Christina Aguilera is “terrified” she’ll drunkenly bomb at the Grammys too


Christina Aguilera’s status has been set at “Hot Mess” for so long, I’ve kind of forgotten whether she ever really had it together. The SuperBowl debacle was just the latest in a line of Xtina’s embarrassments and failures, although to give her credit, I believe flubbing the lyrics to the National Anthem was probably her most-watched and most-discussed debacle yet. So, of course, Christina is going to try to top it. Did you know that she’s performing at the Grammys? Ugh. She’s part of the tribute to Aretha Franklin, so I guess the new lyrics will be “R-E-S-P-think what doing to me!”

Christina Aguilera will try to shake off her disastrous Super Bowl performance with a tribute to Aretha Franklin at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. Sources close to the singer tell me she’s still shaken up by her “Star-Mangled Banner” moment and prays this performance will offer her a chance at redemption with fans.

“This is a huge night for Christina so she’s leaving nothing to chance,” an insider tells me. “All the lyrics to her number will be in a TelePrompter at the event so it will be almost impossible for her to mess up again.”

We all know the girl can hit the right notes (what a voice!), but it’s good to know she’s got a safety net for a little thing called lyrics.

Since her Super Bowl performance, Christina has come under fire from critics suggesting she has been spiraling out of control since she announced her divorce, and there were even some vicious reports that she might have had a few too many drinks before the big game. (Others still have suggested Xtina has been out of sorts since her last studio album, ‘Bionic,’ failed to sell.)

But as one of her biggest hits makes perfectly clear, Christina is a true “fighter” and will no doubt rebound from this setback.

“You would be a fool to count Christina out,” a friend of the singer’s tells me. “She has been down before and always found her way back. Sure, she’s going through a lot and yes she is terrified, but mark my words, on Sunday when she opens the Grammys, no one will be talking about the Super Bowl anymore. This girl is in the to win it.”

Ronn D. Torossian, president & CEO of 5W Public Relations, agrees, telling me, “Christina will recover, this was a mistake, not blatant disrespect. While this was a very high profile flub, in the annals of her career this will be seen as a footnote and not as the headline. This too shall pass, and she will absolutely recover.”

After all, everyone is rooting for her. Jared Shapiro, executive editor of Life & Style, says, “‘Burlesque,’ the Super Bowl and Grammys — if this is a down year, I can’t wait to see her comeback!”

[From PopEater]

Well, of course formal business types are supporting her. She threatens to fire anyone who suggests that she’s a hot mess. When will someone just say to her, “Christina, chica, wash those layers of pancake makeup off your face, take off that tacky wig and let’s talk about your drug and alcohol abuse problem. You have issues.” Oh, but here’s something: if (and when) she messes up one of Aretha’s songs, Aretha will probably whip her ass.



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  1. brin says:

    Hey, here’s an idea….don’t drink/do drugs.

  2. Jezi says:

    Good grief, why do I picture another Britneyesque MTV Awards debacle in sight? I really am scared for this performance. I just wish when celebs are going through some tough times, they lay low, work on their issues and then come back as if nothing ever happened and rearing to go. NOOOOO!!!! They have to go and embarass themselves and then attempt to climb out of the huge hole they dug.

  3. Gabriela says:

    Ugh she doesn’t look good fat.

  4. risa says:

    I would love to see a duet between xtina and britney 🙂

  5. filthycute says:

    Miss Piggy 🙂

  6. anoneemouse says:

    Jessica Simpson 2.0….just sayin…

  7. what? says:

    WTF the girl aint fat! i really dont like Christina but i’m sick of people saying shes fat because shes not a fucking rake.

  8. David says:

    OMG she is huge.

  9. di butler says:

    Fat? She’s not fat, but at her height, which is 5’2, she can’t carry excess without looking puffy. I worry for her, she doesn’t look healthy and seems mentally off-kilter. Hopefully, she can pull it back together.

  10. Megan says:

    Why is she so big suddenly?

  11. samigirl says:

    She certainly is proud of those big, ugly, fake boobs. Uch. I hope she flubs worse than the Super Bowl. I know it’s terrible, but I love Trainwreck Christina.

  12. gabs says:

    You’re being really harsh. Yeah she is a mess personally but that doesnt take away her talent.Xtinas last grammy performance , the James Brown tribute was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Bionic is a pretty good album. It only failed because of bad promo and marketing. The theme was to close to gaga and people turned on her.Im sure with so much pressure on her right now shell pull it together and belt out the aretha song just fine. She probably grew up on Aretha like all of us and knows the words just fine. The national anthem is not the kind of song everyone knows the words to.Shes a huge mess and shes got problems but I dont understand why everyone is hoping for her to fail.

  13. Juice says:

    Id love to see what these people who are calling her fat look like…hmmmmm

  14. Quest says:

    Xtina could nail the vocals if she would only remember the god damn words.

  15. Marjalane says:

    Really, a teleprompter? I’ve never thought of Aretha Franklins music as something you could use a prompter for. What’s she going to do, have her “soulful yodeling” spelled out phonetically? It wasn’t just the words she messed up on Sunday- she butchered the melody with her ego, as well.

  16. jc126 says:

    I wish people would lay off her for the Star Spangled Banner screwup. Really, anybody could make a mistake and get panicky. It’s not like she tried to do it poorly.

  17. juliana says:

    And she could leave the vocal gymnastics out while she’s at it.
    Girl can sing, I just don’t know why she has to growl and whoop when she does.

  18. Elfie says:

    I knw this place is called CeleBitchy and all, but what with all of this “she is huge” or “she is fat!” comments? Really? So what? She is human, she has weakness like we all do. And about the messing with the anthem, I don’t think is a big deal. She was probably nervous… or drunk… but still, she is not the first one or be the last one to do it.

    She’s having a rough time. Give her a break.

  19. devilgirl says:

    I want to know, who tells her she looks good when she goes out??? WHO????

  20. Aly says:

    @Marjalane. Exactly

  21. mika says:

    Maybe it’s just me… (or perhaps I am the only one brave enough to admit it) but I really didn’t notice that she flubbed up the words. It’s barely noticeable. I personally thought she sang with a lot of soul and passion & that’s what counts. Let’s give this girl a break already!

  22. anoneemouse says:

    “I wish people would lay off her for the Star Spangled Banner screwup. Really, anybody could make a mistake and get panicky. It’s not like she tried to do it poorly.”

    Ummmm….I’m sure she was handsomely paid for singing at the Superbowl so of course she’s being persecuted for it. It was a mess!

    She is turning into Jessica Simpson!

  23. crab says:

    Isn’t using a telepromter to read the words while you sing called karoake ?

  24. hmm(the original) says:

    So, I guess it’s okay to call her fat because she used to be skinny? hmm… It’s downright mean to talk about Kelly Clarkson or Jessica Simpson’s weight but it’s okay to vilify Xtina for being heavier than she should be. Okay.
    Xtina sung the anthem at the NBA Finals last year, twice and did it well. It’s sad for her that she messed up on the biggest stage but really it’s not as if she ran off screaming hysterically from the stadium. No, she messed up and she finished the song. It’s obvious that she’s going through some personal issues and she needs to pull it together (and needs to wipe off the makeup and stop oversinging, too.) But, I want to know what she has done to deserve this level of contempt from calling her floptina to wishing that she bombs on the Grammys.. It’s no wonder that she’s struggling because an awful lot of people seem to take great pleasure in her pain and struggle.

  25. Xisme says:

    i love american there so pathetic. Christina was clearly not drunk but hey something to make a quick dollar or two i guess its good for your country since your in what $14trillion of debt bahahahahaha. Christina will recover from this but people who say horrible things will forever be the same and will forever been some of the 10% unwanted people on this planet “bullies”. Christina as you sang on stripped “Keep Singing Your Song” and Also continue to be a “fighter” my heart is with you all the time and with all the others who are treated badly by the press and by there country as a whole not just that but also by bullies.

  26. dd says:

    Burlesque made over 80 000 0000 $, super bowl… come on it is the publicity you can’t buy and now Grammy. She should be very happy. Everybody is talking about her.

  27. Petra says:

    You guys are horrible lol

  28. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Here’s a radical idea: How about not getting shitfaced before having to do real important stuff? The rest of us working stiffs can seem to manage it without raking in millions.

  29. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    Whoop, Kaiser:-). While I love it when you get all buck and gangsta, when Aretha tears into somebody, she WHOOPS arse. She’s from Detroit and is gangsta.

    And for the readers who commented on it – Aretha is also the heavy lady here, not Xtina. She ain’t got nothing but a little bit of baby fat and divorce bloat. I think it kinda looks good on her, actually. She was unrealistically thin before. She’s finally got the heft and ‘liciousness to match the phat voice.

    Still loving Xtina (and Kaiser:-), despite the hate from the readers and cute whip quips. Kinda worried about Aretha, though. I know its an awful thought, especially if she did have pancreatic cancer, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the rumor was started by some crap pr person trying to hide a gastric bypass and Whitney’s Aunt Rere is gonna reappear all Star Jonesey and whatnot. Can you imagine the hate that will spew from those photos?

  30. Danny says:

    “a true fighter”. Ugh, what a cliche. She has overcome such insurmountable odds. A true fighter to keep the clown lipstick off.

  31. 4Real says:

    You mean I have to hear the drunk bayou yodler AGAIN?! Get it together Xtina and check caloric intake for the love of GOD!

  32. Jayna says:

    Spare me. Made up story. I need to quit the internet. What a waste of space. She wasn’t drunk. She was nervous in front of over 100 million people watching and flubbed a verse and made a nice recovery. Her video showing her rehearsing was great. Gossip rags making up stories and people like us wasting our lives commenting. I’m ashamed. Now back to real news – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. LOL

  33. sassenach says:

    @ Xisme If you hate Americans so much then why are you on a website full of Americans? If you want to be effective at trash talking our country how about you start with at least being able to make a coherent sentence.

  34. Dhavy says:

    At least she can sing.

    How many times haven’t they shown singers messing up the anthem? why is this different? The superbowl is not a prestigious event where your skills are tested besides, I bet half the people watching were probably so drunk by the time she came out they didn’t even noticed until the media pointed it out. I rather listen to her singing the wrong line than listen to some atrocious halftime event

    I think she should should do something about the way she dresses and all that damn make up. People should lay off her weight

  35. Lindsay says:

    anoneemouse – They don’t pay performers, even the people who play at halftime, they only cover travel expense and accommodations.

    crab – singing off a teleprompter isn’t karaoke but singing someone else’s famous song, while the lyrics are scrolling on a teleprompter, with a pre-recorded backtrack (probably) is pretty damn close.

    But a teleprompter doesn’t seem like a well thought out plan. I think it would be hard to read scrolling words while singing and moving around. Learn the lyrics and practice.

  36. Psyren says:

    “so I guess the new lyrics will be “R-E-S-P-think what doing to me!”

    That was so wrong but I laughed so hard my co worker had to come over and see WTF my problem was.

  37. Kim says:

    If she was a true professional she would LEARN the words and not need a teleprompter!

    Set the bottle down and learn the lyrics for goodness sake!!

  38. Kim says:

    Devilgirl- I know right????

    Her YES team im sure. Most celebs have a team of people surrounding them who only tell them yes yes yes and how fabulous they are/look and never tell them the truth for fear of losing their job.

    Im convinced this is why so many women in Hollywood have terrible platsic surgery, botox, fish lips etc that look terrible to everyone but no one in their inner circle has guts to tell them.

  39. mauibound says:

    @ 18 it’s called celebitchy for a reason bitches…

  40. Trippin says:

    She’s morphing into Mae West!

  41. motheroftheyear says:

    That WEAVE!!! Oh, it’s so tragic. Just dry and malnourished. In desperate need of some Soul Glo. Or a damn brush.

    Just let your Soul Glo..
    Just let it shine through..
    Just let your Soul Glo…
    Feelin’ oh-so-silky smooth..

  42. kg says:

    i dont think she deserves this a assassination of character
    of style maybe

    of character noooo
    either way her bod is gorgeous

  43. MJ says:

    She DOES look like Mae West, haha!

    The SuperBowl flub was pretty minor, and her outfit was (for her) surprisingly good.

    She won’t have a “Britney moment” at the Grammys b/c she CAN actually sing. That said, if she could stop with the crazy makeup and vocal hysterics, she’d be a lot more enjoyable.

  44. Kasper says:

    she’s totally rancid. how is it we still know who she is?

  45. CB Rawks says:

    Her yellow teeth are grossing me out.

  46. Zelda says:

    WHY would you wear square-toed shoes with a cocktail dress? Why?

  47. MyCatLoves TV says:

    Let me start out by saying I think this woman has talent and has had talent since she was the tiny little girl with the big voice. But singing/performing is her job and has been her chosen profession for many many years. We all have to do our jobs well or our bosses have our asses. In a way, the public is Christina’s boss. She is not a newbie to the public eye, she’s sung before huge crowds for all her adult life and sung this particular song many times perfectly. She’s a professional and needs to start acting like one. Falling down drunk everywhere isn’t helping. No wonder we are wondering if she was drunk or hung over up there. Professionals practice their craft and at her level of the game should be spot on during their performances. If you or I were at the level at our jobs that she is at hers and effed up something as important at she did, our asses would be called into the boss’s office for a dressing down big time. Rehearsal…what a concept, Christina, maybe you should try it next time. (And, please, jazz up contemporary music all you want…but leave the damn howling out of our National Anthem. As you might have noticed, people in this country get their panties in a twist when you screw around with it. It’s a hard enough song to sing anyway. If you sing it right and hit the notes, people will stand and cheer.)

  48. ThatBoyLuke says:

    Why is it that when you do one thing wrong people start acting like you’ve been doing it your whole life?
    She forgets the words once so now she’s slack and doesn;t give a fuck.
    She gets drunk and lays down at a party once so now she’s falling over left right and centre drunk? LOL…

    I hope she hits this performance outta the park, all her other Grammy performances have been amazing!