Jon Hamm erotica: “I’m very loyal, I’ve never strayed & never wanted to”


There are few things I love more than a new Jon Hamm interview. He’s just so… lovely. So smart, so funny, so nice. It shouldn’t happen this way – a guy this handsome shouldn’t be as sweet as he is. Maybe it’s because he got famous later in life, and maybe it’s because he didn’t have everything handed to him on a silver platter before he was ready for it. All I know is that the man is worthy of a million swoons. Anyway, The Hamm has a new interview in The Daily Mail. He and Elisabeth Moss are promoting the fourth season of Mad Men in England now, because England is only getting the last season now. Most of the interview is stuff The Hamm has already talked about, but there are some good moments. The full piece is here, and here are some of the highlights:

On being one of 11 actors up for the part of Don Draper: ‘I was the complete outsider’, he recalls. ‘They’d said they wanted a sharp, stylish character to just play himself, and I thought I was too much of a nerd — and so did everyone else’.

On being so handsome: ‘I am coming up to my 40th birthday, and I don’t let myself forget that for 15 years after I left school I ­struggled to make a living. So what’s happening to me now is very nice.’

On his struggles: ‘I’ve been a barman, a waiter, a teacher, and I even helped out on a soft porn movie — as a set dresser, not a performer, I hasten to add — because I’d do everything I could to make enough money to pay the rent. Thank goodness I had some understanding landladies. There are certain dark nights of the soul, when you say: “Good god, I’ve got to get a job”. But there has to be some kind of confidence in every actor that makes them get up in the morning, because it’s an incredibly difficult life to choose, if you don’t have success early. I came out to Hollywood from St Louis when I was 25, which was already late. I found myself immersed in a huge city where thousands of ­people looked like me. I hoped I would be picked out of this group and I would do what I could to make money. My attitude was that I didn’t want to be this person that just keeps striving for years. It was a scramble, though. At that time, the cool look for guys on TV was to look like a ­teenager. I have never looked like a teenager. So at 26, I was auditioning to play the father of one!’

On the breakthrough: ‘I decided that if nothing much was happening by the time I was 30, then I’d go and do something else. In the end, I was 28 when the work started coming in regularly. I waited on my last table when I was 29. It still took a long time after that to feel secure, though. I got Mad Men when I was 36, and that was only because the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, who also did The Sopranos, championed me for some reason. I’d read the script, loved the part. Luckily, I’d developed a certain ­resilience and I’d had so many knock-backs over the years. So it wasn’t going to be the end of the world if I didn’t get it — I’d have simply dried my tears and gone for the next audition.’

On where he is now: ‘Now it’s so nice not to have to worry about how I’m going to pay my bills. And that’s a problem I’ve had for far longer than I haven’t had it. There was a spell when I was struggling, when I was up for some big roles. I was looking at crazy money, and I’d think wow! I wouldn’t have to go everywhere by roller-blade or bus. I’d get so wound up thinking what I could do if I got the part, that I’d forget to learn my lines, so when it came to the audition I’d be an utter failure. Then Mad Men happened and it’s rewarding; it feels like I’ve earned it’.

Basing Don Draper on his father: Hamm’s inspiration for his role, he says, was his father, Dan, who ran the family trucking business. ‘My mother had died of cancer when I was ten. I was 20 and still in college when Dad died. He had diabetes and had been in poor health for some time. That could have unmoored me, taken over my life, but people rallied around me. Dad was smart and fun, but also rather sad. After he died I recall opening his closet and there were 40 suits, every colour. He had two jewellery boxes full of watches and cuff links. He’d been a big shot around town, and was well-connected, but he’d probably been unfulfilled in many ways. And when I was looking through the Mad Men script for clues to Don Draper’s character, I realised that my Dad was that guy. On the exterior, he’s got everything under control. But inside, he’s desperately dancing to keep up’.

Jon Hamm on the sexual politics of Mad Men: ‘Men ruled the roost and women played a subservient role [in the 1960s]. Working wives were a rarity, because their place was in the home, bringing up the kids. The women who did work were treated as second class citizens, because it was a male-dominated society. That was a fact of life then. But it wouldn’t be tolerated today, and that’s quite right in my book. Everyone smoked and drank all day. There were no rules, no health concerns, no political correctness. People look back on those days through a thick veil of nostalgia, but life was hard if you were anything other than a rich, powerful, white male. The show is a curious phenomenon, I suppose, given my character’s moral turpitude. People like to watch other people doing this, relieved that they don’t have to deal with the ­consequences — there is a vicarious thrill. It is exciting, watching ­people do bad things, and they kind of root for them to get away with it. All Mad Men is doing is reflecting those times, but for some reason a chord has been struck with the viewers. I’ve never treated any women as badly as Don Draper treats them, with his lies, his affairs, his sexism and chauvinism, and I’d hate anyone to think I was like him’.

On marriage: ‘Marriage doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s more for their families than for the two partners, so I’m not gravitating towards it. I’m very loyal, I’ve never strayed, and never wanted to. I don’t need to be married, because I feel married.’

Elisabeth Moss on Draper/Hamm. ‘Don’s prehistoric, but Jon is a very modern man’, she tells me. ‘He’s polite, chivalrous, opens doors for me, even brings coffee for me off set, and I get very much spoilt by him’.

There is speculation that a major affair between Don and Peggy is being written into future episodes of Mad Men. If this is true, neither is saying directly.

‘It’s a very easy path to take,’ says Elisabeth, ‘but I think their ­relationship is more interesting because they haven’t fallen into bed.’

Says Hamm, ‘An affair? Huh! Even Don Draper has standards.’ And then he realises what he’s saying. ‘Oh no, he doesn’t — that’s the point of him.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Sigh… he’s never strayed, he abhors chauvinism and he’s so, so pretty. Can Jon Hamm be any more perfect? Oh, I really hope Peggy and Don don’t have an affair. They’re so much better as-is, which is some kind of strange father/daughter, mentor/mentee, BFF, sexual tension-filled, soul mate thing.

By the way, Gawker had an interesting piece yesterday – they excerpted a television critic’s anti-Mad Men piece, and asked “How Can Someone Hate Mad Men?” Seriously, I want to know! How can someone hate Mad Men?!?



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  1. brin says:

    Just when you think you can’t love him anymore and this comes along! *swoon*

  2. tiki says:

    if he ever does decide to stray/cheat, i’m first in line to be part of a hamm sandwich.

  3. Rita says:

    There’s no hope for this guy. The only thing to do with him is live happily ever after.

  4. anon33 says:


    I was in a bit of a Jon Hamm void there for a few weeks…

  5. Kate says:

    Well I’m off to change my panties.

    My LORD, this MAN!!

  6. mimi says:

    It’s a rarity that I say this and /or come across one but:

    “It seems that this is a REAL man”

    (Hopefully I don’t have to eat these words later!)

  7. devilgirl says:

    I am so upset that the 5th season of Mad Men may not happen this year! DAMN Lionsgate and AMC!

    CAN YOU BELIEVE, IT MIGHT NOT BE ON THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  8. spinner says:

    I love him & it’s so nice to see so many ladies getting their swoon on.

    Very good. Carry on.

  9. Roma says:

    I just watched the Day the Earth Stood Still last night because my boyfriend made me. It had the Hamm. Swoon.

  10. KF says:

    The only person I have ever met who hated Mad Men had only seen one episode, completely out of context, and thought it was a show celebrating sexism. If you watch it from the beginning, I think it’s much more a show about celebrating women and their evolving role in the 60’s. Matthew Weiner has written some amazing roles for women (and men).

  11. Jane says:

    Most men say that. Before, during and after their cheating.

    (Not implying Jon has ever done it, but it’s nothing to swoon over)

  12. Bocole says:

    sigh…….such a wonderful man. The part I love about Jon Hamm is not that he’s a Don Draper, but rather the nerdy guy that shows up on SNL/30 Rock. That to me is so sexy, the ability to make you laugh at yourself. His girlfriend is a lucky woman.

  13. Arianna says:

    gah i love this man and the feeling i get when watching the show.
    it’s like i’m in a new atmosphere completely

  14. RHONYC says:

    true story.

    i have never watched ‘mad men’. but after reading this, i’m going to check it out.

    he seems like a really decent guy and is really appreciative of what he’s got.

    good for him. 🙂

  15. SallyJay says:

    Hamm dong. Yum.

  16. TQB says:

    Damn I love his interviews. I love the way he talks about acting and his characters. Smart is so f’ing hot.

  17. Eve says:

    Most men say that. Before, during and after their cheating.

    (Not implying Jon has ever done it, but it’s nothing to swoon over)

    @ Jane:

    I have to agree with that. I know you’ll think I sound like a cynical bitch but…it always feel like they (male celebrities) say that in order to look nice, like they’re pandering to women. I remember Antonio Banderas saying something similar right before leaving his Spanish wife for Melanie Griffith.

  18. Kbomb says:

    I was totally hammered at a bar during the Toronto Film Festival and met Jon Hamm and his girlfriend-wife. (By “met” I mean I stumbled almost on top of them and accosted a waitress to take my picture with them. I’m still embarrassed). I remember enough that I can tell you that they were LOVELY! I should also mention that I saw Ben Affleck walking across the street from where I was sitting on a patio and screamed “YOU’RE TOO SKINNY” and he gave me the finger.

  19. tracking says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he turns out, in fact, to be THAT GUY (read unlike every other shallow, oafish Hollywood actor). Way up there in the looks and smarts departments, but his decency makes me really love him!

  20. Jayna says:

    Stunning, insightful interview. Love him. But I find that odd he says he never even thought about it. Anybody happily married and in love for a long time in the music and/or acting business has admitted there’s so much temptation and it could be easy to give into an attraction, but that you don’t want to lose your relationship. For him to say, never even tempted, I don’t know. Men are very visual creatures driven by their testosterone. Maybe he has a low sex drive. Just joking. Don’t jump on me, Jon Hamm lovers. I love him, too.

  21. willynilly says:

    He had me at:

    “I wouldn’t have to go everywhere by roller-blade…”

    Its just so dorky, I can’t help but like him.

  22. Maritza says:

    I agree, Peggy and Don Draper should remain as best friends, if they have a sex it will just ruin the whole thing.

  23. Hakura says:

    @Jane“Most men say that. Before, during and after their cheating.
    (Not implying Jon has ever done it, but it’s nothing to swoon over)”

    & @Eve@19-

    I agree with both of you. Just saying those words (especially when one is a public figure who’s career depends highly on the opinion the fans have of them) doesn’t mean anything.

    THAT SAID. Taking into account the other things he’s said, he truly sounds like a very decent guy. He’s cute, apparently considerate, & says the right things.

    It’s enough to earn him a swoon from me. ^_~ *Swoon*

  24. Feebee says:

    @ Kbomb, I’ll love to hit the town with you. I think I’d be in hysterics.

    Do you think Elizabeth Moss thinks about him not wearing underwear when they pose together?

  25. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Le sigh…The Hamm will forever be my dream man. I don’t want to know if he ever turns out to be some weirdo jerk.

    I want to remember him forever as handsome, funny and kinda dorky.

    He seems so grateful for what he has and is making the most of it.

    Devilgirl: what is this about Mad Men possibly not returning????

  26. original kate says:

    i hate/love don draper, and only a good actor could make me feel so conflicted in my feelings toward that character.

    but i am NOT conflicted in my feelings about the hamm-dong.

  27. Jacq says:

    How is his girlfriend’s head turned and her smile is still looking straight at me? I’m scared. I thought for a minute that this was Tatum O’Neil.
    @Kbomb, first round is on me!

  28. guesty says:

    Only clicked to stare @ the pics & they did not disappoint. Lol!

  29. bluhare says:

    HAHAHAHA, Kbomb! The visual of you and Ben Affleck is priceless.

    This was worth it for the first photo where he’s SO commando. SO SO commando.

  30. Folly says:

    @kbomb:wow that is really funny

  31. Danni says:

    I met his partner Jennifer (but not him) are she is super cute, lovely and so interesting to talk to even if just for a couple of minutes, just an interesting person.

  32. Samigirl21 says:

    Just recently saw the episode of 30 Rock where JH guest stars as a Dr. who is bad at everything, but never knows because people treat him differently…because he is SO beautiful. He cracked me up. Very funny as well as a good guy.

  33. LittleDeadGirl says:

    There has to be something wrong with him. He has to have a gambling problem. An alcoholic. Secretly abusive. No man can be this perfect, smart, down to earth …

    He’s so right though …I love Don Draper even when he does something so wrong … he plays him with this hidden vulnerability … I think he was made to play Don Draper. I can’t imagine anyone else ..

  34. Laurie says:

    I’m curious who the other 10 actors were that were also up for the part of Don Draper. They certainly cast him well!!

  35. Alix says:

    He is officially the hottest human on the planet.

  36. lw says:

    i love his girlfriend (the movie she made – about the Jewish sorta-wannabe lesbian – is hilarious and sweet, but i can never remember its name), but if she doesn’t stop f***in’ with her face, he’s gonna cheat on her. that is, if he already hasn’t/isn’t (i’m in agreement with the commenters above who believe his words to be nothing more than propaganda.).

  37. Zelda says:

    hmmmm….I’m answering this only because I love you and you asked…

    I do not think Mad Men is as great as everyone seems to say it is.

    Now I watch it. I love the art direction—the costumes, the sets, etc. I also love the naughty lifestyle–the drinking all day, smoking without guilt, unabashed “what no one knows won’t hurt them attitude” And I love the products and advertising angle itself (not enough of that in recent seasons!) All fabulous, fun stuff.

    But I do not think it is a particularly great show, beyond the superficial. The dialogues are stilted and unlikely. The plots–though supposedly character-driven– evolve with little-to-no psychological logic to them. Characters behave in inconsistent ways and behave without patterns. Weiner also doesn’t put much effort into thoughtful plot. He seems to have characters at A, a desire to get them to B, and no real concern for whether that happens organically or realistically.

    Also, I have no clue if Mat Weiner is gay, but suspect that he is, as all the women are just abstract caricatures. He has no idea what makes a woman appealing and he seems to think that if one of them displays a single positive character trait in the presence of one of the men, the logical consequence is an affair. Not a passionate affair, mind you, since it is rare to see hetero relationships on that show written with any sexual tension at all (and how could you not have sexual tension with Hamm?)

    Also, the insertion of actual news of the era is stilted and self-conscious. Very smug and wink-wink…Grating.

    I’ll keep watching it for my dose of vintage and Jon Hamm/Christina Hendricks, and because I like to justify the occasional day of early-day drinking, smoking, and eating like it’s the 60’s (my partner and I call them “WASP days” and it’s a Sunday I recommend) But I really don’t care what happens to any of these unlikely, poorly explored characters.

  38. echolocate says:

    lw, that movie is “Kissing Jessica Stein.”

    I liked it, too, and was surprised that I did.

    I like her, but agree about her face (cheeks?), and hope that he’s being honest.

    I wish he would have discouraged her from getting work done, though. I hope she didn’t get it done because she’s threatened by the attention he now gets, and is not as confident as he is that he won’t stray.

  39. launicaangelina says:

    i love mad men and hamm. yum!

  40. Ruffian9 says:

    Funny, he does nothing for me physically, but what a lovely, lovely guy.

  41. cn tower says:

    He’s so decent and humble, it kind of gives you hope for the human race.

  42. slim27 says:

    what a bunch of lies…..of course he has cheated……of course he is cheating……..stop with the lies….

  43. Hatedoodle says:

    @ Zelda,
    I noticed the unnatural and stilted dialogue as well, but I thought it was a clever stylistic nod to the stilted dialogue of films/t.v. from the 50s and 60s.

  44. tango says:

    It’s very possible everything Jon says is true. He might have a high moral code and would be loyal to any person he dates. Or he could quite possibly have a very low sex drive so isn’t interested in cheating since he could care less about sex. And why cheat if you aren’t interested physically and don’t need it to fill some emotional need?

  45. Teresa says:

    Jon Hamm is a doll in every way possible. Why is it that some people just cannot accept that a guy is faithful to his SO? It IS possible, people. Stop being so d*mn cynical. Jon has talked about his devotion to Jennifer in countless interviews. They have been together nearly 12 years, which is a LOT longer than most H-wood marriages last. And, in listening to him on various talk shows, he comes across as wickedly funny, self-effacing, polite, very intelligent and just plain nice. Could it possibly be that what you see IS what you get? Not everyone in H-wood is a self-absorbed jerk. I do think having success later in life has made him into the humble guy that he is.

  46. Sumodo1 says:

    (*sigh*) He dresses to the right.

  47. Mona says:

    I agree with Zelda. I watch it for the costumes, but somewhere around season 2 I realized that there was no pattern or plan and I stopped caring about what would happen. Everybody is a caricature, and not even a likeable one. It’s all style and no real content. And the historical references are all the famous ones that everybody’s heard of (Marilyn, Kennedy etc). Makes me feel patronized, somehow.

  48. Christina says:

    He looks like a cartoon pilot!

    Swoon swoon swoon. Forever and ever, swoon. How can one man be so handsome, nerdy, thoughtful, self-deprecating, self-aware, funny and just jaw-droppingly gorgeous? God. I can’t even look at him.

  49. Patty says:

    he has a nice package – look closely

  50. Zelda says:


    If they ever award a Nobel Prize for Great Discoveries in the Field of Dong, I will nominate you.

  51. MNGIRL76 says:

    “Oh, I really hope Peggy and Don don’t have an affair. They’re so much better as-is, which is some kind of strange father/daughter, mentor/mentee, BFF, sexual tension-filled, soul mate thing.”

    Uhhh..Yeah! That cannot happen! I totally agree, and I think it will ruin everything! And what is this about it not coming back this year? Looks like I have some Googling to do. Walking Dead better be back! Especially before October, but I’m not holding my breathe. As long as they get it right!

  52. MrsOdie2 says:

    I’ve never seen Mad Men. To me, this is the funny guy from 30 Rock whose character was so dumb, he accidentally cut both of his hands off and then had pirate hook hands. He’s a fantastic comedic actor.

  53. Anj says:

    aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  54. beth says:

    he reminds me of of my brother.
    hot like hell and unshakably faithful to his wife, and previous ex-girlfriends.

  55. 6 says:

    Why would he need to stray, he gets enough action playing Don Draper.

  56. stathis says:

    Nice reportage!

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