Grammy Fashion: the good, the bad and the WHO?!


Leann Rimes in Ream Acra. I don’t hate the dress, in all honesty. I would have loved it on someone else. But on LeAnn… yikes. The real failure here is with the styling. The makeup is drag queen, and the hair is just hideous and unflattering. She looks SO OLD. How old is she? She’s not even 30 years old, right? And she looks like she’s past 40.


Lea Michele in Emilio Pucci. After a good showing at the SAGs, Lea has gone back to her try-hard. Trying too hard to be sexy, trying too hard to be flashy, trying too hard to be noticed. Remember her loose, 1970s vibe at the SAGs? That works for her. This does not.


Eva Longoria in an Ashi Studio minidress. Why was she there? Is the old Eva back, the one who will go to the opening of an envelope? Ugh. And I swear to God, she’s had work done. She’s had breakup Botox and something with her nose, I think. But yeah, the dress is tragic. On her.



Rihanna in in Jean Paul Gaultier. So… this junk wasn’t lined, was it? Many, many, many people saw her biscuits, I’m assuming. Tacky. Trashy. I get that it’s rock n’ roll and you can have fun, but NO.


Nicki Minaj. I kind of love it. Nicki is the new Gaga. And Nicki actually looks like she’s having fun with it.



Katy Perry in custom Giorgio Armani – hate it. She’s always horribly styled, and I just don’t get what this is supposed to say about her, in general.


Jennifer Lopez in Pucci. It seems like old-school Jennifer. As in, this dress is a bit too “young” for her. That being said, she looks good in the dress, and it’s cut beautifully so she’s not falling out of it. My only real complaint is with the hair extensions – they look really cheap.


Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier. HATE. IT. It’s a mess! Her hair and makeup look flawless, though. But this might be the ugliest dress EVER.


Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli tiger print. Considering Miley normally dresses like a 40-something Vegas stripper/cocktail waitress/hooker, it’s nice to see her in a normal dress which covers her up. I know some of you are saying it looks like she’s gaining weight, but whatever. She looks fine to me. I think Miley has the kind of weight fluctuations of a normal girl her age, and when she gains a few pounds, it goes to her face.


Ciara in Emilio Pucci. I barely know who she is! Wait, was she the pop star who was rumored to be transgendered? That was Ciara, right? Brother can wear a dress!


Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine wore an avian Givenchy that was somehow picked for her by Kelly Osbourne. I’m not sure how that worked, but Kelly and Giuliana Rancic were talking about it during E!’s red carpet coverage. Thank goodness she changed her gown and curled her hair before she took part in the Aretha Franklin tribute at the beginning of the show. (By CB)



Crystal Bowersox looked vaguely pregnant in this unflattering emerald gown. (By CB)



Naya Rivera of Glee kind of rocked that mullet dress with the towering shoes. She was going for high fashion and I think it worked. (By CB)



Amber Riley told Ryan Seacrest that it was paint on her gown. She went for prom night and it wasn’t the best look for her. (By CB)



Jenna Ushkowitz also suffered from prom styling. (By CB)


I don’t know what Dianna Agron was going for in this Vivienne Westwood. She’s looked much worse, but the cat eye makeup and Elvis hair didn’t work for her. (By CB)


Kim Kardashian was ready to stand on a street corner in Vegas in her Kaufman Franco gown. She told Ryan Seacrest that they had to re-tailor it to fix her ass. Seacrest is the only reason she was there. He’s got to pimp his shows. (By CB)


Julianne Hough was too busy in a Malandrino gown with a confusing print. I loved the cut though, it just would have worked better with a solid color. (By CB)


Jordin Sparks was like Wonderwoman at the prom in a strapless cranberry and pink gown with what looked like a detachable cape at the bottom. Her makeup was too understated but she looked gorgeous from the waist up, I’ll give her that. (By CB)


A pregnant Jewel was a Grecian goddess in this one shoulder draped yellow Pamella Roland. The color and fit were so lovely on her. (By CB)


Kelly Osbourne was a fluffy fail in this lilac Tadashi Shoji. (By CB)


Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. MarenGermany says:

    i love the color on kelly osbourne, though

  2. Richi says:

    For ones Leanne rimes looks lovely…..

  3. KLO says:

    Rihanna and Kim Kardashian looked the best.
    And oh yea, Nicole Kidman’s hair and make-up looked the best they have in YEARS. (did she really read my comment here about her and rollers? lol) I love the cut of her dress too, but not the color… oh well you can’t have it all.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Maybe it’s in the Glee girls contracts that they have to look like high school prom attendee’s. (and no, none of them looked like the queen) I liked Julianne Hough’s dress- it was different. Eva Longwhoria is DESPERATELY trying to look young enough to pull off her new boytoy, and it’s not working. She needs to lose the beauty pagent make up. And as catty as it sounds, (and I’m very happy that Kelly Osbourne lost all that weight,) but she needs to stop wearing short dresses! She looks bad in them!

    Also- I think Rhiannon is totally overrated (and kind of gross) but she aint never gonna stop wearing her freak clothes as long as dorks like Ryan Seacrest act like they’re beyond blown away by her “amazing sense of style”. God, that dress was nasty.

  5. devilgirl says:

    I loved Nicole’s dress and I thought the one Florence Welch wore was awesome too.

    Kelly Osbourne looks so old, and no matter how thin she gets, she still has a weird shaped head and a stocky body.

    I love Jewel and Ty Murray. They seem like a couple who really are down to earth and happy. She looked very pretty.

    I hated Nicki Minaj’s ridiculous outfit. The wig was really stupid.

    Why was Kim K there? Why is she at awards ceremonies and she does nothing? She cannot sing, she cannot act, she has no talent whatsoever, so how in the **** does she get invites to all the industry big nights? If she is at the Oscars, I will …..well, I will just be totally disgusted!

  6. Rachel says:

    Disagree completely about Nicole Kidman & Lea Michele. I loved both of their dresses.

  7. Aria says:

    Again, call me crazy but I think Nicole looks amazing! Love the hair, love the makeup & love the dress. The rest is the horror. Drag queens and w*hore style mostly.

  8. Roma says:

    First off, what the hell kind of shoe is LeAnn wearing with that dress? If you’re going to jack your face like that you need to at least make sure your dress & shoes are banging. I do like the dress.

    But not as much as Dianna Agron’s Westwood. Sigh. I don’t like DA’s styling but that dress is amazing.

  9. Hautie says:

    I really liked Nicole’s dress.

    Till I saw it from the knee’s down.

    Holy crap what is that mess? Had the dress stop at her knee it would have been lovely.

    But that rick rack looking bottom just killed it.

    And I probably one of the few who liked the dress Eva Longoria had on. I really do like it.

    She is so tiny and I tend to like her in the short skirts. They don’t over power her. And her makeup looks good and at least she isn’t orange. Ugh I am over the fake orange tans.

    But it is officially time for LeAnn to eat a sandwich.

    Geez he must be a piece of work. He has gotten her to starve herself down to nothing.

    And got a set of fake boobs on a frame of a 12 year old boy.

  10. L says:

    Call me crazy, I actually like Nicole’s dress.

    All I can see when I see Nikki Minaj is budget gaga/little kim. She’s not original in any way shape or form.

    Who is the cute little old lady with Katy Perry? She’s adorable.

  11. Justaposter says:

    I thought Nic looked lovely, and it was fun to see her dance around and sing along with Katy Perry. Speaking of Katy, didn’t like the dress, but thought she sounded good on stage.

    I loved Eva’s look.

    JLo I thought actually looked pretty, but what was up with the “banter” between her and Marc when they presented an award? Was that supposed to be cheeky or true ‘I hate your ass!”

    Babs.. The one and only.. I haven’t heard her sing in forever, but somehow remember her voice being more powerful. Anyone else?

    RiRi.. I had no idea she could sing better live than recorded. But the other girl who sang during the song, wow! what a set of pipes on her!

    I also forgot how pretty Nora Jones is, and what a wonderful voice!

    I threw in all of my thoughts before I have to jump right into Mommy Mode and play house goddess..Happy Monday everyone!

    OMG I forgot about Jewel. Stunning! And it was fun to see a side peek at the baby bump!

  12. munchies says:

    Wheres the Egg?

  13. Nikkers says:

    Kaiser, you seem to have something against prints today. I thought Nicole Kidman and Julianne Hough look great. The dresses would have been boring in solid colours.

    Also Lea Michelle looks great. I love teh outfit.

    Agree with you on the rest though. Lots of prom styling.

  14. Rita says:

    Yesterday Kaiser commented how music seems to have lost its way and Grammy fashion is following suite.

    My favorite is Naya Rivera: The fabric is fab as is the print and she looks wonderful.

    Nicole will find presents under that dress next December.

    Rihanna’s unraveled Q-Tip is hideous but achieved the “outrageousness” she was hoping for.

    LeAnn said she was in “Grammy Fitting” for 3 hours. That must have included the 2 hour and 45 minute drive (round trip). She’s 28 and looks just God awful. Remember LeAnn honey, Eddie likes them young.

    Kaiser, the one you missed was country singer Martina McBride. She really looked great!!!

  15. Lynda says:

    What happened to Leann? Holy cow…she looks awful.

  16. kelbear says:

    Why is Eva at every single damn awards show? Does she pay money to be a presenter? IMO she is not anything special to be needed at the Grammy’s.

  17. Lauren says:

    Nicole Kidman looks ravishing in her dress..who else could pull that off? She looks gorgeous & happy. Love her hair too.

  18. Quest says:

    Loved how Jewel looked but I was wondering if Kelly would place herself on the Fashion Police worst (meh) dress list.

  19. serena says:

    I’m happy Miley finally got to wear a decent dress. Not messy hair and make up, I’ll give her a full ok!

  20. the_blonde_one says:

    I’m calling now- within two years Leanne goes to rehab for ‘exhaustion’ with exhaustion being spelled: m-e-t-h.

  21. brin says:

    Leann looks old and horrible. She was also really obnoxious on the TV guide channel red carpet. She told Chris Harrison that “all you guys get everything wrong”.
    I thought Selena Gomez looked great. Love Jewel, too!

  22. metatrix says:

    After being assaulted by so much ugly in a single post, Jewel’s dress was like a breath of fresh air for my eyes.

    I feel like all the stylists colluded together to play an enormous practical joke on their clients.

  23. mia girl says:

    I think Nicole Kidman looked amazing.

  24. someone says:

    I thought Nicole looked great..didn’t like kelly in the fluffy dress at all.

  25. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    the “salvia” smoking munchies may have contributed to Miley’s mild weight gain.

    Rihanna looks like she’s wrapped in cheap, tacky Christmas tree garland

    Niki Minaj makes the dumbest faces

    Kim K is obviously taking a page out of J Lo’s book, wearing a poor immitation of J Lo’s Versace dress.

    Katy Perry looks like she’s attending a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion

    J Lo looks lovely

  26. Jezi says:

    Nicole Kidman’s face is finally unfreezing & I think her make-up & hair looked great, dress not so much. Did not like Lea’s dress, Leann’s dress would be better if it actually fit, she looks very thin & unhealthy, loved Jewell, she looked gorgeous & the dress fit her bump perfectly. You needed to put Jennifer Hudson in here, she looked unbelievably good. JLo looked nice, although I agree about her extensions, they looked bad, especially from the back.

  27. Marina says:

    Kelly Osbourne has the ugliest legs ever!

  28. KJ says:

    Rihanna’s hair looked terrible, like she got a nice blow out only to take a nap before the even. No one in her posse had a fucking brush or comb? Figure that shit out. I thought the dress looked cheap. Not slutty cheap, although there’s an argument for that as well, but poorly made cheap. I could make that dress if you gave me 20 bucks to go to walgreens and joann’s fabrics.

    Kidman’s face is still a little waxy in the forehead/eyebrow region, but she looks loads better than she has been. Her hair looks absolutel ravishing. What a beautiful shade of red.

  29. Lady D says:

    Miley and Jennifer should switch dresses.

  30. Miss Thang says:

    I am SHOCKED that Rhianna wore pasties and undies under that dress. I can’t believe she missed an opportunity to flash everything to everyone. Amazing.

  31. AlaskaJoey says:

    I just bought a Tadashi Shoji dress to wear to my sister’s wedding! But I assure you it does not look like that – very streamlined.

  32. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    the “salvia” smoking munchies may have contributed to Miley’s mild weight gain.

    Rihanna looks like she’s wrapped in cheap, tacky Christmas tree garland

    Niki Minaj makes the dumbest faces

    Kim K is obviously taking a page out of J Lo’s book, wearing a tacky version of J Lo’s Versace dress.

    Katy Perry looks like she’s attending a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion

    J Lo looks lovely

  33. Sandy says:

    All your fashion stuff is spot on, except for the pink print dress. Sorry that one’s gorgeous. The thing that strikes me is how soulless most of the music being presented here is. Except for Florence and the Machine, I wouldn’t listen to any of these people.

  34. GeekChic says:

    I’m actually starting to feel badly for Leann. She clearly has no self-esteem (which explains how she hooked up with Eddie in the first place), and is starving herself because she thinks it will help keep him. I think she’s probably not the brightest bulb out there and very emotionally young and immature, and was probably blown away when a hot guy (a term I apply to Eddie loosely) seemed to be interested in her. I’m sure she knows she’s not the prettiest girl and had probably never had a really hot guy go after her before. So now her self-esteem is all wrapped up in this one guy and she is getting surgery and starving to keep him. I think the constant tweeting about her life with Eddie is partly from her trying to reassure herself that everything is great. I don’t know… I just think she’s sad. He, on the other hand, is a first class twat.

    P.S. I think Nicole and Jewel look awesome.

  35. Roxanne75 says:

    I think everyone looks fabulous except Rhianna (nothing she wears will I ever like, Perry, Eva and Rimes…good Lord she is either deathly sick or she is having some food disorder issues…poor gal. Oh wait, and Bowersox…ick..she is totally not meant to wear dreses. And Osbourne needs to wear longer dresses to hide those calves.

  36. brin says:

    I think Eddie is looking younger than Leann and he will probably leave her for a younger woman. It’s strange to see someone self-destruct before your eyes.

  37. sasa says:

    I liked Nicole’s dress till the knees, I don’t like that mermaid bottom.

  38. Leann Rhimes: When will this girl learn that metallics wash her out?!

    Lea Michele: I completely agree. She needs an easy 70’s vibe to pull off that personality. Anything else just looks desperate. Speaking of desperate, have you SEEN her new Cosmo cover?!

    Eva: I like her in small dresses, but that was a lot of volume, and her eyelashes bother me.

    Rihanna: I’ve always thought of her as TRASHY. I don’t think she is a good role model for anything except stripper wear.

    Minaj: She said her outfit was made by Givenchy. I thought it was well done. My only issue is I have this rule that with leopard print you should always wear a red lip- not a pink.

    Katy Perry: She reminds me a lot of Rihanna. All she’s got is a trashy clothes gimmick.

    JLo: I think she looks best in minis. It makes her look less like a bitch.

    Kidman: I have to say that I actually LOVED this dress. Fashion critics are always going on about how she never wears color. Girlfriend looks GOOD in earthtones though, and I thought she looks pretty last night.

    Miley: It’s nice to see her looking like a healthy teenager. And I actually loved the dress/styling on her.

    Ciara: HELL TO THE NO

    Florence: I find it interesting that the Fashion Police have AWFUL fashion sense. When will redheads learn that they should stick to coral and never wear orange?!

    Bowersox: Give me a call sweetie. I’d love to style you.

    Naya: She rocked it. Not crazy about the hair though.

    Amber Riley: I hated the dress and the cute on her. I also hate the bangs trauma. The only part of it I liked was the slightly S&M necklace/harness. THAT was interesting. I think the dress would have looked fab on Agron though.

    Ushkowitz: I’d love to see her in teal or berry. The black/nude tulle was just too much. Plus, the black clutch was sad.

    Agron: She tried to pull off femme fatale and just ended up fatal. The fabric choice for that dress was awful.

    Kim K: 70’s Porn Star

    Julianne: Didn’t Miley wear a similar version of this dress a while ago?

    Jordin: I thought the neckline was all wrong for her, and the hair was bad.

    Jewel: The hair should have been loose.

    Kelly: My little sister’s Easter basket just threw up on her.

    And now, on to writing style content!

  39. Katie says:

    Jewel looks ethereal. You can’t even tell she’s pregnant from that photo.

    I don’t hate Kelly’s dress but I don’t love it. I always find it funny that she’s on the E fashion show b/c I don’t think her outfits are that impressive, but apparently I’m supposed to care what she has to say about other people’s clothes.

  40. Abby says:

    Diana Agron looked great.

  41. womanfromthenorth says:

    I 2 really liked Nicole’s dress.

    I can’t wait for FP this week…lol

  42. original kate says:

    miley needs to stand up straight. she has the worst posture, and it just makes me crazy. she should take ballet or yoga or something so she doesn’t look so rednecky and schlubby.

  43. why? says:

    Leann looks OLD; but according to Leann that IS the look of REAL LOVE. She cries HAPPY TEARS because her life is SO blessed, but if that was the case she wouldn’t have to keep SWF EC ex-wife.

    Is it just me or did just about every media outlet that covered the Grammy’s kiss Leann’s and Eddie’s behind, including E? So not only did LR buy that Grammy nom, she also bought positive press. Instead of asking about their wedding, the media should have been considering how EC is going to pay for a wedding when he had his child support reduced to half? Is he going to revisit the courts and ask that they cut his payments in half again?

    Do you love how hard they are working to clean up EC image? And now we are supposed to believe that EC is a “good dad” because he sacrifices Valentine’s Day with his one true love( and don”t mean LR) for his two little boys, the same kids that he cheated out of child support so that he could “buy” an $85,000 engagement ring for LR to flash in every photo to remind EC kids just what little he cares about them. What a “great dad”, a man who exploits his kids for exotic trips to Aspen and Cabo.

    Leann is working hard to hype up their wedding, I guess she really is trying to make her wedding bigger than Prince William’s and Kate’s wedding.

    Leann is still telling the media that they always get things wrong? Even after she and EC did that “sexy” photoshoot and interview for the Cabo mag just like E had said they would?

  44. PrettyLights says:

    Nicole looks stunning, I adore that dress. The pattern is beautiful and it fits her perfectly. I love Julianne Hough’s dress too, the print is refreshing and it’s cut well. Florence Welch’s dress is lovely from the back! Love the orange! J Lo’s body looks great as usual but the dress it def too young for her, I feel like she’s clinging to her youth too much. Kelly really needs to stop with the terribly colored hair and short dresses, I have stocky legs like her and I cover them up for a reason! I can’t believe she’s on fashion police when she always look so… eh. And Kim Kardashian just looks tacky – ugh, she needs to go away and stop talking about her ass all the time. Is she really wearing a snake bracelet? Oh – final thought – I like Nicki Minaj’s music but she is tooooo much. That wig and outfit are so fug!

  45. I Choose Me says:

    Forget those other women. I wanna know who the memaw with the Liberty bell skirt and bedazzled cane is? đŸ˜€

  46. I Choose Me says:

    My 2 cents:

    Jennifer Lopez looks great. Agree about the hair though.

    Sue me but I like Nicole’s gown. I also Kinda dig J. Hough’s gown.

    Jewel rocks in her outfit. Take note Natalie.

    Everyone else gets a meh from me.

  47. Patrice says:

    I was following my favorite celebs on Twitter last night, and some who were at the Grammy’s were talking about how stunning Jewel looked, and boy, they wern’t wrong! Gorgeous : )

    Nicole Kidman looked the closest to human (facially) that I’ve seen her in years, so I’ll giver her props for that. Plus, I actually sort of like the print of her dress, it’s just the mermaid cut that’s all sorts of WRONG.

    Lea Michelle looks like she’s having a psychotic fit of sorts when she’s posing on the red carpet. Did anyone see her live at the Oscars last year doing it? Bizarre…

    And Diana Agron, well, I think she is always stunning but this time the outfit was bad…but homegirl is boning Alex Pettyfer so obviously she’s doing SOMETHING right!

  48. Mollyb says:

    I’m going to be the millionth to say that I LOVED Nicole Kidman’s dress. I thought it was stunning. I’m a fan of Nicole’s but not always of her outfits. Or hair. Or face. And I have to say I thought she was hands down the best dressed.

  49. Kim says:

    Kim K looks like a cheap, stripper – as always.

    J LO is to old to wear that short of dress/style & she needs to stop the wanna be model face when she poses.

    Eva & Rhianna dresses are ugly.

    Katy Perry has on a cheap Halloween costume – as usual.

    Suprisingly Nicole Kidmans dress was great & she looked good. She isnt the best dresser lately.

    Leanna- YIKES!! Overuse of botox at her age is what is making her look WAY older. She has the cromagnum brow from botox overload and that is aging.

  50. dit says:

    Nicole’s dress is hands down my favourite dress!! She looks so gorgeous hair to toe!!

  51. Anon73 says:

    i like J Lo’s dress but think the hemline could have used a few extra inches. this length is just a tad TOO short. also thinking that solid muted colors would have made better choices for the purse and shoes. maybe a dark navy.

  52. hyuch says:

    Naya and Nicole and Katie Perry’s grandma ROCK.

  53. Eileen says:

    My favorite dress of all of them is Julianne Hough’s dress-love the print, love the cut and love her style with it. Love it!
    Next for me is Jewel and the rest are all MEH for me. Leann looks way too old and that dress does her no favors. Since its Reem Acra that makes me think she’s going to go for the same for her wedding gown.

  54. Ron says:

    Rhianna: dress brought to you by Kotex.

  55. Camille says:

    JLo (minus her fug husband and her bad hair extensions) and Jewel were my favourites of the night here.

    I wish the KarTRASHians and the people from Glee would all just GO AWAY.

    Nicole’s dress FINALLY gave her a waist, so I give her props for that if nothing else was good about it (there must have been some great support garments going on underneath it).
    Oh and her makeup and hair looks great too, her lips are starting to look more normal again – about time!

    As for the rest, meh to fug-ola.

  56. icantbelievethis says:

    @GeekChic ITA. That dress looks like it is falling off of her and it really points out the unhealthy weight loss.

    I’ve never understood girls that have the need to be with the ‘hot’ guy in order to feel good about themselves. As they say if you can’t love yourself you can’t truly love anyone else.

  57. *-* says:

    ugh..Nicki Minaj, another tired “cutting edge” “style”. Like one Gag was not enough.

  58. lachica says:

    disagree on Nicole and Julienne. lovely dresses that worked.

    who is the memaw with Katy Perry?

  59. Tiffany says:

    Minaj wore the pink lipstick because that is her MAC Viva Glam color.

    Nicole and Jewel and Julianne were so pretty.

    Rihanna-love the unwound Q-tip comment, spot on!

    Armani actually made something that tacky on Katy, is he going senile?

    J.Lo’s dress is so short I am surprised we didn’t get cooter flash. Too short after 40, honey. Eva, your face! Eek!

    LeAnn, she looks over 40. Hideous, and bad shoes. Bad makeup, and is she messing with her face now?

  60. I am Legend says:

    Poor Rihanna: We’ve all been there – there’s a string unravelling in your outfit and you can’t help but pull it…

  61. Caitlin says:

    Julianne and Jewel both look great, although Jewel should’ve worn her hair loose. LOVE the yellow gown! My favorite is Nicole though…I totally disagree, that dress is GORGEOUS! Yeah, the bottom’s a little distracting but whatever. Great color, great print, beautiful hair and makeup.