Christina Applegate gives birth to baby girl Sadie Grace


Yay! Christina Applegate has given birth to a baby girl, and mother and child are both healthy. Christina and her fiancé Martyn LeNoble named their daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble… thoughts on the name? Thoughts on naming your baby after a Beatles song? Eh, there are worst things. And “Sadie” is much better than “Prudence” or “Eleanor Rigby”.

It’s a girl for Christina Applegate! The Going the Distance actress and her fiancé, rocker Martyn LeNoble, welcomed Sadie Grace LeNoble on Thurs. Jan. 27. Proud papa LeNoble posted the news on his Facebook page late Monday. He added that Sadie Grace weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz.

A first-time mom, Applegate, 39, confirmed her pregnancy in September. The Emmy-nominated star’s baby joy comes two years after she overcame a bout with breast cancer, following a double mastectomy.

Applegate has credited her baby’s dad, a founding member of 90s alternative rock band Porno for Pyros, with helping keep her spirits high during her cancer battle.

“I have a small but mighty support system and Martyn has really been an incredible part of my life,” Applegate previously told Us. “Without him, I don’t know if I could’ve gone through any of it. He came around at a time when there was a lot of loss in my life on many levels, so he’s been a really incredible help.”

The new mom — who got engaged to LeNoble on Valentine’s Day last year — tells Us she’d welcome the idea of having more kids.

When asked what’s on her bucket list, she told Us last year: “Babies, lots of babies. Not lots of babies, but a couple.”

[From Us Weekly]

Congratulations to Christina and her happy family! I’m so pleased that everybody is healthy and happy. Now, can someone tell me… who does this Martyn guy remind me of? He looks so familiar, like some actor that I can’t quite place. Does anyone else think he looks a bit like Til Schweiger?



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  1. Len says:

    I don’t know who he looks like, but that is one ugly looking tattoo on his hand.

  2. Samigirl says:

    He looks like a very thin Val Kilmer.
    I <3 the name. Congrats!

  3. teehee says:

    I like the name Sadie too– very delicate– soft and relaxed. Makes m think of an easy going character who is warm and full of love. 🙂 That and Estella are lovely girl’s names.

  4. MissD'banville says:

    Uh No – Till much much better !

  5. samihami says:

    After all she went through with cancer I am so happy for her having a healthy, beautiful little baby.

  6. Courtney says:

    congrats to the happy couple on the healthy arrival of their daughter. love love love the name Sadie Grace [as Sadie is a deminutive form of Sarah and one of my all time favorite actresses is Grace Kelly}. may she bring them abundant joy and love

  7. happygirl says:

    Yay! I love her, (& the baby’s name!) and wish them all the happiness in the world!

  8. theblondeone says:

    It’s far too early in the morning for the amount of brain power I put into figuring out who I thought he looked like so do me a favor and agree with me (please. really):
    Neal McDonough

  9. Lynda says:

    Congrats to her and her new daughter.

  10. Arianna says:

    i like the name– know a very sweet sadie!

  11. dancingnancie says:

    omigosh, that was exactly what i was gonna name my son if he had been a girl!

  12. normades says:

    Good for her. She wanted this for a long time. She’ll be a great mom.

  13. HRH says:

    Good for her, she looked adorable pregnant and I’m sure the baby is beautiful.

  14. Megan says:

    If Vincent Cassel and Til Schweiger had a baby I think it would be that guy

  15. ctkat1 says:

    Happy for her- she seems like a really nice person who went through a lot (didn’t her ex-fiance also die in the last few years? I seem to remember that she was dealing with that and the cancer).

  16. InVain says:

    He sorta looks like a skinnier Neil McDonough. No?

    Either way, so so happy for both of them. She deserves a healthy and happy life after everything she’s been through. Best wishes.

  17. Anon says:

    Martyn looks very similiar to actor Jon Voight.

  18. lucy2 says:

    ctkat1 – plus in the midst of all that, the writers strike and following schedule shuffle ended up getting her show canceled. It was a lot of bad stuff at once for her.
    I’m very happy for her and her family, glad everyone’s healthy, and the name is really cute.

    He does sort of look like a cross between Neal McD & Sting.

  19. original kate says:

    she looks great – nice to see she’s fully recovery from her cancer and is moving forward.

  20. Cat Burrito says:

    Happy for her. Every time I hear the name sadie it makes me think of Charles Manson.

  21. Jeri says:

    The evil husband of Evie on Desperate Housewives. He was avenging his dead wife or something and kidnapped Susan.

  22. Camille says:

    YAY, congrats to them. All the best 😀

  23. Truthzbetta says:


  24. Lucky Charm says:

    Congratulations to the happy family! And I think he resembles a young David Bowie.

  25. WhiteNoise says:

    Congrats to her, and love the baby name.

  26. Mistral says:

    I love Christina. She will forever be Kelly Bundy :). Congrats on her baby. Hope she’s really happy with the hubby, because he looks totally creepy…

  27. ezra says:

    Awww… so happy for her.
    She so deserves this beautiful little baby.
    Love her.

  28. Kim says:

    Congrats! She is a nice, down to earth celeb (a true rarity) who had a bad cancer scare and deserves all the happiness her new baby girl will bring. Sadie Grace is a cute name.

  29. JenJen says:

    She’s a Survivor, she deserves such happiness.

  30. Emily says:

    That’s such a cute name, I’m so happy for her after all she’s been through.

  31. CeeCee says:

    Fab news! Her acting history isn’t great but she deserves her celebrity after what she went through. What a woman.

  32. Trashaddict says:

    There are a lot of actors popping out those babies, but I look at her and think she really meant it, and wish her all the best.

  33. What hell is this about.