Gabriel Aubry “will not allow Halle to take his daughter away from him”


As I wrote this morning, the custody battle for Nahla Aubry is heating up, with Halle Berry issuing a series of harsh remarks through her representative, to People Magazine. Now comes the tabloid factor – TMZ and Radar both have reports on the looming Halle-versus-Gabriel court battle. First, TMZ’s piece:

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been locked in conflict over custody of 2-year-old Nahla for months … and much of it centers around Halle’s movie career.

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ … Aubry has complained when Halle leaves town it interferes with his ability to be a father. Accommodations were made for Gabriel to accompany Halle and Nahla to London last August after he complained.

Sources say the couple has never gone to court to establish custody and visitation rights. They have tried working it out between themselves, but the situation has now become impossible.

TMZ broke the story … Gabriel filed for paternity last month. Officially we’re being told it was a formality. In fact, it was a prelude to what has become a bitter custody fight.

[From TMZ]

TMZ’s report actually seems like it could have come from either camp, which makes me suspect that it’s somewhat accurate. Gabriel memorably tagged along with Halle to South Africa, where she filmed a movie last summer with Olivier Martinez, who quickly became her lover. Gabriel seems perfectly willing to drop everything to follow Halle and Nahla, although I could understand why Gabriel is seeking a more structured and formal custodial arrangement. What doesn’t help matters, however, is that Gabriel or some member of Team Aubry keeps leaking really vicious stuff to Radar:

Gabriel Aubry, 35, is ready to fight and will seek sole custody of Nahla, a source close to the situation told exclusively. The source says that Candadian-born Gabriel has already consulted attorneys in both California and Canada, as Nahla has dual citizenship, and will actively be pursuing sole custody — something that was never his intention

“Halle has gone too far this time,” the source tells “Attacking Gabriel and accusing him of being an unfit father is totally below the belt and completely without merit. He’s going to give as good as he gets. There’s no way he is going to allow Halle to take his daughter away from him.”

Some of the weapons Gabriel is prepared to use in the battle include voicemails and emails from Halle – messages that do not show her in a flattering way. The messages show a mean and controlling side of Berry, according to the source, and there’s no way she would want the made public.

As previously reported, Gabriel felt forced to take legal action back in December to establish his custody rights following a series of explosive outbursts by Berry.

Gabriel’s intention at the time was purely to gain the right to joint custody — believing that despite his personal problems with Halle that she was, overall, a good mother.

But, according to the source, Halle’s latest actions have changed his mind on that front.

“It’s obvious to Gabriel that Halle is using their daughter to get to him, and there’s no way on Earth he is going to allow that to happen. He is going to do all in his power to keep Nahla in his life — whatever that entails. Gabriel believes he can provide Nahla with a much more stable, consistent home life than Halle. He is willing to totally put his career on hold to care for her, whereas Halle is constantly traveling around the world and working on film sets. If she wants to fight dirty he has all kind of weapons in his arsenal that he can, and will, use. Gabriel has some really embarrassing emails and voicemails from Halle that there is no way she would want being made public — things that really will show her true side and how manipulative, controlling, mean and self-obsessed she can be.”

“If he is forced to he will go all out to make sure the truth is known and that ultimately his daughter is protected and properly cared for,” the source said.

As previously reported, Gabriel has believed for some time that Halle has hired a PI to trail him, something, the source says, makes perfect sense in light of Halle’s latest comments.

“She’s obviously trying to build a case that Gabriel is an unfit father, and good luck with that! This guy is one of the most down to Earth, regular, bordering on boring men I know. She’ll really have to go some to dig up even a parking ticket. He’s as clean cut as they come.”

Meantime, the source says that Halle is pushing hard to try to get a hearing at family court before the end of the week — something she has, so far, had no joy achieving.

[From Radar]

Ugh. As I said before, I still think that Gabriel and Halle are probably very good parents. The problem is that they’re BOTH so friggin’ immature. Yesterday, I was feeling the 50-50 split for assigning blame between the two of them, but now I’m sliding slightly in favor of Gabriel, just because I do think Halle was being unnecessarily harsh when she called into question Gabriel’s ability to be a good father to Nahla. So now I’m basically thinking: Halle gets 55% of the blame for being childish and immature, and Gabriel gets 45% of the blame.




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  1. DGO says:

    He has a career to manage. He was one of the top male models of the world when he took up with Crazy Berry. He needs to work so he can support his daughter, not follow psycho all over the world. There’s SO MUCH he can reveal about Halle and the circumstances surrounding Nahla’s birth and what transpired after. Team Gabriel.

  2. Jane says:

    I’ve always heard that Halle is crazy as hell but hides it well. that’s why she’s attracted to such losers.

  3. guesty says:

    Team Gabe. Halle’s being a beyotch & that’s not a compliment.

  4. mln76 says:

    If this really is about him getting to see Nahla while Halle is doing movies then yeah Halle needs to grow up and make sure that Gabriel gets to see his kid. But Gabriel was dumb for not establishing visitation immediately.

  5. risa says:

    im 75% gabriel and 25% halle.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I agree they both seem immature, and it’s really a shame it’s gotten to the point of public bashing. Unless one of them is dangerous, they should have equal time with their daughter.

    Both their careers require travel, and both had those careers long before they had a child, so it should come as no surprise that she has to occasionally work on location. They just have to work it out and remember that it’s for their daughter, not themselves.

  7. Quest says:

    What’s wrong with him trying to be a father? He is not known to be a drunkard or junkie or anything of the sort. He seems to genuinely care for his child and Halle is just being mean. However, dragging this thing on the path it is going is not be best for either party and mainly Nahla

  8. mia girl says:

    This verifies what I said in another thread about this going on for a while. Hally Berry was working hard for an Oscar nomination over the past few months, and I am sure she/her people were trying to keep a lid on this so it would not distract voters. Now that it didnt happen, there will be an all out war in the press.

    I just dont get why she expects him to pick up roots everytime she goes on location. It just doesn’t seem fair.

  9. Lem says:

    I’m thinking we should crack the wine and sit back, this has the potential to get ugly ugly ugly. While I hope it doesn’t for the child’s sake I kinda hope it does for the gossip value.
    On record: Halle is a wackjob

  10. Anon73 says:

    TEAM AUBRY, Halle over the years definitely has come to strike me as having a screw loose and drama-ladden. Plus, who is this latest creep (Martinez) she is prancing all around with ?

  11. brin says:

    This is his child and he has every right to have custody, they are both going to look bad if they don’t play fair and work it out.

  12. Rita says:

    Hey you two freakin’ idiots, you might not like each other but the child wants and needs both loving parents in her life. If you keep this crap up, eventually she’ll decide she doesn’t need either of you. Let the love for your child dominate and not your disdain for one another.

  13. gabs says:

    They’re both immature. I think he dated the kardashian to make her mad and now shes fighting for custody to get him mad. They seem like they’re both good parents and doesn’t she have a busier career anyway? Idk it should be joint custody. Halle needs to check herself

  14. S says:

    haven’t there been stories for years about Halle’s craziness? I remember one specifically that at the end of James Bond filming, she held a dinner party for the cast, and she made them play ridiculous ice breakers and follow her schedule meticulously or she got really angry. It just seemed like the opposite of a fun dinner party you would expect a cast that has been together for the past however many weeks to have.

    and really, wouldn’t you expect someone that hot to be crazy? look at her eyes!

  15. renee says:

    Co-sign @ Brin and Rita. Thank you!!!!!!!

  16. Riley says:

    Everybody always comments on how beautiful Halle Berry is, which she is. It is hard to argue she isn’t. But she has always seemed about as crazy as a soup sandwich to me. She always seems to depressed and self absorbed. I feel for Gabriel because he now has to figure out how to coparent with a nut job.

  17. Amanda says:

    I really don’t get it when 2 people have a child, one or the other parent always has to try and wrestle control away from the other parent (once the break-up occurs). Why are people so childish and selfish? Anyway idiot can see that it’s in the best interest of the child to have BOTH parents involved. What a lucky girl that she has a father that wants to participate in her life.

    There is someone in my family currently trying to get custody of her child away from her ex-partner. All of a sudden, she is now telling everyone in the family that the ex-partner is unstable and crazy and irresponsible, etc. But, it’s like– we never heard ANY of that stuff when they were together and when they decided to have the child together. Then, everything was FAB. I’m sure the child would love nothing more than to be in both parents lives. But, apparently, sometimes the child’s needs and wants come last.

  18. Mshuffleupagus says:

    I love that this sh*t didn’t start until Aubry started banging Kim Kardassian. Who could blame Halle?? I would pull my kid harder away from a Kardashian than I would from a burning building.

  19. Hautie says:

    I suspect he is asking for full custody, hoping to end up with a 50/50 split.

    And I said it long ago. She is a cracked pot.

    You see a guy like this just trying to be a decent parent. Getting all kinds of sh*t for it.

    Then there is Charlie Sheen with the suitcase of coke and hookers on his couch.

    And you realize that this Aubry guy is the type of parent a girl could hope for her child. Especially in the type of business they are all in.

    Plus I am tired of hearing about Kim K. He went out with her a couple of times. And I seriously doubt he got laid. She used him for the press.

    Cause she was already chasing after that ball player she is currently shagging.

    Plus I like the idea of Halle having a fit over it. When she is dating just as big of wh*re.

    That new lover of hers has a terrible womanizing rep. But somehow that is not getting the press.

    I guess People didn’t want to p*ss her off by mentioning that.

  20. Aqua says:

    They both need to be quiet,try to keep this private as much as possible,do what’s best for their child.It’s not good to bash any parent in front of the child or in the media.She is a child of Both persons/people involved.

  21. Ron says:

    Halle actually reminds me of The character Madelyn Ashton from Death Becomes Her. She seems to feel that any reasonable arguement is a personal attack on her character.

  22. Tomas says:

    halle is a control freak who thinks her money is gonna buy her full custody, good for gabe for standing up for his child!

  23. Girafe99 says:

    Since it seems everyone is backing Aubry, I think I’ll go TEAM BERRY!!

  24. Jayna says:

    “Willing to totally put his career on hold” for the child. LOL He has no career these days. But he deserves half custody and they need to work it out. I bet they settle.

  25. Bee says:

    It really seems like Gabriel is trying to be a good father to his daughter. Which Halle should appreciate because her father was never around for her. If Gabriel is a good father, which by all appearances he is, Halle should be ashamed of herself for keeping him away from his daughter. So, at this point I’m completely team Gabriel.

  26. The Truth Fairy says:

    I can’t think of another celeb that disgusts me more than Halle. I think even Spencer Pratt is more honorable than this chick. I hope she crashes and burns with the release of those voicemails/emails.

    She expects when she goes on movie sets that this poor guy will #1 drop everything, put his life on hold, and travel at his expense to wherever Halle is, just so he can see his daughter OR #2 not see his daughter for months at a time while she is off with Halle? Seriously?!?!?! Girl needs a reality check.

    Movie actors work 12-14 hour days and Nahla is probably with a nanny most likely. Why can’t she stay with her dad while Halle’s away and Halle can visit during breaks in shooting?

    She’s gotten away with too much, including those hit and run accidents. Plus she acts like she was born perfect, when we’ve all seen how ugly she was in high school (Google it if you’ve never seen the pic). She surely has her plastic surgeon on speed dial! Jeez I hate this woman! It’s about time Halle finds out the world doesn’t revolve around her!

  27. R. Harris says:

    HE IS A GOLD DIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jen says:

    I don’t think either one of them should have sole custody. Both are probably very good parents but they seem to be getting lost in the “he said” “she said” of it all. But Halle, honey, you’re the older one and you seriously need to grow the hell up and get a grip.

    And that has got to be the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen.

  29. im awful says:

    B*tch is crazy.

  30. mel says:

    Team Gabe at 99.99 percent. Halle is a controlling, selish biotch. I hope he gets partial custody. It’s better to work it out than have a judge decide.

  31. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @R Harris, et al: Okay people, pay attention to the articles. The man is NOT requesting any support, child or otherwise. He is also NOT asking for full custody. He is simply asking for JOINT custody and his name on the birth certificate. Sounds pretty reasonable (and responsible) to me. But for some reason Halle Berry thinks that’s not fair.

  32. Tia says:

    Give me a break dude… a child belongs with a MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Nefertiti says:

    Children belongs to the mother. Nahla is too small to stay with her father, and her father needs time to work and make money. Halle is a very good mother and Gabriel knew at first hand when they were together what kind of schedules Halle has, so no surprise. I mean you have a baby with a top listed actress and you think she s gonna turn a housewife after you dumped her? Gabriel should take a reality pill and adapt to Halle’ s schedules. I m sure he can visit his daughter whenever he wants when they are in L.A, and until Nahla is old enough to stay days and weeks with her father when the mother is abroad for work (basically until she goes to school), it should stay this way. A father with no good reasons to fight a loving caring mother, just to make the point without really wanting or even knowing what full custody involves, is an egoistic, immature and foolish person.
    I hope somehow they ll make it work, for the Sake of the child.

  34. bluhare says:

    Radar’s got a piece up now about this, and it actually sounded pretty balanced, although on Team Aubry. It states that this all started over Kim Kardashian and Halle’s reaction to it, and it made him realize he needed to step up and make sure he has rights with his daughter.

    Actually made some sense. Plus it was polite, and he *is* Canadian after all. :>

  35. annaloo says:

    I love how we post like we actually KNOW these people and hang out with them regularly…like my Dad getting really upset when Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown.

  36. Emilie says:

    I was in a great relationship with my ex, and we had a child together. Then we broke up. I felt so much bitterness and resentment over the breakup because he wasted no time finding someone else, moving on, etc. So I decided to hurt him where I knew I could…I tried to keep him from his child. He did just what Aubry did…took me to court, and did everything in his power to be a part of his child’s life. And I opened up my eyes and realized that it wasn’t about me…it was about our child. And I’m glad I did because he’s a great Dad, and now, we are finally friends, and most important, great parents. Halle needs to let go of whatever issue she has with Aubry, and do what’s right for her child.

  37. KJ says:

    LOL @ Aubry being called a gold digger. Male models do have a shorter shelf life, that’s without question. But seriously, calling Gabriel Aubry of ALL MALE MODELS a gold digger, when those who claimed it admit that you don’t have any clue about him other than his model status, is just as hypocritical as lumping the blame solely on Halle’s shoulders. There is a lot of pot-calling-the-kettle-black going on in these comments, and the ones for the first story, and it’s highly amusing.

    I co-sign Kaiser’s assessment for the most part. They both have their personal issues – Halle is fucking crazy and who knows about Gabriel seeing as he dated her crazy ass and fathered a child with her – but they seem to truly love and care for their daughter. We can question their taste in partners (Kim K and Olivier Martinez are just two sleazy sides of the same coin), and we can question their tactics in the media (Halle’s outright questioning of Aubry’s parental skills, which is BS, and Gabe probably feeding stories of being an innocent victim, yet still playing dirty in the press), but I have a hard time questioning that they both think they just want what’s best for Nahla. The fact that they’re letting personal beef interfere with that just shows them for who they really are – humans, with flaws, and resentments about past relationships and old wounds. It sucks, but that’s what’s happening. And it’s so common that we’re raising a generation of kids in traumatic, combative and tumultuous environments every day.

    I just hope they can swallow their stupid egos long enough to look at that adorable face.

  38. Whatever says:

    I think Halle is a nut and his choices are basically do whatever she commands or go to court. It seems like the planted stories about him being a bad parent and Halle being concerned for her daughter happened after he filed to establish his paternity. He has every right to do that and it’s about time! She’s going to have to suck it up and share custody, not dictate what he does and who he dates. She sounds like the typical, doesn’t want him but doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Calling him a bad father was spiteful and I can’t blame him or his friend/rep/whoever for defending him.

  39. Liana says:

    Children belongs to the mother. Nahla is too small to stay with her father, and her father needs time to work and make money.

    Children do NOT belong to their mother. Children are not possessions. Children belong with their mother and father if possible. My birth vessel kept me away from my father for 10 years. She didn’t even tell my father I existed. I’m freaking lucky I didn’t end up with the mother of all daddy issues.

  40. RHONYC says:


    ‘birth vessel’

    daaaaamn. that’s harsh as hell…but, hilarious! 😆

  41. crazydaisy says:

    Women need to realize when they have a child with a man that they are going to be stuck with that man in their life forever – cause he’s the dad. Hopefully the two parents are in love and mature enough to keep the family intact. But either way, kids need dads, too, and dads have feelings and love their kids. So wake up and choose carefully, gals! It’s not just YOUR baby, even though it can feel that way. If you love your kids, be nice and don’t fight the dad unless he is an abuser or something.

  42. KJ says:

    Yea, no. Children do not “belong” with their mother unless they’re breastfeeding and allergic to real milk. Children belong with a loving, supportive and capable caregiving, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or whatever bullshit we’re trying to force on people as “normal, healthy” family relationships. Children need care and love. That’s it. The rest falls in place as long as those two things are paramount. To say a child that young needs her mother as opposed her father is sexist and disheartening, and an insult to the many, many fathers out there who ARE an important part of their children’s lives. It’s also indicative of a huge problem we have when it comes to mothers and fathers – we want mothers to be everything, and we don’t expect fathers to be anything. That needs to change if we expect to raise sane kids. Children don’t need a gender, they need a human (or two, or three or as many as possible) who loves them.

    More evidence that you should be required to pass some sort of aptitude test before being allowed to breed.

  43. Angel says:

    Team Halle 😉

  44. mymy says:

    I fail to see how Mr Aubrey is acting immature in this matter?
    Halle seems to think she can do as she pleases with the child and he will just take it.
    One would have to be on the receiving line of a parental smear campaign to understand you have to go all out to stop them. It is a parents right to protect their rights with a child. If he has to get down and dirty with her. She is the one who forced it.

  45. Ann says:

    “Women need to realize when they have a child with a man that they are going to be stuck with that man in their life forever – cause he’s the dad.”

    Same goes for men. If you have a child with a woman, she’ll be in your life forever.

  46. Marjalane says:

    I’m not getting the “immaturity” on G.A.’s part either. As much as I dislike Kim Kardashian, she’s no worse a whore than Oliver Martinez! If it didn’t involve a childs welfare, it would be amusing- somehow Halle Berry thought she could produce a living person via another living person and not have to acknowledge their rights once she grew tired of him. I guess celebrity can’t buy everything!

  47. Aries_Mira says:

    @ R. Harris (#27) – I really don’t think he is a gold digger. He’s a highly respected and publicized model who makes millions. Why would he go after the money?

    @ Tia (#32) – That’s not always true. I personally believe a child deserves to be with both his/her parents and if that is not possible, with someone who loves them unconditionally.

    @ Nefertiti (#33) – And Gabriel doesn’t have work to think about? Ha can’t simply abandon or rearrange his schedule when Halle snaps her fingers. He has a life, a career to think about too. It’s a two-way street, and for a while, they made it work. Also, Nahla is not too small to stay with her father. If she was still an infant and nursing, that would be different. I find is damn insulting that you think he has to take a ‘reality pill’ because he doesn’t blindly do what he’s told. Let’s face it: #1 They love Nahla with their whole hearts and #2 both Halle and Gabriel lead busy, high profile lives and I doubt that either of them wanted to stop their careers after having a child. Gabriel has just as much right to his daughter as Halle does.

    @ KJ (#37 & #42) – *sigh* Thank you! And I agree with the “More evidence that you should be required to pass some sort of aptitude test before being allowed to breed.”

  48. Sassy says:

    @Hautie… I co-sign what you wrote!

    @Truth Fairy…”She expects when she goes on movie sets that this poor guy will #1 drop everything, put his life on hold, and travel at his expense to wherever Halle is, just so he can see his daughter OR #2 not see his daughter for months at a time while she is off with Halle? Seriously?!?!?! Girl needs a reality check.

    Movie actors work 12-14 hour days and Nahla is probably with a nanny most likely. Why can’t she stay with her dad while Halle’s away and Halle can visit during breaks in shooting?…”

    I agree. If Halle is off shooting a movie, Nahla should be able to have the stability of being with her dad during that time and her mom can come visit when she can. And the situation can be reversed if Gabriel is off working. Seems fair to me.

    I don’t like either of them for putting all these “statements” out for public consumption BUT I really don’t like that Halle is all of a sudden claiming Gabriel is a crappy, unfit father. She was singing his praises not so long ago about his parenting and now it’s a different tune. Seems suspicious on her part.

  49. Matt says:

    Thank you Liana. A child has both a Mother and a Father, and the sanctimony of some people assuming that the Mother has some divine right to sole custody is appalling. My best friend’s Mum emotionally blackmailed him to lie in court to say he was seeing his Father on a regular basis when he was not. It f’cked him up for life.

    Sorry to hear about your situation with your parents.

  50. RHONYC says:

    i think nahla is going 2 look EXACTLY like russell simmons’ GORGEOUS ex-‘model’ girlfriend, porshia coleman when she grows up.

    she’s probably gonna be tall & statuesque, with her daddy’s model bone structure, beautiful light eyes & dusty blonde hair…

    and i can see halle being an old, jealous bittah b*tch and hating her for it.

    watch. 😉

  51. Fiona says:

    She always has issues with her exes…As soon as she finds a prospect of a new man in her life she wants to dump Gabriel as the father of her daughter.Not right, very unfair, having in mind he wants shared custody not sole custody!

  52. Cheyenne says:

    @Tia: He’s not asking for full custody, he’s asking for shared custody, and unless she can prove he’s unfit, he has every right to get it. Children need their daddies as much as they need their mommies.

  53. Liana says:

    @RHONYC and #46 (can’t read the name, it’s all smushed…Mart? Mort?)

    Yeah – I have a hard time calling the woman who birthed me “mother.” She was a selfish woman who spent money like it was water, turned tricks, and did drugs, left me to raise myself, and never told my dad about me until she realized that she could get some money out of him, so she tried to use me to blackmail him, which didn’t work (my dad had broken up with his girlfriend, moved to NY, and hooked up with my mom. It didn’t work out between them because she was batshit crazy and he ended up getting back with his old girlfriend and marrying her. He was completely open and honest with his wife about his relationship with my mom, not knowing that she had gotten pregnant). She would tell me that my dad left her because of me and that he was no good and knew about me but didn’t care. It was all lies. My grandmother would tell me that none of what she said was true and someday I would know my father and I would love him and he would love me. When she did the blackmail thing, my father and stepmom were appalled by the life I was leading and were working to get custody of me. As horrible as it sounds, the day she died (of an overdose) was the day my life began. That was when I moved in with my dad and stepmom (who I call “mom” because she is, in every way, a mom.)

    So yeah… kids don’t “belong” to the mother. Sometimes the mother sucks.

  54. Mistral says:

    A good friend of mine tried to go the amicable way with his “baby mama”. They would “remain friends” for the kid, they would keep the courts out of it so that they could have more freedom and flexibility with who gets the kid when, and so on. Then, she started making problems. Missing times, not bringing the kid when they’d agreed…things like that. Then he was forced to go to court for a formalized agreement. It happens. It will be better for Halle and Gabriel and—most importantly—the little girl if there is a formal agreement that outlines who gets her when. And I absolutely believe that both of these parents should be caring for this girl. NOT Halle alone as she would prefer…

  55. AngelMay says:

    Remember Halle’s hit and run when she drove off, claiming to have amnesia? Flake. Although she has been thru alot of abuse.

  56. OXA says:

    I wonder how Halle would feel about having her time with her kid limited like she is trying to do to the father of the child. Halle as usualhas made this all about Halle & does not consider Nahla or Aubry’s needs/feelings. He went to South Africa & Europe so he could be with his daughter. Halle screwed Olivier Martinez all over Europe with no concern for Nahla or Gabriel’s feelings. Now she wants to limit his time with his daughter and dictate who he sees.

  57. Camille says:

    @mia girl: ITA.

    @Hautie: I also agree with you.

    @42. KJ: Excellent comment, I agree with you 150%.

  58. eja102 says:

    what a ridiculous statement, that children “belong” to the mother.

    my mother lost custody of me, thank god.
    having a kid doesn’t make you a mother.

    I agree with those who said Nahla’s father should have her while Halle works.

  59. kristin says:

    I have no idea whether Halle is crazy or not, I obviously don’t know her and I try not to pass judgment on perfect strangers.

    What I do believe is that any father who is a stable, safe person and has an interest in being one of the caretakers to his child should be given shared custody. I think it is great for a child to have both a mother and father in their life if possible.

    I also think any woman who is trying to keep her child’s father away from the child because of any factor other than his ability to parent the child is behaving selfishly. I understand why she would be upset and lashing out, but a loving parent needs to see past their own desires and feelings and take care of their child.

  60. Kevin says:

    Homeboy is blazed as hell in that photo with his babymama.

  61. Lisa Turtle says:

    Halle has issues with men. I could see her being controlling, women who are raised in abusive homes often have control issues. Gabriel is no better, he is dishing it out as much as he is taking it. Nobody looks good.

    Still, when you have a long string of serious relationships that failed and became abusive its time to say “what do all these guys have in common” – answer – me. Then change the things about yourself that make you attracted to bad men and bad relationships.

  62. says:

    I used to love her, but honestly having her personal life more front and center in the past couple of years has really made me almost hate her. She really seems to be setting women back hundreds of years-yes, I am being a little ridiculous, but here is this extremely successful woman who is absolutely INSANE when it comes to men. I feel like it is so clear that this is her doing-every relationship she has had since I can remember, when it ends, she gets on those gloves and starts fighting-she seems like a huge hypocrite, who as everyone else pointed out, is really jealous-David Justice, Eric Benet, and now this guy-she’s clingy, crazy and should really be embarrassed by her behavior

  63. Belle Epoch says:

    “what a ridiculous statement, that children “belong” to the mother.”

    Ditto ditto ditto

    Birth vessels can f*ck you up
    Being with nannies all day can f*ck you up
    Birth vessel keeping you away from your father can f*ck you up

    Even Halle knows she has issues with men and relationships, and she’s guano crazy

  64. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Kim Kardashian and Oliver Martinez have similar greasy reputations, I wonder why they haven’t hooked up?

  65. susie says:

    Halle probably wants to split her time in France to be with her lover of the moment who can’t stand the US. She is one selfish idiot being irresponsible towards her little girl who needs her ‘real’ dad in her life. I hope he gets full custody just because Halle is such a dumbass and needs to be put in check.

  66. sunshine says:

    #45 You are so right. People fail to realize this little bit of information. No one gives the future any thought. Just the immediate gratification of the moment. Good luck with that.

    I support Gabriel in this mess. Halle is a lunatic, it’s there in her eyes.

  67. Vee says:

    Halle is crazy and vindictive. Trying to “sell” Gabriel as an unfit father is further evidence of her craziness. No ones buying it. I’d like to see Nahla spend as much time with her dad as possible. Go Gabriel!

  68. sickofit says:

    having a kid doesn’t make you a mother
    this is so true thx for the comment

  69. Kim says:

    GROW UP YOU MORONS and get your act together for your beautiful little girl! I have to think Halle is of the mind set that this is her daughter and she can and will take her whenever and wherever she pleases. Part of me agrees with her because moms do carry the majority of responsibility in parenting but Gabriel has every right to be in his daughters life and Halle should applaud that he wants to because alt of dads would just bail.

    Yes its a pain in the ass to deal with an ex when you have kids together but this is what they signed up for and as two intelligent adults they need to put their issues aside for their daughters benefit.

    Sickofit- 100% right. Just look at all the unfit mothers out there. I cant believe you need a license to drive but anyone at any age can pop out a child w no classes, etc!

  70. lisa says:

    I’m on TEAM NAHLA..

    She has 2 parents. For anyone to assume that because he is a man he can’t do what Halle does. GOD forbid if something happened to her he would be the sole parent. This child should be the focus. Regardless of how they feel about each other. IF they love her then that is the common bond.

    Grow the hell up and think about the daughter. She needs them both.

  71. says:

    I believe that many times mothers carry the majority of the burden of having a child BECAUSE THE FATHERS REFUSE TO! Unless there is abuse or neglect, a mother has no more RIGHT to their child than the father when the father wants to be in the child’s life. I personally find it tragic that so many children have to grow up without a father figure in their lives, and for this woman to willingly try and have her child, in essence, taken away from her father, is disgusting and a true testament not only to her character, but also to her priorities-her.

  72. mimi says:

    Halle is the one in the wrong here. Gabriel isn’t a deadbeat dad, I mean it was highly publicized how present he was when Halle got pregnant and how he remained there as a co-parent after Nahla was born. They split up and despite Halle jetsetting to foreign places for movies he’s STILL trying to be there for his daughter.

    The man deserves a round of applause as far as I’m concerned for being a great dad! I’ve seen so many men do the exact opposite and leave when the relationship with the mother was over. All the man wants is his name on the birth certificate and a structured visiting schedule! He’s not asking for money, he makes about 5 MILLION a yr and is one of the most successful male models out there. I don’t see the problem…she’s being petty and immature!

  73. Megatrona says:

    @Liana: thank you for sharing your story, I totally agree with you and the birth vessel thing, A woman does not own her kid just because she opens her legs and pops it out. A kid belongs with the poople who will take care of it and love it

    @S: I also read about Halle and the weird dinner party. I personally believe she is in fact a huge crazy biatch and I never understood Gabriel getting involved with her, he must be a little. Fucked too…

  74. jzhz says:

    Wow, Nahla looks exactly like her father!

  75. *-* says:

    Off topic, I’ve never seen that child smile. Even worse is Bullock’s son, that kid is terminally sad/pissed.

  76. malachais says:

    As I said before, they’re both wrong. Gabriel keeps getting his friends/PR/sources to make nasty remarks in the tabs, he should really stop doing this if he is ‘trying so hard’ to work things out. Its ridiculous. What terrible things has Halle said about Gabriel to make him seem like such a horrible person? Secondly, I get that most of the commentaters seem to hate Halle, but this isn’t about her, its about her parenting skills and devotion for her child. I may need some info on this because I don’t keep up with these two.

    My suspicion is that these articles make it seem like Gabriel is “perfect” and ‘does nothing wrong.’ I’m sorry but I just don’t believe it, something just seems very fishy about that. Also, if he’s so successful, why would he go out of his way to have Radar/TMZ to write nasty articles about the mother of his child? Just seems sketchy.

    I’m team Nahla as well, but there are pieces to this story that are being carefully omitted. Both parents are making unfortunate dating choices,etc but Halle shouldn’t be hated just because we may know more about her past.

    @kristin, ITA.

  77. anne_000 says:

    i dont get what the problem is. why cant nahla be with the parent who isnt working out of state or country when the other one is? is that such a big deal that it cant be done?

  78. Su says:

    77. I left my ex husband with our daughter while I was out of the country. I had to cut my trip short because she ended up in the emergency room. So Heck yeah it’s a problem!!

  79. Ashley says:

    She seems like she would be a B**** and would be making this difficult, I blame her

  80. beanie says:

    I’m team Nahla as well. It’s not about them. Gabe should have established his parental rights before Nahla was born so he would be protected in the highly likely event he and Halle would no longer be together as a couple. His name was not even on the birth certificate! wtf?
    Now the courts (which is the worst place to work out your differences) will decide what’s best for Nahla.

  81. Cheyenne says:

    *-*: I’ve never seen that child smile. Even worse is Bullock’s son, that kid is terminally sad/pissed.

    People make the same comments about Suri Cruise and the Jolie-Pitt children. How would you like being two or three years old and having a camera shoved in your face every time you went out of the house? I imagine you’d look pissed too.

  82. JenJen says:

    I don’t think she ever made it seem like, I want to fall in love and have a family, it was, “I WILL have a child in the next few years.”

    I just heard her say on a show, they had planned on a sibling for Nahla, they should have put that in writing, too.

  83. albeli says:

    I think both sides are getting ugly with this, but I think the conflict originates with Halle being a bit nutso (she’s always seemed so). So based on that, I’m going Team Aubry.

  84. Jaquebelle says:

    Such a beautiful child!!!

    The Halle Berry comments regarding plastic surgery seem ridiculous, given the vast number of celebrities who are slaves to the knife and look like cartoon characters. If anything she represents one of the few Hollywood examples of how to approach plastic surgery correctly.

    They are equally flawed, yet I don’t think that great parents need be perfect. I have made many parenting mistakes over the years, but am very proud of the way my son has turned out. To me this seems more a commentary of too much too soon. Get to know the person you mate w/ and make sure you share the same parenting values. They probably both had hidden agendas when they hooked up. Both seem to have massive egos at the expense of adorable Nahla. One love.

  85. eternalcanadian says:

    I really hope for Nahla’s sake her mother does not become a vindictive, conniving shrew. As someone that grew up without a father and who clearly has issues with men, Halle should know how important it is to have a child’s father in their life, especially when that father is clearly wanting to be one (and isn’t a stupid twat like Charlie Sheen). For Halle to be so catty and say such things about Gabriel is so wrong. I think Gabriel has managed to stay quiet and in the background from the start until Halle suddenly kind of went psycho-public.

    I definitely think Gabriel is doing the right thing, and unfortunately he is backed in a corner and going public is the only way he can fight back to show his side. I’m not sure about the sole custody thing, but definitely something 50-50. Nahla is at the age where she doesn’t need mama all the time, plus she has a whole family in Canada (Gabriel’s parents and siblings) that want to know and love her.

    For Halle to prevent that for her daughter is just the most selfish and immature attitude. If Gabriel was like Charlie Sheen I could understand, but Gabriel is truly one of those good blokes and wants to be as involved in Nahla’s life as he can.

    So “woman up to the plate” Halle, and tamp down that shrew-attitude to focus on Nahla’s best intersts and that is to have both her parents equally involved in her life.

  86. Dena says:

    One possible issue could revolve around whether or not Gabriel can remove Nahla from the country (USA) to travel to Canada and/or anywhere outside of LA, for that matter. Does he notify Halle? Should he have to? Does she have to notify him? Even in an amicable split, I would be fearful and exhibit a low trust factor in the face of those questions–especially because Nahla is so young. Hence, I would probably become controlling too.

  87. Linda says:

    I feel for this little girl. I think if Halle continues to act like this as the child grows up, the little girl will end up hating her in time.

    My birth vessel is selfish and only worries/d about her needs while i was growing up. Verbal abuse of my father was a sport to her and she loved nothing more than using me as a pawn in her games. My dad (the idiot) never fought back. I didn’t really get to know him until I was in my 20’s.

    My grandparents raised me and I have always considered them my parents.

    I am now separated from my husband. Our son is happy and healthy and he knows both of us adore and love him. My ex and I are 50/50 on everything concerning him. We work as a team for our child, because I wouldn’t wish what happened to me growing up on my worst enemy.

  88. Buckley says:

    I think Nahla and Empress Zahara could be friends.

  89. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Liana. So sorry for your experience. My husband had a similarly tragic upbringing, and is a stronger individual (and a wonderful father) in spite of and/or because of it.

    @KJ “it’s also indicative of a huge problem we have when it comes to mothers and fathers – we want mothers to be everything, and we don’t expect fathers to be anything. That needs to change if we expect to raise sane kids.”
    excellent comment. So true!

  90. Sol says:

    Halle should leave Nahla with her dad when she’s out in location.The child doesn’t need to be dragged to a movie set where probably her mom will just leave her with a nanny.
    Maybe Halle should rethink her priorities as a mom.

  91. lrm says:

    wow-hot threads with halle…
    honestly, this reeks of halle not wanting to deal with the fact that her daughter has a father, and that hallee will need to adjust her schedule as a mom accordingly…
    so, yea, welcome to motherhood!
    sure, there’s two sides to this story, of course…
    i don’t know aubrey from adam, but my gut says he’s a good dad, a real dad, and custody should be awarded accordingly.

    i don’t particularly think he’s a gold digger, but time will tell whose opinion on that aspect, is right or wrong…

    i think the whole thing is stupid, and immature as others have said. I mean, they both obv. love their child; they both have the means to care for her. WTH? just get it together, both of you…
    this is just weird to me-and that it didnt need to become such drama. I do think it’s a ‘Halle myway or the highway’ issue. time will tell…

  92. Katie says:

    halle berrys a crazy bitch

    she wanted a sperm donor and she got fcuked instead.

  93. Henriette says:

    Halle thought she got herself a beautiful, dumb baby-daddy who’d shut up and disappear as soon as she was done with him. Well, I don’t think he’s a genius, but he’s smart enough to not give up his daughter without a fight. Unluckily for him, Halle has lots and lots and lots of money for lawyers and he’s not nearly as rich as she.

  94. Dannnii says:

    Big surprise here…she is being self-indulgent, delusional, crazy and malicious.
    She has no more use for him, so would rather he be gone. Well, you had a child who he will have a relationship with, so it isn’t that easy. I don’t think he would take her child from her. She’s a piece of work!

  95. Crash2GO2 says:

    I don’t see anything in the childish insults they throw at each other that would impress a judge the slightest. Mean voicemails? *yawn* Calling him an unfit father in public? *judge examines fingernails*

    Give me a break you two.

  96. jc126 says:

    Well, I used to give Halle Berry more of the benefit of the doubt regarding her bad choices in men, but I think it’s official now that she is the common denominator in all these fractured relationships. Her crazy’s coming out, I think.
    Nahla is such a beautiful little girl. She’s got her father’s face, I think, but her mom’s skin tone, really lovely.

  97. nnn says:

    Halle is not Madonna. She found herself a semen factory to procreate and thought she had 100 % decision about the kid future afterwards.

    I read that gabriel loves children (he has nephews) and always wanted a big family. He is a responsible man who just wants his equal time with his daughter.

    If Halle didn’t want that, she should have chosen a dancer or bodyguard, or whatever and pay him, making sure by signing papers that she will have sole custody.

    It seems to me that from the get go she had no intention to live ever happy with the father of her child and that he was just a semen factory.

    Madonna took Leone and decided what was his limitted role, that’s why she was able to raise Lola in the IK with her new husband and kept friendly ries with Leone.

  98. Kasey says:

    1-I honestly believe HB has some deep-seated issues w men that affect/affected her choices starting with her black non-present father and how that affected a black woman growing up when she did.  In all these screwed up relationships SHE is the common denominator.   My opinion is that she hasn’t worked this out, possibly links it to men & ethnicity and is now trying something new where she thinks she will have the upper hand by getting what she wants (sex, fun, sperm donor), moving on and no longer being hurt by men. Now that her new life plan and worldview isn’t working out the way she thought it would, I wonder how this is going to affect her.

    2-I find it mighty suspicious that all of a sudden she’s dating non-black men.  She gave it many tries but, oh-well they keep proving to her that “black men are a mess”.  I think she’s got it in her head that white men are easier to handle and the lesser of 2 evils b/c from day 1 black men were disappointing her.  I think HB was ready to move on with life and do her thing (child, personal happiness etc.) at the expense of men, starting w GA.    She WENT into this with “GA and I are good for the present” and “we’ll do right by Nahla”.  She wasn’t ever planning on long-term except maybe another kid (that didn’t happen so his contract was up-he’s white so she could walk away w/o getting hurt for once) & she wasn’t planning on this “man” wanting to be more involved.  Unfortunately for gorgeous Gabe, he thought there was long-term potential w this “beautiful-on-the-outside-psycho-on-the-inside” woman. And do you REALLY think she sees Olivier as a long-term thing?
    3-Sadly I think her experiences and unresolved issues have become the law for her so she’s going to transfer that to her dealings with her own daughter…She got along fine w/o a dad, men are useful for a time, black men are the worst.  She wants to protect her child from the painful reality (HER reality) of men.  It would have been REALLY interesting to see how this would have all played out if she’d had a son.  This whole thing is about her, her life, her happiness, her child but her psyche and mental filter is damaged so she is making damaging choices.  Instead of learning from her life and past experiences to give Nahla a better life, I think she’s living in fear of them and laying the foundation for Nahla to have the same life although SHE thinks in her mixed-up head it’s better.   She needs help!  I can’t imagine how miserable GA’s life is going to be now that he’s forever attached to HB.  I hope the judge grants them both custody and mandates counselling for HB, but who am I kidding?

  99. Eve says:

    It seems to me that she is using her position (being the most famous one) and her PR machine in order to make him look bad (or worse).

    Halle Berry has always struck me as someone controlling and insecure. That hit and run incident didn’t help my perception of her character either.

  100. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Kasey: i agree with most of what you said.
    i mean…i can’t believe this. Gabriel would want his daughter in his life, naturally. but really, what has Gabriel done for Halle to give him this stance? they need to spill… it needs to come out now…
    ’cause; he was good enough to get pregnant with and good enough to be holding hands with and strutting around the world with for a while, Halle. now we gotta know why he ain’t good enough to be a father to Nahla.
    audi alteram partem though… i’m gonna hear both sides on this before i pick a camp.

  101. poof says:

    Halle Berry is crazy as fuck. She has accused every man she’s ever been with of wrongdoing. Something is seriously wrong with this woman. That Olivier should run the hell away. FAR, FAR, away.

  102. CIdee says:

    Halle and Padma Lakshmi must get together and complain about their sperm donors who turn out to ACTUALLY WANT TO BE FATHERS. Count your blessings, girls. These men deserve 50/50 custody agreements. I wish all men would go to such lengths to see their kids.

  103. Montreal Mom says:

    GAbriel Aubry dated a friend while in Montreal, He is the nicest guy and caring. Any woman would be glad to have him as the father to their children even in seperation. He wants shared custody which is best for children of divorce.
    Halle is a mean control freak not to mention her new boyfriend looks like a peddy.

  104. tapioca says:

    “Halle and Padma Lakshmi must get together and complain about their sperm donors who turn out to ACTUALLY WANT TO BE FATHERS.”

    When it comes down to it though, Padma’s f*ckery makes Halle look like an amateur. Thank heavens I’ve never been (even close to!) so beautiful that I develop such a horrible sense of over-entitlement…

  105. sharylmj says:

    She has no idea how lucky she is that Gabriel wants to be a loving part of Nahla’s life and be a participating parent. Kids need their MOM AND DAD!!!
    If he’s not trying to get her money and just wants time with his daughter, why is she making such an issue out of it?
    She’s being selfish and unreasonable.
    Team Gabriel for sure!!

  106. Nefertiti says:

    I don t get why the “belongs” scandalizes so many of you guys. And no i am not speaking about rare cases of crazy dangerous mothers. I speak about “normal” everage loving caring mother as i have and i am.
    So children don t belong to the mother?And where do they from again? How do they develops for 9 months before “someone” gives them life? Please give me a break, cause i felt those 9 months passing by and i felt the birth of my beautiful kids and i felt the other 9 moths i breast feeded them and all the rest. it s more than proven that the connection between mother and small children is stronger than anything and that nothing can substitute the mother, simply because she has an aptitude to put herself, her freedom and the rest of her life in second plan for the sake of her child.
    Rare are fathers who can do the same, most of care more about their own freedom, their career ect…
    I will never forget when i heard about their split. that Gabriel dumped her when she basically just had her baby and had to be alone with her. I can t imagine how hard that must be. He wasn t complaining then and didn t care about having his paternity rights written in a paper and you know why? Because Nahla was a small baby then and required too much work for father Gabriel. He would just visit Nahla few minutes or max an hour and that was enough.
    Now with 2 years old, Nahla is more quiet and it s certainly easier to be with her that s why he wants more time with his daughter. It s all fair but please let s consider things how they are and in the right chronology , cause history matters.
    Now i think Halle should let go a bit and let Gabriel be with Nahla more time, and see what happens until she gets confident. With 2 years old baby girl, if i would have to travel in order to live for several months, i wouldn t leave my daughter nowhere (not even with my mom) but take her with me, or give up the job to stay with her. That s for sure.

  107. Liana says:

    I wasn’t aware that men were completely uninvolved in the development of a child. Silly me didn’t realize that children were produced asexually. I always thought conception and development all started with both an egg and a sperm. Learn something new every day.