Growing Pains’ Kirk Cameron won’t kiss another woman even if he’s acting

Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron is hardcore. Well, hardcore Christian. Kirk is evangelical, and this morning was on the Today show to promote his upcoming movie “Fireproof.” In the course of the interview Kirk mentioned that he won’t ever kiss another woman besides his wife – he even has it written into his contract. Most directors expect (yet get a little frustrated with) certain nudity clauses and restrictions. But kissing? That’s got to be a first.

Christian actor Kirk Cameron forced movie bosses to cast his wife Chelsea as a smooching stand-in for his new film Fireproof, because he refused to kiss his onscreen wife.

In the movie, Cameron plays a firefighter battling to save his marriage to his wife, played by Erin Bethea. However the 37 year old had made a vow to Chelsea – his wife of 17 years and the mother of his six children – that he would never kiss another woman on or off-screen, so she was brought onto the set for a romantic scene.

Cameron, a partner in evangelical Christian ministry The Way of the Master, explains, “In Fireproof, there is a romantic and touching scene where he (character) kisses his wife. Because I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman, my wife Chelsea came in to the set and wore the dress my character’s wife wore. We shot the scene in silhouette, so when I kiss my wife, I’m actually kissing my wife and honoring our marriage.”

“It’s a personal commitment I have made to my wife.”

[From Starpulse via Dlisted]

That’s sweet… and extreme… but still sorta sweet… in its way, I guess. I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s pretty easy to mock and tease about it. And I’m not sure how professional it is, and if directors and costars could legitimately consider Cameron a pain in the ass for it. But he’s really only talking about it in the context of his commitment to his wife, and every couple figures out what that means to them. I guess in this particular marriage, there are no exceptions for work-related smooches. It’s extreme, but it also shows a lot of dedication, even when it’s not convenient.

But it’s still probably annoying as hell for everyone else.

Header photom of Kirk at the Movieguide Awards in 2007; thanks to WENN.

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  1. Lore says:

    If you’re gona talk the talk you gotta walk the walk. God honors people whose words are consistent with their deeds and so should we all. Go Kirk!

  2. katie says:

    you know, with hollywood marriages lasting five years max and people having affairs with costars all the time this actually seems kind of legit. extreme for sure but his wife is obviously more important then his acting and I think that’s pretty admirable.

  3. Melissa says:

    I think it’s noble.

  4. Trillion says:

    Doesn’t his god know the difference between play pretend kissing and for real kissing? Fortunately, Kirk Cameron probably won’t have to deal with this problem too much.

  5. Diva says:

    I think it’s awesome. It’s not something GOD told him to do, it’s something that was decided between he and his wife, and shows that his marriage is alot more sacred to him than his acting career! The best part is he’s not saying a thing bad about anyone else who does it, he’s just saying its not how he wants to roll.

  6. CiCi says:

    Trillion – he didn’t say it had anything to do with god’s objecting – but that it is a “personal committment [he] made to his wife.”

    Look at Hollywood marriages and tell me this isn’t a good idea. Anyway, it’s a personal choice.

  7. girl says:

    I think it’s sweet. Good on him for it. Not everyone’s cup of tea to kiss a stranger. There is always the concept that it is far to intimate a deed. Like the proverbial prostitute who will do many other deeds with her body with other people but reserve kissing for someone special. I don’t think I would make that commitment as a wife if I worked as an actor but to each their own.

    And as the previous poster stated, I don’t think KC will have much need to even draft that into a contract.

  8. daisy424 says:

    Awww, what a guy, sounds sweet.
    Six kids?? 😯

    *edit, Codzilla, good one!

  9. Jess Doherty says:

    That is admirable coming from a Hollywood actor. I’m impressed to see someone who isn’t ashamed to keep his morals in check.
    @ Trillion – what do you care about his God? It’s his belief and his business to honor his beliefs. Why would anyone find fault in that??

  10. Codzilla says:

    The real shock here is that he’s actually in a movie. Are we talking like a movie theater movie?

  11. Holly says:

    Oh, whatever. Having grown up as a pastor’s daughter, I can say that most of that stuff has more to do with being pretentious and finding another way to one up everyone in the Who’s The Holiest? game. Give me a break. Its so sad to see people put restrictions and rules on themselves that even God himself probably smirks at.

  12. Holly says:

    If its because of him and his wife, I guess that’s sweet and all, but how insecure is that on her part?

  13. Ms. K says:

    I’m TOTALLY not religious, but I have to say kudos to Kirk for holding to his ideals. Think about it: how many marriages have been broken up by co-stars? Hormones do not react to what’s “play-acting” versus “real life.”

  14. huh says:

    I think maybe ACTING isn’t the best line of work if you aren’t willing to actually ACT.

  15. chrissy says:

    evangelicals sicken me, but i do admire people with integrity and are not hypocrites.

  16. Codzilla says:

    Daisy: 😀

  17. Prissa says:

    LOL, Codzilla, I was thinking the same thing!! I’m all for Christianity and everything, but boy this guy has turned into total dullsville! I mean, I used to think he was such a hotty, but now he’s really just a sorefest. I watched one of his Christian specials and when he and another guy went out on the street talking to ppl they were really condensending. I didn’t like that at all. I believe 100% in judge not and don’t be holier than thou, so that really turned me off.

  18. Codzilla says:

    Seriously, though, is this a movie I can look forward to avoiding at the local megaplex? I’d Google it myself, but I’m too, uh … busy.

  19. BB says:

    i think it’s a little extreme. Acting is acting if he feels that he does not have enough self control to not let it be anything other than professional then maybe he should rethink his roles that he chooses. Business is business, it comes with the territory of acting. get over it.

  20. Leah says:

    That’s awesome, and I’m sure it really does limit him as an actor, because outside of “The Way of the Master” and the company that produced “Fireproof”, plenty of directors just won’t work with that – they’ll get someone else. So I admire him for sticking to that and valuing his marriage more than his acting.

    And p.s., no one said anything about whether or not Chelsea “made” him do that, so maybe it’s best not to judgmentally call her insecure.

    Even if it is “just acting”… it affects the actor. You just can’t help that when you’re spending more time on set with your co-star than with your family, constantly pretending to be in love with a person who is not your spouse. It takes its toll if you’re not careful.

    Ironic that Brangelina had an affair right after “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, huh?

    As someone else said… when Hollywood marriages generally don’t last past 5 years [10 if you’re really awesome], you’ve gotta admire someone who will do what it takes to honor their marriage and their spouse.

    I’ve always liked Kirk Cameron :).

  21. Leah says:

    p.s. – have you *seen* his wife? She’s beautiful! He’d be crazy to cheat on her.

  22. poky says:

    good for him. like someone else said, if you’re going to talk to the talk, be ready walk the walk, which he and chelsea do.

    He has his moral code and sticks to it and I applaud them.

  23. Kristin says:

    He is such a dick. He got someone fired on Growing Pains because the actress was in Playboy.

  24. caribassett says:

    Kudos to him. So many marriages today do not last. It is fantastic that he has such a high level of commitment, and if this is what works best for their marriage, then Rock On.
    I also feel it makes him a fantastic role model.

  25. Tomi says:

    This is his choice, but it is acting. Many people are able to tell real from pretend. Would he do a “Brokeback” type film then? (again with Brad and Angelina–give it a rest please)

  26. wow says:

    Good for him…he and his wife have been married for a long time. Take note, Hollywood.

  27. Heidi says:

    @Leah: GEEZ! 🙄
    Why do ppl get so defensive when others speak negatively about a celebrity?

    Makes me think it’s them in cognito

  28. vdantev says:

    No wonder he has no acting career. He started doing this shtick during Growing Pains and it really helped to kill the show because he couldn’t or wouldn’t separate himself from his character. If the character did something unseemly in the eyes of his religion- he refused to do it. The ‘Way of the Shepard’ people are waaaaaay out on the outer fringes of Christianity. These people are just damn strange.

  29. Amy says:

    Kirk Cameron is a freaky religious dude who questions the validity of dinosaur fossils… but I still find this sweet. 😳

  30. Shay says:

    If that’s how he wants to do it then so be it. As long as he doesn’t start complaining that he can’t get a job in regular movies I don’t have much to say on it.

  31. Wif says:

    Between the time the we got married and started having kids I kept auditioning for plays thinking that it was my only route to legitimately kiss other people. Of course my husband does theatre too, and we kept getting cast in the same damn plays, always as love interests. So I have yet to kiss someone else, 10 years into it. In fact we were once told by an adjudicator (who didn’t know we were married) that we had zero chemistry. You think?!!!!! Of course there’s no chemistry, we’ve kissed a million times. Grrrr.

  32. Jeanne says:

    You mean it’s that easy for actors/actresses to protect their marriage–just have a no kissing clause? I guess Jen is kicking herself that she didn’t ask Brad to have a no kissing clause? I don’t think Ms. Cameron has to worry though; he ain’t all that. There’s something about grown up child actors that creeps me out anyway. When you look at them you keep seeing them as they were when they were kids. Yuck, not sexy.

  33. rottenkitty says:

    He needs to find a new line of work. If he can’t tell the difference between pretending and real life, then he’s really in over his head and is too simple to do something as complicated as acting.

  34. Hmm says:

    Don’t be surprised in a few years if there is a scandalous story about Kirk, because he’s starting to sound like a real closet case.

  35. Jen in Dallas says:

    I dig it. Go Kirk. Honorable.

  36. Just Me says:

    why is this so suprising? why just because you are a actor/actress should it be ok for you to cheat on your spouse? that’s exactly what it is….cheating…..why should it be considered ok just because it’s his “job”?

    ok so if i was a prostitute would that make it ok for me to go around sleeping with someone other than my husband? because it’s my “job”? NO! If you’re in a commited relationship you shouldnt do these things with anybody other than that person…no matter the circumstances……as for everyone saying it’s pretend and not real….a kiss is a kiss….and weather or not you’re doing it for the reasons you may do it to someone else, that doesnt mean feelings cant develop….there is no “pretend kiss” if your lips touch it’s a kiss!!!!if you were “pretending to kiss” your lips wouldnt touch now would they? shall we look up the word “pretend” because i’m pretty sure it means you act like your doing something when your actually not…regardless of the nature of it, if you physically kiss somebody you kissed them! you didnt “pretend” to….am i the only one who feels this way???
    👿 😈
    i think this is very sweet and she’s lucky to have such a loyal husband….

  37. MB Travis says:

    Oh…NOW I get it. So THIS is behavior worthy of sheepish praise, huh? But those who think for themselves must be broken down, right? Got your tune, now, got your tune…

  38. tess says:

    hopefully KC told the directors about his stance before he accepted the role.

    if making promises like this to each other is what has kept the cameron-noble marriage apparently solid for 17 years, more power to them.

  39. ER says:

    I admire Kirk. He became a born again Christian and he actually walked the walk. He signs onto the movies that work for him and avoids the rest.

  40. Daniel says:

    I think if you’re going to be an actor and you limit yourself to what you do and dont do then you limit your roles as well. He has hardly any fame left all all his career running on empty he shouldn’t be so choosy unless he has money stockpiled somewhere….

  41. Kat says:

    For God’s sake, it’s a fricking job. You actually have to kiss, hug or touch another person, being an actor. This doesn’t mean you jump their bones, after the movie is completed, and your spouse should understand that. Kirk should find another line of work or limit himself to acting in animal movies, where dog licking is acceptable.

  42. geronimo says:

    Not a clue who he is but it doesn’t matter since, with that approach to acting, I don’t think he’ll be troubling any awards list at any point in the future.

  43. Lola says:

    I would love my husband to be like this if he was in showbiz. I don’t trust these evangelical types, he can do something like this and yet he has three mistresses in church on the side. Taggart anyone?

  44. Tia says:

    I totally agree with you Christy 100%

    evangelicals sicken me, but i do admire people with integrity and are not hypocrites.

  45. Nouvel says:

    vdantev – you are right on the money.. ewwwwwwwwww they sure are.. freaky religious people

  46. Roma says:

    Just for clarification – the movie “Fireproof” has a heavy christian theme. In fact most of his roles are.

    His choice not to kiss other women even while acting might be limiting if he was making hollywood movies, but I’m sure the christian directors are a little more understanding.

  47. sassyspank says:

    what a douchebag. thought he was one when i was a kid, and still think he’s one now.

  48. minda says:

    I think that’s kind of nerdy actually. It’s just acting. People who are overly ‘religious’ tend to sin a lot when no one’s watching. hehehe… I’m sure he’s a good guy though 🙂

  49. Maritza says:

    He loves his wife so much as to risk his career, that is admirable. And Hallmark is the perfect channel for his line of work.

  50. heehee says:

    You dont have to do any raunchy acting to be worthy of awards or honors for your acting. Thats mistaking more for better or loudness for goodness etc.

  51. DarthVadersLoveChild says:

    so today I went to Chik-Fil-A, home of the puritanical, not your typical pagan burger, christian chicken sandwich. You know, the place that isnt open on Sundays because its against gods will. Anyway, along with my order I was given a movie card for this crappy movie. Made a great coaster for my drink.

  52. Granger says:

    When Kirk Cameron left Growing Pains, he made a conscious decision to never act in a mainstream Hollywood film again. It would simply go against every evangelical Christian belief he has to be in a film where people curse, take the lord’s name in vain, kiss, fondle, simulate sex, etc. So the guy is in no way worried about risking his career, nor do I think it’s his goal to win an Oscar someday! His path has taken an entirely different direction — that of a Christian movie “star” and evangelical minister. I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination… but I must admit, I admire KC for his unwavering devotion to his beliefs. Too many of the so-called Christians I grew up with (I went to a Pentecostal church) are two-faced, hypocritical phonies who talk the talk in church on Sunday morning and spend the rest of the week back-stabbing each other and cheating on their spouses. KC doesn’t just talk about it — he actually lives it. I think that’s pretty admirable, even if I don’t agree with his beliefs.

    As for not wanting to kiss another woman, I think it’s kind of sweet, too. When you REALLY think about it, the institution of marriage is all about two people being absolutely faithful to each other (“forsaking all others”) for the rest of their lives. Very few people actually think about that when they get married. I’ve always thought, if you don’t believe in the whole “covenant” of the institution, why get married in the first place? Why not just live together?

  53. Lauri says:

    I don’t understand the posters who are insulting him and putting him down for his choices. Don’t we all have to decide how we want to live? Just because his decision is a bit different than most peoples’, that doesn’t make him bad. It just means that he has found what works for him and his family. It’s not as though his choices harm anyone.

  54. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’ve decided years ago that if I were to become an actor, I’d have a special clause in my contract that I’d never have to kiss Kirk Cameron.
    So I guess I don’t see what the big deal is. . .

  55. Codzilla says:

    Jaundice: Ha! That was funny. 😀

  56. steve says:

    ok kirk stands by his beliefs and his marriage so whats the problem you dont see him on all the news shows or oprah pushing his beliefs onto the public like that crazy freak tom cruise

  57. Brenda Lund says:

    Very commendable. I think it’s great.
    Committed to his wife….refreshing.

  58. Shane says:

    I doubt it inconvenienced anyone on the set to bring in the wife for the silouette kiss.

    And yes, some married actors/actresses apparently do get their rocks off kissing while filming, that’s how it all began with still married Brad Pitt and Angelina.

  59. Lori says:

    Seems most of the ones here ranting about being “non-judgemental” are some of the most judgemental of all. Blatant hypocrisy.

    I say good for him, marriage is not play-acting, its for the mentally and emotionally mature—others need not appply.

  60. really? says:

    Honestly, why is everyone so hung up on whether or not he can get a job because of these “limitations”? WHO said he was looking for acting jobs? He did this movie and volunteered his time (save the wise cracks at that, good grief), he’s not in any of it for the money (and hold your jokes about the money, too…this movie finished opening weekend at #4 in the nation and was only released in 1/4 of the theaters the #1 film did).

    He’s not afraid of losing control, and I can only imagine the thoughts from others here can only equate his decision to that because there is a lack of understanding for his standards.

    And for the record, he and that “other guy” (Ray Comfort) do not go out on the streets and “demean” people. They only present what the Bible says and leave it at that…if you don’t like what the Bible says, then that’s your choice. If what the Bible says bothers you, maybe you should ask yourself…why?

  61. Carl Marx says:

    What a calculated bunch of bull. why does Mr. “God is proven via banana” Cameron find it necessary to tell us this information (does he want us to think he is somehow more Godly and thereby better?)I can tell he got what he was after(I.E Publicity)just from reading the warm fuzzy comments left here. Mike Seaver may have failed science miserably ;however, he truly excels at marketing.

  62. Karen says:

    I think it’s awesome. What a show of devotion to his wife.

    Not sexy…..There’s NOTHING sexier than a christian man. You know they have their priorities in the right place…..and if you’re a woman LOVED by a christian man…….after GOD,You are at the top of that list.

    And Kirk is NOT holier than thou. He knows the TRUTH and is trying to share that truth to a dieing world. How noble.

    I’m a christian and have been married to a wonderful, chiristian man for 22 years…..and the sparks fly like crazy….

    Loved the movie, Kirk. Thank you.

  63. kAT says:

    Those whom have ‘bashed’ Mr. Cameron because of his personal beliefs are on a doomed path of living in the first place. Your morals are obstructed and you follow the crowd rather than lead. Does anyone know the dangers of a kiss in the first place. A kiss is the start of the connection, a spark, whether its acting or not. Those individuals whom find it not a big deal review the issue as acting, a way of making money and if you will do anything for money, well, i know someone who will pay you a few bucks to meet them behind the shed. You willing to do that? Its just acting, you don’t have to really like them.

  64. Jean Loper says:

    I’m so thankful to Kirk for the example he setting for the world to see, that is, a man of integrity. He he living his beliefs, not just talking about it. Go Kirk!!!

  65. daph says:

    i’ve been trying to learn abt compromise, this blog has been more than helpful, totally going to add tht clause to my acting contract, its never been about the acting, its about Christ, and the message we give the world sh’d by all means be christ..loved fireproof

  66. mouse says:

    That’s sweet that he’s so committed but he should really find a different career, then. I would understand not wanting to do sex scenes or even heavy passionate kisses, but not even a “bye honey I’m off to work” kiss? That’s just ridiculous. I guess he hasn’t changed from his days of being difficult on the set of Growing Pains.

  67. Brian says:

    @ commenter Hmm who said “Don’t be surprised in a few years if there is a scandalous story about Kirk, because he’s starting to sound like a real closet case.”

    How correct you were apparently. At just a bit over 2 years to the day since you posted that comment, here is a new Blind Gossip item that readers are in complete agreement could only be Kirk:

    BlindGossip – This former ’80s sitcom star was always very cute and popular and respectable. He married his actress sweetheart, and the couple are two of the straightest and most uber-conservative celebs and parents around. So it pains us to inform you that he’s actually a major closet case. One of his wife’s friends spotted him in a gay bar a few nights ago. The wife was so mad that she locked him out of the house and threatened divorce.

  68. Gia says:

    I don’t like how Kirk Cameron comes off judgemental and presumptious of other peoples walk of faith. I saw him on a TBN show with ex Prince girlfriend Vanity 6. She is a born again Christian and he just sort of acted really obnoxious about whether her life was “chaste” enough, in so many words.

    I’m a christian and don’t care for legalistic types and that’s how he’s always been. Which does nothing but show a lack of love towards other people.

    On another note, wow, he married beautiful Chelsea Noble and I guess maybe she decided to give up her career once she became a mom. Or maybe its just that Kirk wouldn’t stand for her having a life outside of him…she towes the line perhaps. I’m of course speculating, because as an outspoken christian man with a nice big family like theirs it seems curious that Chelsea Noble doesn’t do anything public with hubby on the christian curcuit.