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27 Responses to “Is Pamela Anderson dating Michael Jackson?”

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  1. poopie says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAA???? this is just too much …. i need to wash my eyes out with soap just from reading this article!

  2. Kerry Voellner says:

    I dont think I have ever seen such an outrageous publicity stunt in my whole life. Funny how this happens when Jacko is trying to revive his fledging pop career.

  3. geronimo says:

    “..they bonded over their love of plastic surgery…”

    Ah, romance. I’m predicting a Halloween wedding with a ghoul theme.

  4. Megan says:

    How can they have bonded over their love of plastic surgery, Michael Jackson always categorically denies having any surgey (even though it’s an obvious HUGE LIE) so I doubt they would have bonded over something that he’s lied about for decades.

  5. geronimo says:

    um, megan, I think it may be a joke…

  6. Lauri says:

    They misunderstood. He’s not dating HER…he is trying to date her young sons. They are more his type.

  7. vdantev says:

    They are both half plastic and fiberglass anyway.

  8. wonderwoman says:

    i don’t believe it for a second.

  9. LeShe says:

    Pshh, not true. Friends maybe but dating… uhhhh yeah right lol!

    Note: And don’t bother responding to this unless it’s positive. I don’t wanna hear your bullsh*t.

  10. Menace says:

    If true, this would be the scariest couple that ever existed. HOWEVER, I doubt that Pamela Anderson would ever try to keep anything secret or quiet, so I find this highly unlikely to impossible.

  11. eatavag says:

    i just threw up in my mouth a little. 😳

  12. Akane says:

    pshh! yea right..
    i bet Michael has a better taste in women since he divorced Deborah Rowe.. remember Lisa Presley? i don’t hate/like her but she’s …not ugly. let’s leave it that way.
    But what if it was true?? 😥 what if they’re dating? 😥 😥
    we cannot believe everything ppl say about Michael Jackson.. u know what i’m talking about. but he’s kinda.. i don’t know EXPONTANEOUS.. “don’t b surprised.. don’t believe it.”

  13. Akane says:

    By the way… this crap started bc they saw em hanging out.. WHERE R THE PICS?? or at least.. did Michael say it?

  14. brista says:


  15. Zoe says:

    For those questioning Jacko’s comments on plastic surgery, for the record he has admitted to having his nose and chin done. If you look at pictures of him over the years, it’s definitely safe to say those are the two things he altered (drastically).

    In other news, Pam Anderson and Jacko would be hilarious as a couple. They’re both past their prime and desperate for the spotlight. I can’t wait for the sex tape!!!!

  16. WE LOVE YOU M.J.!! says:

    I totally believe it!And though i probably would have chosen some one better for him than Pam at least he has someone during this hard stage.WE (as in me and my crazy friends who happen to be right here) BELIEVE YOU’RE INNOCENT MICHAEL!!! WE LOOOOOVE YOOOOUU!

  17. Jeanne says:

    They both look like life-size versions of the characters from Puppetmaster the horror flick! Yikes!

  18. filthyralph says:

    They have the following things in common; they’ve both been married, divorced, have children, had excessive plastic surgery, been stalked by the media, their careers are not what they were, they’re both publicity hungry (whether they like to admit it or not) and they’re both single. This could merely be a publicity stunt in order to revive their careers in order to promote their upcoming projects, or they could be genuinely interested in one another (although it seems hard to believe) given their track record of previous romances, they seem completely mismatched.

  19. Jael says:

    yuckkk thats NASTY
    and totally bullsh*t
    like she would be datin WAKO JAKO

  20. Rachel Martinez says:

    I read that Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson are dating according to a British Tabloid! And you know all tabloids are false! Also they could just be having a friend get together. I mean, Pam is a huge MJ Fan. And they could also be getting ready for The VMA’s. I dont believe that they are dating!

  21. carmen says:

    ok megan…calm down…if your trying to crack jokes about michael…they r really not funny, u shud consider going to a libary and pickup a joke book…that would help u….BUT so what if they’re dating, if it IS a publcity stunt then let them do that, the TRUTH will be reaveled sooner or later…. 😕 SO WHATS PEOPLES PROBLEM

  22. Katerina says:

    I don’t believe that this is true but just in case it is I have something to say.

    FUCK OFF Pamela!!! Michael is MY man!! 😈

  23. Rachel Martinez says:

    Pamela Anderson has denied that she is dating Michael Jackson. I knew it wasnt true. She has said that Michael wants her to be in a music video. She has also said that Michael and her got together only for business. Do not believe anything until you hear it from Michael himself. I love you Michael! “Just because you read it in the magazines, see it on the tv screens, dont make it factual.” – Tabloid Junkie, HIStory 1995 – Michael Jackson

  24. Sasha says:

    You are a bunch of idiots… You have no idea what Michael went through for all his life. If you want to believe all the crap in newspaper that desperate journalists made up for money… He is a great person, and although it is for sure another false story with Pamela… why wouldn’t you just wish him good luck. Noone cares about your lives,so leave Michael live his life. He deserves to be happy like all of us..

  25. Gabby says:

    I don’t believe it…but if it’s true, she better watch her back, cause me, and every other female fan of MJ, will rock her f*cking world 👿

  26. Visk says:

    Oh my gods. Who knows!

    Well, I wish ’em the best. *shivers*

  27. Alana says:

    Okay. This is so weird. Pamela and Michael!?!? Just doesnt go at all ! Now imma HUGE fan of MJ and I would never suspect this !!!!!! 😕 😯