Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried “cool off” & Ryan hits on Rihanna


Told you so. Told you that despite being in a three month relationship with Amanda Seyfried, Ryan Phillippe’s douche still rages. Several weeks ago, Page Six had an item about Ryan hanging out with his bros at a club, and I felt the subtext of the piece was that Ryan was up for some club strange. Then, just a week ago, Page Six had another item about Ryan and Amanda getting into some big public fight at a screening of The King’s Speech. And now Us Weekly reports that Amanda and Ryan are “cooling off” and that Ryan was trying to get in Rihanna’s pants. Ugh.

Is their three-month romance over already?

Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried were spotted having an intense conversation followed by a lingering embrace at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood February 7.

Days later, Phillippe was already on the prowl: He tried to pick up Rihanna, 23, at the Gucci/Roc Nation brunch at L.A.’s Soho House February 12.

“He said something to the effect of, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ and she signaled ‘sleep,'” a witness tells the new Us Weekly. “She was trying to be polite, but she was genuinely not interested. When a couple of her friends came up to join the conversation, he just walked away.”

The actor, 36, had more luck later that night, when he was seen leaving a house party with a pretty brunette. As for his relationship with Seyfried, 25: “It’s casual. They’re friends who hang out romantically from time to time and that’s it,” says a pal. “At one point, there was a chance it would develop into something more serious, but it never did. There’s no commitment.”

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, I’m not sure how “casual” Amanda thinks it is. I think in her mind, she’s Ryan’s girlfriend. That being said, and I’m just playing devil’s advocate here – just because Ryan asked Rihanna what she was doing, doesn’t mean he was hitting on her. Ryan isn’t very cool these days, he was probably just trying to join Rihanna’s super-cool group. Or, you know, maybe he was trying to get in her pants. I don’t know.

What I do know: Amanda should dump him, no matter how “casual” their relationship is or isn’t. Chica needs to move on and find someone less douchey. I would even take Justin Timberlake over Ryan. She obviously has a type: sleazy, pencil-dick douches. Might as well go for the A-list version of that with JT.



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  1. dorothy says:

    Someone give that girl a brush.

  2. Quest says:

    Oh boy! I guess his dick is scratching again. But really, Kaiser taking JT over Ryan is like being between a rock and a very, very hard place (ewwww)

  3. mln76 says:

    Not that I think Amanda is some great talent or anything but I hope she can get away from him fast. He is such a douche faced jerk.

  4. renai(jrt) says:

    Wow, so Ryan and Rhianna will have a child and then we will have Halle Berry all over again…

  5. Tamiko says:

    Love Rihanna’s response. I see it being given with a classic bitchface. Burn!

  6. candy says:

    Ryan is a bad boy . He married too young and is sowing his oats, what’s wrong with that? At least he hasn’t abandoned his children.

  7. mln76 says:

    @candy I think it goes beyond bad boy to doucheness. He couldn’t stand that Reese was more successful then him so he humiliated her by cheating with a younger woman. When that younger woman Abbie Cornish started getting more successful than him after Bright Star came out he then cheated on her and made a big stink on Howard Stern stating he would never date another actress. So what does he do? Date an even younger actress and start playing the field on her too. And even if he is talented the only movie he’s been in the last few years is Magruber he’s a classic jealous wannabe jerk.

  8. RHONYC says:

    i wanna see her in that new flick ‘red riding hood’!

    it was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up. 🙂

  9. Arianna says:

    i totally forgot they were even dating….

    and i cannot stop looking at the veins in her hand/wrist… she’s only early 20s right?
    i’m gonna hope she was just lifting moments before this picture was taken.

  10. Jane says:

    @Arianna, uh…lots of people have big veins in their arms. It has nothing to do with age.

  11. Moreaces says:

    February 16th, 2011 at 10:34 am Wow, so Ryan and Rhianna will have a child and then we will have Halle Berry all over again

    Why would you say that?

  12. Macheath says:


    What an assholish thing to say. As if all interracial couples end up in some acrimonious public beef.

  13. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Maybe Ryan was trying to change it up a bit w/ Rihanna? I mean, the tiny blonde actress obsession hasn’t gotten him anywhere (career wise or in his love life). I think a fling with Rihanna would get him far more attention. Plus, hasn’t he cycled through all the young blond slarlets in Hollywood already?

  14. Arianna says:

    @ Jane
    I meant it in that usually big veins are from years of weight lifting and stuff (aka Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker), not that it was necessarily from being older. I’m just surprised as I’ve never noticed them on her before

  15. k says:

    I never read that Ryan was jealous of Reese’s commercial success. I have read interviews of Reese confirming Ryan’s conscious decision to stick with more indie-type roles. I think they have different tastes in or tolerances for roles.

    He also seems to be a great father, but not a good role model for his son regarding romantic relationships.

  16. koala says:

    protruding veins in the hands DO come with advanced age, dummies.

  17. Riley says:

    The most boring coupling in the world just cooled off and they are still still still boring. You are right, Kaiser, he is totally a budget Justin Timberlake.

  18. the H says:

    He will never change.

  19. renai(jrt) says:

    nothing to do with blacks and whites having kids…… its greedy immature people that get together and have kids for greedy purposes… seems cyclical in LA if you ask me

    If Halle is going to put racial opinions out there dont be surprised if racial opinions dont go away… just saying

  20. Bodhi says:


    WTF does that have to with a rumor that RP was hitting on RiRi?

  21. latam says:

    why are you believing us weekly?

  22. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Bodhi, I was wondering that too…(sigh)

  23. Juicy says:

    Candy: Won’t dignify with a response.

    MorticiansDoItDeader: What love life? The only life is him constantly trying to seek out strange and exciting new places to park his wiener. That’s not love. He always has been, is, and will continue to be a pathetic philandering douchebag jerk.

    K: I don’t think he has the luxury of being that picky. I think he he’s only in the position to take whatever scraps are thrown his way.

  24. jess says:

    Ryan could get it. He’s a hottie seems like a good person.

  25. rob and russell says:

    We are amazed and amused by the ladies with their panties in a knot over what a terrible person he is because he dates more then one person a life time plus the Rihanna thing is total BS it doesn’t sound true at all.

  26. twilight says:

    I don’t think he’s telling anyone he loves them and his sex life seems pretty tame by Hollywood standards.

  27. pearl says:

    He’s a nasty womanizer.

  28. Lily says:

    Well…. I know for a fact that Ry doesn’t like the “Barbie-type” (Kardashians, Jessica Simpson), but this says it all… She looks like she just got out of bed and got on the phone with her rehab-counselor…. Ry never seems to be interested in ladies his own age. Maybe the’re friends with benefits, so to speak.. 😉

  29. Camla says:

    I like him; I think he’s a great Dad. Reese is very controlling and he didn’t want to deal with it. Since when is that a crime?