dog piss injected in his face, he is still gorgeous.

  5. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – Right? But at the end of the day, I’ll see BAR not because of Clooney or Pitt, but because I am in love with The Amazing Frances McDormand. I don’t care how bad the reviews are, I would watch her read the phone book.

  6. bros says:

    thats disappointing about the reviews. the previews looked hilarious and i couldnt wait to see it. i like it when brad has a chance to act silly instead of dead serious. ill stillgo and see it because i like the directors and the cast.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Eh, I don’t give a shit, I’ll see it anyway. All Cohen Brothers get some shitty reviews

  8. geronimo says:

    @Kaiser – ME TOO!! She is one of my most favourite women in the whole world!! Screen time with Frances will still make the movie 100% go-seeable. Seriously cool, I adore her.

  9. Dee says:

    okay…..I know Tilda is really tall and kinda imposing and has a unique face and way of dressing, but can’t the guys still hold her waist a little like they do to every other woman starring alongside them. They just leave her standing there. To me that is sad.

  10. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – My favorites are Fargo (obvious), Almost Famous (favorite jointly because of Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Wonder Boys (despite the fact that the Holmesbot can’t act her way out of a paper bag, the combo of Downey Jr, pre-Spidey Tobey and Frances makes it one of the best films ever)

    I am a Francesloonie. Renting Ms. Pettigrew this weekend.

  11. aaaaaaaaa says:

    boooooooooring! i’m over brad & george. they’re so 5 minutes ago!

  12. geronimo says:

    @Kaiser: All her Coen bros roles, Fargo, Raising Arizona, Blood Simple & Man Who Wasn’t There in particular; the mother in Almost Famous, Jane in Laurel Canyon – she has never ever given a bad performance. Haven’t seen Ms Pettigrew yet (ta for reminder) but I expect her to be as sublime in that as she is in everything else. Also a huge Philip SH fan. We have such immaculate taste! 8)

  13. KERRI says:

    “minor piece of silliness”??

    I like silliness and big laughs. BAR is already a hit in my mind. The Coen Brothers, Frances, Tilda, Brad, George, and John Malkovich…DAMN, doesn’t get any better than this. I’m laughing at the trailers, for goodness sakes. This movie is going to be LOTS of fun. :D

  14. vdantev says:

    Some film critics have said the movie company should have followed the directions in the title of the script.

  15. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – Oh, YES! I’m a Hoffmanaholic. Have you ever seen Flawless, with DeNiro? Best. Drag. Ever.

    (actually didn’t like The Man Who Wasn’t… found it too existential, too little story. But Frances is always the best part of even mediocre films)

    …My God, we really do have immaculate taste. :lol:

  16. geronimo says:

    @Kaiser – now you’ve made me want to see it all over again! *adding to mental list* Saw The Savages a couple of weeks ago and he and LL were just amazing together. (And she’s another one that can do no wrong.)

  17. daisy424 says:

    Frances McDormand was great in Fargo and hysterical in Raising Arizona. Haven’t seen the other films yet.

  18. Jenna says:

    I don’t care about those reviews. I’ve wanted to see it after the first preview.

  19. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – The Savages is one I’ve been saving for a rental until I’m really in the mood… the previews made it look really depressing. But yes, Linney is another Can-Do-No-Wrong.

  20. geronimo says:

    @Kaiser – Not giving a single thing away but it is the LEAST depressing movie ever, despite the gloomy subject matter. I promise you, it’s closer to dark comedy than depressing and will blow you away. Guaranteed.

  21. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – Okay, you’ve convinced me. This weekend is The Savages & Ms. Pettigrew. Maybe I’ll also watch my copy of Almost Famous or Wonder Boys (for the millionth time).

  22. Elizabeth says:


    That’s hysterical !

  23. jacqueline says:

    Frances McDormand in The Wonder Boys – brilliant !!
    Brad & George SO have a good laugh going on between them . . .

  24. Jinxy says:

    Yeah, so going to see this. The Coen brothers comedies are always over the top – that’s what makes them funny. I am starting to wonder about a lot of Variety reviews lately. They have been off their games as of late.

  25. Orangejulius says:

    I’m with you Daisy, you’ll have to get in line behind me for Brad though… Gorgeous George I’m kinda not so keen on anymore; the love ‘em and leave ‘em thing is a big turnoff. Tilda needs a new stylist/makeup person in the worst way. The stuff she wears is usually not flattering to her at all. What a shame that she doesn’t make the most of what she’s got in spades.

  26. KERRI says:

    Love the song “Grounds for Divorce” that the Coen Brothers used for their trailer. This movie is going to be a smash hit :P

  27. Snowblood says:

    Here’s a cool clip from Burn After Reading from Filmdrunk, and he makes a good point, too, about how some critics shat all over The Big Lebowski when IT first came out, and Lebowski is an enduring comedy cult classic!

  28. KERRI says:

    Thanks for the link snowblood. Going into it now. I’ve just watched 13 clips of BAR on Yahoo.movies. I have never been disappointed with a Coen Brothers film, and I KNOW I won’t be disappointed with BAR. I’m going to love this movie.

    By the way, some twit spilled the beans of the movie’s ending on some other website. I should have reported this nitwit immediately. So cruel. If I can only remember where it’s posted.

  29. Snowblood says:

    You’re welcome, bella, and here’s another one – which is crack-up-out-loud funny, Malkovich is I think a genius and Brad Pitt looks like he’s going to be absolutely perfectly funny – the more I read about/watch clips of this film, the more excited I am to go see it!

  30. cmoody says:

    Too. much. pretty. can’t. look. away.

  31. KERRI says:

    Yeah Snowblood, ITA with you. Saw the clip. John M is PERFECT in this role. Big fan of his. As for Frances M., she can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s a natural comedian, and a fantastic actress. :D