Kate Middleton was “stunned & insulted” by Camilla Parker Bowles


Last week, paparazzi got photos of Camilla Parker Bowles (HRH The Duchess of Cornwall) exiting a restaurant where she and Kate Middleton had enjoyed a lunch. The British papers claimed that the meeting was all good – that Camilla was giving Kate some pointers, some advice, and that Kate took it all in stride. The American tabloids, however, claim that the meeting went really, really badly. The Enquirer’s Mike Walker claims that Camilla has convinced Prince Charles that Kate shouls only be allowed to invite a “handful” of guests to the wedding, and that Camilla is conspiring to get all of HER guests royal invites. According to Walker’s sources, when Kate found out, she bitched out William and told him to stand up to his father and his step-mother, and that William totally did. Now, Kate can allegedly invite whoever she wants. I don’t really buy any of that – because Kate is a geisha. She’s not fighting with anyone over anything. But that’s not all! Star Magazine had another take:

Planning the wedding of her dreams has turned into Kate Middleton’s nightmare! Camilla Parker Bowles is sticking her nose into every detail, and Kate isn’t prepared to put up with it! During their lunch on February 9, Camilla was overheard telling Kate “If I can give you one bit of advice…” after which followed a long-winded lecture from Camilla about Kate’s wedding being too flashy, especially given the recession. Camilla even suggested sausages and minimizes for the wedding dinner.

“Kate was stunned and insulted,” says an insider. “She and William have a budget, of course, but the wedding is definitely going to be a luxurious affair.”

Camilla also smugly told Kate she needs to dial back the glamour – and not just on her wedding day. “She warned Kate that she shouldn’t go ‘the Diana way’ and get too caught up in the glitz of being a royal,” the insider says.

“Kate couldn’t believe that Camills held up Diana as an example of what not to be like… she has enormous respect for Diana because of what she did for the world and her sons. Kate was livid, and she told Camilla exactly what she thought of her.”

After the lunch, “Camilla actually called William after and told him that Kate is too headstrong.” Meanwhile, “Kate told William she never wants to spend time with Camilla like that again.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

The article goes on to detail how Kate is “pushing the envelope” and demanding her way on everything, including access to all of the royal properties so that she can “jog in peace” without the peasants milling about. According to Star, Kate is super-assertive and everyone is giving in to her because she waited for so long and they think she deserves it. My take? Kate is not assertive. Kate is not pushy. Kate is patient. She is quiet. She is reserved. She is anything the royals want her to be.

But yeah, Camilla sounds like a real bitch here. We knew that already, right?





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  1. Quest says:

    “Camilla was giving Kate some pointers, some advice, and that Kate took it all in stride” – Kaiser

    Camilla giving advise??? That BLOODY-OLD-FART-BAG is giving advise. I think she should go by a dildo find a happy place.

    • Sandra USA says:

      Kate is young beautiful, educated, truly in love and in tune with todays young and old. On the other hand Camile is a lifelong adulter as well as Charles. Her only goal was to marry into her fantasy and was nieve to think she would be forgiven and respected. She is looked on as a joke to the world. She and Charles took an innocent love of a 19 year old and made a sham of it. He is also disliked but has to be accepted because he is royal. She is greedy and so insecure (that is an understatement) due to her past indescretions) she will always be jealous and despise Diana and Kate.

      Would she ever dare to make a royal visit to the USA. I think not.

  2. aenflex says:

    Camilla waited longer than Kate…

    • Sue Harland says:

      Cannot stand the Bitch Camilla Parker Bowles.
      Thank goodness we now have Kate and William

  3. Rita says:

    Kate was “stunned and insulted”? What’s her problem? Some Bowles are just easier to clean than others.

  4. brin says:

    I’d be a bitch too if I had to wear those funky hats (love the identical ones on Charles & Camilla).
    Don’t know that I believe this but if true, then good for Kate!

  5. Stephie says:

    Hard to believe people actually pay good money to buy this crap, I mean fiction, I mean, how is that legal anyway? Just make up a bunch of stuff about famous people, slap on some photos and call it truth? Of course we know people buy these rags or they wouldn’t still exist.

    What’s with those hats!? hehe.

  6. S says:

    um, I would bet anything that the US take on events is completely wrong. I bet Camilla spoke and Kate wrote everything down and listened to it all.

  7. Laura says:

    What the F? Camilla is a huge B awch as far as I’m concerned. How dare she be allowed any Queen status in her lifetime. I wish she was not going to be at Kate and William’s wedding. I miss Princess Diana so much. May God bless Kate and William for many years to come together.

  8. Abby says:

    This sounds totally made up.

    I could totally see Kate doing the Geisha role though. She’s not married in YET!

  9. Crash2GO2 says:

    Meh. Everyone has trying ‘in-laws to be’ when they are engaged and I have no doubt that Camilla is one of them for Kate. But I do doubt that she has any say whatsoever in the wedding decisions and Kate knows it. So she can just nod and smile through lunch, and then do what the hell she wants.

  10. Lynda says:

    Camilla will never be a queen, not when Charles looks like he does in those hats. What is that thing coming out of her head anyway? Is she getting radio signals?

  11. Tess says:

    First of all….Thank you British royals. You always come through. This has all the makings of an epic bitch fest we will savor for months, even years, to come.

    So to whoever let the dogs out, much gratitude. And in this particular pissing contest, advantage Kate.

  12. MarenGermany says:

    royals are boring…………….

  13. Reality says:

    Yes, of course star and the enquirer must have the real scoop. Or they’re making shit up as usual, and people with a predisposition to hate her will eat it up with a spoon.

    I saw the interview she and William did after their engagement and I don’t think she’s anybody’s doormat. I think she’s got the power in their relationship, and I do believe he loves her and wants to make her happy, and would acquiesce to any reasonable requests.

    And she’s the future queen of England for goodness sake, something Camilla will never be, so any advice from that quarter is moot andyway.

  14. adtwah says:

    It looks like Camilla may be gearing up to be the mother-in-law from hell, but Prince William will put her in her place!

  15. angela says:

    ITA with Quest on this one. Camille giving advise. Meh

  16. texasmom says:

    Yes, I believe that it should be mandatory for Charles to wear the duplicate hats with Camilla AT ALL TIMES.

    In the meantime, I guess all this enjoyable speculation about their private conversations is part of what makes the royal family valuable?? They seem to serve no other purpose, at least gossip is fun!

  17. e.n says:

    @Quest that was funny. At least Camille manages to have Charles wear the matching hats

  18. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Im stunned. (not) What did she expect from a back stabbing wh0re?

  19. Carol says:

    What a ridiculous story from the American tabloids. Even more ridiculous is anyone believing that it might be true. I doubt Camilla even mentions Diana, much less disparages her to her stepson’s fiancee. They ate at a public restaurant, and British tabloids have quotes from eyewitnesses that there were four at the table and everyone was clearly having a wonderful time. Funny how the American tabs “forgot” to add that part of the story. Am I the only person in America who never thought Diana was a sainted goddess who must be worshipped at all times?

  20. Cel says:

    Having met Camilla, I think both these stories are rubbish. She is a very laid back, lovely woman.

  21. Rosanna says:

    Middleton is so plain and so overrated. Oh yes and SO boring.

  22. Justaposter says:

    Oh remember when Cammie got the “ooh look at me I am a real royal” glammed up makeover?

    And now to be outshadowed by a pretty young thing yet again.

    Karma Cammie Karma!

  23. Waldemar says:

    I don’t believe this. Camilla doesn’t have any pull within the royal family, Elizabeth doesn’t let her.

    And next to being gossip fun, almost any royal family in Europa does have a constitutional function. The monarch makes sure there is no vacuum of power when (after election) one goverment ends and another has to be appointed. Granted, not a big role, but very important none the less. It is to make sure that nobody from the old goverment can influence the making of the new one, as the monarch is above all political parties.

  24. Sandy says:

    Yeah. A laid back lovely woman who spent years consorting with another woman’s husband and the father of two children. Now the mother is dead and the two children have to look at that horse faced bitch daily. Lovely woman. Just Lovely

  25. serena says:

    I don’t think it’s true, but anyway Camilla always has been an ugly bitch.

  26. REALIST says:


  27. Erandyn says:

    Jesus, what is it with this ‘tradition’ of putting really weird shit on their heads?

    They’re probably the only people who aren’t fazed by Gaga.

  28. Jackson says:

    Yeah, right. Like Camilla is going to bring up Diana and in a disparaging way no less? As if what she says to Kate wouldn’t go right back to William? I could actually see these two women getting along and I think Camilla has no intention of rocking the boat for William and Kate. What would be the point? So, yeah, I call bullshit on this story. And FWIW, I don’t think Kate is a doormat.

  29. Marie says:

    If wearing those hats are a requirement, I would seriously have to rethink this marriage thing.

  30. Diane says:

    Wow, that one shot of CPB next to William with the who knows what on her head…imagine waking up to that every morning. Love the Mad Hatter look in the first photo, as well.

  31. HEB says:

    ha ha I love how Star calls her Parker Bowles still >head desk<

    Anyway I can believe that Camilla has some zingers here and there, but nothing on that magnitude.

  32. baum says:

    I agree with Carol. In their rush to canonise Diana people tend to forget how she screwed around and stalked men for years. Charles didn’t. He more or less stayed faithful to the one woman he loved ..one who didn’t make scenes and never spoke to the press despite all the insults. And she was probably telling Kate to do the same..no ‘close friends’ who will blab to the press

    • stella says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Also don’t forget how the not-so-delightful Diana realy did a pretty good hatchet-job on the Royal family in general! Yes! she had her charities and made sure everybody knew about them The other members of the Royal family have theirs too (including Camilla). They just don’t go around making sure the press are there when they shake hands!

  33. mia says:

    Camilla is by most “real accounts” a lovely, kind person. This stuff is garbage.

  34. baum says:

    and the hats are worn when visiting factories or kitchens for hygienic reasons,,not a fashion statement !

  35. Ponytail says:

    Just to clear up the photo with ‘the hats’ – these are required when working in food preparation areas (yes, I’ve had to wear them, which is how I know). The couple were probably visiting a food factory or something. I know we British can be a little forward-thinking with some of our fashion, but these hats are NOT everyday wear !

  36. ThatBoyLuke says:

    TBH i don’t think this is true at all, Other people who were sat near them in the restaurant said Kate, her sister, Camill and her daughter were all having a great time and laughing etc.

    And no i don’t think Camilla is a bitch at all she seems like a really nice down to earth woman even if she is a bit lazy when it comes to duties. We all need to get out of the “camilla/Dianna” mindset because Camilla is no devil and dianna was no angel they were both humans who messed up.

  37. Maud says:

    @Quest I go out for a quick manicure and all hell breaks loose. Gee. Well, I believe that Camilla was always Charles’s true love, but he was forced to marry a virgin of noble blood. Diana was raised in the same environment in which Camilla was raised–boarding schools, polo, royal intrigues. She was lovely but not quite as naive as she’s made out to be.

    Why can’t people accept that the royal way of conducting a marriage is not that different than it was 500 years ago? Minus all the heads and stuff…

  38. PJ says:

    Sounds like typical tabloid fiction, made up to sell papers. It’s so funny–we have this sweet lovey-dovey ladies’ lunch with the two queens-to-be, and the Enquirer’s creative writers decide it’s really a catfight!

  39. picopink says:

    Camilla reminds me of the mad hatter:) if this is true, she has a lot of nerve bad mouthing Diana!!!

  40. WhiteNoise says:

    I really don’t get the American tabs’ take on either the royals or this wedding. It’s baffling!! It’s like someone is feeding them all shades of crap and they’re just lapping it up because they seriously believe that the royals are like a slightly more sedate/upmarket version of the Kardashians. On the whole, they are, at best, dull and predictable, crazy hats an’ all.

    And I agree with earlier comments re Camilla, totally laid back, genuinely nice and about as unpretentious as they come.

  41. samihami says:

    “Camilla is by most “real accounts” a lovely, kind person. This stuff is garbage.”

    Sure, because “lovely, kind” people always cheat on their spouses with other married people, even after it is well-publicized around the world, without regard for any of the people they hurt-spouses, children and anyone else who cares about them.

    There is nothing lovely about her.

  42. Mshuffleupagus says:

    If I was Kate I would interrupt Camilla every time she started saying “If I were you I would,” with “F*CK A MARRIED DUDE? OK, I’LL GO DO THAT.”

  43. mins15 says:

    Why the hate on hats? I love the fasinators and think everyone should wear hats more often.

  44. John Wayne Lives says:

    Lolol oh god I hope this is true! Lmao maybe I’m alone here, but I think Camilla is every bit the hag they say she is, and I bet she’s all kinds of threatened by Kate. But I know absolutely nothing about the royals and don’t really read the gossip. But I think any woman that carries on such a blatant long term affair with a married man has all kinds of mental and entitlement issues. Now, to read all the comments already posted…..(I’ll probably learn something)

  45. annie says:

    Doubt Camilla really cares-she has what she wants now. Pretty sure William has the upper hand over her with the queen. He is the golden boy. Hopefully they will be as happy as they can be with the circus they live in. He deserves it

  46. Jack Ketch says:

    Edit much ???

  47. Tuatara says:

    The real question is: what the hell are “minimizes”, as in Camilla suggested “sausages and minimizes”? Wha?

  48. NancyMan says:

    First- in the UK, woman still wear hats to most formal occasions. Usually, the more outlandish, the better. Nobody makes them. Its just considered appropriate.

    Second- The Prince and Duchess are wearing matching jackets so that probably means it was protective gear they were asked to wear while touring some sort of factory. The Royal Family spends most of their days visiting and often opening plants. Its boring but its what they do.

    Third- I wish that all of you who refer to others as ‘hags’, ‘ugly’ or ‘horse faced’ had to post a photo of yourself. I bet its a lot of the ‘kettle calling the pot’..

  49. LindaR says:

    This story is soooo made up and soooo boring. Can’t wait for the wedding to be over so that this kind of bullshit disappears. Then we can see how the tabloids will dissect every nuance of their behaviour together looking for cracks in the relationship. This stuff is getting way to predictable.

  50. tango says:

    Kate could finally be exerting herself. Think about it. Do you think that William would call off the wedding because Kate got a little mouthy and demanding? Especially with Camilla? No way. He and his father and grandmother know that Kate has waited all this time, knows family secrets, needs to be able to assume the throne quickly (if rumours are right about Charles having alzheimers) with a wife already and none of them want to take the time to find and train another possible fiance.

    I think Kate is smart enough to make sure William and the Queen are happy. The rest can kiss her butt and at this point, I think she is starting to show her power.

  51. potatopeel says:

    Historically, I don’t believe that “royals” have ever been known for their being faithful. So why would these folks be any different? That said – I honestly doubt that Camilla would poke her nose in this and get all nasty with Kate. Just another example of gossip mags wanting to stir the pot. Heaven help us if we have someone plan a marriage, within the royal family, WITHOUT drama of any kind. I wish them well – nothing like living in a fishbowl. I’m sure Kate has a solid idea of what she’s entering into – otherwise, why wait so long? Good luck my dear!

  52. anne_000 says:

    if memory serves me correctly, didnt camille do the same exact thing with diana before diana’s wedding? she took diana aside and gave her pointers on marriage (camille was already married at that time but still boinking charles) and how to handle the new ‘royal’ situation. camille came in pretending to be a friend, but was actually trying to get herself more openly into the love triangle. basically, she was trying to be diana’s puppeteer so she could control not only the husband but the wife too. now she’s doing this to kate in order to prop herself as the head woman here too.

  53. JulieM says:

    I, too, do not believe a word of this. There is no way in hell that Camilla would bring up Diana to Kate. No freaking way. And telling Kate to tone down the glamor. What glamor? The girl has nothing.

    I think Kate will go on being a doormat until after the wedding, and then all hell will break loose. I can see the bitch in her face. She will make William pay for making her wait for 9 years. And it will be glorious fun.

  54. Hautie says:

    I find it hard to believe that Kate gives this jump-off much thought.

    And that is what Camilla is… the jump-off that finally got the ring.

    And only because of tragedy.

    Had Diana lived, I have always believed that Charles would have never married her. She would have continue to be the jump-off.

    I am still not convinced that The Queen has ever been in the same room with Camilla. Willingly. 🙂

    So I again I find it hard to believe that Kate, gave a second thought, to what ever Camilla said.

    If Kate had any sense she would spend a little time with Princess Anne.

    Who strikes me as the woman who would be the best person to get hints from.

    And Kate needs to find a friend within the women of that family to go to with problems. Who understands the life.

  55. Feebee says:

    I don’t believe the tabs have anything right but it makes for entertaining reading.

    I don’t think Kate’s as much of a pushover as people think. She gave a good pr game while she and William had their “break”… Clearly she knows what she wants and is willing to time things to ensure she gets it. I suspect she’ll wait until after the wedding before she “pushes any envelope”. However I think William’s probably quite even keeled when it comes to his royalness and it will rub off on Kate.

    She probably gets on with Camilla quite well as William is accepting of her but that doesn’t mean she’d follow any of her advice.

    Like the Star et al, I am probably totally wrong 🙂

  56. dahlia1947 says:

    The Enquirer usually turns out to be right on most of their stories, that’s for sure.

  57. phlyfiremama says:

    Seriously, in todays day & age who needs a king or queen? Have we not evolved just a little bit past that point?

  58. Shay says:

    I don’t think that William likes Camilla at all, and this may rub off on Kate, who is well aware of Camilla’s role in Diana’s psychological trauma. For the cameras and the gossip rags and official photographs, these people show the official face, but whenever you catch a glimpse of more candid photographs, you can see the glimmer of loathing.

  59. Fue McCormick says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jeez what a drabby bunch!
    … and I don’t give a crap how skinny Kate is. She still looks like she shops at some C-list friggin store … and she’ll probably be super-super dowdy in 10 years.

  60. argirl says:

    Personally, I LOVE the hats!

  61. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    1. Fake. Only someone with a massive head would eat this.

    2. I’m with ThatBoyLuke and Maud. There was no grand romance with C and D. It was socially expedient for this wedding to occur, and they had use for each other at the time, even if they wanted to be somewhere else. People gravitated towards Diana because she was fresh (meat), had something like the spark of life in her and proved to have great in philanthropic work. Poised, regal, pretty and with a true human touch, which enabled her to connect with a nation that only intermittently had monarchs who actually spoke the same language as their subjects.

    Now, I’m not a 6-foot gorgeous blonde princess yet, so I won’t even pretend to have any inkling of what kind of damage is lobbed at the most photographed woman in the world, especially when ‘woman’ at the altar is still a child. Socially, when I was nineteen, I was every inch the eleven-year-old when glazing over my Riverside Chaucer and thinking about kind of ice cream I’d like to be eating.

    But she had a dark side: clingy, mercurial, self-destructive behaviour, and always being reborn anew in her latest object of romantic desire, she stalked, called dozens of times a day, threatened to hurt herself if her outlandish and impossible flights of fancy weren’t adressed and granted. I think the sadder part of her story isn’t that she was a victim of marital neglect from day one (though that is said), it’s that the maintenance of image, an obsession with propriety and the unwillingness of her ostensible family–okay, that might not be fair–but she was in a world that traded in tradition over individuation, and with the abdication ‘crisis’ and constant controversy over the romantic life of Princess Margaret, I think everybody was done with living as if in a Flaubert novel. You want European love polygons, go to Monaco. This is about honour and duty.

    She was not the first nobleman to be made to marry for reasons other than the gynelogical, but if they could suffer their torments while maintaining the composure so integral to what they did, who they were and how they were represented, where did this one get off broadcasting (literally) her ‘shame’ to the whole world–and you know they were paying attention. Frankly, whether or not he cheated was besides the point. If you think royal hold themselves to a similar code of moral conduct in their marriages…they haven’t. I don’t know what they think about Camilla, but it was Diana who aired the dirty laundry. Male aristocrats would screw a rock if it had the parts, the wife’s job was to take it. So, when Diana spoke about the coldness that existed in that family, she dragged them down with her and they were the aggressors.

    Maybe if some of these inbred hicks got hobbies that don’t involve glowering, acquiescing, stylized hand-waiving and intrigue-suppressing, there might have been a reason for them to exist. As it is…

  62. crazydaisy says:

    Camilla could use a fresh up-do, don’t you think?

  63. TeeTee says:

    Camilla is a old chip in the dip!

  64. Dee Vine says:

    OMG how old is Camilla? 80? She looks so old she looks like she’s Charles’s mother.

  65. Kim says:

    If Camille really made “the Diana way” comment Kate should have smacked her then and there!

  66. _Salem_ says:

    “Having met Camilla, I think both these stories are rubbish.”

    Lol, when did YOU meet her? While waiting for a bus? In a taxi queue? You seriously think exchanging a few words in public makes a commoner able to KNOW whats she like?

    “She is a very laid back, lovely woman.”

    Again, there is NO WAY *you* could possibly KNOW that. You think she’s going to behave badly in public? Don’t be so gullible. Besides, as someone else said, a lovely woman doesn’t screw around with another woman’s husband and practically brag about her great-grandmother or whoever it was being his relative’s mistress on the side. What she did to Diana was beyond disgusting. She is the very antithesis of a ‘lovely’ woman.

  67. Crash2GO2 says:

    @_Salem_: WTF is your deal? Someone has said they have met her. You don’t know who posts here, I’m sure you’d be surprised if you did know. Everyone here is free to post their opinion and experience (I’d like to think) without some overexcited terrier jumping down their throat. I suspect you were the poster who was banned before. Be careful – you are exhibiting the same characteristics that got you banned the first time.

    Bottom line – back off.

  68. didi says:

    you might find middleton is camillas fathers name too….

  69. fanella says:

    camilla doing her prep the bride routine circa 1980.You can call them what you like, the current monarchy ,as Hanovarian decendants, have no blood line to the english throne and are full of illegitamacy-just like camillas relatives.

  70. fanella says:

    camilla doing her prep the bride routine circa 1980.You can call them what you like, the current monarchy ,as Hanovarian decendants, have no blood line to the english throne and are full of illegitamacy-just like camillas relatives. But they do share a family name middleton……

  71. cprincess says:

    I do not believe it at all…
    First of all-alot of the guests have to be invited for diplomatic reasons and then theres the various charities,wounded soldiers,european royals and way down the line the people that they actually want to invite…
    Im sick of people trashing Camilla-aside from knowing 2 people who have actually met her and say she’s really cool- very natural and friendly and down to earth-thats the word on the street….
    The palace handles all the arrangements-she would no more be there vetting a guest list than scream.

  72. Cindy says:

    Who really cares? Camilla is a cheater, plan and simple.

    This is just my opinion, but I don’t think Elizabeth ever intended Charles to be King once he remarried. I think she has been hanging in to give William the chance to grow up and be ready to take the throne. She does not want to give parliment the chance to vote down Charles.

  73. mystified says:

    If this story is true, I’m with Camilla. She shouldn’t have an overly extravagent wedding during a recession — it’s tacky, just like when the Obamas have Kobe steaks when most of the country is subsisting on rice and beans. I sort of like Camilla. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because I thought Diana was a bit overrated — so childish.

  74. Zenobia says:

    OK, wow.

    1. Don’t even speculate on the lunch; Jesus. Nobody knows what went down, and I can’t believe anyone cares.

    2. Camilla behaved with more dignity during the divorce fiasco than Charles and/or Diana put together. Diana is not a plaster-cast saint: she was an hysteric whose first priority for the last seven-odd years of her life was destroying her in-laws.

    3. Camilla is not the only bloody adulterer in this story. And I don’t just mean Charles. Diana had her share – more than her share – of affairs over the years, and took no pains to keep them private.

    Ergo 4: VIVAT CAMILLA.

  75. jemshoes says:

    Charles / Diana / Camilla

    Andrew / Fergie

    Somehow, through all the drama and trauma, the Royal kids of these bad marriages have turned out more or less OK. It’s actually quite lovely to see how much William and Harry love their dad and how they’ve accepted their stepmother. So I wish William and Kate all the best, and really hope their marriage will work out. And I also hope Kate’s relationship with her soon-to-be stepmother-in-law will defy all the tabloids!

  76. linda dumoulin says:

    i think most girls think this the idea wedding . rich and famous but we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. The royal family sticks together for their public and duties for their people. i wish them all the best in the future and much happiness. i was a fan of princess diana. we can’t believe everything we here.The life of royality is not a easy one ..

  77. tina says:

    maybe it is true, we don’t know the royals behind closed doors. but one thing is for sure, they took a sweet young girl,walked her down the isle, and made her sire an heir and a spare. and before you could count to ten, charles and camilla were carrying on all over again. diana was hurt and because she herself came from a broken home, she was suffering those scars all over again. cut diana a break. she is no longer her to speak for herself.

  78. jo says:

    camilla is the last person on earth to be putting anyone down..she comes from a better family than kate does?? so just because she had money and rank does not erase the fact that she whored around with a married man!! don’t lift your neck up too high now, you dirty old ugly grey headed prune!!

  79. JR says:

    Speaking for the Americans…first the Star and Enquirer are magazines for people who have nothing better to do than watch TV and second the vast majority of Americans are not interested in rumor, innuendo or hearsay from gossip rags. If it is not the truth then we do not accept it contrary to what some might believe.

    As an American, I have no pre-conceived notions of Parker-Bowles, Kate Middleton, the royal family, any palace intrigues, whispering in dark halls or anything that hints at sinister or nefarious intrigues that seem to be running rampant. I only go by what is reported in the legitimate press, and stories of palace in-fighting, etc. is usually relegated to an end of back page column.

  80. angela says:

    I think Charles should give up his right to the thrown and if he doesn’t Parliament should step in. As the potentional head of the Church of England he should not be married to a divored woman. He has also been quoted as saying disparaging remarks that are not approriate for the head of the church.

    Kate is lovely. My daughter has met her.

    Kate will shine like Diana.

  81. Pamb says:

    I think it absolutely disgraceful that Camilla should have been raised to such a high standing in the Royal family – ultimately responsible for Diana’s downfall = why on earth should she be labelled HRH when Diana was even stripped of that title – she is a disgusting old nobody

  82. Maritza says:

    The British tabloids are even worse than ours. I hope Will and Kate will be very happy and not let the media brake their spirits because they can truly be cruel.

  83. Mary says:

    Kate has nothing? She is plain? Do you have eyes? This is a georgeous kid.
    If Camilla had an opinion she should have kept it to herself.
    Also if you watched the wedding the Queen almost ignored her. Camy bowed and the Queen walked away, Prince Phillip kissed her cheek.
    Zap- back under your bridge troll.

  84. Amy says:

    I do not believe this but if it is true, it is really ugly of the duchess of Cornwall to do it!!

  85. Dena 'rie Zehner, Ph D says:

    I can almost relate to this story or situation. I have dated the youngest son of an “exclusive” family for nine years. While maintaining my best manners and poise; I “educated” my common-law mother-in-law on privacy and boundaries. I know that competing withd my MIL would never get me anywhere; however, I always knew (from the beginning) that I dated a “momma’s boy. #1:I don’t give her information she can manipulate and run with. I don’t call her time her son does something I don’t like. #2. She must call prior to “dropping by.” Answering the door in the nude solved this problem. 3. We are very good at whatever we do. She is very good at being a mother, cooking, and being “Donna Reed.” I am very good at being gainfully employed (workaholic), independence, and assertiveness. In the end, these are the advantages, we respect each other and love each other unlike some mother/daugter in-law stories one may hear or read about.

  86. Terina says:

    So I totally think it was wrong for Charles to marry Diana when he was in love with Camilla.

  87. Falliblehuman says:

    So much sillliness about Camilla. How many couples we all know in ‘real life’ who have married the wrong people, had affairs and gotten divorced? Quite a few, I’d wager. Life is like that. Camilla is no better or worse than the next-door neighbor. Same for Charles, same for Diana. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody gets into situations that later, they regret.

    That said…I had an insight the other day when I saw a photo of Kate next to Camilla. The Diana ring was prominently displayed on Kate’s finger. Giving Kate the ring was a way of keeping Diana a part of things, said William. It also serves as a reminder, sort of like Diana saying to Camilla, ‘Yes, you’re here now. But I am the mother. William has not forgotten.’

  88. MP says:

    I love Kate Middleton but Camilla should not give her advice and talking about her fiance’s mother like that we don’t want history to repeat itself with the late diana spencer and her history we don’t want same thing to Kate like that. I love that Prince William’s idea to have her wear his mother’s ring in tribute of her.

    Prince William you should tell your stepmother for not giving advice to Kate. This is not abuse just my opinion

  89. dawn1962 says:

    Who in their right mind could walk around in that wrinkled old face and expect to give Beautiful Kate and pointers? Has face lifts and botox not entered Britain yet? I know, I know. Just being facitious. I love England honestly her hubby should give her an overhaul ASAP on her next Birthday!!

  90. Jane Anderson says:

    Once again, the lovely Camilla gives us pause to reflect on her grace. Her beauty. And her sage advice. Bohica my bonnie sweet duchess. Bohica now and forever.

  91. Bonyt says:

    Kate is a very beatiful face on England, and Camilla is jealous because all the attention is for Kate and Prince William.
    But both are the best faces for new generation, Camila need something to do or she need buy a good face cream because she looks ugly and old (mommy face)

  92. camilla says:

    Its like you learn my mind! You seem to grasp so much approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some p.c. to pressure the message house a little bit, but other than that, that is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  93. Teresa says:

    I loved princess Diana, she was a wonderful mother for Prince William and
    Harry,Camilla in my opinion should not be cruel with Kate.If i Was Prince Charles i would suggest to her not to
    interfere in william and kates married life.

  94. myp2p says:

    really good job

  95. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  96. Jamie says:

    WTF Camilla is the biggest bitch ever I swear the god if the throne goes to stupid Charles and Camilla I will loose all the respect I have for the royal family, and throw mud pie’s at them not even joking BITCH! Love Kate she reminds me of Diana, just like Diana she doesn’t follow orders 🙂

  97. Kate says:

    I love Princess Diana and respect every single thing she did is for the whole wide world. I missed her very much. So definitely I’ll like Will and Kate to be on the throne!!!