Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni welcome their son, Max Ellington


At this point, Michael K’s name for Christina Marinoni is so ubiquitous, I can only think of her as Rojo Caliente. Anyway, Cynthia Nixon and her partner, Rojo, have welcomed a son into their family. Apparently, Rojo got pregnant and she gave birth yesterday. Did anyone know that she was pregnant? I had no idea. They really kept that under wraps. Cynthia and Rojo named the boy Max Ellington… a nice little hipster name.

It’s a boy for Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni!

Marinoni gave birth to the couple’s son, Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni, on Monday, Feb. 7, Nixon’s rep confirms.

“Christine and baby are doing great,” her rep tells PEOPLE.

Nixon, 44, and Marinoni, 43, began dating in 2004 and announced their engagement in 2009. The Sex and the City star has two children, Samantha, 14, and Charles, 8, from her previous relationship with photographer Danny Mozes.

[From People]

Congratulations to Cynthia and Rojo! Miranda was always my favorite – the most realistic of all of the Sex and the City characters. And Cynthia played her perfectly – although I think leaving her male partner and hooking up with Rojo (who was Cynthia’s jumpoff, if you remember) probably meant that Cynthia’s public image took a hit. I remember the promotional rounds for the two Sex and the City movies – Cynthia barely spoke, barely gave any interviews. It’s like if “mainstream America” realized that Cynthia was romantic with Rojo – to the point where they’re raising three kids together now – would kill the romance of SATC. Dumb! Cynthia is a really cool chick, and I’m betting that Rojo is pretty awesome too.

UPDATE: CB wanted me to point out that it’s not that Cynthia was “hiding” her relationship with Rojo – she wasn’t, and she did give a few interviews, including a major one to The Advocate, during the SATC 2 promotional rounds. My take was just that it seemed like Cynthia was kind of pushed aside and passed over in favor of the heterosexual SATC ladies, at least as far as media went.



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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    talk about a low profile couple!

    congrats to them, hope mom and baby are doing great!

  2. HEB says:

    ha ha those two are fabulous–congratulations!

  3. Sharon says:

    All I am going to say is OK!!!!!

  4. renai(jrt) says:

    …I wonder if the baby will have red hair?? I wonder who the doner was??

  5. Rita says:

    Congrats. I don’t know why but I think it would be really interesting to have dinner with them and discuss their relationship. Would be very enlightening.

  6. Kat says:

    Congrats to them both. Very happy for them. :)

  7. Angel says:

    Happy for them :)

  8. TG says:

    Yes, Miranda was my favorite character too.

  9. OriginalGracie says:

    Michael K. over at Dlisted is beside himself with this news!

    Very warm congrats to the two of them.
    They seem very, very happy together.

  10. Tia says:

    Wonderful, what a lucky child.. they are a GREAT couple.. they say Lesbians have the most well behaved and well adjusted kids.. so cool.. and congratulations!!

  11. Isabel says:

    @OriginalGracie – first thing I thought when I saw this was that Michael K must be pooping himself with excitement!!

  12. Jaded says:

    They seem like very together, cool people and have a great devoted family life – congrats to them!

  13. jen34 says:

    Cynthia is also a breast cancer survivor. Congrats to her and her family.

  14. TeeTee says:

    I LOVE the newborn’s name Max Ellington.
    soooo cool.

  15. KateNonymous says:

    Both Cynthia and Christine have great smiles–they seem like a warm and loving couple. Congratulations to both of them on their newly bigger family!

  16. CIdee says:

    Welcome baby Rojo!

  17. Roxanne75 says:

    The whole thing is completely “f’ed” but at least the kids are loved…and I guess that can be hard to come by for alot of kids. :)

  18. sapphire says:

    Agree-these are two people I would love to meet and have dinner with. I understand Cynthia Nixon is funny as all get out and they look happy.

  19. Camille says:

    Awww, congrats! :D

  20. Bellabumbum says:

    Welcome to the world little Max Ellington! Classy and low profile couple. Wish them all the happiness in the world. Them seem to have a very normal and loving family.

  21. Chris says:

    Low profile alright, I didn’t even know she was gay.

  22. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Congrats to them all!! :)

    I think cn and cm look so well suited and resemble each other, as another poster said, lovely low-key family who obv prioritise their children having a normal as poss childhood. Many celebs could learn from this…

  23. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Sapphire #18 – Yes, she has a great sense of humor (they both do). Some of the best dinner conversations you’ll ever have. And they are both genuinely nice people.

    Congratulations to the happy family!

  24. Javagirl1 says:

    It’s Rojo! Hahaha…anyways congrats!

  25. MrsOdie2 says:

    It would be easy for her to hide a pregnancy. She’s never photographed by paparazzi and she wears baggy, unisex clothes! I don’t think this even turned up on any blinds!

  26. truthSF says:

    Congrats to Cynthia and Rojo Caliente!!!

  27. WhiteNoise says:

    Sweet. They both seem so lovely and normal and grounded. Congrats to them. :)

  28. Majosha says:


  29. happygirl says:

    Yay! They seem like guenuinely happy people who enjoy their lives outside of the spotlight. So happy for them! Congratulations! :)

  30. eternalcanadian says:

    Lolz, that one flew in under the radar! Didn’t even know Rojo was pregnant! :P

  31. Megatrona says:

    I love Cynthia’s shoes on the lad pic
    And of course congrats on the baby
    I am a bit surprised Rojo is the one who gave birth to it the baby

  32. Wresa says:

    Wow, NO idea she was preggo! Well, congrats to them!

  33. Amy says:

    I heard Micheal K. is the donor! ;)

  34. truthSF says:

    Good one Amy, but Michael was trying to pass of as the baby :)

  35. *-* says:

    I love her. Congrats:)

  36. House Mouse says:

    Miranda was my favourite caracter too, and saying less silly things that the others.

    But I think her lady partner is ugly. Cynthia left a male partner (and she could have found pretty guys to replace him) for her. Hmmm… it must be love at first sight.

    Congratulations !

  37. Runs with Scissors says:

    Rojo looks a little like Peppermint Patty.

    They’re beaming in these pics, gorgeous!

  38. lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them, and the name is cute!

    Cynthia was on The Big C last season and was really good, I liked her and Laura Linney together as college BFFs.

  39. Jacq says:

    Y’all know Michael K’s b-hole is dancing OVER THE MOON for his Rojo.

  40. WYIJM says:

    Rojo’s got a great smile and very kind eyes. Congrats!

  41. Luci says:

    love cynthia and I am so happy for them!

    she was also my favourite character of SATC. I mean, when she told carrie “what the f-ck are you doing leaving your job, friends and house to go to paris with a guy??!” I said YES. Finally, someone has some sense!! Can’t stand Carrie.

    Anyway, congratulations to the new moms!

  42. Moore says:

    Ellington is also my son’s middle name. Very cute! Congrats to them!