Angelina Jolie makes another UNHCR goodwill trip to Afghanistan


Above is a photo of Angelina Jolie in Afghanistan on a UNHCR goodwill mission, attempting to highlight the issues of Afghan refugees who have returned to their country after years of living in exile (mostly in Pakistan). Here’s the UNHCR’s press release regarding Jolie’s statements in-country:

KABUL, Afghanistan, March 2 (UNHCR) – UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie on Wednesday called for greater focus to be put on the reintegration of former Afghan refugees as she wrapped up her second visit to the western Asian nation. During her two-day trip, the acclaimed actress met internally displaced people and refugee returnees still struggling to survive and reintegrate almost 10 years after returning to Afghanistan from years of exile.

More than 5.5 million refugees have returned since 2002, mainly from Pakistan and Iran, and now make up 20 per cent of the population. UNHCR is concerned that too many of these former refugees continue to live without jobs, shelter and other basic needs.

“It’s clear travelling through the country that what needs to be done is a very focused approach in places of return. We need to revisit the idea of what return is and the difference between just returning and reintegrating,” said Jolie, who last visited Afghanistan for UNHCR in 2008. “The focus needs to be put now on reintegration, and that means not just putting up shelter but making sure there is water, job opportunities, a school for the children and medical clinics,” she added.

On Wednesday, Jolie returned to visit families living in a dilapidated warehouse in Kabul that once served as a storage facility for the national bus company. The Tamir Mili Bus depot is now one of 30 UNHCR-identified sites in the Afghan capital where returned refugees and internally displaced people can live while they eke out a living.

The Goodwill Ambassador caught up again with Khanum Gul in the small damp room she shares with her husband and eight children. A UNHCR plastic tarpaulin covered a gaping hole in the front wall, providing some shelter from the wind and snow. On Jolie’s first visit in 2008, Khanum had just given birth to her son Samir.

“It was very distressing to see that, because of the poor conditions, Samir seems to be suffering some form of developmental delay due to malnutrition or lack of medical care. He can’t walk and is barely surviving in what can only be described as a very cold and damp warehouse,” Jolie said.

Khanum’s husband, Eshan, tries to earn a living as a daily labourer. He waits for hours every day but is rarely picked for work. The couple also support Khanum’s ailing 70-year-old mother, Bi Bi Zamo Jan, who also met Jolie on her first visit.

“This old woman was so upset, because she feels like a burden. She watches her grandchildren go onto the streets every day to wash cars for a dollar a day so the family can eat. Often they earn nothing,” Jolie said. “Everyone I have met on this visit has been very clear. The Afghan people don’t want to become beggars. They want the opportunity to work for a living with dignity so they can provide for their families.”

The day after arriving on Monday evening, the Goodwill Ambassador travelled to the village of Qala Gadu, which lies north of Kabul on the Shomali Plain, the scene of fierce fighting during successive waves of conflict in Afghanistan since the late 1970s. Among the 2,500 families in the area, almost everyone is a returned refugee or was internally displaced before 2002.

Jolie met a group of young girls who will study at a new primary school that is being built in the village with funding from the actress. She also paid for a school in the remote returnee settlement of Tangi in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. The girls in Qala Gadu currently study next to the local mosque. The lack of a proper classroom means most girls can’t study beyond 4th Grade.

Ten-year-old Sahira presented Jolie with flowers on behalf of her classmates, saying: “If you build this school, I promise I will work really hard and study until the 12th Grade.”

Sahira, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, is the youngest of five daughters and the first of them to attend school.

UNHCR is currently rallying support from donors and humanitarian and development agencies to redouble efforts to help returning refugees integrate in Afghanistan.

[From UNCHR Press Release]

In addition to speaking out on Afghan refugee issues, Jolie went topical and discussed the unfolding refugee crisis in Libya – beyond the fact that there are Libyans who want to leave their country because of the bloody and violent situation, there are thousands of African migrant workers who are trapped in Libya, and there is no mechanism for the Libyan government to provide support for the stranded workers, and the UN is having serious problems getting in-country. In addition to the Libyan crisis, Jolie also spoke about the Côte d’Ivoire refugee crisis (I have to admit, I hadn’t heard about that one):

“As we witness these newest crises unfold in west and north Africa, it is critical that all parties respect the fundamental right of people in danger to flee to safety – whether civilians caught in conflict in their own country or refugees and asylum seekers caught in new conflicts,” Jolie said. “All I’m asking is that civilians be protected, and not targeted or harmed.”

In Côte d’Ivoire, fierce fighting in the Abobo district of Abidjan and clashes in the west over the past few days have blocked access for humanitarian organizations and brought the country perilously close to all-out civil war. Thousands of people have been displaced in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire’s commercial hub, and refugees have been streaming across the country’s western border into Liberia in unprecedented numbers. Eastern Liberia is already dealing with more than 70,000 Ivorians who have arrived there since the presidential election of late November.

At the same time, UNHCR is worried for thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers, and irregular migrants still inside Libya and in circumstances of considerable danger. Few of these have been able to make it out of Libya and into either Tunisia or Egypt – where most people leaving the country have been heading. On Tuesday, UNHCR said it was particularly concerned for sub-Saharan Africans who have become vulnerable because of suspicions that they are foreign mercenaries. Amid chaotic scenes at the Tunisian border, UNHCR also issued a joint appeal with the International Organization for Migration for a massive humanitarian evacuation for people fleeing Libya into Tunisia.

“With these new waves of uprising and conflict, there is and will continue to be massive new displacement. The world needs to address this moment. We have to give people safe passage, evacuation if needed, and ensure they have asylum. We don’t want to look back and find their deaths are on our hands,” Jolie said.

”As the world’s attention shifts to the newest refugee crises, we need to remember that if we don’t support people in the long term to really get back on their feet – to feed, shelter and educate their families, to earn a living with dignity, and to participate in meaningful ways in their societies – we will see a continued cycle of instability and new crises,” Jolie said.

[From UNHCR Press Release]

Once again, here is the donation page for the UNHCR. I’m not saying you have to donate or that you should or whatever. I’m just handing out information.

Here’s video of Jolie in Afghanistan today, making her appeal:



Photos courtesy of the UNHCR.

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  1. Shay says:

    Sorry, but to me this entire charade of Angelina being a humanitarian is at odds at hiring a nanny for each of your children.
    In the regular (ie normal) world, people with the means to have birth control, usually have children within their means. I don’t care what the Brangelina PR camp say, that they can give all of their kids equal time. If that was the case, why hire nannies? Seriously, something is really wrong here and people in poverty and wartorn countries shouldn’t be used to prop up celebrity careers and mediocre talents.
    It pisses me off each time she dons her headscarf and walks around like she is the Virgin Mary or something. Then she receives astronomical paychecks, owns a French chalet that is worth in excess of 40 million dollars – as well as other property. I mean…c’mon Angelina/Brad who do you think you’re really fooling here? They are never in the one country for longer than six months, probably to save on paying tax for chrissakes! These two probably even earn a cut from the pap shots that are taken of them at airports and the like; yes, there are photo agencies now striking deals with celebrities. It’s not official, but one large agency is doing it.
    Honestly, how hypocritical can these people be yet ‘fans’ buy the hype.

  2. Lisa Turtle says:

    Very admirable.

  3. Claudia says:

    Beautiful Lady… She walks the walk

  4. PrettyTarheel says:

    2 things:
    1) I know there are haters out there who will criticize her for getting publicity-but that is the whole point of having a celebrity work with the UNHCR-getting the publicity that a regular person would not get. It’s amazing that she’s willing to put her money, her time, and her effort into these crises.
    2) This woman looks gorgeous wrapped in traditional clothing with minimal makeup. How anyone can’t see her as classically beautiful, even if you don’t care for her personally, is beyond me?

  5. Obvious says:

    as an actress i’m not fond of jolie, but as an activist i am in aw of her and love her completely.

  6. ril says:

    Activist Kiri Westby is a young mother who, from when she was 18 and saw her first Red Cross camp, knew that the impulse to be of assistance gave her no choice — she had to help. She spent the next 10 years working to help women in war zones and in some of the most difficult areas of the world. In 2004, she was working in the small town of Bunia in the Northeast of the Congo. This was a U.N. stronghold, but rebel armies were not far away. As a Women’s Human Rights activist she was there to witness and provide support:

    We spent the day hearing testimony of the grotesque sexual and physical abuse that many of the survivors in the camp had experienced. Disfiguring and mutilating women was one of the ways the warring factions laid claim to their territory. Mary, only 12 years old, had been badly mutilated, having had both her arms cut off from the elbow down. She spoke bravely, her testimony heartbreaking. Afterwards she came up to me and asked shyly, ‘Do you know my friend Angelina? She’s from America too.’ I had to say I didn’t, wondering if she understood how big America is. ‘Oh,’ she said dejectedly. ‘I was hoping you could tell her I said hello and give her this,’… and with that she fell into me, clutching me with her leftover arms. It was the best hug I’d ever received, and I vowed to pass it on. After asking around, I learned that Angelina Jolie had recently visited with these same girls.

  7. ab says:

    she is beautiful and she most definitely has had some work done on her face when compared to her starter days…good work tho!

    and i’m not judging cos if u’ve the means & money to look better, you should!

  8. Selita says:

    Angie! In Afghanistan! Wow, i missed u so much! What an inspiring story! Nice break from his SHEENness! Love you Angie! You keep being a positive force in a world full of negatives :)! U ll be amazin to me 4 life.

  9. ava says:

    It seems that she gain some weight. Her face is not so skinny.

    Also, how do you know that she has one nanny to each children? By Star magazine? Do yuo really believe everything that Star/Okay and anything else says?
    (Can I have a unicorn?)

  10. Deb says:

    There are countless other “stars” who do humanitarian works and donate tremendous amounts of money WITHOUT THE CAMERAS AND PRESS RELEASES. I don’t buy that her motives are anyhing but self serving…

  11. Heavenbound says:

    Admirable are the hundreds of regular folks like nurses, teachers, doctors, etc.. That contribute their time, talent and money to all the poverty, war stricken countries around the world. Without expecting or seeking public recognition or adulation.

    @ Shay very well said.

  12. DeeDee says:

    Good on you Kaiser for mentioning this. I can’t stand Jolie as a human being, but anything that raises awareness is good by me. I will just block her ho-face out.

  13. nnn says:

    Africa is in a very palatable political crisis since Egypt and Moubarrak fall. It could explode anytime, anywhere in the continent.

    Plenty of sub saharian Africans are suffering more than ever because of their dictatorial system with politicians acting like a mob who plunder ressources left and right and doesn’t care about their citizens.

    Plenty Africans are feeling the shock wave of their brothers from the north and want to get rid of their president too. People are getting really nervous, including other presidents who are now taking stricter political measures because of the fear of the snow ball effect.

    If the UN don’t act quickly in order to stabilize the region because of the fload of refugees, it will be devasting.

    Europe is more at risk for the refugees fload but for the US, keeping the region stable is paramount for their safety and for a geo strategical and geo political point of view.

    They don’t want large territories that are unruled or in the hands of rebels.

    Africa is becoming more and more like the backdoor of criminal and terroist activities because vast territories are in hands of rebels.

    A few years ago, a man was arrested with several kilos of urnaium from the Congo in Brussels.

    The Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the richest soil with the purest uranium and it mines arouse the greed not only of its neugbours but of criminal groups.

    It’s with that Urnaium that the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was built.

    Everytime there are crisis, wars, some terrosit groups have more freedom to come in and go in places like these that are uncontrolled. That’s what has been happening in Somalia for a long time. It’s not a country anymore, it’s several territories put together controlled by different rebels who do whatver they want, however they want with whoever they want. And they are under the influence of Al Quaeda.

    The main reason why western politicians, and mainly the US want to stop any form of destabilization of the region is to make sure that certain resources like Oil, gas, Uranium fall into hands of mob groups to finance criminal activities.

  14. flourpot says:

    Yeah, I totally agree. By bringing her celebrity to Afghanistan and shedding more light on their plight. Pff. Fuck that. She should just go to Mexico and smoke up and drink. That’s so much better. After all, their economy is crap, right? Right?


  15. WhiteNoise says:

    God, so tired of reading the same old whines about Jolie when she is using her time to spotlight these humanitarian crises. Who cares how many bloody nannies she does or doesn’t have, what on earth has it to do with her work as a UN ambassador?

    She deserves respect for her commitment and I give her this wholeheartedly.

  16. soso says:

    Angelina is pregnant almost 3 months along. They have been trying to keep a low profile so as to wade off the media attention.

  17. flourpot says:

    @WhiteNoise Thank you. You said simply what I got pissy and said harshly. Well done.

  18. mauibound says:

    I like to think her motives are genuine, she does put in alot of time to these causes which I feel is very admirable. Anyone that draws attention to the plight of the starving, homeless, and the poor in general is doing a very kind thing. Her personal life is not my business, but not very high on my meter.

  19. Tess says:

    The UN is corrupt through and through. If you want a good chuckle, consider that until just a day or so ago Libya sat on the UN Human Rights council.

    So, while the impulse to help victims of corrupt governments is good and pure, the reality is that a huge percentage of the money sent through the UN will be stolen or misdirected long before it reaches the unfortunates it’s intended to help.

  20. fancyamazon says:

    I have no issue with her UN work. They have celebrities be their international PR face because it works. The issue I have with Angelina Jolie is the press announcements every time she and her man make a donation somewhere. Other celebrities do as well, I am sure, without the fan-fare. See Brian Johnson’s rant about Bono. That made me like him and AC DC a whole lot more than I already did.

    Bono’s charity is not to help Africa, or African countries, but to “raise awareness” (see:tax relief for Bono). He takes cash from caring people and says “see, there is trouble in Africa…what a terrible thing…pay attention to it”. That is the aim of his organization, and it makes me sick.

  21. Alex says:

    Good for Jolie. Wow you don’t know her but yet you can’t stand her….Crazy

  22. Fiona says:

    Writing to a gossip site is cheap, doing anything for someone is already a reason for praise , not bad jugdement…She goes there and give her own money (unlike Madona who asks local people to pay for her so-called charities)her time and believe me ,it is very dangerous to travel to this kind of countries.I support her 100% !!!!Angie rocks!!!

  23. No-Sensei says:

    Yeah she is highlighting the issues. And for all the ‘she’s rich and has nannies’ – go take a look at how Mr Sheen spends his opportunities/seeks publicity. I hope Angie IS famewhoring and does a lot more of it if this is her chosen MO.

  24. Camille says:

    Good for her. Kind hearted, beautiful woman. She certainly walks the walk.

    It would be kind of amazing if she made a trip down to earthquake ravaged Christchurch in New Zealand to give the people down here a bolster to their spirits. The people down here would freak out lol. Of course that will never happen, she probably has never even heard of NZ 😆 .

  25. louise says:

    Shay: You sound ridiculous. Especially considering you are quoting tabs. I suggest that you learn a little bit about the World before spouting off. She wears scarfs and robes because she’s respecting the laws and traditions of these countries. In most middle eastern countries women have to be covered, even if they are foreigners.

    I don’t know why people go balistic everytime Angelina goes on these trips. The funny thing is other celebrities make just as many trips. But because it’s Angelina it gets covered a lot more. Matt Damon does a lot of trips and talks to the press but more often than not he gets a footnote not a lead story. Angelina makes headlines and more importantly to blogs, she’ll get a couple hundred comments saying how much they hate her.

  26. lisa says:

    She didn’t start this today. She has been doing this for over 10 years now. 10 years. So she is dedicated and committed to this cause.

    Usually the UNHCR releases news of her visit for PR. that is why she is there PR. her visit is advertised to get attention. That is her job. They release pictures to show where she is and they are release AFTER she leaves.

    I guess if she was out buying purses and partying then that would be fine.

    She is doing good work. I applaud her and just shake my head at people screaming how she raises her children based on silly tabloid stories.

    Those are easy to believe.. but a woman caring about others is fake and a stunt. I wish others would do such a stunt more often.

  27. Melanie says:

    I do believe that she is measuring that childs head! Why? He needs a hat? Her next adoption? Who knows!

  28. nnn says:

    @ 26 Lisa

    She is criticized because she gives her own money to build a school in a war torn country while pledging for other refugees’s plight being the voice of the voiceless.

    I bet if she decides to get richer and keep the money for herself by let’s say selling her home at $42 millions, she will be applauded instead while being considered as a sweet, caring one.

  29. N.D. says:

    I really don’t get how her alleged 6 nannies or Bono’s fraud charities are relevant there. She isn’t Bono – she doesn’t collect other’s money, she donates her own. And being working mom of course she has nannies, being well paid working mom – she has as many of them as is needed.

    Good for her not abandoning causes and coming back to check on work progress (or lack thereof).

  30. Mshuffleupagus says:

    *sigh* Look, I like that she does it but….does she always have to be taking pictures with that “I carry the sorrow of all orphans” expression on her face? I know, I know, I know, her taking pictures is good pr for good causes, but ah… there’s something about it that bugs me. I think its that every time you see a celeb posed next to someone in need it makes it seem like nothing but a photo op. If I heard more about her doing good works and what they were exactly, and not see so many photos I might be less annoyed by it.

  31. Ben says:

    I can’t for the life of me believe that anybody would have anything negative to say about this.

    Granted, I enjoy her as an actress.

    Yup, I really don’t give a shit how she and her partner raise their kids.

    And YES, I think it’s incredibly admirable that she does this type of thing. I’m with Kaiser – I never would have known about the crisis in Abidjan if it weren’t for this press release. Now I’m informed and I’ll keep it that way as regards this problem.

    HOW could you not applaud what she does? So few celebrities try as hard as she does to help others – AND YES SHE’S OVERPAID ETC but – so few. Think about your action stars, your coked-up TV Sheens, EVEN (yeah I’m going there) your Anistons. Out of the entire huge world of celebrities, you want to choose to actively hate and denigrate *THIS* woman?!

  32. truthSF says:

    What I find weird is, she joined UNHCR as a goodwill ambassador in 2001. And since 2001/05 (pre-Brad), no one (or very few ppl) was accusing her of doing it for attention or being a fake. But, since mid 2005-2011 (post-Brad)there’s been a floodgate of negative response towards her UNHCR work. What gives?

  33. lachica says:

    love her for using her wattage to bring international attention to the plight of these women who have NO rights whatsoever. American women can afford to snark against La Jolie because they have NO IDEA what it is like to belong to a culture in which you are treated worse than a common animal. thank you Angie for making the time to highlight these concerns. maybe the snarkers will dip into their pockets and make a contribution instead of just coming online to bitch.

  34. Nanz says:

    I’m certainly not headed to any war-torn country anytime soon, so I am not in a position to criticize. And I wouldn’t anyway. I’m glad that there are women brave enough and selfless enough to go because I won’t.

    Too lazy to scroll up to see who said it, but DITTO to the person who said ‘anytime anyone gives something away, it is good’ or something to that effect.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    @Deb: I realize this may be outside the limit of your comprehension, but Jolie did not put out this press announcement of her trip — the UNHCR did. You have a problem with that, take it to the U.N.

    @Ben: The Ivory Coast is going to hell in a handbasket and everybody who can leave the country is trying to leave. The NY Times had a story about it today.

  36. Wake up jeff says:

    I don’t understand why everyone cares about how many nannies they have, millions upon millions put their children into daycare everyday and if they were able to afford a nanny, they would. Its obvious she loves her children and leading by example and showing compassion for others could only help her children become better adults in my own opinion.

  37. Mshuffleupagus says:


    See, this is what bugs me. Its like there’s always this conclusion that if you’re slightly perturbed by Angie’s self-cannonization-ish photo ops then you HATE ALL CHARITY AND LOVE EVER. Everyday people do charity everyday, but it doesn’t mean that they have to love the way Angie does it.

  38. Cheyenne says:

    @Shay and Heavenbound: I’m sure neither of you would have a problem if she spent her days and nights laying around the pool, blow-drying her hair and counting her money, but God forbid she does something constructive to help other people.

  39. Camille says:

    @truthSF: I think we all know why people are so negative about her since ’05. 🙁

  40. Anne says:

    So the critics as usual rush in first to repeat the most negative lies imaginable all of which they have culled from reading complete fabrications created by tabloids for the ingnorant uneducated bigots of the world. Prove that Angelina (and Brad) has 6 nannies. Prove that Angelina does this for some kind of PR. Prove that Angelina is not a fantastic person who never says one negative word or does one negative deed to anyone. 6+ years and still some refuse to live their own lives and let others live theirs in peace. What miserable people some of you are who continue to wallow in gutters.

    All because they cannot deal with the reality of a good woman with an enormous caring capacity and endless empathy who takes her time and her money to try to bring light to those in terrible filthy dangerous conditions. Critics who would never venture on a plane to Afghanistan or most other places where Angelina has been for 11 years now or even get off their lazy behinds to help a neighbor in need, because they are too busy riding their broomsticks across the internet being some kind of sick morality police based on the absolute delusions they prefer to live with rather than face the reality that was and is.

    Angelina builds schools for girls so they won’t face marriage and female mutilation at age 5 or so, she pays for these schools out of her earned money. She keeps her promises. She is not a whiner, or full of self pity, but is a doer who sees needs and tries to help. Her children will reap the benefit of seeing the good bloom from the efforts of their parents.

  41. fancyamazon says:

    @Ben you wouldn’t have known about Afghanistan if not for this post? really? I think you need to check out some news outlets. Or maybe my situation of being an employee of the Canadian military give me special privileges, I dunno. Sheesh, pick up a newspaper, or click on some news sites once in a while. I know the American media likes to downplay the role of American forces in Afghanistan (to the point that a co-worker of mine met an American serviceman in Afghanistan who truly thought he was in Iraq) but seriously….c’mon

  42. cprincess says:

    And 123 here come the haters…
    I don’t really give an crap what her motives are and I happen to think they are good-whatever or who ever can raise the plight of the refugees,disenfranchised,displaced, needy in the world is OK with me…

  43. Melanie says:

    37. Mshuffleupagus: Yes. Yes and yes. She is getting her reward here on earth.

  44. curmudgeon says:

    OH whatever. Sure she is probably pretentious and self absorbed. All of Hollywood is and we create those monsters ourselves. At least her delusions have a shred of humanity in them. God bless anyone trying to us what they have to do some good.

  45. Toot says:

    I’ll never understand why whenever Angelina does her work for the UN that it’s given a negative slant by some. Angelina’s job for the UN is to bring attention to refugee issues that most of us would not know about otherwise. Yes, there are pictures taken, but that’s what the UN wants because with Angelina in the picture more people will pay attention, right or wrong, but enough right may come through to donate help.

    Also, Angelina doesn’t need to go to a war zone for a photo op, she could just go to some vacation destination like all the other celebs who have paps that seem to be on vacation with them.

  46. Anne says:

    @ Mshuffleupagus, what is so wrong with what Angelina has now done for over 11 years? What is there to be negative about anyone in particular who helps others? Explain how only this woman, and not MattD or GeorgeC or all the others who try to assist those in need, needs to be criticized for her efforts? What is so polarizing about Angelina Jolie that she is described as seeking to be made some type of Saint by you and others are not?

    Don’t bother to answer, the answer is plain to see. You belong to that shrinking cadre of the deliberately blind who prefer faux rag created fiction to truth and light and what is.

  47. lylian says:

    March 2nd, 2011 at 7:15 pm
    I do believe that she is measuring that childs head! Why? He needs a hat? Her next adoption? Who knows!
    Response: Yes, it’s is possible that Angelina is measuring this child’s head. Why? Because if this is the child discussed in the report above, then this is what Angelina has to say about this child:
    “On Jolie’s first visit in 2008, Khanum had just given birth to her son Samir.

    “It was very distressing to see that, because of the poor conditions, Samir seems to be suffering some form of developmental delay due to malnutrition or lack of medical care. He can’t walk and is barely surviving in what can only be described as a very cold and damp warehouse,” Jolie said.”
    I hope you now feel really good about yourself. In trying to devalue Angelina’s work, all you do is show yourself to be ignorant and mean.

  48. Nancy says:


  49. lylian says:

    @Mshuffleupagus: *sigh* Look, I like that she does it but….does she always have to be taking pictures with that “I carry the sorrow of all orphans” expression on her face? ”
    LOL! I’m sure it’s a lot easier to look relaxed and happy when you are supporting the mexican economy by staying in a 6 star hotel and getting massages and magheritas served up to you.
    Personally I tear up when I see photos of little children, old people living in such horrible conditions.

  50. nnn says:

    @ 49 lylian

    You forget, inviting the rags there too to take maximum pictures.

    It’s not like the rags are granted visa to Afghanistan to follow an actress off dutie but on duty on her second politically related job.

    It’s the official appointed political photographers working for the UN and official national agencies, known by embassies (hence visas are easily granted) that do that job.

    His employer, the UN pay for it, not Jolie. He is a colleague of Jolie working for the same organization and on dutie.

    Whereas the other star who likes mexiso, personlly invite paparazzi and cheap reporters from rags to take maximum pictures of her bikinis while she is gloating about her movie partner.

  51. mshuffleupagus says:


    Ok, here’s my hang up. I feel like the way Jolie puts herself in the center of these situations ( in EVERY picture) takes away from the cause itself and makes it more about her contributions. Yes, many of us may not have heard of the Côte d’Ivoire crisis til today, but how many of us will continue to donate once her attention changes to something else? George and Matt are different in that they make it about what needs to get done in certain places, not what they’re doing already. They manage to use their persona positively, yet still make it more about the cause.

    I don’t think what she’s doing is bad, or is a bad person otherwise (team Jolie!), but I feel like her methods are more about her image rather then the cause at hand, whether she intends it to be or not.

  52. bite me says:

    George and Matt are different in that they make it about what needs to get done in certain places, not what they’re doing already.


  53. Cheyenne says:

    Is someone on here really so ignorant that they don’t understand that when you visit a foreign country you respect the customs of that country? Afghanistan is a Muslim country and women cover their heads. Saying Angelina covers her head because she is trying to emulate the Virgin Mary is one of the silliest comments I have ever read on this blog.

  54. Dea says:

    If all celebrities put the energy and the money that Jolie and Pit put, this world will be a better place for many who suffer so much. Maybe not too much better because there are so many problems in the world, but definitely a little bit better. So to those commentators who still say bad things about Jolie I say that they are not humans to begin with. At least they should acknowledge what she does. Many other actors, public figures or business people, are super rich, richer than Jolie but they do not spare any time of their lives to go where Jolie goes. So, just be thankful that someone is doing that for the humanity so everyone on this earth can have a decent life.

  55. Cheyenne says:

    Dea: to those commentators who still say bad things about Jolie I say that they are not humans to begin with.

    Wow, that’s pretty out there. I think they’re human; just very sad and bitter ones.

  56. Salem says:

    Its seems that Shay has really bought the haterade and the bs from the tabloids, hook, line and sinker. You clearly want to believe the lies, Shay. I pity you. No honestly, I truly do feel sorry for you. You have no idea how much you have been brainwashed. You can’t help someone who has made up their mind out of hatred, bigotry and ignorance, and refuses to look at facts because it doesn’t suit your warped agenda of hatred, fear and envy.

  57. Salem says:

    Deb, Angelina is an AMBASSADOR! ‘Countless other celebs’ are NOT! She has a JOB to do, and like the President, her job entails liaising with the media, to draw ATTENTION to the issues. That is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT of being a CELEBRITY UN Ambassador. To use their FAME, to DRAW ATTENTION to issues around the world. Many other celebs throw a checkbook open and go back to parties. How many go there, in war torn countries, ON THE GROUND, and RISK THEIR LIFE? Its easy for any celeb to toss a check, she walks and lives it!

  58. Newbie says:

    @mshuffleupagus: It’s ok to question. Regardless of what her fans say to you, you haven’t done anything wrong by questioning what Jolie is trying so very hard to serve to the public. Always question. Don’t accept everything that’s served to you on a platter.

  59. Liana says:

    What are the duties of a UNFPA Goodwill, Regional or Honorary Ambassador?

    Visit UNFPA, government or civil society reproductive health care and family planning projects to give encouragement to and focus attention on those programmes.

    In developed countries, discuss the needs of reproductive health care and family planning programmes in developing countries, citing the work of the projects visited.

    Make public appearances, public service announcements and video news releases, and participate in press conferences as well as electronic and print interviews.

    Participate in major, national UNFPA campaign activities. Engage in dialogue with government officials or social and economic policymakers.


    She’s doing what she’s SUPPOSED to be doing as far as the press is concerned.

  60. Salem says:

    DeeDee, one thing Angelina is certainly not, is a ‘ ho’. Far from it, she has been in long monogamous relationships far more than most Hollywood stars. Perhaps you are talking about yourself? You certainly don’t sound anywhere near the decent person Angelina is. I pity you for being so hateful, evil and bitter.

  61. Salem says:

    Can I just say, with exception to a few hateful, narrow-minded and brainwashed harridans on here, how proud I am that no matter what some think of her and her acting, that people acknowledge that her humanitarian passion is genuine. The worm is turning.

  62. Heavenbound says:

    @ Cheyenne

    Like usual you think you know it all, don’t you! I work in the medical field, and there is a large team of wonderful medical staff and we participate in medical missions… So much for your delusional conclusion.

  63. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I don’t know how she can stand it, not being able to help them all. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, thinking of those people.

  64. sam says:

    @mshuffleupagus, I think your comments say a lot more about you than it does about Angelina. Is Angelina making herself the center in “EVERY” picture? Or is that your perception? Do Matt and George make their work more about the cause than the “persona”? Or is that you judging them? Me, personally, when I look at those photos or photos of Darfur, I see the native people and the conditions they’re living in. If others see this as an attempt to get recognition and public adoration, that’s a reflection on them, not Angelina.

    Whether someone donates a dollar or a million dollars, whether they donate one hour or one hundred hours, I will appreciate that they did something good. Regardless of who that person is – a politician, a missionary, a princess, a celebrity, or a convict – if you do a good deed, I thank you for that deed.

  65. Dea says:

    @Salem: huge applaud to you for speaking the truth as it stands. You are my big fan on this site 🙂

  66. Arianna says:

    i’d rather a celebrity give attention to relevant global issues than say.. her clam wallet or nipple.

  67. lylian says:

    @ Tess:
    March 2nd, 2011 at 6:50 pm
    I agree that the UN is far from perfect. Any political institution will be. Whatever your nationality, I’m very sure your political system has corruption built in. And given how difficult it is to make any improvements within one country’s political system, imaging trying to do that for the United Nations which must encompass absolute dictatorships together with extremes of democracies such as Switzerland.

  68. lylian says:

    @ mshuffleupagus:
    March 2nd, 2011 at 9:51 pm
    You are joking right? Newsweek featured George Clooney in its cover and said “Mr Clooney, the president is on the line!”
    and still Georgie has managed to make it more about the cause then about himself?

  69. lisa says:

    According to the UN, she was visiting the site where she will fund a new girls primary school.

    She has built and is funding several schools and other projects.

    I guess someone will find some fault with that too.

  70. Shay says:

    @ Anne. If you’re naive enough to believe that just because ‘Angelina’ builds schools, that girls don’t have to tolerate discrimination, mutilation and yes, even death, then you’re really naive.

  71. mln76 says:

    I have to say this is why I like her. She is totally passionate about humanitarian work and has been without fail for 11 years through adoptions, divorce, scandal, pregnancies, the death of her mother, and an A-list film career. Anyone who chooses to criticize her for going to one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit with refugees is either jealous, hateful, ignorant, or just seriously in need of perspective.
    If her interest was publicity she could have gone to the Oscars or attended the premiere of The Tourist in Japan (Johnny Depp and Florian VD are there) but this is what is important to her.

  72. ctkat1 says:

    Re: the haters…if Angelina Jolie weren’t in the center of the picture, would the picture have been published?


    The whole point of a celebrity goodwill ambassador is to get attention for causes around the world that people otherwise wouldn’t pay attention to! Nobody would care if Anne Smith, the good hearted aid worker from Lincoln, NE, was traveling in Afghanistan bringing attention to these refugees. Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous women on the planet- people pay attention to everything she does, and she focuses a lot of that attention on her work with UNHCR.

    George Clooney said something to the effect that the people in Sudan don’t have a megaphone to get the attention of the world, and as a person with a pretty big megaphone, he felt that the most that he could do was to try and bring attention to the people who are suffering.

    The whole point of the photos is to have Jolie in them; the whole point of the press release is to highlight her trip; the whole point of it is her celebrity, because that’s how you get people to pay attention!

    Use some sense. /end rant/

  73. Bill Hicks is God says:

    What is this “laying on of the hands” crap in the first picture??

    Mother Theresa left a vacancy so it’s La Jolie’s job to fill it?


  74. nnn says:

    @ Mshuffleupagus

    The thing is you talk like it’s all about you, that it goes all about you like you feel insulted.

    This isn’t about you and what you do to help and if you don’t need her to know that you can help. It’s about being the voice of the voiceless to sensibilize even more a volatile situation of life and death issues that others in their safe place (not just you) won’t even take into consider, won’t even think about one minute.

    If one additional person just sit and think about it after seeing it cause media will follow Jolie, maybe that person who never thought of doing something for whatever cause will be inspired and would want to help whatever his/her means. It could be even a child who would want to appreciate his life in the west even more or who would want to educate himself because suddenly he/she think that he wants to become a doctor without borders or just wanting to enrol in one of the NGO, be it a teacher or whatever…at home or not.

    Just by being more aware socially, we can build a better future generation that will understand that the world is a living body and that one destruction somewhere, if not dealt rapidely can lead to metastase and cancer….terrorism anyone ?

    It’s not just about giving money to a cause, it’s about self consciousness about greater and more important things than pettiness.

    Most people are not intellectually driven to be interested in those causes be it at home. Some need some model to emulate or to remind them that every day there are people less fortunate who they can save by giving even 50 cents.

    You are not even a victim of the tragedy refugees are facing to decide how their plight should be advertised.

    Sorry not to sound blunt or hurtful, but i really find it extremely arrogant, insensitive and quite obsene the way some people sitting behind their computer in their safe democratic haven (compared to the majority of people) are trying to tame or silence the screams of the weakest, of the helpless, of the voiceless by lecturing their spoke person with the biggest voice, being the UN Goodwill ambassador on how they should be heard.

    They want to make sure to tame the interest of the voiceless by not taking pictures when it’s about victims who are facing life and death situations and need every god damn means to be heard and seen the loudest possible….again by any means necessary.

    Any person in here who is complaining would be the first one to scream about any celebrity mere presence, be it Jolie if they were in a desperate situation at home, a situation that could required a celebrity or a powerful figure to be heard louder to get help quicker and more efficently.

    So quite frankly those who have the audacity to school someone using her power to be the biggest voice and biggest camera those voiceless could ever dream to possess should ask themslves why it is an important issue for them to keep them silent and invisible ?

    Do they think that not seeing it, not hearing about it, being kept in the dark as the media keep on being silent after a few days, will be easier for them to forget that there are tragedies of much bigger proportion out there ? That the death toll will continue to amount in front of a lethargic world ?

    Do they think it will be easier for them to act egositical without feeling guilty if they don’t hear about it ?

    It’s like everytime Jolie goes there, the camera following her, they feel personally agressed in their dignity telling that they help and don’t need Jolie to be reminded about that tragedy, trying to find fault in Jolie bringing things that have nothing to do with her mission.

    They act as if their ego, sensitivity is more important than saving lives and that is particuliarly offenssive.

  75. Anon says:

    It is good to know that the first school Jolie help fund and build to educate girls in Afghanistan has worked out. (Considering how hard is for females to get an education there.) Now the announcement that Jolie is helping fund a 2nd school, probably educating in shifts like the first one. Rock on, Jolie.

  76. Luci says:

    Guys, I personally dont care for the Jolie, and I agree that the humanitarian deets of celebrities reek of PR stunts.
    But we have to admit, if Jolie hadn’t gone to Afganhistan, a lot of us wouldn’t be reading about the place at all.
    So she does one thing very well, she brings attention to the area.

    your account is heartbreaking. Thanks for posting it.

  77. Isa says:

    Yes, she gets good publicity for her charitable works but who cares if someone in need is benefiting? She could be getting good publicity for other stuff like a fauxmance or by a pretty dress.

    As for the Aniston jabs, she does commericals for St Jude’s hospital. I’m not sure how involved she is or if there’s other charities she works with, not being a fan but it’s something. Yea, she could do more, but that could be said about a lot of people, including myself.

  78. Lolita says:

    @Shay… and what are YOU doing to help children who are starving, sick and or need clean water? who cares if she has her own millions to play with and she is striking deals, she is prob doing more than 95 percent of what other filthy rich celebrities are doing.

  79. Hmmm says:

    I agree with Shay.

    And as for Jolie bringing international attention to the plight of the needy and suffering, so how does that translate into anything concrete?

  80. Salem says:

    Hmmm, if you bothered to educate yourself about the UNHCR, you’d understand how it helps. Or do you CHOOSE to be willfully ignorant to suit your myopic agenda? Also, read ril’s account on this thread. If you bother to read and follow what the UNHCR does, and the role Ambassadors such as Angelina play, you’d know. Laziness breeds ignorance. I hope you will open up your eyes and your mind.

  81. LittleOat says:

    “If all celebrities put the energy and the money that Jolie and Pit put, this world will be a better place for many who suffer so much.”

    Just because it isn’t publicized doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    For me, it isn’t the photos from these trips that is annoying, or thinking she’s only doing this to boost her public appearance. It’s that when these pictures show up on this site people act like nobody else is doing any good in the world.

  82. luls says:

    @Hmmm: “bringing international attention to the plight of the needy and suffering, so how does that translate into anything concrete?”

    dumbass! How is it possible for people donate to causes theyve never heard of? When awareness is raised about an issue, more people donate to that cause. Biggest example: HAITI.

    Also, she does NOT just raise awareness, but ACTUALLY DONATES HER OWN MONEY, in case u missed that, go back up and read the article!

    uggh… IGNORANCE!

  83. Salem says:

    LittleOat, if it was happening on the scale that Angelina does, it WOULD be publicised. If other celebs were UN Ambassadors, it would be publicised. If other celebrity UN Ambassadors were risking their lives in war-torn countries and helping build wells with their own hands like Angelina did, it would be publicised. There is a BIG difference between ‘other’ non-UNHCR celebs donating money, and Angelina and the UNHCR actually living it on the ground, in war-torn countries.

    “It is that when these pictures show up on this site people act like nobody else is doing any good in the world.”
    That is most definitely NOT what is going on here. What is going on, is that hateful prejudiced small-minded people who have preconceived opinions about Angelina and hate her, REFUSE OUTRIGHT to believe she is doing it (despite being a commited and very active member of the UNHCR for 11 years!) because she honestly wants to help and its her passion. People WANT there to be a ‘hidden agenda’. People have closed minds and refuse to accept its where her heart is, because they NEED a reason to hate her and to run her down.

    THAT, is what is happening here.

  84. Katherine Mac says:

    UNHCR has repeatedly said that whenever Jolie goes on field missions or even just speaks about the issues UNHCR donations greatly increase.

    Jolie has earned herself a great deal of respect around the world including with those of influence in foreign governments and international organizations. Her visits not only speak well of the UN but they put a very human and compassionate face on an American. I wouldn’t underestimate the value of that.

    I really don’t want to hear someone complaining about not liking her face. Seriously? You want to complain about her facial expressions during visits that would break anyone’s heart. These people in crisis need and want another human to hear their stories and gain a sense that they are worthwhile as humans. Jolie has funded schools for a while now. I think her first was a trade school for girls in Africa.

  85. Reality says:

    I agree with most posters that whatever her intentions, the result is positive either way. If she gets good PR out of it, that’s gravy.

    I do however think this Mother Theresa act is hard to reconcile with the brother-kissing, knife-loving, horse-nuzzling, blood-wearing badass she was before, but I think she does care about these issues. How could she not, seeing them firsthand?

    And Salem, save your pity for someone else, you sound like a lunatic. This is a gossip site for christ’s sake.

  86. LittleOat says:

    Just making a point regarding a comment that I’ve seen here before. Not a big deal, and no need to use the caps lock on my account. I quite understand that other posters continue to question AJ’s motives, but I’m not about to post the same counter argument that many others already have.

  87. Salem says:

    Reality, so dragging up things that happened around 2 decades ago, even going back to when she was a TEENAGER, negates what she has done for ELEVEN years? What lasted longer? That stuff, or the humanitarian work? Isn’t it funny how some cling to the past and cannot let go even though it was DECADES ago? Are YOU the same person you were when you were 14?

    Just because its a Gossip site, doesn’t mean facts can’t be presented! Deal with it ‘reality’ and grow up. Your going on about all that stuff that happened when she was a kid makes you the lunatic. Grow up for cripes sake. This is 2011.

    LittleOat, is called EMPHASIS. Ever heard of the word? If not, look it up. As far as I know there is no bold, underline or italic features on here.

  88. serena says:

    I get so pissed when I read some of those sarcastic comments about La Jolie.
    That’s right, you’d prefer if she was caught in some dirty scandal rather than help the people who need it and have a serious political-humanitarian situation. I get it, so fuck off.

    She’s doing a magnificent work, spending her time, money, voice, face and status to support these people while VERY FEW celebrities do that. (I’m not saying they don’t because I know they do.) But if you’re a celebrity of course it’s easier to help, you have money and you HAVE TO use your face to publicize the situation or most of people wouldn’t know about it.

    What motives do you want to find in that? She adopted from different Country for that too, to help those children and those places. She cares about that, but you want to find some craziness in her (while she’s not the same as she was in her twenties of course) and don’t care about the work she’s doing.

  89. aa says:

    Sorry but I don’t buy it.

  90. lachica says:

    this is so sad that ppl put so much energy into questioning Angie’s motives. why not put half of that energy into doing something positive for disempowered women from these terrible countries?

  91. Kiki says:

    Using her celebrity to bring attention to an important humanitarian cause. Nothing wrong with that. Having spent over a year in Afghanistan myself and seeing first hand the poverty and horror there, all I can say is “thank you, Ms. Jolie!”

  92. coexxi says:

    So much haters (and I really mean it) here who can not acknowledge that AJ does something quite outstanding and good here. This is not a one-time PR stunt like eg. Jessica Simpson in Africa. She does this for years now and you can be sure that there is even with the UN quite a danger going there.

    A really good book about the situation for women in Afghanistan:

    “A Thousand Splendid Suns”

  93. emine says:

    i am amazed of how much hate this woman brings in so many ppl , ok so she used to be a badass young woman who has done drugs , has had a lot of sex , has kissed her brother ..etc , but she has grown up and changed into a better person and although i am not her fan (she is a bad actrice if you ask me ) i applaude her for her work as a UNHCR goodwill ambasador and i dont give a damn if she does it for pr , i think if she raises more awareness to the causes then mission acomplished . Oh , and one more important thing , she is not a saint , saints are in HEAVEN …probably!!!

  94. Maritza says:

    It is very admirable of her but its a pity that people are more concerned by what crazy talk Charlie Sheen has to say.

  95. DD says:

    She was very eloquent in what she said. She is supporting the UNHCR with her work, I don’t care if she gets free publicity with it. So many people suffer horribly around the world, and she is just trying to do her part to help.
    We don’t need to knock her down because we feel she gets too much attention, and others don’t. Maybe instead of knocking her down, show more interest in other people’s causes, so that their work too will get the attention it deserves.

  96. Louise says:

    I don’t understand why the haters call Angelina’s charity publicity stunts. She’s not doing anything different from other celebrities and has done so for over 10 years. If she didn’t care she would have moved on long ago. A lot of celebrities get involved in charities and foundations then abandon them a year or two later. Give her some credit.

  97. Melanie says:

    @49. Lylian, I know you are but what am I? I know what I am not: Impressed.

  98. aenflex says:

    I agree somewhat with poster #1’s opinion. I detest Jolie for lots of reasons. But I don’t detest her for her charity and awareness work. And opening her heart to orphaned children. So the fuck what if she has nannies? At least she is doing some good, despite her intentions whatever they may be.

  99. Salem says:

    I know you are but what am I? So childish but a classic retort from a loonifer. I can’t imagine a person like you being impressed by anything good, moral or decent Melanie. Its far too high-brow for you. Go back to Aniston and Hilton and trash like them.

  100. anonymous says:

    Hmmm, Salem said it very well ignorance is bliss. To posters who say they don’t like Jolie but admire her humanitarian work just how do you find the energy and time to dislike somebody that you don’t know? and to those that insist in comparing her to JA at the least the camera follow her to war torn countries where the world can see the suffering of the people, instead of to Cabo Mexico where Aniston invite magazine editors to make sure the camera see her drinking magarita and partying with friends,and catch her half naked bikini bud stuck in the air for the world to see. COMPARE!

  101. Melanie says:

    Excuse me Salem but I prefer the term “Faniston” Ok?

  102. reconcile? says:

    You can’t reconcile her past with her current behavior? She has never claimed to be a saint, but there is really nothing that WILD or reprehensible in her past, either. Has she killed anyone? Committed hit & run? Gotten a DUI? Gone to rehab? Trashed a hotel room? Ever been arrested? Ever been unprofessional on set? (For real wild people look at Halle, Brandi, rebbecca g, Nicole r, Lindsay, Robert, Christian, Johnny, etc.). She kissed her brother & father on the lips- well so do lots of people do that, Inc other celebs Michael Douglas & Kirk Douglas, Penelope & sister, Javier & his mother…oh, I’m tired of all of this- some people appear to have very limited critical thinking abilities when it comes to Jolie…well, good deeds speak for themselves.

  103. Anne says:

    So a person is their many years ago pasts only, the same at 35 as they were at 5 and 10 and 15 and 20 and so on? Always fixed in concrete with no evolution and growth and change?

    This is screen, the mask, the facade some of you bring forth as your excuse for intense dislike of a woman you have no personal or real knowledge of, a person you dislike because of the many total tabloid lies you have inhaled and digested and made your alternative to truth and fact. Because reality and truth in fact is not acceptable to those with warped minds is it?

    You are the ones set in concrete, you are the ones who remain frozen in place, who have let ignorance and bitterness and tabloid filth and poison firmly control your own lives.

    While Angelina Jolie, like most intelligent and rational beings, has matured and become this elegant honest articulate adult woman who cares for the welfare of others and does something about it. She does not ever proclaim that she is any model of perfection. She uses the press that follows her every movement 24/7 to bring attention to situations and places that are not the subject of the tabloid vultures. She has worked with the UNHCR for 11 years now and she pays for all her expenses. She funds schools where there are none. This is no one time PR excursion for her, she is dedicated. She does this because she has a heart which some of you clearly lack.

  104. Salem says:

    Trash is as trash does, no matter what the label.

  105. Salem says:

    Exactly reconcile, she had a pretty tame life compared to many. She’s never been in trouble, done anything wrong or hurt anybody. She’s like a goodytwoshoes compared to many people, especially those that grew up in Hollywood. People feel threatened by goodness and decency. They like to support bad over good. Barrack for the villain. Darkness over light. Supporting a plastic evil piece of trash like Aniston, Lohan, Hilton and Spears is the in thing. Morals, decency, staying out of trouble, living a clean life and helping your fellow man is not cool, apparently. Being the town bike, chain-smoker, pot-head, stripper and leather-tanned skin is. People feel threatened by goodness.

  106. gypsy says:

    @coexxi read it, great book!

  107. REALIST says:

    Yikes! Such vitriol! This is not a PR campaign-the UN has critical refugee situations they must address in many places (thus the UNHCR). Angelina (as often as she can) goes where the UNHCR asks her to go, and people here in developed countries pay attention to where she is and what she is saying.
    E.G., I knew about Cote d’Ivoire, but it has been off my radar for a long time.

    BTW, Kaiser, I think Angie was wearing knock off Wellingtons. Wellies are made in China now, like everything else…

  108. gypsy says:

    @coexxi Khaled Hosseini – The Kite Runner, also a great story

  109. Ari says:

    @ril that was absolutely wonderful to read

  110. poppy says:

    she most definitely has a say in what pictures are published.
    if she wanted to lay her hands on a child for any other reason than to look saintly she would have asked for it not to be published.
    that picture is creepy.

  111. Bohemia says:

    How anyone can look as this woman’s drive and dedication and doubt her authenticity is beyond me. All I can think is: the WORLD gets more and more FICKLE by the day and everyone getting FORGETFUL. We are the HUMAN RACE. We should CARE about each other. Yet SELF-CENTRENESS runs the show. Keep up the great work ANGIE. I bet that little INDIAN GIRL will NEVER FORGET her. 

  112. Sakyiwaa says:

    It’s so nice to have a change of pace in the entertainment world. The vanity of the stars was kinda getting to me. Sheen’s mad and has tiger blood…doofus, Britney is on a mag cover…meh, Kardashian has a new song…meh, the Royal Wedding has a website… fuh reall…. Kinda stoopin’ don’t they think? They already got half the world coming!

  113. Sakyiwaa says:

    Then, you have JOLIE IN AFGHANISTAN. Then, you read that lovely piece she put together and the whole press release and you realize people are still working hard for the GREATER GOOD. So amazing… Kudos to everyone making a positive change in the world…all the unsung heroes…people working in abysmal places trying to bring smiles to the faces of the downtrodden….you guys are really appreciated by people like me and I hope to join in soon.

  114. Sakyiwaa says:

    As for my special Ms. Jolie… Lady, you’re AWESOME. And I wish to marry you in my next life. 🙂

  115. Jeri says:

    I’d be more inclined to believe she is sincere if she wasn’t so heavily made up. Does her make up crew travel with her?

  116. Cheyenne says:

    @Heavenbound: LOL you silly wabbit, I wasn’t referring to you. DUHHH!!!

  117. Cheyenne says:

    Shay: @ Anne. If you’re naive enough to believe that just because ‘Angelina’ builds schools, that girls don’t have to tolerate discrimination, mutilation and yes, even death, then you’re really naive.

    When did anyone say that? Some of those girls are risking their lives just going to those schools. But at least the schools are there now for them to go to, when they weren’t there before.

  118. Sakyiwaa says:

    Note to NAYSAYERS: Jolie has been doing this for eleven years and COUNTING. Don’t you think that’s way too long to keep up this ‘pretence’ ? I mean to do something like that, she’s gotta be either an awfully GREAT actress which many of you NAYSAYERS doubt anyways… or an extremely compassionate woman who has decided to be dedicated despite the relentless attacks on her true worth. At least, she focusing on who is more important and it most definitely ain’t the NAYSAYERS.

  119. Sakyiwaa says:


  120. Sakyiwaa says:

    Jolie’s not ‘sincere’ cos she’s “heavily made up”
    some girls must polish their faces with chalk.

  121. Cheyenne says:

    @reality: Question for you: Are you the same person you were 15 years ago? If you are, that’s a tragedy, because it means you have neither grown nor matured as an individual.

  122. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Deb, well apart from Celebitchy and like one or two other websites, i don’t think anyone exclusively reported on this so it is still fairly unknown. you’re just snarking.

  123. asiont says:

    She is brave and beautiul, what she does is wonderful. THE END

  124. logic? says:

    It is so odd that some would rather embrace tabloid lies than believe actual firsthand accounts/eye witnesses (Depp). Many other NAMED sources have said similar things about Jolie & Pitt as parents- how happy & well- behaved the kids are, etc. But by all means, believe the tabloids. BTW, it’s nice that Shiloh’s boyfriend accepts her, despite her severe Down’ s syndrome….recall how the tabloids accused Shiloh over & over of having Downs, too. Critical thinking? Ummm sure.Hopefully heafflicted sins

  125. anon says:

    @asiont:”She is brave and beautiful, what she does is wonderful. THE END”
    Agree, THE END 🙂

  126. Ilovemee says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Jolie’s. She’s a great role model for all the shallow and self-absorbed people of Hollywood. She has money, fame, a successful career, beauty, brains, a beautiful husband, and six kids who love her to death. She has the kind of life most people dream of. That’s why she has so many haters.

  127. lili says:

    AJ passes as troubled and insincere, and that`s the main reason why many people are not fans. That and the media overload and the bad acting. It`s very simple.

  128. JaneShirley says:

    Angelina passes as a very stable, down-to-earth person who has proved her sincerity amongst the highest echelons. She has earned her stripes. Her Oscar, her acting credentials have given her wealth and fame. And a lot of bitter betty haters who are so jealous of her good name and fortune.

  129. Heavenbound says:

    @ CoffeTalk

    One of the few posts with common sense. Thanks for summing it all up so eloquently.

  130. Reality says:

    I thought I was being generous saying that I believe she does care about these causes, but still the fanatics want my blood because I mentioned her past, and we must forget everything she’s ever done that doesn’t agree with her image now. But gossip doesn’t have an expiry date.

    She divorced BB in 2003, kissed her brother in 2000, got her bare breasts nuzzled by a horse in 2001, and just recently spoke about her love of knives and bonding over them with her son, so we’re not talking about 15 years or 2 decades ago. But of course people change and mature and have children and grow up. They just don’t get to rewrite their histories.

    I think she has changed. I think her priorities have also changed. But I still believe she’s just a movie star with a history of bizarre behaviour (drug use, cutting), and I think about the steps that go into these candid shots. I imagine the private planes, the make-up artist, the choice of ‘saintly’ attire (black robes with scarlet trim). I think of the botox treatments, the nose job, the obvious work Brad has had too that she’s privy to, the personal chef, the cost of her golden globe gown. How does one make that switch back?

    I think about the awkward meetings with actual policy makers who have to speak to Lara Croft (who has a very limited education) about important issues.

    I think about the camera that she knows is there. The return to her regular life in a mansion or castle someplace with servants and nannies.

    And I really worry about the superfans who don’t know what’s going on in the world until the voice of tigress in Kung Fu Panda tells them about it. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be doing this work if she wants to, but the announcements every time they make a donation and the head-touching portraits do unfortunately make people questing her motives and her sincerity.

    Which is why most just give a massive anonymous cheque and call it a day.

    Also are some of these posters using multiple names, because they sound pretty similar?

  131. Heavenbound says:

    @ Reality

    Man, I think I just fell in love with you. Thanks for bringing some much needed reality to this thread.

  132. sandy says:

    @-#127, there is only a few narrow minded, naysayers and self righteous people against what Jolie is doing, you are always going to have a few ignorant criticizer, it’s a given, consider the source and their motives, i wonder, if they have ever left their computers to go to war torn countries? just wondering.

  133. alexandra says:

    Her work is done because she has brought attention to the issues. Regardless hate or no hate.

  134. Cheyenne says:

    @lili: “Bad actors” don’t get nominated for three Oscars.

  135. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Whereas the other star who likes mexiso, personlly invite paparazzi and cheap reporters from rags to take maximum pictures of her bikinis while she is gloating about her movie partner.”

    Why the f*ck must every conversation about Jolie devolve into a slamfest about Jennifer Aniston?? THAT is what bugs me about these threads. Get over yourselves people.

    Oh, and @Reality: Very nicely said!!

  136. Newbie says:


    Thank you thank you thank you.

    Your post was brilliant. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when celebrities give their dollars, those dollars are always well received. And that’s a good thing. I can love the idea of her giving money to those who need it. But I don’t have to love her. Or trust her. Or tell her she’s “my favorite!!!!” through a fansite. NOBODY KNOWS HER.

  137. Arianna says:

    if she wanted attention.. couldnt she just have a nip slip or something?
    it’d make her just as talked about.

    i like to believe what angie is doing is sincere.
    yes she’s rich, filthily rich. but nobody else here is selling their house and donating all their money to charities and stuff. why does she have to be a selfless martyr. it doesnt have to be one extreme or the other. She can do good without going into poverty herself and “experiencing” what they go through or not having the luxury of nannies at home

    it’s horrible how gossip and tabloids have made all of us so cynical we can’t take a good gesture without believing there is some dark, sinister motive behind it

    i know next time i think i’m awesome when i recycle, i’m gonna think: gee, maybe i should do something more too. Angie’s presence helps with that.

    Did i need her input to tell me what the issues were? NO. I know i can read the paper, the internet, the news. EVEN THOUGH THE AMOUNT OF FILTERING IN ALL THE MEDIA IS RIDICULOUS….can we really harp on her for standing behind issues she believes in???

    all these criticizers are acting as though anyone who supports angelina is deaf, dumb and blind without her holy guidance to lead us… give me a break.

  138. Bohemia says:

    @#6 ril; “A badly amputated girl from Bunia in the Northeast of the Congo asked, ‘Do you know my FRIEND ANGELINA? She’s from America too.’ I had to say I didn’t, wondering if she understood how big America is. ‘Oh,’ she said dejectedly. ‘I was hoping you could tell her I said hello … After asking around, I learned that ANGELINA JOLIE had recently visited with these same girls.”

    That was an astounding story. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing proof of how my support is in the right place.

  139. Eve says:

    She is brave and beautiul, what she does is wonderful. THE END.

    @ Asiont (# 123):


  140. Bohemia says:

    @Heavenbound&CoffeeTalk: I think Aniston is lazy and timid. she was too lazy to work on her marriage and now she’s too lazy and timid to bring any form of substantial change into the world apart from sell her house for 42 million dollars and move to NY. she has lazy, shallow fans.

  141. Bohemia says:

    @#7 ab; “she is beautiful and she most definitely has had some work done on her face when compared to her starter days…good work tho!….”
    I’m not judging you either… but if anything, these pictures show that this woman hasn’t had any work done. If you look at her face closely, you’ll notice she’s gained some weight there. If you ever see her pics at 14 years and below, you can tell she had a chubby face much like Shiloh’s now. When she gains weight in her face, her nose gets broader and vice versa. The extra fat makes all the difference.

  142. Bohemia says:

    @Bill Hicks is God: You…are farcical… You think you’re God.

  143. Bohemia says:

    @Nancy, need a painkiller?

    @MsShuffleupagus: I’ll bet anything you’re the clown at the funeral of a baby. Yeah, because according to you, Jolie is supposed to be smugly smiling while observing people in despair. She does smile in the third or so pic though.

  144. Selita says:

    @89; “Sorry i don’t buy it.”

    Sorry, you’re fickle.

  145. lili says:

    @ cheyenne – she got nominated twice – once for changeling, which was unwatchable and got very mixed reviews and once for girl interrupted, where she played herself. she has no range. comparing her to real actressess is offensive to the craft. i’d say she is about at the same acting level like aniston, kate hudson, and other rom-com-action-movie actresses, who may, once or twice in a lifetime accidentally give a decent performance…julia roberts won an oscar too, and i think that she is not the best actress (yet 20 times better than AJ)

  146. Liz123 says:

    Thanks Angie for sponsoring 4 schools for girls in Kenya,Democratic republic of Congo and 2 in Afghanistan.Education leads to freedom.

  147. Cheyenne says:

    @lili: She was also nominated for A Mighty Heart. You may not like her as an individual, but that has nothing to do with her acting ability.

  148. Sakyiwaa says:

    #146. Well, you must be one accomplished actress and/or critic for all your high opinions. send us your credits. and FYI, Angie maybe an actress…but she’s not JUST an actress. she doesnt live a one-track life. she lives a very full, diverse life. Complete with UN work and her very own family. and in the end, that’s what she’s gonna be thankful for…and not the biased opinions of pocket critics.

  149. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Cheyenne. i checked and i don’t think she was nominated for an Oscar for A Mighty Heart. i think it was a SAG and a GG and Indie Spirit Awards, among others.
    i’m just saying “eh, whatever” to that lil’ pocket critic. Angie’s life is still very FULL without all o’ dat. that kinda stuff is inconsequential to her. tho’ i think she won either the SAG or the GG…one of them for it. it wasn’t telecast due to the Writer’s Guild Strike.

  150. flan says:

    This is why I love Angie, unlike some she really does go to the most dangerous places and uses her fame to show people’s plight.

  151. Dorrie says:

    I cannot fathom how anyone could criticize Angelina for the Afganistan trip. It takes a lot of guts to go to these places, more guts than most of us have. Does she have some weird ego, Mother Theresa thing going? Don’t know, don’t care. We all have our stuff; it’s what we do in the world that counts.

  152. TheProcastinator says:

    lili, she not only was nominated for Girl, Interrupted, but she won the Oscar. As for her playing herself, charming. Angelina has never been anything like that. You are very ignorant and small-minded.

  153. scarlet says:

    Why does she find the need to touch that child’s head? I’ve seen pictures of Mother Theresa doing that!

  154. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’m with you Mrs. Odie 2. It takes a lot of guts to be willing to expose yourself to that kind of suffering, over and over again.

  155. MrsOdie2 says:

    @Cheyenne, this is not about Angelina in particular, because I know you will defend her like a pit bull with a bone.

    But bad actors get nominated for Oscars all the time! It’s a political game, and just like real politics, whoever runs the most expensive campaign wins.

    Oscar nominations are not necessarily an indication of the quality of an actor’s performance, nor does the best person or film always win. I mean, “Crash” Best Picture? Gwyneth Paltrow Best Actress over Kate in Elizabeth? Taking Angelina out of the equation entirely, you have to agree.

  156. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    She’s been doing this for ten years and people STILL don’t get it. She’s a goodwill ambassador. People who question why she carries the kids and wears the scarf and is in the photos should look up what that means. It means being the centerpiece of the awareness drive, pics with her in it will sell faster than pics without her in it. She’s there to highlight and publicize the plight of the refugees she visits. That’s it.

    Kaiser admits she knew nothing about the situation in the Ivory Coast. Now she does. That’s the purpose of Jolie being a goodwill ambassador. For people to realize that amidst the comforts and civilization of the west, there are millions of people elsewhere who are suffering on a daily basis . And they need the world’s attention.

    Whether she has nannies, lives in mansions in three hundred different countries does not take away from the fact that she’s out there bringing attention to the things that really matter in this life. People who refuse to see that just beggar belief.

  157. lili says:

    hmm…two words: fake n`tacky? actually, one word: “tacky“ – will suffice.