Did Carrie Underwood call Jessica Simpson fat?

OK! Magazine has a headline story online that reads “Carrie calls Jessica Fat!” and features a flattering photo of super thin Underwood. The accompanying story doesn’t have a lot of evidence that it’s true, though, and is just based on an insider quote. It has something moderately snarky that sounds like what we’d hear out of Carrie’s mouth. It’s not just “she’s fat,” but she’s “fatter”:

While Tony, 28, may be pleased with Jessica and her declarations of love, his ex, Carrie, has quite a different point of view.

“She finds Jessica’s love of putting her life on display pretty desperate,” a pal of the “Before He Cheats” singer tells OK!. “She laughed at the People cover, because it’s the same one Jess did about John Mayer — same smile, same look, except she’s a little fatter.”

[From OK!]

Amazing that Underwood has a photographic memory of a People cover – or even bothered to look it up. That sounds like something a seasoned media insider, not a jealous ex girlfriend, would say. They’re right, though, I looked up Simpson’s People cover for Mayer and here it is next to the one she did for Tony Romo.

It takes one to know one, Carrie, and you’re the one who said in a recent interview that “The phone will ring and it’ll be him, and I’ll maybe not answer.”

Whether Carrie actually said that Jessica was fatter or whatever is up to question. It’s not a direct quote and I wouldn’t put it past OK! to stir up some more female fights for the sake of selling copies.

Jessica Simpson is still repeating her talking points about how she wants a family and kids and how hurt she is by the media. She told Fox News’ Pop Tarts that if people only knew her, they wouldn’t talk about her so negatively:

“I am a very open person, but how the media is these days makes it hard. Unfortunately people want to believe bad stuff and I just don’t understand that — sometimes it is like a personal attack,” Jessica said sadly. “It’s a challenge for me to act like it’s just part of my career. If they knew your heart, they wouldn’t be talking about you like this.”

But something the singer was a little more excited to talk about was becoming an aunt (we’ve heard word she’ll have a niece) and her plans to follow in younger sis Ashlee’s footsteps in marriage (for the second time) and motherhood.

“I would love to be making records and making babies and hopefully I’m married in 10 years,” Simpson added. “I have the dreams of every normal person. I want to be a great aunt.”

[From Fox News]

Maybe that’s Simpson’s entire media strategy right there – lay bare her every relationship and open her life to such scrutiny because if people only really knew her, they would like her, damnit. It hasn’t worked in the five years since she first started Newlyweds, but she’s still working on it, oversharing and acting like the semi-talented slow to catch on girl next door, hoping we’ll be her friend. Meanwhile her rivals are using the personal information she shares to mock her.

Jessica Simpson is shown out at Beso on 9/2/08 with Ken Paves. Credit: WENN. Carrie Underwood is shown at the CMA Music Festival on 6/7/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. Jody says:

    Okay, I saw a snippet of her talking to a photog on TMZ last night, and she had an insane Texas drawl– but then 5 minutes later, I saw a Proactive commercial– no accent, whatsoever… WTF Jess?

    Also, I thought it was pretty damn hilarious that both covers declare her love and devotion to her man of the minute. Is it just me, or does this seem like the MO for every Jessica Simpson magazine cover?

  2. Jenna says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. I hope she did. It will be hilarious to see her reaction. 😆

  3. LondonParis says:

    Congratulations for causing the first time I’ve felt pity for Jessica Simpson, Celebitchy!
    That’s a very clever analysis of her actions, it really does make sense.

  4. LondonParis says:

    Jody- John Mayer’s name is even on the second one! 😆
    Put next to the first, it just makes her even more laughable.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Meh. I’ve gotten into the habit of defending Jessica, so I might as well jump in.

    Jessica is much prettier than Carrie. I bet she has a better personality, too.

    There. I did my good deed for the day. 🙄

  6. Diva says:

    I wish I was fat like Jessica.

  7. fruitfly says:

    Carrie was vacationing in Europe last week according to a CMT reporter. So Carrie probably hasn’t even seen last week’s People.

    Definitely OK trying to stir up something for sales. Question is will Jessica be dumb enough to fall for it again when the media baits her to respond again?

    And is the sky blue?

  8. Codzilla says:

    Jody: That’s hilarious. I guess she didn’t have a shitty country album to promote back in the Proactiv days. She sucks.

  9. Linda says:

    Jessica is so stupid…many of us have watched the Newlyweds honey and we have seen what’s in your heart…that is why many people dislike you so much.

  10. CiCi says:

    Oh please. Those covers are not the same. Just because she is sitting and smiling, they’re the same? Just exactly how SHOULD the girl look on the cover? Camoflage paint on her face? ankle wrapped behind her head? Sigh.

    And Jody – ProActive probably asked her to lose the accent for mass appeal as it is an infomercial. Regional accents can alienate people thus the reason famous newscasters all sound the same, despite their “hometowns.”

  11. vdantev says:

    Ask me if I care what Hairy Underthere had to say about Simpleton.

  12. adleisia says:

    CiCi–that’s very true, and sometimes it works the opposite way as well. For example… people who are from Maryland (or the MD area) don’t really pronounce the “t” in Baltimore. And if you’re a local celebrity (i.e. local news, local radio) if you pronounce the “t” in Baltimore, you’re pretty much laughed at. Same goes for anyone from the Tri-State (PA-NJ-DE) area with Newark, NJ and Newark, DE. NJ is new-work… and DE is New-arc. But for a national commercial… you kind of have to have this “I’m from no place in particular” accent.

  13. Syko says:

    It’s not a very nice quote. Jessica is far from fat, and kinder words could have been used, especially considering that Carrie spent her entire season on American Idol being called fat. You’d think she’d know how it feels.

  14. Danielle says:

    You do realize that Carrie Underwood was going to college to become a journalist, right?

    Underwood’s degree is in mass communications with an emphasis in journalism. She graduated magna cum laude.

  15. Lindsey says:

    I doubt this was even said…Carrie is so much prettier than Jessica anyways. Jessica has a manly square chin and she’s an ignorant bimbo. I don’t think Carrie is crying over Romo’s girly a$$ anyways!

  16. Princess says:

    The media won’t be happy until they have them wrestling in jello.

  17. Theresa says:

    Romo should just marry her. Then maybe they will leave Carrie alone. Carrie is focused on her career and she keeps getting drug into the triangle so Jessica can get her publicity. Carrie never says a negative word about anyone. It highly unlikely she had anything to do with this article.

  18. morgs says:

    It might only be me, but Jessica needs to stop dressing like Dolly Parton in some of her photos. I love Dolly, and no one but Dolly can rock Dolly’s look.

    Jessica looks like some frumpy memaw in half of her “country” get-ups. The Southern girls I’ve known have always had good dress sense. None of this lacy patch-work quilt sundress style. Who was that chick from the Beverly Hillbillies? That’s the look Jessica seems to be going for. It was a joke the first time sweetie.

  19. morgs says:

    on another note:

    It must be crushing to have once been America’s darling (much like Britney) and now be so disliked and turned into a joke.

    The girl has esteem issues and they aren’t helped by the public’s fickle fascination with celebrity-I count myself among the public-but it has become such a spectacle. If she’d stop fame whoring herself out and trying so hard to stay relevant, her public persona might be better. Take a break girl and come back super style.

  20. RAN says:

    This is so ridiculous. The media is trying to create the next Aniston/Pitt/Jolie triangle. As if Romo and Simpson will last long enough to create a triangle of any depth and proportion. If they do… Carrie will never get away from them – in the same way that Aniston can’t get away from the other two. It’s all a smidge of fact (if that) with a TON of fabrication thrown in for good measure.

    **Edit… LOL Morgs — your comment made me laugh after a VERY hectic day 🙂

    –Morgs said: Who was that chick from the Beverly Hillbillies? That’s the look Jessica seems to be going for. It was a joke the first time sweetie.

  21. hello says:

    If this is true…that was super mean, especially since Underwood wasn’t exactly thin when she was on American Idol

  22. rachel says:

    I don’t believe that Carrie said that….and what she said about Tony calling was from an interview done in MAY (werent tony and jess off then?) and only has been published now. Meanwhile, Jessica who is 28 feels the need to say how she and Tony “laugh” at Carrie, and then make herself look like a jealous idiot saying she checks his phone log! And Carrie has never responded…until US MADE UP THIS “INSIDER” QUOTE!! Jessica feels like she needs a guy 24/7, changes completely for all of them, and insists on explaining how “in love” she is…a clear sign of insecurity. I met Jessica while she was still married to Nick at a meet and greet and she was rude to me…I was so dissapointed! I think you can tell what celebrities are like by how they treat their fans! She did not have a country accent then or on newlyweds…so I doubt she covered it for Proactiv…its more likely she “developed” it while recording her album down south, just like she “developed” a history of abuse to seem more relevant in country music.

  23. RAN says:

    Yeah Rachel… it’s always a “source”. I agree wholeheartedly.

  24. Chelsea says:

    I saw Jessica in concert last week… what a bore that was! I originally went there to see Smash Mouth… Now they are FUN!!! and from what I hear, damn nice guys! Anyways, Jessica was a drama queen. At one point I thought she was crying on stage. She is pretty, nor do I think she’s fat, and she may have an incredible “man of the minute” but her performance sucks ass! Come to think of it… she had a bit of a southern accent at the concert too… but there were only a few hundred people there IF THAT… small town upstate NY. She’s a country singer wanna be. *rolls eyes*

  25. ang says:

    who is that lady next to her lol

  26. karina25 says:

    carrie saying that jessica simpson is fat??? she forgot the old days in american idol when she herself looked like the titanic lol:lol:

  27. RAN says:

    Circling back with a question… I don’t recall that Carrie Underwood ever looked fat during her AI days. She was a farm girl, born and bred, and seemed to be a fairly average size. Now my question: Is everyone sure it was Carrie who appeared fat during American Idol? I thought it was Kelly Clarkson.

  28. Codzilla says:

    Chelsea: So Jessica Simpson opened for Smash Mouth? Seems like an odd pairing. My condolences to you and the rest of the crowd.

  29. Cat says:

    If Carrie did make a comment about Jessica’s weight she’s really sad. Jessica is far from fat. She’s wayyyyy better looking as well. I don’t see the appeal of Carrie anyways. She looks and sounds like everyone else. She’s a plain jane both her face and her personality (from what I’ve seen). Jessica is far from dumb. Just because she “acted” dumb for tv doesn’t mean a damn thing. She’s also young. So what if she’s living and loving. Carrie needs to get a life and admit when she’s been upstaged. Put them next to eachother and see who stands out.

    • Cam says:

      If Carrie Underwood’s voice is so aveage, I would like you to go on a stage, sing one of her songs completely in your chest voice and not mess up once. Only after you have stood in her shoes will you be fully free to bash her personality and voice to your little jealous heart’s content. Think before you speak. I promise it will save you from a lot of trouble.

  30. Jeanne says:

    Carrie why did you stop at fat? How about stupid, irrelevant, shallow…..

  31. Samantha says:

    Carrie claims to be so Christian and sings Christian songs and all. She certainly is not acting it! She needs to get over it. 😐

  32. Samantha says:

    Also, I know any girl would not want some ex girlfriend medling in their business. No materr if people are for Carrie or Jessica. The bottom line is you girls all know if you were happy with a guy and some ex was saying stuff you would be mad too! haha 😆

  33. lily says:

    If that’s what you call fat, sign me up!!!!! 😀

  34. anu says:

    it doesn’t matter if she was called fat during American Idol she would still rock! Looks don’t really matter but look at her now! she’s so beautiful! and she’s a vegan and a she grew up in a farm so she knows how to work hard! she’s so clean and everyone can look up to her and she’s not like SOMEBODY who tells the whole world who she’s dating and got dumped by her stupid husband! she’s like so looking for attention to sell of her album!! Country? i don’t think Jessica can pull it off! she has done so many things like acting and she’s stooped to singing how pathetic is that! Carrie has worked hard to be at the place she is at now! she is the best and will be the best! she is country’s queen for modern time!!!!!
    and SAMANTHA what does she need to do to prove that she is Christian? yell it out? pshh and CAT i would like to see who the world would say is better Carrie or Jessica… hmmm you say Jessica is young but let’s see she has gotten a husband and got divorced! wow! such a role model! AND CARRIE DIDN’T SAY SHE WAS FAT! SHE SAID SHE WAS FATTER! THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! 🙄

  35. Leah says:

    I just wanted to bring to peoples attention. You are saying Carrie or Jessica or Kelly are fat. You really want to know who was truly fat and then you can compare the rest? Ruben Studdard. He was fat. Not being mean, it is a clinical fact. All this superficial B.S. of what people should look like.

  36. vdantev says:

    Toss them both in a concrete pit with a rusty chainsaw, who ever emerges alive gets to be pointless tab fodder about weight issues for women for the remainder of the year.

  37. Norah says:

    FAT!!!..oh my God..is wish I was fat like Jessica Simpson. She is right up there with REAL woman curvey, busty,.. and on top of all that, what a gorgeous face…what man could ask for more…she is sweet and soft spoken and Im glad the tramps of hollywood rejected her at parties..becuase now she doesn’t have to catch their fleas and disease. You go JESS…thank God there is a man out there that can appreciate a lovely like yourself. Carrie if your listening your a cheap immitation..I don’t care how well you sing..women always know when ANTHOER woman is on your lips- YOUR JELOUS!!!your face is huge, your hair can t compair, your nose is ugly and you cant dress so grow up Carrie.

  38. Norah says:

    yeah she come laud…loud and clear she is showing her catty childish side because Jess got the man she coulnd’t..Why does everyone measure everything on college thats for the working stiff…Jessica must have had talent or Tommy Matolla wouldn’t have signged her up. Who cares if Carrie was going to be a journalist..she needs to go back to it. She is a game show winner thats it.

  39. Denae says:

    NOW WAY!!!I don’t believe it.Carrie wouldn’t call Jessica fat.And even if she did,it wouldn’t have anything to do with Tony.I would have said the same thing if she would of called me a lier and made fun of me for being a vegeterian.She’s an ass, and for some reason, she continues to be.I HATE HER!!! 👿

  40. Denae says:

    AND another thing!!!This Norah girl who has made a comment on this website is really getting on my nervs.Mabey Carrie didn’t date Tony as long as Jessica,or as many guys, but it’s better than being a SLUTT!!!Tony’s an idiot anyway.She’d probably be better off without him.And when Carrie get’s married, which she will, she won’t get a divorce!!!HA HA HA!!! :mrgreen:

  41. TAZ says:

    You know what?Forget Jessica Simpson!She’s a bitter drunk, and looks like she got hit by a semi truck. If she was so high and mighty like an astronaut,
    (which she thinks she is), she would ask, “why can’t we land on the sun if we go at night?”.

  42. TAZ says:

    SHE GIVES BLONDES A BAD NAME!!! “One day,Taylor Swift was rowing a boat in her corn field. Jessica came driving by on her way to a party, and was pissed off when she saw Taylor just rowing away. She stopped, got out of the car, and screemed, ” If I could swim, I’d come out there! It’s blondes like you who give us a bad name!!!”

  43. OMG… She gained a ton!

  44. Sean says:

    if carrie bolemiawood said that, she should grab a burger. Everyone sees jessica in the dukes of hazzard and assumes that its easy to look like that 24-7 365. some people torcure themselves to look a certain way for a role like a movie, etc.. some people dont want to live their lives miserable, shes hot even if she puts on 30 lbs. These Scrony bony little starlets look terrible and someone should tell them

  45. david says:

    Jessica is a beautiful whale!!! : )

  46. TeheFiles says:

    She’s dumb, now she’s FAT? Of course, all the fat people are enraged. Ahaha, yes. Fat, she is!

  47. Jennifer says:

    Wow… she looked waaay better before.. she let herself go =(

  48. Emma :) says:

    ouch!I like them both 😀 Carrie,and Jess;I just hope that Carrie didnt say that at all.And Jessica looks GREAT!

  49. Emma :) says:


  50. David says:

    To whom it may concern:

    Carrie..one day soon you will be wrinkled and need plastic surgery.Maybe you will get heavy.I hope you do.You are a spoiled rotten star.What goes around comes around!

  51. lyn says:

    carrie underwood may be able to sing but people don’t ‘idolize’ her. she’s pretty much stuck on herself, she’s still young so hopefully she can get out of the mirror, if beyonce gets out of it first.

  52. Katie says:

    It’s pathetic that anyone cares whether she gained 10 pounds or not. It’s not like she packed on 30 or 50 pounds over night, so what’s the big news story? She has always battled with her weight, she is human, and humans are the animals that actually need to feed themselves daily. I’m not sure what creatures like Carrie Underwood call themselves, where food goes in and comes right back up. I guess bulimia gives celebrities bragging rights when they see someone they’re jealous of gain a few pounds.

  53. Rhonda says:

    I have seen both Carrie and Jessica in concert and Jess you need to STOP trying to follow in Carries footsteps. Ok you took sloppy seconds on Tony and now you want to be a country singer? You just don;t have it going for you. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts. You suck and I an sure Rascal Flatts has seen a decline in ticket sales since adding you on their tour.

  54. lana says:

    i think its stupid to be even talking about this shit, jessica simpson is far from fat and shes very pretty. so is carrie underwood. everyone gains and loses weight, no one is perfect lets just take that into consieration.

  55. TL says:

    Is this what we, as Americans have lowered ourselves to? So if Carrie did say it. Doesn’t matter. So what if LeeAnn did have an affair. OH MY GOD Leeann Rhimes is HUMAN. I am amazed. Get on with your lives people, stop doing the small town, we have nothing to do but throw dirty laundry around thing to pass time in our own lives for we have nothing better to think or talk about. My life is more important to me than what Carrie or Jessica, Kelly or Lee Ann is doing in their personal lives.

  56. JUSTINE says:

    i think carrie didnt call jesscia fat cause Carrie is a very sweet person and everyone knows for a fact she wouldnt call anyone anything or make fun of there weight. now this is something totally fake and unreasonable . this was made up cause there friends they always have been for a long time. this is totally fake and not anything to question or talk about or even reason with. so anyone that thinks this is real its not totally fake.

  57. Venus in Blue Jeans says:

    What a ditz! Just saw a photo of Jessica vs Reese Witherspoon wearing the same dress. Ouch. Jessica is beginning to look like Anna Nicole-fat. They euphemistically said she has an ‘hour glass figure’ but I saw no waistline at all, just a black belt worn on the dress in the middle of a sack of an abdomen!

  58. qiangqiang says:

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