Rob Lowe says his career is suffering as a result of nannies’ false claims

When you look at the claims of the two nannies suing Rob Lowe for harassment they hardly seem to have much merit at all. Jessica Gibson worked for the Lowes for seven years, returning once by choice. She filed suit this spring against Lowe, claiming that he sexually harassed and fondled her. The Lowes have filed a counter suit, and have multiple witnesses and fellow employees who attest to Gibson’s very sexually-charged unprofessional behavior on the job. What’s more is that Gibson is represented by press-hungry lawyer Gloria Allred, who is also representing a second nanny suing the Lowes. The other nanny doesn’t claim that Rob Lowe harassed her, but rather that it was his wife Sheryl who created a hostile work environment by opening discussing her sex life and occasionally walking around naked.

Neither nanny ever lodged a complaint with any of their supervisors on the job nor did they inform authorities. Jessica Gibson’s family was completely surprised by her lawsuit and say she never gave any indication that there was harassment on the job. Her own sister provided a written declaration that Jessica told her that if “the Lowes had just paid her the $200 that she said they owed her, none of this would have happened,” meaning she never would have filed the lawsuit.

Despite all the evidence that both suits are completely frivolous, the Lowes have had to spend tens of thousands to defend themselves and Rob’s career has suffered as a result. He filed papers in the case claiming that he’s lost about a million in commercial endorsements, probably in Japan as TMZ mentions.

The Lowes have also filed statements saying that it was the second nanny, not her employer Sheryl, who openly discussed sex in the house and that she was warned about it by her supervisor on the job. Lawyer Gloria Allred of course said that she’ll be responding to that shortly:

Rob Lowe fired back Wednesday at a former nanny accusing him and his wife of harassment, alleging it was the nanny – and not his wife – who used a racial slur and behaved inappropriately.

In a response to Laura Boyce’s claims against Lowe and wife Sheryl, the actor filed sworn statements in a Los Angeles Superior Court from people who knew and worked with Boyce.

“Laura would use the ‘n-word’ a lot when referring to her African-American friends and lovers,” Boyce’s former friend Noa Shaw said in her statement. “Laura was very open with her use of the ‘n-word’ in public.”

In addition, the president of Lowe’s production company, Jennifer Dynof, said in statement she had reprimanded Boyce “about her use of the (“n” word) around the children and the Lowe’s friends.”

Dynof also disciplined Boyce, 38, for openly taking about Boyce’s sex life in the Lowe household.

Boyce’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, told PEOPLE: “We will be filing our reply to (Lowe’s allegations) within five days and it will contain our response.”

[From People]

Rob Lowe gets raked over the coals by two former employees who seem to be working together to try and wring some money out of him and his career is tanking as a result. Both of the women and their lawyer should be financially responsible for his legal fees and the damage he’s suffered once these cases are thrown out of court. They never seemed credible but still the cases are dragging on, costing the Lowes money and their reputations. If anything the Lowes are guilty of being too trusting when hiring employees.

Rob Lowe is shown looking a little too thin at the Stand Up To Cancer benefit on 9/5/08. Credit: GL/PRPhotos. He is shown below with wife Sheryl at a charity event on 10/23/04. Credit: Lee Roth / RothStock / PR Photos

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11 Responses to “Rob Lowe says his career is suffering as a result of nannies’ false claims”

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  1. CiCi says:

    I feel terrible for Rob Lowe. The relationship between a family and their nanny is a tricky one. The line of appropriateness can be fuzzy; this is a not a corporate environment with set policies and sensitivity training seminars. You just hope you end up with a good one that you can really trust.

    I can’t believe someone who once loved and cared for their children would stoop so low as to reveal their private family moments to the public like this. It’s disgusting.

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    Gloria Allred is a power–hungry $@%# and should have her license revoked for this. I hope the Lowes can show once and for all that they’re the victims here, and hopefully the two twat former nannies will get a taste of their own medicine.

    I KNOW!!! The Lowes should hire Gerard Butler!! HE could kick ASS in court!!! 😉

  3. Syko says:

    AND it would keep his hands off Jennifer Aniston’s thighs, and Kaiser would be happy again.

  4. Nina says:

    Rob Lowe has a career? Who knew.

  5. Kaiser says:


    Gerry can’t represent Rob Lowe! Lowe’s an over-rated douche! The West Wing got *so much* better when he finally left in a snit.

    Anyway, I truly think Rob Lowe’s career is faltering because he can’t carry a film, or tv show, and he has well-documented attitude problems. I have no idea if the nanny’s claims are true (probably not), but I know that I can’t watch him in anything.

    @Syko – can we have no more mention of she-who-shall-remain-nameless’s thighs and Gerry Butler? I feel my breakfast coming up.

  6. KERRI says:

    Yeah, yeah, blame it on the nanny for one’s lack of talent.

  7. Syko says:

    I solemnly promise to never mention that skank’s thighs in the same sentence with Gerry Butler’s name again.

  8. Kaiser says:

    😆 Syko! NO MORE.

  9. Trillion says:

    How convenient for Rob Lowe that as his star, never too bright to begin with, fades fast, he can blame it on this. I’ve never found him appealing or talented.

  10. Hmm says:

    One thing that Lowe and the article conveniently fails to mention is that he is the one who initiated the lawsuit. All parties should be viewed with suspicion because if you believe his version then the next logical question would have to be: why was she employed with him for seven years if she was as vile as he says. It’s probably true that there is truth and lies on both sides. And given Lowe’s reputation, it’s not hard to believe tha the behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner.

  11. attorney says:

    Did Gloria look into these accusations? Looks like there might be a frivolous/slander suit against those who filed the charges. Hmm does have a good point, if she was so awful, why employ her for that long of a time? Seems both sides are embelishing a bit