Bridget Moynahan: “I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly”


Please, don’t everyone start yelling at me all at once. Something about the Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen- Bridget Moynahan situation makes people start yelling (at me) immediately. I’ll have to admit, though, I love these Budget Bermuda Triangle stories. I usually find Bridget to be hilariously bitchy, I think Gisele is a sanctimonious a-hole, and I find Tom Brady to be pretty clueless and bland, and unworthy of all of the drama. Anyway, Bridget has a cover interview with More Magazine to promote her new television gig, Blue Bloods. Of course, she gets questions about her son Jack and Jack’s father Tom. Personally, I find Bridget’s comments very pointed, like she was specifically referencing certain things (Tom not being in the delivery room) while making a conscious effort to not mention other stuff. But that’s just me – I will literally read anything into anything. I live to overanalyze:

They’ve had rocky patches, but Bridget Moynahan says she and Tom Brady – along with his wife Gisele Bündchen – have managed to create a stable family for their son, 3 ½-year-old John Edward.

“I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly,” Moynahan, who graces the March cover of More, tells the magazine. “I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis.”

And, she adds, that the blended family is going well. “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

Still, Moynahan, who turns 40 in April, admits being a single mom has been tough, starting with the birth itself in 2007.

“[Tom] was not in the [delivery] room,” says Moynahan, who had already split from Brady when she discovered she was pregnant. “He was there on that day and came in afterwards. He certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.”

Relying on her parents and friends for support, she recalls “hyperventilating” with anxiety after giving birth: “Every time my dad mentioned he had to go [home to Massachusetts], I’d start crying.”

Even though she doesn’t believe “any girl grows up dreaming of being a single mom,” she also stresses, “There’s not a second I regret having a child on my own.”

A New Love
Apart from her son, another positive force in her life is her new boyfriend, Charlie’s Angels director Joseph “McG” McGinty Nichol.

Revealing they met on an airplane, Moynahan – who currently plays an almost-divorced prosecutor on the CBS series Blue Bloods alongside Tom Selleck – says McG is not only good for her, but for her son, as well.

“He’s witty, he’s smart, he’s incredibly funny, he’s got incredible taste, and he comes from a great family,” Moynahan gushes. “He’s the salt of the earth but also very successful in the crazy business that we’re in.”

And, she adds, “He and Jack have a great relationship.”

[From People]

Bridget says: “I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis… My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.” Well… I’ll give it to Bridget, that was pretty classy. I mean, “stepmother” came after “cousin,” but still. Considering Gisele constantly refers to Jack as hers, I think this is the best we can hope for out of Bridget. But yeah… Gisele bugs the hell out of me. I can’t imagine having to deal with her all of the time, and watching her try to out-mother every single woman on the planet.

Also – while Bridget rarely makes specific comments about Gisele, like “Gisele is a sanctimonious a–hole, signed B-Moyn,” Bridget has made some other pointed comments about “irresponsible mothers” who promote motherhood as easy. Bridge even has some loyal, talkative “friends” who do her dirty work in the press, if need be. But sure… she never talks about Gisele or Tom. Of course. “PUBLICLY”



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  1. brin says:

    I love Bridget. Maybe these clueless men can’t handle beauty, brains and class.

  2. Jack says:

    Tom should have stayed with Brideget. She has much more class.. Gisele is REALLY annoying.. I couldnt deal with her.
    I mean, who steals a man from a pregnant woman???

  3. emine says:

    @jack -what man would leave his pregnant woman for another woman?

  4. Lucy says:

    I am not defending anyone or agreeing with anyone either. But, as far as I know, Tom started dating Gisele after he broke up with Bridget and later Bridget said in the press she was pregnant, which made him looked like an a***ole. Wouldn’t be possible that when they ended she was a month or less? who knows…

    The comment Gisele made in the past about that she felt jack as her son (whatever she said)was completely lost in translation. This statement, in her native language, would make perfect sense. She was trying to say that she treats him as she would treat her own son (when she made the statement she hadn’t had hers yet). In other words, she was just reassuring that she would love and respect him,and would not be a crazy b*** stepmother…

    Kaiser, your overanalyzing is amazing. Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Mel says:

    I agree Tom should have stayed with Bridget. His loss.

  6. dee says:

    I think she is a wonderful mom and is very classy.

  7. Shay says:

    It’s revealing when someone refers to their ex husband and his new wife as ‘these people’, like they’re aliens or something. Her choice of terminology is interesting. Why not just say, “I have a relationship with them…” rather than ‘these people’ which is what you would say when you don’t really like the people.
    She is just trying to be polite. I think she is trying to avoid the fact that she chose a dud as a husband, and is projecting her own anger onto him. Shit happens. People make mistakes, pick the wrong people in relationships, are disappointed by them and yeah, will have time adjusting to the error -and it can take some time when there are children involved. It’s not like she didn’t have a child with him and can start again. Each day she is reminded of the decision she made to marry him.
    He reminds me of those moronic men who have a need to prove their status by attaching themselves to outwardly attractive women or models.

  8. Saskia says:

    She’s dating McG now? She really goes for the vapid meathead type, doesn’t she?

  9. TXCinderella says:

    Tom strikes me as a dumb jock. Good looking, but no substance. And yeah, Giselle does seem like she knows it all.

  10. Bite me says:

    Brady and Bridget were never married

  11. devilgirl says:

    I like McG’s work.

  12. bella says:

    I would have liked for Tom to stay with Bridgette, too, and was very disappointed with his decision to walk out on her when she was pregnant. But who knows what went on exactly??? What I don’t like is people commenting that Tom is “dumb” just “a jock” “a meathead.” Have any of you heard this man speak? He is eloquent, thoughtful and all class. Are any of you aware of the philanthropic work he does in his community? This is a great man. And he’s from an amazing, close-knit family. YES, I am from Boston…lol

  13. Eve says:

    @ Lucy:

    The interview where she mentions that was for an American magazine (Vanity Fair), and given entirely in English. And her comment, translated into (Brazilian) Portuguese — which is my native language as well — still sounds sketchy. Maybe she didn’t mean the way it came out because her choice of words wasn’t the best…or maybe because she’s just plain dumb. But this was not a matter of “lost in translation”.

    Regarding the budget bermuda triangle, I don’t care about any of them, but I distinctly remember reading a quote from Bundchen about Brady — when people mentioned him to her — that he was “…definitely not too shabby. He’s cute, but if he has a girlfriend, he’s gay to me” (meaning he was off limits — the expression sounds stupid even in Portuguese, which seems to be the language in which she formulated the “thought”). Back then he was still with Moynahan — and broke up with her shortly after this. I still don’t think Bundchen is to blame for the end of their relationship, but it feels like she was giving him a hint, something like “break up with your current girlfriend and I’ll date you”.


    Here’s the extract “In December 2005 at a New England Patriots game at Foxboro Stadium, the newly single supermodel was shown a photograph of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Her take, as published in the Boston Herald: “Tom Brady, definitely not too shabby. He’s cute, but if he has a girlfriend, he’s gay to me.” On a Boston radio program, Brady was told of her remarks. “Oh, jeez, that’s a little harsh,” he said.

    Were you using the media to tell Brady you wanted to date him?

    Look, I’m Brazilian. I had never seen football before. I’m freezing, and all I’m thinking is, When can I go back to New York City? I didn’t understand why they were all hitting each other. Now I do, but I didn’t. I just wanted to get out of there, so I’m just gonna say what you say to get out of a conversation. If he had been any other guy, I would have said the same thing. We met through a friend who knew us both for a long time. Believe me, I didn’t even remember [the picture of Brady]. Our friend knew that we would like each other. And we did. So I guess he was right.

  14. carrie says:

    it looks alike Brangelina/Aniston love triangle ‘s poor man and it’s funny to meet McG in an airplane because during a long time,he was afraid to take an airplane

  15. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Shay-They weren’t married. She got pregnant, then they broke up, then she found out she was pregnant. So, while we can hate on her for picking Tom Brady to date, who I personally can’t stand, we can’t pick on her for choosing to marry him. And, I think Jack was either a) an unplanned pregnancy or b) Bridget’s last ditch effort to save a relationship she knew was on the skids. I’m not judging either way, or saying it’s one way or the other, but she may have had only this choice: Keep the child and co-parent with a narcissistic douche, or give the child up through whatever means she chose. I think she’s to be applauded for making the tough choice.

    And if Giselle was the step-mother to my son, there’d be a lot of side-eye and potential to shank a b*tch. Just sayin…

  16. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Bella, sorry, I can’t stand Brady. Of course, my quarterback likes to make a (at best) drunk ass of himself hitting on college girls who aren’t interested. So really glass houses and all…but Tom and Giselle rub me the wrong way.

  17. tapioca says:

    I always thought Bridget was way more attractive than Gisele – both prettier facially, possessing an actual waist and with the look of a girlier Elisabeth Canalis. That said, McG?! Really?!! The guy who actually managed to make a Terminator film that was worse than number 3. And calls himself “McG”…

  18. Oi says:

    I thought there was some question as to when they broke up and started dating someone Giselle and when he knew about the baby. People break up, and a kid will not change it. And she’s not innocent here either. Sorry, but I fail to see the class people talk about here.

  19. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    he shoulda stayed with bridgette…

  20. Lucy says:

    Eve: I don’t know what part of Brazil you are from, but I heard many times stepmothers (mainly) saying: ele/ela e como um filho(a) para mim. So, I don’t think it sounds sketchy at all. Just my opinion…

  21. guesty says:

    gisele has a touch of ‘the leann’ in the stepmother department. at least gis doesn’t tweet it to death tho.

    as for bridget…well played. very well played.

  22. Leticia says:

    I think that Moynahan is more beautiful than her replacement. And since they were never married, I like that she gave her name to her son, instead of the last name Brady. I bet that irritates Tom Brady. hehe.

  23. Eve says:

    @ Lucy:

    “Ele/ela é como um filho(a) para mim” should be translated into “he/she is like a son/daughter to me” or (and to be really fair) “It feels like he/she is my own son/daughter”…both are quite different than “I feel it is, 100 percent” (Jack being her son).

    P.S.: The part in Brazil from which I come is irrelevant in this case since, even though there are many idiomatic expressions among the different regions, the expression was said/written in plain Portuguese, not in a specific dialect.

  24. RHONYC says:

    “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”


    i. love. this. bitch. she. is. my. hero!!! lol

    my fave is “extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers…” hahahahaha

    in your face, gisele!!! know your place homegirl! you come AFTER cousins and are NOT his parent…’memba dat! 😆

    on another note…her man McG should direct her in an action flick. i’ve been thinking she’d be awesome in a badass role ever since ‘coyote ugly’.

    cutting off dudes ‘neckties’ & sh*t. 😉

  25. EdithP says:

    Tom Brady’s overwhelming resemblance to Frankenstein’s monster just makes him unattractive to me. That and the fact that he seems to let Gisele lead him around by the nose.

    My husband is hooked on Blue Bloods and I think about 75% of that is because of Bridget.

  26. Grace says:

    I love it when stupid people step on their own points and out themselves as the bitchy people they are. She’s talking about how she never publicly talks about Tom or Gisele WHILE publicly slamming Tom for not being in the delivery room. What a hypocrite.

  27. Mia says:

    Oi, I don’t see the class either. Bridget didn’t want Tom in the delivery room. Her choice, but she shouldn’t make it seem as if he couldn’t be bothered to get there in time. She made the decision to head west to be with her family & to raise Jack out there. Again…her choice. Tom has every right to move on once his feelings for Bridget changed. A child shouldn’t be a reason for people to get married. It’s been nearly 4 years and she still seems pressed.

  28. Isabel says:

    I like her a lot. From a parental perspective, I cannot imagine how infuriating it is to deal with Tom and Gisele like that. She has earned her bitchiness.

    And, to quote my husband as we watched Blue Bloods: “Wait…SHE’S Brady’s ex? She’s the first baby mama? He downgraded to Gisele from HER?? She’s gorgeous!!!!” Yep. You go girl.

  29. Marjalane says:

    Oh please- Tom Brady is about as articulate as a zuccini. This woman is well rid of the dolt. I love that he’s tied his wagon to Giselle- she’s going to boss him around for the rest of his life!

  30. Roma says:

    I get yelled at all the time on the LeAnn threads and I’ve given up so I’ll say it here: this is how you do a public breakup. You stay classy, keep your mouth shut and then the stepmom just looks like a crazy woman. The kids will always know, love and respect who their mom is.

  31. Melissa says:

    Uh – how can somebody who refers to themselves as “McG” be salt-of-the-earth?

  32. Bodhi says:

    While I personally thing that Tom was better off with Bridget, staying together for the sake of a child is a TERRIBLE idea. Kids can always tell when Mommy & Daddy don’t really love each other & it just plain isn’t healthy for anyone involved.

    Gisele is a sanctimonious brat & if I had to co-parent with her I think I’d be hard pressed to keep my mouth shut the way Bridget does

  33. mln76 says:

    This is so much worse than the Bermuda Triangle. Bridget actually is tied to these people for the rest of her life and raising a child with them. I find it funny that she is handling it with so much class and so little whining unlike ….

  34. nnn says:

    I don’t like Gisele sanctinomous side but the fact that she sometimes refer to Bridget’s son as her son can be a cultural thing.

    South american and african cultures are very close in some aspects and that’s how they do it in Africa. There are no step nor half. You are son and mothers even if blood is not related, even if you are technically step.

    Adding the step is perceived as insulting, like you don’t want the person to be part of your family.

    Stepchildren are sons and daughters just like those born from you in the same way. They just have two ‘mamas’.

    So maybe it’s a cultural thing like in Africa.

  35. Eve says:

    @ nnn:

    I understand your point, but I don’t think it’s a cultural thing (like in Africa, as you say ) — at least in Brazil, biological and adopted children are perceived as the same most of the time (meaning that the parents make no distinction between them), but stepchildren…not necessarily, not if the kids are supposed to live mostly with their biological mothers. I mean that I’d think the way you put it, let’s say, if Bundchen had to raise Jack (as in Brady was a widower or divorced from Moynahan and was given sole custody of their son). Since it’s very clear the boy is going to be raised by his biological mother, Bundchen’s quote came out all wrong, even if she actually felt like he’s her son in some way.

    I truly believe that her (Bundchen’s) intention was to show she’d love Jack as if he was her own son (and maybe she actually does), but wouldn’t have sounded like a total insensitive b*tch if she had left the “100 percent” remark out of her comment (which, in fact, wasn’t all that bad — see below).

    “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child,” Bündchen told the magazine. “I feel like it is, 100 percent.”

    I think it was the use of the terms “my child” instead of “my child too” followed by “100 percent” that made people uncomfortable, especially Moynahan.

  36. AveryJessup says:

    Not to mention, her son has a half brother. If I were in her situation, that would add a whole new dimension of “I have to be mature.” Siblings are awesome, and keeping it cool means those kids aren’t deprived of that relationship.

  37. lili says:

    Getting pregnant to try and keep a man is trashy. I don`t see any class here. And a man who would stay with a woman who got pregnant on purpose to try and save a relationship is a loser with zero self respect.

  38. Bella says:

    “I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis…” Dang, can you say bitter?

  39. Gwen says:

    Bridget > Gisele. Anytime.

  40. green says:

    pitiful Bridget! move on!

  41. Thanks for not including a picture of Giselle!

  42. seri says:

    40!!??? omg she’s turning 40!!?? She looks better than alot of girls at 20!!

  43. and says:

    She looks really old!

  44. Camille says:

    Haha, you nailed it Kaiser. I especially agreed with this:

    Bridget to be hilariously bitchy, I think Gisele is a sanctimonious a-hole, and I find Tom Brady to be pretty clueless and bland, and unworthy of all of the drama.

  45. kazoo says:

    wow, i don’t get the classy comments. but then again, maybe some people don’t know much about bridget’s background. she was in a relationship and living with a guy when she met tom. then moved across the country to be with him. then was very public about her relationship. then was widely rumored to be pressuring him into marriage (she even made comments in public but tried to pass them off as jokes). and who knows if she got pregnant “on purpose” but based on her history, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

    i should mention i am not a patriots fan (i hate all boston teams!!! LOL) and someone who isn’t a huge fan of gisele.

  46. awv says:

    “Bridget didn’t want Tom in the delivery room. Her choice, but she shouldn’t make it seem as if he couldn’t be bothered to get there in time.”

    I’m confused by this statement, since she very clearly said he was there at the hospital, but did not come into her room until after the delivery. Also, Class doesn’t necessarily mean sitting quietly and taking everything that is dished out to you. Mentioning that he chose to not be in the delivery room for the birth of his child isn’t talking sh*t about him, it’s being honest. Who knows what kind of question the interviewer asked to prompt that response, BTW.

  47. pizzaear says:

    I thought she got pregnant during ‘break up sex’. I think Gisele gets a rough ride in this situation. Bridget should be happy that her son has someone else to love and support him. It’s so easy to jump on step mothers for ‘over stepping’lines but quite often they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t…

  48. Tom says:

    Bridget is prettier and seems like a much nicer and smarter person then Giselle.

  49. Estella says:

    Bridget is better looking on her worst day than Gisele is on her best. That being said, both ladies must be dumb as dirt to endure long-term relationships with Tom “box of rocks” Brady. At least they all seem good to the children involved. I hope the kids’ IQs outrank their parents’ though. Just sayin’…

  50. Feebee says:

    I agree she’s never said publicly and outright that “Gisele is an intolerable bitch that I can’t stand and is way too close to my son” but she’s not a stupid woman and she knows she’s said exactly that just in different ways.

    I don’t remember there being a big to-do about the split – no screaming headlines of “Tom Leaves Pregnant Bridget for Supermodel!! It sounded like Tom and Bridget split, he started dating Gisele and miraculously Bridget thought that was the perfect time to announce the pregnancy.

  51. ragdoll says:

    Before Bridget dumped Rosenberg for Brady, did anyone even know who this woman was? Bridget should STFU about the situation. It was almost five years ago. She plays the the “poor pitiful me” role better than Jen Aniston. Mark my words, next up: Bridget will pen her memoirs about the whole messy affair.

  52. lw says:

    who cares? this is moronic Tom Brady she’s talking about. Bridget is lucky to be rid of him – if only she hadn’t spawned with him, she’d never have to see his doofy face again.

  53. Isa says:

    They broke up in November and in February she announced she was pregnant.
    Gisele and Tom started dating before Christmas.
    According to People.
    She was pregnant, the relationship was already over.
    Also, no one knows for sure she got pregnant to keep him. It’s a possibiity, but no one knows their birth control methods or lack thereof.
    I don’t blame Gisele and Tom for not breaking up and Tom for not going back after he found out she was pregnant. But as a general rule, Gisele should stfu. She says some of the dumbest shit.

  54. Dea says:

    I have read somewhere that Tom was shocked when he heard about the pregnancy which means that maybe she did not use anymore birth control just to get pregnant without telling him. Now that is sneaky and he might not have liked that. Honesty is the key to relationship. Same did Jennifer Gardner with Ben Affleck, again from what I have read.

  55. Django Jonez says:

    McG? Some women just have goofy taste in men.

  56. Kim says:

    Her new boyfriend is NOT the salt of the earth. Not even close. He has a reputation as a jerk in the industry and in his personal life. I dont think she did her homework on this one.

  57. ragdoll says:

    Tom should just give Bridget a settlement in exchange for relinquishing his parental rights to the kid. It would be better than having the kid growing up in the shadow of Gisele’s child(ren) which seems to be happening already.

  58. ragdoll says:

    To #57: It obvious to me that Bridget likes jerks.

  59. lee says:

    I just love the way she gushes about her boyfriend- and the great relationship he has with her son!

    Who wouldn’t love a guy who adores your kid or kids?

  60. Isa says:

    #55–Maybe she was shocked too?

  61. ragdoll says:

    #61: I read an interview that Bridget gave stating that her cycles were irregular so she didn’t realize she was preggo. I’m curious how she could successfully manage this condition for her entire life, and then all of a sudden lose track of her ovulation schedule after Tom became smitten with Gisele? Very curious indeed.

  62. Isa says:

    If you suffer from irregular cycles then it’s very difficult to manage your schedule.

    In this interview she also said this,:
    “She revealed that she was two months pregnant before she realised. ‘It was a complete surprise,’ she said.”

    “she discovered she was pregnant at two months along after experiencing irregular periods”

    So here are some reasons I can come up with:

    1.) She experienced irregular cycles her entire life and used the birth control pill to make them regular. She stopped taking the pill to get pregnant and trap Tom.

    2.) She suffered from irregular cycles only after she became pregnant. (I’m not sure about the interview you read, but this is how I read this excerpt.) She didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was 2 months along because she thought she had a period the first month. A lot of women spot and can mistake that for a short period.

    3.) A condom broke or sprang a leak without them realizing it.

    4.) They used the withdrawal method or some other birth control method improperly.

    It’s just speculation. But personally, I believe that he was an accident and a shock to both of them. She’s talked about how she considers herself a traditional person and expected to be married.

    Supposedly she only told him minutes before she announced she was pregnant:

    Which doesn’t exactly scream, “I want you back!” to me. That means she waited another month to tell him.

    But to be fair, there is a lot of he said, she said in that article and a source claimed that Brady knew about it for a while. That she didn’t tell him she was going to go public with the news. So maybe he did know about it, she just didn’t tell him she was going to announce it.

    I’ve put waaaaay too much thought into this….

  63. lucy2 says:

    Kaiser, I completely agree with your assessment of all 3.

  64. jemshoes says:

    “Gisele bugs the hell out of me. I can’t imagine having to deal with her all of the time, and watching her try to out-mother every single woman on the planet.”

    LOL!!! Gold, Kaiser. 😀

    And with this budget Bermuda Triangle situation, the ONLY thing worth noting is that Jack is loved by mother, father and stepmother.

    Overanalyzing is an occupational hazard when it comes to celebrity gossip because, let’s face it, we all have nothing to go on except photos and un-named sources most of the time! 😀

  65. jc says:

    I find it interesting most people seem to think Bridget is innocent in this whole debacle. From the get-go this seemed a classic example of a woman (Bridget) sensing a relationship is coming to an end, intentionally allows herself to become pregnant in an attempt to hold her man. If the man (Tom) was already over the relationship and interested in someone else; then I ask; is this really the best alternative for anyone in the relationship (Bridget,Tom or the baby), to try to make it work for the sake of the child?? It doesn’t even work when the children are half grown, but from the beginning? please, Tom did her a favor leaving if his heart wasn’t in it anymore…

  66. Zelda says:


    Agreed. People on this site seem to love accusing other women of homewrecking and then hating on them. IT’s getting kinda weird.

    And this woman, beautiful as she is, seems very fond of her victimhood, and seems quite passive-aggressive. Also, she is dating someone named “McG” who she–without irony–believes is “salt of the earth”. Uh…

  67. Lenore says:

    Haven’t read the other comments so I don’t know if this has been said already, but personally I love that plural “stepmothers”. Like, don’t get too comfortable, Gisele, you probably won’t be the last.

  68. vegemite says:

    Ah,Bitter Bridget strikes again!!

  69. Power says:

    Jack is a lucky boy to have so many people who love him.

  70. Power says:

    Don’t believe everything that comes out of Bridget’s mouth.
    If you recall, according to the press back then, Brady was given a private jet by Kraft to try and get from one coast to the next for the birth of his child. He wasn’t informed that Bridget was in labor until it was too late. He got to the hospital with flowers for her – and she played the b**ch role, refused to see him and denied him access into the room. Bridget’s woe-is-me story was brought on by one person only-Bridget.

  71. Rachel says:

    @ JC – I don’t buy Bridget’s story either.

    Look at the facts.

    Too many red flags.

    A 35 year-old has an oopsie pregnancy at the end of a 3 year relationship in which she wanted marriage, and her boyfriend didn’t?

    Relationships don’t end overnight.

    If Brady leaves what is 35 year old Bridget left with when he goes?

    Her bio clock was ticking, she had invested 3 years in this man, and she didn’t want to start over.

    She thought the baby would force him to marry her, but it didn’t.

    She’s been a bitter and passive-aggressive baby mama ever since.

  72. Grace says:

    #58: So you think losing his Dad completely would be better for Jack then having to share some of his attention with a sibling. There’s not one drop of logic in that argument. And there’s also not one shred of evidence that Jack is growing up in the shadow of his brother.

  73. Mia says:

    I adore Bridget Moynahan. She has shown such class throughout the ordeal that Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen put her in. And unlike the big-mouthed/uber idiot Bundchen, Bridget has stayed above the fray and she also does not use her son as an excuse for a photo op unlike Brady/Bundchen. I admire her classiness, talent and the love she so obviously feels for her son. I’m also happy for her that her career is taking off big time. I wish her good luck. The other two? Not so much.

  74. Power says:

    and she also does not use her son as an excuse for a photo op

    OK Magazine ^Life without Daddy^.

  75. kazoo says:

    Isa, i agree. also, she conveniently went public while brady was out of the country.

    ugh, i hate this b/c i end up defending brady who i loathe. but i really loathe chicks like bridget. throughout their relationship she basically behaved like a cleat chaser. if she wasn’t a sometime working actress, she would’ve been called such.

  76. ragdoll says:

    What happened to Bridget is a normal occurrence among the Hollywood set. Michael Douglas traded up to Zeta-Jones, Brad Pitt traded up to Jolie, Justin Timberlake traded up to Biel etc., so on and so forth. What made Bridget think that the most popular football player of the day wouldn’t want an upgrade sooner or later.

  77. Athena says:

    Team Bridget ALL the WAY

  78. DeCe says:

    SHAY, tom was never married to bridget or engaged. where some of you fail to realize, gisele is not her replacement, tom NEVER intented to marry her. she was with scott for 3 years and tom for 2, and pregnancy never occured until her relatioship with tom dissolved. bridget went off the pill without telling tom, and admitted it to him,in her harpers bazaar article on ” bridget moynahan talks about being a single mom” scroll down to jennifers’ comments, it will enlighten even the non believers. their have been others, but this is the best explaination. it makes the most sense. bridget is no saint or has little class, she betrayed two men withing 2 years, however, now, she seems nice, probably because she has been “HUMBLED”. there is problably a visitation/child support agreement to refrain her for speaking about tom publicly. i am glad she has an age appropriate man in her life, and hopes that she does not betray him, like her last 2 boyfriends.

  79. trayc says:

    I love bridget, more power to you for being the bigger person and not throwing the F word- in the air since she really thought your son was hers……