Oscar Fashion: Cate Blanchett’s lilac Givenchy boob frame


Look, I know there will be many people who hate Cate Blanchett’s lilac and yellow Givenchy gown. I get it. It’s not a standard-issue “pretty” gown. Maybe I don’t even “get” this dress. But I know one thing: I love Cate, and I rarely think that she can do wrong. Cate isn’t always “Wow, that’s gorge” on red carpets, but you will always talk about what she’s wearing. Cate makes you think. Cate is beautiful and ethereal and she actually gives a crap about true fashion, true craftsmanship, and truly looking unique on a red carpet. So… the “portrait boob” dress. I LIKE Cate’s boobs in an old-timey photo frame. I like the idea of this dress. I even like some of the bead work, and I love the skirt. The back is… complicated. I do not care for this from behind, but whatever. She’s La Blanchett, bitches. She’s like my favorite alien, Tilda Swinton, only Tilda’s Alien Brain doesn’t compute “normal fashion” while Cate’s actually does.


Oh, and I did love Cate’s hair and makeup. Bitch is flawless from the neck up! Even my mom called to say that she loved Cate’s hair. It’s very Helen Mirren, isn’t it?

Cate also had one of my favorite moments from the ceremony – her little aside, “That’s gross” when viewing the scenes from the “Best Makeup” nominees. It’s still cracking me up.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Cherry Rose says:

    Only for Cate Blanchette does this dress get a pass, because only Cate can pull this off.

  2. brin says:

    Loved her hair & makeup but not the dress. Cate can pull off almost anything but I just can’t with this dress.

  3. Quest says:

    I did not like the dress but it is Cate and she pulled it off pretty well, however I still don’t like it. Loved her hair, makeup and her presentation was awesome.

  4. VV says:

    I love this dress and I always look forward to seeing her in red carpet photos just to see what she wore. She really does stand out!

    The colours are fantastic too. Makes me think of Spring! (as it snows and snows looking outside my window this morning)

  5. malachais says:

    I actually love this dress because its so unique, it fits her frame beautifully. I respect her for being bold enough to wear it.

  6. Rubenesque says:

    I’m sorry, but the back looks like baby sick on a sailor suit. She is gorgeous & thin, so why does the dress give her back fat?

  7. Reality says:

    I love the front, but it would have been better without the mustard-coloured barnacles on the back.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Hmmm the back is awful, the yellow dots bring images of fungus or mold sprouting off a tree or something. I do however love the dress from the front, wish those shoulder things weren’t there, could have done without that but love Cate and love the boob frame.

  9. brin says:


  10. Nanea says:

    I very much like the pale lilac shade of the dress, also that they used beads.

    I don’t quite get the boob frame, other than to point out hers are real, neither do I get the back of the dress, nor the yellow beads.

    But hey, it’s Cate. She can do no wrong.

  11. devilgirl says:

    That dress was the most hideous thing of the night. IMO.

  12. Rita says:

    It looked like someone “hurled” all over the back of it but she’s hotter in “Scrubbling Bubbles” than most.

  13. Ken says:

    I bow.

  14. Jackson says:

    I don’t know. Part of me thinks this dress is just terribly wrong, but part of me thinks it’s beautiful. I wish those gold beads were just about any other color than what they are. I do like both the structure and flow of the gown and the skirt and color are gorgeous. IDK….It kind of works on her. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone else who could pull off this look.

  15. I love her hair!!! She’s the best!

  16. Johnthing says:


  17. luls says:

    i HATE the hair on her. She looks 10 years older! That hair is better suited on hellen mirren or my grannie!

    im not in love with the dress, but i dont hate it either.

    Also, pls dont smile with ur mouth closed. it looks super pretentious and fake. Closed smiles bug me like hell!

  18. Ell says:

    I’m not keen on the dress, the top is over the top, loved the skirt part.

    Adore her hair cut and her of course.

  19. leuce7 says:

    Not a huge fan of the dress, but it moved absolutely beautifully when she walked. Meh overall.

  20. photo jojo says:

    The color is absolutely wonderful, and suits her. Without the boob frame – and the strange faux sleeves – it would have been perfect. But all due respect, Kaiser, she looks like my grandma got ahold of a pearl loaded bedazzler and attacked her with it. It ain’t good.

  21. Sadie says:

    This is the kind of dress I would wear to the Oscars, it has whimsy and magic!

  22. samihami says:

    What a truly horrible dress! What was she thinking?

  23. bunkins says:

    Love this dress on her only.
    Imagine Kim Kardashian in this dress. Gross.
    Only Cate can pull it off.

  24. GeekChic says:

    She essentially makes something work that no one else ever possibly could. But, that being said, the back is hideous with the creeping fungal infection that is moving toward her bum.

  25. Sumodo1 says:

    Boob frame with mold, that’s what I thought. Epic fashion fail. Cate has tumbled off the mountain and has to climb up to to top of the fashion heap after this monstrosity.

  26. Siren6 says:

    The boob frame was fine, it was the fact someone peed on her shoulders that bothered me.

  27. tango says:

    Ewww, I get it Cate but it still sucks. This is a dress for the couture runway that people ooh and ahh over but never buy, not the Oscars.

  28. Maria says:

    I love her too. And i will never ever forgive that bloody academy for giving Cate’s well desereved Oscar to that GOOP! Cate killed in Elizabeth and.they.gave.that.Oscar.to.gwyneth.paltrow.

  29. yes says:

    yuk taste is like assholes we all have one. this is one fugly dress….

  30. operagirl says:

    The title to this post is epic. E-P-I-C. Still giggling…

  31. Girlnone says:

    I hate to say this…but the back of the dress looks exactly like cat sick. I can’t *not* see it.

  32. Jenny says:

    Cate, Cate, Cate. What happened? Wrong, just wrong on so many levels.

  33. SHump says:

    I think it’s lovely. It’s really interesting, and so completely different to all the boring crap everyone else wears. Cate looks lovely in it and I love that it’s daring without being completely absurd and stupid.

  34. Isabel says:

    I cannot understand the dress. I just can’t.

    However…the “that’s gross” comment was hilarious.

  35. Deano says:

    Looks like something from a dream-sequence in a Fellini movie circa 1963, I absolutely adore this …FANTASTIQUE!!!!

  36. Venus says:

    I love Cate too, but you’re on your own with this one, Kaiser.

  37. xxodettexx says:

    before i read any of the comments that will certainly eviscerate this dress choice – i personally LOVED it! makes me wish i were a tall, leggy, willowy blond! 🙂

  38. bros says:

    My favorite dress of the night! LOVED it. it is so unusual and avant guard. Everyone should take risks like this-there was a lot of boring on the red carpet this year, and this definitely stood out. fantastic!

  39. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    She is so beautiful to be wearing a dress that looks like she pulled out of a trash can.

  40. beth says:

    i keep looking at her chest expecting to see my reflection….

    and then i saw the barnacles growing on the rest of the dress…
    even more mortifying, the back of her dress… those barnacles looked toxic wasted.

  41. kiyoshigirl says:

    @johnnydeppsgirl: if I saw this gown in a trash can I’d be diving in!!

    This dress is walking art. Love it, love it, love it. It belongs in the fashion hall of fame. It might look a little strange on the human body, but as fashion art it is perfection.

  42. OXA says:

    I loved the movement of the skirt as she walked on stage, as she reached the microphone the bodice came into focus and I saw a replica of some Louis XVI furniture. The best things about this years Oscar’s were Colin Firth & The Kings Speech winning, oh and the commercials.

  43. sasa says:

    LOVED it! She wears it effortlessly.

  44. skibunny says:

    She looks amazing as always

  45. I Choose Me says:

    Great colour and I love her carriage. No matter how ‘interesting’ her outfits are they always fit well and she wears them, not the other way around. That said, I hate the beading on the dress particular that yellow infestation looking crap on the back. *shudder* I vote this a miss.

  46. heaven says:

    Loved this. Would love it more if it wasnt so square on the shoulders. But this is hands down one of the best dressed. whith Mila’s dress.

  47. esblondie says:

    I actually love this dress. And yes, I think it’s because it’s on Cate and not some other broad. To me, it just works. It’s so different and weird, it’s beautiful.

  48. Camille says:

    Only Cate could get away with this. I think she looks quite fabulous.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    Epic fail. The dress looks like it sprouted purple and yellow measles.

  50. Hmmm says:

    Regarding the ‘boob frame’: First thought- When is the curtain going up?

    The dress is an interesting experiment, but not pleasing and therefore, a fail.

  51. Juu says:

    I swear I’ve just cleaned my cat’s vomit and it looked exactly like that thing on the back of her dress.

  52. betteboo says:

    This dress is gorgeous on Cate, the colour is lovely, the yellow accent detail draws the eye to her interesting face, the dress is beautifully proportioned, a perfect fit, and exactly reflects its wearer: a true original. Total win

  53. Janet says:

    The hair is gorgeous! I’m not digging the gown but ooohh, the lovely hair!

    And those wrinkles around her eyes…she makes wrinkles look sexy.

  54. Jeri says:

    Even the “mean girls” don’t criticize Cate. She has a “hands off” label for all those who love to trash others. I think it’s in the blogger memos.

    She is beautiful and elegant without trying.

  55. CB Rawks says:

    The yellow pus-y vomit shoulders really finish it off.
    Ugliest dress in the history of the universe.

  56. Vera says:

    I can’t tell if I like it or am partial to it. The sleeves are what get me. When I first saw her in it, I liked it. Then when she presented…wasn’t as sure if I liked it. I actually like the circular bit, though compared to the rest of the dress, the top has a lot going on. But that may have been intentional as she was a presenter and thus was to be shown from waist up on tv.

  57. Saabie says:

    Hideous. Barnacles, mold, scrubbing bubbles, baby-sick, whatever you want to call them, and agree with all of those – (I also think they look like boils) – this is a dress for Lady Gaga to wear while walking her dog (maybe).
    Not for an exquisitely beautiful Hollywood queen. WTF.

  58. jb says:

    She has never looked more beautiful and the dress is perfection.

  59. Jenn says:

    i loved it from the front but when i saw the back i thought why has she got wattle all over the back of it…. the first pic of the back i saw was from a distance andyou couldnt work out it was beading

  60. Emily says:

    Oh, I’m in love with this dress. From the front. WTF is going on at the back? How exactly do you manage to give Cate Blanchett back fat?!

  61. original kate says:

    love the dress, the color, her hair, everything. i just love her sense of fashion adventure.

  62. Ruffian9 says:

    This would look ridiculous on 99.9% of the population, but this is Cate Blanchette. Somehow, it works.

  63. jane16 says:

    A beautiful woman. Glowing, look at that skin! Like the new haircut, but not crazy about the dress.

  64. Danii says:

    I actually loved the dress and those embellishments suited her and her skin tone. It was dainty. She went too crazy on the face filler, though, IMO. Could barely moved her cheeks!

  65. jemshoes says:

    Cate is just breathtaking. I love her latest hairstyle!

    The dress was beautiful … under I saw the pictures of the back of it! And like other posters have described it, it honestly does look like yellow barnacles, mustard, baby poop / spew … it’s just so wrong on an otherwise amazing dress!

  66. lrm says:

    the colors are gorgeous on her. she s hould wear lilac again. this dress is so cool b/c it/s unique and she can pull it off…it’s elegant but bizarre at the same time. i dont really like it, however….

  67. yes! says:

    Best dress of the night,I immediately woke up when she arrived on the red carpet!

  68. Mag says:

    Stunning dress. She looks chic, elegant, dignified, appropiate but individual. Perfect.

  69. Nate says:

    Lady GagGa should wear this with Kates face in that stupid round frame on the front

  70. Valerie says:

    I loved the dress but would have been better if the yellow pearls were dark lavender.

  71. Trashaddict says:

    FAIL. I feel sorry for any man having a conversation with her. Where the hell would he focus his eyes?