Colin Firth on his wife: “To me she’s the most beautiful woman in the world”


I really can’t get enough of Colin Firth. I have to say, he’s played his Oscar campaign beautifully. He comes across as humble, genuine and kind, and he’s peaked at just the right moment. If he doesn’t win the Oscar on Sunday, I’m going to throw a fit. But I think Colin is one of the safest bets – everyone loves him, and everyone is rooting for him. Anyway, during Colin’s sit-down with Piers Morgan, he revealed the secret to his 15-year marriage: the realization that his wife is “the most beautiful woman in the world,” and that no other woman could compete. Aw…

He is a famous handsome actor who possibly has an Oscar on the horizon for his role in The King’s Speech. And with fame comes attention, especially from the female quarter. But happily-married Colin Firth insists that he is a one-woman man, and would never cheat on his wife of 15 years, Livia Giuggioli. In fact the 50-year-old actor says the thought of his gorgeous wife helps him ward off the throngs of female fans.

He revealed that every time he meets another beautiful woman, he only has to think of his stunning 41-year-old wife. Speaking on Piers Morgan tonight, he opened up about his relationship with Livia.

‘It does help to actually realize that however stunning the person who is, you know, fluttering eyelashes at you, she doesn’t do anything to match up to your wife… Maybe it’s shallow of me to have a wife that’s so beautiful but it makes things easier. To me she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.’

Colin admits that the pair’s marriage has surpassed the expectations of a normal Hollywood marriage.

‘We’ve made it 15 years together … I think that is pretty good going in Hollywood standards. And it’s going to go on forever.’

The British actor said that he and his wife make sure that they take time out to be together in order to keep their relationship strong.

‘You just navigate things on a daily basis,’ he said. ‘We are crazy bout each other. But the real secret is time – we have to make sure that we spend enough time together. Every relationship in life you’re going to have to take care of, there’s a marathon factor to it.’

Colin and Livia met in Columbia on the set of Nostromo in 1995, where Livia was a production assistant. They married in Tuscany in 1997 and split their time between homes in Italy and London. The couple have two sons, Luca, 10 and Matteo, seven.

And while Firth has been stock-piling awards for his role in The King’s Speech, his wife Livia, has created her own buzz on the world’s red carpets. The eco-store owner challenged herself to wear only ethical, environmentally-sustainable style for the premieres and awards shows she was attending with her husband. The mother-of-two’s outfits have not only been eco-friendly but dazzling, too. And for the Oscars it will be no different. The Italian beauty is planning to wear a recycled dress which has been sewn by British designer Gary Harvey.

Livia, who has a blog on entitled The Green Carpet Challenge, recently told the fashion magazine: ‘Without doing the big reveal, I can tell you that Gary’s design is made from 11 different dresses. He has scoured south-east London for the right pieces.’

Colin is favourite to scoop Best Actor at the Oscars in Hollywood this Sunday for The King’s Speech.

[From The Daily Mail]

If it was anyone else, I might be thinking “yeah right.” But I buy it for Colin and Livia. I buy that he completely adores her and I buy that he’s not screwing around. Maybe the “Decent Family Man” thing is an act, I don’t know. But I’m buying it.

Oh, here’s the video of Colin’s appearance on 60 Minutes over the weekend. In the last section of the piece, that’s when Colin talks about why he did Mamma Mia, and says: “I am such a drag queen. It’s one of my primary driving forces in life. You cannot dangle a spandex suit and a little bit of mascara in front of me and not just have me go weak at the knees.” Jesus, THIS MAN.




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  1. brin says:

    He’s absolutely perfect! I think you’re right, Kaiser, this is Colin’s time and I believe he will get his well deserved Oscar (and thank his lovely wife in his acceptance speech).

  2. Roma says:

    I buy it; some guys are just like that. I knew my boyfriend for almost a decade before we dated and never once did he cheat on any girlfriend. And with me he brings me lattes every day, sends me flowers when he’s not in town, etc etc. He’s just beyond sweet (which sometimes annoys the hell out of me but I’ll take it).

    So yes, I’d like to think that there are more Colin Firth’s of the world than Charlie Sheen’s.

  3. Rita says:

    The 60 minutes interview with him and the history of the film was great and he was totally joking about the drag queen thing. I’m really starting to like Livia as well. She seems to have a wonderful youthful spirit but unfortunately my tone deafness when it comes to fashion…but I like her.

    @Roma: I hope you return your BF’s attention. They need it too. Congrats!

  4. Jackson says:

    I love him!

  5. Jane says:

    Wow that first pic, that lady has quite some jowls on her.

  6. DGO says:

    I like that we’re not saturated by sickening tales of him at every turn. No offence to Natalie, but the press she’s been getting lately – and I’m not blaming her – has been a little much.

  7. Ann says:

    The cynic in me hopes there won’t be some huge sex scandal down the line. Doesn’t that always happen when celebrities are so gushy-gushy?

  8. Jane says:

    @Ann, usually, which is why I’m wary of the lovey dovey Jon Hamm.

  9. AENFLEX says:

    love them!

  10. Zelda says:

    I believe it BUT

    If any partner of mine ever qualified that statement with “To me…” There’d be a side-eye involved.

  11. tracking says:

    Hollywood couples don’t usually impress me, but I don’t get a whiff of fakery here–they’re beautiful. And just goes to show you a stunning woman can in fact wear a(n avant garde) potato sack and look great!

  12. lucy2 says:

    I like them. They seem real, and truly happy. And I like that his success is all because of his excellent work, not celebrity star power.

  13. dorothy says:

    What a great couple.

  14. Jayna says:

    Many men do love their wives and they are the mother of their children. She’s younger than him. Italian women have a sexiness about them. And she is really bright, so I am sure challenges him. She is a true partner, and he’s smart enough not to get all hot in the pants for a bimbo or onset attraction and ruin his life with her.

  15. Roma says:

    @Rita: I’m not by nature a very “sweet” kind of woman but I let him do really dirty things to me in bed. I like to think that balances things out.

  16. Isabel says:

    That’s awesome, seriously.

  17. Jess says:

    Now I just love him even more!

  18. carrie says:

    cute but every actor says it (just before sex scandal) i’m cynic here

  19. Liana says:

    there are some men in this world who are good, decent, loving, and faithful.

  20. Rita says:


    I see. Nothing wrong with bittersweet chocolate. In other words, you’re on both the receiving ends (NOT THAT KIND OF ENDs!!…unless you like that).

  21. JenJen says:

    @Liana, that’s right. I have one, too and he tells me that all the time and it’s so sweet! Colin’s wife is beautiful.

  22. Solveig says:

    This is such a lovely interview. I can’t say more, I tend to be very boring and enthused when I talk about Colin Firt.

  23. Dizzybenny says:

    ”To me she’s the most beautiful woman in the world”….until a 20 year old waitress at hooters winks and flashes me.
    Chris Rock onced said..” a man is has fatefull as his options”

  24. mln76 says:

    Loved the 60 minutes interview and Colin is lovely as is his wife. BUT I just watched the Fighter last night and uhm it deserves Best Picture….Out of all the nominees it’s the one IMO people are still going to be watching/talking about in 20 years.

  25. Javagirl1 says:

    Kaiser I feel the same way about him! He’s absolutely to die for. And there’s no way he won’t win the oscar! That would be a travesty.

  26. beth says:

    aw shucks.
    always knew he was a keeper 😀

  27. Lynda says:

    Like other high profile men such as Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Paul Newman, monogamous marriages are possible in Hollywood. I am always so happy to hear about people that dodge the search light, but, being jaded, I have that nagging feeling that it isn’t true. I continue to fervently hope that it is true.

  28. EdithP says:

    What a lovely, lovely man.

    And I have to say, I think that way about my husband — to me he is the most handsome man in the world. And by saying “to me”, I mean that I know others don’t feel that way, but I don’t care.

  29. TG says:

    I love him but that is mainly because he will always be Mr. Darcy to me. Though I like him in almost any movie, he plays the stiff British really well. Can’t wait to see The Kings Speech. I have a new baby so I will have to wait for the BlueRay.

    Oh yes, his wife has terrible fashion sense I hope this recycled dress is pretty on Sunday but I don’t have my hopes up. What’s the point in being beautiful if you are going to look horrible all the time.

  30. Eleonor says:

    They’ve been married for 15 years, I totally buy his feelings for her.

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    so sweet

  32. PrettyTarheel says:

    My husband would get the same side eye. I better the most beautiful woman in the world, no qualifications, especially since I’m carting around his firstborn, who is currently using my bladder for soccer practice.

    That being said, I adore him, and I’m really into her Green Carpet. It makes for some funky fashion choices, yes, but it’s just so amazing that someone who is in the limelight so much right now is willing to stand for their ethical beliefs. I don’t know that I could be that strong if designers were waving this season’s beauties at me and I had the figure to wear them.

  33. skibunny says:

    I believe him. My husband is the same way. It’s not in him to cheat.
    I’ve always thought if a man is good to his mother he will make a good husband material.

  34. Amy says:

    Is his wife Italian? No wonder they gave their sons both Italian names!

  35. operagirl says:

    Love him, and I love them as a couple. Totally believable.

  36. Cha Cha Loca says:

    I find him very sexy. Just loved him in Bridget Jones movies.

  37. Anon73 says:

    i am soooo lovin’ me some Colin Firth !!

  38. nanster says:

    @Ann – that’s just what I thought, too. Next thing we’ll hear is that he’s been doing some waitress at the Waffle House for the last 5 years and then couldn’t keep her quiet.

  39. Ell says:

    It makes me sad to see the cynical comments on this thread. Colin has never come across as anything other than 100% genuine. Some people just are what they say. Plus they don’t live the hollywood life, which I’m sure helps.

  40. Sassy says:

    Adore Colin, the thinking woman’s sex symbol. For a treat with the young Colin see the movie “Valmont’. He is gorgeous. Then watch “Dangerous Liaisons” with Malkovich in the Valmont role. DL is the better production, but Colin is so cute that I liked him best.

    Compare the interview with Colin to one of Brad Pitt’s, for instance. Colin is articulate and charming. He must win the best actor category at the Academy Awards.

  41. Majosha says:

    @mln76: We saw The Fighter for the second time yesterday, and I definitely agree with your assessment. Don’t get me wrong, I loved The King’s Speech. LOVED IT. But The Fighter has something just a little more extraordinary about it that I can’t put my finger on.

    Edit: Colin seems like a genuinely great guy.

  42. MuñekitA says:



  43. beth says:

    “I’ve always thought if a man is good to his mother he will make a good husband material.”

    i wish this were true.

    my ex of +9years worshipped the ground his mother walked on, but repeatedly cheated on me with callgirls, and when i confronted him about it, he went dead silent. my ex lies by omission… he always told me he was going to turn out exactly like his father, and he turned out to be his father’s son alright. that said, his mom indulged the man she loved by turning a blind eye to his dad’s philandering, and in turn his dad made up for his flaw by being an excellent father and provider – i have seen them lovey-dovey with each other, and i believe there was real love there – so, by keeping to the generally unspoken contract they stayed married.

    but i left my ex after 9+ years, and his older brother’s wife left him after 12+ years… i have a feeling for the same reason i did – she finally got fed-up.

    i say this, bec. right after i hooked up with my ex, but before we told anyone else outside of our circle, his older already-in-a-longterm-relationship brother who had just returned after years abroad, and who had no knowledge of us, hit on me big time…

    it was rather awkward when he found out – then he turned into this perfect gentleman around me. we were all in our early 20s then…

    those boys just took whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

  44. ColinOscarWinner says:

    @ 10. Zelda

    Poor man can’t win. He qualified his statement because if he doesn’t then it comes off as him being delusional and arrogant that he thinks his wife is the unequivocal most beautiful woman in the world. What does it matter if the world thinks you are beautiful or not, the only one that matters is the person you love. How much sadder to be Elin Wood who the rest of the world thinks is a beautiful woman, but her husband prefefred tacky slutty waitresses than being a loving trustworthy husband to her.

  45. Sassy says:

    Kaiser, I also wanted to thank you for the 60 minutes clip. Had no idea it was on and it had a wealth of information. I thought I had read or heard everything on the subject. Couldn’t get over the letters from the King and original copy of the “King’s Speech”. I hope that Lionel Logue’s son received a cut of the profits on this or at the very least a huge amount for the museum quality documentation in his possession.

  46. lachica says:

    Mr. Darcy… :faints:

  47. Mary Stevens says:

    No sex scandal, but Colin does have a twenty year old son Will with actress Meg Tilly, with whom he lived for five years, sans marriage.

  48. Kiska says:

    Body language doesn’t lie. He ADORES her.

  49. Janis says:

    If I were Livia, that “to me” added to “the most beautiful woman in the world” adds a little bitter to the sweet.

    OF COURSE she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Who else?

  50. JQ says:

    This story made me smile. I buy it too. My husband is the same way about me. At over 7 months pregnant now, I worry I look huge, especially when I see some stick walking down the street. My husband doesn’t even so much as give a side eye. After years of creeps, it is so refreshing to have a man like this. I hope Firth can be a good role model to the men of the world so the rest of my single friends can find a man that only has eyes for them.

  51. Nova Scotia says:

    God bless them, these pictures give off a sweet vibe -not so staged like some of these Eddie/LeAnn “couple types”…her eyes are shining and he’s got eyes only for her. Love The Colin 🙂

  52. lucy says:

    I think it’s ridiculous to get angry at your man for saying “to me” before declaring you are the most beautiful woman in the world. If he insists that everyone in the world thinks you are the most beautiful, then he is flat out lying. Instead, Colin seems to be making a much more sincere statement by saying that, while others may disagree, she is the most beautiful in HIS eyes, and he doesn’t really care what others think.

    I also love that he admits to being faced with other beautiful women. Again, that is just so much more genuine than insisting he is blind to anyone other than his wife. Yeah there are other pretty women out there, but his wife is the only one he wants to be with. It’s pretty sweet.

  53. Carla says:

    I know a few people in the industry and if they are to be believed then this guy is a far cry from who he portrays for the public. Now, I adore Bridget Jones and I’m looking forward to The Kings Speech and in general think he is super talented guy, just not necessarily a super nice one. More than one friend has told me on set he invites young women/extras etc to his trailer, that there are a fair few ‘inside’ whispers about him in regards to his activities when filming is over for the day. I have also been told that he is extremely arrogant, very egotistical and a royal pain in the bottom. Who knew.

  54. Anna says:

    Having seen Pride and Prejudice I became his fan but now let’s face it – he does not age well. 50 is not old but he looks bad. Maybe just the smile is left.
    As for her, I saw her on several occassions dressed ok, but most often she would turn up a fashion disaster. I do not care whether it is green, eco or haute couture fashion disaster. It is bad.

  55. Anna says:

    Having seen Pride and Prejudice I became his fan but now let’s face it – he does not age well. 50 is not old but he looks bad. Maybe just the smile is left.
    As for her, I saw her on several occassions dressed ok, but most often she would turn up a fashion disaster. I do not care whether it is green, eco or haute couture fashion disaster. It is bad.