Jennifer Aniston is selling her Ron Burgundy-inspired LA home for $42 million


Last year around this time, Jennifer Aniston threw on a pair of yoga pants and did some stretchy poses for Architectural Digest as they tried to take photos of her remodeled Beverly Hills home. These are the photos from the shoot. She bought the home in 2006, and spent two years renovating it until it was a dark, womb-like space full of purples, rock walls, shag carpets and wood. While some people love that, I thought the place looked kind of dated, rather 1970s, Ron Burgundy-inspired. Anyway, People Magazine is announcing that Aniston is selling her dark little castle. Official reason: because she wants to “simplify”. Real reason: because the whole place reeks of booze, reefer, John Mayer spooge and eau d’Chelsea Handler vom. Oh, and she bought the place in 2006 for $13.5 million and now she’s selling it for $42 million! In this market?!?

Jennifer Aniston is ready to “simplify” her life – and is getting started by quietly putting her Beverly Hills home on sale to the tune of $42 million.

The actress, who just celebrated her 42nd birthday, told PEOPLE recently that despite dedicating more than two years of her life to renovating the Zen-influenced retreat, she feels the need to let go of it.

But window shoppers beware: The home will not be listed officially and only an elite group of realtors will have access to the property, real estate sources tell PEOPLE. The sources confirmed the selling price.

The Just Go with It star bought the home she calls “Ohana” – a reference to the Hawaiian idea of extended family – for $13.5 million in 2006. She and her team tore it apart and spent more than two years renovating it, and she moved in just before her 40th birthday in 2009.

Built on a hillside in 1970 with sweeping views of Los Angeles, Aniston told Architectural Digest the single-level home feels “like a hug” and “vibrates with the love that created it.”

So why does she want to move? Her epiphany came, she says, in a moment where she woke up in London and thought, “my life felt really cluttered.”

“I couldn’t sleep and I sort of had one of those moments where I went, I really need to simplify,” PEOPLE’s recent cover girl said. “My life needs to be simplified and clear out the clutter. And along with that thought came, ‘I should sell my house.’ … I had the realization that this is just too much for me. I’m not this person.”

Though Aniston has another smaller home in L.A., she may end up living far, far away from Beverly Hills. “I don’t know, I’m looking for little spots in New York City to go back home,” she said. “There are all sorts of things that are going to be happening in the near future so I’m excited. I don’t know what they are, but that’s the fun part.”

[From People]

Well, I guess we should give Aniston a slow clap. She never changes anything, so it’s good to see she’s going to give up her Den of Tequila (for a nearly $30 million mark-up). Do you think she’ll ever really move to New York? She has plenty of money, so I wouldn’t be shocked if she kept a place in LA, and one in NYC. Even though she’s giving up this Beverly Hills home, I think she still owns at least one other property in LA too.

For whatever reason, I don’t see her in NYC. I think she should buy a beach house. She belongs at the beach, right? She should invest in a Malibu property.






Photos courtesy of Architectural Digest, via Aniston’s fansite.

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  1. Dhavy says:

    Does she think she lives in the Windsor Palace?

    I bet it sells for $15M and that’s because of the reefer smell

    BTW I’ve seen better homes in House Hunters and they sell for less

  2. _Salem_ says:

    Ugh! I have never seen anything so tacky and trashy-looking in my life. For instance, PURPLE lounge chairs and curtains? Sorry Jen, but I can’t imagine anyone liking that except yourself. Seriously now, that is beyond hideous.

  3. Angel says:

    No taste :)

  4. Bubbling says:

    I actually like it. So it’s not minimalism I prefer, and I probably couldn’t live there but, you know if it was my friends house I would really like it.

  5. MarenGermany says:!
    I love houses, I´m an architecture student and the goal of my life is to one day own a house. a big house, my home, you know.

    How can you just buy and sell a house of that value within like four years.
    jaded, much?

  6. koala says:


  7. _Salem_ says:

    Now we know why her and her ex-husband clashed over architecture.

  8. PJ says:

    Nice house, great view. It has a masculine feel to it — you wouldn’t think a woman lived there.

    Her favorite house seems to be the little beach house, so this monster place is probably too big for her.

    Jennifer has been talking about moving back to NYC for years. I hope she does it! She needs a change.

  9. lin234 says:

    Ummmmm Lisa Vanderpump’s mansion in Beverly Parks is selling her mansion for 29 million. She lives in a ultra-exclusive gated neighborhood in BH.

    Here are aerial views of Jen’s mansion:

    42million for 9,000 sq feet?! I think Lisa said her mansion comes in at 17,000 sq feet and is selling for 29 mill. I know location makes a huge difference but when another mansion is double the size and situated in one of the most exclusive areas of BH, it makes Aniston’s request look ridiculous!

    Btw, does Jen still have the house her and Brad originally bought? NOT doing the triangle just wondering. She seems to hate any type of change.

  10. Jenny says:

    $42 mil in a down market for what can be described as a bordello with a pool and a view. Wow!

  11. Oi says:

    I doesn’t look lived in. Maybe they took her stuff out for the pictures, but it looks like a set for 70′s style ads. And yeah, no way in hell are you getting 42 mil for THAT.

  12. Crash2GO2 says:

    I rather like that quote “Once your done (designing the house) you want to say ‘I hope you enjoy it.’”

    42 million. Wow. She’ll probably get it too.

  13. someone says:

    I like it, but it probably is too big for Jennifer..why all the hate people, so shes selling her house…so what!

  14. Marjalane says:

    I know these homes are staged for the pictures, but they always look like movie sets- there’s no personal warmth, no “stuff” that make it seem like an actual person lives there. Awesome view though.

  15. Hautie says:

    The market for homes in this price bracket, never really stop selling. It is a very small community of people with this kind of cash. And they constantly buy and sell.

    The home to me looks alot like mid century modern. (That I always associate with the late 60′s.) It is a style that is still very popular in California to this day.

    So I would be surprise if she has a problem selling it. But I do think she will have to come off that price.

    I wonder what size the lot is… if it is over a acre or two it will jack the price up. But I still don’t see her getting over 32M for it.

  16. Jayna says:

    I think Jen is at a crossroads in her life. She probably had a ball and it filled her time obsessing and renovating this house, and she gets in this massive place, a single woman, sitting there thinking, now what.

    I don’t like purple curtains, but my friend did a room with two velvety comfy rich in color purple chairs, and I couldn’t believe it but they worked. Everybody fell in love with the look. I think her two velvety purple club chairs with that beautiful simple goldish-taupe couch is welcoming and beautiful.
    I think the place is pretty. Not my style, but I can appreciate it. And I’m sure shot in the day it doesn’t have the moody vibe, but is really a little more bright and is a little more cheery even with the darker tones.

    Ultimately, I think she’s going through some changes internally. Because she spent all this time and raved about it being her zen home and felt happy in it, now she says she feels cluttered and the house is part of it. Doesn’t make sense. But a house that size as one person would make me feel alone.

  17. Lady D says:

    What Salem said.

  18. e.non says:

    nice … but it looks more suitable for an upscale hotel lounge than a home. she’s moving to nyc; and just bought a place in the west village.

  19. mln76 says:

    Good for her but I doubt she’ll get 42 mill for it. I am guessing whoever buys it won’t have to take the purple lounge chairs. :)

  20. Toe says:

    I Like the house. The view is priceless, but not at that price. For that price i could buy my own island :)

  21. lisa says:

    There is no land around the house at all. I remember when people saw the house. Most comments were WTF. The house does not look like her at all. Plus she is always saying how she spends most weekends at the beach house.

    Seriously.. no one with a brain would put her in that house.

  22. WhiteNoise says:

    I don’t share her taste, that’s for sure, to me, it seems very impersonal and generic luxury hotel-like… but way to go, Jen, if she gets the asking price. That would be one staggering return for her money.

  23. Bite me says:

    The masion brad spent 2 years renovating was sold and they split the money evenly. Good for aniston. Hope she takes some of that 42 million and spend some time travelling. 40 something loOks really gOod on her!

  24. Becca says:

    I think the house is beautiful. And I don’t even like Aniston.

  25. kiko says:

    is that a girl’s house?wow!

  26. DGO says:

    The house never looked like her style. It looked more like Brad’s. Jennifer always liked things in white with a very comfy, homey feel, while Brad liked the darker stuff. In fact, some of the furniture (the purple stuff) looks like the chairs he bought a few years ago.

  27. Sisi says:

    42 years old and a price of 42 million… Coincidence?

  28. Dea says:

    Can’t get enough of JA interviews. She says “I had the realization that this is just too much for me. I’m not this person.”

    Aren’t you asking too much money for it Jennifer? Oh wait the house is too much for you but the money isn’t!! You could have even put it at $100M but the realtor said no.
    Can’t believe Brad stayed with this woman for 4 years.
    Brainless all the way!!!

  29. Crash2GO2 says:

    Queue the looneytoons bell…

  30. Louise says:

    When this story first came out I laughed. This is a ridiculous price. It won’t come close to selling that. Maybe it was supposed to be $24 million and nobody wants to admit the mistake. I don’t get the style either. I remember throughout her marriage and divorce she said she hated Brad’s style which this how resembles. Didn’t she say she loved Laura Ashley or that kind of decor?

    Also there’s no chance she’s moving to NYC. I do think she’s planning to buy an apartment. A lot of celebrities have homes in LA and NYC since that’s where most of the work is.

  31. mln76 says:

    @DGO why bring Brad into this? She bought the house in 2006 after they divorced and the big point of the AD article was that she decorated it on her own. I just don’t get it. Let the woman take responsibility for her bad taste in furniture.

  32. _Salem_ says:

    Sorry DGO, but your attempt to defend Jen and smear Brad didn’t work. If you read the article, it said she bought it in *2006*. WELL after her split from Brad in January *2005*. And well after her DIVORCE from Brad, in OCTOBER *2005*. So NONE of the items are from Brad, they are ALL Jens and ALL *HER* TASTE. But she was always the one who was into this dark trashy new stuff. Sorry, but you are wrong.

  33. Canuck says:

    She’s probably set the price with room for negotiation. The view is awesome and the decor is warm. I hate houses that look sterile…

  34. not really says:

    Brad wasn’t WITH her all that time. Like many hollywood couples, they spent weeks, months even apart. Good for her if she can make a bunch of money on it.

  35. _Salem_ says:

    mln76, the loonifers will NEVER accept that Jen is less that 100% perfect and will look to blame ANYone when Aniston makes a mistake or something doesn’t look good. Its sad that they are THAT *desperate* to smear Brad and make her look classy and pure. Its something she will NEVER be. No matter how hard they try to deflect her imperfections.

    Oh, and by the DGO, Brad was the one who loved antique furniture. ANISTON was the one who liked modern, uncomfortable, dark colourful things. But, hey, lets not let a little thing like FACTS and TRUTH get in the way of your attempts to smear Brad and Angelina.

  36. John Wayne Lives says:

    @DGO. That’s always what I thought. She always seemed to have the “Shabby Chic” style. I remember at the time these pics came out, it kinda seemed like she was trying to break out, and be architecturally sophisticated with this renovation. I thought “meh, kinda ugly” and was wondering when she would redecorate again lol. And I seem to remember, a looong time ago, when they were still together, there being reports that her and brad would clash over design and decor… this kinda struck me as a “see, I have grown up, sophisticated taste, so there.”

  37. maria says:

    The house looks like the setting for Boogie Nights. And, her hair looks like straw. So much money for so little – the house and her hair.

  38. hellen says:

    That last photo looks like Elvis’s Jungle Room at Graceland.

  39. Mingy says:

    she should stay and remove all the purple…

  40. mln76 says:

    @Salem calm down it’s not that serious. I don’t think the purple chair is a ‘smear’ campaign against Brad or Jen. It’s just an ugly chair that probably cost more than my car. Can we all move on?

  41. Catherine says:

    Very earthy and very masculine looking. I would have pictured her living in a more sparse looking home, something with cleaner lines, kind of like how she dresses. Is it me or does 42 mil sound extremely high?

  42. Lynne says:

    You can ask any amount you want for your house, but that doesn’t mean that someone will pay the price. I think it’s a “lets get everyone talking about the house” publicity stunt by the realtor. And of course, it’s working!

  43. lachica says:

    fug house. i’m shocked arch. digest ever featured it.

  44. Canuck says:

    I think it was Brad who likes the uncomfortable furniture. He bought this a couple of years ago:

  45. skibunny says:

    I actually like the house and the color scheme. It looks warm and inviting.

    Salem take a frickin pill!

  46. Crash2GO2 says:

    Hey, I like the purple! Can we stop maligning the purple chairs and move onto the horrible red/orange/blue ‘modern’ painting? :P

  47. Cheyenne says:

    @Catherine: It isn’t you. $42 mil is not high, it’s insane. Here’s the kicker: assessed the house at $10.9 mil. So she is charging 31.1 million more than the house is worth.

    I don’t know what she’s been smoking lately but if she expects to get anywhere near what she is asking for that property, she is Totally. Nucking. Futz.

  48. DGO says:

    @ Salem – No attempt to “defend” Jennifer nor “smear” Brad Pitt. Sheesh, I hear Looney Tunes playing in the background . . .

  49. N.D. says:

    Can’t get over that amazing view since the first time I saw these pics. The best thing about her house. The rest could be redesigned after all so who cares. Still 42mil seems too high but may be her realtor knows something we don’t?

  50. WhiteNoise says:

    Funny! Although the decor (as I’ve already said) it’s not to my taste, I really like those purple chairs! It’s what’s surrounding them that I have a problem with. :)

    Oh and yeah @ Salem, calm down. You are showing all the signs of the looneys you are getting all fired up about.

  51. Johnthing says:

    I’m sick of JA. She hasn’t changed one iota for any film role. She looks and acts exactly as she did in her long gone heyday. She is not an actress. She’s a cute girl who got lucky and now needs to sit down and shut up.

  52. SolitaryAngel says:

    The only 2 things I like about this place are the bed and that VIEW!! Gorgeous. The rest of the place looks so tacky. Ew.

  53. Tazina says:

    The renos on the house kept her busy and occupied. Now they’re done and she’s bored stiff with the place. She’s rattling around there alone a good deal of the time with nothing to do. I can totally see why she’s selling it. She needs a hobby as the cutesy romantic comedy roles must be drying up by now.

  54. Liana says:

    Good God. The woman is merely selling her house. Some of you people act like she’s slaughtering children. Sometimes I can’t stand it here.

  55. CindyBman says:

    I love it! I think it’s gorgeous, and to me, it does look cozy and like a hug!

  56. Soapdish says:

    I don’t get how her decor has to do with her selling her house. The new resident will just change that, although the shag carpet….having to pay for that….
    Hope the new buyer makes her get rid of it. I mean shag?!?! My thing is who spends all that time in putting a house together, to only live in it for a couple of years. It of course won’t sell at that price.

  57. Danny says:

    FWIW, it looks a little sterile for my taste. I mean really, in MY multimillion dollar pad we see a magazine or two with my picture on the cover laying on the coffee table.

    Is that a battery-operated device in the middle of the bed?

  58. Louise says:

    @Lynne: If this is a publicity stunt it’s a bad one. Everybody (real estate experts) are saying it’s really overpriced. Unless there’s something really special about the house Jennifer isn’t going to get anything close to asking price. You can find a house with great views and more square footage for half the price.

  59. Crash2GO2 says:

    “So she is charging 31.1 million more than the house is worth.”

    She’s not charging, she’s asking. And the bottom line on houses in that price range, is that they are worth what someone is willing to pay. And what someone will pay for it? Only time will tell. *shrug*

  60. Hmmm says:

    What a lonely life in an insanely huge house for ONE PERSON! Ye gods!!! I’m shocked.

    She is so out of touch with reality, it’s creepy. And the place looks like a damned movie set.

  61. guesty says:

    why did i think she already has/had a place in malibu? *googles*

  62. Kloops says:

    I like it. Maybe not every piece of furniture, and definitely not the purple bits, but the overall theme is beautiful. She probably won’t be her asking price, but she’s probably not expecting to.

  63. Cheyenne says:

    @Crash: Anybody who isn’t as dumb as a box of rocks will check the market to see what a house is actually worth, no matter what they are able to pay for it. She bought that place in a peak market and now it’s assessed at $3 mil less than what she paid for it. She’ll be lucky if she gets $10 mil for it in this market. If she’s smart, she’ll hold onto it for a couple of years so she doesn’t have to sell at a loss. The market is bound to go back up sooner or later; it always does.

    @Hmmm: All those houses featured in AD look like movie sets. Every time I look at that magazine I think those houses look gorgeous, but how in hell do you actually live in them?

  64. Sparkly says:

    Sisi – My thoughts exactly. Well, good for her for trying. I doubt it will go for that much, but maybe she’ll get lucky.

  65. garvels says:

    This is probably just a PR story to keep her name out there for people to talk about. I think she realizes people are getting tired of hearing about her fauxmances, or viewing her naked poses on magazine covers or her history of doomed romances. She has to create some new buzz for her movie releases and this is it. She never intends to sell,hence the ridiculous price.

  66. journey says:

    either she thinks some jen-loonie will pay that much just because it belonged to her.

    or, there’s a subterranean bat-cave, where she’s entertained the likes of john meyer, chelsea bang-bang, and joe-girls-gone-wild. use your imagination to picture how it’s tricked out, and why anyone in the know would be willing to pay 31 mil extra for it. maybe a b & d bordello? maybe complete with girls-for-hire and client list? and tequila on tap? a sin den to end all sin dens, now lots of people in h-wood would shell out for that!

  67. huh says:

    Good God. The woman is merely selling her house. Some of you people act like she’s slaughtering children. Sometimes I can’t stand it here.


  68. Sumodo1 says:

    Vintage Ramada Inn.

  69. journey says:

    haha, just went to dlisted, and read his “polynesian porn palace” and “basement dungeon” remarks! great minds!

  70. Tess says:

    Oh it’s fug. Most definitely fug.

  71. Dingles says:

    42 million? What is she smoking? And for the record, that house is fug. Great view, but fug. Makes me think of the Flintstones.

  72. Cheyenne says:

    @journey: I usually can’t stand dlisted, but Michael K was spot-on this time. And the comments are even funnier than he is.

    @e.non: She’s been looking at places in the West Village. She hasn’t bought anything yet.

    @DGO: I don’t think that house is Brad’s taste. I think Aniston THOUGHT that was Brad’s taste. The whole place looks like she was trying to channel her ex. Sad, really, when you think about it.

  73. K McFarlane says:

    The estate agent asked her what price she wanted. And she said “I’m 42. $42 million sounds right. That’s what I’m worth”.

  74. tracking says:

    Give me a break. The asking price is *not* a “30 million” markup! She paid 13.5m for it, but likely put about that much more into it for the 2-yr gut reno that followed. I doubt she put less than 25m into it all told; we don’t know the exact figure could be more. Presuming she’s actually expecting to get 30+m, pricing it at 42m is not insane. .

  75. Anne says:

    She still has her house on BlueJay Way in the Hollywood Hills that she has had for many years. Sasha and Isla rented it for years, and she now uses it as an office of sorts. She just rented a Malibu beach house for like $30,000 a month for a couple of years, never bought there. She does not really intend to sell this house, must just be floating the idea for PR cause this house is now valued at less than she paid for it in the current down LA market.

    This house is decorated quite dated to me, rooms are dark and not light and airy at all. The decorator charged her too too much for the final dreary product. Lot is very small, and a huge house high on a hill above it bought last year by one of the biggest moguls in LA overlooks it.

  76. Chris says:

    And yet somehow she manages to make people feel sorry for her. She’s a genius.

  77. Sassy says:

    Question – The outdoor furniture with the Holly Hunter fabric. What doe one do when it rains? Run out and bring all the huge cushions inside, or cover the furniture with tarps? Using the servants for the chore, of course. I am always curious when I see a CA or FL house with the upholstered stuff outside.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    @Tracking: Never mind what she put into it, the current assessed value on that place is $10.9 million. It’s worth less now than what she paid for it before all the renovations. (And as any real estate agent will tell you, don’t ever expect to get back everything you put into renovations.)

    The more I look at those photos, the more that place looks like an empty night club.

  79. candy says:

    Cool pad with a great city view. Maybe a sheik or Russian oligarch will come around to buy the place, furnishings and all. I hope she gets her money back and makes a few shekels, too.

  80. lolo says:

    It must be some POOR people trashing Jennifer. That house is worth every bit of 42 mil. What do you people live in a shack??? You sure don’t know how much houses cost.

  81. Kloops says:

    Ok, I actually like it (not the furniture), but just read MK and loved it. When he’s on form he kills.

  82. 2centsnichols says:

    she needs to stick to the beach and the blonde highlights. NY will chew her up and spit her right out.

  83. lw says:

    $42.50, maybe. that’s what she’s worth.

  84. Crash2GO2 says:

    @sassy: Speaking for myself, I just wipe it down if it needs it. The fabrics are weatherproof. Or she might cover them. When the Santa Ana winds blow, you can get all kinds of junk on your outdoor stuff.

  85. Relli says:

    Eh I like it but it does feel a little projecty, like she needed something to throw herself into. Sort of like a cute outfit with one too many accessories. I feel her in the respect that when life feels stale I need a change of scenery and enviroment, shed dead weight. She has been participating in theatre stuff in nyc, I am sure that she knows her days until she is playing the older wiser aunt are numbered I think she is starting to explore other career avenues as I do not think she wants to return to tv. I think she’ll be more bi-coastal keeping a place in cali near mexico. Also have you ever been to la? It would get old

  86. hyuch says:

    I love that house and the way she has decorated it.

  87. Majosha says:

    I actually kind of like the decor. My kids and my dogs would roll through that place like a category five hurricane, but at least it would like nice (to me, at least) for a few days.

  88. whitedaisy says:

    That is one ugly house. It is too dark and cold. And did I mention ugly?

  89. Cruisin Through says:


    The fact that you looked it up on zillow is the funniest thing in this thread! Wow your obsession runs deep. To look up the house of someone you consider unattractive and untalented speaks volumes. Who did you obsess over before Aniston?

  90. DrM says:

    I always thought it looked a place you looked at, for show…not somewhere anyone actually lived…I love the purple colours…but the furniture looks damn uncomfortable…

  91. hatekyle says:

    the lounges were actually bright pink when bought until john mayer scattered tadpoles over them that they turned gross purple.

  92. sassy says:

    looking at those pictures i wanna go…
    “bow chicca bow bow”, (porn music)

  93. Maritza says:

    I love everything in that house, the decoration, the view, the furniture. I doubt she will get what she is asking for but who knows…

  94. Crash2GO2 says:

    “The fact that you looked it up on zillow is the funniest thing in this thread!”

    Don’t you have to know the address to look it up? 0_o

    I wanted to say something, but didn’t want to start WWIII. lol

  95. Sassy says:

    Thanks Crash for the cushion info. For an aerial look at the property check out Mail Online UK. There is not much property surrounding the house. Bit of grass by the side of the house, that is it.

  96. Cheyenne says:

    @Cruisin: Sorry to bust your bubble, honey, but I didn’t look it up. Somebody posting on HuffPo did. Know what’s really funny? Your dumbass assumptions.

  97. Majosha says:

    @Cruisin Through: :lol:

  98. crtb says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so angry and offened about the decor and asking price of JA’s house. I don’t care much for her decorating skills. And I’m sure if you came to my house, you might have the same opinion about my place. Sellers are allowed to ask whatever price they want for their homes. That doesn’t mean the buyer will pay that amount. I am sure in today’s tough ecomony, her asking price will probably come down however she will get much more than it’s current value jsut because it belonged to Jennifer Anniston. Everyone knows that a bank will NOT give a mortgage over the value of a house, so whomever buys this house will have to come in with a lot of cash!

  99. _Salem_ says:

    mln76, I recognise nics and know the nic is always attacking Brad and Angelina and defending Jen. That history, and their post, is what I based my post on. Simple as that.

    someone and liana, OVER-DRAMATIC, much? Calm down. NO ONE has personally attacked Jen, they are only commenting about the decor. NO ONE has acted like she has killed children, seriously what crazy sheet is that? Is ANY criticism, no matter how slight, an offence to you? Does everyone have to say only 100% positive glowing things about Jen, or else its as dramatic as “acting as if she’s killing children”? Are you THAT over-sensitive about your idol? Seriously, stop being so overly dramatic. YOU act as if we are killing children just by talking about the colour of chairs. No one has personally attacked Jen at all in this thread. In fact, there hasn’t been one negative comment about her personally.

  100. truthzbetta says:

    I’d “simplify” for 1/1,000th of that price. Which could be the plan. And you thought she was a talentless imbecile.

    She might not be able to fix a house, but her re-make from a blah, normal bod to this post 40 yoga sculpted creation is something anyone in Narcissisticville would pay 42 mil for.

  101. Isa says:

    I went through and looked at the pictures again, ignoring the decor and it’s not that bad. But whoever buys it will probably do a quite a few renovations.

    As for the house lacking personal touches and not being lived in, well usually when you’re showcasing your home the personal effects are stored away. Since she has more than one home I wouldn’t be surprised if she barely spent any time there.
    Although I have been to people’s houses where the only things out were decorations and functional items. It amazes me and kind of freaks me out. I just want to ask where is all your stuff? Try as I might there’s always a little bit of clutter laying around.

  102. mln76 says:

    @Salem your post totally made DGO or whoever’s slightly idiotic post look tame in comparasion to your own psychosis. Yeah it was lame of her/him to implicate Brad where he didn’t belong but when you walk down crazy street you end up making your opposing side sound completely legit. I honestly didn’t want to be associated with it (not that I am perfect by any means). Anyway DGO’s comment was a backhanded insult. The implication was (whether intended or not ) that Jen is too stupid and obsessive to pick out her own furniture and has furnished her new house with Brad’s castaways. NOT really something a fan would say(unless they are totally clueless).

  103. _Salem_ says:

    How? Because I call it as it is, no holds barred? DGO, if you had followed the poster, has an agenda. I called it as it is. It seems to me that you are the one completely over-reacting. I’m a straight shooter and don’t mince words. But, as people say, my bark is worse than my bite. This is how people speak where I come from. Thats the way I am. It doesn’t make me crazy because you aren’t used to this style. And if I may say so, I believe you, like others, are reacting to my nic without bothering to actually take in what I say. I think you are seriously over-reacting and looking for drama where there is none.

  104. Venus says:

    Anyone who pays $41 million for that house (in Beverly Hills where every house in the actual “hills” has a great view) is a total moron & deserves to be ripped off. 9000 square feet is huge for someone like me, but 9000 square feet is “small” for that area. Just because JA lived there doesn’t make it *worth* that much. Of course, like I said, there just might be some moron willing to pay that much because of the fact that she lived there. If so, good for her.
    Also, I can only imagine that for that price, the decor, including those purple club chairs, (less any personal items likes photos, etc) comes with the place. Still way, way, unjustifiably overpriced.
    Personally, the place is not at all my taste — it already looks dated (like a part of the Playboy mansion circa 1970). As some have said, the decor would be ok for a hotel (a place you were going to stay for a short time) but I wouldn’t want to live in that.

    @ Sumodo1 “Vintage Ramada Inn” — LMAO!!

    eta: and PS — not liking the decor does not = hating her. She consented to her house being in AD — that, to me, gives me free reign to blast her decorating choices.

  105. StopKiddingYourself says:

    Fug, for real.

  106. mln76 says:

    Just had to share this

    42 MILLION?! You know how long it would take for Maddox to save up his allowance so that he can buy Jennifer’s house and then torch it with a flaming Beanie Baby? At least 4 weeks

  107. LittleOat says:

    “Good God. The woman is merely selling her house. Some of you people act like she’s slaughtering children. Sometimes I can’t stand it here.”

    Yes. Why I sometimes avoid the comments sections.

  108. Jag says:

    I like that furniture, the colors, and the style, but I’ve always been different anyway. lol She looks so good for being 42; I’m turning 42 this year and she’s serving as my inspiration to take better care of myself. Doubt she’ll get $42 million for that home, but hey, she can ask whatever she wants when she sells. As others have said, selling her home is one thing, and her acting ability is another. lol

  109. Katherine Mac says:

    “The home to me looks alot like mid century modern. (That I always associate with the late 60’s.) It is a style that is still very popular in California to this day.”

    That house is soooo not mid century modern. It is more like 1970 suburban wasteland. Whoever suggested this looks like Brad’s style is way off the mark. From what I’ve seen of his style he understands modern.

    L.A. is laughing about the asking price. This is a $15 – 17 million dollar house tops. No more. Maybe she can squeeze out an extra few million from someone who wants to buy celebrity but people in these brackets aren’t usually stupid about money.

    Unfortunately she bought it at the peak of the market and you simply rarely ever recoup your renovation costs. As for the view, lots of houses in LA have fabulous views like this.

    When I saw the Architectural Digest I knew she’d never live there. It’s a ridiculous house for a single person unless they have a posse living with them.

  110. Minx2 says:

    This nature-loving, pure water-drinking, zen and yoga, all natural girl designed this ca. 1970, Hollywood exec bachelor pad? This looks nothing like her. Rocks everywhere, the wood paneling, waterfalls over rocks (good grief!) lit from below, huge ugly lamps, velvet and glitter. Yuck! All it needs is a girl with huge tits, dressed in a mermaid costume swimming in the pool. $42 million? Good luck!

  111. Sunny says:

    I think she is co-dependent on others. She lets the designer tell her what she likes. Her PR Guru Huvane tells her what movies to make. Her acting coach tells her how to act. Her gaggle of girlfriends (Brad would leave the house whenever they came) tell her what to do in her personal life.

  112. Shay says:

    She wishes to get that price. Judy Garland’s former home is now on the market for considerably less and is much nicer (actually resembles a home and has warmth than Aniston’s sterility) and has more of a tradition than Aniston.
    Maybe Jennifer is thinking that her name will sell the home, but what ‘name’? She is basically a former sit-com star and little else.

  113. Soapdish says:

    The thing about renovations is that if you’re renovating to suite your taste, you’re not going to get any dough off of it. I mean common sense right. I mean someone isn’t going to buy a place they’d have to put more money into renovating. If you flip a house, you appeal to the tastes of a large mass of people. For example, a lot of newly made houses have large living spaces, but the bedrooms feel small. Creating larger bedrooms and bettering the bathrooms, is an example. Modernizing the kitchen with up to date appliances is another example. You keep the place open for someone elsa’s renovations (small & not too expensive) but your renovations are consistent with the basic interests of a mass amt
    of people. That house is renovated totally for her. I think there is some fish pool thing going, which was pretty. I like the furniture with the room that has the piano, but the rest. The interior is too dark and gloomy. The brick and the wood paneling. The pool against the view is nice, but that’s a small pool. That’s the only pool for the house…no thanks. There is no yard. Basically the house is no good. Great houses are like what Kimora and Russel Simmons had and I thought Ozzy Osbourne’s house was very nice. Too bad they had all those nasty dogs to dirty it up. All anyone has to do is type in 40mill houses in google search, then compare. I wonder if she didn’t get people coming over in masses all the time like she thought. When people have families then what do expect. Another thing too is can she offered it anymore. Those Friend checks stopped a year ago. Also it sounds pretty snooty to say your house will only be viewed by a select few. Please! Better put it out there for anyone that has the money. Also, maybe she priced it so high cause she doesn’t want to get rid of it. This is some PR stuff for attention. If you are putting your home up quietly ….why are you discussing it? Contradiction.

  114. Anj says:

    Holy Cow…….. those walls…….yuckkkk…………why would anyone want to have such a monstrosity?

  115. koala says:

    notice how the name means “extended family”; she is completely codependent on her friends. she is an annoying, clingy single woman who can’t do anything without her “family”.

  116. Liana says:

    nice to see the common garden variety troll named Salem is back. Nice try, but Jennifer Aniston is not my idol (if I bother to idolize anyone it’s Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, and Helen Mirren). I just find it amusing that people are all bent because she’s selling her house and asking a ridiculous sum that she’ll never get for it. My comments were facetious (look it up, it’s in the “f” section of that big book called the dictionary). Now go back under the bridge and start collecting those tolls.

  117. hatekyle says:

    i’ve heard that chelsea handler made an offer to buy her bff’s house: 50 cents.

  118. SuperSleuth says:

    I could be mistaken, but didn’t someone named Salem get banned from this site once already?

  119. hatekyle says:

    ofcourse jen has the nerve to put her house up for sale close to the price tag of the new brangelina mansion: $50 mil.

  120. Cheyenne says:

    @ctrb: Who is “angry and offended” at the decor or her asking price? Her bad taste is her bad taste; I got a good laugh out of it but I’m not offended by it because I don’t have to live with it. As for her asking price, you can’t be either angry or offended at someone who is so ignorant about the current economy that they list their house for four times what it’s worth.

    @Katherine Mac: I don’t think it’s Brad’s style at all; I think she thought it was his style and had it decorated accordingly. She was as clueless about Brad on this score as she was about everything else.

    @Soapdish: ITA about renovations. You can gut your place and totally re-do it, and buyers won’t like the way you re-did it. Save your money.

  121. hyuch says:

    Her body is insane.

  122. Soapdish says:

    Her body is average compared to a lot of them and looks just like any of the rest of them. Hillary Swank …no kids. Jennifer Garner…two kids…looks better than her. Way better! List goes on.

  123. Cheyenne says:

    What’s her body got to do with anything?

  124. hatekyle says:

    the price tag of her house is as bloated as her career as an actress (to me, she’s a tv star nothing else). her latest flick made a lil money thanks to adam. in fact, all her movies that made money, she had a strong male co-star. that house has been renovated as much as her face.

  125. Raven Sparrow says:

    @cheyenne – yeah right. She decorated her home for Brad with what she thought was Brad’s taste in furniture.

    She was married to him for a few years and lived with him – in the same house. I think she kind of had an idea of what he liked. Plus, if I remember correctly Brad is more into modern, uncomfortable pseudo-artistic furniture. Her home deco looks nothing like that.I’m thinking she can tell the difference!

    But thanks for the laugh. You’re so funny!

  126. Her taste? says:

    I wonder how much input she had into the actual design. We should complement the designer, not her except for her choice in designers. I think Brad has 100% input but just needs a designer to manage the project.

  127. Reality says:

    Yes, 125 comments on an article about some ‘annoying, clingy and (gasp) single’ ‘tv star’ selling her house.

    I mean she totally decorated it in a masculine style just to get Brad to come back to her (plus I hear he plays pool and loves shag carpeting) and now she ‘has the nerve to put her house up for sale close to the price tag of the new brangelina mansion: $50 mil.’

    I bet she buys a NY pad near Lee’s Art Shop next.

    What a loser.

  128. lucy2 says:

    I like the house itself, but don’t care for the decor.
    The asking price seems too high, but as there’s no official listing yet, just a lot of celebrity gossip, who knows if that will be the actual listing price.

    From what I can see, it actually sits on 2 lots and the total assessed value is about $14 mil. When the renovations I could see asking $20 mil maybe? There’s something else nearby that’s assessed at $7 mil and for sale for $18 mil, so who knows.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    @lucy2: On a typical renovation job, you’re lucky to get back 80% of what you put into it.

  130. Liana says:

    I could see asking 20 mil, but 42 mil seems like a lot, even for an inflated starting point.

  131. Cletus says:

    I like it. It DOES look like Ron Burgundy’s bachelor pad, but Ron Burgundy is awesome. Stay Classy, JA! ($42 million is too much for a house. There, I said it.)

  132. fhm says:

    I really quite like it.

  133. John Wayne Lives says:

    Wow you guys are fun lol

  134. Athena says:

    She has a beach house right next to Courtney Cox in Malibu.

  135. lucy2 says:

    @Cheyenne that would be a pretty good return, I’d be curious to know what she put into it, and how extensive the renovations are.
    I still bet the $42 number is either just a rumor, or to test the waters and first show to a select level of homebuyer.

  136. Robb7 says:

    I imagine she was very lonely in this huge, Hollywood-movie set of a house (certainly not a home). It’s cold and decorated for a psychedelic hang-over from the ’70s. What was she thinking??!!!

  137. daisy says:

    This has nothing to do with her house,but I have to say,Jens body is way above average.@soapdish,she would put Jen Garner to shame any day of the week.WTF are you talking about?

  138. daisy says:

    Oh,and another thing.How do we know this isnt her style?Do any of us know her?

  139. Me says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if she decided to get the house, make it up and sell it for a decent profit. It wouldn’t be possible with a small place and on top she advertised it in that mag already. It was always going to be too big for a single person and too much for someone who apparently likes living on a beach. Yet it’s perfectly made up in a weird style that, as someone here noted, is favoured in California. I think she’s done it as a project for both personal fun and money. Just doesn’t say it out loud.

  140. jmflynny says:

    Screw the color pallette and the furnishings.

    What the hell did that girl do to end up in a $42M house?

  141. Rog says:

    Why does everyone here hate Jennifer Aniston so much? I understand the dislike for Brit, Blohan and Goop, but what has Jen ever really done to generate so many negative comments?

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