William Hurt is off the wagon and manhandling bar patrons

Respected actor William Hurt, who reportedly gave up alcohol years ago, is hitting the sauce again- and starting a ruckus. Hurt is in New York filming the FX series “Damages” with fellow “Big Chill” co-star Glenn Close, and apparently he’s found a favorite watering hole to get soused in. Patrons of the Jack the Horse Taven in Brooklyn report that Hurt has been drinking there nightly, and his most recent visit ended with him groping another man’s genitals and getting hostile when the bartender shut him off.

Now we know why they call him William “Hurt.”

The Oscar-winning actor grabbed a male customer by the “private parts” and manhandled a bartender during a bizarre booze-fueled display at a New York tavern recently, an eyewitness told The Enquirer exclusively.

Hurt, 58, had been patronizing Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn Heights, NY, nearly every night for several weeks up until his bizarre meltdown, according to Tavern staff. Everything had been fine until that fateful evening.

“I have never seen anyone behave the way he did that night,” said the eyewitness.

“It was well after midnight when he arrived. He was drinking scotch and he proceeded to talk to the customers at the bar about his life as a film star.

“He said that when he worked on a film with Ted Danson, the first thing he did was grab Danson by the private parts and ask him, ‘Do you trust me?’

“Then he actually demonstrated this on some guy at the bar! The man fled afterward.”

When other patrons started to leave, the bartender refused to serve more alcohol to the “Big Chill” star.

[From The National Enquirer print version, Sept. 15, 2008]

Apparently, when the bartender shut Hurt off, he got nasty, and ended up verbally assaulting and crushing the man’s hand, refusing to leave until the place closed down. Hopefully, this was an isolated incident brought on by too much scotch. William Hurt does seem like an intense guy- someone with some demons to deal with. No police were called, but it’s doubtful that the actor will be welcomed back to that tavern again anytime soon.

William Hurt is shown on 7/14/08 at the Fox All-Star Party At The Pier in Santa Monica. Credit: WENN

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Too bad he was overly aggressive. Can’t argue with someone under the influence.
    Loved The Big Chill though, great soundtrack. 😀

  2. geronimo says:

    Daisy, have you seen him in Wayne Wang’s ‘Smoke’? Him and Harvey Keitel, so fine, very moving. I’ve always liked him, intensity and all.

  3. Princess says:

    “I have never seen anyone behave the way he did that night,” said the eyewitness

    This person really needs to get out more.

  4. SnowCrab says:

    He’s a great actor, he has always been an intense and arrogant jerk though and now it looks like a little senile crazy is entering the mix. I think his problem is that he’s always wanted to be an intellectual and hates being “just an actor.” I’ve heard that he’ll pin people against the wall and start lecturing them incoherently, saying stuff that sounds really deep but actually makes no sense.

  5. Susan says:

    Princess — that made me laugh! I totally agree. 😆

  6. Mr. T says:

    Shocking. Simply shocking. Now pass me a drink and do you trust me?

  7. Syko says:

    Love this guy’s acting, loved “Big Chill” but mostly when I think of him, I think of him in “Body Heat”.

    He’s not aging well, though, is he? Well, some of us don’t. 😥

  8. daisy424 says:

    Geronimo, No I haven’t seen that, love HK, both great actors. How old is the film?
    Syko, ohhhh yummy, you’re right, that’s an oldie but a zexy one.

  9. geronimo says:

    Daisy – 1995. Based on a Paul Auster story. Also featuring Forrest Whittaker and Stockard Channing. It’s a real gem. Tried posting the IMDb link but it got eaten. Anyway, highly recommend.

  10. christina says:

    Yep that guy is such a jerk that I have a hard time watching him even as an actor. Some actors are so talented that one can overcome their weirdness (ie. Tom Cuise) but not Bill Hurt.

  11. Vanja says:

    Dear William, 🙂 I like your movies. You are great actor and very handsome too, especially your eyes.
    Jesus loves you!

  12. bonita says:

    I’ve met William in London. Several times. Spent a reasonable amount of time to have an opinion about him.
    He seems a tormented guy whose ghosts wouldn’t leave him in peace. Plenty demons to fight against. I had a good taste of his “endless talks”. He lost me every time. No much sense on them.
    He is pure contradiction. Tendency to bully people with his speeches and “superior” intelligence.
    He contradicts himself continuosly so he is always right. He’s up and down, yes and no, in an out, cold and hot… (like the song)
    Thoughtfull and highly educated. Pitty the sensitive man inside hides under a facade of great arrogance. And he has REALLY BIG TRUST ISSUES. BIG TIME. Shame…..