Is Chelsea Clinton’s six-month marriage already in tatters?


CB and I were divided about whether anyone would be interested in all of the Chelsea Clinton gossip that’s been happening over the past few weeks. Last week (or the week before, whatever), the Enquirer seemed to start things off when they claimed that just a few months in, Chelsea’s marriage was in tatters:

CHELSEA CLINTON’s new husband walked out on her after a knock-down, drag-out fight over starting a family, sources say, and now the former first daughter wants an annulment!

Just six months after marrying into the Clinton clan, Marc Mezvinsky has quit his cushy Wall Street job to be a ski bum in Wyoming, leaving a devastated Chelsea behind in their New York apartment, insiders say.

“Marc has us ALL worried. I think he’s clearly undergoing a crisis,” said Marc’s first cousin, Andrea Mezvinsky. “He’s known Chelsea for a long time, but I think he’s having trouble coping with the pressure of being in the spotlight.”

Now Chelsea, 30, is begging her parents – ex-president Bill and Secretary of State Hillary – to straighten out her marital mess, sources say.

“Chelsea has asked her mother and dad if they could help her get an annulment,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “She’s heartbroken, but she isn’t afraid to end the marriage. She regrets now that she ever married Marc.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Of course there was a denial – straight to People Magazine. A family friend of told People, “The happy couple are happy. Any report suggesting there is trouble in the marriage is absolutely false.” BUT – People ended up confirming certain points of the Enquirer’s reporting – Marc quit his job and he’s now spending his “free time” skiing in Wyoming while Chelsea pursues her PhD at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. People notes that Chelsea “is visiting him there when she can” and “A rep for Chelsea declined to comment.” Interesting…

And now Star Magazine has put the drama on their cover this week! According to Jezebel’s tabloid-round-up, an insider tells Star: “Marc made a mistake getting married because he simply wasn’t ready… He pretty much told her he does not see kids in his future.” And Chelsea is “dying to be a mom.” Chelsea and Marc have known each other for decades, and whoops, Marc is already back in New York with Chelsea because they were together at the AmFar event last night. Marc looks sheepish. Like Bubba threatened him with a bat. So… a big to do over nothing?



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  1. JenJen says:

    If he doesn’t want to work now that he’s married, I say she should kick him to the curb.

  2. Andrea says:

    What?. . . he couldn’t shave for the occasion. Chelsea – you can do better!!

  3. renai(jrt) says:

    I hope she didnt pick one that is like her father.

  4. brin says:

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Inquiring minds want to know…who quits their job to be a ski bum and leaves his wife for 3 months?

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    I am totally interested! I hope they are not in trouble I really like her and how she has handled her life.

    Don’t you think you should discuss the whole children thing before you get married???

  6. renai(jrt) says:

    i wonder why she wants an annulment… is Chelsea that religious?? who knew

  7. liz says:

    It seems to me that topics like marriage lifestyle and when to bear children really should be addressed before the wedding. My boyfriend and I have already discussed these things and I expect that should things start to lead down a certain path for us, those topics will only come into conversation again BEEFORE any lifelong promise is made.

    This all just seems very hasty and irresponsible from both parties.

  8. renai(jrt) says:

    and how much money did our tax dollars (money that Hillary and Bill siphoned) shell out for this six month marriage?? what a waste of money

  9. WYIJM says:

    She’s looking good!

  10. lilred says:

    They Have known each other for decades and life in the spot light bothers him NOW? I call crock…

    In other news what the heck happened to Cyndi Laupers face?

  11. Lynda says:

    She looks great, but what kind of nervous breakdown did he have? Can’t handle being in the spotlight? What spotlight? He should talk to his in-laws about being in the spotlight. What a douche.

  12. Kaiser says:

    I believe the Clintons are Baptists or Episcopalian, and Marc is Jewish. I believe their wedding was interfaith.

  13. Ginevra says:

    It is well known down here in Washington that Chelsea does not talk to the media, ever, under any circumstances. So I don’t think it’s suspect that her rep declined to comment…

    It is strange that he just quit his job to be a ski bum, but perhaps that is normal among trust fund recipients.

    Either way, I’d be sad if they got divorced so soon!

  14. spinner says:

    Bill & Hillary’s advice to her??

    “Suck it up & pretend like we do.”

  15. sapphire says:

    I hope things work out for her, I like her. But it seems weird not to talk about a visitor who may have no plans to leave for 18 years.

  16. DGO says:

    I think he’s the one who could do better. Chelsea has some issues that the American press (but not the British press) have been hiding. He looks haunted in those photos. Run while you can, Marc!

  17. Rita says:


    Genuinely LOL. Great observation but the worst advice a young man or woman who do not have children could be given.

  18. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    It’s not like she had a healthy model of marriage in her parents. I hope for her sake she learned from their mistakes. I come from a similar (less glamorous) place. The daughter of a small town politician who screwed around on his successful, career driven wife. Like Bill and Hillary, they stayed together to keep up appearances (and to avoid having to divide assets). They absolutely abhor eachother and are both miserable. Growing up surrounded by infidelity and mistrust, I sometimes bring these issues into my marriage; wondering if my husband could be doing some of the things my father did to my mother. Bottom line is, even if her husband isn’t like Bill, he will pay for the sins of her father. Or I could just be projecting 😉

  19. fabgrrl says:

    @renari(jrt) – “and how much money did our tax dollars (money that Hillary and Bill siphoned) shell out for this six month marriage?? what a waste of money”


  20. nycmom10024 says:

    Hilary is Methodist, Bill is Baptist.

    @renai(jrt) you are like a gopher that suddenly appeared on the golf course popping out of the holes every few post.
    What is going on? Just curious? First the comments on the Halle post a couple of days ago you let us know your feeling for Obama, now here you let how know how you feel about former Prez Clinton. I understand the comments on the on the Lee article, but…

  21. brin says:

    @DGO…..enlighten, please.

  22. alma says:

    on another note: he waist is tiny! i’m so jealous

  23. Amanda says:

    Chelsea looks really good!!!

  24. Jackson says:

    Chelsea looks great. No clue about their marriage. But as was said above, what spotlight would this guy feel like he’s under? Besides, they were together a long time before they got married so whatever interest is paid to them isn’t new. Who knows….

  25. buell says:

    She better check his pockets for cigars.

  26. Relli says:

    @ brin, EXACTLY!

    I really like Chelsea and i want her to succeed in all aspects of life. This sounds like to me entitled persons BS. Relationships are hard, they take work and if you are not used to working for or on things then it could be much more difficult.

  27. DGO says:

    @brin – Drinking problems, almost getting kicked out of university in the UK, not being able to hold onto her big, million-dollar salary position in New York, etc.

    I think the Sun photos of Chelsea drop-down drunk, showing her underwear, are still available on the ‘net.

  28. sassenach says:

    She needs to get back together with Ian Klauss. I think they still love each other.

  29. lucy2 says:

    If she’s pursuing a PhD (good for her!) then I’d be surprised if she really wanted to start a family ASAP. She seems like an intelligent, level headed young woman who makes careful decisions.
    I agree that the kids issue needs to be discussed long before marriage – I’d be surprised if they didn’t discuss it, and think this is just tabloid silliness.
    Him quitting his job like that is a little odd though. I know nothing about him, but I’ve admired how well Chelsea has grown up. Couldn’t have been easy, but she’s done very well.

  30. janie says:

    pretty strange to make such a huge move ie change states/quit job right after getting married…
    something smells funny.

  31. Yadira says:

    I really love her dress, it looks good on her.

    Whatever the situation be, Good luck to her. She seems like a very smart and bright woman and will make the right decision

  32. Roma says:

    Chelsea didn’t convert to Judaism, which for a practicing family creates a problem as in general the child takes the status of their mother. I have known quite a few girls who have converted to appease their future in laws.

    Also, the wedding was held before the end of the Sabbath. I have never known someone of the Jewish faith to marry on a Saturday afternoon.

    I’m all about religious freedom (and I really don’t care who marries whom) but I’m using it as an example. In this case it seems like the Clinton’s side won out in regards to the wedding, so what else has been the Clinton’s way or no way?

    So no. I’m not surprised that Marc wanted to peace out, get some space and go skiing. You don’t leave topics such as “religion” and “kids” open ended before you marry.

  33. KateNonymous says:

    “It is well known down here in Washington that Chelsea does not talk to the media, ever, under any circumstances.”

    Unless there’s a campaign, you mean.

  34. Audrey says:

    She looks great. I think because her father was such a philanderer she has grown up to have the wrong taste in men.

  35. Droll says:

    I heard he actually lost his job, he didn’t quit, so he’s taking a few months off to have fun while Chelsea hits the books before he does the job search thing.

  36. bluhare says:

    What I want to know is who is the guy on the right? He’s got a weird head.

  37. AngelMay says:

    2 boring rich kids. I’m more interested in Lindsay’s KLEPTO situation.

  38. garvels says:

    If there is trouble in paradise,(and that is a big if),it would have been much easier to quietly annul the marriage, if it weren’t for that big circus of a wedding that people won’t soon forget. Just another reason why celebrities should keep their weddings private.

  39. brin says:

    @DGO….first I’ve heard of that, thanks for the post.

  40. Riley says:

    I think it says a lot that he quit his job to ski, especially in this economy while her mother works in the White House and may run again in 2016. It is a very disrespectful, spoiled brat thing to do, and if he has no prospects to go back to work, and be a man, and be a true partner to his wife, he should do the right thing, and let her move on.

  41. Bodhi says:

    I really hope this isn’t a case of “oh he’ll settle down once we get married? because that almost never works.

  42. WOM says:

    That scruffy facial hair, paired w/ an ill-fitting tux at a media event translates into “douche” for me.

    When Chelsea married I was truly hopeful that she would avoid the pitfalls and problems of her parents’ marriage. Alas this doesn’t appear to be the case.

  43. irishserra says:

    I want to know more about Cyndi Lauper’s face…

  44. melinda says:

    I really hope this isn’t true. The first year of marriage, from what I have heard is generally one of the hardest. I got married a week before these 2. There are definitely a lot of adjustments that need to be made. I don’t care what people say, marriage isn’t just a piece of paper, it changes your relationship as it should. I am hoping for the best for them.

  45. guesty says:

    He looks sweaty. Ew. I’m def interested in following this little drama.

  46. metatrix says:

    This seems bizarre. I mean, he could just be your run-of-the-mill immature jerk, but seriously who just up and quits their job to go skiing? Maybe he is having mental health issues, like a manic episode, substance abuse problem, or severe burn out from the stress of his job.

  47. alexandra says:

    @renai What the hell are you talking about? Tax dollars? Elaborate ?
    The Clinton’s are really educated and successful people on their own.
    As the great Martin Luther King Jr. said “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  48. Tess says:

    She ought to get down on her knees every night and thank heaven for the invention of make-up and cosmetic surgery.

    Other than that, I can’t relate to her; her life is entirely unlike mine. She’s lived in a velvet cocoon her entire life. All she’s known is money, power, and the fawning attention of Clinton suck-ups.

  49. renai(jrt) says:

    Its my opinion that the Clintons have laundered money into their pockets from their supposed modest careers that they have chosen. I cant believe that they can sell enough books to pay for the lavish lifestyle that they live. Weren’t there rumors also that they took stuff that didnt belong to them from the white house.

  50. Marjalane says:

    I wonder if they had a pre-nup. Chelsea is set to inherit a big chunk of money someday. Also- CDAn had a blind recently about a recent marriage that was in big trouble. Most people said these two.

  51. renai(jrt) says:

    chemical peel to hold onto her youth.

  52. Tess says:

    @ alexandra and renai

    I’m going to defend renai…I bet uber tax dollars were spent on security and various other questionable expenditures for this $6 million buck dubious, faux royal, joining of two criminal/political dynasties.

  53. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    He looks like he finished a shift prepping food in the basmement of a Greek restaurant. Not that they’re a particularly stylish family, but the Clintons always show up to public appearances looking immaculate (i.e. 90’s Hilary hair was a hit with the moms on the school run when I wan high school)…
    I can’t imagine her parents are loving his look. Clean up for your wife!
    At least…

  54. Melanie says:

    @Jert- I mean JRT: Man are you on fire! Bill gets lotsa money from speaking engagements. Hill is a congresswoman. So,your accusations about the wedding are absurd. You are just typing a bunch of lies and slander on every thread you are on! Are you correspondent for Fox News perchance? My guess is that you are a cheeky wee troll.

  55. bluhare says:

    Bill Clinton is a former POTUS. Of course there’s security, as there is whenever any former President is there. Don’t make a big deal out of nothing.

    And have I had too much coffee, or does that photo of Chelsea remind anyone else of the Katy Perry no makeup photo Russell Brand tweeted?

  56. renai(jrt) says:

    POTUS….thats debatable and your opinion and not mine.

  57. Tess says:

    @ bluhare

    I did separate security from the various questionable expenditures taxpayers probably unknowingly ponied up for.

  58. C-Love says:

    @Tess – Velvet cocoon?! The girl grew up seeing her dad embarrass himself, her mother and their family under an enormous spotlight, which was in no way her choice. No amount of money or power protects one from that kind of horror and damage. How cold-blooded does a person have to be to think Chelsea’s had it made? On paper, sure. But not in reality. Come on!

    Judging from your comments, it sounds like you get your facts/opinions straight from Fox News and/or the Drudge Report. Ick.

  59. renai(jrt) says:

    Melanine, but politicians arent suppose to go into the profession to make money now are they ………but miraculously Bill and Hil who dont come from any sort of money inheritance have become multimillionaires….sorry but I just dont see how anyone but hollywood would pay then a cent to open their mouths. To me they havent earned a cent. They havent produced anything but lies, started any type of business that has given folks a job or anything of the sort. They feed off of gullible people like you…JMO

  60. nycmom10024 says:

    Wow my favorite little gossip site has just gone crazy over the past week or so.

    @Renai whether you voted for Clinton doesn’t much matter, he is the former President of the United States. I am certain you know that is what POTUS stands for. We don’t have to like those who hold public office, but as citizens we are suppose to respect the office. JMO

  61. wunderkindt says:

    No doubt the annulment/divorce will be coming soon!

    It’s over!!!

  62. Jackson says:

    @renai – doesn’t POTUS mean ‘President of the United States?’ How is that debatable? Or does it mean something else I’m not understanding?

    And FWIW, BC got a $15 MILLION dollar advance on his book. Not exactly chump change…not to mention speaking fees that have been reported to total around $65 MILLION dollars since he left office. Not sure why anyone with that kind of cash needs to ‘launder’ money. But, you know, believe what you want.

  63. RHONYC says:

    “….but I think he’s having trouble coping with the pressure of being in the spotlight.”


    i didn’t even know what her husband looked like until this post.


    anyways, chels…hang in there girl & dig in your heels…your mom hils done went through hell & back with your pops.
    maybe you can work it out…or slug it out. just kidding.

    hope they can counsel their way through.


  64. tango says:

    There was a pren-nup. Neither Chelsea Clinton nor her father are stupid regarding protecting the family assets. I think the estimates are she’d inherit about 60+ million when her parents pass away.

    I’m thinking if he did get fired and it was promoted as “he quit” but everyone in town really knows what happened, then maybe the shame of it all made him want to hide out elsewhere for awhile. It would be embarassing and unlike the rest of us, he could at least afford to lick his wounds far away. Therefore, the long stay in Colorado. Secondly, newly married can be a stressful adjustment that maybe he just didn’t handle very well and he needed to get away and figure out if he did want to stay married. Lastly, maybe he realized being unemployed and supported while living with his wife in New York is better than being unemployed and broke and single in Colorado. He who makes the money and pays the bills makes the rules so maybe Marc figured out he needs his wife a lot more than she needs him.

  65. renai(jrt) says:

    moral of the story…….if you do bad things then bad things come back to you….

  66. Embee says:

    His unkempt appearance, pallor and sheen of perspiration speak volumes. Of course one cannot diagnose from a picture but that young man appears to be operating with chemical aides and/or mental health issues.

    It actually angers me that he would disrespect his wife by showing up to an event looking like this. That she allowed it says to me that getting him there was a battle, and that she doesn’t see how shitty he looks anymore because things are so bad at home.


  67. bluhare says:

    Renai JRT: POTUS stands for President of the United States. Are you even willing to argue that one? Sheesh.

    @Tess; “probably” unknowingly paid for . . . PROBABLY? You have no idea, do you?

    Oh yeah, and there’s that one other little pesky fact. Her mother is SECRETARY OF FRICKIN’ STATE!

  68. renai(jrt) says:

    I dont need to be told 5 more times what POTUS stands for…..I just dont like to be reminded of some of our previous men that occupied the position…and that since they did they can still collect benefits from our tax dollar…..

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    The first 3 YEARS of a marriage (at least 3 years) are about adjusting, learning to compromise, and learning to live side-by-side with another wholly-formed (one would hope) human being.

    IT IS NOT EASY! If you are not willing to work *side-eye, Simpson & Wentz* don’t bother to say the vows. THE MARRIAGE IS NOT THE WEDDING. A “marriage” isn’t the fluffy/lacey/goth dress, the booze, and the dancing. A “marriage” is upholding the vows.

  70. Delta Juliet says:

    What the what? Is it just me or are there more and more posts coming from left field?

  71. Fire says:

    delta juliet – you mean RIGHT field ;o)

  72. Embee says:

    I think you mean right field, DJ

  73. samihami says:

    I don’t think Chelsea stands a chance at having a happy and successful marriage; at least not without substantial counseling.

    She grew up watching her parents fighting, her father cheating and humiliating himself and his wife, her mother tolerating his bad behavior for political expediency and generally being disgraces. How would she know what a good marriage is all about? She sure didn’t grow up with one being modeled for her.

  74. peachthief says:

    @ renai – when you state that Clinton’s being a former POTUS is “debatable”, then yes, you DO need to be reminded what it actually means.

    Making vague and completely unsupportable accusations like “didn’t they take stuff from the white house” and “aren’t they siphoning all our tax moneys” just makes you look like an uninformed bigoted idiot.

  75. DrM says:

    @Embee you are a clinical psychologist? You can surmise NOTHING from a picture that is taken under hot lights and with the assist of a zillion flashbulbs. Sometimes people get married and it becomes evident that it isn’t going to work fairly soon after…skiing for three months isn’t a hopeful sign. Things happen…and I agree that where there is a lot of smoke there is usually some form of fire…who knows what goes on. I hope it gets sorted quickly…having completed a PhD myself I know that this is the LAST thing Ms Clinton needs during that process…

  76. Mom says:

    It wasn’t so many years ago that one of the senior President Bush’s daughter’s official divorce was on the line and nobody would even pick it up. Now we have this. We took an interest in her parents marriage years ago. Just what has she done to deserve this? Following your heart isn’t so bad.

  77. Gemini says:

    Funny thing….I alway heard the idiom—coming out of LEFT field, like Juliet.

  78. Bodhi says:

    Wow, some of the delusions that people are laboring under are completely insane. And I am only going to address one of them…

    Of COURSE taxpayer money was used for security for the wedding… her mother, as stated before, is the SECRETARY OF STATE.

    I hated GWB, but that doesn’t make him any more or less of a former POTUS. Some people don’t like Clinton, others don’t like GWB but there is fuck all that any one of us can do to change the past. Get over it, geez…

    Edit: I’m fairly certain “right field” was a play on the accepted idiom “left field”

  79. Embee says:

    No, DrM. That is why I wrote that “one cannot diagnose from a picture but that young man appears to be operating with chemical aides”.

    I’m gossiping.

  80. Zelda says:

    I don’t know if someone mentioned, but there was a recent blind about a high-profile/power-family marriage in which there was a very hush-hush rehab stay JUST before the recent wedding.
    People were thinking these two.
    Looking at the pocs, I’d say yeah….

  81. Cheyenne says:

    renai: moral of the story…….if you do bad things then bad things come back to you…

    WTF did Chelsea do to deserve a deadbeat husband who doesn’t want to work?

    @brin: It’s the first time I ever heard of that Sun story either and I don’t believe any of it. I do know Chelsea graduated from Stanford with a BA in history and earned two masters degrees, one from Oxford University in England and another from Columbia. She’s currently studying for a doctorate.

  82. BELLE EPOCH says:

    What a strange discussion today! Missed jokes, weird assumptions, and people talking at cross-purposes. Is this all because of Chelsea’s parents?

    I feel bad for her. In the wedding pictures she looked so happy, and he seemed fine. It sounds like he is the one who came unglued for some reason.

    There really IS a difference between living together and being married. People say marriage is just a piece of paper, but it’s more than that. You get up in front of everyone you love and everyone who loves you, and make some serious promises to another individual.

    Then, after you’re married, you feel differently about your relationship – and other people regard your relationship differently as well. When it works, people are happy about making a public/ legal/ sacred commitment to each other.

    For some reason the reality just didn’t work for these two. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after the ceremony, religion was a bigger factor for him than he realized it would be. Too bad he didn’t face it sooner.

  83. Maud says:

    I hope for a happy marriage for them and everyone. xo

  84. Mimi says:

    Yeah, she is demanding a baby whilst between classes for her Phd. Has that reporter ever even sniffed around as to how time consuming grad school is? I a smell bs. If tabloids want the story to sound viable they should make a flow chart of ideas before throwing a dart at which route they are going to take a story.

  85. MJ says:

    LOVE her dress, and she looks great. He’s looking a little douchey here.

    I’d be pretty annoyed if – AFTER the wedding – my husband decided to be a ski bum.

  86. Days after Christmas says:

    @ Mimi- Ditto!

    I’m in grad school and barely have enough time to cook a proper dinner and kiss my husband goodnight. I can’t imagine being someone’s mother right now!

    I too wish them well. If a picture is worth a thousand words then they need all our well wishes. Her hubby seems to be in need of a shower, hair gel, a razor and all the mental well being that makes grooming a minor task.

  87. Camille says:

    They should have sorted out the kids issue PRIOR to getting married. Big mistake. Chelsea obviously(?) wanted the fancy wedding and forgot about the ‘ever after’ bit.

  88. Shannon says:

    I completely doubt almost everything about this story. First of all, Chelsea is an incredibly intelligent person and this was not a quick relationship. They would have already talked about their thoughts on having children. Duh.

    Also, she’s working on her PhD. Now as someone who’s planning on getting my PhD, I can tell you that it’s stressful enough without adding kids to the mix and I’m definitely not planning to combine the two. Of course it’s possible to start a family while you’re working on it, but she is only 30 so she could very easily finish up the PhD and still have time for a few babies after that. She’d also have to stop her studies every time she has a baby, which would make obtaining the PhB a much longer enterprise. I highly doubt she has babies on the brain right now. In fact, given her parents’ marriage and what I’m sure turned out to be a really sad childhood in some respects, she might not even want kids. This stupid article just assumes that all women put babies before higher degrees, despite all evidence to the contrary in this case. It bugs me, to be honest. Yes, there are women, myself included, who want to attain the highest level of education possible before we have kids. This means our kids will have more comfortable lives.

    Maybe they are having problems, but the kids thing is obviously just a made up excuse for it by the tabloids because nobody knows what’s really going on.

    It sounds to me like Chelsea has nothing to do with the problems and Marc is just having a midlife crisis of his own. Leaving your job to be a ski bum in Wyoming? Yeah, the man is definitely working on some issues. And since his wife has all her ducks in a row it probably makes him feel like even more of a failure and want to distance himself from her, because her success reminds him that he’s really effed things up.

    Maybe he’ll get better, but for her own well-being, I hope Chelsea gives him a year at most. If he hasn’t gotten help by then, it’s time to move on. The annulment might be a good idea.

  89. Henriette says:

    I read that the ski bumming is a cover for the fact that he’s in REHAB.

  90. Shannon says:

    Or SKI-HAB! Totally sounds like something you’d only find in Wyoming.

  91. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @Mimi and Days after Christmas
    This is EXACTLY why I eat so many hot pockets. I barely have time to sleep, eat a balanced meal, or even take a nice long “shower.”
    I have NO idea how it would be if I had children on top of that…ha.

    But I am planning (in the waaay future) to somehow go into labor during my dissertation defense…I think you get an automatic pass if your water breaks during your defense. (just kidding)

  92. Ro says:

    As sad as it would be for her marriage to fail so quickly, I think, if it were to ever happen, it would be better for her to get divorced now before it got any more complicated than later down the line when she has wasted more time and effort trying to “make it work.”

    And secondly, if he’s the one who has time to keep taking “skii trips,” shouldn’t he be the one going out of his way to visit HER while she’s busy with school?

    Lastly, I googled the dude and in comparison to a lot of his “casual” photos, he does look suspiciously clammy and unkempt here. Yeah, you can’t usually tell someone’s on drugs from a picture, but it is a little suspicious. Also, I have sympathy for people with thinning hair, but he could at least keep it somewhat cropped. His hair looks nasty here.

  93. mary jane says:

    I think it’s very fishy.

    As my husband said… doesn’t the guy want to get laid on a regular basis?

  94. bros says:

    ugh, thank god for the rational, informed people on here, you know who you are. there are some WEIRD comments on here, so adjust your tin foil caps and get a dictionary.

    also, I think it depends when in your phD you are in terms of having babies. many of my grad school colleagues picked around the comps and dissertation time to start their families and they are ok. and some people are getting their phds and already had kids, and had even more. depends on what you can handle and how demanding the program is. in her case, she would have plenty of $$ to get a nanny etc, so I can see her wanting to start a family. it is very weird to quit and run off skiing 3 months into the marriage.

  95. mary jane says:

    Coming out of LEFT field IS correct.

  96. Kasper says:

    I suspect Hilary has promised Chelsea that if she can hold the marriage front, one day she will inherent the throne and become “Queen Pantsuit” – hence the denials “nothings to see here folks, we are so happy happy happy it’d make you puke.”

  97. lin234 says:

    As a ski lover, Jackson Hole, Wyoming has some of the best slopes I’ve ever skied on. 3 months of pure skiing sounds like heaven. And with these freezing temperatures lately, the powder must be insane.

    They’ve been together for years and known each other even longer. Maybe this ski break is just what it is. They both have money so maybe this is a break for him to figure out what his next career/hobby is going to be. Since she’s still working on her Phd, perhaps she’s going to be so busy, the distance between them will give her time to focus on her studies.

  98. Sunnyjyl says:

    Everything I might have been said has been said. I’m just going to weigh in so that CB knows I’m interested in this topic. 🙂 Keep em coming…

  99. Katherine Mac says:

    I wish the best for Chelsea. She is a smart and decent woman. Until the Clintons left the White House they never even owned their own home. They made a fortune after they left the WH – it wasn’t exactly a secret what huge income they were able to start generating. Silly useless celebs can make tens of millions of dollars a year – what do you think that the most popular living president can make world wide speaking and attending events?

    I have no problem with the Clintons finally making money after public service. Good for them.

    Mezsinky, on the other hand, is the son of a disgraced ex-congressman who went to prison. His mother, also a short term congressperson, was a TV consumer reporter in D.C. before that. She has always been very ambitious and a real social climber. There was something about this that made me think his mother really pushed this union.

    Who knows maybe he’s closeted & too scared & too young to let down his already disgraced family and NOT marry the daughter of a former president and the Sec of State. Didn’t mean to start some new rumor just that it could be anything. Maybe he was laid off and used this as an opportunity to take a vacation before starting a new job.

    Could be anything. But some posters have a crazy hate for the Clintons. Next they’ll be accusing Hillary – who should have been the first woman President – of murder again. Those kooks just LOVE that old canard.

  100. Henriette says:

    Some people think this blind item from the NYPost is about Chelsea & her hubby:

    “Which New York princess used her considerable p.r. power to cover up a trip to rehab a few months after her wedding?”

  101. nycmom10024 says:

    @Henriette Chelsea may live in NYC, but she wasn’t raised here. A New York princess refers to a “Social” princess.

    This blind was probably Lauren Davis Santo Domingo.

  102. Maud says:

    I don’t agree with the seemingly popular belief that marriage is hard work. If it’s so hard, perhaps you’ve married the wrong person! Every marriage has it’s difficult moments, but generally I believe a marriage should be easy, especially in the beginning.

  103. Embee says:

    Just to confirm for those for whom (American?) English is not their first language: yes, the idiom is “out of left field” but the play on words that I and another poster made was political.

    The “anti-Clinton” comments appeared to be from someone who is opposed to the Clinton’s liberal (left) politics, and so we said their comments were out of right/politically conservative field.

    Not trying to patronize but to respect the international nature of this blog.

  104. Henriette says:

    “The happy couple are happy.” I can’t argue with that, because it’s not even English.

  105. REALIST says:

    Yeah, Chelsea, you’re a better person and much smarter and you should have a man who supports your educational efforts and your desire to have kids.
    Being a ski bum shows you’re not ready for ANY responsibility. How stressful must that be for Chelsea while she’s in such an intense educational program?
    To the curb, Dude. Plus an annulment could work. Dude completely misrepresented himself. (I know the hoops are higher, but it’s a start).

  106. telesma says:

    An American president has no need to “launder” or “siphon” money from the public coffers, and even if it were possible, it would be a ridiculously stupid thing to risk doing. They make millions when they leave office from speaking engagements, board positions, investments, lobbying/connections, running nonprofits, etc. The Clintons are no different in this respect from any other first couple. As far as I know, no president has ever died destitute.

  107. spooge says:

    well duh girl… you’re fugly as all hell… you expected this to last?

  108. Lee says:

    They never discussed having children before they got married??? What is wrong with this picture???

  109. Poor Chelsea says:

    He’s so obviously not into her, is he? He obviously doesn’t want to be there and she looks mortified. I think he saw her more as a friend but really prefers the model type glitzy girls. But, over time, let himself be “convinced” that Chelsea is the one for him.

    You know how it goes…Chelsea probably played everything by the rules, being sweet to him, making him feel like she has his back, having her friends say great things about her to him, etc. You know, the little tricks women use to get a guy to fall in love. But, although I think Chelsea’s doing her best with her new look she’s just not very attractive. And that’s a problem when what Marc truly wants is an attractive girl – in fact, a model type girl.

    [There was a story a while back about how his head is always turned by the model-type girls in NY and that it had Chelsea worried.]

    So, yeah, I think this marriage is doomed. She’s just not what he wants and I think he now realizes he settled.

    A man of 34 who tells you he does not see kids in his future usually means he doesn’t see them WITH YOU.

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