Madonna had concert venue toilets removed, scrubbed down and reinstalled

Madonna has always been a quirky lady. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever accused her of being easy going or overly-accommodating. And considering how easy it is for her to back up her demands, she’s probably forgotten where the normal/bat-freaking-crazy line begins. Not that it would stop her, but it might help her tone it down.

According to the classic “insider sources” (which I think most likely means “disgruntled crew) she had all the toilets taken out, sanitized, and reinstalled before her recent concert in Nice, France. Yes, that’s taken out. Unscrewed. Lifted up. Hoisted, at some point. Each and every one that her Madgesty ass might touch.

Madonna is still the reigning queen of pop, so it’s not surprising that she’s picky about her thrones — especially when it comes to public toilets. Before her concert at the Palais Nakaia concert hall in Nice, France, on August 26, the singer had all of the commodes, showers and sinks removed, scrubbed down and then reinstalled. “Everyone thinks she did this because she hates the thought of dirty and germy things,” an insider tells In Touch.

The self-disciplined star has even admitted to her controlling ways. “Guy [Ritchie, her husband] tells me to loosen up,” she has said. “My friends do, too, but I can’t. I’ve always been this way.” And it’s not the first time the Material Girl has been occupied with lavatory troubles, the insider notes: “During her tour last year, a man stole some of the toilets from the Madonna tour and sold them on eBay for nearly $8,000!’’ Madge kicked off her Sticky & Sweet tour on August 23 in Wales, where the latrines were presumably spotless.

[From In Touch]

Do you think she does the same thing to Guy Ritchie? I could definitely imagine Madonna having some kind of elaborate anti-germ ritual/machine she has him go through. That could explain their supposedly uncomfortable love life. And his absolutely paralyzing fear of leaving her.

Here’s Madonna at her Nice concert on August 26th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. dovesgate says:

    Public toilets are nasty. People will do things in them that they (hopefully) wouldnt do at home. Sometimes, beyond all the “presents” once can find left behind, there is also the lovely aroma of bacteria growing due to poor ventilation.

    She probably walked into a bathroom that had an unpleasant smell or had a bad experience at that venue before. Otherwise, all the toilets in all her venues would get the same treatment.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    Brand new porta-loos would have been cheaper

    Damn, I’d do it if I had her money

  3. Dubdub2000 says:

    Really can’t blame her on that one. If you got the money might as well do it, public toilets are so freaking nasty.

  4. RAN says:

    I’m with the rest of the group. Can’t stand Madonna, but since I can’t stand public toilets more, I have to agree – I’d do this too if I had that kind of money and the inclination

  5. Granger says:

    Having used some public toilets in Nice (while pregnant, no less), I don’t blame the woman.

  6. daisy424 says:

    Pulling a toilet is alot of work.
    I don’t blame her though, PR are usually disgusting. 😡

  7. gg says:

    She didn’t like how the floor tasted. Madonna holding a guitar just looks so very *wrong*.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Umm… Madonna knows that toilets can be cleaned while they’re still installed, right?

    I shudder to think what this woman’s maids must put up with.

  9. Bystander says:

    hmmm You know Tabloids lying rags when they print their “supposed” news about a certain celebrity it is as if the reading public are all stupid.. well one really IS STUPID if you buy those Mags like “Out of Touch” (In Touch), Lifeless & Styless (Life & Style Mag), etc.

  10. miss_kitteh says:

    Wow, Bystander, you should write for The Onion or Mad Magazine. What you did with those mag titles was diabolically clever.

    If you hate tabloids so much, why are you visiting a celebrity gossip blog? Is it to save money on the subscription fees? I’m just trying to figure out what prompted your incomprehensible rant… 😈

  11. V. I. Pete says:

    In show business jargon there is a word for this woman… it rhymes with r-u-n-t but starts with a ‘c’. It is reserved for completely objectionable women and some men who insist on acting in an objectionable way. It is a wonder what some people can do with a very thin voice. I have never warmed up to this performer and her smoke and mirror act, which for her may be more like a dog and pony act, or a glorified pick- up- the ping- pong- ball with- your -twat act. She is bitchy and abrasive and obnoxious and she has a brother just like her!

  12. Starla says:

    Is this what all her venues have to look foreward to??? Still think she’s a rich, self-involved bitch.

  13. breederina says:

    She’s become a living breathing blond Bratz chola doll. I’d love to see her entertain a theatre full of people for a full two hours with just herself a mic and an acoustic guitar.
    True talent will out.

  14. huh says:

    I am totally in favor of clean toilets just don’t get why they couldn’t be totally cleaned while still installed?

  15. mrs favre says:

    There is no way in hell that Madonna would ever use a public toilet at a venue like that. She probably had a personal one installed for her only

  16. lola lola says:

    If this is true, and knowing the source I highly doubt it, Lady M is starting to sound like Howard Hughes in his later years….

  17. Codzilla says:

    Breederina: Lol! Madonna left alone to squirm, I mean entertain, would almost be worth the price of admission.

  18. Leandra says:

    Removing a toilet isn’t all that hard to do. A good wrench, some elbow grease, undo a few bolts and they come off pretty easy. I know because my husband removed ours to shove his arm down the hole to remove a blockage…yuck.

  19. Serena says:

    This doesn’t sound true. The toilets could be cleaned just fine while still in place. I don’t believe this BS story.

  20. Hollz says:

    Porta-Loos (I’m assuming there the same as Porta-Potties) are waaay Nastier then public toilets, I so would do the same thing, if I had the money. I’d actually would install a private bath room for my own use- you know why? I walked in to a public bathroom, in a local mall, and the floor was COVERED in poop. Like, smeared around, on purpose. Nasty.

  21. Anne says:

    Leandra, you have to get all of the water out and then once the toilet is out (very heavy to lift) you must replace the wax ring under it before it’s reinstalled. Disgusting job.

    I don’t get this story either, you can poor pure bleach on and around a toilet and it will be clean enough. Until the first time she takes a dump in it.

  22. Carena says:

    That wax ring can get disgusting after a while. (see prior comment from Anne) It is a pain to get the toilet off, but a professional could do it quickly.

    I’m a clean freak too so I can completely understand this one. Toilets at venues are normally pretty disgusting as it is. If I had the pull she does, I would probably do the same thing. I would assume, of course, that they wouldn’t do this unless she made it worth their wile (i.e. $$$$$$).

  23. vdantev says:

    I like a nice clean place for the violent projectile vomiting her performance is likely to induce.

  24. Dr. Evil says:

    strange news, i don’t buy it. she brought her own toilet to her concert in switzerland, where she played a crowd of 72 000 (there was a news article in “blick am abend” – still available as e-paper including a photo:

    (date: 29.08.2008, page 10/11, “im klo mit madonna), also available as pdf-download)

  25. caribassett says:

    Public toilets are incredibly disgusting. I only wish she would have had them remove and sanitize the ones for the fans as well. I don’t think that was going overboard at all. These places make a fortune, the least they could do is make an attempt at providing hygenic facilities.

  26. caribassett says:

    LOL @ vdantev. not such a fan myself these days.

  27. DLR in Canada says:

    She may have gone a bit overboard as it is quite possible to santize public toilets without having to remove them, but having seen many an icky public toilet I can see why she would do that.

  28. Orangeitjulius says:

    Ah, vdantev, you did it again. Made my night. ‘Violent projectile vomiting’. Love it! That is exactly what this woman induces in me. The Queen Skank wants her ass to be clean..

  29. crispy says:

    god she looks like a modern cher with those high rise shorts…. ew.

  30. Jen (the other one) says:

    Can’t stand this woman. Thought she sucked back in 1983, and 25 years later, I still find her revolting.

    Calculating, insincere, self-important and not an authentic bone in her body.

  31. Madgespenis says:

    Yes, clean them for her and BURN them after shes sat on them!!!!

  32. caribassett says:

    DLR she probably had them removed though, so they could scrub under and around the bolts where pee stagnates from drunken fellas who miss the bowl.

    Miss ya 🙂

  33. Myth says:

    It’s amazing that this filthy, slutty bitch is now a germaphobe.

  34. anti-tox says:

    I say maybe she has some Autoimmune Disorder that is keeping her on alert for any illness that might severly harm her.

  35. Charlie says:

    As much as i can’t stand Madonna and her diva behaviour, she was performing in Nice. In France. Where public toilets are probably the most disgusting of the western world.

    If i had that much money and power i would definitely have the toilets removed and scrubbed, too.

  36. Katharine says:

    I know some people may think Madonna’s choice is weird or extreme, but if I had the power or money to do so, I would not be content with just scrubbing down the toilets, I’d ask for new ones to be installed, after the bathroom itself had been thoroughly pressure-cleaned, bleached and sanitized.

    To me, it’s gross to even bring the same toilets back in- I feel like, you’re never going to kill ALL the germs. So I guess I’m even more of an extreme germophobe, but I don’t care. I hate nasty shit.

  37. Carena says:

    Wait, if she is so concerned with her naughty bits being sanitary, what was she doing screwing Dennis Rodman a few years back??

  38. SeatChanger says:

    Oh Madge! I guess we were on the same conveyor belt the year we were born, I just fell off before talent portion of the pagent. QUEEN Elizabeth, always has a new bathroom, whenever she travels. We are not SO…bad. I’m not a Pop Star, but it has never cost me more than $100.00 to have a new seat installed, when requested at the concierge of a good hotel. (Throw in a tip worth remembering and you’ll be amazed what the housekeeping crew will do to that room when they know you are coming.)

  39. Sheri says:

    I went to the Madonna concert in San Diego last night and it sucked. I was very disappointed. I expected more class from someone as old as her. I actual felt sorry for her she looks like she is going thru mid life crises.:? 😡
    I was one of her first fans but not any more. YUCK……… She was a mess

  40. Lots of room for improvement in public toilets, but can you imagine Madonna sitting in a sleazy public toilet booth in some highway roadside gas station with her temple veins pulsating taking a huge poop?