Elisabeth Hasselbeck considering Fox News job; may leave The View

The View’s token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck may be leaving the show for an anchor position on right-leaning news staple Fox News. Last week we reported on a story from the National Enquirer that claimed that View co-producer and co-founder Barbara Walters was fed up with Elisabeth’s emotional outbursts on the show and told if she couldn’t cut it out she should look for another job. Elisabeth may have done just that and is said to be considering an anchor position that was offered by Fox News:

After repeated confrontations with Barbara Walters and her co-hosts on “The View,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is plotting her exit strategy from the show.

The Enquirer has learned exclusively that Fox News has offered Elisabeth, who’s an ardent Republican, an anchor spot – and the 31 year-old mother of two is seriously considering taking the job.

“Elisabeth is just as tired of the ladies at ‘The View’ as they are of her! She feels she constantly has to defend herself,” a show insider revealed.

“Besides that, when she gets passionate about her opinions, the others make her look like she’s hysterical. But when she doesn’t talk enough, she’s accused of ‘pouting’…

“Elisabeth feels she can’t win at ‘The View,’ but she’s been told by friends at Fox News that they’d find a spot for her without hesitation,” said the insider.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 28, 2008]

While The View would seem more balanced if they added at least two conservative panelists who are more informed and measured than Elisabeth, it won’t do much for ratings. More people tune in to see controversy and it stirs up buzz. Elisabeth is probably sick of trying to make her opinion be heard on the show and it seems to be taking a toll on her. A lot of people say she’s too emotional and gets upset too easily when trying to wade against the political tide on that show. She’s probably ready to move on and I can see this happening.

Hasselbeck received some criticism for a thinly veiled comment she made at the Republican National Convention against Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s wife Michelle. She praised candidate McCain’s wife by cutting down Michelle Obama’s pre-show requests, and said “Cindy came into our hair and makeup room, fresh as can be, and unlike another wife of a political candidate who shall remain nameless, she didn’t come with a list of topics that we weren’t allowed to touch. Nope, that’s because she has nothing to hide.” It’s customary for guests on talkshows to state the terms of their appearance ahead of time, and producers and hosts aren’t supposed to disclose that to the public. You can bet Hasselbeck got a talking to by Walters afterwards.

The cast of The View is shown at a panel discussion at The Paley Center for Media in NY on 4/9/08. Credit: MLM/FamePictures

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  1. elisha says:

    I can totally see her working at FOX. That’s perfect for her and a wise move on both ends.

    Holy botox, Batman.

  2. takeiteasy says:

    She’s immature & unprofessional. I might even watch the View if she wasnt on it… but I doubt it

  3. Lauri says:

    Perhaps they should change the name of the show to “The Narrow View” since BW seems to be afraid of anyone who disagrees with her.

  4. Leandra says:

    That would be nice. I could watch the View again. Right now it’s totally unwatchable with her uninformed mouth flapping a mile a minute.

  5. Roni says:

    I can’t stand her! I really don’t even know why she left the Survivor Island! Once she leaves, I will begin to watch the show again. What would be really perfect is IF Sheri Sheppard took her ass off the show too!

  6. Nouvel says:

    Uhhhhhhhh I cannot stand her. She is seriously bi polar or something. She needs meds and a good lesson in the bible.. she is holier than thou.. IDIOT

  7. UrbanRube says:

    She’d definitely be preaching to the choir on Fox. Nobody would ever challenge her on that channel.

  8. Syko says:

    Good, she’ll fit right in.

    What exactly qualifies her to be an anchor anyway? I mean, other than being married to a half bald NFL football player? It would be my take that a news anchor should be unbiased and simply report the news, and not put their superior conservative views out for everyone to see. Not on Fox, of course.

  9. neelyo says:

    It’s too bad that The View can’t find an intelligent conservative to round out the cast. I would welcome the chance to be persuaded by facts and reason, not tears and trantrums.

    And is she kidding? Cindy McCain, fresh?!? That woman is a walking advertisement against the dangers of botox.

  10. Sunnyjyl says:

    Yea, now if Joy, Sherry and Barbara leave too, I can enjoy it.

  11. Syko says:

    Good idea, Sunnyjyl. “Whoopi’s View”. I like it.

  12. ri23 says:

    Leandra: Perfectly said.

  13. daisy424 says:

    Compare the two interviews/appearances of the Presidential candidates and their wives.

    The McCains were raked over the coals, the Obama’s were spoon fed compliments, ‘fist bump’ anyone?

    If Cindy had given the producers a list of taboo subjects like Michelle did, it would have been the topic of the show.

    BTW, Whoopie rocks.

  14. Kathy says:

    Oh God, please take the job!

    Please leave The View, please please please leave The View.

    Then I don’t have to see or hear that childish, uninformed because of her own stubbornness, harpy.

  15. KDRockstar says:

    Another *fist bump* for Sunnyjyl’s idea.

    And the girl looks haggard and worn wet and raw.

  16. Baholicious says:

    @ Nouvel: I’m not snapping at you but I wish people would stop throwing around ‘bi-polar’ when what they really mean to say is just really moody or hypersensitive. BP Affective Disorder is a debilitating medical (psychiatric) disability. I wish they’d never changed the name from manic-depression because there is so much misunderstanding now with the ‘new’ word.

    I take my meds, do my talk therapy and I do have a KJV bible which mostly collects dust on my bookshelf. Do these things help? Yes. Prevent them entirely? No. it takes a lot of conscious effort on my part. It’s something I’ll have for the rest of my life and have to manage like oh, diabetes for example. It’s not the best analogy, but it will do :-)

    Anyway, I’ve seen EH in clips here and there and so I can’t really comment on her departure other than she’s on a panel with some really tough cookies and it didn’t look like a good fit.

  17. Ellen Smith says:

    If you are going to have a conservative on the show, then do so by hiring an educated one. This girl is dumber than a rock. She serves no purpose but to spew forth right-wing Bible talk and espouse opinions that are baseless and completely incongruent with the viewership of the show.

  18. Kaiser says:

    This is great news! Elisabeth can join the other twitty Fox blondes – she’ll get a life lesson on how her rabid, hysterical, uninformed conservatism is nothing special, she’s just one of many.

    Now, who to replace “the conservative” seat on The View… perhaps Bill Krystal. That would be fun. Behar would kill him with her bare hands.

  19. Baholicious says:

    @ Kaiser: Put Bill O’Reilly on The View then they could all tear him apart with their bare hands.

  20. Kaiser says:

    @Bahol – But you know what would be great television? If the seat went to Ann Coulter.

    …but how would she hide her Adam’s apple?

  21. anony says:

    I think even if she leaves the View it’s a doomed show. The shrikes will steam on but I think E is leaving a sinking ship.

    What was her background before being on Survivor? Was she in school for journalism? I know she has had experience in front of the camera serving time on The View but..anchor? Resident newswoman, can you shed light on requirements for an anchor position? I know in England they call them newsreaders as they have no pretense of the newsreaders also researching the stories. So is E just reading the news or researching?
    Lisa Ling did not even complete her degree and from The View she jumped into a plumb National Geographic job- reporting from around the world. Nice work if you can get it. It almost makes having to put up with those women for years worth it. Almost.

  22. Suz says:

    PLEASE get rid of Elizabeth! Good Lord, she is the most ignorant, hateful idiot, and would fit right in with Limbaugh and FOX (FAKE) “News.” I stopped watching The View because EH is so stupid and obnoxious.

  23. ri23 says:

    daisy424: So?

  24. Baholicious says:

    @Kaiser: LOL! You mean (M)ann Coulter, neo-con tranny? I think that would be PERFECT! She gets upset and leaves when she can’t run the interview…think of it, she could be on the show, but nobody would ever have to see her :-)

    Oh, and feel free to just abbreviate my handle as Baho :D

  25. Baholicious says:

    @ Kaiser: sorry, forgot the question about hiding the Adam’s apple. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about seeing it because Whoopi will probably have her hands wrapped around Coulter’s neck anytime she’s on camera (or off, for that matter).

  26. Trillion says:

    Daisy: Maybe Cindy McCain DID give a list of topics to be avoided and we just don’t know about it (drug addiction, stealing drugs from her charity, affair w/ McCain, being the “other woman” when his first wife was disfigured in an accident etc.) . It’s not unusual for this to be asked, from what I understand.
    The View could have such a better conservative than E.H. and that would make it so much more interesting. She’s PERFECT for Fox. Have you seen their female anchors/hosts? They are empty vessels with pounds of make-up, cleavage, scary fake.

  27. BethGee says:

    EH is a tool. The reason she can’t keep up her end of the conversations is because she can only mimic the talking points she gets each morning from her boyfriend Sean. She’ll fit in perfectly over at Fox, another vacant blond. I skip watching The View most days when EH starts her high pitched yapping.

  28. atmydesk says:

    I certainly hope it’s true that she’s leaving. Her ability to communicate is extraordinarily weak. She’s not able to coherently bring her points across without sounding dimwitted. There are plenty of articulate repub women out there that could truly bring an intelligent right leaning point of view to the table. Hasselbeck, like her husband is at most 3rd string bench warmer hasbbeen.

  29. vdantev says:

    She’s better suited to licking the crumbs from Bill O’Liar’s table anyway. :twisted:

  30. bobsgirl says:

    I hope Elisabeth does leave. I can’t watch that show anymore. If you don’t agree with her, you’re wrong and she throws a hissy fit. Grow Up! Everybody doesn’t have to agree with you. This is America and everyone has their own opinion. Get over yourself!!

  31. SuzieQ says:

    This would be great news if it actually happens! I love a good conversation, NOT confrontation, when intelligent people discuss differing opinions. If she only would let others finish what they are saying BEFORE she jumps in with whatever the producer whispers in her ear. Send her to FOX..they deserve her..I’m sure many viewers would return if she leaves.

  32. KERRI says:

    How about replacing them all with Chippendale studs. Oh yeah! :D

  33. Kaiser says:

    @Baho – Exactly. One week on The View and (M)Ann Coulter would be in the hospital, if not dead.

    Seriously, though. Coulter’s the smart choice.

  34. Maddy's Nana says:

    I am so disapointed with the way the ladies of the view, except EH and Sheri Shepard, have been acting since the RNC Convention. In the primary season they were less biased and while still giving their View, they at least let Elizabeth give her view with out sneering and talking exaggerated trash over her. Barbara Walters should be embarrased about her actions when the McCains were on. This will be one more show that this life long Dem. will not watch any more.
    Elizabeth should follow the path she wants. Not be driven away by some rude co-hosts.

  35. lola lola says:

    She’s so stupid! I can’t believe any other show would have her….well, then there’s Fox—the channel who doesn’t set the bar that high.

  36. Trillion says:

    The View was doing the press’ job for them. Fourth estate my ass.

  37. Kat says:

    Just what FOX needs, another blond. It must be in the job description.

  38. what says:

    i think our very own scott f. should replace elizabeth!
    i’d watch that.

  39. Annie says:

    I’m very liberal and even I think that Elisabeth is treated poorly on The View. Whenever she tries to speak Joy or Whoopi interupt her and say “let me speak!!” if she tries to take the floor back. They love to gang up on her too.

    She deserves to work somewhere where she is allowed to talk. FOX NEWS sucks, but if it makes her happy good for her.

  40. Elena Folsom says:

    Elisabeth is an ass and is probably why I turn the view off after ten minutes…ladies, get rid of her…i would watch more if she didn’t go on like a fool

  41. margarita says:

    liz, keep your promise, LEAVE!!!!…go with your “uncle” McCain…..hate your views..uugghh….go take care of your babies…& that sorry husband of yours…bye….hope not to see u in any network…

  42. kate says:

    who cares? she should be thankful she can get a job anywhere, doing anything, given the fact that she is as dumb as a rock.

  43. Sarah says:

    I hope EH does leave. She get’s overly excited about making pointws that are not part of the present discussion. Over-reactive for sure – and not that I blame her for that – she isn’t trained or educated enough to compete and it becomes a battle for her instead of a discussion.
    I sure hope this is real and that she leaves! FOX seems the perfect venue for her to expouse her beliefs.

  44. Dennim says:

    Elizabeth, RUN RUN get the hell as far away from that bunch of illiterits. Their just a bunch of what the f—ks the use. Whatever they are.

  45. XtremeFlyr says:

    I think I will just have an outburst. Go “Big O”

  46. Brenda says:

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all day and longggg overdue!! Elisabeth is a walking, talking idiot and she will definitely fit right in with the rest of those idiots on “FIX” news. No intelligent people watch that channel anyway so goodbye to Lis,the sooner the better!!!

  47. LaVeuve says:

    EH is a nut job. Every time I watch her get upset she starts shrilling, her voice hems an octave or two higher and I just watch for her to start stamping her feet like my neices. Please replace her with a mature conservative. She honestly makes me disrespect Republicans for their immature behavours.

    Someone, call CSD, her children are probably suffering from piercing ear syndrome.

  48. sandy says:

    Get rid of Baba and put in Ann with Elizabeth. Its four against one as it is now, why not try and even the score a little, two brains and the others idiots. Oh but then the real facts would come out, and how would this help the nimwads on the show now, oh they would have to go out and get real jobs, right, how conservative would that be. a real job, with real responsibilities,oh me, oh my, Oh no way. Get rid of the good ole boy media thats been in control of propaganda for decades and report the facts of the news and the medias liberal bias. I mean Joy would be forced to listen to another person with a brain tell her a fact or two without her shooting off her mouth, looking more like an idiot each day. She is the least funniest person on earth, she is funny like Obama. NOT! Get me

  49. CleanSexyMoney says:

    While I rarely agree with Elisabeth on the show, I do think that if she feels FOX is a better place for her to go, then go, and live a happy life. She does not seem to “fit” with her co-hosts, and there is more tension at that table than entertainment. It IS supposed to be entertainment, but over the past couple of years, Elisabeth has increasingly become somewhat of a right wing breathing talking point. THe reason she is defensive all the time is reallybecause she doesn’t have the depth of knowledge to be able to intelligently speak on some of these issues. For ENTERTAINMENT purposes, however, there really is no requirement of experience, and while there are a lot of disagreements on the show, Elisabeth seems to take things personally, and does show some immatturity, especially when compared to her co-hosts. Sherri Shepherd has done a FABULOUS job, providing a bit of comic relief, and pretty much staying in the middle, often balancing out extreme left and right wing “views”, so her role has been EXPERTLY tailored, and she is a pleasant addition to the show. It just seems like Elisabeth is the odd duck on that panel, and it might get ratings, but it really is starting to get annoying. I suggest Mary Matalin if they are looking for a good republican commentator. She is married to James Carville, famous democratic guy, and she is wonderful at presenting FACTS and explaining things from the conservative point of view, and not blatently offending, or name calling those who disagree. That means she is RESPECTED. I do not think Elisabeth should be so political, and should really stick to pop culture, etc.

  50. Bug says:

    OMG! Somebody hold the door for her and don’t let it hit her in the *ss on her way out.

  51. itiswhatitis says:

    EH would be happier at Fox. I was actually surprised that she graduated from Boston College. Her credentials are better than Palin’s. Maybe she can run for VP with Hannity in 4 years.

  52. Len Ross says:


    It’s about time that Barbara wise up and get rid of some mindless bimbo who has such a closed mind she’s absurd.

    We need a balanced View it’s true; Elizabeth is too unbalanced. GET RID OF HER, like years ago. She’s a dud.

  53. JJ says:

    She is educated and well spoken young woman. Honestly I have been a huge Barbara fan for years, but I am so disappointed by the way she is reacting to the current presidential campaign. As a news person, she is supposed to remain nuetral on the candidates. She claims on air and in her recent biography that she never supports a candidate publicly. Uh no, she has done everything but wear a “Vote 4 Obama” shirt on air. How boring the show would be if there were just 5 ladies sitting around agreeing with each other.

  54. Angela says:

    Yeah best news ever it’s so hard to watch the view while fast forwarding through. I though she should go to FOX a long time ago. Great Choice EH have a nice life!

  55. Len Ross says:

    GET RID OF HER. She’s too unbalanced to be on a VIEW which should be balanced. No closed minded bimbo can possibly add any balance.

    She’s absurd…………GET RID OF HER, Barbara; what took you so long to wise up?

  56. Shirley Rasmussen says:

    Get on off Elisabeth. No one wants you or needs you on the View. Go to Fox where your opinion is the same as the other cows in the herd. You won’t have to think or have an individual thought in your empty head. You will be one of many bleach blondes on Fox News. Hurry and get on there. People will be so appreciative. Moooo!

  57. dee simon says:

    Elisabeth is way too smart for The View. She had to be on her game all the time more than the other women. She has a lot to offer and Fox would be a perfect match. My respect for Barbara Walters has plummeted. Where Elisabeth goes, so go I.
    Goodbye THE VIEW!!!!!

  58. Frank says:

    It’s about time this bitch was driven from the view. All she is, is a GOP mouth piece she doesn’t poessess the intelligence to see both sides of a situation.
    How exactly is she qualified to be an anchor on a news show. I believe she has a degree for shoe design, is that what you need to be hired as an anchor on channel 5 ?
    She is definately second string, I guess it runs in the family.

  59. cmac says:

    Elizabeth should leave for Fox. Babs could get another equally “uninformed” liberal opinionated host like Joy, Sheri, and Whoopi, and call it ONE VIEW. This talk show has never been more than an hour of catty chat.

  60. Pam says:

    I think Elizabeth should leave The View. It’s a sinking ship and she will go on to bigger and better things.
    2 thumbs up for cmac’s comment!

  61. Brandy says:

    Elisabeth H, Good Bye and Good Riddance Maybe now we can enjoy watching the View again – I hope she joins the Fox News Team real soon so we can all watch their ratings plummet; she is so limited with her political repetoire.

  62. rosina says:

    I’ll miss Eliabeth all the other woman all have the same opinion Obama EH stands up against all of them not easy I will miss her she is very smart just to many wierd people there good luck with FOX

  63. virginia says:

    I detest the View, but I love Elizabeth.
    I think Barbara walters never got married because she is stuck on herself.

  64. Marisol Lopez says:

    I would love to start watching the View again, but won’t until they get rid of EH. I’m not conservative but I would like to hear a conservative viewpoint from an informed and articulate person. Carly Fiorina would be great.

  65. Tracy says:

    Good move. She needs to go. Watching her is like nails on a chalkboard or a bad accident that you want to look away but just can’t. It’s ok to be republican, but it’s not ok to push your views onto other people and if they don’t see your way cry about it. That’s so immature! We live in America and everyone is diverse including their beliefs and it doesn’t make them bullys, it makes them unique. One day she will learn that.

  66. Fred says:

    Wow. I can see her on FOX, that’s a better fit than the view. She’s around thoughtful women and feels out of her league. @ FOX she wouldn’t have THAT problem and might even be the smartest blond in the room…

  67. John says:

    Barbara conducts herself as a true proffesional every day. The show is called “The View”, not “The Agreement”. Whoopi is the Peace-Keeper, Joy tells it like it is and Sherri is new, but doing better every day. Did Elizabeth’s Mother not tell her it’s impolite to interupt? Do you know who would be a good replacement? Drew Barrymore! She is intelligent, well spoken, cute as hell and would bring some youth to the show.

  68. Don Ho says:

    She is an idiot, supports her “home team” GOP without question. I am sure she belongs on Fox noise.

  69. rochelle sinrod says:

    She deserves to get a job at McDonalds. She has no talent whatsoever and is dumb as a rock. I hope she simply gets fired and goes with her husband back to wherever they come from.

    He was a lousy quarterback and she is one lousy little girl.

  70. Sandy Flavin says:

    Good..begone with her. Can’t stand to hear hear her tirades anymore. Oh…and does she not understand confidentially for guests on the show. Totally unprofessional, like most neocons.

  71. mks281 says:

    Dennim…your racism is showing.

    Like the idea of Mary Matalin as a co-host though I don’t know if she would be interested. Someone intelligent enough to support their views with good reasoning…not parroting which is why we are all so tired of Lizzy H.

  72. rafael says:

    Better for her! All I see is a bunch of sour feminists.

  73. Renee' says:

    Annie your comments are great. Thank you for looking past Elizabeth’s political view and seeing her as a person. The politics of today has gotton so low that if anyone does not agree with a Republican or Democrat they are called vile names and insulted. I am a Republican, and I talk to everyone… I do not care whether the person agrees with my beliefs or not. I was raised to respect different points of view. Thank You Annie for restoring my hope that no matter who wins in November, life will go on, and people hopefully will begin to heal this nation together.

  74. Free at last, free at last. We won’t have to listen to Elizabeth’s shrill loud voice any longer. What will she do when the Republicans go down in flames? A news anchor? I think not, no qualifications. Barbara, thank you, I knew that you wouldn’t let Elizabeth get away with those remarks about Michelle! There is justice in the world!!!!!

  75. Jim says:

    Leave and don’t look back! In Alaska, there’s an old joke that goes, “The view is always the same…a bunch of bitches showing their tails!”

  76. Don Place says:

    The problem is JOY B. She is an illiterate potty mouth. Barbara should have Joy’s IQ checked.If she had some constructive criticism it would be refreshing. She is just a negative bashing Comic. Send her back on the next stage outa town. 8O

  77. Dwayne says:

    Barbara Walters should be ashamed of herself – she’s sunk to an all-time low joining Whoopie, Joy, Sherri and Rosie in the pits of hell. Elizabeth is THE CLASSIEST person on that show and you all are right, she doesn’t belong there. Time for bigger and better things. Glad to hear Fox is taking her on – bet she’ll eat Alan Colmes for dinner! GO ELIZABETH! Said my goodbyes to The View long long ago……

  78. deb says:

    Barbara W is afraid of big mouth joy she is ruder than any other cohost and has a nasty mouth it is easy to pick on Elisabeth because she has manners and intelligence

  79. Dwayne says:

    not to mention the fact that she is outnumbered!!!

  80. Dwayne says:

    Gosh Terry, you sound like you’re a GED graduate……that’s some pretty vile stuff about Sena Hannity! Whew, defunct high school? Damn, had better stop watching!

  81. maxx says:

    barbara walters……take a look at your view interview with senator mccain…..are you kidding, you know better….you must be senile….

  82. S Able says:

    How highly suitable than an intellectual lightweight such as Elizabeth Hasselbeck would transition from The View to FOX. She will be extremely comfortable cosseted among others who are similarly lacking. Her dim-witted defense of Marie Antoinette McCain at the expense of Michelle Obama further proves that she should be replaced. Note to Barbara Walters: It is only worthwhile to watch the show when you are on it, so please appear more regularly and spare us Elizabeth’s ignorant histrionics.

  83. Catherine says:

    America really needs to WAKE up especially EH, if John McCain wins are we the people ready to have the DRAFT back because all the wars BUSH has gotten us into we don’t have the troups to fight. I think we can all agree that Iraq had nothing to do with 911 so why are we not standing up as a nation and saying he cannot have our kids. The truth is out there about 911 people need to go to youtube and put bush 911 in the search bar and watch the video’s if you really want to know the truth. When I stumbled upon them it blew me away there is no question in my mind BUSH knew and you can hear bombs going off while the anchors are doing the interviews. It’s sad to see that people in America are so blind, when are we all going to wake up? It is so scary to think what Bush can still do to America before he leaves office. Now he wants to bomb Iran and Russia too.

  84. EHH says:

    Oh- we can only hope Lizzie will leave!

  85. S Able says:

    Note to Barbara Walters: How about replacing the two least intellectually distinguished people on the panel–that would be Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sherry Shepard–with the very intelligent Gayle King and a rotating conservative who would be better informed than the knee-jerk Republicon who presently sits at the table?

  86. Myers says:

    WOW!! Now I know why I don’t watch the View if you idiots are the ones it appeals to. It is a one sided View, with the exception of the ineffective Elizabeth. I’m praying GOD takes her out of there she is too good for the rest of theose radical maniacs. What a waste of time for anyone to watch that junk TV. Hope most of you get a life and you need to be careful who you vote for or you won’t have one!!!! GA McCain/Palin

  87. Leadpipecinch says:

    Never seen the show. Is this person someone I need to know? I do know about the fox channel tho. It must not bother her to tell lies for money.

  88. susan smith says:

    the View sucks! What is going on with Barbara Walters? A little dementia? So much for journalistic integrity!! This lifelong democrat is embarrassed that these individuals are the same gender as me! Stop the whining, shrieking, and madness! Joy Behar was salivating as she stroked BO’s ego. ugh………….

  89. beachgrl says:

    Elizabeth, Go to Fox News. You will be happy there and not have to put up with those NAGS every weekday I don’t know how you stood it for as long as you did.

  90. informed says:

    It is really an eye opener to see the different types of personalities on these comments. The majority of Republicans are respectful and speak with class and the rest mostly democrats are rude and foul mouthed. I would be embarrassed to associate myself with democrats. And hello people did any of you watch the interview with the McCains how can you even begin to say that all the other women on that show aren’t political. It is time you get real with yourselfs and see the whole picture not just the one you want to see.

  91. Myers says:

    Thank God there are some of you who are realistic even if you are Democrats! I like diversity and especially if it is of intellegent and REAL integrity!

  92. dana says:

    Ding Dong, the witch will soon leave. She needs meds to calm herself down, with her over inflated view of herself, and her “it’s my way or the high way” view! Yeah, I might watch the show again. Hope she reads these comments, so she knows what everyone thinks of her!

  93. Proud American says:

    Good and finally. Don’t let the door hit you. I was tired of her whiney voice anyway. She had started to get on my nerves. Thank you Barbara, we will be forever greatful for showing Elisabeth the door.

  94. Ashleigh says:

    “Yea, now if Joy, Sherry and Barbara leave too, I can enjoy it.”


    I totally agree. I never watch that show after seeing one or two episodes. I did watch the one with McCain though and thought he and his wife did great despite the unprofessionalness of the View “ladies.”

    But really, who wants to watch a bunch of opinionated, yappy ladies talking over one another… or swooning over Obama… “You’re sexy. Giggle, giggle” (Barbara Walters). Gag!

    I hope Elizabeth does leave because I think she’d be great on Fox and they’d love to have her. She’ll not be able to further her career staying at the View, but at Fox she would. I’d love to watch her if she’s on Fox.

    I applaud her for her courage to stand for her convictions, despite the liberals who “hate” her or the flack she gets from her biased co-hosts. She shows alot more character than her co-hosts who just think and act like 95% of the rest of Hollywood.

  95. veritas4all says:

    While I also at times have been irritated with EH, I think that we should all be fair. Am I the only person who has noticed that other former co-hosts seem to have been “black-balled” (no racial intent) by women on The View? Maybe they were too cute, too thin, dressed nicer, and showed more cleavage than the others would have liked.
    At times they all get on my nerves.
    I used to have tremendous respect for Barbara, no more! She should be ashamed to speak to John McCain the way she did. She owes him an apology. Maybe she is the one who needs to leave.
    Bring back all the former co-hosts & let them all have at it!

    I, myself have had it!

    This is my view!

  96. roman says:

    Yeap !!! exactly what I thought. Two things in common between the far left & communism.. That’s dictatorship.

    Be careful Barbara Walters, the liberal girls are crossing the line between acting in a show & being disrespectful. You are better then that.

  97. Diane says:

    “The majority of Republicans are respectful and speak with class and the rest mostly democrats are rude and foul mouthed. I would be embarrassed to associate myself with democrats.”

    I had no idea until this election and Palin’s nomination that Democrats, who boast that they are “tolerant” and “accepting” are some of the absolute meanest, nastiest, most arrogant people. Sandra Barnhart for example and her comments re: Palin. She should be the Democrat spokesperson.

    They are angry because they can’t handle anyone “dissing” them in any way whatsoever. Look at Elizabeth compared to the others anyways… she’s happily married for starters. They probably deep down envy her and she’s just proof that you can be happy and fulfilled and at the same time not liberal.

  98. Proud American says:

    Just like Palin, let her go to Fox. Palin has no experience and Elisabeth’s from the Survival show, who marriage a football player also has no experience. So, Fox the tabloid network wants her to tell the news? It figures. I know, Elisabeth should join McCain’s campaign, she will fit right in with the blind leading the blind.

  99. Maggie says:

    That’s great news! I would be very happy for Elizabeth if she left and think she is “better” than the View. She deserves to work somewhere where she will be treated as an equal and respected for her abilities and views. The View is not the place for her. It’s a highly annoying show to begin with, and I think she can do sooo much better! Funny… I don’t see any of the other ladies getting any promotions or job offers. This’ll definitley be a promotion and a better job if she takes it.

  100. Susan Jones says:

    Elisabeth go as quickly as you can. The View is a vile and disgusting left wing liberal cesspool. The fawning over Obama during his interview almost made me vomit. Joy acted like a love struck teen. The way Babba treated John McCain is a travesty. She made me sick. those are the only two times I have ever watched the View and I will never watch it again

  101. Ed says:

    Elisabeth is way too smart for The View. My respect for Barbara Walters has plummeted. Where Elisabeth goes, so do I.
    Goodbye THE VIEW!!!!!
    Elisabeth is the 1 reason that I watch the show.

  102. lindee says:

    FOX is still way too liberal for that narrow minded puppet. How about TBN or PTL? The View without her whining and tantrums would be a good show.

  103. Proud American says:

    Trillion, I love your post.

  104. vdantev says:

    Hey newbies- lose the all caps !!

  105. PattyP says:

    It’s a shame when a once fine and balanced reporter has allowed herself to become mired with trash like Joy and Whoopi. It would be nice to see the View disappear.

  106. Sandy says:

    I agree that Elizabeth should be replaced on The View. I have thought for sometime that she is not articulate enough, nor does she have a depth of conservative knowledge to be able to present the conservative viewpoint adequately in the midst of the View’s three other liberal co-hosts. (Sherri basically occupies a seat and offers very little input.) My opinion of Barbara has been strained over the past months. But since the recent interview with John and Cindy McCain, I have lost all respect for her. She couldn’t have been more critical and one-sided in her treatment of the two Presidential candidates. In the past, I have viewed her as being non-commital on air and have respected her for that as the creator of the show. That no longer is the case. This show could not be any more blatantly liberal. If the original desire was to have all viewpoints represented, they are getting further and further from that goal. Sherri and Elizabeth need to be replaced by two strong conservative women who can articulate that viewpoint and stand up against the other liberal mouthpieces. I feel for Elizabeth, but she is being eaten alive by these other women. But I can’t say that I look forward to seeing her on FOX either. Maybe she needs to find another vocation.

  107. Proud American says:

    You are right. I will give Elisabeth and Fox the tabloid network a year and she will have Bill O’Liar changing networks because she would have annoyed the heck out of him.

  108. itiswhatitis says:

    Terry, Thanks for the info on Sean Hannity. That really explains a lot. I guess maybe that ticket should be Hasselbeck/Hannity in 2012. (For anyone who is not sure, I am being sarcastic.)

  109. Karen says:


  110. vdantev says:

    PattyP;”It would be nice to see the View disappear.”

    Here’s an idea- waddle over and turn it off and go do something else. Or does that make sense ?

  111. Proud American says:

    Elizabeth had NO background.

  112. irene says:

    Elizabeth should NOT be on TV. She has zero talent. She is not a smart person and I wish she would just go away…maybe she should move to Alaska!!! She is a right-wing nut job who got a “lucky” break on a reality tv show. She is a disgrace to American women and those who fall for her line of crap should be forced to live in a small town with her as the mayor. That would make a GREAT reality tv show….then maybe she could be back on TV. That would be one train wreck worth watching.

  113. Ray says:

    Good for Elizabeth. How any civilized person could hang out with that sack of old garbage bags with perpetual menopause and brains that melted-down in adolescence, is a mystery. “The View?” what a misnomer. Their “view” can’t even reach the ends of their collective, ugly noses. In their twisted “view” anything lovely and sensible is a cess pool. How could anyone, with a three-digit IQ, be “entertained” by such an asinine show?

  114. pat says:

    I get so tired of her know it all, look at me, the perfect mother, wife etc. No one is as informed as she pretends to be. She always has an opinion. She’s trying to buy her way into another Republican White House Dinner.

  115. lori says:

    Thank you Elizabeth. I watch the view just to see, and hear your insights, however the rest of the gals do not give you much freedom to really speak.

    I really do hope you go to foz!!


  116. Proud American says:

    Karen, you are right. Let’s get Rosie back on the View so she can give it to Mr. comb over (Trump) again. He is an idiot.

  117. Tami says:

    I can say that I don’t blame Elizabeth. She’s better off leaving. Then to sit there and put up with the B.S. on the view.And to be used to line Walters pocket with money from good ratings. I lost all respect for Walters after her McCain interview. She was down right rude!
    Their goo goo eye interview with Obama made me sick.I don’t mind Sherry & Whoopie but Joy is nothing but a loud mouthed lekt wing wack job!!!

  118. Proud American says:

    I bet Barbara, Joy, Sherri, Whoppi and the producers will throw a party the day after Elisabeth leaves. I also bet that they wished that she had another baby because when she was out on maturnity leave, they didn’t have to put up with that high pitched voice. She sounds like Edith Bunker talking.

  119. roman says:

    VDANTEV dont worry Im leaving.

  120. audrey says:

    You Go Elizabeth!! I how like you have stood up for yourself these past months…Old lady barbara patting you on the hand like you are a little girl and don’t know anything…how dare her!
    Her OLD ASS needs to get off TV and go write some more stupid books. Who cares about her life anyway she is no better than any one else in the world and she really needs the money I’m sure!
    Elizabeth…if you do leave I wish you the best of LUCK~ :)

  121. Bea says:

    Elizabeth is the only redeeming factor on the show. Who watches all those witches. Rich stay at home ladies and the welfare babes. Give me a break, Elizabeth good luck at Fox.

  122. Proud American says:

    Thank you Barbara Walters, we love you.

  123. Jacklyn says:

    I have had it with The View. Barbara and all the other liberals on the show owe John McCain and his wife Cindy an apology. They were downright mean and direspectful. I hope Elizabeth does leave because she is too good to stay on a show with a bunch of yapping women who think they know everything. When Elizabeth tries to state her thoughts and convictions they won’t shut their loud mouths and you can’t understand a word any of them say. Let them swoon over Obama and giggle and tell him he is cute. They are sickening. I won’t be watching The View when Elizabeth leaves.

  124. terri says:

    I positively can’t stand Elizabeth….she’s always been a lightweight on that show and why she’s lasted as long as she has is a mystery. She’s typical conservative – sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, “I’m a better person than you because of my views”, narrow-minded, and COMPLETELY unwilling to see the other side’s views. Her departure will be so very welcome, but to have Fox pick her up makes my opinion of Fox even lower…….she’s basically a milder, less-articulate version of Sean Hannity who can’t string several sentences together.

  125. joline jung says:

    I am sick of listening to Elizabeth. She needs to go. Does she not understand the word “deficit”. Would she approve of her son or daughter going in to Iraq?? I have 5 granddaughters that just laugh at me that I still watch The View, 2 are in college, one a teacher, 2 in high school. They will not watch this show because Elizabeth is so supid. Dump her.
    Grandma jo
    Venice Beach, California

  126. chamalla says:

    Holy partisan sockpuppets, Batman….


  127. Dodie says:

    Thank God, It’s about time I can’t stand the witch. I miss Rosie still. Whoppie is OK but Rosie was the funniest.

  128. denise says:

    Elizabeth, don’t let the door hit you on the way out which we all hope is soon. I would love to see Lisa Ling come back or Meredith Viera. But I love the whoopie and joy on the show!

  129. Catherine says:

    I am not a dem. or repub. I think that is the problem with America we are all fighting about the little stuff and not keeping our eyes on the ball. Our banks are crumbling people are losing there homes, our kids are getting killed in a country that did nothing to us and all people are talking about is lipstick and glasses. I really don’t trust any of the people in office they are all corrupt. When are we the people going to wake up and take our country back. Back in the 60s our parents did stand up for what is right, or we just all to busy to be bother do we not care that America is crumbling right before our eyes? Lets all go to the Whitehouse with our signs like our parents did and stand up for what is right. UNITED WE ALL STAND BUT DIVIED WE ALL FALL…..WAKE UP AMERICA!

  130. I am only drawn to this show for the controversy it creates. Joy is a big mouth with nothing behind it. I never hear anything that sounds intelligent come out of her mouth.. and she totally sucks on Larry King…. she’s a has been comic with a disturbing voice. Barbara, obviously, is beyond retirement… puts out a book about who she bumped (horrific visual) and has ruined her reputation. This woman was respected, now she sits there and cackles with the other old crows. Elizabeth can be slightly juvenile and perhaps to competitive on a opinion show but she at least demonstrates morals, femininity and intelligence. They are obvious democrats who would rather vote for a liar and a fraud just to win. Loved Elizabeths comment about Michelle ….. they have lots to hide …. glad she said it… its worth that job … phewy go spend your time with intellectuals ….

  131. carolyn caulk says:

    Barbara Walters will not get along with anyone that is not a far leftist. I am glad Elizabeth is leaving the view. She deserves to be treated like a host should be treated, with respect no matter what her party. Barbara Walters looks like she is on her death bed anyway and needs to retire. I can’t stand her. Good luck Elizabeth. Hope to see you on Fox News where you can be fair and balanced.

  132. Diane says:

    The View is a show for liberal, classless women. BaBa WaWa needs to be put out to pasture. Run, Elizabeth, run!

  133. ald says:

    I hope the rumor is true. She is a self-righteous twit. Good riddance. I can’t believe she was hired to replace Lisa Ling. Too bad Lisa Ling couldn’t come back. Not that she would want to. I notice people that are for Elisabeth say she doesn’t get the respect she deserves. You must give respect to get respect. Elisabeth trashes any view that is not agreeable to her conservative republican background. If anyone tries to get a word in she barrels right over them. Not professional!

  134. shadow says:

    this show is so liberall! they all gain up on her and she is doesnt have the know how to debate all the other people against her opinions. and macain did get a sorry deal coming on this show! you all know that! that cant be denied. admitt it! obama was pampered!!!!!! it showed me your bias opinion.

  135. Teresa says:

    I am THRILLED EH will be leaving the show! Sometimes I either fast forward my TV Or, MUTE it! She really get’s under my skin! I would give her more of a chance if she was not alway’s so damn mean about how she feels! Instead of talking she alway’s has to YELL, on top of being just MEAN! I can’t stand that! I enjoy the rest of them a lot, I don’t know why some of you are so against Sherri? I think she brings a lot to the show with her opinions on life and love! EH is the only hard ass! I watched her on Survivor, I was as unimpressed with her then too! It has alway’s been all about HER and her own Little world! Enjoy FOX! I don’t watch that news channel anywway’s! Then you can talk all you want about your children and WE don’t have to listen to it all the time!!! Thank God! I do wish her well though I can’t see her anchoring a news show?? Credential’s anyone? Maybe that’s why Fox has so many inner problems?? Good Riddon’s! :lol: :lol: I won’t mind now recording the first half hour of the show!Topic’s my fav. part of View! OH! Also WHOOPI!

  136. veritas4all says:

    Being a woman I hate to admit that this is what happens when you put some women together. They gang up on someone because they are jealous of them for whatever reason. Because they think they are prettier, smarter, wealthier, single, married, or whatever they’re not. Mostly all of my friends have been male because of the catty, jealous nature of some of these creatures.
    I say replace all the women on the View. We need Al Pacino, Eric Roberts, Andy Garcia, Dennis Craig, Keefer Sutherland, and Susan Lucci (for the guys). Now that would be a very nice view.
    They’re all intelligent, sexy, and attractive. Perhaps there would be no jealousy.

  137. Summer says:

    Elisabeth has not had an affair with a married man, like Barbara. Elisabeth has not had more abortions than she can count, like Sherry. Elisabeth actually got married and is not living in sin, like Joy. Elisabeth did not have a child out of wedlock or is a closet gay, like Whoopie. The view went down hill the minute Merideth Vierra left the show. I wish they would just cancel the whole show all together. Elisabeth is a good woman, unlike the liberal trash on the show.

  138. carolyn caulk says:

    One less viewer for the view here. I will never watch again along with others who use to watch the view.

  139. californiamary says:

    The best news I have hear all day. Elizabeth has such a narrow mind that I wonder if she is given a script each night to be able to defend the republicans the next day. I will be happy to see her go. :P

  140. Elizabeth is the only one that speaks the truth. That’s why the others don’t like her. Everyone has to tip toe through the tulips. That’s not Elizabeth. Maybe we should put her up their with Sarah Palin. I feel she speaks the truth too.

  141. SharAnn says:

    Please do not worry about the blind sided liberals, leaving their view on this site. What the “View” needs is 3 reds and 3 blues to be a true, “View”. The interview with Nobama and McCain was perfect! It showed their true colors. . .

  142. suzanne says:

    Looks like the view audience is mostly liberal by the comments made here. This show would be watched by a lot more viewers if it wasn’t so one-sided. I’m an independent and I no longer watch this show. Join me and boycott it.

  143. Sue Z. Q. says:

    Oh, I think that Stepford wives Elisabeth Hasselbitch and Cindy “Ice Queen” McPain would make a great team on Fox. Chill, baby, chill!

  144. suzanne says:

    Kudo’s to EH for having the guts to stand up and speak her opinion knowing the way she is going to be treated afterwards. The ladies are so rude and I can no longer stand Joy and Barbara. Joy is an idiot! it’s laughable

  145. Huck says:

    Well it’s nice to see the intelligent one leaving the Band of B$#@ES show. Maybe tubs of fun Rosie will come back to revamp her failed career. Along with the other failed careers that are already on the show.

  146. Beth Anne Johnson says:

    The “View” is that a joke. Elizabeth deserves to go to Fox and be treated with some respect instead of being treated like she is on the Obama campaign show. I have begin to wonder if the $9 million dollars Obama got the other night at a fund raiser has gone to pay for the View’s biased one sided left wing show. If you are happily married, have had one husband, and enjoy working you are counted as knowing nothing about the world. Get real. Barbara has lost her edge. After watching how all of them treated McCain with so much disrespect and treated Obama like he was Rock star I was sick. This has been hard to watch. Elizabeth does her homework. Joy isn’t informed. She is and Whoppi are comdedians but I no longer find them funny. If I wanted to go to Obama’s camp I would watch him on CNN. The View should be Called One View. Elizabeth you represent thousands and thousands of Americans. We are happily married, love our children, and have many relationships that are precious. Joy, Barbara, and Whoppi are so biased they can’t even listen to another persons opinion. Elizabeth I hope you go to Fox, get paid big bucks, and laugh all the way to the bank while the View sinks to oblivion. Go Girl …There are thousands of us out here routing for you. :wink:

  147. Gee Gee says:

    Thank the Good Lord for Fox wanting “Lisbeth.” Mr. Fox please do not threaten the “Viewers” with a good time. Besides she is taking up space on my cable shows.
    Bye Bye Beth

  148. Anita Taylor says:

    I used to love The view. But now all the women talk at one time,and ruin the show. I think they like “gang up” on Elizabeth. I did not like the way they treated the McCains. I will find something else to watch. The show is a big disappointment to me.

  149. Mare says:

    Elisabeth is too intelligent for that coven of witches at the View. I was particularly appalled at the treatment of the McCains vs. the treatment of the Obamas. They should all be ashamed of themselves and deserve to lose Ms. Hasselbeck. I applaud her for considering walking off of that show.

    P.S. I understand “Baba” has quite a reputation behind her and is hardly one to point a finger at ANYONE.

  150. matthew says:

    Good Lord, Thank GOD and whomever else could possibly be thanked for even the remote possibility that EliSabitch will leave THE VIEW. I love the show and I like the banter, but she is just a robo twit who lucked into a job that should have went to someone like Bonnie Hunt who really has a mind and p.o.’d the ladies on the show when she appeared when they laughed about magnets and she reminded them of how an MRI is accomplished. Goodbye Liz and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Thanks Ro. I think you now can have peace.

  151. TT says:

    Wow, when I came to this free country, I thought I have a freedom of speech. Readings the hate mail for EH because she express her view against four ladies make me feel like the “View” is air in China. I don’t watch the show because I work, who have time to sit around and watch this bias show. Liberals, you want government to take care of you, you want abortion (Your parent didn’t) do you still hate there gut for having you, I got a country that would love you.

    People who call her stupid, yes you are right, she is stupid. She is stupid for sitting there day in and day out listen to their communist view. Yes Whoopi you are a slave, like me and the rest of people in the US if you want government run your life.

  152. eva quiroz says:

    This is great news!! I normally don’t formally complain about the misbehaviors of others especially when being focal about one’s personal view.
    But, EH’s consistently naive, narrow-minded, lack of world experiences disturbs me. She frequently displays a lack of maturity and worldliness that isn’t a good reflection of alternative views. It isn’t her believes that has frustrated me and detoured me from “The View” but her seemingly rehearsed and scripted delivery of conversative debates. While having a conversative view on the show is important, an educated and more tactful view would be greatly appreciated!!

    I tuned out after her comment about M. Obama. And I don’t even like her.

    Bring Matenoupolous back! I think she is ready now!!!

  153. Laura says:

    Elisabeth needs to go to Faux News. Her “I’m right and you’re wrong” conservative spin has been getting on my last nerve since she got there. I love Whoopie, Joy, Barbara, and Sherry (although she doesn’t make sense sometimes), but I’ve disliked Elisabeth from the beginning. She’s immature, self-absorbed and is such a right-fighter that it get annoying. She really doesn’t care. She just wants to be right all the time. An opinion is one thing, but to continually opine, in the manner she does, is frankly unprofessional. She’ll fit right in at Faux News. They’ve never had a “fair and balanced” report in their existence. They are truly right-wing to a fault and she is perfect for them. I don’t watch Faux News anymore. I won’t have to see Elisabeth. Yay! :D

  154. Meredith says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your post Sandy, well spoken! Bring Lisa Ling back!!!!! She was so interesting and informative and I totally respected her decision to return to the National Geographic channel to do human interest stories. My dislike of EH (I do not hate her)goes well back before the election and even Rosie. It has nothing to do with her conservative views and everything to do with her sometimes vapid insights, lack of tact when jumping in with comment during a discussion or interview, her lack of tact when talking over other people like a puppy yapping for attention and sometimes cringe-worth questions (anyone remember the Shirley McLaine inteview??) I am not a Republican BUT I am all for someone who is and can be on the show and bring an educated intelligent, balanced opinion to the show who doesn’t get childishly defensive if her positon is challenged or even attacked, sometimes unfairly, as the other ladies have done to her. EH is someone whose claim to fame was a reality show (not a knock, a statement of fact)not a CNN political intern who worked her way up to a television gig. Just because I’m a Democrat doesn’t mean I think that everything the Democratic party believes is to be taken as gospel and therefore my bible for life and I certainly don’t think that Republicans are evil. Differing views and opinions are what make the world interesting, I just hate to see all the name-calling,mudslinging and even racial comments going on. Unfortunately I do agree that EH does get too emotional sometimes…if you’re going to be on national television stating your opinion, even if you are in the minority, you’ve got to be able to handle it without being reduced to tears and whining. As a woman, whether or not I like Barbara Walters, she gets my admiration as being a trailblazer for women news reporters – and maybe that’s why she never had time to be “happily married”-in reference to someone who posted earlier that she’s just jealous of EH’s marriage…BW is in her 60s and seen and traveled more than I will ever see in my lifetime, who says she’s gotta being married to be happy?? I don’t always agree with her opinion and I think she’s a little arrogant, but she’s earned that right and she did create the show, so without her, there would be no View for people to praise or bitch about and EH would probably still be working for the Style Network. One last thought, bring back Meredith too!!!

  155. Judy says:

    I would Like to see the table turned, and get 4 people FOR McCain and 1 person for Obama up on the View and then see how Everyone does. It’s very clear that Elisabeth is ganged up on when McCain policy’s are brought up, and then when she tries to explain what she knows… SHE’s interrupted!!! BUT when SHE interupts ANY OF THE others….look out it WILL be noted. I think she should go to Fox for herself. She’ll be happier.

  156. Jimmy says:

    I’d love to see her leave The View. She doesn’t listen and has her head stuck in the sand. She would fit right in with the one sided idiots at FOX.

  157. Savannah Rafe says:

    I can’t stand Elizabeth. She’s too young and immature to have any life experience worth a view, much less her opinion. When you get in your 40s Elizabeth and start finding out just what life and being a woman is really about then you’re going to recognize just how stupid and ignorant the rest of us saw you as. One can only pray she goes over to that piece of crap network FOX. It’s the perfect place for her dumbass. Elizabeth, don’t let the door hit you on the ass going out of it. Please make your departure SOON so I can get back to watching the View.

  158. Monica Maloney says:

    I think Elizabeth is smart to leave!
    The show should be “The View on Obama”.
    Very one sided.

  159. John says:

    Barbara Waa Waa is such a bitch!!! I have a friend that once worked with her. He wanted to buy her for what she was worth, and sell her for what SHE thought she was worth.
    She never gets along with people she puts on that show. It’s got to be her. There can’t be that many bad people on that show.

  160. Meredith says:

    So if I’m a woman AND a liberal I’m classless??? Wow…that’s some really DEEP insight, thanks!

  161. pal says:

    I hope she does leave so that those 4 witches can continue spewing their venom without subjecting Elizabeth to all that negativeness. The View stands for: Vile, Idiotic, Egotistic, Witches. How can anyone watch these four? Old snotty Barbara, and her three cohorts. Joy is full of hatred, Sheri is a s–t who admitted she couldn’t tell you how many abortions she’d had, and Whoopi is dumb! Barbara is the one who should retire, but she’s probably still looking for someone else to sleep with.I can’t believe how disrespectful they were to the McCains and how they groveled all over Obama as well as his wife. It was sickening!

  162. tOM says:

    Why are so many of you liberals afraid of successful, beautiful women, look at thos mugs on the View who are liberal, they disgust me, I shiver everytime I click past the show, the only time I actually look really close is when Elizabeth is the focus, oh and religion was here way before democrats or republicans were so get used to it,

  163. Judy says:

    The View should change it’s name to ‘Obama Pep Rally’ Very one sided. It’s getting old. Can’t they think of more things to discuss, or at least consider there are other people that may not want Obama for president?
    We can’t count on Elisabeth, because NOW she’s being called childish.One nation under God…
    God bless America… or is that still ok to say?

  164. Steve says:

    The only reason I hope this news is true would be for Elizabeth to have a job where she would be treated with respect. (Something she will never receive from anyone on “The View”) I think all the other women are against her because she is the only one with morals.

  165. Deanna M. Pozesny says:

    I hope to God Elisabeth does leave the
    view and go to Fox where she belongs.
    That will leave all the jealous hag has-beens to share their Obama buttons
    and gush about electing an anti-American street punk to the highest office in the land.
    Without a victim to verbally assault, the most rude, crude, obnoxious
    program on daytime television will finally, hopefully be cancelled.
    I once respected Barbara Walters, but she has become as unprofessional and bitchy as Joy Behar. Go Elisabeth!!!
    A LADY with morals is definately out of
    place with these low-life creeps.
    As much as I hated her, I believe that Rosie O’Donnel was more appropriate for
    this bunch. With Elisabeth gone, I won’t have to suffer through one more
    hour of trash-talk.

  166. Jay says:

    The View brags about how it was designed to have different women with different views discussing topics. Like most Lefties, Barbra doesn’t really want different views. She just wants co-hosts with her same twisted view. Elisabeth is the only one on the show who has any respect and decency. She loves our country and what it stands for. I wish she would stay on the show and that they got rid of one of the others to make room for someone with an actual view.

  167. CJ Berk says:

    It’s about time to let Elizabeth go!PLEASE!! She belongs at Fox with their scary Conservative born-again spin. Honestly, she’s not very bright and has beliefs more appropriate to a religious network or of course, a Republican network. And maybe she could take Sherri with her….she’s trying hard to educate herself but must we be the audience for that? She’s dumb. Sorry to say that because she’s probably nice. Of course, Lisa Ling was just the best…but too smart not to move on. Oh and by the way to Jay, Lefties? how old are you?? Were you part of the McCarthy era or what….

  168. Faithwalker47 says:

    For all the decrying liberals do about conservative ‘intolerance’ I have to say…I don’t know of a conservative or Repulican, or CHRISTIAN anywhere that can hold the majority of you folks a light!

    You folks spout more hatred and intolerance in ten minutes than the groups I’ve just mentioned spew in six months!

    Someone doesn’t agree with your specific way of thinking, well, of course their racist, homophobes, wealthy uppercrust, and any other sterotype your little tiny peabrains can come up with. You folks are really pathetic.

    Because our values differ from yours you consider us to inferior to you…guess again! Sorry we feel the life of an unborn child is of a greater significance than a moose (most of you that are so up in arms about Sarah Palin shooting a caribou would look at pictures of a late term partial birth abortion and say “Well good for that young lady, she exercised her right to choose!), are any of you intelligent enough to see how sick that truly is? Heaven knows I do!

    The ladies (and I use that term loosly) on the view are a bunch of bitter old hags that have nothing better to do than slam and slander. Elizabeth was the only one with any degree of class on the show. I sincerely hope she does leave this sham of a show…she’s better than that crowd of losers. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU, ELIZABETH…I’LL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!!!

  169. Rick says:

    Good Ridance you better than thou, upper crust Republicans….just how is it that a Republican fits in anyway….This country and issues are voted on by a “Democratic Process”….ours is a “Democracy” (Democrate Derivative)….so tell me again….where does a Republican fit into a Democracy. Your goals are to drive out the middle class, so all thats left is the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”. You bash Mr. Obama for changing his mind on some issues and call it Flip-Flopping or Wavering…I say, if something isn’t working, I’d a whole lot rather have a guy admit it and go in another direction….unlike YOUR guy we have now who says, “Stay the course–Full steam ahead–Keep a firm grip on the wheel”….I guess that’s ok…as long as your not heading over a cliff….and that’s exactly where YOUR guy has us headed…just because he can’t or won’t admit he made any mistakes…he was asked point blank if he made any in an interview and his answer was….he’d have to get back to him on that because he didn’t believe he had made any….GIVE ME A BREAK….The whole world has to be looking at us and saying…”All those people you have in America and this is the best you’ve got…WOW!!!! And now you want another Republican that has stood with GWBush 90% of the time…Like the one reporter said…”That’s not a Maverick, That’s a Sidekick”…..Vote for the REAL America….VOTE OBAMA!!!!

  170. shadow says:

    proud american. how can you be proud of what you r saying?

  171. Jerry says:

    Elizabeth is the only one I like. The rest of the bitches can take a hike. Joy Behar is a sad excuse for a human being….nasty, arrogant, stupid and ugly….not near as funny as she thinks she is. Barbara is the next nastiest to listen to and to look at.

  172. Meredith says:

    In a perfect world a full hour of Pardon the Interruption would be in the View time slot…who’s with me???

  173. CJ Berk says:

    It’s about time to let Elizabeth go!PLEASE!! She belongs at Fox with their scary Conservative born-again spin. Honestly, she’s not very bright and has beliefs more appropriate to a religious network or of course, a Republican network. And maybe she could take Sherri with her….she’s trying hard to educate herself but must we be the audience for that? She’s dumb. Sorry to say that because she’s probably nice. Of course, Lisa Ling was just the best…but too smart not to move on. Oh and by the way to Jay, Lefties? how old are you?? Were you part of the McCarthy era or what….

  174. Kathy says:

    Elisabeth deserves better than the hell hole she is in everyday. The loud mouth liberals on there do nothing but verbally attack everything she says. Do they not realize that there are others out here that have the same views as she does. Why can’t topics be discussed without Joy trying to crack a joke about everything. I am glad they replaced Rosie with Whoopi…but Barbara and Joy need to go and let the conservatives have a voice for a while!!! Wish you the best Elisabeth and will follow you.

  175. Lee Nichols says:

    Elizabeth has for a long time been a whipping girl on the view because of her conservative views. And that was Okay. Now she’s suddenly standing up for herself it’s suddenly a problem. I agree with the majority of what I’ve read, she deserves better. And if the real whiners like Barbara Waa Waa, Bahar, and Whoopie can’t stand it, then they deserve to be off the air; permanently.

  176. shadow says:

    rick! macain has voted against bush on several issues. stay the course was on iraq. which was the right choice! ok. that is the only one he has went with bush.he is not my wish choice. but he is the best of the 2. im independent.

  177. Rick says:

    Shadow….why is he the best choice???? he believes the economy is sound….what??? is he blind-deaf or just stupid????? WWWWAAAAAAAYYYY out of touch…..just like the first Bush!!!

  178. Meredith says:

    For as “bad” as Elisabeth or ANY of them on that show have it, they’re all getting paid A LOT of money to sit there and opine. Having it “BAD” is losing a loved one to war, violent crime, illness or just losing all your belongings to a Hurricane.

  179. Rick says:

    iraq was a mistake…afgan had bin laden…and before you start the bleeding heart support the troops routine….i served for 6 years and i still say it was wrong!!!!

  180. Rick says:

    you CAN support the troops and question the president……just so everyone is clear on that….been there,,,i know….they wonder what they are doing sometimes as well.

  181. suzy says:

    Yes, go, go, Go!! Can’t stand that high-pitched, hard-to-understand voice…not to mention how stupid she is. I will watch The View when she leaves!

  182. Rosie says:

    It seems to be “unanimous” about Elizabeth being “annoying” to the watchers. I agree! Her voice is annoying, how can Fox even think of wanting her….she has a bad reputation. I’m SO GLAD she might be leaving! Get another “Whoopie!”

  183. Rick says:

    she has no clue….she will fit in nicely at the Faux Network.

  184. shadow says:

    rick you served in the reserve? clinton could have had benladen before all this shit happened and he wouldnt take him? did you know that?

  185. JJ says:

    Wow! I can’t believe the hatred in some of these posts! How did it come to this? If you’re not complaining about Elisabeth, you’re complaining about the others!
    I can’t wait until this election is over and everyone can calm down. Please don’t use “The View” for all of your political insight people! NONE of them are qualified enough to base your opinion on. Do your homework for yourself and get out there and vote for the candidate that best suits your needs!!

  186. Rick says:

    yes i know he couldve and was tracking him….he turned the records over to the current clown who did nothing…remember the CIA report that was never acted on…this guy had all the info and instead ran a vendeta for his old man and attacked hussein…the guy who was keeping all those crazies over there in check….remember the iraqy freedom fighters…..regan gave them arms??? then we attck them….if youre gonna go back in time….go all the way and no i served 5 years active army and 1 active reserve.

  187. shadow says:

    rick. if anyone thinks the economy is good they r wrong everyone knows that. its not. part of it is ethonal. it isnt good didnt work in the 70s why did gore pass that shit before he was out?we wouldnt have to deal with it if it wasnt for him.and the dem have been in charge of the senet. and congress?

  188. shadow says:

    jj. you r the smartest person on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Rick says:

    micheemoo…..nice piece of class you wrote there yourself…..please.

  190. Rick says:

    dems only had control of the house and senate the last 2 years….check your facts.

  191. shadow says:

    RICK? do you have a answere about my meds?

  192. Rick says:

    and i agree….ethanol isnt the answer the way its headed…..corn cant be the answer….it drives too much other costs up….there needs to be other sources and technology…

  193. me says:

    Elisabeth’s a b*tch & I hope she leaves. She’s a stinking liar too :D

  194. Teddi says:

    It would be great IF this was not a rumor and she honestly leaves.
    Elizabeth is immature AND rude! Her view or no view!

  195. Rick says:

    national health care….i would gladly pay (as long as everybody pays something…be it thru federal taxes or whatever) higher taxes as a trade off for free health care….as long as the Dr.s and Rx companies dont have to answer to anything…they can charge whatever they want and we suffer at the hands of the people we pay to help us when we are sick…..viscious cycle.

  196. shadow says:

    the last few years the econemy went to shit

  197. carol says:

    HOW can “The View” be anything but what it is? Elisabeth is the only one out of the five with an opinion different from the rest, so she must scratch and claw her way to voicing her VIEW!!! (and the view of millions of people who watch the show–they all aren’t liberal). The other four refuse to let her have her say without interrupting and cutting her off. NO WONDER she gets frustrated and yells sometimes – it’s the only way the other will even give her a chance. The two worst are #1 Joy and then #2 Barbara. Whoopi and Sherry at least TRY to give her a chance; it’s Joy who has always instigated the trouble and now with Barbara getting so uppity, it was bound to happen – Elisabeth just feeling as if she doesn’t get a chance to give a dissenting viewpoint. What they really need is another conservation voice to balance Elisabeth a little bit. Even then, though, it would still be lopsided. If Elisabeth leaves and if they don’t replace her with a conservation voice, it will just be like any other show – routine and one-sided…and then they can all lob their softball questions at every liberal who goes on the show. And then they can just agree, agree, agree with each other during the entire show. Personally, I like to hear all sides, that’s why I watch CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. I like to hear varying opinions so that I can make an informed opinion/decision. Too bad Ms Walters can’t see it that way. When they hired Elisabeth they KNEW they were getting a conservative voice; now, unfortunately, they are trying to silence her because they KNOW she really does make valid points but her opinions just aren’t in sync with the liberal bias of the other ladies on the show. Again, too bad Ms Walters and Joy (especially) can’t see it. Personally, I’d get rid of Joy – she’s funny sometimes, but often the lines she comes up with are written for her by someone familiar with the topics being discussed. Joy just cannot STAND hearing a conservative viewpoint. Notice when Elisabeth is talking, Joy twists her mouth, her foot jiggles, and she basically looks annoyed. Again, the show is called “The View,” not “The One-Sided View.” Wherever Elisabeth goes, I wish her luck. She’s an articulate young woman with a bright future. And that’s MY view.

  198. Jan says:

    I had always like Barbara Walters, until
    he was so totally against MCcain and his wife Cindy.
    I thought this show was supposed to show all sides not just 1. The Obama side. After Obama looses I believe Barbara will regret talking to our future President and his wife the way she has.
    Both sides deserve respect. Will she continue to put down MCcain if he wins?
    What happened to the days when we respected the President?
    How can she ever expect to get another interview with MCcain?
    It is time we vote for the best man not the party.

  199. Rick says:

    1 (one) major illness can bankrupt a middle class person…i would be glad to not have to worry about how to make ends meet without having to factor in health costs….known or unknown…Wouldn’t that actually be nice???!!!

  200. shadow says:

    the rx companies r the problem they rule? the fda sucks. they r corrupt.they r paid off . like fredymac and fanniemay? what do you think?

  201. Rick says:

    The Presidential office should be respected…were you still of that effect when the Clinton debacle was going strong??? Did you still have that opinion?

  202. Rich says:

    Please don’t tell me that you are so out of it that you honestly think the news anchors on NBC, CBS AND ABC are unbiased!

  203. carol says:

    HOW can “The View” be anything but what it is? Elisabeth is the only one out of the five with an opinion different from the rest, so she must scratch and claw her way to voicing her VIEW!!! (and the view of millions of people). The other four refuse to let her have her say without interrupting and cutting her off. NO WONDER she gets frustrated and yells sometimes – it’s the only way the other will even give her a chance. The two worst are #1 Joy and then #2 Barbara. Whoopi and Sherry at least TRY to give her a chance; it’s Joy who has always instigated the trouble and now with Barbara getting so uppity, it was bound to happen – Elisabeth just feeling as if she doesn’t get a chance to give a dissenting viewpoint. What they really need is another conservation voice to balance Elisabeth a little bit. Even then, though, it would still not be lopsided. If Elisabeth leaves and if they don’t replace her with a conservation voice, it will just be like any other show – routine and one-sided…and they can all lob their softball questions at every liberal who goes on the show. Personally, I like to hear all sides, that’s why I watch CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. I like to hear varying opinions so that I can make an informed opinion. Too bad Ms Walters can’t see it that way. When they hired Elisabeth they KNEW they were getting a conservative voice; now, unfortunately, they are trying to silence her because they KNOW she really does make valid points but they just aren’t in sync with the other ladies on the show. Again, too bad Ms Walters and Joy (especially) can’t see it. Personally, I’d get rid of Joy – she’s funny sometimes, but often the lines she comes up with are written for her by someone familiar with the topics being discussed. Joy just cannot STAND hearing a conservative viewpoint. Again, the show is called “The View,” not “The One-Sided View.” Wherever Elisabeth goes, I wish her luck. She’s an articulate young woman with a bright future. And that’s MY view.

  204. tvlover says:


  205. Rick says:

    shadow…i do not disagree with you on that at all….both sides have their hands in the Dr. and Rx pockets…Someone or everyone are going to finally have to stand up and say…Enough is Enough….Its so sad that we have people dying everyday or not buying meds or going to the Dr. because they have to choose between that and food-electricity-etc…..Health Care should not have to be a choice…..

  206. TJ says:

    It’s about time! I rarely watch The View, but when I do, I turn it off once “she” gets going…ranting and raving and uninformed. She’s childish, immature. They need a fresh “View” because she is so tiring. (9/20/08 @ 12:04 CST)

  207. Ron says:

    I agree with susieQ. Its funny to hear people think Liz is dumb and Joy and whup are smart:) If Joy didn’t talk so loud nobody would listen to her. Babs should stick to appearing once a month or two.

  208. smal says:

    The view,is that show still on the Air??A bunch of shot out old ladys who are trying to revive there carriers ,by running there mouths and being controversial to attract attention to there show to keep it afloat,looks like Barbra should have retired years ago ,as she looks ready to collapse,and all the others except Hasslehoff,look like they have spent there life savings on face lifts and plastic surgery,Boob jobs to stay young looking so people will watch there tired looking selves,Had they not had the money for all that body work and they looked like they should,No one would watch that show,it would scare them to death ,like a remake of the night of the living dead.shut that has been show down ,put Barbra is the old retired actors home ,where she belongs ,she has no back bone to be running a show like that ,Behar is a loud mouth liberal rich im right all the time personality ,Whoopi is just a dope smokeing liberal wacko Hollywood fake freak.And if those three were gone and you brought in some half decent talent ,you may save that show,no more has been talent like rosie O dunbass ,or Whoopie two face please ,And take Big Mouth Behar ,and Wimpy Walters And show them the Door. 8O

  209. VoteRep says:

    Run as fast as you can Elisabeth, get away from those liberal commies. Walters doesn’t even have a brain anymore, what’s her face should be ashamed she was a teacher…….Whoopie, well, even though she’s liberal she doesn’t bother me so much, but go to FOX where you will be appreciated!!! Nobody watches the ONEVIEWPOINT anymore anyway. Good luck and best wishes!!!

  210. Link says:

    Thank God, EH is leaving. She gave me a headache and she acts like she knows everything. The rest of the crew on THE VIEW are pretty funny and know how to share an conversation

  211. Gin says:

    Farewell Elisabeth – won’t miss you.
    Meridith Viera was a logical Republican, easy to take. As an Independent voter, I’m amazed at the ugliness in this election. Can’t stand Cindy – she’s as idiotic as Sarah! Elisabeth made rude comments about Michelle Obama avoiding certain questions – well, maybe Elisabeth can get good old Cindy to tell us how many homes they own, she’s avoided it with every interviewer. Bye Elisabeth, good riddance.

  212. JD says:

    Good! Hopefully her fifteen minutes are up!

    And Cindy McCain should look “fresh” if she showed up wearing a $300,000 outfit like at the convention. :roll:

  213. floridamedia says:

    GO ELIZABETH – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We like you in Florida all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Judi says:

    EH leaving would be the best thing for her. I think the rest of The View people are all rude. Nobody is more rude then Behar. She insults her guest on a regular basis. I watched last week how Whoopie and Ms. Walters made faces at the McCains. It was painful to watch. It seemd the only reason they brought them on was to ambarrass them. It was terrible. Elisabeth never had a chance on the show because she was the only conservative. I would call that a little unfair. Someone said on here that Elisabeth pouts if you don’t agree with her. You couldn’t be more wrong. Have you ever seen behar when you don’t agree with her. And isn’t that the reason Odennell left because if you didn’t agree with her she got p—sd. The show has gone down the tubes. I was surprised to see Ms. Walters being rude to the McCains. If you watch the show on a regualr basis go back and watch the Obama interview. It was completely different and biased just like the media. If I were Elisabeth I would take that job and tell the whole crew to go to hell. She is a good decent person. If you want to know all about abortions continue watching the show. Sherrie said she had more then she could count. How impressive. I thought this was a family show? I am disgusted with the show. Elisabeth when you leave I’m going with you. Good Luck! There all a bunch of Liberals. And as far as I’m concerned it’s the Liberals that are dividing this country.

  215. Willow says:

    I have been a fan of Elisabeth’s since she was on Survivor 2. I remember watching her audition tape for Survivor and think about her from then to now and how much she has really grown! She has gone from this little, fragile girl and grew into a mature, strong woman with very strong morals, values and yes, views. I wish her well, with whatever decision she makes. I watch Fox news all the time, and she would be a fresh breath of air for that show. :wink:

  216. shadow says:

    okay i have to go. rick you know im right! elizibeth you r a good girl go to fox and be admired.

  217. mtt says:

    I haven’t watched the View since Rosie had her meltdown on air. It doesn’t have entertainment value.It used to be fun, it’s not anymore.
    Elizabeth is the best looking and even if you don’t agree with her, she’s better informed than all the rest of them put together.
    I almost barfed when Barbara told Barack he’s sexy. OMG Grandma!

  218. bill says:

    Goodness!!! Women are so jealous of each other. You are pathetic!! As I read your postings, I began to smile. Your jealousy confirms that Elizabeth is smart, articulate, very attractive and quite successful. Qualities that women such as many posting on here detest. You “Ladies” take care now, ya hear??? :-) )

  219. informed says:

    Rick c’mon you can get meds at Walmart for 3 dollars or Costco for 3 to 9 dollars. You can’t tell me people aren’t making other things their priority. It takes a lot to budget and not buy junk but it has to be done sometimes. As far as Iraq there are a lot of people who have served and are serving very close to me that have the complete opposite view than you, it depends on which window you are looking out of. Many soldiers have been injured and and their families as well as those uninjured feel that whatever it takes to keep our freedoms needs to done. Bin Laden was not only in Afgan. his voice was running through the muslim world and still is. And lastly, take a look at all the comments they are mostly written by dems who think they are better than thou. They have made so many insults and judgements it is hard to stomach the venom.

  220. reesa says:

    Elisabeth is one of the strongest, most beautiful people on daytime tv. Everyone should stop being so jealous of her. She has an amazing ability to stand up for what she believes in. I like the show, but if she leaves I will no longer watch and I can almost guarantee that I won’t be the only one to stop watching. Barbara Walters allows all the ladies on the show to express their opinions, excluding Elisabeth. Sorry, some of us are still morally sound. If that makes us too emotional, too bad. I’d rather be emotional than liberal.

  221. LADYHEARTWELL says:

    The View has gotten completely out of hand. I watch it only about once a month due to:
    1)Joy’s totally obnoxious mouth;
    2)LITTLE appreciation of any conservative opinion and their obvious mistreatment;
    3)lack of balance in liberal & conservative “panelists”;
    4)rudeness toward Elizabeth;
    5)Barbara’s liberal attitudes steers the boat;
    6)rudeness toward conservative politicians that come on show and their constant interruptions;
    I would hope Barbara Walters could put aside her personal views and have a good liberal-conservative balance on the show. I just read Barbara’s book, which I enjoyed, but she doesn’t have an accurate VIEW of this program and what it needs…BALANCE & GOOD BEHAVIOR!

  222. mike says:

    “Meridith Viera was a logical Republican, easy to take.”
    That is the most ignorant thing i have heard in a while. “Easy to take” as in not having the guts to stand up to the extreme left and the people that are turning this country into a welfare state? I think you all need to get jobs and stop relying on whoopi goldberg to “learn” you on politics and the state of the union.

  223. Joanne says:

    Since when is asking a presidential candidate to defend lies he is spreading across TV “disrespectful?” He’s the one that started it by putting that trash on TV. Barbara would not have been doing her job if she didn’t ask him about it. Elizabeth is so self-righteous. She can never be wrong about anything. Let her go to FOX–the Fictional News Channel. Then she can spout her nonsense without rebuke, along with the rest of the supposed “journalists.”

  224. georgi says:

    Elizabeth seems to have a hateful side to her at times and although I’m not a big fan of Rosie, I think that’s what drove them to that verbal exchange on the show. Maybe it’s just time she moves on, but I hope the others stay put.

  225. Jacq says:

    And this just proves how ignorant, rude and hateful most of the people commenting on here are.
    I’m an independent and quite frankly the venomous drivel spewed forth by most of you, criticizing her because she has faith and mentions it (no mention of criticizing anyone else’s faith whilst making their political statements, i.e the Obama’s etc or other view members or guests) while commenting on her political views and getting the libfest banal shoutdown and rhetoric as per from the D list oldgalgang who sure as anything do not represent anyone I know and my best friends are dems and republicans.
    BW was plainly disgusting in her treatment of the McCains, she would not even look him in the eye when speaking, no courtesy from a woman whose career spans awful interviews and a reputation that really leaves much to be desired (no room to talk re affairs and McCains first marriage, as she herself admitted one with married U.S. Senator Edward Brooke for several years.)
    As for Cindy McCain and someones cheapshot botox remark, read up on her having a stroke not so very long ago, something she had to go through much therapy for to regain control in the facial muscles …hmm maybe any botox injections were to aid in the process as it has its benefits for helping manipulate and relax nerves and muscle in certain places.

    Well I hope the girl goes elsewhere and pats herself on the back for enduring those others for so long. Am not her biggest fan but the show I once watched and could enjoy at times, because it actually seemed to have an across the board view of things affecting womens’ lives. Is now just one where manners are checked at the door and applied at the discretion of the feeble minded under the pretext that they actually have something to say with any base or merit.

  226. stuff says:

    I do not agree with her – well, about pretty much anything – but she did get some real good discussion on The View. They need a Republican/Conservative woman on the show that can handle the heat from the more liberal women on the show.

  227. Peter says:

    Good for Elizabeth ” The view” is out of line.

    I don’t like the program anyway, Barbara Walters is an old woman and the other two are fat ladies the only good looking one is Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth you are too good for that program.

  228. Brian says:

    Thank God she is going! Dont let the door hit you on the way out. I am a republican and I couldnt put up with her defending that crook we have for a president! EVerything that the republicans did was good and everyone else is bad, or wrong. Both sides have good and bad ideas. Both sides are also a bunch of lying crooks too!

  229. Dawn says:

    Oh LORD! It would be GREAT if E. H. left The View! It’s fine with me if she has her differing beliefs. What’s not much fun to “view” is the way she throws a tantrum anytime anyone’s view (especially on politics) differs from hers. She talks over the top of the other hosts and raises her voice to the point of screaming, so that the only view anyone can hear is hers. I have never been able to sit through an entire episode of The View once she gets going with her mouth. The only person on that show who seems to be able to calmly discuss views and agree to disagree with grace is Whoopie Goldberg. I have always like Whoopie, and now I like her even more. E. H. is one of the most irritating people on tv and I find her to be sarcastic and condescending to the other hosts and the guests. I noticed that it seemed to escalate with her back when she used to get into it with Rosie O’Donnell. It seems like when Rosie left, Elizabeth felt like she had free reign to shoot her mouth off even more. I would watch the show again if not for her. I hope to God she gets another job. I can’t believe it took THIS long for Barbara Walters to get tired of her antics and her mouthy meltdowns.

  230. Christie says:

    Isn’t it ironic? That a show called “The View” with the stated goal of having different viewpoints from different women has become so one sided? And also that it was created by a once highly respected journalist who has chosen 3 “comedians” to represent the viewpoints of all women? I’ve been a fan of Whoopi’s in the past but find all of them to be far from funny in their new daily roles in political commentary. How is it that Elizabeth is said to have no experience (having come up on reality tv) while the rest of the panel is made up of old comedians! What experience does Joy Behar bring to the table other than being an unknown comedian before joining the view? I’m not shocked by the ultra liberal viewpoint but I am surprised by the one sidedness of this panel and by the hatefulness that is spewed both on the show when Elizabeth dares to share her view and even more so by such angry people on these blogs. I can only hope that if McCain is elected that the Obama supporters will accept his victory with some semblance of grace. I suspect if he does win we’ll be facing more accusations of unfair elections, hanging chads, racism, or whatever the new accusations may be. When in fact the hatefulness, anger and lack of professionalism that they’ve exhibited to America as a whole will be their downfall. It’s always puzzled me that people who profess to be liberal are so judgmental of others who don’t see life the way they do. I mean freedom of choice falls both ways does it not? I’d always had a lot of respect for Barbara but I lost it with the publication of her desperate attempt to stay in the press with her book. It could have been such a good read with stories of her travels and her interviews but her attempt at making the book about her personal dalliances seemed so desperate for a woman of her age and stature. I’d thought more of her than wanting to be the talk of the media by airing her affairs in the press. Who is she trying to be, the Paris Hilton of the old folks home?. Her treatment of McCain in comparison to her treatment of Obama was the last straw for me. I find it hard to believe that even Barbara thought of that as a serious interview. In “my view” Barbara is no longer a serious journalist in my eyes but rather just another “comedian” engaged in the henpecking that graces “her view” each morning. A sad ending for a woman with such an illustrious career. Good Luck to you Elizabeth! I don’t know of anyone who would want your seat at that table each morning or who would have been as graceful as you’ve been in dealing with the personal attacks you’ve been subjected to. Whether you pursue a career with FOX or choose another path I’m sure you’ve earned the respect of many people and I have no doubt that you’ll be successful in whatever path you choose.

  231. Anne says:

    I hate the view, Elisabeth, should leave even if she does not get a fox job, all the other ones on the show are loud mouth anti-americans.

  232. Hank says:

    I think that when Sarah Palin becomes president after McCain drops dead of melanoma, she should choose Elizabeth as vice president.

    Meanwhile, Fox is perfect for her.
    Good bye liz!

  233. Kim says:

    While Elisabeth hasnt always been my fav on the View, she is right about Cindy McCain and Michele Obama. and How the View represents the Right side. I am a Democrat, who happens to be voting for the Moderat Republican this time around, and have had an eye opener this time around. I guess before I never paid attention before. ELisabeth is correct though over how the View’s women look at her, and guests on the show who are Republicans though.

  234. Aljorie says:

    I will be SOOOOOOOOOO glad that this broad is leaving the show. I have been praying for it the last 5 yrs she has been on the show. I am sooo sick of her and her whinny acting ass addressing her point and making no sense and getting shut down fabulously by Joy and Whoopi (women who do articulate their views very well). She is very narrow minded, ignorant, holier than thou, right wing, elitist, arrogant and I believe a closet bigot- wonderful assets for Fox news!! :lol:

    I may not always agree with a conservative but I believe one who is intelligent to express their views completely, can actually look at all sides of an issue and adds a genuinely missing element is a must need for the show!!
    Her snippy, catty and sarcastic snide comments at a RNC event for Cindy McCain that have been shown on Youtube I was able to express my complaint about her unprofessionalism on The View’s website via email. Regardless of your political alliance (a word from this nitwit’s Survivor days) and your beliefs you should always as a public figure show case professionalism! Perhaps enough people complained on email or called ABC’s switch board to be irritated by this B!! :lol: PLEASE GOD LET THIS RUMOR COME TO FRUITATION!!!

  235. Pat says:

    Oh please send Elisabeth on her way. She is childish, has to argue with everybody thinking only her thoughts count or are right. She is rude, interupts everyone as her thoughts are more important, she must be center of attention and Fox will be sorry if they take her. To the people saying she never gets a chance to talk….put on your hearing aides if you can stand it as all she does is talk, non stop being better than everyone else around her no matter who they are. Get rid of her so I can start watching the view again. Get rid of her the sooner the better.

  236. liza says:

    Good Riddance! She is a nasty little ugly chipmunk faced snot.

    She is also a moron. She got her ‘degree’ at Boston College on an atheletic scholarship. She started as a pre-med major and had to change to her bull degree of art. She actually thought she became a virgin again after an episiotomy when she had her first baby!

    She is a shrill, nasty, snippy little hypocrite who applies different rule to republicans than she does to democrats.

    She defended Bush until McCain came on, now s he is all about McCain because he is ‘different’ from her idol Bush.

    She belongs on faux news. She is as biased, hypocritical and obnoxious as they are!

    Bye Bitsy!

  237. informed says:

    The show sucks! Can’t stand it! Don’t watch it!

  238. anni says:

    Elisabeth should be canned for her unprofessional behavior of talking about what a guest requests backstage.

    And gee, Cindy McCain has “nothing to hide” because we all know she did a married man when she was 18 while his wife was recovering from a horrible accident that disfigured her. And she also got engaged to the old geezer when he was still married. She also is a pill popper who stole from a charity.

    IF Cindy is so open to allowing all questions, why is she whining about the fact that the confronted her husband about his lying ads and other issues?

  239. Shannon says:

    I hope this story turns out to be true. Elisabeth is the reason that I hardly ever watch the View. She comes off as a ditsy puppet, and her constant whinning grates on my nerves!

  240. Deborah says:

    Let Hassel Back go to Fox, good riddance!! She was trying to get on Dancing With Stars, thank goodness they didn’t even want her. Even Barbara was trying to get her on the show. Better yet, send her back to the Survivor Island she was on. Adios!!

  241. arthur says:

    Well here we go again, don’t try to correct a liberal. That will make you look like a radical. Just listen to a fool like the grinning female Joker :D on the view who says things sits back and smiles and looks like the a female Joker

  242. Faith Sadler says:

    I will never watch The View again. I am fed up with everyone of those women. Are they on that show to state their own opinions only? I think so. It seems if you dont agree with them then they are all against you and they will tear you apart.
    I have watched this show for years (except for a while when Rosie was on). I have seen them treat some guest so badly. But, when I saw the way they went after John Mccain and his wife…it just made me sick. Not to say I am or am not voting for him.
    Barbara…you just lost a viewer for good. I felt like I was watching Rosie all over again. Shame on you.

  243. Sue says:

    I certainly can’t blame Elisabeth. I would get away from those judgmental harpies as quickly as I could.

  244. Lisa says:

    Thank God she’s leaving she wines too much….

  245. Barb says:

    Now if Sherry, Whoopie & Joy would leave then “the view” would be interesting to watch. Elizabeth is the only “intelligent” & “Sane” lady on this daytime show. Look her thoughts & ideas. Wouldn’t blame her if she did leave. Whoopie needs to go back to school and get some education…and Sherry..well there is no hope for her at all.

  246. Paul says:

    Obviously Barbara doesn’t read the polls or she would know that Liz was voted the show’s most popular by a 2-1 margin over ALL the others. Elisabeth really doesn’t need to be ganged up on every day by the left wingers. Barbara wants all liberals on the show.

  247. Karen says:

    I posted “LETS GET ROSIE BACK”! It’s gone.
    Elizabeth Needs to go. I watched when Rosie was on but not once since, El deserves to go. She has tainted a great lady’s career and for that she will never be forgotten. I won’t ever watch her on Fox.

  248. Tamra says:

    I really like Elizabeth. She stands up for what she believes in and shows more decency and morality than the older women she sits with on The View. Joy Behar is despicable and can’t stand anyone who doesn’t agree with her views and Elizabeth challenges her just as well as she did Rosie!

  249. S Jones says:

    It’s about time. I quit watching because I couldn’t take her anymore. Someone needs to tell her to bring her nose down! I don’t understand why she has been on there for so long.. she is WAY out of her league trying to keep a conversation with the likes of Barbara and Whoopi.. asta la vista BABY

  250. CHris says:

    It’s about time! Maybe now that antique, Barbara Walters, can hire a conservative who can finish a thought AND a sentence. Elizabeth will be right at home at FOX with the other rectums. She and Hannity can grope each other in the make-up room.

  251. Betty says:

    The View is not what it was intended to be. It does not wish to represent the view of the conservative or Christian woman. Elisabeth is the only conservative on the show and she is “shut up” everytime she speaks. It’s damn rude. Usually shouted down by Joy, Barbara lets her get out few words before “hushing” her. Whoopie don’t like anything she says, but still cuts her short a bit… just not as rude as the others. Elisabeth also represents the Christian view point which offends all but Sherry. Sherry is by far the more polite towards Elisabeth. Sherry also has a Christian view point, somewhat conservative…but still liberal in politics.
    JOY is the the filty mouth that needs to go…. she’s the “has been” of the show having been there since conception…. and way over due to be replaced. America does not need her anti-family, anti-marriage, potty mouth influence.

  252. Els says:

    The View, without Elisabeth, will be a big, fat, boring zero! Elisabeth is the only one who makes it interesting. After all the View is supposed to be about different Views and should be all about a good debate. Elisabeth is the only one intelligent enough to pull this off, she does the homework and she listens in addition to debating her view! I am a Democrat who enjoys a good debate instead of listening to the other women on the panel who just feel “my way or the highway” and who constantly display their overall ignorance, with the exception of Whoopi – who does make the effort to debate fairly and intelligently. Barbara, who should stay off the View, would be smart to realize that Elisabeth is an asset, with youth, brains and beauty, to what would otherwise be a stale, dumb show with old lackluster has beens. Keep Hasselbeck on!!!

  253. Pattie says:

    As they say – “Don’t let the door hit you in the *ss!”. She should go to the Fox Network – it is her kind of place, she won’t be stressed out with people having different opinions than hers, she is nasty, self-rightous, stubborn, stupid and ignorant – that would make her a perfect match! Plus she is probably upset because of Cindy McCain whinning about how unfair she was treated while on the View – go to Fox Liz go – just follow the path of lies and deceite – YOU ARE A PERFECT FIT!

  254. Nancy says:

    Bye, bye Elisamouth!!!!!!!! Bet there are some who would even pitch in to pay her to leave – I now I would! :mrgreen:

  255. Loretta Castorini says:

    What No Elisabeth? What would I do? I love her she is the most honest person on that shoow, Get rid of Sherri who critizes everyone on from clothes to race. THAT Whoopie who said to correct Michele Obama when Michele said that her husband was Pathetic Whoopie said he is empathic not patheic.
    She looked at her funny.
    I feel tha Elisabeths views are funny she is sweet and a REPUBLICAN and that is why she is being booed at becuase she is not like the rest of those loosers. I feel that taking off this girl is wrong. I wonder how many of us will keep this View going without her? Bring Mario Contone in he would liven up the group They need a man to help them when the Obama loses they can hire him for the show and he can tell them what to do! :roll: and He can show them that this is what the lipstick america looks like :mrgreen: and I feel that is wrong to let Elisabeth go, Barbara if you did not produce this job your job would have been on the streets like the rest of the ladies from the view. :oops: and one more thing. Ratings for the show will diminish!! 8O
    But Elisabeth if you want to go to FOX News then go good luck and do not ever look back… Those girls were not for you anyways they never liked you or your Gracie, they are Democratics from Hell!! :evil: :twisted: so you go and have a great life and Never look back cause this was a learning experience for you, you will love Fox they are my favorite shows and Martha Stewart is on there at 11 am too!!

  256. jane says:


  257. deb says:

    I cannot understand WHY they have let EH hang in there at the View as long as she has.Surely they get many complaints about her. She needs to go drive the Fox nuts even nuttier.

  258. Lisa says:

    Good to hear Elisabeth might go. I find her annoying. She doesn’t just share “her” view…she always seems like she wants to change everyone else’s. And I hate the way she goes on and on about religion. It’s a personal choice. She tries too much to act like she is a goody two shoes. She is full of crap…none of us is perfect!

  259. Anthony says:

    “Emotional outburst”? You mean like the emotional outburst Whoopie had when talking about the hot mike comments from Jesse Jacckson and ranting about the n-word? How was that acceptable to BW. Because they’re far-left lunatics who disagree with the conservative views of EH and they want to silence her from speaking her view, which is what the far left does. THEY ARE FASCISTS.

  260. James T. Lee says:

    Elizabeth leaving the View is great for her, she does not belong with the dim witted uninformed ladies of the View. Don’t know what will happen to the View without the sound of reason that Elizabeth brought to the show. But the show will go on, there are enough liberals out there that will still need the less intelligent to lead them.

  261. MARJO says:

    The view is a joke. They claim to give all views but most of the views are from a left side politically correct. For those who find elizabeth annoying how about joy behar? who does not even give people she disagrees with a couteous recepetion. As for elizabeth good for her. I hope she does go where she is treated with respect for having her opinion and not bashed by all sides because she does not share “their view” Although i do not agree with all she says I do see that they use her as a token and do not respect her so good I hope she does leave.

  262. Sheila says:

    Just look at all of the responses to this news! That should tell The View that losing somebody with a differing opinion the rest of the ladies is a mistake waiting to happen. I give Elisabeth a lot of credit. She stood her ground against the rudeness of Joy in particular. If The View should ditch anybody, it should be Joy. I wouldn’t miss her at all. And to all of the people cutting up on Elisabeth..think of this way, she is the only one on the panel besides Barbara who isn’t a commedienne. She doesn’t rely on insipid humor to pull her out of a heated conversation like the others do. And believe this, that unless they replace her with another conservative, none of you will want to watch the show.

  263. Mary Anne says:

    I am not a fan of the view. It is suppose to be non-bias, but it is one of the most bias shows I have ever watched. The few times I have watched it I found the views to be very slanted towards the left and every time Elizabeth opens her mouth she is never allowed to finish a sentence and is attacked by a bunch of foaming at the mouths liberals. The Hollywood crowd is so out of touch with the real world they actually think that everyone else is wrong and is racist for not believing what they do. I hope that everyone who does not believe what they do gets out and votes in record numbers, it is time that the majority rules, not the special interest groups who push their agendas

  264. Lizzy says:

    Here is the problem with Elisabeth~ She is absolutely entitled to her opinions & beliefs…that’s what makes the great USA GREAT! BUT…when she believes that because she’s a Republican that makes her a better Christian, a better mom, a better wife, a better American, etc. that’s when I start to fume! My inlaws are the same way. For some bizarre reason, to say you’re a Republican, makes them feel “safe”. Hmmmm…is everyone feeling safe right now? I think not. I’m voting for the person, not the party. I swear for Elisabeth, (and MANY Republicans) you could say that a 5 year old is running for office, and they would stand behind them..because they are a Republican. I love the bumper sticker that say’s “God is not a Republican”. Amen.

  265. Kiki says:

    At 31 years of age, Elizabeth s still has the naivete to believe in the republican charter. Hopefully, by the time she’s 40, she will have seen the light. I hope the View finds another conservative to make the show interesting and let’s get rid of Walters. I love Whoopie and Joy. :P

  266. kikstand says:

    EH – A goldfish in a bowl of Piranas. Total ‘lefty’ show. BW has most of the ‘credentials’ on panal. Would any of EH’s critics here do any better? EH’s opinions are stiffled on this show. What’s’ wrong with somebody like ‘us’, average people, being on some show. EH opens her mouth and she’s wrong before any sound comes out. Conservative speech on the View is ‘not welcome’. ‘Left is always right, Right is always wrong’. And the Left calls the Right bitter?

  267. dee says:

    Ha, an anchor at Fox, NO WAY. She wants the Monica Lewinsky job for McCain. I actually think she would do anything for the Republican party… Oops, do all of the Republican party.

  268. fallon says:

    I think she is the only one on that show that makes any sense. Just because she doesnt agree with everyone else and she doesnt kiss Barbaras a** that automatically makes her wrong! So shes not voting for Obama big deal! She has the right to her own opinions and views.. isnt that the point of the show? But they all want to jump down her throat the moment she mentions Obama or McCain. You knoe, get rid of Joy. She claims to be Italian, shes more like a JAP! And Sherry is so illiterate i dont even know how she got that spot on the show! Barabara is just made that she cant control Elisabeth like she does everyone else. Barbara was so disrespectful when John McCain and his wife were on the show. She didnt let the man speak and whjo gives a sh** about how many houses he has. She needs to worry about her own affairs and stay out of everyone elses!

  269. Rhonda says:

    The VIEW is definitely one sided as far as the Democratic members are concerned. They are 4 whiners that do nothing but complain when ANYTHING is said that they do not agree with. Joy is nothing more than fingernails on a chalkboard, always running her mouth, with trash talk and insults flying into the atmosphere. Praise the Lord that you are not teaching our children any longer! Barbara is a disgrace and should be ashamed of herself and her behavior with disrespect to John McCain. His service to our nation should be enough to demand his respect. She might as well pledge her allegiance to another flag. It’s a great day on the View when Barbara isn’t on the set.

  270. disiskissel says:

    You go girl, I don’t know how you can stand to be with those bitches any longer, the view is obviously a lib show, Fox news rocks! work for some one who will appriciate you, tell the view to go blow.

  271. Stephen W. Whitaker says:

    I love Elizabeth. She is the only one that makes since.
    I think that if they could get rid of
    joys’ totally obnoxious mouth it would be a great show. I vote to get rid of Joy.
    Joy are you scared to go on Hannity and colmes? Where someone could shut that big mouth of yours up. I don’ see anyone offering you a job at nbc,cnn,msnbc.

  272. metsluvr40 says:

    I am an independent who watches the show daily and although I wish the right had a much better representative who was not completely prone to hysterics, I do think she is put in an awful position daily, especially by that overbearing harpie, Joy Behar. She talks over everyone, has a completely left sided view in everything and tries to make anyone who disagrees, feel like a total moron. She is unprofessional and at this point, flat out rude and obnxoious. I love Whoopi and Sherry is just Sherri, unless ur criticizing Obama. Then she is a well-informed machine who comes out like she is fighting for her child. I have wavered back and forth in this election and have come to the conclusion that the media treats Obama like a cream puff because everyone is afraid the race card will be played. He is getting a free pass due to his race and Hillary was destroyed. That View interview was a celebrity red carpet fest. I am suprised Barbara ddnt ask him who designed his clothes. McCain’s interview was very tough and Barbara certainly was the less than consummate newswoman, and made her personal opinions quite clear. I have lost alot of respect for BW over the last year and I am even having trouble watching her, as she loves to ask a question and then answer it herself. She is also the most self promoting host. She hawks her book daily and every special she does, must be promo’d before the show. She has become tasteless. Whoopi is my saving grace. EH needs to move on and Joy nees a mega dose of estrogen and her own daily bully pulpit. Sherri should be much better informed and less naive at almost 41 years old and BW, its time to retire with the ladies who lunch in NY.

  273. vdantev says:

    Stephen: I love Elizabeth. She is the only one that makes since.

    That’s sense, Stephen. She makes sense, not ‘since’.

  274. disiskissel says:

    To Lizzy, maybe alot of people feel that republicans are more God fearing, because libs or so opposite, UN God fearing. :!:

    libs remind me of this guy: :twisted:

  275. joan monson says:

    Fox is just where that narrow minded conservative belongs – right next to Hannity! I will finally be able to watch The View again with her gone. How is she qualified to do any show?

  276. Lizzy says:

    To disikissel:

    I rest my case.

  277. KELLY says:


  278. Chuck Barlow says:

    People like Barbra Walters have there careers enhanced by twisting the facts, they are mear puppets by guys like George Soros.
    Hassleback is catching a hard time because she reports the truth and not scripted propaganda, news reporters who report false claims of anykind that persuade the public opinion especially in a presidential campaign should be removed from their career and jailed.
    Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Walters make their living from mixing fact with fiction and putting their liberal opinion spin on it and calling it truth.
    Fox news reports facts and proves it, they challenge all sources, while the other media puishes their opinion and say its the truth because they say with no proof, just mis-leading evidence of the fact/fiction mixture, Hassleback is a gain for fox and a huge loss for the View which is a show that should be off the air!

  279. Michelle says:

    I like Elisabeth a lot. I may not have agreed with her on every point, but I respect her because she too is allowed to have an opinion. Unfortunately, Whoopie is a bully. Joy and Sherri are decent, but Barbara is narrow minded and full of herself. The show has seen it’s best days and is time to end. I get quite angered how they treat Elisabeth, especially Barbara. The View is too one sided. They are mainly liberal and do not respect anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Elisabeth is emotional because they don’t want to hear what she has to say and that isn’t fair. I say to ABC, PLEASE CANCEL THIS FIASCO OF A SHOW.

  280. Shelly B says:

    My main objection to EH, aside from the fingernails on the blackboard screeching, is that her comments seem scripted. I actually emailed the producer to ask if she had a staff of advisors from the Republican party.

    Just the fact that she actually attended the Republican convention not as a neutral reporter, but as a loyal Republican agent would seem to disqualify her from any news or psuedo-news program as biased. The other hosts did not attend the Democratic convention.

    Anyway… why not try Chelsey Handler or someone else who is both smart and entertaining.

    Good bye Elizabeth… my skin is crawling and it’s none too soon

  281. Tina says:

    It’s interesting that the article says she is being offered an anchor spot at fox. Anchors are “supposed” to be neutral. Elizabeth is really being offered a hostess spot like those other mindless idiots at fox you give their uneducated opinions on their shows. I have never understood why she was on the view anyway. Although she was the only conservative, she was the loudest, and the most toxic in her comments. Her biggest claim to fame was being on Survivor. I really do hope she is leaving and I think Sherri should be next unless she starts becoming more well-informed. God, read a paper!

  282. Prisk says:

    I would stop watching the view if Elisabeth left, so would alot of people. “THE VIEW” had class when mederith was there however when elisabeth leaves it will end

  283. Lizzy says:

    Shelly B.~ You hit the nail on the head. Thank You!

  284. Cxgina says:

    Elisabeth stands up for what she believes in and is usually right on the money. I wish more people had the guts that she has. Whoopie should have never been brought on that show, now it is the Whoopie show and she always has to stir up the black controversy in everything regardless of what they are talking about. I don’t watch the show anymore, all they do is try to talk over each other. Joy should stick to being a comedian, that is it, most of her views are stupid on everything. She is funny, that is about it.

  285. Linda Shaw says:

    Please, please, please take the job at FOX. You’re much too good and talented to be on a show like The View with all those “way to the left” liberal’s. I stopped watching them when Rosie was on and read the possibility you may leave on the web. You have too much to offer to put up with Barbara, Joy and Whoopie.

  286. Catherine says:

    Elisabeth should leave The View. The show is tilted too far to the left. Very unbalanced. Barbara Walters has really reached a new low with her panel of radical left-wing, unsuccessful comediennes! Their views are supposed to be balanced!!! They do not represent my values and beliefs-they just seem to anger everyone. Some of you are complaining that Elisabeth is uneducated. Are you kidding me! Joy Behar is a moroninc mouthpiece for extreme liberal groups. She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. Sherri Shepard can’t even speak English correctly. After seeing the despicable way they treating McCain, I vowed never to watch that garbage again. Elisabeth is the only intelligent lady on that program. She needs to go where her talents are appreciate and she’ll never find it on that radical, socialist cesspool!!

  287. Trese says:

    It’s about time she leaves they treat her like crap.. No one should be treated that way. Let the view sink they are bitter nasty obnoxious women anyway. I use to love Whoopi and Barbara, but the view is one sided and doesn’t have a fair unbiased view of the headlines, it’s all one sided and hateful unless it serves their purpose.

  288. Trese says:

    talk about neutral ground, the view wouldn’t know neutral if it came up and bite them on the backside. I only watch when it’s a subject worth listening too, most the time the libral bunch are bad mouthing half of The American public.. So Run don’t walk to any other place but the view..

  289. dani says:

    I wish that witch would just fall off the face of the earth!
    The View just sux, no good ppl on there it should just be taken off the air!

  290. jana says:

    This is great news! Maybe now they will find someone with conservative views who will express their opinion in a more professional, entertaining, mature way! She is very obnoxious and annoying!

  291. Kathy B. says:

    I adore EH, and have written to Fox news for 2 years now to please offer a job. She is treated so unfairly. Why would a show called the View have only one right winger and 3 or 4 lefty’s? I wish The Fox channel would give her a show like the view on at the same time and go neck to neck beating their ratings in the morning.
    I used to like Barbara W. so very much until she started at the View. Now I have the lowest opinion of her.
    I wrote my Governor (Sarah Palin) pleading with her to never do the View. I live 10 miles from her in Big Lake, Alaska and I know what a fine person she is. When her and McCain win, maybe they could give EH a great job in the WH.

  292. Ed Rodriguez says:

    I’m glad she’s leaving that junkyard, she was like a Rolls Royce stuck in a group of Old Beatup Trucks. She deserve better. What they should do is get rid of all those beatup old bags on the View and get some younger better looking women. I don’t watch that stupid Liberal sqwak box, my wife did for a short time. Keep America Beautiful get rid of these old hags or at least put paper bags over their heads.

  293. Diane says:

    Way to go Ed, what a smooth talker you are. My sympathy to your wife. Who here wants to bet Ed’s less than perfect? I’ll say that I rarely watch The View. I used to in the early days and found it funny and entertaining. Then came Hasselbeck. An anchor? Doesn’t the criteria of that imply at least some intelligence regarding actual news? This woman continues to parrot whatever the right wing feeds her. She makes so little sense it’s very hard to watch. Like someone off their meds. It would be great to have an intelligent non radical conservative view. Although that statement in and of itself is and oxymoron. There must be someone they can find. Let her go to Fox where she can rant and O’Reilly can slide his hand up her skirt.

  294. Candy says:

    I like Elizabeth! She is too good for Barbara Walters, that woman gets on my nerves. I use to like her but she is getting way too full of herself! She is past her “prime”, she needs to retire, people are bored of her and the women on the View can’t be themselves when she is on. She’s not funny and yet she tries to be and makes a fool out of herself. I use to like her but lately Babs thinks she is the be all to end all when it comes to journalism and knowing more than anyone else…get a clue and hang up your typewriter woman. She just rubs me the wrong way, I won’t watch the view if Elisabeth leaves. She defends her thoughts and beliefs and doesn’t let the women influence what she believes in…that’s called confidence people. Sherry, I like her but she is not an intelligent individual…she sticks to the humor and that is what she should do. They didn’t hire her for her brains, but she seems to have a good heart. Joy, funny but way to liberal…I like her most of the time. Whoopi, I like her on the show. Retire Barbara, it’s time honey.

  295. suzanne says:

    EH doesn’t belong on this show. It’s a liberal show and hollywood b.s. from a panel of low IQ’s…
    Sherry is polite and likeable.
    Whippie tries hard to keep the peace.
    Joy says the same dumb things everyday (I loved how she put down women with small breasts! and the men who loved them stating they should be checked to see if they are gay!)
    Barbara – well, she’s washed up and will do/say anything for ratings
    Elizabeth – I don’t know how she can sit there and keep her mouth shut with this group (not including Sherry – she’s kind of the cool one on the show because she doesn’t get so damn mad and rude like the others..) EH I hope you move on to something else and leave the show. They are using you (they actually love fighting w/you) for the ratings. Good luck in the future – be happy -

  296. Tom says:

    Liberals are so childish. If they don’t agree with your politics they call you names. Perhaps you should take your toys and go home.

  297. Chuck says:

    If Elizabeth leaves the whole show will go to hell. Barbara is a senile old idiot who can’t even get a sentence out, and Joy Behar is the bitch from hell!!!! Whoopi and Sherri are the only sensible ones on the show besides Elizabeth.

  298. Ed Rodriguez says:

    Diane, in today’s media, where does “actual news” come in?. The liberal media has put a stop to that completely. All you hear from our good ol’ reporters is liberal BS. This is still America and freedom of speach is a bilateral communication system. After McCain/Palin win this election you all will have another four years to cry about whatever. Thats Democrats for you.

  299. Nancy Halverson says:

    YEHAAWAWWWWWWWW! Could it be?!!! EH caused me to stop watching the VIEW about 2 months ago.
    She is poorly informed, gets the facts wrong often, and rudely interrupts the others, no matter what the subject is. She absolutely should take the FOX offer and then let the VIEW find another conservative, but one who is not a shrill fish-wife screamer and one who is informed and well spoken!

  300. Tom says:

    I dont watch the view since most of the women are so left of center and while they seem to accuse Elizabeth of being uninformed apparently they seem to be on another planet.

    I did see a clip where whoopi asked Mccain if she should be worried about being a slave again…. Where was she a slave???? Maybe she isnt aware that the slaves were freed in the 1860′s… she is a little behind the times.

    The show lacks direction and if all there is are left leaning narrow minded views then the show will go around in circles and just become more insignificant than it is already to me.

  301. Lee says:

    How convenient for EH. Now, instead of having to work in enough time during her day to get her talking points by WATCHING Fox News on Television, she will be right there in the middle of it.

  302. Tom says:

    I stopped watching The View when Rosie left, it got so boring. There hot topics have way to much fluff. As far as EH is concerned, I will be so happy when she leaves so that my wife and I can start watching it again. She is soooooo far to the right that she makes us puke. Bring back Rosie, the ratings were the best they ever were, and there was some excitment once and awhile.

  303. Andrea says:

    I am disgusted with the way EH is treated on “The View” (or is it “The Liberal ONLY View”?) She is the only one who has shown real integrity by standing by her beliefs, no matter how ganged up on she has been on that show- I can’t believe how long she has put up with it. I don’t care what a person’s “view” is, a national, primetime show should be a little more responsible in representing political opinions that reflect our country’s beliefs fairly. 50/50 is about where we stand in this country Democrat/Republican. The View has made it 4 to 1, at best. And Fox News biased? Okay, but look at how hypocritical that is. To have an even close to equal political representation- now THAT would be interesting, thought-provoking and much more entertaining television. I hope EH leaves and the show tanks.

  304. Lizzy says:

    Hey Guys! How’s about you go mow the lawn or something? It’s kinda creepy that you watch the view, and more creepy that you are commenting on this blog. Leave us women to solve the world’s problems. Go on now!

  305. Scotty says:

    Smartest thing Elizabeth could do. The old hasbeens on this show turn most people’s stomach’s anymore. Walters is a hypocrite and the rest are no better.
    It amazes me the show has anybody watching it at all.

  306. Jane Haase says:

    Her getting an anchor job on FOX NEWS would just confirm the fact that FOX doesn’t care what journalistic credentials anyone has — they just want a pretty face and someone to spout their views.

    This woman’s claim to fame is that she was on SURVIVOR? I can’t figure out how she even got on THE VIEW unless it was one of those “who she knew” deals.

    She lost me the day she told about reading books to her children leaving out the parts that talked about sad things. Life is what it is. The sooner our children learn to cope with adversity the better they will be for it. You can’t “spin” everything … just because you keep saying something false is true won’t make it true.

    I respect everyone’s opinion and enjoy a good discussion about how we differ and how we can come together. The GOP’s tact in the last few years is hatred, fear and “it’s my way or the highway.”

    I think the general American public is finally waking up and seeing what’s been happening the past eight years.

  307. Josett says:

    I have been watching The View since its’ inception and have always enjoyed the different “views” which make the show unique. However, since Elisabeth was hired, I have come to dread the morning Hot Topics because I find her ill informed about many things and feel like she gets all her information from the “ear piece” she wears that must be connected to Bill Gedde!! It is a well known fact that Bill Gedde “runs” The View and everyone on it including Barbara Walters. I have been delighted to see that, lately, Barbara has come into her own and has spoken up on major topics. As for the interview with John McCain and his wife, what do you people find so offensive? They ask the hard questions which need to be asked in these critical times in our country. We have just gone through the worst 8 years in our nation’s history under the leadership of “a good ‘ole boy” who couldn’t even run a baseball team let alone a country. The only reason he beat Ann Richards, the Gov. of Texas, is because he and his whole family used dirty politics to smear the name of this wonderful woman. John McCain is using the same dirty politics because he does not have any answers for any of the big issues and tries to get as far away from Bush as he can. Well, John, it’s not working!!! Bush is one of you and, like it or not, you are both cut out of the same mold. Otherwise, why would a supposedly intelligent, patriotic citizen chose an “Alaskan Know Nothing” to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency?? The man is 72 years OLD and not in the best of health and he wants to win so badly that he would put this poor excuse for a VP on his ticket just to garner votes!! He was certainly not thinking of his country when he made this poor choice…he was only thinking of himself seated in the Oval Office!!! If, GOD FORBID, he ever won, he would discard her like yesterday’s newspaper!!! How can we, as Americans, even consider another four years of such chaos and failure. John McCain cannot run on his status as a “Professional POW” and expect us to elect him just because of his war record. He fought for his country and for this we are grateful but so did my father on a Destroyer in the Pacific, my brother, who gave his life in Viet Nam, and many others who, no matter what horror they endured, never got the chance to come home at all. John McCain has spent 26 years in the Senate and, in all those years, he has voted with Bush and his Republican cronies each time. AND NOW, HE EXPECTS US TO BELIEVE THAT HE IS RID OF THESE SAME CRONIES…DO WE REALLY LOOK THAT NAIVE!!! Each day, we are subjected to lie after lie played out by the McCain-Palin camp with the hope that, if they say it enough times, we would be stupid enough to believe them. People, when are we going to learn when we are standing on the bread lines of 1931 and figuring out how we got there?? Not only are we in an economic freefall but we are the laughing stock of the whole world!!! Think, in November, are you better off than you were 8 years ago??? When Bill Clinton handed over the White House to Bush, he handed it to him WITH A SURPLUS and then Bush proceeded to run this country into the ground Each week we spend billions on a war in a country that we ILLEGALLY INVADED and we continue to sacrafice the best men and women our country has to offer to satisfy Bush, McCain and all the other Republicans who don’t seem to be sending their children into harm’s way!! In these turbulent times, we must elect a leader with a clear voice who prosesses calm reserve and intelligence and will bring true change and that man is BARACK OBAMA. Give this intelligent, refreshing voice a chance to be heard. He may not fit the “stereotype” that some of you are comfortable with but I would hope to God that we have grown as a people and a nation to the point where we no longer judge someone by the color of their skin. You know, as well as I, that this is the “800 pound gorilla” in the room that no one ever wants to admit to but it’s right there in the middle of the room!! When you close that curtain behind you on Election Day, think before you vote and vote like your life depends on it BECAUSE IT DOES.

  308. Carole says:

    It is time that the View in its entirety, leave the television scene altogether. They all, with acception to Elizabeth,are left-winged liberalist that are totally bias and closed minded to anything or anyone that has a shread of conservatism in their blood.

    The day that McCaine was on, BW was completely RUDE and inconsiderate of him….drilling him with her questions and not even giving him the opportunity to answer without cutting him off.. WG,SS and JB were sitting there sending eye signals and nods to each other with their smug expressions on their face that was appalling.
    I used to love this program when Meridith was there, but it since has gone to hell in a handbasket with her replacements. Rosie was
    Gay bias and Whoopie is black bias. I thought the whole concept of the show was for each to have their own views without bias….and not having four out of five ganging up on one! That’s what this program has turned into…now it’s time to say good-bye to the View.
    Barbara, its time for you to retire!!!

    I applaude Elizabeth for having the guts, stamina and class to put up with all of the others as long as you have.
    I sincerly hope you find a position with FOX News or any other network that will give you a fair chance. You truly deserve it.

    I applaude E

  309. Kathy B. says:

    Shelly B. says….”Anyway… why not try Chelsey Handler or someone else who is both smart and entertaining.

    Good bye Elizabeth… my skin is crawling and it’s none too soon”…

    Yeah Shelly, why not get Chelsea Handler to join the “The View”, but wouldn’t they then have to change the name to “Radical Left Wing View”? Where is the fairness?
    I really like this site, congrats on it!!

  310. n says:

    The democratic political machine at work! Of course they won’t get another conservative and they certainly won’t get two! The dems I know really don’t want to hear the other side of the story because THEY are always right – hah! I had a friend state her pride in being “Democratic” recently and it occured to me that you never hear a Republican say something like that. I am first proud to be a human child of God, second, proud to be American and being Republican doesn’t really occur to me at that level. It just shows the narrow VIEW (scuse pun) of the Dems – don’t you think? Plus, Republicans never have all those tacky bumper stickers on their car screeching at the public about their political views. I’m not at all surprised in the difference between Mrs. O and Mrs. McCain – one has class, one does not.

  311. Christine says:

    For those of you LEFTIES on here question Elisabeth’s intelligence, you better do your homework. I hardly call a degree from Boston College worthless. Keep on refuting FOX NEWS..it continues to be the MOST WATCHED cable news network and that EATS at you LEFT LOONS. I am glad to see Elisabeth leave. I could not have stood those left-biased witches more than one hour. Cindy McCain put Barbara in her place with her answer to Bab’s question re: number of homes. Anyone question Bab’s about her affair with a married man years ago and then to stoop to low standards and write about it. I would have taken that to my grave. NO NETWORK HAS MORE DEBATE FROM BOTH SIDES THAN FOX. YOU LIBS need to expand your knowledge and stay away from Move.on.org. However, I do like how many LIBS these days are sticking their feet in their mouths. McCain/Palin ’09

  312. Lizzy says:


    The scariest/tackiest bumper sticker I’ve seen? McCain/Palin ’09

  313. amy says:

    i’m glad she’s leaving, i dont like her @ all

  314. Aec says:

    I can’t beleive she hung in there this long. Every single day those four c u next tuesdays spiked the ball on her. This liberal crap is never ending. But who always has the last laugh….the conservative republicans. When McCain wins this thing, they’re all going to go postal. I can’t wait.

  315. SaraJ says:

    Who needs The View…………
    Sherry knows nothing, oh wait, yes she is versed on abortions..
    Whoopie knows her pot and men, what did she say,,,slept with over 50???
    Joy, well lets see, her English is in dire need of help,yet she claims she was a teacher??? yet boasts about her side job as a comedian, hmmm, whats her third choice…
    Then theres Walters, with her fake accent, come on Babs, you proved from your boring book, you slept your way to the top so to speak,,you were finished years ago, the only reason your stilll around is because of The View.
    Pull the plug on this lame show once and for all :lol:

  316. MishMom says:

    I stopped watching The (Fascist) View years ago. I was actually impressed when they chose EH as a host, thinking that maybe varying views would ACTUALLY be represented on the show. My mistake. I’m not surprised that she would “choose” to leave – it’s more like she’s been aggressively driven out by the (unsurprising) treatment she got at the hands of her deranged cohosts. Check the political polls fellow posters – America is not quite as left leaning as some of you make it seem. Radical lefties are most definitely and delightfully in the minority.

  317. Elvis says:

    I don’t watch this show. The only time I see it is when I am changing channels. The few (very few) times I have watched it for a minute or two Elizabeth was so annoying. She is just about as dumb as they come. She thinks she is an authority on everything. If she gets on Fox a station I like, believe me she won’t last long… She’s a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. Deb says:

    Hey! how about they have 2 democrats and 2 republicans and Barbara Walters finally acts as a neutral? That would be fair. Right now it is not an equal “VIEW” it is 4 Democrats to 1 Republican.

    It takes guts to speak up when you are the minority and when your boss is on their side.

    It is suppose to be, THE view not THEIR view. Very lop sided view! Stupid show that depicts women as a bunch of gaggling geese. I hope they all quit.

  319. Anita says:

    WooHoo….Fox is perfect for the misinformed,controlling,irrational Elizabeth….Cute ain’t enough….Whoopi is the most diplomatic person in the world…Whatever she’s “smokin” I’d like some because it would be a far better world…She’s funny, informed and keeps her cool…I can deal with the other 3 if Sherry tones down on the religion….BuhBye Elizabeth…I’ll be able to stop wanting to scream at my poor defenseless T.V…..BTW 30 years old is no excuse for ignorance or extremism….

  320. DL says:

    I hope this is true, but…we’ll see. She’s an idiot who never had any business being on the same show as a giant like Barbara Walters

  321. jwb says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion…Elizabeth comes across as sanctimonious and I think that’s what bugs people. Some of her thinking is a little skewed too…like the comment comparing sex education to encouraging kids to drive without a seatbelt.

    Her only claim to fame is Survivor…she needs to find something else to do.

    I look forward to her moving on.

  322. Christie says:

    The Has been Comedian show! Where everyone talks over each other so much it’s hard to watch anymore and where anyone with a view other than the far left is ridiculed while these ladies make ugly faces and rude comments. The stereotype these women have come to project is shameful. Run Elizabeth, the sooner the better. Let these comedians have their own show so the american public can see “the view” for what it is sad, melodramitic comedy. If Obama is to have a chance he needs to take the money and run. Distance himself as far as possible from Hollywood and from ladies like this who fawn over him not for his policies or his values but for “being handsome?” Barbara, any self respecting journalist would be ashamed and you should be too. Fortunately Obama’s advisors have begun to see this and Oprah’s no longer front and center and he’s begun to draw some lines as with the still needing rehabbed Lohan. Unfortunately I think he lost the election when he turned his back on Hillary, it’s his election to win or to lose now. Lord help us all if he loses because “change” and the “issues” will certainly be thrown to the wind and the race card will be played so quickly it will make your head spin and the country will further even further divided not only by race but with the passing over of Hillary and the addition of Palin also by gender. I’m constantly amazed at the hatefullness by the liberals who are the first to bad mouth anyone who doesn’t see life their way. The name calling has no place here, let’s try to have an intelligent discussion about the issues and stop bad mouthing and the name calling! This is just too important of a decision to be made at such an emotionally charged level. Run Elizabeth! Don’t be distracted by the names you’re called for your conservative views. Hold your head high and be proud of who you are and your personal values. Wars have been fought for your right to express your opinion whether it’s the popular view or just your own view.

  323. ForeverYoung says:

    That’s a worthless show anyway. It is just a bunch of people giving there opinions and Obviously Barbara Walters is intolerable if other people disagree with her. Soo hats off to Elizabeth. I think she will be with a much more educated crowd on FOX.

  324. ForeverYoung says:

    I think she should go to Talk Radio. She is too much of a thinking woman for TV. A woman on conservative talk radio?? That would be great!!

  325. Linda says:

    if Elizabeth leaves,that’s it for me.Can’t stand the rest of the “ladies”on the view.Don’t blame her if she can get out of sin city please do so.

  326. Lee says:

    Elizabeth, you deserve way beter than the View. Fox would be fortunate to have you and I wouldn’t have to watch the View although it’s interesting to see Joy and Sherry’s blood pressure rise when you speak. It’s clear the only way they can compete with you is by shouting over you. Hope they are on medication, I don’t wan’t anyone to be sick. If they replace you with a Liberal Host they won’t need any guests and they can sit on the couch singing Kum Ba Ya and recruit more members to join their Greened Eyed Liberal Club.

  327. Beth says:

    Oh please! Like they all don’t get emotional and passionate about what they are saying? They have ONE opposing view to all the liberals on that show,and now she might leave? If Elisabeth leaves, i sure wont’ watch it anymore. I liked the addition of Whoopie (even though she can be too controlling at times), but Joy is the one they should get rid of,,,she is NOT funny, and just makes bitter snipes, talk about ” unprofessional”. I thought Elisabeth did a good job dealing with all those women and she has facts and the true details to add to the topics unlike some of the others. SO THAT must be the problem, she is too informed and they don’t want her to inform their viewers of the TRUTH! Barbara, why don’t you say something to Joy or Cheri when they are ” unprofessional” shessh, a bunch of hypocrites!

  328. Jami says:

    I don’t agree with a single thing Elizabeth says but she wouldn’t bother me near as much as her rapid talking at a high pitch and talking over everyone. I know they all have a tendency to do this but she does this constantly. If she would slow down her talking and just give her view, I think she could get her point across better. As it is now, when ever she starts the loud fast talking over them, I just think….Shut up Elizabeth…just shut up. Fox would do well to get her. She is right up there with O’Reilly and Rush…add Elizabeth and the 3 stooges would be complete. Just my opinion. :P

  329. Beth says:

    Elisabeth does not come across as “sanctimonious ” sheesh,,just the opposite!!

    You liberals can never handle someone with a different VIEW without attacking them personally!!

    My only advice to Elisabeth, is to talk slower. I think she talks fast because she is used to the others interrupting her ( unlike Whoopie, they let her talk as long as she wants); very interesting to observe the different levels of respect they show one another.

  330. Marsha says:

    When Barbara Walters started “The View,” it was suppose to be women from different backgrounds and different views. She should definitely have two conservatives. It is completely unfair to have one conservative who must get so exhausted with it all. I like Elizabeth! Also, the interview with Senator and Mrs. McCain was so disgusting. It’s fine to ask tough questions but they need to be polite (as they were very polite. And when Senator Obama comes on I’ll expect to see the same grilling. Senator McCain needs to be honored. The more I learn about him the more I’m impressed.

  331. Judi R.C. says:

    As much as Elisabeth gets on my nerves I’m mature enough to realize it’s because my view differs from hers. I don’t wish ill will on her and I actually believe she CONTRIBUTES to the show. I do wish that she take some time to think before she opens her mouth and rambles. It’s evident that she is more interested in protecting her republican status rather than LEARNING :idea: something different. Doth protest too much, too often. God only knows we need something different right here in the good old USA and different is definitely not MCCAIN. Elisabeth, if you are lucky enough to stay on this fantastic show, during this tumultuous political tempest, I hope that you at the very least watch the way you project yourself. You do have a stuck-up way about you. Barbara pats you down because you act sometimes like a teen-aged girl who can’t control herself. Don’t hold it against her, she’s mothering you because you don’t know any better. Open up your TIGHT, ultra conservative mind and listen, swallow, breathe and respond. My four year old daughter was watching and she told me you needed a time-out because “she’s whining again mommy.” Please take a time-out, and figure out why you are not wanted on the show. According to the volume of people responding positively to your leaving, I’d say LISTEN more. Don’t leave Elisabeth, just grow up. If you believe in something you don’t have to fight so hard to hold onto it. Keep your own counsel, your 30 something, not 16. I like your great questions towards guests and your shopping segments are funny. Good luck and remember change is ABSOULETLY necessary for things to get better.

  332. Alice Hyman says:

    I hope Elizabeth leaves. I am tired of listening to her and do not think she is a good fit. She does not know when to cool her remarks.

  333. kath says:

    The View needs to go! Some of them are just Rude, After the interview with the McCain’s, I would never put any stock in what they have to say! Oh, Maybe, Brad Pitt will come on with Obama, so they call fall all over them. Just a plain sick show!

  334. Nick Mayor says:

    Even though FOX NEWS is for the Archie Bunkers of the world, even they deserve someone who has a particle of brain. Hasselbeck does epitomize the conservative movement..immature, narrow-minded and demanding that the world be like them..people with such a limited life experience. I think the best View moment ever was when an exasperated Goldberg asked Hasselbeck “Have you ever been faced with that decision?”[meaning abortion]. When Hasselbeck said no, Goldberg replied “THEN BACK OFF”. Elisabeth is childish, uneducated (she studied art), young and has such a limited world view that a five year old should not be subjected to her inane rants.

    FOX is for people who want their lies validated for them so maybe she actually would not be a bad choice. The entire channel should be taken off the air for Hannity’s interview of Palin. He did everything but perform oral sex on her. He asked her questions that a high school freshman could answer. Palin is an insult to our entire poltical system and American women of both parties deserve a better role model

  335. Namusoke says:

    I like EB because she brings a different view to the group, while I am a democtrat but I am fed up when people think that all black people must vote for Obama and that is what the ladies of the View want us to believe that is the fight with EB. Let her move on, the view will not help her grow profesionally to reach her full potential, she has reached what the view can offer her its time to move on to higher hights. Fox is the place we must think outside the box, good luck,

  336. Josett says:

    To answer Christine….You are acting like “the pot calling the kettle black”. If you are so interested in “Bab’s affair” then you should be equally interested in the fact that your illustrious John McCain had not ONE AFFAIR BUT MANY AFFAIRS when he returned from Viet Nam. HE HAS PUBLICLY ADMITTED TO THIS…READ IT!!! He couldn’t deal with the fact that his loyal wife and the mother of his children was in a severe car accident, while he was gone, and wasn’t the same “girl” he left 5 yrs. earlier…Poor baby!!! So, he found “little Ms. Stepford Wife$$$$$” and between her blond hair and her daddy’s money, he felt that this is REALLY WHAT HE DESERVED…AFTER ALL HE WAS A “HERO” AND HEROES DON’T STAY WITH “AVERAGE” WIVES, DO THEY??? There are so many “skeletons” in his closet, not to mention “the second Mrs. McCain”, that they don’t dare bring any of this up for debate!!! He married the 2nd Mrs. just SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS after his divorce was final…Now, are we supposed to believe that he had “JUST MET” THE NEW MRS. MCCAIN…NOT!!!!! She knew he was married when she met him in a bar and they started the affair. And being SEPARATED IS STILL BEING MARRIED…AT LEAST THE LAST TIME I LOOKED!!!! So, Christine, before you berate others about their private lives, explore your “revered” candidate’s life and you will find that there are “many flies on him” as well!!! Only difference is that we are not voting for Barbara to be President!!!

  337. Art says:

    GET RID OF ELISABETH !!! I stopped watching The View because I can’t stand listening to her voice and her babble.
    None of my friends like her. Fox News is making a BIG MISTAKE if they hire her!!

  338. Annamarie says:

    Hasselbeck needs a break from the empty headed, rude and wrong and loud vocal insults of the rest of the show. Thank God there is fair and balanced reporting like FOX . Also for the level headed Hannity. Dems sound like loud ducks.

  339. Casey says:

    Good for her. Now there’s another reason to not watch The View. She was the only one on the show with a head on her shoulders. The rest of the crew are a bunch of babbling idiots. As far as FOX News being “right wing”, BS. It’s the ONLY news stattion that gives fair, balanced news. It’s just that the stinkin’ Liberal’s are too ignorant to realize it.

  340. Annamarie says:

    I think that democrats are people who want to live life and do what they want to do without any criticism or responsibility no matter how wrong it is. it is more difficult to live life as a republican. We falter and do things that are wrong but are willing to try again. To do better in the future. As far as McCain, If God firgives him he doesn’t need our forgiveness. If he would be good for the country, he will be voted in.

  341. deb says:

    you took the words right out of
    my mouth Josett. tyvm

  342. basketpam says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I personally have never liked the show and have only watched about 2 times. It’s nothing but a bunch of women arguing with each other and having these conversations with guests on topics they know nothing about. None of them are experts on anything important in this world. I’ve never understood why the show was a big deal. The whole show could leave and I couldn’t care less. Let them all quit. I’ve never seen such gossiping and back-biting bunch on TV anyway. Women are just like that. I’d take working with a group of men any day of the week and I’ve with with both. That’s what I’ve never understood about being a lesbian. Being in a relationship with a man is hard enough, as a woman I’d NEVER want to be in a relationship with another woman, we’d end up killing each other. Imagine when you both have PMS. Women are awful to get along with and I’m saying that as a woman. The fact that the hosts of a women’s talk show can’t get along should be no surprise to anyone on earth. I don’t know how men put up with us sometimes. Actually the show would be completely changed if they put in there 1 man. It would change the whole dynamic. All of a sudden, I bet you all the woman would behave better.

  343. Elizabeth says:

    FINALLY!! I haven’t watched the View in a while because I find Elizabeth extremely annoying. She is an arrogant, immature, know it all and VERY narrow minded. Please let her leave!! Maybe I’ll watch the show again. I guess that shows how “unbiased” Fox news will be…YUCK!!

  344. cindy says:

    Congrats to Elizabeth if her departurre’s true. The sow started as a discussion for all views–not Barbara Walter’s View Show…or Whippi Goldberg “most African American to voie a B WALTER’SW VIEW SHOW” Good Luck Elizabeth, you will NOTE NEED IT… The VIEW AND ABC WILL

  345. kelly says:

    I think this is awesome news!!! I E mailed the show along time ago and said that if they got rid of her I would love the show but half the time I would turn it off. I was so sick of hearing her whine about everything. She needs to stay home and take care of her kids.That way she can stay away from adults and have whiney coversations with her kids

  346. Jackie says:

    Elizabeth is too classy to be on the View. The other “women” – which is a paradox… are too narrow minded, and just blind “mean.” Maybe that’s why Mrs. Obama thinks America is so mean! She is watching way too much of the View, or being their guest.

    Good for Elizabeth. Hope she leaves the “women” behind.

  347. SUTHNGAL says:

    I am also a conservative and I have been totally embarrassed that her views have been viewed as the norm. She doesn’t speak for us. She comes across as unreasonable and very hypocritical. Plus she doesn’t have any idea how to articulate any rational thought. I have pleaded with ABC News to at least hire someone mature enough and lucid enough to represent the conservative POV. I feel sorry for her children, b/c they won’t have a real perspective of how the real world works.

    For those who feel that Obama/Michelle were treated with kid gloves…you are wrong. Have you ever seen the behind-the-scene’s episode? There are questions that are always off limit…regardless of who the guest is. I am sure that the McCain’s didn’t want to talk about their unscrupulous past.

    The difference is they knew how to handle tough questions unlike the McCains. If John thought that Barbara was going to be easy on him…he has never seen her interviews.

  348. Jayne says:

    These liberals that gang up on EH are so nasty..They always preach tolerance but when it comes to a conservative they jump all over them. I was appalled at the way they treated an American hero like John McCain with such disrespect. BW could not even look him in the eye. On the other hand she told Obama how sexy he was. What a contrast. I lost the little respect I had for Barbara Walters. She’s like an old hag tying to be hip!! Get rid of the show. It does not represent the many conservative women like myself out there. I will not waste my valuable time watching such a nasty show. And as far as the rest of you commenting, you must be worried sick because now we have a conservative Woman like Palin giving all us voices that the media tries to ignore!! Wake up American and see the diversity out there.. And yes be tolerant like you preach (to even the conservatives that are alive and well in this country.. Thank God there are many of us left!!)

  349. LM says:

    GOOOOOOOD RIDDENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  350. Sally Orbison says:

    Elizabeth is the ONLY reason I watch The View! I like Whoopie too, but the other three are a joke. Botox Barbara is acting like a ditzy old lady lately, and should retire. Sherrie and Joy should take lessons on how to appear intelligent, as every time they open their mouths they show us how really stupid they are.

  351. sunshine says:

    Elizabeth is the only decent person on that show. The other women have no morals and are complete idiots who make me want to vomit. I hope Elizabeth does go to Fox, it is the only fair and balanced channel….. :-)

  352. Roy says:

    Elisabeth’s credential that landed her the job on the View was being a loser and less than a fan favorite on Survivor. She has been embarassment on The View with narrow-mindedness and attempts to control discussions. Even my 80+ year old mother said she has cob webs for brains.

    Being a conservative is fine, being a conservative who is close minded isn’t.

    Her comment about Michelle Obama proved that she will be incapable of being an objective anchor.

  353. What a relief it will be not to see her and just see her sitting there, because she doesn’t have the power to stand up and say anything….she is only there…well I don’t know why she is there!!! She is a worthless piece of crap, along with her husband, and really…nobody gives a **it about her. Good bye and good luck……..wait just goodbye to her!!!!!

  354. TheyCallMeMom says:

    Who tried to lump all Democrats into one catagory? I watched the McCain interview on the View. They asked questions that the public/voters want answered. I know I do. Straight truthful answers would be refreshing.
    If Cindy McCain thinks her bones were picked on the view, she and her husband dont belong in politics. I wont vote for someone who cant give a straight, truthful answer to a specific question. I dont care if they are Republican or Democrat. When Obama comes onto the View, I expect the same questions asked. Hopefully he will answer them truthfully. If not, I will write in someone simply to have my vote counted against both of them. As for EH. She needs to leave. She is to immature to be on a TALK show. She doesnt talk, she shrieks. She crys. She whines. FOX will be a perfect fit for her. No one of any intellingence watches it or listens to it. The View needs a Republican who has knowledge and manners. Neither of which does EH posess. Let the screaming shrieking, crying, whining, and pouting finally be over, please.

  355. Denise Gotich says:

    She is a worthless piece of crap. I dont like her and I dont like her husband….she has never had much say on the view and that is a good thing..She cant think for herself, and she actually has no business in TV work. If FOX takes her up….OMG!!!! What a big MISTAKE for FOX. If they want her…take her…the View will be better without her whining about everything!!!!

  356. Josett says:

    Reply to Suthngal: It is so refreshing to hear from a sensible Conservative. You are the type of woman who should be in Elisabeth’s chair on The View. You look at both sides of the picture and that’s all anyone can ask. I have always voted with my head and not my heart because elections are too important and we know that now more than ever. These women who want to vote for Palin because “she’s cute” or “she’s a hockey mom” are the ones who should NEVER GO INTO A VOTING BOOTH!! They set women back 100 years!!! I’d like to think that we have come full circle from the days when women were viewed as objects who didn’t have the brains to know how to vote. Many of our “sisters” fought long and hard to give us this privilege and when I hear remarks like I stated above, I think these suffragettes must be turning over in their graves!! I am sure that, Monday, when Bill Clinton is on The View, they will ask some thought provoking questions of him concerning both candidates even though he is only an advisor to Obama. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Like you, I, too, felt that Elisabeth gave Conservatives a bad name by her juvenile rantings when she felt frustrated at not knowing what to say. I have many Conservative friends and, though we may have heated discussions, we always check our facts and come to the table prepared. Elisabeth always reminded me, a retired teacher, of some of my students who “crammed” the night before and came in with “crib notes” to help them get by. Not sure of what to say but ready to throw out whatever they had, good or bad. Coming from a show like Survivor and considering that her degree was in Fashion, she should have been a little more prepared for the enviable position she landed on The View. If she wanted to be taken seriously as a spokeswoman for the Conservative Party then she owed them to get her facts straight. Personally, I think she felt confident in the fact that she was “Bill Gedde’s favorite” and thought she could skate by on that premise. He is a die-hard Conservative and seemed to look the other way when she erred. He didn’t give that same courtesy to Rosie who knew ALL HER FACTS and had all her “ducks lined up in a row” before she would answer Elisabeth. He “railroaded” her right out of the show and, now, it’s Karma come to visit him!! If Elisabeth does go, I certainly hope that Barbara has more to say with the next choice made. She was right with Rosie but so wrong with Elisabeth.

  357. Mezzie says:

    well she’ll fit right in at Fox Noise.. she has had one hissy fit after another when anyone disagrees with her. She strikes me as immature and extremely narrow minded. I won’t miss her one bit.. and she can take Sherry the dimwit with her. There’s another one with not much going on upstairs.

  358. mickey says:

    Go Elizabeth! You’re better than them. Barbara Walters has gone down the tubes. She’s just an old has been. Joy’s big mouth is nauseating…and she doesn’t have a funny bone in her. As far as Whoopi goes…it’s because of people like her that black people have gotten such a bad rap. She says she’s going to hell anyway…well, she most certainly is if she doesn’t change her ways! It’s a sin and a shame the way they treated Mcain. Get away from those losers, Elizabeth.

  359. Pat says:

    Good for Elizabeth! There’s way too many ding dang liberals on that show! It should be evened out. If EH leaves the good ole liberal “View”, the show is going down the tubes. I’m very surprised at BW. I “used” to have respect for her.

  360. cathy says:


  361. kay says:

    good for Elizabeth, bout time, that show just sucks…..
    can they be anymore biased or stupid??
    bring Rosie back, that should help the present situation lol

  362. gina says:

    Elizabeth is beautiful and intelligent and a PERFECT choice for Fox News whose penchant for pretty people and “fair and balanced” reporting is only “fair and balanced” if one is a right wing conservative. If the day every comes when reality bites Fox in the butt, Elizabeth may have to look for another job.

  363. Carol says:

    GREAT. GOODBYE. You will NOT be missed and the show will be better after you’re gone!!

  364. Elizabeth says:

    Elizabeth, “classy”? Are you kidding? She’s just a loud narrow minded conservative. Who hasn’t had much real middle class living. I think the view was better before her and will be better after she’s gone!!

  365. msjackie585 says:

    We are soooooooooo good at thrashing each other. I think the View was to show woman of all ages, walks of life and education, different culcures talk! Any topic, right? Why would anyone try to control any part of that? Who we are is part of our views. Why would anyone try to change that? The opinons and interpotations are for listening too. Try listening to a talk show without looking….your view could be much different. We are as woman to hard on ourselves,lighten up and take it easy and enjoy the conversation.We are not going to like everybody but respect the right of a differt view.

  366. kelli says:

    all i have to say is GOOD RIDDANCE!!! i stopped watching the view because of elizabeth. she is the most irriatating whiney person i’ve ever had the displeasure to see on tv. she seems to believe that only her opinion is the correct opinion. i don’t care where she goes as long as she goes. i would be able to start watching the show again. barbara, please get rid of her!!!!!

  367. J. Piunti says:

    How many old old women does that leave on the show?Youth is variety and the elders cannot take it…

  368. Maggie says:

    This is the best news I have read in quite a while. Elisabeth does not belong on this show, actually, I’m tired of B.W. also. She has to be there when a person of REAL interest is on so she can be the ‘STAR’, by keeping her eyes straight into the camera. Elisabeth should stay away from TV, as far as I am concerned, OR get her own REPUBLICAN SHOW. She also, could get a style show seeing who could wear their dresses SHORTER THAN the ones she wears.

  369. CParks says:

    I have said for many years that the View should be called The Liberal/ Democratic View. It has been obvious since day one of Elizabeth premierthat Elizabeth stood alone as the only conservative Republican on the show. Actually, I was a bit taken back at ABC for going where no man has gone before….HA! Since ABC stands for ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE. HA! Elizabeth has constantly been out numbered whenever there is a political issue. Whenever there was an opportunity to replace a person who left, another person w/ Democrat written on their forehead appeared again. When Elizabeth has had a political opinion she was constantly being interrupted and pretty much ganged up on. Consequently made out to be the bad guy for being out numbered. So whats the point for Elizabeth to stay when she is like a piece of meat thrown into the lions den? Naturally, the rest of the girls may not see it that way but to others watching its aggravating to watch Elizabeth battle it out alone! If Barbara would have a balanced of group of hosts on her show perhaps Elizabeth wouldn’t being the only one who has to turn up the volume to be heard…thus appearing to the rest as “hysterical.”. Barbara claims to be neutral because of her stance in with ABC but it is quite obvious that on her show, what she says is the Democratic Gospel. If the shoe was on the other foot you would see a very difficult Joy. Barbara would never fire Elizabeth because it would make herself look one sided and certainly her political views would be revealed to the idiots who cannot see a lynch mob if it was around their neck themselves. Undoubtedly, Elizabeth is fed up with the political stance as usual on the View. I think you would see why Elizabeth feels she has a better chance winning the lottery than winning an political debate w/ any one in the media on the big three networks and or celebrities.

  370. Glen says:

    It would be a great move for her to get away trom those ignorant cackling hens anyway.

  371. Christine says:

    HEY JOSETT..You missed my point. BABS was sitting there all high and mighty asking what she thought were pertinent questions, namely, Mrs. McCain, “HOW MANY HOUSES DO YOU HAVE”? WHO CARES? Mrs. McCain answered it precisely and made BABS look like a condescending LIB that she is. Hey there Jose, tell me why didn’t BABS ask OBAMA about his close friendship with B. Ayers, the self admitted terrorist who was a member of the infamous Weather Underground group from the sixties. I am old enough to remember those WACKOS and what they did. How about Rev. Wright? No, they told him he is sexy, did a fist bump with Michelle. WOW, I was impressed and really learned a lot. MY POINT THAT YOU MISSED WAS THE BIASED ONE SIDED interview that took place against the McCains verses the EWWWW, I love you interview with Obama. Give me a break. Cindy McCain does more in humanitarian acts than all of them put together. Seems Mr. Biden contributes on an average $300 per year to charity. Obama ain’t so great either. I thought the LEFT were the compassionate ones? Oh yea, Libs show their compassion by spending someone elses money. Mrs. McCains parents built their business on hard work and sacrifice. She was fortunate to inherit their success and she does great humanitarian things and does not BOAST one bit. Mr. McCain did admit what he did in his past, unlike BABS who waited to make money and wrote a book….so for her to sit there interviewing the McCains and not even looking at them made me sick to my stomach. Who the he– did she think she was? More people than you care to admit who saw this so-called interview across the USA, were bothered as well. THE LEFT BIAS was so obvious, so, that is why I brought up BAB’S affair that helped sell her book and thought it ODD that she would be so DAM rude to the McCains and make GOOGOO eyes over Barack. If BABS wanted people to take her serious in her journalism endeavors, then, she should have been more fair and ask equal questions of both candidates. THE LEFT keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper…COME TO THINK OF IT, I like that. THIS post is for you DEB as well.

  372. Richard says:

    It’ll be comforting to know Elisabeth is in a more healthy environment. It seemed practically everthing she said or did was criticized or simply not taken into heart. On the other hand, with Barbara walters at the reigns, they can simply shoot the crap as if they were kicking it with the homies, I really don’t know what happened at the View but I can tell you people are lacking interest in more ways than one, in fact they may be competing quite well with Jerry Springer (again,not a healthy environment)…

  373. Diane Clayton says:

    She can’t leave soon enough for me. She’s a holyer-than-thou who’s a pain in the you-know-what. The show doesn’t need her, and I for one am thrilled she’s going to Fox, it’s where she belongs. I don’t know anyone who watches Fox anymore, they’re sooooo Republican that Republicans don’t even watch them !!

  374. Beverly Wilson says:

    I do watch the show most days and enjoy a opinionated discussion. I wish the format would change. Keep it a lively opionated womens talk show as a “roundtable” for one round, then go “ping-pong”. Forget the bimbo stuff they have during the last half hour fashion shows – bands etc. I would like to see stronger speaking guests with something worth saying.

  375. Billy King says:

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the only reason I watch the View. I’d much rather watch her on something other that the Anti-American Broadcast Company(ABC).

  376. Christine says:

    Josett…I have heard no one state that they were voting for Gov. Palin because she is cute or a hockey mom. I see you are a retired teacher. Now it makes sense. As a former elementary media director, I know the NEA supports Dem causes, hence, your view of McCain and women’s causes. You should be jumping in your boots that a woman just might be our next VP…but your are not, because she does not support YOUR VIEWS. She, does, however support most of mine, so, she has my vote. Not because of her gender, nor, her looks, but,because of what she stands for. Just and educated guess here:…I bet you initially supported Hillary. Had Obama selected her as his running mate, the next Prez would have been a DEM much to my chagrin and I am a former Dem but saw the light some years ago. I predict a close race. I cannot wait for the debates. I do hope BIDEN keeps his bloviating to a minimum. Enjoy your retirement, Josett. We are enjoying ours……hubby and I……The VIEW would have been more fair had the Co-host count been more equal for both parties. That is why I like FOX because I see more debate on there than any other network.

  377. Christine says:

    CPARKS…..SO VERY VERY VERY WELL PUT. You are great with words and explanations. Thank you and I agree wholeheartedly with you. IT WAS ALL SO OBVIOUS FOR EVERYONE TO SEE…..FAIR…..it never was…..I like the playing field to be even-handed and in this CASE, it certainly wasn’t as you stated. THANKS AGAIN

  378. LinLin says:

    I heard they are going to hang strings on her hands and feet and she is going to be a stand in for Howdy Doody. Just look at her..she looks exactly like him. Shes an ugly, narrow minded, opinionated, idiot that should have stayed on the island with the other monkeys and jackasses. I cant stomach her..goodbye and good riddance you freak!

  379. Bupkiss says:

    If she does leave, the show will tank. Nobody wants to watch the remaining liberal hags suck up to Democrat politicians, you can tune into MSNBC for that. I see it as a good move for her and us. For her, she moves onward and upward. For us, one conservative leaves and five other liberal hacks are out of work.

  380. Bob Cannon says:

    Personally, I think she fits better at fox news.
    After taking the time to watch them during the conventions, I noticed how they seem to continually interrupt each other, raise their voices at each other, and talk over each other.
    Professionals in an interview/discussion forum should be more well-mannered.

    Now to see if any of THIS hype is true.


  381. Rick Johnson says:

    Good to go and long overdue. She is an annoying brat.

  382. Brenn says:

    The View is fast fading, and we’ll all be the better for it. I can not believe the bias on that show!! They’re Democratic brown nosers except for Elisabeth. Joy is so full of hatred for anything with a hint of family values it’s pathetic!! You can see the venom in her actions each and everytime something comes up that is not her way of thinking. And let’s be honest people The Obama’s were like gods when they were on the show. The McCains were grilled and Barbara wouldn’t even let them finish answering one question before she was down their throats about something else. I was embarrassed by the way they treated the McCain’s.
    I truly believe that if we boycott the companies that advertise on this show we might,just might see a different “view’.

  383. Meredith says:

    Regardless of your party stance, I think it’s important to remember that these politicians CHOSE to run for public office and therefore will be and should be under all kinds of scrutiny. Do I think that the McCain interview was lopsided? Yes, but they CHOSE to be on that show and you have to expect the unexpected. Babs and company are not obligated to either party to follow certain guidelines, it’s her show afterall. It’s obvious that Babs is a fan of Obama and had this been a “fair and balanced” NEWS show and not an “opinionated” TALK show, I might have been irked, but she’s entitled to her opinion just like we all are. Did anyone really expect some riveting infomation to come out of this talk show?? That’s what the upcoming debates are for and that’s what I’ll be watching closely. There, the moderator is neutral and the candidates make or break themselves on their OWN words. The irony is that I don’t even watch the View because it’s like having 4 tvs on at the same time…it gives me a headache!

  384. graylgg says:

    I am not surprised at all the liberal dumbocrats on this post. They have the nerve to snipe at Hasselbeck, calling her bi-polar and a raving maniac while ignoring the illogical and ignorant rantings of Baba Wawa and Whoopi “aging hippie radical” Goldberg. The best thing Hasselbeck can do is get out of that travesty of a show and go to one of the few bastions of reason left in the media, FOX news. MCCAIN-PALIN, 2009-2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  385. Only dems view says:

    The way the view hyenias creamed thier jocks was really sickening over obama. Where were the tough questions? Those people sure grilled McCain upside down and even took a jab about being a slave again. You treated obama like a celebrity wanting to know about him being related to Pitt? Really?
    I can see sherri shepard being head over heals in love with abortions but it’s obvious she doesn’t even respect herself or smart enough to use condoms.

  386. Sam says:

    I can’t stand Elisabeth. She is ignorant on so many topics and her opinions are so emotionally driven with no basis on facts that it is painful to watch her. FOX would lap up her dumb blonde comments. I think that if they regard her so highly they should put her on Fox News Sunday right across from Chris Wallace. Not likely going to happen but it would be a hoot to watch her on Sunday mornings and the others staring at her in stunned silence. Come to think of it – isn’t she just like Sarah Palin…A full summa cum Laude example of the Peter Principle? I say back to the Island with both of them!

    My GOD what is happening to our nation?

  387. DaMark says:

    I guess Rosie was right about Elisabeth.

  388. Fran says:

    There is a God. That twit deserves FOX and visa-versa.

  389. nitrocat says:

    I have neaver been able to stand her
    barbara took up for her all the time
    E.H. always wants to start fights with
    everyone and its like they are aways
    wrong and her aways right.
    I hope that she does leave it would be nice to see the show the way it used to be .

  390. kelly says:

    Hasselbeck is a twit,,she has no idea about the world we live in. An ignorant young woman. Its such a waste.

  391. Jaycee says:

    I’m all for having a balanced panel, but Elisabeth is immature and uninformed, and the last thing that is needed for healthy discourse. Too frequently discussions become shouting matches because of her unbridled, unfounded and overly-emotional viewpoints. If Fox wants to add her to their lineup, good riddance; at least I won’t have to watch her again.

  392. DEE S. says:

    I’m a Democrat, however I must admit THE VIEW should NOT be called that anymore, because it suggests SEVERAL different views will be discussed, and that’s no longer the case since Meredith Viera left. I wouldn’t even call it liberal any more (which was okay). It is so clearly biased now, that it should be called “THE LEFT WING LADIES REVIEW”. The difference between the TREATMENT and QUESTIONS to Barack and Michelle OBAMA as opposed to the TREATMENT and QUESTIONS to John and Cindy MCCAIN were so OBVIOUSLY biased and slanted. Even as a Democrat I was disgusted and disappointed. I don’t want that type behavior representing me.

  393. bj murphy says:

    just one question are joy and whoopi drag queens, this is a serious question as both look like males

  394. ann says:

    Not wanting EH to remain :mrgreen: on the view is not about being mean to her, and not wanting her to have opinions. the problem lies with the delivery of those opinions. She is bias,narrow minded,uninformed,immature and lacks intelligence etc. She is just not fit for adult discusions on tv. I will watch the view with pleasure with her gone. She will do well at fox news because they are like her.

  395. Jenn Oneten says:

    Imagine that? Another bottle blonde, Republican-talking-point-only-informed anchor on Fox News. Now there’s something new and different … NOT!

  396. Maggie says:

    “Not wanting EH to remain on the view is not about being mean to her, and not wanting her to have opinions. the problem lies with the delivery of those opinions. She is bias,narrow minded,uninformed,immature and lacks intelligence etc.”

    LOL LOL so you are saying that the OTHERS are mature and intelligent? They are some serious old, insipid, stupid hags, and if only they would ALL QUIT, I wouldn’t have to HEAR about this STUPID show ever again.

  397. Lisa B. says:

    That would be great. Please Elizabeth leave the View so, I can enjoy it once again! I’m so tired of watching that emptyheaded woman who cannot stop whining.I don’t watch Fox News and I certainly won’t watch it if she in on!

  398. phxguy says:

    Good riddance. Elizabeth Hasselbeck won’t be missed. With her gone, I’ll watch “The View” more often.

  399. Uncle Boogar says:

    Elizabeth gives all blondes a bad name. She was hired as a professional and is supposed to act professionally. If she can’t control her emotions, she should go home, have kids and watch soap operas all day!!

  400. Diane says:

    All I can say “It’s about time” I watch the View. Elizabeth is winey, immature and should keep her personal views to herself. Let her show her passion elsewere.

  401. Lisa says:

    I love it when Elizabeth opens her mouth and makes an idiot of herself. She states the same stale, rediculous views of most holier than thou Republicans. When Elizabeth talks the rest of us get to see what the far right REALLY THINKS. It’s unpleasant but it’s a great glimpse into their narrow minds.

  402. Phil says:

    The View? Is that show still on? Why anyone with a brain would watch that show is beyond understanding.

  403. Barbara says:

    Haven’t any of you noticed how Barbara Walters only tells EH to be quiet but lets Joy and Whoopi just say what they want to. She says she really has no political favorite but it just shows right through that she is as liberal as WG and JB. On Monday 9/22 Bill Clinton will be on the show. Watch how much they fawn all over him. The only thing that comes to mind when I see Clinton is Monica under the desk and yet they treat this man like he is God. Shows you where all their morals are. And Barbara, you should be ashamed of how you treated the McCains!!!

  404. E says:

    The show would be better off without
    BABS and Joy Behar. They are both so disgusting. They have no morals.
    No intelligence.
    Run from that show. I stopped watching it last year, I couldn’t stand them saying to EH wait I wanna talk and never give her a chance. They didn’t want her view they just want a narrow minded view. They were always jumping all over her. They should be ashamed of the show and hurrah for EH. She has
    class. She has a brain not a jump on the train with everyone else mentality and she lets them speak their views.
    Good for you EH.
    The only criticism the others can give is insults. They try to make EH look like she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Too bad they are the loosers.

  405. Lefty. . . says:

    Let Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View and go to FOX. Hasselbeck trying to report the news on FOX (Faux) is going to be the biggest laugh on TV. When the hosts are not reading their scripts or TelePrompTer and they start to hold a conversation Hasselbeck always contradicts herself. She can’t hold or follow a conversation if her life depended on it, thankfully for her there are other hosts to hold up the gap she leaves or creates. :evil:

  406. Edith CA says:

    I agree with Karen and Tom comments!
    Nevertheless, only when Rosie O’ returns to the show I will watch.

  407. Karla says:

    so long, good riddance, dont let the door hit you in the ass when you go, cant be soon enough. TaTa

  408. stay Rasta says:

    I don’t wish EH any ill will or harm….but really folks she sucks!!! She really does come across as uptight as hell…and since she is constantly on the defensive..she doesn’t come across well. None of these women on the View really speak for the average American woman…..yeah they have careers ,families and nannies….and they make millions…yeah right they speak for me not even close, not even you Whoopie sorry sista , you’ve been out of the hood too long to remember !!!!. They speak at us really….back to EH she’s way out of her league…is that her fault? Maybe, who knows….she’s young…give her a few years….and maybe some orgasms…she’ll loosen up!!

  409. justmenu says:

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time, I never watch Fox news anyway and I stopped watching the View not long after she arrived, I probably won’t start watching it again once she is gone. All of those “ladies” make me ashamed to be a woman the way they argue talk over each other and pout if they don’t get their view stated.

  410. I will be happy to see Lizzy gone but I will miss her too because she does round out the other cast members. I enjoy Whoopi but Joy is my favorite and Sherry just has to learn alot more. But overall it is a great show and it won’t be the same with Elizabeth.

  411. grace says:

    I thought that the name of the show defined what the show was all about. Different “views”. No one says any of these women have “educated” views, they are just opinions. If the show ends up with a group of women who whine AND agree, who will watch?

  412. Susan says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the butt Elisabeth!!!! I certainly won’t miss you.

  413. My 2 Cents says:

    Ok We have Whoopi who has admitted to sleeping with 50 men, Sherri who has had so many abortions she can’t remember how many. And Barbara, who slept her way to the top, including the last one, breaking up a man’s marriage and telling about it in her latest book.
    I didn’t read the book.

    And now JOY who needs a good you know what.
    She has so much hate, I don’t know how she exists.

    I wish Elisabeth good luck and I would tell especially Barbara, don’t shove those skinny fingers in my face.

  414. Mantee Lou says:

    THANK GOD! Now maybe I can watch the View without having to watch the stupid, republican, whiner! There are many mornings I have turned off the TV just brcause of Elisabeth. Good riddance! Poor Fox, they have made a terrible mistake. How she got from where she is to where she was from, “Survivor”. a reality show, astounds me!

  415. a man says:

    There is only one reason why people can’t stand Hasselbeck—she has strong opinions that are different from what most women have and you feel threatened by that. If that wasn’t true, then you would watch the View more frequently and wouldn’t write such nasty things about her. Hell, I thought that the shows where she was fighting with O’Donnell were hilarious. Look, everybody is entitled to their own opinion—you have your’s, she has her’s, and I have mine. I don’t see what’s so “evil” about that.

  416. Amy V says:

    You really hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck, just because she is a strong women that has an opinion. Women listen to yourself, freedom of speach. Look at Joy Behar,and
    her faces, she not qualified to carry Sarah Palin’s dirty clothes. See needs to Shut-up and tell jokes, Nobody even mentioned that Sherri Shepard said in major mag article that she had so many abortions, she could not even count how many, and she wonders why she had her baby early, her body was not use to carrying a fetus to full term. I think that’s gross when you use abortion as a means of birth control. I worked in OB/GYN in the back the and the most abortions a women had was 37, even pro=choice people have to think that’s disgusted with that.Listen to couple of things I have run into at normal Ob/gyn another wanted a abortion because her husband told her if she did not there marriage was over! and another one was 17 years old and was 7 months along and wanted abortion. The doctor told her there would not be any doctor that would do that.That’s all cases of abuse of abortion need. Joy say’s how Catholic
    she is, you are or you are not so she what they call a convient catholic.

  417. informed says:

    Those of you using the saying “don’t let the door hit you in the butt” are considered abusive. I was abused many years by my x husband and that was his favorite saying. What a testiment to your character!!! It is sad that you people are so angry and mean inside that you feel the need to hate on others. Maybe you need to find GOD. GOD is good and when you have him in your life good things happen. Haven’t you heard the saying what goes around comes around. Your hate is going to bite you in the….!

  418. Sharon says:

    I’m so glad she has finally had enough of those evil liberal b…..s After the new one said she had lost count on how many abortions she had and Joy’s mouth always running, I can’t believe any conservative could stomach that place. Guess most of you libs thinks it’s okay to lose count of your abortions? Disgusting! I always admired Barbara until the day she acted totally unprofessional. I wish they would all just go away. Elizabeth has class and should go to FOX. Love that station.

  419. Sam says:

    I must tell you that I thank GOD that a woman who had 37 abortions was able to have them each time. I wouldn’t want to be the child of that woman. My life would be terrible. I would rather be born to a woman who WANTS me and not to someone who leads should a careless and callous live. Can we imagine what a childs life would be with such a person? There are too many babies born that are ignored and have little chance for a sucessful existence of love and care. The potential for sexual abuse by living with someone who is so careless with their lives is probably enormous. As much as I don’t like to see abortion used as the only answer to birth control I recognize that it is probably God’s will to protect some children from being born to people who will never want them.

  420. Chris Cain says:

    The View has steadily gone down hill over time. Barbara has fired several co hosts over the years because they do not share her views. I wish she would retire and quit pretending to be a well spoken innocent lady. She is quite the opposite

  421. Evilknowsall says:

    liberal or conservative matters little. if BW can’t, at the very least, be patient enough to hear a countering viewpoint to her own, she’s no better than the people she’s ranting against. While Elisabeth can be a handful, she’s young and a tad emotional, she may get that way from constantly feeling like she needs to defend herself and her viewpoints against her more liberal counterparts on the show. but the whole outlook of the “view” used to be to allow everyone to speak their mind and if it leads to some controversy, even better as that’s where the ratings are. if everyone had the same opinion and constantly agreed with BW and the other “view” panelists, how boring would the show be!?!?! if BW can’t control her own emotionalism, then elisabeth is better off at Fox where she can speak her mind, whatever the opinion, so it doesn’t take a mental, physical and emotional toll on her. after all she is a mother and wife and this IS only a job! there are more important things in life!

  422. BiCoastalVixen says:

    elisabeth’s view points, while i don’t usually agree with them, are hers to speak – hence the fights for 1st Amendment Rights. the fact that Walters feels threatened or doesn’t like what elisabeth has to say shouldn’t allow her to threaten elisabeth’s job. if there was no controversy, no in-fighting between the show’s panelists it would just be a boring version of the more conservative shows where everyone agrees and there’s not much else to say. what’s the point of it then. just call it a day, take the show off the air and be done with it!


    It is so funny to hear all of the liberals talk about Fox News being bias. I guess that is because they are the only news station who has not bought into the NObama rhetoric and nonsense. Don’t you have enough bias NObama coverage with MSNBC, CNN and the local news channels? Only a narrow minded person would not see how unfair the media has been to anyone running again NObama — even Hillary.

    Elizabeth is only qualified to do a fluff piece on any network, but at least she tried to bring some credibility to the show by voicing her opinion — isn’t that what the show is all about? I certainly would not say any of the “ladies” (I use that term loosely about Joy Beher) on there are “journalists.”

    BTW – I would much rather watch an old episode of The Price is Right than an episode of “The View”

  424. Reagan Democrat says:

    Leave EH, LEAVE. You are truly better suited to a more dignified venue than “The View”. You are young, beautiful and appreciably talented as an interviewer. Go hone your skills and broaden your horizons and enjoy your family, life and work.

  425. Mme X says:

    good riddens. 8O

  426. Jeanne says:

    The most ill matched set of women ever assembled with absolutely no chemistry together. I bet their staffers can’t stand them either.

  427. Amy says:

    She is too good for the View anyway. Move on to Fox!

  428. nuo says:

    I can’t believe FOX would be serious about hiring her! She has not shown any type of proffesionalism over her counterparts vying for the job. She plans to contend against other more qualified, acclaimed proffesionals? I think she let this rumor out, to try and show the public she is a somebody. I think she needs to go back and sell sneakers. Leave journalism to the people educated in that field.

  429. Hanna says:

    I hope they get rid of Elisabeth. She is a rued young lady and very nasty. When Clinton was on she had a sour puss the entire time. She should stay home with her kids and not get any job on TV. Bring back Rosie, she was interesting.

  430. Yvonne says:

    Can’t wait for “Holier Than Thou” Elisabeth to leave. Can’t stand her!

  431. sandy says:

    Move, on the show is a deadend, what with four against one, move to side that counts, stop trying to prove to the others, that the country is more about marriage and not about comedy, if you get my message.

  432. sandy says:

    Okay so this is how Aol. and others get away with saying what they will, by deleting the rest of our prior messages, no one else will read,great America Media, you are doing a great job so curb what it is our founding fathers inteneded, shame on you.

  433. Jessie says:

    I have noticed the parasites which are the Republicans have more to comment than the Democrats. If Elizabeth H. would let every one on the View have there say on the View on certain topics and, stop her nasty crying.
    She is not old enough to be on the show or, should I say she doesn’t act as if she is.
    Every time one of the lady’s have something to say she talks over every one and does not let the other Lady’s have there own opinion.
    She feels just because she is a Republican, that makes every thing she talks about right and every thing the other Lady’s say is all wrong.
    I am getting so tired of her crying because she wants to be right.
    Whoopi has told her before this is why everyone can have a view of there own and, the name of the program is the
    “VIEW” that means everyone is entitled to there own.
    This bail out of these company’s like Fannie Mae–Freddie Mac—Liehmon Brothers, and Aig are about to be checked out by the FBI, which should have happened long ago.
    Not to change the subject, but Mccain is one who believes that women who make 77cents to a Mans $1.00 is because they need more training what!!! than a Man because a Man learns faster.
    This man belongs in the cave man days and this woman Palin is just as ignorant on Foreighn Relations as she is on Economics….Where the hell did he pick her up?
    This woman knows nothing about nothing. they figure to let her talk to heads of State she would learn more. They didn’t let the ones with the camera’s record these talks with these Foreign Dignitary’s.
    What an Idiot!!!!!! And women are going to vote for her just because she is a woman?????
    I do not understand this!!!
    If women of america vote for this woman just because she is a woman, they must all be nutts!!!!!!!!!!
    Mccain voted against Raising the minnimum wage 19 times as Senator. Maybe these women who will be voting for Sara Palin just because she is a woman are just nutts.
    I can write so many things about these two people—–but I suppose the conservatives will write just as much and maybe more.
    If another Bush gets in office (Mccain) like he says he has voted for bush 90% of the time. And he thinks this makes him look good—I don’t think so!!!

  434. Theresa says:

    Elizabeth-these people are cruel. Don’t take all of it personally. It’s hard to deal with the rest of them and they’re democrates. So yeah, why wouldn’t you stick up for replubicans? But none of them give you a chance! It’s not the View anymore. It’s the Whoopi show!! Barbara likes her-and I do to. But, it’s her opinion that counts. Barbara even hurt everyones feelings on the show when the show was nominated for best host. Barbara gave all the thanks to whoopi.
    I happen to like Elizabeth. I think that she’s treated unfairly. So, yeah she needs to go where someone may appreciate her. The “others” will purposely say things just to set her off. There was a day where whoopi was totally out of line. The day that Elizabeth cried. And what she said was totally out of line!!!
    So, that’s why I think she should go. But you hateful people need to keep your hateful words to yourself since you have nothing nice to say….. :x

  435. Susan K says:

    I sent a comment, where did it go? It was pro Elizabeth, is that why it was removed?

  436. Caroline says:

    So-long, adieu, farewell, adios, chow, aurevoir, sayanora, good-bye & good riddance Lizzie, Don’t let the door hit ya, where the Good LORD split ya!!

  437. mollination says:

    Wow. She went on a reality tv show, and now she is qualified not only for a morning chat show, but also to be News Anchor? Granted she went to college, but it was for industrial design!?!?

    I am an aspiring, struggling, and willing-to-learn Journalism student. I have goals that may exceed my capabilities, which is why I am willing to pay my dues and put in the same amount of effort that I hope to one day reap in the form of a career. I feel nauseous.

  438. Judi says:

    Good for her. She should have left a long time ago. There nothing but bleeding heart Liberals on the show so EH never had a chance. Ms. Behar is completly rude to gues who do not agree with her Politcs. Like McCain last week. She owes him and his wife a huge apology. Whoopie sat there and made faces like a little kid. They have seen there day. Sherrie is a disgrace with her tell all about how many abotions she has had. I thought this was a family show? Plus she is not up on anything. Who do these people think they are anyway? Like I need them to tell me who to vote for? Same with the rest of the Hollywood crowd and the media. I am very capable of making up my own mind thank you very much. Ms. Walters I am very disappointed in your choices over the past few years. I don’t know what the qualifications are to get on the show but I’m sure Sherri didn’t have them nor Whoopie. I am done taking a little time to watch The View.

  439. Judi says:

    Jesse it is not about Dem or Repubs. It’s about fairness. You can be either and have a normal debate. But when you have Four Liberal and One conservative your going to have problems. But also it’s about being rude. Ms. behar is the rudest person I have ever seen. You don’t bring guest on your show to be rude or to embarrass them. Then don’t have them on. Just because you don’t agree with there Politics doesn’t give you right to be rude. they wer terrible to the MCCains. They were flirting with Obama. Where is the fairness. EH didn’t have a chance on this show. These girls are all washed up. They need to cancel The View. No one has the right to be rude or act irrisponsible just because there Politics are different then yours.

  440. Robert says:

    She is very annoying person,any time I see her the only thing I can think is

  441. amy says:

    She’s PERFECT for Fake News !! Unfair and Unbalanced….thank goodness the view finally listened to my 1,000,000 emails…now if they can just send Sherri on her way too…

  442. Amy says:

    Elisabeth is tedious to watch…..if it wasn’t for the other adorable ladies, I would not watch the View.

  443. Mrs1209 says:

    If she wants to leave, then let her go. I personally enjoyed the diversity on the show; however, if she feel that intimidated by the truth, then so be it. I believe that if you feel that strongly about what you truly believe in, then no amount of controversy will make you back down. That being said, if she believes in her candidate then she should stick it out. If she can’t sit back a take the truth about McCain/Palin/Bush campaign and policies, then good day to her. She needs to stop being a bratt and grow up. Be a real woman and stick around and fight it out. She was probably just looking for a good excuse to leave the show in the first place.

  444. sandy says:

    Good for you Elisabeth. You are so smart and with such intellegent views. You left BW and JOy along time ago. They are over the hill. Barbara is just trying to hang on and Joy never made it
    Your whole life is ahead and you need to go to an intelligent arena where you can continue to blossom. You have a lot going for you. Keep it up. Maybe Sherri would like to go with you. You two are a nice team. I hope you go. You deserve better

  445. MSat says:

    I can think of many adjectives to describe Elisabeth, but “intelligent” is not one of them. This woman blindly follows the doctrines of her political party and refuses to admit that they are less than perfect beacons. I also have a problem with the way she talks over people in that shrill, rude voice, but yet when someone puts her on the spot and asks for for an answer to a specific question, she cannot come up with a coherent answer- instead she deflects by asking another question.

    Truthfully, all the women on this show since Meredith Viera left get on my nerves. But she is the worst one. She’s ignorant, doesn’t have an original point of view and reeks of elitist bullshit.

  446. dt says:

    I am glad Elisabeth is going to Fox
    I’ll start watching The View again.
    Fox is where she belongs, the FOX
    audience will love her self righteous
    prejudices view of this country and the

  447. Michelle says:

    Well, I have lost total respect for the view, even before the release that Haeeslbeck was leaving. As a registered democrat, I have to admit that she was treated unfairly on the view, downright bullied in my opinion. As for the interviews with Obama and McCain, they were treated so differently that I felt uncomfortable even watching it. I have not watched the show since the McCain interview and will not return whether Hasselbeck stays or goes. There is too much competition out there on TV and with the limited time I have, my selections of shows is narrowed down to those that can present a more professional and fair attitude. So long, the View!

  448. Marie says:

    oh please this show has had more new co-host changes than any other i’ve ever seen .Seriously i’m sick too of having diagnosis bi-polar thrown around so easily.The View is a serious waste of time!

  449. mary says:

    right or wrong, elisabeth deserves better treatment. she is so outnumbered and barbara should be a better moderator. barbara turned out to be a big liberal bigot and joy thinks she knows it all. she used to be more human. god help us if the rest of the world had their standards. i am now an ex viewer.

  450. jnbsmom says:

    I can’t stand Elisabeth Hasslebeck! She behaves like a spoiled child. All the other ladies are accomplished and mature then there is her. I hope she goes to FOX so I will never have to see her again since I don’t watch FOX!! Elisabeth ~ Don’t let the door hit ya……….!! :twisted:

  451. Denise MacIntyre says:

    Suz….perfect, she is STUPID & OBNOXIOUS..I hope she does go to Fox, her & Hannity are two of a kind..I believe they both came from the same MOLD “unfair & unbalanced”…

  452. angela says:

    I didn’t get a chance to read all the responses about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but the first page of responses was really stupid. First Elisabeth actually is pretty up on her information and she knows alot considering that yes she doesn’t have a degree in politics–BUT she does her research and I do find her fairly intelligent on topics. As does Whoopie. Now I will not say if Im a republican or democrat because it seems that you’re ripping people for having different “views”. That is what the name of the show is! And if they truly want to be fair then they have to make it just a little more balanced. There are definitely more liberals then conservatives on the show and I don’t think Elisabeth is pouty or emotional–she is just trying to make her point. You people all seem so mean and nasty!
    At least the info she does give out is fairly accurate—-not like when Rosie was on. Do you keep track of the stupid things Joy, Whoopie, Barbara, and Sheri make too??? Give me a break. There are lots of people that have different opinions than myself and I don’t rip them apart. As long as their intelligent in their facts—everyone is entitled to their “view”.
    Fox would be lucky to get such a smart young woman like her. And no I don’t always agree with Fox either–but if they make mistakes in reporting—they admit it and rectify it. Get educated people!!

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