Katy Perry worries Russell Brand will cheat on her during her 9-month tour


A few weeks ago, Life & Style reported that after three months into their marriage, Katy Perry was already looking for a marriage counselor. Apparently, after a whirlwind romance and an ill-advised wedding, Katy and Russell Brand are now finding themselves bored (at best) or fighting constantly (at worst). Star Magazine has a new report that reiterates the marriage counselor story, and then goes further to claim that Katy is worried about going on her 9-month world tour, because she fears Russell will go back to boozing and cruising.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand were lovey-dovey at the Grammys on Feb. 13, but was it all a show for the big night? The day before, they seemed in crisis: “He shouted at her on the phone when he was on the Saturday Night Live set,” says a bystander.

And an insider tells Star: “Russell has been wondering if he can be with one woman for the rest of his life.”

These are the first signs of trouble for the duo, who wed in October after a whirlwind courtship. And it’s coming as Katy has been focused on her nine-month California Dreams world tour, which began on Feb. 20. Now she’s so worried about being apart from her spouse, a former sex and drug addict, she’s looking for a marriage couselor.

“She’s especially afraid he’ll fall back into his bad old habits,” says the source. “But she believes that if they make it through her tour, they’ll last through anything.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I tend to think that we don’t have much to worry about regarding Russell’s former drug addictions. I honestly think he got those demons off his back, and he enjoys his sober and clean life. Now, the “sex addiction” is another story. Whether or not you think sex addiction is a real thing (I’m honestly doubtful), I don’t think the headline should be “Russell Brand, sex addict, cheats on his wife” if and when it does happen. Because most of the time, men just cheat because they can. It’s not about “addiction”. It’s because Katy and Russell got married too fast and with too little thought for their future, and because Katy goes on a nine-month tour and leaves Russell at home, looking through his “options”.




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  1. sharylmj says:

    They will just have to work out their schedules so they can be together as much as possible, just like they do right now. They both know what they signed up for, both of their jobs require travel and being away from home. I think they will be fine. If he’s going to cheat, he will, whether she is on tour or not.

  2. Snazzy says:

    With a man that has a reputation like his, I’d be worried too!

  3. The Truth Fairy says:

    Aaaaw how cute! She shouldn’t worry. He DEFINITELY will and probably already has.

  4. That girl says:

    Or maybe it would just be because he has no self control

  5. malachais says:

    They look alike, in style and facial features – creepy

  6. Eleonor says:

    If only Dame Helen Mirren…

  7. flotus says:

    Worrying about cheating? Then why did she marry him? Seriously!

  8. DorothyZbornak says:

    I just do not get the attraction to him. Not at all.

  9. truthzbetta says:

    He’s got his pre-excuse all ready.

    If someone falls off the wagon and ends up destroying your vows instead of doing a line or taking a swig I’d never marry into that supposed addiction.

    The Great Christian knew the deal up front, just like Sandra Bullock whose husband’s ex was a porn ho. I won’t be shocked when the inevitable happens.

    “My dick got drunk, slipped into a porno ho and destroyed my marriage.” We know, Russ, we know. Just hold off on making babies beforehand.

  10. Caitlin says:

    He is probably one the ugliest dudes I’ve ever seen. Ugh.

  11. RHONYC says:

    @ malachais:

    i know right!

    they remind me of angie and her brother james. ew. :-(

  12. Rita says:

    Expecting Brand to stay focused on the marriage is like expecting a meth addict in the midst of withdrawls to be able to juggle.

    On the other hand, who is going to cheat with him?

  13. Marc says:

    He’s one of the ugliest man i’ve ever seen and he’s completly unfunny for me. Who would like to fuck with him. Unless we are talking about the money and whores.

  14. Alexa says:

    I’m not a big Katie Perry fan, but she is breathtakingly beautiful in that Angel wing get-up!

  15. Franny says:

    does she have fungus growing on her lower lashes? green eyeshadow = not cute.

  16. Dani says:

    If you have these concerns about your husband. Why did you marry him to begin with? I guess the heart rules the brain.

  17. sickofit says:

    jeez did she really think marriage would change a mans thinking? Like: Oh i am married now, i will not cheat on my wife.
    Is she really that naive?

  18. jc126 says:

    She probably should worry.

  19. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Well duh! Of course he will.

  20. Bodhi says:

    I love how everyone is assuming that he will cheat. I think that she is the one with issues. If this is true then she sure has a lot of faith in her husband. :roll: WTF was the point of getting married if she thinks that she can’t trust him? Trust is a HUGE part of marriage. I never would have married my husband if he thought that I’d cheat on him.

  21. LittleMiss Sunshine says:

    I think he’s kind of cute and charming. If he wasn’t such a disgusting manwhore, I’d probably find him pretty attractive. *hangs head in shame*

  22. beth says:

    takes out crystal ball: look, there’s no way they’re going to leave each other so easily or so quickly whether he cheats on her, or she on him, whether once or repeatedly, and with whom… they bring out of each other their best goofball selves, and they both LIKE that part of themselves too much to not value how their partner enhances them. feels like home, even if the sex isn’t as exciting as that first time – and home is where you’ll always go back to.

    *crosses fingers.

  23. bluhare says:


    I know how you won’t have to worry about Russell cheating! DON”T GO ON A 9 MONTH TOUR!!!! Make your marriage a priority!

    Sheesh. It’s not rocket science.

  24. Mika says:

    I really like Russel Brand, and not so much Katy, but I have to say: he needs to get more flack for this relationship. She’s a silly girl who believes she can “tame” him with her awesome cleavage and godly morals, but she’s really young so I can’t totally blame her. He’s an adult. He should know himself well enough to know whether he is ready for marriage. If these rumours are true, then I’m mad at him for being stupid and untrue to himself.

  25. Diane says:

    He probably already has.

  26. Dani says:

    He has crazy eyes and I just can’t get past it.

  27. LBees says:

    Oh man. He is not looking good.

    I feel like I’ve seen mag photos (probably ‘shopped) where he looked, er, more handsome. But he looks plain *weird* in these photos.

    I’m thinking maybe he just had his eyebrows waxed? Maybe that’s it?

    Frankly he looks about ready to star in a straight-to-DVD (or worse, straight-to-download) porno version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Ahoy!

  28. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    UGH!! I have learned that if a man is going to cheat, or wants to cheaT, HE WILL!! No matter what you try to do.

    So, if you are worried about it now Katie, you are way too late.

  29. mymy says:

    I hate to say this because I think Katy is just young and Naive. But when you marry a man that has claimed to have slept with thousands of woman you are asking for trouble. It is not a sign of a virile man. It is a sign of a very insecure man who uses sex to feel virile as he has no other means of felling this way. The prolbem isn’t with her. He just wanted to think he could do it.
    He seems to be very narcissistic and he was very fat and ugly when young. This insecurity is driving his actions and will continue to do so.
    If you look at videos of them at the awards he is sickened by her. A very narcissistic sign. I mean repelled.
    The passive aggressive photo he took of her waking up without her makeup and posting. Was the beginning of the end. He is a very sick man.
    I think he has already cheated.
    It is his narcissistic supply

  30. Marjalane says:

    What a dumbshit. I guess I’m just old and crabby enough to want to know what on earth she thought was so special about herself, that he wouldn’t cheat?! He looked bored out of his mind by her at the Golden Globes and there was plenty of speculation that he was keeping a room at some hotel for his chippies even BEFORE they got married. If nothing else, why would she agree to a nine month tour right after she got married? Oh, greed you say? Well, yes there’s that. Sorry, no sympathy.

  31. Cherry Rose says:

    I wouldn’t have sex with him, but I’d love to hang out with Russell and just party and crack jokes. He has the cutest accent.

    In some of those pictures, he seems so over it though.

  32. Yael says:

    Katy: i know it’s hard to do this at this point but one can’t control what the other is doing, thinking or planning. In the end, no matter how many precautions you take, if he wants to cheat he WILL cheat. Plus worrying too much about it will drive you crazy, turn you into a bitchy gal and give him a “pretext” for him to wander. So, chill Katy, learn to trust, worry about yourself being faithful bcs it’s only you who can control and change yourself. When you let go of the constant worry about him you’ll feel liberated. If he remains faithful, then cheers. If he doesn’t, oh well…bye bye. You can’t just go around life worrying about anyone else but yourself, kiddo.

  33. JenJen says:

    Why can’t go he go on tour with her, what else is he doing?

  34. Angel says:

    I honestly hope he cheats on her, he’s too good for her ;)

  35. Faye says:

    Well considering he went from ladies a-plenty to monogamy in light speed, I don’t blame her for being worried. But I agree with bluhare, if she is really worried that the separation will cause him to stray, she should work something else out with this tour.

    I think he is bonkers over her and I’d like to think that he wouldn’t take his vows lightly if he did make such a drastic change to his lifestyle to be with her. I wish them the best.

  36. Cary says:

    I call BS on this story because if she doesn’t trust him after being married for such a little time then why gets married to begin with.

  37. Belle Epoch says:

    Remember pre-Katy when he had that rock star hair that stuck up in back? He knew it was silly and would joke about it. I liked him better back then. Being domesticated doesn’t seem to be that great for him, unfortunately. He likes living on the edge.

    She said they are both divas and it’s a contest who’s the bigger diva. I think I know.

  38. notsoanonymous says:

    I have been trying to stay away from commenting on these two – mostly because the speculation on their marriage ‘crisis’ seems sad to me. They have only been married four months and everyone is ready to rip them to shreds. It sort of reminds me of the way people reacted to Mariah Carey marrying Nick Cannon. I hope Katy and Russell end up making it after all.

  39. beebeedoom says:

    Ugh, Katy Perry is an annoying twat but if this true, then he can diaf. He’s NOW just wondering if he can be a “one-woman man”?? Maybe he should have thought of that before be took vows.

  40. liz says:

    I don’t like Katy Perry even a little, but I am bugged by some of these commenters judging her decision to go on a nine month tour. She shouldn’t have to give up her career once she gets married. He should understand that he may have to travel a lot in support of her career; these things should have been discussed early. However we may or may not feel about her “career” is insignificant. that said, her music is shit

  41. bluhare says:

    Liz, seeing as I was the person who said she shouldn’t go on a 9 month tour (why do I feel like singing the Gilligan’s Island theme?), I will respond.

    My point was that if she’s so concerned about it, why do a 9 month tour. I did not say she should kill her career. I said she shouldn’t do 9 months. What about a three month tour? What about a 9 month tour with significant breaks? Bottom line is, if you are married and want it to succeed you have to work at it. It isn’t easy. But being away from either other except for pencilled in dates (she’s said that)for 9 months would be the kiss of death for a lot of marriages not just hers.

    I just don’t understand why celebrities get married, then ignore that for their “careers” and then wonder what happened when the marriage goes down the shitter.

    If Katy Perry wants a successful marriage with Russell Brand, they need to prioritize what’s important to them. If they both feel their careers are No. 1 then they shouldn’t be surprised when other things in their life suffer.

  42. Kim says:

    Pathetic to have to worry about a man you JUST married cheating?! HELLLOO shouldnt they have worked this out BEFORE they got married.

    No way will he be faithful to her in long run. A tiger doesnt change its stripes.

  43. lori says:

    What is going on with his face??? And his eyes? Did he have a lot of plastic surgery? He looks frightening!

  44. judyjudy says:

    Didn’t he stick a Barbie up his rump on stage? I have no sympathy for a girl who marries a man who sticks Barbies up his rump..

  45. Lolita says:

    This dumb a$$ deserves everything she gets with this guy. If i married an ex drug and sex addict, i shouldnt dare complain when he cheats on me! she shouldnt worry about him cheating on her cuz its a given.

  46. ezra says:

    I’m not a fan of Katy Perry, and while I do enjoy Russell Brand’s comedy, I don’t get what she sees in him physically. I don’t think he’s an attractive man at all.
    He looks like Tiny Tim with ADHD.

  47. Judy says:

    Honestly, with these two as long as they get attention, they will stay together. If one of their careers flops, and the successful one finds an upgrade, then it’s over, and fast. But it’s not as easy as they’re happy, they’re not happy. Both Katy and Russell are difficult, complex, if shallow, people. I think they like the slight animosity they have for each other. They benefit too much from this relationship to let it go that easily. Katy does not care about cheating as much as she worries he will get attached to another girl that she can’t compete with and will want to marry her. Katy will give up her singing career, or at least put it on hold for two years, after this album for sure and will have a baby. That will stop most of the tension between them when she relents and becomes more housebound. He will struggle with Arthur and will stay with Katy to remain relevant at least through to 2012 and by then she’ll be pregnant. I believe they will last long enough to have two kids, and they’ll split a bit short of the decade mark. Maybe 6 or 7 years. It’s only logical, although I don’t know why she likes him. She could easily find someone that would easier to be around, but maybe she’s too insecure to realize that or else she thrives on the drama. He on the other hand has looked ill on and off for the last year. I don’t think he’s coping as well as he did in the past.

  48. birdgherl says:

    I think Russell and Carrot Top have the same plastic surgeon.

  49. Gina says:

    This girl’s an idiot. I know certain celebs that do put their partner above their job (whick makes them successful/last longer). Who goes on tour 9 months? She can do a month tour and then take a break, then go back. I will laugh WHEN they divorce (no pre-nup idiots, way too fast, she overcompensates how good she’s in bed, sex addict, fame hungry etc). I just hope to Jesus they do NOT bring in kids. PLEASE! *cries* wasn’t it Katy that mentioned wanting 5 or 10? Which was likely for attention. She is way too immature for 25/26. There are already rumors within a month of marriage he is already cheating.
    Yes I doubted Mariah/Nick would last long but unlike those two, these love the camera/attention too much all the damn time to possibly work on their relationship. I predict a maxm of 2 years like Scarjo because she’s in love with the idea of marriage.

  50. Murrie says:

    $20 says they’ll either be a) in the process of divorce, or b) already divorced by the time 2012 starts.

  51. Gina says:

    Jinx Murrie! lol. oh wait, you’re giving them only a year. I think they will try to save face by keeping it going for a while and for the bad pr if it is so soon.

  52. Newbie says:

    I hate to sound condescending, but a guy with a history like that is a guy I’d NEVER marry. Yikes.

  53. Starlight says:

    I hope they stay together, she seems like she is truly in love but she also seems a little naive.

    I think you can be a sex addict… you can be addicted to anything, especially if it releases endorphins (which sex does).

  54. S says:

    If he’s going to cheat I hope to christ it is with Helen Mirren. Besides, if that was the case, I’m pretty sure Katy would be more than okay with it.
    I mean, it’s f*cking Helen Mirren. Even I’d cheat on someone for her.

  55. m says:

    This is silly. There are rumors that Russell is still carrying on, just in private, and Katy is carrying on with her habits as well. They are all about PR, even if they are actually married as well. And Katy was never a nun before. The way people have accepted that her faithfulness as a given is laughable. I wish them well, but people are really being ridiculous. They are partners and friends. Friends fight all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re on the verge of splitting now or any time in the future. Although why does Russell look like he has an eating disorder and a bad plastic surgeon? He used to look so healthy.

  56. Zelda says:

    I find it very unfair that because he HAS been promiscuous, he is a cheater. People are so black and white judgmental on these boards about sex.

    D*mn, I have gotten around. Young, single, I considered it my prerogative. And I have enjoyed it. And I’ve even cheated on someone. But I have found a person now who I really love, and who is the ONLY person I now want to be with. The only one. I can’t fathom cheating. Doesn’t even register. And while I’m as horny as ever, I also don’t miss the sleeping around. As much fun as that all was, it’s not anymore, compared to being in bed with the right person.

    The idea that my current partner would have used my past to say that they don’t want to be with me NOW, and that “once a slut always a slut”—well that would crush me. It’s unfair. It’s puritanical. It’s condescending. And it’s simply not true. I am capable of great love, and of putting aside silly fun for genuine respect and devotion to another person. I like f*cking—not tearing peoples hearts out.

    If anything, in this situation, I’m more curious why someone would jet off for 9 months in their first year of marriage. That seems like a far, far dumber decision than marrying someone who clearly loves you.

  57. Shaz says:

    Nice comment Yael – well said. That said, young romantic girls suffer their education.

  58. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Zelda hear hear and cosign!

  59. justathought says:

    she’s gonna worry her pretty little head off! and rightfully so….

  60. mln76 says:

    I have no idea what the state of this marriage is( although I’d be surprised if this pairing lasts ). I like Russell Brand though he is a lot more insightful and interesting than he gets credit for. Everyone should read My Booky Wook then they’ll understand him.

  61. MsM says:

    I know everyone is saying “Don’t go on tour Katy” but this is the way she earns a living, so you can’t expect her to pull out, especially if tickets have gone on sale. That is part of her job.

    As for Russell Brand, I am a fan of his and while, sure, he has had some problems I think we should all put some faith in him.

    PS. To the people who say sex addiction isn’t a “real” addiction. I think they perhaps need to take a step back. People can get addicted to anything whether it be sugar, coffee, drugs, cutting or sex. It’s something that creates a rush and our body gets used to it.

  62. jzhz says:

    She sure as hell doesn’t have to worry about him cheating with me. Yuck.

  63. Cirque28 says:

    Well, the majority of addicts DO relapse repeatedly. But people can change.

  64. Jaariel says:

    Riddle me this:
    Do “Great Men of God” commit adultery- within the 1st year of marriage- while their delusional wives, who choose to reside outside of reality on numerous levels, prance around the world on self-imposed nine-month tours of narcissistic frivolity?

    Answer: Does a bear $h-t in the woods?

    Wow, I can see at least 6-9 months’ worth of tabloids making a killing on these two ;P

  65. Alicia says:

    Great website, check out my little Celebrity Blog
    I have going on.

  66. m says:

    “self-imposed nine-month tours of narcissistic frivolity” what?????

    Katy Perry is making millions of dollars. She is not delusional. She sold 4.4 million copies of California Gurls. Katy is a business woman. Whether you agree with her business is your problem. At the start of 2007 she had no money. It’s the start of 2011. She is now easily worth 20-25 million dollars if not more. I admire her and envy her savvy, except for the fact that she married Russell who uses women like dishrags.

    She understands that people want silly fantasy and she is happy to give that to them. She makes people happy for a living. That is wonderful and amazing and I hope she is enjoying it. I can only imagine how magical it is to have thousands of people every night reflect love back at you. It is sad if Russell doesn’t understand that he has to respect her career which is, I’m sorry, forever going to be more successful than his; he is a b-list actor at best. She is an a-list singing star. This could just be the start for Katy and if she gets back in the studio in 2012 and tours again, she will only get stronger as an artist. If Russell doesn’t respect that, she should find a man who does.

  67. Hakura says:

    @Notsoanonymous (38)- I think it’s probably because everyone has become so cynical in regards to marriage (especially celebrity marriage), because the percentages of success are so dismal.

    Which I’m sure is because so many don’t take the time to truly get to know the other person, before jumping into such a big commitment. Plus celebrities marrying celebrities are almost *always* a recipe for failure.

    Not that it excuses being being so eager to rip a relationship apart. But at least I understand where it’s coming from.

    @mln76“Everyone should read My Booky Wook then they’ll understand him.”

    I actually agree. After reading something he wrote in that book about how he met Katy, I found him rather charming, & way more intelligent than he makes himself appear. It was actually very enjoyable to read. (I don’t… find him attractive. But.) I think he does himself a disservice with the title of the book xD

  68. Rudypatudie says:

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck and sounds like a duck………….its probably a duck.

    Katie. Get prepared. You deserve better.

  69. loliepop899 says:

    i think he is marring katy just 4 attention so more girls will like him and he and katy got into a fight!!!

  70. Zoe says:

    This is ridiculous someone further up said, ‘if he was going to cheat he would do it weather she was on tour or not’ which very true but im reading his booky wook 2 and i know him well enough to know he wouldn’t do it.In the book he talks about how they first met and that day he said to matt ‘ No more girls, or messing around im going to have her’ i can’t find it but im positive i have read that.The marriage counselling id just a bullshit rumour as well. I hate magazines especially when they drive complete bullshit into people brains.Russell always visits Katy when she is on tour anyway so they aren’t apart part. KATY AND RUSSELL ARTE VERY HAPPY TOGETHER LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE!! rant over me thinks…

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