Is Matthew Fox an egotistical jagoff, or does he just hate Matt Damon?


Matthew Fox sat down with the Mail on Sunday for an extensive interview. Fox is in London to do a play – he’s made his “West End debut” in Neil LaBute’s A Forest, Dark and Deep. He’s doing the play with Olivia Williams, an actress I actually like a great deal. Anyway, part of the interview took place in Matthew’s home turf, his remote, adopted hometown of Bend, Oregon, and part of it took place in London. Two continents, two different sitdowns, and both times, Matthew Fox comes across as an egotistical jackass. He compares himself to Matt Damon, complaining that Damon gets all of the good parts that he (Fox) is up for, and Fox describes his current career thusly: “Some Hollywood studios see me becoming a leading man on the big budget vehicles, playing the kind of roles that Steve McQueen used to excel at.” For real? Dude, you were on Lost. And Jack was nobody’s favorite character. You are not Steve McQueen. You are not even a budget version of that. And you are definitely not at Matt Damon’s level. The full Mail piece is here, and here are the highlights:

Fox bitching about 3D and M. Night Shyamalan: ‘Look at 3D,’ he says. ‘That’s a major setback to good storytelling. I took my little boy to see The Last Airbender. It was an awful film. The director M Night Shyalaman [sic] hasn’t directed a decent movie since The Sixth Sense.’

He and Matt Damon are at the same level: ‘I’m disillusioned with the drift towards gratuitous entertainment, which so much of Hollywood is now. Because of the state of the economy people seem to want pure escapism. But if the roles I fight to get all go to Matt Damon, then I won’t work. I turn a lot of stuff down – big, big movies, the kind I wouldn’t want to go to the cinema to see.’

On romantic comedies sucking: ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t make a movie with the blonde from ER who is starring in every single bad romantic comedy. Unless they reinvent the wheel in terms of romantic comedies – in other words, they start making them funny and romantic again – I’m not going to be starring in any of those movies.’ [Editor’s note: who is he talking about? Is he thinking about Katherine Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy?]

On not needing any of this: ‘After Lost, I never need to take a job for the money again. I could just stay in Bend and fly my plane. A lot of the time I hate acting. It has a lot to do with the way I was brought up in a world where showing your emotions is frowned upon. It’s just not manly. I don’t do anything in life because I love doing it. It’s because I want to be good at it. It doesn’t make for an easy life.’

On London versus Bend, Oregon: ‘Central London has taken a bit of getting used to. I haven’t lived in an intensely urban environment like this for a long time, so it took a few days to get used to the 24/7 hum of people and traffic. It’s not easy for me to live in a busy city for too long as after a few days I begin to crave those wide open spaces. Bend is a town of 80,000 people. But I can drive out of town for a few minutes and I’m in the middle of nowhere, not a soul to be found for miles. There’s something special for me about the feeling of being completely alone in a space like that with those great big horizons. I grew up with that solitude and I love the fact that I’m still able to find it.’

On his childhood: ‘We didn’t have neighbours when I was young. The nearest shops were 80 miles away. I had to travel 45 miles to school. In the summer I’d go months without speaking to anyone outside my immediate family. In that part of the world, manhood is defined by how much punishment you can take in terms of alcohol consumption, fighting, chasing girls, general wild living. For me and my two brothers, it was a matter of daring each other to do more and more crazy stuff. We had no TV or anything like that so we made our own entertainment. We were a family of pyromaniacs. There was always dynamite and gunpowder around the farm and I loved setting things on fire or blowing them up. But there was a dark side to all this recklessness. By the time I was 16, ten of my close friends had died. Some were suicides. Others got into brawls and had the life beaten out of them. Others went out and got roaring drunk, drove home and fell asleep at the wheel. It’s what happens in places like Wyoming. It’s the most beautiful country imaginable; at the same time it lends itself to hopelessness. For some people the place becomes a trap. I could easily have gone that way myself. But my dad stepped in. He’d caught me growing dope in one of his farm buildings. Up to that point there was a part of him that was amused by the hell-raising his kids got up to. But it got to a point where he felt he had to nudge me in the right direction. He sent me to boarding school and that saved my life.’

Once again, he doesn’t need any of this: ‘The fact is that I’m far more comfortable sitting on a horse and herding cattle than walking up a red carpet. People think I’m being disingenuous when I say I don’t like the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But truthfully, I can’t stand it. There are very few situations I’d less like to be in than a Hollywood premiere or an awards ceremony. They’re not what my life is about.’

Seriously, HE DOESN’T NEED THIS: ‘My passions lie elsewhere. There’s flying my plane, cruising in my car, and lots of other things that keep me occupied. If I’m going to party I prefer to do it outdoors. I love climbing on top of my custom-built Indian Bobber motorcycle and zooming off to the edge of the horizon. I love to fish. Few things beat the feeling of standing chest-deep in very cold, clear mountain water and waiting for the brown trout to take the dry fly. The beauty of catching a trout lies in how long you’ve had to work and how much of a challenge that trout has been; how many patterns you’ve had to put over him without spooking him, then getting him to take the fly and seeing the fish break water and perform somersaults as he tries to shake you off. I also love to hunt. I’m a pretty good shot with a rifle or a bow. I go bird-hunting. I shoot pheasants and then I eat them. A fine way to pass the day.’

He‘s Steve McQueen: ‘I don’t really see any difference between my job and my pastimes. They’re things I’m interested in. I know some Hollywood studios see me becoming a leading man on the big budget vehicles, playing the kind of roles that Steve McQueen used to excel at. But I’m not in any hurry. I’d be just as happy sitting back and watching the seasons change. There’s a possibility I’ll give up acting and do something altogether different. Become an astronomer, maybe. I can think of worse ways to spend the rest of my days.’

[From The Mail]

Seriously, we get it. You get offered tons of movies, but the only scripts you really like go to Matt Damon, but still you feel the pressure from all of these Hollywood studios to be Steve McQueen, but you would rather be doing anything else. You would be rather be hunting, or flying a plane, or fishing, or bitching about other people in your industry. Look, I don’t really have a problem with an actor who prefers to be outside of Hollywood, and doesn’t want to be part of the machine. I don’t have a problem with an actor turning down work, either, or not doing films that he thinks will suck. That’s fine. But in this particular case, it just feels like Matthew is an unprofessional, egotistical ass with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Oh, and one of the last times we even cared enough to cover Matthew Fox was about a year ago when the story broke that he was cheating on his wife with some stripper. The stripper he banged gave an interview to the tabloids about how he didn’t even want to use protection. Because he’s a genius.


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  1. Shay says:

    I don’t think he is a douche per se, he is just being a little to honest (if you’re going to maintain an acting career, you don’t slag off other actors and directors) for his own good. Anyway, most actors are egotistical. The actors we think are ‘down to earth’, play that role but in all seriousness, to present yourself on red carpets like you’re somebody who is more important than the average person who is enduring everyday setbacks, like foreclosures etc, requires a lot of narcissism.

  2. brin says:

    I thought he retired from acting! After this interview, he probably will.

  3. Awake says:

    He’s got a point of view and he’s a bit confrontational. So what. I’d prefer that to simpering and pandering any day.

    Read the interview again. Everything he says is fine, except the Steve McQueen nonsense. Fall back Fox, you ain’t McQueen.

    He’s right about Airbender. It sucked hard.

  4. Anna says:

    Wow. I’m all for honesty, but this comes across as a lot of whining and feeling way bigger than he actually is.

    I have never watched Lost (I gather from this interview he starred in it), so maybe he’s a household name/big star to some, but you know what I know him from? Speed Racer. That’s right, that ridiculous flop of a Wachowski brothers movie. I’m a film journalist and I know Matthew Fox from exactly one film: Speed Racer. He should tone down the whine a little and maybe take some more acting classes. That might be a better way to get some of those roles he claims to covet so much.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    Yup BIG douche!

  6. DogBoy says:

    He’s no more of an egotistical jagoff than any other actor.
    I guess he banked some cash, so he’s not pulling punches like most others do to preserve their relationships with other industry folks. Katherine Heigl won’t be recommending him anytime soon.
    Its pretty obvious from the archives that you dislike him, so everything he says would annoy you.

    And, yes, he’s absolutely right about Airbender. It sucked hard. (Fox is not looking to work form M Night, obviously)

  7. J. says:

    Matt Damon is overrated anyway.

  8. PrettyTarheel says:

    I only know him from Party of Five, and from reading gossip I gathered over the years that he was on Lost, but not the Holloway, Garcia, Monaghan, etc. character. Exactly what his role was…I never quite cared enough to gather.

    Not crazy about his interview, but it’s certainly his right to cut off his own nose to spite his face. If he feels this strongly, it seems like London is a better place for him than LaLa Land.

  9. Maritza says:

    I agree, he was the less likable character in Lost. Matt Damon is a much better actor than him.

  10. tapioca says:

    Well, he’s certainly right about modern rom-coms sucking. Also Katherine Heigl movies.

    Boy looks seriously old, though – and in the UK he’s supposed to be the “face” of L’Oreal mens skincare!!

  11. Dr_Venkman says:

    So, basically he IS Jack?

  12. Phoenix says:

    If he feels that way then fine, but it’s a bit unprofessional to go around bad-mouthing people in the industry. Where will that get him? Looking like an idiot probably. No one’s forcing him to take roles he doesn’t want, so please will he go off and ride a horse now? Thanks

  13. Rita says:

    Wetting your pants with excitement while sitting in Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang (top pic)does’nt make you Bullit (Steve McQueen’s character in the movie of the same name). Steve did his own car stunts and there has never been a chase scene like Bullit, before or since.

    Matt, I understand The Situation is pushing a script called Ocean’s Two (a man’s got to start somewhere), stay grounded sweetie.

  14. e.non says:

    seems to me he’s opinionated and being candid and frankly right about alot of things. what a concept.

    besides, considering the isolation of his youth — which he makes some very insightful comments about — i have no doubt he doesn’t have the patience for the b.s. of hollywood.

  15. eja102 says:

    TLA did suck, but it was more that the personalities of of the characters didn’t translate well from the animated series to real. The series is really good, and Aang wasn’t nearly as whiny.

    I can’t stand this guy. I don’t like Matt Damon, though I do his films (?) but this guy makes me want to be a huge fan.

  16. lisa says:

    I think he is facing the BIG wall that many in TV face when they want to make the jump to movies. Many people don’t make it. For the most part the audience does not want to pay to see what they get on TV for free.. PLUS you have been a character each week and then you want the audience to forget and see you as something else. For most in the TV business they don’t become that big leading man or woman. MOST find some success as a character actor or supporting role.

    Sorry that is just the way it is.. and Matt Damon will always get the offers first. He is on that level. He will continue to be the go to guy until he is not.. and for men in his age range that is not good.. Because by the time he is out. they will be looking for someone YOUNGER..

    The same thing happens with women in TV too..

    A successful TV shows does not equal a Leading Man/Woman movie career..

  17. Vanessa says:

    His childhood is appalling – sounds like they were on a road to becoming serial killers…

  18. Liana says:

    Oh God… this jerkoff. I cannot begin to tell you what a demanding, primadonna pain in the ass this man is. I worked on “We Are Marshall” and pretty much no one liked him. He was dismissive to the crew and walked around with the “I’m better than all of this” attitude. Compared to Matthew McConaughey (who was genuine and nice) and David Strathairn (a far better actor than Fox could ever DREAM of being and a far nicer man), Fox was simply not up to par. Anthony Mackie was in the film, too, and Kaiser, he is a sweetie! I thought maybe his behavior on the set was an abberation, but I heard similar things from friends who staffed “Lost” and “Speed Racer.” I’m not a Matt Damon fan, but he is nowhere in the same league acting wise as Matt Damon and I doubt they are ever up for the same roles. Can you imagine? “Hey, if we can’t get Matt Damon, let’s get that guy from ‘Lost’ – you know he’s the next Steve McQueen, right?”

  19. jinni says:

    I’m happy that some are at least calling him out on this because usually actors get away with/are praised for calling out people in the industry, while if/when an actress does the same she’s universally hated and called all manner of names.

  20. Hautie says:

    Wow, that was alot of b*tching and whining from a real man.

    How many times did he talk about being manly. Geez. We get it. Your all testosterone.

    And I am sure Damon gets jobs that others would have done a good job with.

    But Damon seems to have a good attitude on set and makes it easier to get the movie made.

    This manly man Matthew probably is a living nightmare on set.

    And everyone who could hire him for a bigger movie, doesn’t want to deal with him and the manly ego.

    And yes, I read it also that he was retiring as soon as Lost was wrapped.

    But here he is b*tching about not being able to get Alist movie.

  21. guesty says:

    @dr. venkman…ita! funny. & lol @ the katherine heigl reference. he must have a little crush.

  22. Liana says:

    He has not done anything to merit A List status. “Party of Five” and “Lost” and a couple forgettable films? Sorry, dude.

  23. jen34 says:

    He is about as likeable as Jack, who spent most of his time on Lost crying. Actually, I think he was Jack. Total douche. He definitely lives up to his reputation. I hope he gives his wife lots of compensation because life with him must be hell.

  24. Desert Cat says:

    While I agree with some of his comments about the state of the entertainment industry, I think he’s an idiot for not having any better sense about how he might come off. This is a problem for many actors: they’re so busy navel-gazing that they don’t have a realistic sense of how others perceive THEM.

    I was a big fan of “Lost” — and he was by FAR one of my least-favorite characters. Oh, & my best friend works for Disney/ ABC, & the general consensus during “Lost” was that he WAS indeed an obnoxious douche.

  25. devilgirl says:

    Uh, he got his mediocre start on the mediocre show, Party of 5.

    Oh yeah, he is soooo beyond the common man! Jezz!

    He is NOT a good actor. He is also not what I would term “hot” or a cinema idol.

  26. mymy says:

    I read this the other day and thought. How refreshing.Honest and real. Jack off?
    He is a country boy. And he stays real.
    As far as his childhood leading to serial killers? I think kids who are raised by baby sitters and day care and spend all day in front of the TV have a higher chance of that. Oh how awful to be out in the wide open and having nature as your playground. Being with family.Yep the drink early and have sex early. But they do that in urban area’s only add hard core drugs and no physical activity.Some of us admire honesty. Just because most Hollywood actors are charming and less than frank does not mean they are any less egotistical.Being a person that can spend days in the wilderness without the need to see another person. I understood his feelings of having to get used to London and all the noise and people. He is very happily married and I have read his feelings about is wife and they run very deep.
    Love him

  27. tacwr says:

    Going against the general consensus here (he is a douche and a nightmare to work with) i guess is also a case of putting the information together. he probably IS difficult since he doesn’t have to work at all anymore. he made a killing from Lost and is easily annoyed if things don’t go his way. same if you win the lottery and you decide to work anyway. you don’t tolerate as much anymore because your livelihood doesn’t depend on it.

  28. dannyexplosion says:

    I think he looks cool.

  29. carrie says:

    he’s honest for me and i even can understand the Matt Damon’s and McQueen’s story

  30. gobo says:

    He has one of those mouths I always think look kindof like a cat bum.

  31. curmudgeon says:

    THAT is what you got from that? Realness? I assume that you also think Kim Kardashian is a sweet girl with a lot of talent and that you wait excitedly for the next fragrance by Britney Spears. You don’t say stuff like that. When you’ve been given everything you show some grace. And you don’t compare yourself to legends.

  32. Circe says:

    I think Matthew Fox is probably a nice guy who sucks at PR stuff. Never heard a bad word about him from his co-stars.

  33. Bodhi says:

    I think that sounds like an awesome way to grow up! Minus all the bar fight & drunk driving deaths, of course.

    As for the rest of it… It sounds too me like he identifies with Jack Shepard WAY too much! You aren’t the end all & be all, dude. Not even close to it. If he really were competing with Matt Damon for scripts, he would actually be in some movies, no?

    I’m glad he likes his out-side-of-Hollywood life (it sounds great to me!), but it sounds like he misses the hustle & bustle more than he cares to let on

  34. postaldog says:

    Yeah, but he got that part as Racer X in the Speed Racer movie, so he’s got that going for him. Ha, in your face Matt Damon!

  35. mymy says:

    And you were elected to the thought police when?
    Last time I looked around me I lived in a country were you can say what you feel.
    If you like a side of bull with your Roast Beef have at it.
    I fail to see the Britney, Kim Kardasian reference as very sound.
    He comes across completely opposite to these two phoneys
    I think he made it clear he isn’t really in the business to satisfy his celebrity status.
    The more opposite of PC a person is the more I like them
    I guess your just the opposite.
    Again refreshing as heck.

  36. tango says:

    Well, good for him for being honest. But it won’t win him more acting roles in the kind of pictures he wants.

  37. Anna says:

    Wow just wow.

    Bitchy, but kind of awesome.

  38. bagladey says:

    Matthew Fox sounds like a pompous fool. MF is not in the same acting hemisphere as Matt Damon. Matt Damon is a brilliant actor (Academy Award nominated) and it’s because of his acting skills that an almost plain guy can play a leading man role and really hold down the part; and also shine in an ensemble with very good looking, extremely talented male actors. Matt Damon has real, serious acting skills, just watch him in The Talented Mr. Ripley (with Jude Law), The Departed (with Leo DiCaprio, the Oceans series (with Brad Pitt et al) … So I think it quite comical that Matthew Fox (Matthew Fox?) seriously thinks that he’s competing with Matt Damon for roles. MF has been getting too much of those open spaces, he needs a reality check.

  39. Sara says:

    Lost wasn’t that great acting wise. I can’t see any of those actors going on to be major stars.

  40. Solveig says:

    He’s too honest and honesty is something HW doesn’t like. I don’t see him comparing himself to Damon and McQuinn, but he’s stating an obvious thing: some roles always go to the same actor and HW doesn’t take many risks.
    Unfortunately he is too much “Jack Shephard” to be someone else, and his face is good for tv not for the big screen.

  41. Solveig says:

    @Sara, seriously? Have you ever paid attention to Emerson’s and O’Quinn’s performances? Or Desmond and Penny call on the boat?

  42. Isabel says:

    Good heavens, Matthew, shut the fuck up already.

  43. Amanda says:

    I didn’t necessarily like his tone, but it is REFRESHING to see a celebrity be honest and share parts of themselves in an interview. Most celebrities with huge egos don’t drop one ounce of interesting information during an interview. Try reading an interview with Beyonce, you’ll see the difference.

  44. lost fan says:

    …and Matt Damon says Brad Pitt sees all the scripts before him, so Matty F might have an even longer wait. Perhaps Fox should spend less time whining and more time doing charity work with Matt D in Africa.

  45. mln76 says:

    Jack wasn’t my favorite character in at all.(Desmond and Mr Ecko made my world)But I do think Matthew Fox gave a consistently good performance(Unlike Evangeline Lily). Most of the problem I had with Jack is more plot points and decisions he made than actual acting.
    I think Matt has the choice of being a big fish in a small pond (TV) or a small fish in a big pond(film). He isn’t likely to find anything as meaty as the material in Lost on TV and he isn’t going to be the first name on anyone’s list in film. So he is being a bit of a bitter douche just like Jack.

    Oh and what he said about Rom-com’s for that he should get a medal. He should also host a seminar and explain this to Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Heigl,and Kate Hudson. 🙂

  46. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    Hey, I loved Jack! Matthew Fox on the other hand, meh.

  47. Jerk says:

    He listed extensively all the things he loved to do and not once was it spending time with his children or wife, he doesn’t even sound like he’s a father or husband. I forgot about the stripper rumor when I read the article originally, but do remember keenly thinking that I felt sorry for his family because this is not a family man speaking, but a single jerk who has an unlucky wife and children. Now that stripper story seems 99% probable.

  48. Chickaboom says:

    I’d still hit it.

  49. MrsOdie2 says:

    He’s a tv star, not a movie star. Many actors fear that makes them second class citizens in that business, but there is TONS of money in television. He just needs to accept his place in the grand scheme of things. Matt Damon is a film star. Although, he was so hilarious on 30 Rock, I wish he’d stick around there.

  50. Liana says:

    Never heard a bad word about him from his co-stars.

    Well, as a crew member on one of his films, I stated my personal experience above, and I rarely say negative stuff about people I’ve worked with because by and large, I’ve had quite positive experiences. Done with it now. Hope he has a lovely career and gains a bit of humbleness in his future.

  51. DiannSteph says:

    I feel sorry for his wife on many levels. What a bitter litte man. Steve McQueen my arse. That was laughable.

    Quote: ” If I’m going to party I prefer to do it outdoors.”

    Not necessarily:

  52. e says:

    This guy is always complaining! if you don’t like acting then don’t bother. We can live without! JEEZ!

  53. KJ says:

    I don’t know how anyone can gather that he’s being “real” in this interview. This is some phony whiny shit if I’ve ever seen it. “Oh, I hate the spot light, I hate acting, I don’t know why I do it.” Then fucking stop. “I’ve turned down BIG movies because I’m soooo into my craft.” Well you should’ve told those Lost writers to stop coming up with convoluted storylines simply to garner ratings instead of continuing with a strong and interesting premise.

    People who sit there and tell you how real they are are usually the fakest. If you have to sit there and rattle off all the reasons that you’re so cool and low key and not one of those awful celeb types, then you probably are putting on a huge front. You should be able to show me that by your actions, not by your windbag interviews where you hit us over the head with how awesomely real you are. What a twat. There’s a difference between being refreshingly honest and whining simply because you have a platform and no one wants to hire you. He’s got an awful attitude, and while what some of what he says rings true, his TONE is so condescending and holier than thou that I feel dirty for agreeing with some of his words.

  54. Javagirl1 says:

    Wow that was a bad interview! It’s true though, Mathew Fox’s character was no one’s favorite in Lost.
    My favorite was Benjamin Linus. The way he got his ass kicked every week was so hot for some reason!

  55. Str8Shooter says:

    This moron thinks he’s in the same as Matt Damon…AND Steve McQueen! Puh-leeze!

    He sucked on Lost. I had heard stories for years what a douche he was on-set. And this just confirms it.

    No, this wasn’t bad PR. This was him being his true self…a has-been TV star who thinks he’s better than everyone else.

  56. Lisa says:

    Yes, there are plenty of bad movies made all the time, and many of them also make lots of money, but there are also good movies being made. If Fox doesn’t have to take another job for the money, he could focus on working in the few good movies being made, or on his true “passions”. I don’t think there’s any need for him to go around deriding all the studios for prefering Damon over him, for (supposedly) wanting to make him a big star or for making bad movies (which they have been doing for years). If he wants to do stage work, or shoot peasants or whatever, then that’s fantastic, but why burn all these bridges? It seems foolish to me. Maybe if I had millions of dollars and no sense of what my comments might do to someone else,I would understand.

  57. Becky says:

    Yeah, he sounds like an asshole but it looks like an entertaining interview. I’d much rather read an interview with an asshole who’s at least somewhat honest than a bland PR puppet who says nothing remotely interesting or entertaining. His narcissism made me laugh.

  58. Faye says:

    Refreshing…like a douche.

  59. Twez says:

    He isn’t fit to clean Steve McQueen’s hot and sexy motorcycle boots. Talk about self-delusion. He’s the definition of bland.

  60. mymy says:

    here is Fox’s reply about affair and his wife.

    “Did Matthew Fox cheat on his wife Margherita with a stripper?

    “The story is not true, and I’m not going to comment [further] on it,” the Lost star says in a new interview for Playboy’s May issue.

    Fox, 43, says he and his wife bring out the best in each other. “Margherita and I have been best friends and best lovers,” he says. “She’s the love of my life.”

    What makes their relationship work?

    RELATED: Matthew Fox Says Aloha to Lost – and Hawaii

    “We have managed to both be intensely independent and maintain that strength in our relationship,” he says. “I am a man, and I am an appreciator of women. At the same time, Margherita is the s—. I can honestly say we’re good together.”

    And their union has stood the test of time. Says Fox: “We’ve been together for 23 years, so let’s leave it at that.”

    Once Lost wraps for good, Fox and his family – including daughter Kyle and son Byron – plan to relocate to somewhere a little less tropical than Hawaii, where the hit ABC show films. “I miss having four seasons,” Fox, who plans to move to Oregon, says. “My brothers are two of my closest friends in the world. I want to spend time with them and my mother while I can. I want our two kids to be close to their first cousins.”

  61. Anti-icon says:

    I still like him. I was a huge Party of Five loyalist, and he was soooooo cute on that show. Sawyer was hotter than Matthew Fox on Lost….and he does sound a bit douchey, but I like his explanation of Wyoming life. It’s a whole lot different than city living.

  62. dj says:

    I had to stop watching “Lost” because I Jack made me irritable.

  63. Buckley says:

    Problem with showing your emotions?
    Well Jack certainly didn’t.
    He cried in every other episode.
    Good acting I guess. Still hate you.

  64. Camille says:

    He does sound like a complete and total a**hole, but he also just sounds really frustrated with his life, which I can kind of understand. Hollywood must be an incredibly frustrating place if you aren’t on the AList.

    Also, he is right about rom-coms. They suck mostly which is why I rarely ever watch them.

  65. Bella Bella says:

    I’d still bang him… hard… then ask for more.

  66. tooey says:

    I just find the use of the word “cinema” instead of “movies” pretentious. Unless you are British…

  67. Ruffian9 says:

    ‘After Lost, I never need to take a job for the money again’

    Then fu**ing don’t…go away, & leave us alone.

    I never knew he was such a grade A douche, The LOST set must have been a laugh a minute.

  68. Ruffian9 says:

    KJ:February 21st, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Outstanding post, KJ.

  69. Ally says:

    After season 1, his acting on Lost was actually worse than his acting on Party of Five. And he got on my nerves in both characters, who actually ended up seeming quite similar, cause he doesn’t have much of a range. All he does is:
    Well-Intentioned Martyr who Inadvertently Hurts Women’s Feelings.

    Of course, every actor thinks that if he buys a motorcycle, he can be Steve McQueen (see also: Brad Pitt), but you actually need looks, charisma & acting chops.

    Btw, I could watch the first Yul-Brynner-McQueen scene in Magnificent Seven on a loop.

  70. Matt says:

    Why is he coming off holier than thou about big movies? He is a TV actor who is best known outside the USA for appearing in L’Oreal Men Expert commercials.

    P.S. Matt Damon is a better actor and way more bankable than Matthew Fox, which is why he is getting the roles.


  71. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I agree with Ruffian9, that was an excellent and spot-on post, KJ.

    For the record, I think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he ‘Slipped Up’ on the name of the nameless blonde who works on some medical show or other that has never has the same critical respect as did another hospital show during its own glory days. I was having an atypically good day when I saw Knocked Up, so the shock of such an episode might have fried my memory– but isn’t there a scene in that film in which Seth Rogen’s character kind of berates Katherine Heigl’s character for working on E!, or some other guilty pleasure, all filler no substance network like that? And didn’t he absolutely vivisect the very notion of someone being employed to care and talk to/about totally bland, useless, non-entity C-listers like Matthew Fox?

    Gotta say, think he saw that clip and I think he might hold a grudge. Who was speaking for the Little Foxes when she exposed her problems with the story presented in the film? Look who thinks he’s a Windsor, now.

    Annus horribil–just pay your taxes and read your little Dick Francis books, alright?

  72. ToastedSkin says:

    I dont think he’s being egotistical, I think he’s just being honest. Acting is obviously not a priority for him.
    But major lols @ the Katherine Heigl stuff.

  73. Catherine says:

    I think he finds himself quite interesting yet he comes across as a bore. It is like he feels he has to trash the whole hollywood establishment because he knows he probably isn’t any good at it in the first place. A little actor’s guilt, maybe?

  74. KateNonymous says:

    Actually, it sounds like he and Heigl SHOULD work together. Then they could do press junkets and team up to slam the movie they just made.

  75. Crash says:

    Hahahaha! He’ll probably give up acting because NO ONE is knocking on his door! I watched Lost one time. Once was enough. I can’t remember anything else I’ve ever seen with this guy in it? Maybe he was just that forgettable.

  76. Cleo says:

    I think his face is pleasant without having any visual hooks. He could rightly claim that Mark Ruffalo is less pretty than he is but gets more roles. How about Hugh Jackman?

  77. Anoni Mus says:

    I don’t care what comes out of his mouth, this guy just does it for me, big time.

    And sure, he comes across a indecisive and whiny but I get what he’s saying. And more power to him for being honest.

    Now shut up and come to mama 😉

    P.S. I’d take him over Steve McQueen AND Matt Damon any day!

  78. Ana Costa says:

    Matthew Fox is an INCREDIBLE actor that will become even better over time.

    Matt Damon is SO OVER RATED! Matt Damon isn’t and will never be a good actor. It’s ridiculous that Hollywood keeps sucking up to him. I would never cast Matt Damon in any movie. Shame on Hollywood for trying to make him a huge star. He can be a celebrity but will never be a great actor simply because he doesn’t have the talent.

    Matthew Fox only quoted what have been said of him. He isn’t saying he considers himself huge. And any intelligent person would understand he mentions Matt Damon as an example. And Steve Mcqueen… never was a good actor to begin with. The roles he played never demanded him any acting effort.

    About the movies Hollywood makes nowadays, including 3D movies. Matthew Fox’s comment is perfect! Hollywood only wants to make huge money and hasn’t made a good movie in many years. He’s right about director M. Night Shyamalan. He’s recente work is crap. Infact the 6th sense is also pretty bad. Nowadays Hollywood movies are all junk.

    Shame on you so called “reporter”, it’s obvious YOU have an issue with Matthew Fox!

  79. athena says:

    Wow. An honest actor, for one. No wonder he gets that kind of reaction from some people. Honesty does that. And accepting every movie offer can ruin your career too. One more reason to like the guy. Btw, Matt Damon IS overrated.

  80. J. says:

    Jack… was my favourite character?


  81. Kelsey says:

    I’m not going to pretend I know who this guy is – because I have no idea – but I think this article is biased and overly mediated. The fact they have taken the whole interview and divided it up under headings “on not needing this”, is clearly not going to be in the same context as it was intended.
    I read the comments.. if he’s not ‘that’ famous, has he ever been taught how to give an interview and not be manipulated by reporters? They WANT to portray someone just like this, they sell more copies. Duh.

  82. Pablo says:

    I travelled from New Zealand to the UK to watch Matthew Fox in his West End play and met him afterwards. He was a really genuine and nice guy.
    He can also act circles around Matt Damon.
    Anyone that didn’t get Lost or Jack Shephard probably needs instructions to use their remote control..or breath even.

    And I agree that this article is totally biased. Articles about nice guys don’t sell as well as those “made up” and made negative.

  83. Ricardo says:

    If you want to paint a negative picture of someone, you can cherry-pick a bunch of quotes out of context, as this lazy blogger has done. You can do that with any celebrity.

    If you want a truer picture of who Matthew Fox is, try listening to the audio commentaries on the Party of Five DVDs. He isn’t talking to the press, he’s sitting around chatting with old friends/colleagues, and is completely at ease. He has quite a sense of humor about himself and his work.

  84. Sway says:

    “The fact is that I’m far more comfortable sitting on a horse and herding cattle than walking up a red carpet.”

    Please, oh please, just DO IT.

  85. Vicky says:

    I think Fox is a good actor and has the ability to play character parts in film which are usually far more interesting than most leading man parts in my opinion. However he comes across as a jerk who doesn’t know how to be graceful. If he wants to cut off his nose to spite his face that’s his business.