Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz (updates)


I know I’m about to out myself as a total dumbass, but this one hurts. Ashlee Simpson has just filed for divorce from Pete Wentz – damn it! I liked them together, I really did. They made sense together. They were coming up on their third wedding anniversary in May, and their son Bronx is 2 years old. Here’s more from TMZ:

TMZ has learned … Ashlee Simpson just filed for divorce from hubby Pete Wentz.

In documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Simpson cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce.

She’s asking for joint legal custody and primary physical custody of two-year-old Bronx.

Simpson, who is repped by disso queen Laura Wasser, is also asking for spousal and child support. Wentz is repped by Stacy Phillips.

Sources tell TMZ there is no prenup.

The couple married in May, 2008.

[From TMZ]

Through the years, there have been rumors of Pete’s infidelities, and there have also been rumors about Ashlee’s multiple issues, like her alleged drinking problem and her alleged eating disorder. And yet… I honestly thought they would last. Well, I thought they would last longer than this. Sad!

Also – no prenup again, Papa Joe? Dumbass.

UPDATE: Here’s the couple’s statement via People Magazine (through Ashlee’s rep): “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. We remain friends and deeply committed and loving parents to our son Bronx, whose happiness and well-being remains our number one priority. We ask that everyone honor our privacy as we navigate this next phase of our lives.”

UPDATE: And it’s already begun. TMZ has a story about why Ashlee left Pete. A source says, “It’s really all about Pete’s erratic behavior… She really wanted out.”



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  1. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Did not see this one coming. Their baby is beautiful.

  2. the original bellaluna says:


    Ok, there. Got that out of my system. I bet he got tired of all her insecurities. Trying to keep up with that level of neediness has got to be exhausting.

    #2: Since CA is a “no fault” state, the only thing you are able to cite when filing for divorce is “irreconcilable differences.”

  3. nycmom10024 says:

    Ahh that is sad, I guess we shold have know something was up when they both got drastic hair changes.

  4. mia girl says:

    I think him wearing his hair “a natural” was the last straw…

  5. brin says:

    I was surprised by this, too. And no pre-nup?!

  6. Katie says:

    I am oddly saddened by this also. I don’t know why b/c I don’t really like either of them, especially him. And yet, I’m sad about their divorce.

  7. Jacq says:

    This stinks! I liked them, too. I thought they had kind of settled into a cool, more private little life.

  8. Penguen says:

    This seems out of left field.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like Ashlee and often wondered how Pete Wentz put up with her (don’t really have an opinion about him), but it doesn’t seem like there have been rumblings about them as of late. So yeah, this is surprising!

  9. audrey says:

    Aw, man.. He never should’ve stopped flat ironing his hair!

  10. Bailey says:

    I saw this coming. when he started showing up with frizzy curly hair. no more flat ironing, somethings up.

  11. lucy2 says:

    That’s surprising. Sad for their son, hopefully they keep things friendly.

    I must be tired – I read that as “Disco queen Laura Wasser” and was like huh?

  12. tooey says:

    I liked them together, too!
    @NYCMOM – yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking!

  13. lolalola3 says:

    It was the hair. If my husband starting walking around with that freaky ‘fro, I’m dump him too.

  14. Roxanne75 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stupid selfish bastards. I really liked them. I wish people would stop getting married and having kids then splitting. It’s too hard on kids…what ever happened to commitment, for better or for worse. Whats the point of saying vows if you cant stand by them. Total bummer! i really hoped these two would last, loved their little family!

  15. Ruby Red Lips says:

    This was a real shocker, I didn’t see this one coming…ever!

  16. Gabriela says:

    Oh wow, can you imagine the battle for custody of their flat iron?
    OOhh, maybe Wentz’s recent apparences with curly hair has something to do with it. Ashlee totally monopolized the flat iron! THAT BITCH!
    This is gonna be nasty. I’m loving it already.

  17. Annicka says:

    Who gets the flat iron?

  18. guesty says:

    boo…hoo. not.

  19. margare says:

    rats! I, too, am surprised. I, too, thought they were a good fit. oh well!

  20. Oi says:

    Really?? Did not see that coming. Sad. I thought they would actually work.

  21. craigc says:

    She probably never saw his natural hair until weeks ago…
    I would leave that frizz too! HIDEOUS!

  22. Relli says:

    While i am surprised by this, because i like Kaiser thought that it would have lasted a little bit longer. But I knew when his band fell apart because they hated the scrutiny of him being shacked up with Ashlee, I KNEW it was only a matter of time. i am by no stretch of the imagination a fall out boy fan, but the writing was on the wall; he hooked up with some Hollywood pop tart with no discernible talent and they (his bandmates) did not think much of her. That was incredibly obvious in all their old interviews.

  23. heatheradair says:

    whoa –

    this totally validates the Fug Girls’ prediction back in October when she sliced off her hair:

    “Stark blonde dye job plus hurried, drastic haircut often equals Shit’s Getting Real And I Need A Change. Now, I certainly hope that’s not the case, but I ask you, would a woman who’s sound of mind do this to herself?”

  24. Jezi says:

    Wow, I’m very surprised on this one. I mean I know they rushed into marriage and then quickly got pregnant but I really did expect them to last longer than this. Ugh, no wonder the kids in Hollywood are so messed up.

  25. teehee says:

    Surprised! But hey I reckon you cant jump into marriage too young or too fast and expect it to turn out totally well, plus throw a baby into the mix. Sad that theres a child involved now. But at least they have the financial means to survive a divorce as well as to guarantee their childs wellbeing.

  26. RHONYC says:

    these fughking disposible marriages are SO over!

    can we bring the 50’s back, please.

    why bother if your going to make a kid’s home broken and give up 3 years in?

    BIG FAT ‘F’ for FAIL to these two.


  27. danielle says:

    How is she going to find someone else to put up with her crap?

  28. Lisa Turtle says:

    Right, because nobody had a shotgun marriage, or got a quickie divorce in the 1950s.

    *Rolls eyes*

  29. Penguen says:

    @ Lucy2:

    Yeah, I totally read that as “disco queen,” too. I had to go back and re-read it.

  30. OXA says:

    I am sad for the poor kid.

  31. HEB says:

    I was really surprised too, they have been photographed together a lot lately.

    At least Jessica can take comfort in knowing she is not the only marriage failure in her family.

  32. Kasey says:

    That statement from their rep, I feel like I’ve I’d heard it before. MANY times. The exact wording too. Is that standard celebrity split jargon? Is there some preset statement in celebrity rep texts or handbooks to issue when celebrities are going their separate ways? I’m serious and not being facetious. Does anyone know?

  33. devilgirl says:

    Why would Papa Joe be the dumbass with them not having a prenup? He(Wentz) has way more money than she does.

    I have often wondered how she married him in the first place? Insecurities and eating disorders aside, she is a catch compared to that douche!

  34. Riley says:

    I don’t really know too much about either one of them, but her shaningans have played out in the press far more than his. Going after the McDonalds cashier, going after Michelle Trachenberg, acting like a spoiled brat during the filming of her reality show, screwing up so horribly on Saturday Night Live and then lying and saying it was her band’s fault. She isn’t just a nut but a whole damn jar. If Pete is more erratic than Ashlee, he must really be out of his head.

  35. Quest says:

    It was his (Pete’s) hair I tell you. Gotta be the hair thing.

    Gawd, did not see that in a million years (right). But really sorry when kids are involved.

  36. Diane says:

    I’m surprised too. Can’t anybody stay together long enough for the kids to get out diapers. Being married 2-3 years is nothing, it’s like they didn’t even try.

  37. deadlymistress24 says:

    This comes as quite a shocker to me too. I actually met Pete Wentz a few months ago when he was performing in London (his hair was flat-ironed then) and he seemed pretty normal. During the concert, he said that he was in a bit of a slump after Fall Out Boy parted ways, but that a friend of his got him back into the music scene and he was very gracious to his fans. He also seemed pretty happy, but that’s just my opinion. A few weeks later, there were pictures of him with his hair “au natural” and he was with his son. Never saw this coming…hope they can maintain the co-parenting situation.

  38. brin says:

    Update: looks like physical custody of Bronx will be an issue. His side is saying Ashlee wanted to be a stay-at-home mom while Pete wanted to tour & that became an issue for her.

  39. YAY says:

    It’s more suprising that people are suprised by people getting a divorce! pfft.

  40. happygirl says:

    Well…I am also surprised, and although I don’t know too much about Pete, (and this is mean, I KNOW!) I cannot stand Ashlee. Sigh…well, as usual, I feel bad for the kid =(

  41. normades says:

    They are both attention whores. Maybe this is a PR stunt

  42. nycmom10024 says:

    Why is he considered a douche? Not really into either of them, but was familiar with her.

  43. Kate says:

    She was pregnant before they were engaged/married. Not that it matters, but I just thought I’d clarify that. I distinctly remember some interview Papa Joe gave where he said he took Pete by the collar and said “you will marry her.” Whatever.

  44. anoneemouse says:

    Kasey – I know the feeling. Just once I’d like an honest statement from a publicist, something along the lines of:

    Yes, it’s true. So and so have decided to end their marriage because they just can’t be bothered to make an effort anymore. They would like the public to know they hate each other and will fight each other tooth and nail over who gets custody of the toothbrushes, straighteners and all other household goods.

    Would make my day…;)

  45. Lisa Turtle says:

    January and February are known as the busiest time for divorce lawyers. Many couples realize they have grown apart and give it one last shot during the holiday season, only to realize there is nothing left between them and have it all end with an explosive fight.

    That said, Ashlee and Pete were already more likely to have their marriage end in divorce. They exhibit a number of factors that are correlated to higher divorce rates.

    1.) Bridal age- women married between the ages of 20-24 are statistically the most likely to get divorced.

    2.) Level of Education. Did either of these two go to college? Did they graduate high school? As education increases, the divorce rate decreases.

    3.) Shotgun Wedding. Although couples are more likely to stay together after having kids, studies show that getting married “for the baby” doesn’t generally end well.

    4.) Celebrity Marriage. Ego clashes galore. I don’t have any statistics for this one, but we all know the deal. Entitlement, Selfishness, Access to Money, Lawyers, Other Attractive People. Plus most celebrities seek fame because they already have a personality disorder, and suffer from serious insecurity. Add Fame and the combination creates a walking time bomb. I would wager a guess that one or both Pete & Ashlee, are suffering emotional issues and potential substance abuse/control issues.

  46. The_Porscha says:

    Is the use of the word “erratic” a reference to his bipolar disorder? Perhaps they’re trying to implicate that he’s off his meds or something? I’d really like to know what they mean.

  47. mauibound says:

    It’s a shame, but did anyone really not see this coming?

  48. Ari says:

    I always got a bi-sexual vibe off of him sort of like the lead singer for Greenday who has admitted to being bi-sexual. So maybe he needed some man ass (or she got tired of him needing it) lol

  49. Tess says:

    @ RHONYC, I co-sign.

    @ Lisa Turtle

    There’s a major difference between then and now. The difference is that the culture did not simply yawn and condone divorce and single motherhood. It was considered a failure and there was some shame attached to those situations, which tended to make them less prevalent.

    Read Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan (D-NY) about the dangers of society defining deviancy down. He was prophetic.

  50. Embee says:

    If he is bipolar this is totally understandable. That disease can be literally unbearable for a spouse. I know from personal experience.

  51. gabs says:

    This came out of nowhere. I dont like ashlee either but for some reason as a couple I liked them. Too bad.

  52. gabs says:

    This came out of nowhere. I dont like ashlee either but for some reason as a couple I liked them. Too bad.

  53. merry says:

    Soooo…Wentz&Simpson, Brand&Perry(in a maybe real near future)…votes on the third couple?

  54. fabgrrl says:

    @Ari — that is a very ignorant statement. Bisexual people do not need to be with both a man and a woman at the same time. Grow up!

  55. Just Me says:

    The Alice in Wonderland wedding theme
    said it all . . . so am I surprised?
    Yes . . . but only that it lasted this long!

  56. TG says:

    She probably got tired of sharing her skinny jeans with him. They are both gross.

  57. Ari says:

    @fabgrrl I was joking around – so why don’t you grow up or better yet, grow a sense of humor 🙂

  58. EdithP says:

    I, too, thought it was “disco queen” but also thought it was “rapped by disco queen”. So confused.

    I see photos of the little boy with Pete a lot — more so than with Ashley. If he’s so erratic, why does she let him be alone with his child?

  59. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Relli, she Yoko-ed Fallout Boy!

    @devilgirl re: the prenup, ITA. What did Ashlee come into the marriage with? Her singing “career” was over with that SNL “hoe down” incident.@Reily, you forgot her melrose place fail.@Lisa Turtle, ITA. I’ve also read that educational discrepancies factor into the divorce rate; as well as instances where women make significantly more money than men.

  60. Rasputina says:

    HEY DEARIES! I know it’s so offtopic, but since this post seems to be getting attention, fellow followers, help a sister out! Can you identify the man on the photograph?

    Urgent. Timebomb urgent.
    Also, jesus christ I swear this separation happened because women, you see, can’t stand when a dude is glued to the goddamn mirror.

  61. DetRiotgirl says:

    Well, color me surprised! But, honestly, I had no hope of catching this one. I didn’t even know fall out boy had broken up! Also, does anyone else see Ashlee’s old face slowly peeking out in recent pictures?

    Eh, this is kind of sad. I sort of liked them together. But, the saddest thing of all about this couple will always be that poor child’s name; Bronx Mowgli Simpson Wentz. Ouch.

  62. Stephie says:

    All the “couple’s statements” sound exactly alike. How unoriginal.

  63. TQB says:

    Why is papa Joe the wrong one over the prenup? Ashlee is no Jessica. What’s she done lately? Half a season of Melrose? Fall Out Boy is huge; I see the lack of prenup biting Pete, not A-Simp.

  64. Reece says:

    NOOO! I really thought these two would make it.

  65. gg says:

    This is why I wish people would wait at least 3 years of at least KNOWING each other, let alone being committed, before bringing another child into the world with a broken family. Especially celebs. jeeze. It’s not like everybody didn’t see this coming.

  66. Rosanna says:

    Women with good money who file for spousal “support” makes me want to barf.

  67. Sparkly says:

    Everyone’s really surprised? I called it when they got married.

  68. Ron says:

    I understand divorce and sometimes it is the answer, however, after 3 years? Just sounds like they got to a problem in the relationship, which all relationships have, and she just threw in the towel. If it’s not worth working on after 3 years, why even bother getting married in the first place? The sanctity of marriage at work again I see.

  69. Zelda says:

    I usually hate 2-tone hair, but I really like hers in the 3rd pic, for some reason

  70. Leticia says:

    @RHONNYC, totally agree.

    @Tess, agree

  71. Bopa says:

    They’re not annoying enough for me to revel in their divorce especially with a child invovled.

  72. fizXgirl314 says:

    ha ha

  73. mike says:

    To all those going gooey over the good ole’ 50’s…

    Guess what? People stayed together because women had no choice, were given none, and men could slap around their wives with near impunity.

    Yeah, culture in the 50’s frowned upon divorce. It also largely turned blind eye to the black eye… from douchebag husbands’ fists.

    Gee golly, I bet a return to the 50’s would be so darn nice. Nothing easier than a b*tchslap to fix them uppity wemmin, eh?

  74. Henriette says:

    I don’t really care about either one and the fact they had a shot-gun wedding when she was all of, what, 23 years old (?) makes me not surprised that they split. And yet, this news makes me sad. They actually seemed well-suited: him with his bipolar condition and her with her variety of issues. I hoped that they could make it. I bet this is going to get ugly, alas.

  75. serena says:

    I didn’t see that coming. I liked them together, it’s a pity.. kind of sad..

  76. mike says:

    @the couple,

    I never thought I’d find a worse actor than Ashlee… until I saw Pete’s cameo in One Tree Hill. Wow that was bad. Even I could–and did–act better in high school plays

    And how short is the guy? He must’ve got some serious Tom Cruise lifts or something.

    Lastly, I agree with others going “why blame Papa Simpson?!” Ashley aint’ got jack compared to Pete. No wonder she’s asking for spousal support from HIM!

  77. lolalola3 says:

    Agree with Rosanna, What’s up with her asking for “Spousal Support”? What, she can’t get a job? Geez girl! Get off your bony ass!

  78. brenda says:

    @ Kasey

    I thought the same exact thing. It’s like they replace the names of the parties and release the same statement. Funny thing is, they all say this right before everything goes to s***. Case in point, Halle and Gabriel.

  79. brenda says:

    @ Kasey

    I thought the same exact thing. It’s like they replace the names of the parties and release the same statement. Funny thing is, they all say this right before everything goes to s***. Case in point, Halle and Gabriel.

  80. Grace says:

    I must be a huge dork as well because I find this news kind of sad. And I don’t even know why since I never even thought of them as a real couple (They seemed more like a couple of sorority sisters who were raising a child together. I had mental images of life at their house being like one never-ending slumber party.)

  81. Danie says:

    Her family seems very difficult to deal with.
    I do see him with Bronx way more than her, but this could just mean he goes to frequently papped areas, not that she doesn’t spend as much time with their child. Kinda like how Tom Cruise displays his family.

  82. Moreaces says:

    Maybe because he refers to himself as a boy, when he is a grown man, I did not see this coming either, they did seem to just fit perfectly together.

  83. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    oh well, another one bites the dust!!

  84. Shannon says:

    I’m with you, I liked them together. I didn’t like either of them before they were married, especially Ashlee’s famewhorey annoying personality. She totally chilled out when she settled down, got married and had Bronx and now she seems kind of cool. At least she hasn’t subjected anyone to her singing in a while.

  85. Danie says:

    Ron- I understand divorce and sometimes it is the answer, however, after 3 years? Just sounds like they got to a problem in the relationship, which all relationships have, and she just threw in the towel. If it’s not worth working on after 3 years, why even bother getting married in the first place? The sanctity of marriage at work again I see.

    I used to see it this way, but I have had a change of heart. I have been working (and I mean damn hard! a lot of time) on my relationship for over 7 years. When do you get to the point when you feel that you might be spending your time, spiritual energy, your heart into something else? We are only here once and this is a lot of years.
    Plus, he never gets it ( I don’t know if he even can anymore) and I am only one who doesn’t think I am above having to change my thinking on some things.

  86. Risa says:

    I was at the Hard Rock in Chicago for new years and Ashley was no where to be seen in that Ciroc party! I wondered why she was not there with him the entire night!!

  87. Dana M says:

    I’ll say it again: celebrities should not have children. Their relationships do not last and the people that really suffer and have coping issues with their break ups are the innocent children. They didn’t ask to be put on this earth……gosh, selfish Hollywood people!!

  88. Bodhi says:

    Celebrities shouldn’t have children? Wow, thats really harsh…

    Anyway… I saw this coming a million miles away. I bet Pete dumped her because he couldn’t deal with her high maintenance bullshit anymore.

    Also, he is bipolar? Is this a verified fact? I ask because I really hate it when people speculate on those kinds of things.

  89. TeeTee says:

    Jessica and Ash will both get sloppy drunk and bash men as Jess drunkenly claws for her bought fiancee to keep her glass full or ELSE…Jess will go down the NICK lane…

    its all down hill from there.

  90. Dingles says:

    “these fughking disposible marriages are SO over!”

    I completely agree with this. It is beyond my comprehension how there’s people who have to nerve to rant about the “sanctity of marrige” when marriage means so little to people these days. People getting married after a few months of dating then calling it quits after a year. It’s disgusting, and yes I am totally judging other people on this matter.

    I think people (especially women) just want to be engaged, then star in their pretty pretty princess wedding, then be able to say they’re married, then…nothing. Once it loses that new marriage smell, people just give up, shrug and divorce like it’s no big deal. I know a girl my age who married, filed for divorce two years later, then remarried another guy ONE WEEK after her divorce became final. I mean, honestly.

    People do what they want. That’s their right. But I wish all these immature narcissists who just want to play house for a few years would stop with the wedding “vows” since they have no intention of keeping them; it’s insulting to people who actually respect those vows and the concept of marriage.

    Maybe if people gave more “careful consideration” to getting married than getting divorced, this wouldn’t be so big an issue.

  91. Celebtalk says:

    Why would Ashley ask for spousal support… Leave the mans money alone.

  92. RHONYC says:

    @ Lisa Turtle:

    Right, because nobody had a shotgun marriage, or got a quickie divorce in the 1950s.

    *Rolls eyes*



    people did.

    my (soon 2 b) in-laws in fact.

    it actually ‘was’ a shotgun wedding at age 16.

    and after 4 kids, 10 grandkids, defeats, triumphs, & 50 years of the good, the bad & the ugly all while being each others best friend, they are STILL together and STILL all over each other (which i admit is sometimes gross, lol).

    quitting just for quitting sake is lame.

    people from their generation seemed to be made up of a different stock. one with more fortitude in their commitments.

    my observation.

    that is all. 😛

    *Batting eyes*

  93. dragonlady sakura says:

    She got tired of fighting over the mirror and eyeliner.

  94. Kim says:

    Probably because he is hooking up with the female singer in his new band.

  95. Cherry Rose says:

    Even though he’s emo, I actually like Pete. I think he’s sweet and is a good dad. I think it was Ashley with all the issues. She definitely had jealousy issues and was very high matientence.

  96. anyhoo says:

    @ Embee

    Me too.

  97. DetRiotgirl says:

    Ooooo… Radar has a picture of them looking happy and together that’s just two days old! They also say that Pete was quoted at the time as saying he had a special surprise for Ashlee for Valentine’s day. I guess she had one for him too… DIVORCE! *ba-dum-ching*

    Seriously though, I wonder what happened that they could go from family photo op and valentines day talk to divorce in two days? I smell a fantastic scandal! While as I said before, I am somewhat sad about these two breaking up, I cannot wait for this one to get ugly! It already has all the early signs of a truly great gossip explosion. To the Simpson-Wentz family, I say both condolences and bring on the crazy!

  98. Embee says:

    Hey anyhoo — whole different ballgame, yes?

  99. Patrice says:

    This one makes me really sad too 🙁 People in our society don’t seem to understand that when you take vows of “forever” that doesn’t mean “until things get a little bit difficult”.

    I don’t pretend to know what went on in this relationship, but two years?! Geez. That seems to be the magic number for those Simpson girls…just sayn’.

  100. jemshoes says:

    Great comments RHONYC! It’s uplifting to have people in this day and age stick up for marriage, and not simply dismiss it as an “institution” or as a piece of paper that means nothing but legalism. It’s too easy to play house than to marry these days, and the irony seems to be that as we expect more of others we expect less and less of ourselves. Someone once said that wedding vows should be framed in the “I WILL” context, not “I DO.” I WILL means choice, decision and an act of will. I WILL is more likely to get you through the bad days. Not all marriages can be saved through sheer willpower alone, but there’s a lot to be said for those of us trying to make it work because we believe marriage is more than just a legal arrangement to share assets, etc.

  101. Camille says:

    Maybe she didn’t like his new afro hair style? j/k

    Its always sad when a couple/family with children splits up, but can’t say that I didn’t see this coming eventually.
    It seemed to me that they had a bit of a ‘shot gun wedding’ (you just know that was Papa Joes idea) and overall everything about them seemed to happen too fast.

    I don’t know why these celebs seemingly give up so easily on their marriages. Relationships take work sure, but you can make it fun ‘work’ 😉 .

    @Dingles: Excellent comment. ITA.

  102. Aspie says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve never like Ashely Simpson after seeing her behave so rudely and talk so snottily to an an employee at a Toronto McDonalds a few years back (YouTube link:

    The whole thing was just disgusting to watch as jumped on the counters as if she wasn’t raised with better manners and talking down to the workers. Who does she think she is? Sure, she was young and she made a mistake. But still, her obnoxious behavior left a lasting impression on others.

    The only one to feel bad for in this divorce situation is their poor son.

  103. Tori says:

    I’m very saddened by this split. Don’t know why…I just thought these crazy kids would last. Perhaps they’ll be like Pink and Corey…divorce and re-unite!

  104. Listerino says:

    Wow didn’t see this one coming. I like Ashlee despite her faults and was really hoping these two kids could make it.
    Like most have said it’s disappointing people give up so easily on marriage these days.

  105. Chickadees4me says:

    @mike thanks for reminding us that the good ole days were not necessarily good. I would not want a throwback to that.

  106. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ RHONYC:
    people from their generation seemed to be made up of a different stock. one with more fortitude in their commitments.

    Um, what generation are you referring to? Because the Baby Boomers inaugerated the rise in the divorce rate to 50%. The Baby Boomers. The generation born in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Pete & Ashley are just following in the footsteps of a trail that was blazed before they were born. That 76-year-old couple that you know represents only half the reality. Just because they made it, doesn’t mean everyone will or should. Frankly, I think its judgmental and close-minded of you to write off divorce as “quitting for quitting’s sake.” I don’t think that is a fair assessment of their personal crisis. Nobody gets married thinking of their divorce date. Clearly thats the reason why these two don’t have a prenup.

    And @mike is right. The 1950s weren’t all they were cracked up to be. There were no civil rights, there was no Title IX, there was major political and social repression. Unwed mothers existed. They were just sent away to special State-run homes until they gave birth and were forced to give the baby up for adoption.

  107. lachica says:

    it’s the Halle effect. Ashley probably discovered that Pete has more than one drop. lol!

  108. RHONYC says:

    @ Lisa Turtle:

    my comments are self-explanatory.

    i see you are into the mathematics of things (dates, and percentages of things)…but my in-laws are 66 yrs old, not 76, as i clearly mentioned, they married at 15 + 50 years together makes = 66yrs.

    nice try, tho. 😉

    i am not judgemental in speaking about divorce, but again, i am referencing from personal experience being a former young divorcé (i used to LOVE calling myself a ‘divorcé’…so very Alexis Carrington, lol) 😆

    i know what it’s like to throw up your hands, instead of rolling up your sleeves to dig in and not give up.

    but, whatever…i’m missing top chef.


  109. RHONYC says:

    oops, i meant got married at 16.

  110. cara says:

    I know…..why do I care too??? But I do. I was hoping these two crazy kids would of made it work.

    (anyone else confused too….for if you too are a gossip, mind numbing junkie,like myself, you too must of saw the x17online pics of them the other day…..and they looked happy, content. A bit odd maybe with their new ‘doo’s …but DEF not headed for a divorce)

  111. jzhz says:

    Why is this sad? Sometimes, when relationships end, it’s really for the best.

  112. Newbie says:

    #44: LOVE YOU. Practically died on the floor laughing!

    I don’t want to disrespect anyone who gets a divorce. There are times when the sitch isn’t ideal and there’s nothing you can do about it. But I do think that people “quit for the sake of quitting” a lot these days. I think I may have said this before on another thread, but my marriage has been really hard. I married someone completely opposite of myself in every way, and I’ve wanted out a million times. But we keep working on it, and we keep getting fulfillment from it. Not from the passion that brought us together but from the longevity. True joy and happiness comes with years of sacrifice. I know I’ve probably offended some on here just by saying so. I don’t mean any harm. I know that it takes two to tango. My aunt married two douchebags who abused her and her kids. Sometimes divorce is the only option.

  113. S says:

    @Rasputina – I am fairly certain the man in that photograph is that acrobat dude who slept with approximately sixty hundred girls and gave them all AIDS.

    Also, Ashley probably broke up with Pete once she saw his real hair.

  114. ses says:

    @ Bodhi:

    NOT a Fallout Boy/Pete Wentz fan by any means but know that he has been on meds for bipolar disorder since he was 18 and he’s fairly vocal about his mental health.

    Found an article in which Pete credits Bronx for making his bipolar easier to deal with. If marriage and fatherhood were so stabilizing for him, this divorce (and subsequent custody agreement) is really going to throw him for a loop.

  115. original kate says:

    if those two crazy kids can’t make it work what hope do the rest of us have?

  116. Dana M says:

    @#88- the reality of responsibility can be harsh sometimes.

    I respect celebs like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston who dont seem like they are trying to trap men for their DNA.

    I hope Bronx is able to cope well with their break up.