MTV VMAs 2008 Performances

Christina Aguilera looking like an Elvira/Jewel hybrid on the red carpet
MTV tried to mix it up and make their performances a different feel this year by filming at Paramount studios with a set that looked suspiciously like Sesame Street featuring a street view with apartment buildings and fire escapes. It seemed to work and did add interest to the acts.

Here are all the performances from the MTV 2008 VMAs, courtesy of, where you can see more coverage of the VMAs. Some of them do have commercials.

Jonas Brothers do “Lovebug.” Doesn’t it look like Snuffalufagus is going to pop up on that stoop and say what a great job they did in that low “aw shucks” voice? They strike me as the type that Snuffy would love.

Katie Perry does “Like a Virgin.” No wonder Madonna didn’t show up last night. This is only a 26 second clip, but I think you get the point and you can see why MTV didn’t include a longer segment.

Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” the end segment.

Leona Lewis does a brief introduction for Lil Wayne and T.Pain – “Don’t Get It/A Milli/Got Money”

Paramore’s “Misery Business”

does “So What.” She really brings it.

The Ting Tings – “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” end segment.

T.I. does “Live Your Life” in a faux video style with a sexy model and shopping scenario:

Christina Aguilera’s new invention – “Then and Now” in which she premieres her goth futuristic look. Her voice sounds so processed and fake, but she puts on a good show and I like the new song.

LL Cool J does “California Love.” This is just a 40 second segment.

Short clip of Lupe Fiasco doing “Superstar.”

Kid Rock performs “Rock N Roll Jesus” and “All Summer Long”

A sharp-suited Kanye West does “Love Lockdown” to close out the show as fireworks go off in the background.

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18 Responses to “MTV VMAs 2008 Performances”

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  1. SolitaryAngel says:

    HOLY CRAP!! From everything I’ve heard about Katie Perry–having never listened to her sing–she’s supposedly talented. So, wtf was that crap she was trying to sing of Madonna’s?!


  2. Jen (the other one) says:

    Uhm, Christina’s “new” look is one of Britney’s old ones. And of all the people that *need* to lip-sync, Christina is not one of ’em…although noone could do all that dancing and carry a tune at the same time.

    Ugh, she can do so much better than this over-processed techno-pop crap.

  3. ky says:

    Kanye brought down the house. It was engaging, if not totally clear. Christina’s performance and Pink’s were easily the best choreographed in years. I honestly like Christina’s new superhero/futugoth look. She’s the Black Cat. It works.

  4. audrey says:

    i totally thought that header pic was brooke hogan.

  5. I choose me says:

    I kinda like Christina’s new look too. Dunno what it is about Pink but I love her. She always gives a rocking performance.

  6. georgiagrl says:

    The show was a comple yawn! The VMA’s used to be interesting, and had everyone talking afterwards, but times sure have changed!
    I liked that Brand guy, but Chris Rock was sorely missed this year.

  7. Ace says:

    That was the worst vma’s i had ever seen-i was very disappointed-i thought it was goin to be off the chain b/c of the 25th anniversary but it was far from that-FYI!!!!! go back to the way it was next year

  8. Allie says:

    I don’t get access to those video’s. 🙁

  9. notprfect says:

    Aw man! The vids aren’t coming up for me either. Damn it! I really wanted to see a few of those. *sigh* 😥

  10. Amber says:

    Kanye was the best part of the show- his suit was like PeeWee Herman’s and he looked hot!!

  11. morgs says:

    Holy Lord Brook Hogan. Christina NO!! Leave Brook to Brook and Lady Ga Ga to Lady Ga Ga. This is a horrible mix of the two.

  12. worst vma's to date says:

    Why do the vma’s keep getting worse every year? a few of the performances were good, but not worth the time spent watching the whole show. Not to mention the lame host, out of all the stars that did great this year, mtv decides to grab a not funny, boring, sex-addict to run the show into the ground. The commercials he did were more funny/entertaining than his entire hosting of the show.

    T.I. and rhianna, T.pain and lil wayne, and pink’s performance’s, probly the best of the whole show. I’m a big fan of kanye’s, but his performance/song was lame to the core… maybe thats why mtv had him close the show…

    “…although noone could do all that dancing and carry a tune at the same time”

    i recall last years vma’s, chris brown did all that dancing, and still didnt lip sync >.> way to come back “xtina” 😆

    as for christina’s look, it was a cross b/n old britney and the hogan ****s. I honestly thought it was brooke hogans nasty shriveled up mom. 😐

    then to top it off, at the post show mtv interviews “perez hilton” who says hes part of the vma voting commitee, basically states that britney won those awards b/c they felt she’s had a tough year going thru what she did and she deserved it, i thought the awards were for the best vid’s, not the biggest trainwreck of the year 👿

  13. Ron says:

    Apprently Donatella Versace regenerated herself in the form of Christina Aguliera.

    And…the problem with the MTV VMA’s is that MTV is no longer about Videos. It’s about crap “reality” TV now and not music anymore. Reality TV killed the Video Star.

  14. Alyssa says:

    We literally fell asleep after an hour. Aside from Pink, the performances were SO BORING!!!! The show was lame. Bring it back to a theater, not a studio.
    Felt bad for Russell. He deserves better.

  15. MVAs=BSAs says:

    Thank you Rhianna, Thank you Lil’ Wayne, Thank you DJ AM & Travis, Thank you Pink, Thank you Ting Tings, Thank you Katy Perry & Thank you Kanye… for your performances that made the VMAs worth watching.

    Thank you SOOO much again Kanye for an amazing ending… that helped a bit to make me forget how AWFUL this marketing campaign disguised as a friggen (25th anniversary!) award show was.

    MTV. Your credibility as a music television network is finally shot with me. I’m done. I wish I could subscribe to all basic cable EXCEPT MTV to show your stockholders JUST how much you suck.

  16. Christina X says:

    Remember when goth was about the great literature of the era and was dramatic and classic and not being looking like a hosebag?

    I’m sort of annoyed she’s trying to be all “dark” now, because 1) it’s a reflection of how fake she is, and 2) because I like gothic and dark culture, and she’s making it into some skanky fashion statement.

    Piss off, already.

  17. Sikhululwe Ntsiko aka lulu says:

    I agree with yall the awards were boring to the fact that they had too much rock in them.The prformace of Katy Perry weer like what is she trying to do fake Madonna?
    The highlights of the show are definetely Rihanna’s performance feat TI’s hit song ‘LIVE YOUR LIFE”.I loved their entourage and ending. Rihanna’s atire was the good girl gone bad theme.It was ravishing and hip-hop kinda cool.

    I disagree on the fact that the host was boring he was funny to me because he did try to make me laugh and keep me entertained at the boring performances of other artists.

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