Kate Middleton wears a smart red suit for her second royal outing


After yesterday’s successful outing to christen a lifeboat in Wales, Kate Middleton and Prince William made their second official royal appearance today in Scotland, at their alma mater, St. Andrews. This is where they met and fell in love, and it is where they returned, for some event for the Papal Bull. That’s not important though. The important thing is Kate’s daring red suit, which is apparently “from her own wardrobe” (meaning she didn’t buy a new suit for the outing, meaning she’s really frugal). I like Kate a lot better here – hair down, smart suit, not as buttoned up. She looks younger and more relaxed. But my goodness, she’s getting so skinny. She wasn’t this thin when they announced the engagement – she must have lost 10 to 15 pounds in the past two months alone. I hope she’s not “pulling a Diana”. Ugh. Here’s more about the visit:

Britain’s Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton, returned to the scene of their early romance Friday, visiting St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland. As patron of the university’s 600th Anniversary Appeal, Prince William officially launched the event, viewing the surviving Papal Bull — a series of letters issued by the pope in 1413 — and unveiling a plaque in front of students and staff.

Prince William, who is second line to the British throne, studied art history at St. Andrews when he first met Kate in 2001. The pair grew closer after moving into a shared house with two other friends and were said to have started dating in late 2003. They both graduated in 2005.

“Catherine might be a bit emotional today,” said CNN royal contributor Mark Saunders. “She came here (St. Andrews) as just as a normal student and she comes back today as a woman who will one day sit on the throne of England. This university claims it has the most student marriages of any university in Great Britain. My theory is, this is such a small town that there really isn’t anything else to do but fall in love.”

As a wedding present to the couple, the university has established a new scholarship in honor of its two graduates.

“We were very pleased to make the offer of this scholarship as a wedding gift… and absolutely delighted that they have graciously accepted,” university principal and vice-chancellor Louise Richardson said in a statement.

It is the second official engagement for the couple, who launched a lifeboat in Anglesey, north Wales yesterday.

The pair currently resides in Anglesey while Prince William serves as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot. Their first official engagement was said to be deliberately low-key, in order to ease Middleton into royal life.

[From CNN]

I can think of some other things to do in Scotland besides “fall in love”. Like… play golf, drink, and bone Scottish dudes. Seriously.

But I do think it’s cute that they went back to where it all started for them. And I love the suit, and I’m starting to have high hopes for our little Waity (HRH Duchess of Crumpets).






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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75 Responses to “Kate Middleton wears a smart red suit for her second royal outing”

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  1. jen says:

    This girl has NO HIPS!

  2. Jackson says:

    I really like the suit as well – a bit too bright for my tastes but still nice. Those legs, however…looking like twigs.

  3. Racheal says:

    Like the suit, but it looks like she was attacked by eyeliner. Is Raccoon McPantless working as a make-up artist now she’s been canned from the Material Girl gig? True on boning Scottish dudes. That accent is a serious panty dropper.

  4. JulieM says:

    Don’t go soft on me now, Kaiser! Just kidding; she looks better than yesterday.

  5. Rita says:

    “Like… play golf, drink, and bone Scottish dudes”

    Kaiser, are those in the correct order? The weather can be quite uncooperative much of the time.

    On another note, I’m really liking this royal couple. There’s something very commoner-attractive about her and he seems to be confortable in his own skin.

  6. Shay says:

    She has to be the best dress royal fiancee in a long time. Even Diana didn’t dress this well when she was dating, or engaged, to Charles.

  7. Isabel says:

    Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God…is this how it’s going to be? Are we going to be force fed this royalty crap from here on out? I don’t care!!! I want the media to stop acting like this is a big deal!

    Royalty is so outdated. :( BAH.

  8. spinner says:

    Kate is lovely. She & Wills make a great couple. Love the suit & wish them the best.

  9. brin says:

    Boning Scottish dudes….a veiled reference to our Gerry, perhaps?
    They are adorable…love the red suit!

  10. Diane says:

    She looks awesome in red.

  11. sickofit says:

    she looks really good in those pics.

  12. Hautie says:

    Great outfit and I love the boots.

    But I like this girl. So I have nothing negative to offer. :)

  13. Cherry Rose says:

    It’s a beautiful suit. She looks really good.

  14. Kimble says:

    You’d have to be as rich as those two to play golf regularly- do you know how much it costs for a round on the courses around St Andrews? My mother in law works in a little gift shop in St Andrews and met Prince Williams a couple of times when he was at Uni – I’m sure she was there yesterday waving her little flag – bless her!

    Kate is getting ugly skinny now – hope she puts on a few pounds on the honeymoon!

  15. liz says:

    this might be the least boring outfit she has worn ever. (least boring for Kate is still very boring for most fashion-conscious)she can look very rough, facially, but looks great here. now, when will be stop judging these people’s appearances and stop caring when they step outside for a few minutes?

    ps. Wills is not aging well :)

  16. Crash2GO2 says:

    Wow, talk about boot porn! She really does have a runway model type figure, doesn’t she – real clothes horse potential there. And the suit cut and color are fabulous.

  17. Rita says:


    “Are we going to be force fed this royalty crap from here on out?”

    I’m afraid so, dear. It’s either this or Charlie Sheen.

  18. texasmom says:

    She doesn’t look any skinnier to me — she has never, ever had any hips at all.

    All in all, I think she is doing great. They seem very human and will cheer everyone up. What else can you ask for form a royal (besides providing continuity between governments, I mean?).

  19. im awful says:

    note taken, brunettes look awesome in red. a new excuse to buy something new!

  20. garvels says:

    I actually do not care for the red out fit. I think she is like any other bride and is going overboard with the weight loss in order to look picture perfect for her wedding day-especially since those wedding pictures will be viewed by billions worldwide for the next century.

  21. Jovial says:

    Meh, thats how she makes me feel, complete meh. Her hair is just so dullsville, she some layers around her face especially if she is gonna get thinner, those boots are complete cack. I second Racheal on the whole racoon eyes, bleh!

  22. Mel says:

    They look great however, the paparazzi will be stalking her just like Diana. Poor girl wont have a bit of privacy.

  23. Stephie says:

    I love how Prince William shakes hands and talks with people, very personable and adds so much to his likability. I wonder if Kate will continue with the gloves-things though, does she not like to touch people? As a germaphobe, I think I’d have gallons of hand sanitizer waiting for me in the car but no one would see that :)

  24. justathought says:

    If Kate would just ditch that hideous black eye liner…she’d be a 10! Her red dress is fashion perfection!

  25. Violet says:

    St andrews is beautiful. but so tiny. there’s nothing to do BUT bone scottish dudes, hence all the marriages.

  26. Demi says:

    What doees Ms Manners say about shaking hands with gloves on? I thought it was considered a bit rude. Especially if the other person isn’t wearing gloves. I notice our Kate kept her glovees on throughout, even the little ceremony thing when Wils was speaking….

  27. PJ says:

    Kaiser, you’re so right, she’s “our little Waity!” Love it.

    I look forward to many years of Kate-watching ahead!

  28. e says:

    I love the red but I think I would have preferred she pair the red jacket with a black skirt…it is a LOT of red. And I agree with the reader who basically said she should lay off the eyeliner. And I am not too down with the lips pursing but maybe the photographer just caught her at the wrong time.

    I know one thing for sure…I could NOT deal with wearing nylons every time I went out in public.

  29. VV says:

    Those boots are nice but not with that outfit. I think they give the entire ensemble a slight trashy look to it. The eyeliner certainly isn’t helping either…

    To me she just never looks very ‘polished’ or sophisticated. She’s pretty and well put together but she just seems to be missing some sort of quality. I am not really interested or impressed by these two…

  30. L says:

    I think part of her being so buttoned up yesterday was that she was on the sea shore. And it was windy and freezing.

    I like the suit. Really pops against all that grey stone.

  31. TXCinderella says:

    Kate looks wonderful. Classy and youthful.

  32. malachais says:

    I love her suit, fits her perfectly and the gloves and boots look great. If I was Kate, I probably would have pinned my hair half up or something, to avoid having my hairdo mess up so quickly due to the wind.

  33. seVen says:

    To those asking about the gloves and hand shaking. Maybe its cold there? Ive got a friend in Scotland and he says the weather is always miserable. She didnt wear gloves yesterday when she interacted with people. eh.

  34. zibble says:

    Love the suit, but the boots..I don’t know. They are sexy and appropriate for someone her age but for a future royal? Eh, she should have just worn some fabulous pumps.

  35. TG says:

    All those years she spent trying to bag a prince has taken a toll on her. I do like her clothes though and I am obsessed with royals and even if I do like to make fun of her.

  36. DGO says:

    I love the suit!

  37. munchies says:

    @1 jen, hips not really important. as long as the woman has a vagina, she will be okay.

  38. Ashley says:


  39. luls says:

    her hair and make-up have changed for the better. i like her, shes growing on me… :)

  40. Chrissy says:

    The only possible negative – the eyeliner. Doesn’t she supposedly do her own make-up? I really hope someone gets ahold of her and updates that look!! It makes her eyes look smaller.
    Other than that, how nice that they are going back to where it began!! :0)

  41. potatopeel says:

    I’m sure that planning a wedding – a royal wedding actually – has got to be extremely stressful – more stressful than your average wedding. So – give the girl a break on any “supposed” weight loss. Shouldn’t be any surprise. I’m sure she’ll do just fine – she’s waited long enough for this.

  42. hellen says:

    OMG, she looks like s stick insect.

  43. Embee says:

    I like the suit but think the footwear isn’t quite right, although it’s not awful. Maybe an ankle boot or bootie? I’m terrible with shoes.

    Kate and her mother are both quite slender. I think she’s probably one of those people who loses weight with stress, as opposed to someone like me who uses burgers and fries to help cope.

  44. mac says:

    I’m a student at the uni… got to shake both of their hands today!

    William was very friendly, saying ‘hi’ to everyone, and Kate was sweet, she was gushing about how lovely the town was and how lucky we all were to get to live there.

    They traveled down the line of greeters separately; William went first, of course. Our group was the last stop on the long line of people, and as soon as Kate was finished chatting with us, she turned around and went “Where’s William?!” It was all pretty adorable.

    I don’t know if it would be considered rude or not to shake hands with gloves on, but it was pretty cold (warmer than it has been, recently, though), so I’d forgive her.

    Kate did look really, really thin in person.

    As for the golf-playing, you can play even in bad weather. That’s what we do in St Andrews! Plus, locals and students get a massive discount on the courses… about 100 pounds to play on thirteen of the major ones as many times as you want during the year (barring the Old Course).

  45. Hmmm says:

    That suit emphasises the fact that she has no hips and toothpick legs; it’s not flattering.

    I’ve decided her big grin from ear to ear yesterday and today is all sorts of triumph. Honestly, it’s amazing how she’s taken to the “work” like a duck to water. All her hard work has paid off. It’s her version of the high five.

  46. ERM says:

    I, too, think she looks great! But then again, I like her. I find it funny that everyone thinks her clothing is boring — she dresses to her strengths and is lucky to have found her style so early. She seems to have skipped all of those awkward stages most of us have encountered — lord if I was to review my wardrobe from my 20′s I’d be horrified!

  47. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She looks too thin, as in unhealthy. Seems like she’s starving herself now. How long until her hair falls out from malnutrition (like Victoria Beckham), and then she and William will have matching bald spots.

    She hasn’t even married into that family yet and she’s having weight issues. Doesn’t anyone in her family notice or care? Her mother? William? There must be SOMEBODY in her world who cares about her health.

  48. ThatBoyLuke says:

    No to the boots, the tights are nasty with the colour of the suit IMO and she is too skinny, east something FFS.

  49. Jen says:

    Remember when he used to be cute? Ugh.

  50. heatheradair says:

    when’s he gonna shave the horrid hair off, already????? SOMEONE GET HIM A BUZZER. Off with it. Ugh, the way it blows around, like dying, wimpy, listless little cries for help……

  51. Amy says:

    Hasn’t she always been this skinny? I don’t think she’s lost any weight… I’m built just like her so please don’t knock us twigs just cuz we don’t have hips. I know I’m built like a twig and yes I know I have no butt or hips. We don’t need to be reminded, thanks!

  52. Lynda says:

    Too skinny, ditch the boots, put on some bling (Tastefully) and eat a haggis.

  53. asiont says:

    terrible make up

  54. Ashley says:

    Spare me the whole “poor girl won’t have an privacy”. She wanted this. That’s why she went to St. Andrews, to nab a Prince. Actually she went to nab him the year before on her gap year in South America but obviously that didn’t work out so she stalked him at St. Andrews. Funny how the only paper to get the real scoop was Vanity Fair. Every other publication is trying to make it sound like it was fate, they met at university and fell in love. Actually Wills dated a lot of girls, dumped Kate more than once, but finally settled on her when the others turned him down (and that list is a long one).

    In the UK it’s not all crowns and being a Princess, why must Americans be so gulliable and eat it up? This girl has been around for years in the UK, they know the real Waity. She’s not the loveable commoner every US paper makes her out to be.

    Now that she’s to be Queen surely she can get a new pair of boots? She’s worn the same pair since her Jigsaw days. And can’t someone give her clothes? She has appaling taste. This suit is ugh. Only the English would be dumb enough to BOW DOWN to Waity common muck Katie. She’s a commoner like you! Why bow and grovel to her?

  55. roo says:

    Boots! The boots!

  56. Poppy says:

    Regarding the gloves, it’s normal for royals to wear gloves on a greeting line, the Queen is never without them, all that pumping of strangers sweating hands and people clinging on with a death grip.

    The Queen even mentioned it once, saying she started without the gloves but soon turned to them when her hands began to get raw and chaffed from all the ‘personal’ contact, they are there to serve as a measure of health and safety. One of the easiest ways to catch something is by people touching you with a hand they have just used to covered their cough or sneeze.

    The really active royals such as the Queen, Prince Phillip and the Princess Royal can have as many as 100 public events to attend in a single month, I just checked on Anne’s calendar for March she has 72 functions to attend (yes 72 mostly public events in 31days with thousands of handshakes) so minimising the likely hood of catching a cold or the flu by wearing gloves is just logical.

  57. benny says:

    I know other royals shake hands with gloves on, but it would be more polite to take them off. I don’t think it should be REQUIRED to take them off, but it would be more polite.

    After all, isn’t that the job of the royals? To foster warm relations with their people? Otherwise, what job, excatly, does Kate have?

    (Anybody here old like me and remembers what emotional impact it had when Diana shook hands with AIDS patients without gloves on?)

  58. JulieM says:

    Ashley: Bravo, you are exactly right! All the other girls he pursued turned him down.

    I think the gloves are BS also. If it were that cold, why was she not wearing a coat like she was yesterday in Wales?

  59. Fue McCormick says:

    Well said @Ashley; I agree.

    I’m sure QEII told her through the grapevine to nix it on a new wardrobe and make due with what she has in her closet.

  60. benny says:

    I just noticed now – William’s not wearing gloves, but he is holding his hands together in several shots, so I’m assuming it WAS pretty cold. That’s probably why Kate didn’t take hers off.

    Still, he managed to do the polite thing and shake hands w/o gloves, despite the cold, so good for him.

  61. Mag says:

    @Ashley – couldn’t agree more.

    What I find sad is that her going to university is viewed as the most interesting thing about her. Even in the engagement interview that’s what was talked about. After that her life has involved following him around. She’s nearly 30 and that’s it.

    Does she have interests? Apart from the “charity” she is involved with privately. Can she speak any languages other than english?

    She really needs a haircut, a makeup lesson and a stylist. She looks common – there’s nothing dignified or graceful about her – I hate to say it but she doesn’t have that polish or aura of class.

    She’s smug and he settled. Boring.

  62. Aurelia says:

    Spare me man, those friggin black boots again. Its like bit bit spears continually wearing her fav trashy boots day in day out. Its either black boots for waitey or cheap looking black pumps. Yeah, real style icon. Maybe an icon for the those with zero taste. And what gives with the mini skirts all the time. Between her and her budget mother wearing tacky short hemlines. Clearly no home training. I bet Carole gets her tits done for the wedding.

  63. Toof says:

    Perhaps the gloves are covering where the IV lines to hydrate her were in her hands? She is looking way too thin, even for someone with a slim build.

  64. Paige says:

    she looks v happy!

  65. meow~ says:

    that guy is aroused , i can see the bulge

  66. Demi says:

    To give her her due, she is fairly young and probably still thinks and dresses like a student. I’m sure with a stylist and personal adviser she will come into her own in good time. Right now it looks as if she’s doing her own thing for now…For now!

  67. Zelda says:

    She looks nice.
    Now let’s do something about that eyeliner…so aging…

  68. Helen says:

    I’m going to say that boots were for the cold. If you’re standing outside, not all bundled up, in a skirt suit, you’re going to want boots.

  69. nanette says:

    She’s wearing a nice pair of diamond earrings–3 carats each at least.

  70. Knotstu says:

    It’s like …..a Disney princess in real life, but it’s for true !!!!

  71. dahlia1947 says:

    Ashley: Actually Wills dated a lot of girls, dumped Kate more than once, but finally settled on her when the others turned him down (and that list is a long one).
    “The others turned him down.” Really? That’s hard to believe! You sound jealous.

  72. melonie says:

    personally i think Kate looks beautiful, love the red suit and the boots, she has an athletic shape because she works at it, doesn’t look skinny at all to me, i wish people could just be happy to watch the upcoming wonderful event and just be in awe of this fairy tale that we are about to see. i wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness and joy!

  73. anon says:

    Maybe she is getting a little thinner, but I’ve got to say- while planning my wedding the nerves and stress caused me to drop 10 lbs about two months before the big day. When I got married I weighed 94lbs at 5’3 which was still within my healthy range but startling nonetheless. A few weeks after the honeymoon, I was on my way back to normal. I’ve seen tons of women go through this I’m sure Kate will be the same.

    If a normal woman like me dropped 10lbs before my wedding, imagine how scary and stressful it must be to have media coverage breathing down your neck for every detail of your wedding and broadcasting it to the world.
    If she has lost weight, it’s really no mystery why!

  74. Sara says:

    They make such a good looking couple. And this is a much better match than Diana and Charles. Kate doesn’t seem to be timid at all, she needs to have a strong backbone to deal with the monarchy. She’ll become very privileged but I wouldn’t want that life, too many demands, never again any privacy.

  75. Ana says:

    He s bald…he should do a hair implant or cut that hair shorter…..seriously..and she is way too skinny…and in England there are no make up artists? or what s up w that eyeliner???
    If u wanna be a star (royalty) whatever- u need to get u’re S@#4 in gear and to hire the right professionals to make u look good.
    If I will have to look at them from now on until at least April— they can at least look their best…Don’t u all agree?