Jennifer Aniston’s black Nina Ricci in Berlin: cute or tragic?


Once I saw the photos from the Berlin photo call of Just Go With It, I figured that we would be getting premiere pics today too. And how! I guess Jennifer Aniston deserves yet another slow clap for changing up her routine slightly with this dress. I mean, yes, it’s black and short, and she does black and/or short quite a lot. But this short, black Nina Ricci dress had some gunk on the shoulder, and Aniston did something slightly different with the flat iron. Slow clap. Although… when I saw the photo above, my first thought was Madame Butterfly. My second thought was Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Not good references for Aniston.



Also… I guess Aniston went over to sign autographs and stuff, because the photographers got some extreme closeups of Aniston… and…um…there are pictures of me from my college days that look a lot like this. In college, I called it “maintainin’”. It meant that I found the just-right ratio of bong hits to vodka shots. That’s what Aniston looks like to me… drunk and stoned, and maintainin’.


I like Brooklyn Decker’s Max Mara dress a lot – the lilac color compliments her. That being said, she might be pretty when she gets to pose in a bikini, but the bitch needs some help working a red carpet. In most of the shots I’m looking at, her body looks really awkward. Also: with that rack, she might want to choose dresses that have a tad more support. I’m just sayin’. They aren’t going to be perky forever.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Ruby Red Lips says:

    OMG Kaiser!! That 2nd photo of JA is hysterical! She looks like a crazy ole witch!!! Hahahahaha!!

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ooh, I think she looks great, and her makeup looks fabulous too! Much better than the previous appearance IMO.

    Oh, and I agree about Decklin’s boobies needing some support. At least we know now that she has silicone low profiles…

  3. Solveig says:

    Thanks to tapioca now I know who this chick is: the girl who still wears the bikini she bought and wore before she got the boob implants. Every picture I’ve seen of her it’s ‘her in a too small bikini’. Meh, gross and unclassy.
    I like JA’s dress but not with those shoes.
    And Adam Sandler is a boring and ugly idiot as usual.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Aniston’s dress has too much froo-froo on it. and I don’t like the black hose/stockings with it. she has great legs and she should make sure they stand out.

    Decker’s dress is a great color, but she’s def not choosing things to flatter her figure. and red shoes with that? ugh.

    ditto on what Kaiser said about her boobs. wear something that shows them a bit (v-neck as opposed to high-neck) and something that will support them a bit.

    in that last pic of the three of them, Decker’s boobs look terrible.

    but hey, at least Sandler wore a suit this time!

  5. Kimberly says:

    Poor thing…..

  6. mln76 says:

    I have now learned a new word Kaiser. Going to do my best to use “maintanin” in a sentence once a week.

  7. Reality says:

    Where do you find these horrible, incredibly unflattering pictures of JA? She looks straight-up crazy in all of them…

    Love the dress, but in the close up, that almost looks like her old nose.

  8. LittleFATMe says:

    The dress could be okay – my major complaint is the dark tight and dark shoes and so on. I think she has great legs al looks worlds better when they are there to break up the black to black wall of color.
    BTW – I do not like BD shoes, and to me her chest looks odd!

  9. lisa says:

    That dress is terrible. just all kinds of wrong. And Adams hand near that side boob.. yuck.. that mesh thing on the side is so random and off for me. I would have liked it if the top was fitted without that creepy side thing and that ornament on the side shoulder. The dress looks unfinished somehow.

    and that last pic.. I didn’t realize Jennifer wore so much heavy makeup..

    At first I thought Brooklyn was wearing a dress then I saw that it is a jumper.. I like it.. hate the shoes.. and her breast are too big for a halter top. she needs support for those puppies.. ON a woman with less chest her outfit would be fab.. but different shoes too.

    Brooklyn has great posture..

  10. JenJen says:

    I thought she was afraid to fly, sir-us-ly?

  11. Moops says:

    She looks a bit like Rachel Zoe in that second pic…I guess it’s just the expression.

  12. Kristin says:

    “Let’s see…I’m wearing a lavender/fuschia dress…YES. RED SHOES. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.”

    everything. x_x

  13. wendy says:

    Looks like someone had a few cocktails before the event………

    Her dress is cute though.

  14. carrie says:

    nice dress but the 2nd pix is horrendous

  15. tanguerita says:

    luuuv Aniston’s dress.Decker should get herself a bra asap.

  16. DiannSteph says:

    LOL that 2nd pic of Jennifer Aniston has to be the worst I’ve seen yet of her.

    It’s like that’s her #1 bad pic. And here’s Angeilna’s #1 bad pic. I haven’t seen any worse of Angie yet!

    So now they both have one really, really bad pic! 😉

  17. someone says:

    I think she looks sooo much better than BD

  18. chloe says:

    The second pic is great, she’s got some crazy eyes. I like the dres, but not with the black tights and shoes, she needs to throuh some color in there.

  19. Mimi says:

    I don’t get why everyone hates on JA so much. I think she looks good. Dress is cute and her body is sick. What more do you expect?

  20. bluhare says:

    The outfit might be tragic but your header photo is priceless!!

    And that closeup really shows how much she’s done to her face.

  21. soso says:

    she really has never been a great beauty, imagine what she would look like if she had a regular bank account?

  22. Rita says:

    Side-Thread; I miss the ideeli advertisements on the side of the threads. Many of the fashions were cute.

  23. soso says:

    She’s at the verge of looking like Donnatella. Don’t lie, you can see that she got her upper lip done.

  24. Heavenbound says:

    I think the “she looks drunk” schtick is getting old… She is making some strange faces but I doubt she is drunk or stoned.

  25. Cherry Rose says:

    I think Jen looks good. For the most part, Jen always looks good, because she knows what looks good on her, and works it.

  26. I think that if Jen had ditched the black pantyhose that look like they came out of an egg, we may have liked her look better. Those tights just look tacky with this outfit. And Brooklyns’ shoes, while Hot, clash with the dress. Total Fail on both gals.
    Adam looks hot.

  27. Gwen says:

    I think Jen looks good. Also as Lainey from Laineygossip noted, it’s a nice touch that she’s not trying to outdo Brooklyn. That would have been tragic.

  28. Hautie says:

    They both look cute.

    And Brooklyn Decker has on killer heels.

    The dress Jennifer has on looks familiar. It seems like Nicole Kidman wore a dress from that same line a couple of weeks ago.

    Both black and pretty. It is the lace that caught my attention. And I am thinking that dress Kidman wore was Nina Ricci too.

    If any thing Adam deserves a slow clap too.

    He actually wore a good suit. And has a tie on. He normally does not put out such a effort. He looks nice.

  29. gia says:

    It’s the fit or the cut; something is way off here.

  30. DGO says:

    Love the colour of that dress on Brooklyn, but don’t like the shoes with it.

  31. Marjalane says:

    In what world does Adam Sandler outshine J.A. and Brooklyn Decker?! Bizarro world, I guess. And for damn sure, Jennifer Anniston has the same look on her face that I used to have when I had to speak coherently to anyone who hadn’t been partying like I had! “maintain” was such a teenage buzzword- Love it! But yeah, I think both of the dresses are butt ugly and those black tights are a curious choice…almost as curious as red shoes with a lilac dress. Maybe the ladies partied together before getting dressed!

  32. N.D. says:

    I like this look.
    But she is on the verge of ruining her face. She needs to stop now when it looks just slightly off.

  33. Dress too young says:

    I think the dress looks too young for her. If it were longer, it would be more appropriate. Of if it’s short, it should have less frills. Not that I’m an expert. Just my little opinion.

  34. Jen D says:


    I don’t think Nicole Kidman’s worn that dress before, but it looks a lot like a Nicole Kidman dress. You know, with the little details on the side. I could totally see her wearing that dress.

    I actually think it probably looks a lot better in person (except for the weird lace thing on the side). I think the lights catch it at a weird angle. And Brooklyn Decker is making me feel better about having small boobs.

  35. Louise says:

    It just may be the photo but if you are going to dramatically take off your jacket, make sure you’re wearing something amazing. The dress isn’t tragic just average. Again, it could be the photo but Jennifer looks really puffy in the closeup. For him Adam looks good. Usually he looks like he’s going to do yard work.

  36. kelbear says:

    Brooklyn needed some support, seriously.

  37. Soapdish says:

    That dress does look too young for Aniston. Back in the late 2000’s and 90’s she seemed to dress in very befitting clothes for the most part. Sometimes it was like she wore the same clothes too sometimes. Anyway she’s just not a fashion person, that’s how she got famous. The I’m your bestie shtick.

    Pretty dress for Decker, but thats not a dress for a top heavy gal. She should have tried to find some bra that was the same color of the dress and looked like an extension if the dress.

    As far as Adam goes, wear a taller suite honey. All these men have to do is get a good tailor.

  38. Hmmm says:

    I just realised that fashion-wise, I find her boring. Clothes largely don’t enhance her in any significant manner.

  39. whitedaisy says:

    Aniston overdid the fillers and it gave her an even larger jaw. When she smiles it is more prominent.

  40. whitedaisy says:

    Notice how Aniston isn’t smiling in these photos? I guess she knows…

  41. Maritza says:

    JA looks beautiful, even the one where she is wide eyed.

  42. LBeees says:

    Cute dress, but she would have looked better with nude fishnets and shoes. The all black everything, dress, stockings and shoes, isn’t doin’ it for me.

  43. allie says:

    love love this dress on Jen. Very classy and love her earrings. She always looks great.

  44. lacy says:

    Love the outfit, all of it including the jacket, which common sense would have dictated she kept on. It’s fucking cold in Berlin! Why do these people take their jackets off to freeze to death in the middle of winter? Is it in the contract that they strip down to nothing to pose for pictures? Dumb, ridiculous and cold!

  45. Macheath says:

    JA’s got a weird hairline. Almost looks like a wig.

  46. Isa says:

    I don’t have large breasts, so I can’t judge very well but are Brooklyn’s breasts really considered perky right now? For the record, I believe they are 100% natural.

    I’m pleased to see that they don’t hang down to her belly button when released into the wild. I remember thinking they would when I saw her in the yellow bikini top two sizes too small in pictures during filming.

    Macheath-there are rumors that JA had a hairline revision earlier in her career. Kim Kardashian had one too (either that or she waxes or plucks or something). I think they just do laser hair removal on your “baby hair.” I kind of wouldn’t mind having it done.

    But those fly aways! JA, take some styling cream, or spray a tiny bit of hair spray up there and smooth them out with your hands!

  47. albeli says:

    Love the dress, but MAN is she making some hilarious faces!

  48. Dea says:

    Love JA dress in fact but hate those shoes of Brooklyn. What did she think??

  49. HRH says:

    Good Lord, Brooklyn Decker looks horrible. Who let her out of the house like that??!! Side boob is never a good look, and this takes it to a whole new level.

    Brooklyn, YOU NEED A BRA and should never wear a halter style dress again.

    This girl has the worst red carpet style I’ve seen in a long time.

  50. anonymous says:

    The movie ” Just go with It” is now number 4 or 5 it has done what it was supposed to do save Aniston’s dying career, now pack up and go home. The 11 day total of 60 million is the worst lowest of Adam Sandlers career, Aniston is in it go figure.

  51. REALIST says:

    Too haute couture for our Jen (well, your Jen-I’m on Team Aneglina!)

  52. Steve says:

    I would lick her.

  53. observer says:

    I like Jen’s dress. I like Brooklyn’s, too, except for that belt. I hate when long dresses have belts on them, they break up the line of the dress and make them look cheaper.

  54. Katherine Mac says:

    I kind of like this dress. Flirty and sophisticated. But those stockings are all wrong and so are the shoes. It’s a light and frothy dress and needs hose & shoes to match – not weigh it down.

    The hair may be due to different water. Travel is rough on the hair. You never know what to expect.

    But I am surrpised at how badly she seems to be aging. She does not look good for a 42 year old. 42 is not old at all anymore. Certainly not a 42 year old with very little stress and enormous time and attention paid to maintaining her looks. If she were 52 and looked like this I’d say she looks good – not great but good.

    She needs to start devoting time to her mind and living a less narcissistic life. Happiness is usually found when you forget about yourself and your own needs and start living your life outside yourself and for others.

    Go to NYC, Jennifer, and go back to school. Take in some culture which I never see her doing – picking out furniture and clothing does not count. L.A. by way of Malibu and Cabo San Lucas can leave a girl brain dead.

  55. luna says:

    JA is wearing some sexy-assed shoes.

  56. Camille says:

    Brooklyn seriously needs some support there, yikes. And those shoes with that dress- awful! Not a good look for her at all.

    JA looks somewhat better here than she did in those other photos from Berlin, but she still looks off (as people noted in the other thread). At least she doesn’t have a ton of under eye concealer on this time, much better. She does look quite trannilicious in some of these photos though.
    I like the way her hair is styled here, its slightly different which makes something of a change, if only a little bit different than the usual. Its also at a length which suits her face better, she could go shorter though.
    As for the dress, well I think the idea of it is good, but the execution of it isn’t. If the dress had been better designed she would have looked good. Otherwise have to say that I hate that dress.

  57. Bill Hicks is God says:

    The dress looks like a chimney sweep’s hanky. Raggedy, black and threadbare.

  58. Kim says:

    I like it and her makeup looks good. Her hair needs some repair – its very frizzy/flyaway.

    Brooklyn looks terrible. Bad dress, bad color, bad shoes, needs a bra, the list goes on….

  59. Henriette says:

    I don’t like that Jenn wears black so often; it’s too harsh on her and she looks better in gray.

  60. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like Jen’s, except for whatever’s going on with the side, it’s just too much with the other stuff.
    I like Brooklyn’s dress, but not on her because her boobs are way too big for that style.

  61. Moreaces says:

    Ok, that second pic, is scurrry

  62. lachica says:

    no wonder Jen doesn’t like to change a thing. the slightest change and she looks completely off.

    they could have designed some boob support into that dress for Brooklyn.

  63. Moreaces says:

    Where do you find these horrible, incredibly unflattering pictures of JA? She looks straight-up crazy in all of them…

    Love the dress, but in the close up, that almost looks like her old nose
    These are the most bizzar pics ever.

  64. lisa says:

    Brooklyn is not wearing a dress

    It is a JUMPSUIT..

  65. Ell says:

    Love the dress.

    Shame about the unflattering pics, but whatever rocks ya boat I say.

  66. Rog says:

    Brooklyn needs to wear a bra. At all times. Period. Perky or saggy doesn’t matter; her breasts are simply too large for her to go braless. Ever. She’s obviously a very attractive lady, but she is routinely jiggling and poking-out far more than anyone cares to see.

  67. Whatever says:

    She looks great and not stoned. Even if she smoked a bong in the damned limo, it would have worn off by then anyway. I agree that is getting old, just like the whole Jen hate thing. She looks really pretty.

  68. CeeCee says:

    a black dress and her hair straightened and out. Something different. yawn….

  69. dit says:

    awww, haters forever hatin..

    I think she looks fantastic, so..

  70. Isa says:

    “she is routinely jiggling and poking-out far more than anyone cares to see”

    I’m pretty sure there are some men that would beg to differ. Haha.

  71. Anne says:

    Jen’s face in that one bad pic is just showing her age, that’s life, and her makeup person needs to go lightly on the foundation. Her dress is too frou frou for me with the pouf on the shoulder, I also think it is a bit too young for her. But she looks OK.

    Brooklyn is just 23 with natural big boobs that she likes to show off but she needs some support up top to carry off that jumpsuit and I am not liking those red shoes with that color outfit. But she looks OK also.

    Adam’s suit it a bit too big for him but he looks 100% better than he usually does.

    So glad to see that almost everyone has moved on after over 6 years of a tabloid conjured completely manufactured faux nonexistant rivalry between 2 women who are not in any kind of competition. This is just great.

  72. hyuch says:

    Jen’s dress is lovely. End of story.

  73. hyuch says:

    But it would look even better on me!

  74. lrm says:

    too bad JA just wouldn’t stop smoking, drinking so heavily and yes, give up caffeine of any kind [i’m now over 40,and wow-what a difference no caffeien makes…the forehead line diminished, overall lighter and fuller face, etc. I used to get carded until a couple of years ago, and suddenly after 40,my face changed…but it’s now reversing, for real. the food and toxin intake does matter….no meat with hormones, really good quality dairy but not every freakin’ day…(hormones, again=facial hair increase,etc) well, I have noticed the changes first hand. And I have never smoked, but i’d imagine JA can slow things down aging wise if she quit now, even after smoking all these years….

    And I find it amazing that she would rather tweak her face to the point that she is looking like this…than make a few changes in her life. if the tweaks helped, great!
    But….as we all know, the don’t! they make these women look like aliens or muppets. argh.

  75. angela says:

    Aniston always looks the same no matter what outfit she wears. Lord, it must be terrible to be so boring!

  76. hatekyle says:

    She looks like Rachel in trance. The dress would have looked good on, say, Nicole K or Charlize T, but on poor Jen, it looks like Natalie Portman’s tutu that was left in the washing machine too long. Her eyes in the second pic says it all.

  77. Woodsy says:

    Jen looks so boring. Black dress, black tights, black shoes. Again. At least try! Zzzzzzzz…

  78. Catherine says:

    I think she looks fabulous in the dress, but the dress itself is definitely a different style than what she usually goes with. I don’t hate it but I can’t say it is a great of a look for her.

  79. Jennifer Leigh says:

    Omg, I had the best laugh when I came to check in with my favorite gossip site, and the first thing I see is that crazy Jennifer Aniston pic!! Awesome.

    This is why I LOVE celebitchy, it is the funniest gossip commentary out there (well…dlisted is pretty hilarious too, but I gotta say I don’t check it daily like I do for CB!)

    Love ya’ll at Celebitchy!!!

  80. ugly says:

    Is she drunk again? has she been tinkering with her face or is that just the booze talking?

  81. Kloops says:

    Maintainin’. Oh my.

  82. Jennifer Aniston says:

    ag Kaiser, one day your little acid platform will collapse too. you cannot receive blessings for spewing so much hatred for one person eva! i like celebitchy and some of the other writers, but you are just pure acid. Pronounce LIFE over people as you would want for yourself. but mind you, why should you care – maybe you should watch this movie Bitter Feast! Things have a nasty habit to come back and bite you.

  83. whatever says:

    wow, so you look at a beautiful women and all you can think about is that she is drunk and stoned..
    what a bitch..
    you need to get a life and stop spelling you hate on the internet..

  84. hm says:

    i guess you can find all the haters in one place, together..

  85. Mairead says:

    I must say, I love JA’s dress, and I think the tights make it age-appropriate, and dare I say it?, classy for her (she normally breaks the chest or legs rule).

    The hair however – Lord God, what do you put in the water in Berlin that does that to her hair. During the last promo she did in Berlin it looked like it was breaking off and she had to put extensions in! if she’d had her hair wavy or curly – or indeed up – it would have looked way better with this dress.

    And as for purple-girl: They make bras with halterneck straps you know!

  86. sauvage says:

    Love Aniston’s dress. Decker’s shoes – not so much.

  87. Jen D says:

    @ whatever

    Um, you’re coming to a website called “Celebitchy.” What did you expect? If it makes you feel any better, there’s bitchy comments about the beautiful men, too.

  88. Bobby the K says:

    Never heard of Brooklyn Decker before so i googled some images. And yes, even as a guy i think she would look better with supported breasts, see-through support, but support nonetheless.

    I remember seeing Lohan’s side boob shots and what an amazing turn off that is.

    But i think one reason Brooklyn dressed liked that is to out dress JA. The purple looks good, and she wants the attention.

    Personally, have never found Adam Sandler funny. He’s one of those many people in hollywood who seem incredibly lucky.

  89. lisa says:

    Wow can’t wait to see some of the defenders of Aniston rush to defend the other celebrity women that get nasty comments or negative comments on their clothing and appearance.

    OH wait.. that would mean they are not biased..

    my bad.

    as some of us have been told. Just because you don’t like someones clothing choice or hairstyle does not make you a hater. Just means you are giving your opinion.

    I don’t like her dress. I don’t like her hair. NOT hating just stating that I think her clothing choice was not a good one. The dress looks unfinished and is not flattering on her at all.

  90. tracking says:

    I think Aniston looks great, and I’m glad she’s attempting more fashion-forward styles. Don’t like the frou frou on the shoulder though–I blame Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw for this trend that just won’t die.

    The only thing that really bugs me about the JGWI premieres is that these two ladies have been seriously clashing with each other. Someone please coordinate them, stat!

  91. Ari says:

    Brooklyn’s boobs are in no way perky those things are down to her waist – she should have worn a bra or a different dress.

  92. Cheyenne says:

    I like the black dress and the black shoes but the black tights make the whole thing look too Morticia-ish.

    Decker, put a halter bra on. They make them to wear with dresses like that. Floppy boobs are not becoming. The purple dress is very pretty. The shoe style is pretty. Purple with red-orange? No damn way.

  93. bagladey says:

    JA’s black tights are no good and Brooklyn Decker looks under done. Jennifer Aniston looked amazing for so long that I thought she was super human but age just suddenly caught up with her and she’s started dipping in the filler jar; it’s discreet but it’s obvious.

  94. RHONYC says:

    AWWW…Brooklyn’s parents look so proud! :mrgreen: