Lindsay Lohan wants to buy an apartment in the Dakota

Lindsay Lohan continues prancing about in her happily delusional existence. The entire Lohan family seems to have always had a much higher opinion of themselves than everyone else does. Lindsay’s parents are forever admonishing any and everyone for even the slightest negative statement about any of their kids. Basically if you have the audacity to have an opinion that differs from theirs, you’re gonna hear about it.

This attitude seems to have fostered in Lindsay the belief that she is much, much better than she is. I’m really going to do my best here to go with the theory that Lohan’s delusions of grandeur are her parent’s fault. Lindsay has such a high opinion of herself that she plans on buying an apartment in the famous Dakota, the legendary Manhattan building where John Lennon lived (and Yoko Ono still lives to this day).

SMITTEN LINDSAY LOHAN is buying a £2.5 million love-nest for her and lesbian partner SAM RONSON.

The pair plan to live it up in a penthouse in the famous Dakota building in New York. Residents in the block—where JOHN LENNON lived—are against the move because they don’t want all the hoo-ha it’s likely to bring.

But LiLo is forging ahead with plans and is in talks with a top interior designer.

She wants a garish 12ft circular bed with leopard-print headboard, “Hers and Hers” monogrammed towels, separate pink and black bathrooms, and a sitting room with DJ area and a huge glitterball.

My source revealed: “Lindsay’s had her eye on the Dakota building for years.

“It’s an iconic building and she’s not bothered about the complaints from residents. She plans to make it a hotbed for parties.”

[From News of the World via Contact News]

Good luck Lindsay. Normally I’d dismiss this story as hogwash – which it may very well be. But Lindsay is so crazily narcissistic and full of her self that I think if anyone would believe she could buy an apartment in the Dakota, it’d be her. While I couldn’t find out if the building was a co-op, it certainly has some type of tenants’ board that could block someone like Lindsay from purchasing a place there. And more importantly, while she may have had her eye on the building for years, so have a lot of other New Yorkers. Ones much better fitting to the building. I have a better chance of walking into Yoko Ono’s apartment and telling her to give me the keys – and getting them – than Lindsay has of buying a place here.

Plus a billion tour buses go by every day. You know LiLo would hate the attention.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are shown shopping at Fred Segal yesterday, 9/21/08. They may look upset due to the news about Travis Barker and DJ AM’s tragic accident. Credit: WENN

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  1. WTF?!?! says:

    They’ll never let her in there. Since Lennon’s assassination, the Dakota is very careful not to sell to people who might invite chaos or potentially-dangerous/disruptive-to-their-residents attention, even denying Billy Joel entry. There are plenty of other lovely buildings on Manhattan this media whore can move into.

  2. RAN says:

    I think I have to call bs on this one. That’s too upscale of a place for her and she certainly doesn’t have 2.5 mil laying around. Wasn’t she on the brink of being destitute last year?

  3. Kaiser says:

    Isn’t The Dakota a co-op? No way she gets past the board.

  4. Kate says:

    Well from what i know she already bought an apartment that used to belong to Mairylin last summer.As for those rumors that she is broke,i hardly believed them,last year and it was a very bad year for her,she actually made 3,5 million.She works from 12 years old doing commercials and movies.And i have a feeling her mum seemed very smart and have invested.Surely though she doesnt make what she used to make years ago.
    I do hope she setles in NewYork though.She always seems happier there and she longs to be with her family,she always says she is a NewYorker,even at her myspace page she says it.One thing that always caused her pain was the fact her family havent moved with her in La and she was left all alone there. 🙁

  5. Codzilla says:

    RAN: I was thinking the same thing about her financial situation. 2.5 million? And that’s just for the pad. All the interior design crap she wants would cost a fortune, too. There’s no way she has that kind of cash available.

  6. Mr. T says:

    The 2.5 million is in English pounds. The price is essentially double that. What makes the Dakota nice is that it was built when they were constructing central park. The walls of the Dakota are filled with dirt from the park. It is very sound proof from the outside world. FYI.

  7. Bodhi says:

    BS, they’d never let her in the door, much less buy an appartment there. Besides, like y’all have said, there is no way she has the money for it

  8. uhhuh1013 says:

    The Dakota is in fact a co-op. I know people who live there and they’d rather have an empty unit than let anyone like Lindsay Lohan in there. I mean, what exactly on her resume is supposed to impress the board? Her former party girl ways? Her 3 stints in rehab? The flops she likes to call movies? Sorry, you have nothing in common with the Dakota’s upscale residents, Lohan.

  9. kskiska says:

    The Dakota board have denied Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas and Billy Joel before in the past. She has 0 chance of getting in there.

  10. Cassandra says:

    The Dakota is a co op. I also know people that live there. THey have never heard about Lohan even applying, and I’ll add…




    They wouldn’t even accept her application.

  11. Manhattaniterbiter says:


  12. princess magoo says:

    She should try for the Ansonia, more her speed

  13. Moderator says:

    Please do not post comments in all caps, it is considered rude and repeat offenders will have their comments deleted.

  14. JackW. says:

    She’s just simply not allowed to live there. No chance. The universe would go spastic and life as we know it would cease. No way can they let these pop-tarts live at the Dakota. Especially a degenerate like her. I don’t care much about her car accidents nor recent the wave of rehab visits or the taboo lesbo lovers.

    Screw all that. Live your life. Just take your trash away from the Dakota. That place has enough bad memories without that riff-raff.

    I guess I’m just nostalgic for the days when real talent lived there..

  15. paris herpes says:

    Ah so it’s a co-op huh? They would NEVER let her live there, unless she promised not to have ANY parties, which is highly doubtful judging from the way she looks now…girlfriend is on the blow!

  16. breederina says:

    Me thinks the Cristodora would be more to La Lohans
    liking. This gal however totally covets the Dakota. If it’s good enough for Rosemary’s it’s good enough for my babies too.

  17. Harlemite says:

    ‘Yall Crazy.

  18. Jake says:

    The Dakota will never allow her inside. For 2.5 million, you could get a one bedroom possibly. You would also owe another $2,000 per month in building fees. But the board would have to vote you in. Won’t happen. Rumor has it that they rejected Barbra Streisand years ago. It’s a building of very quite extreme wealth. Connie Chung lives there and Yoko Ono owns many apartments inside.

  19. Kenny says:

    We were walking by the entrance to the Dakota on the afternoon of Sept. 12, 2009. There was a black lady with golden curls walking out that the doorman rushed to cover with his umbrella as she got into a car. After getting home and doing a little cursory research, I’m thinking it was possibly Roberta Flack?.?.? Does anyone know if Ms. Flack is currently a resident? I see she has lived there in the past.