Beyonce has a million bucks worth of wigs

In Touch estimates that Beyoncé’s wig collection is worth $1 million. Her engagement ring is worth $5 million, it’s not such a stretch to calculate that her wigs are worth 1/5th of that. eyoncé’s wigs are mostly handcrafted and custom made for the star out of real human hair. Some single wigs are worth $10,000 each, and since she changes her hair as often as she changes her clothes, her wig collection is valued at a mint. It’s not all wasted though. Beyoncé donates her worn pieces to an organization that provides wigs for chemotherapy patients.

Beyoncé is guaranteed to always have the coolest hairstyle – she keeps a climate-controlled closet stocked with finely crafted hairpieces. “Beyonc&eacute’s wigs are worth a fortune,” the singer’s friend reveals, noting that some cost more than $10,000. “The majority of them are custom-made from real hair and she’s probably got $1 million worth of stunning wigs. It’s part of the reason why she always looks gorgeous.” Since she updates her looks frequently, the insider adds that Beyoncé donates many of her castoffs to a charity that supplies wigs to women going through chemotherapy.

[From In Touch, print edition, October 6, 2008]

Beyoncé and her husband of nearly six months, Jay-Z, made over $80 million each last year, making a million dollars worth of wigs seem pretty tame in comparison to their earning power.

The 27 year-old singer is one of the first performers confirmed for the MTV European Music Awards, to take place in Liverpool, England on November 6th. The first two singles off Beyonce’s currently untitled third solo album will be released in October.

Here are some of the many wigs Beyonce has worn over the last year. A few of them look like she got her money’s worth.

Photo credit: WENN

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  1. Anna says:

    I should probably be a lot less shocked than I am. Not because of the price of these wigs but simply because she uses so many.
    Some days when I have a real bad case of badhairday I wish I could just hide it all under a gorgeous wig. But somehow I can’t imagine going through life always wearing some. It makes you such a… product, much more of an object. At least I know that’s what I’d feel like. As if I were always disguised. I can’t picture coming home day after day (or probably night after night in Beyoncé’s case) and instead of just taking my clothes off and changing into something comfy, sitting down at my dresser and carefully taking my wig off. There would always be that awkward moment when I’d sit there with a stocking on my real hair and think: “is this all worth it? What’s becoming of me that I have to do this daily?”. Granted, in Beyoncé’s case it probably is worth it. But still… I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes. Or wigs, for that matter.

  2. nikky says:

    money is so wasted on the wealthy.

  3. iCu says:

    What a shock!

    I never ever thought all those hairs are wig..


  4. MM says:

    She doesn’t have to take the wigs of every day.
    These are special wigs that are glued on to your head (around your hair).So she can take them of every 2 weeks or so.

  5. Codzilla says:

    So she donates her used up wigs to charity? Aw, how sweet. So much better than writing a check to buy new wigs for the chemo patients. After all, stale Beyonce sweat is known to ward off a host of illnesses. :roll:

  6. Kaiser says:

    Isn’t this an old story? I thought everyone knew that B wore lots of wigs, weaves, etc. :roll:

  7. anony says:

    Lol Codzilla. I know so magnanimous! Ugh.

    And if the hair is glued um wouldn’t that end up damaging the healthy real hair she has? Imagine what it looks like w/no wig.

  8. Because I say So says:

    Name me a black female celebrity that doesn’t have some sort of fake hair in her head and I’ll show you the exception! I understand that being a performer is stressful on the hair with all of the products involved, but just how vain do you really have to be in order to have $1 mil worth of wigs?
    I agree with whoever said that money is wasted on the wealthy!!

  9. boobaloob says:

    She’s really not very good at hiding the netting of some of those wigs, particularly in the picture where she is wearing a sleeveless striped shirt. Money well spent, indeed. :roll:

  10. Alecto says:

    If she were to come out of her house with no make up and natural hair nobody would recognize her. She’s probably just as plain as the rest of us. Jeez some of the pictures looks like her make up is painted on. It’s ridiculas. Alot of celebrities don’t look like people. When I saw the header pic I thought it was one of those wax figures and that’s what the story was about. She looks like a tranny mannequin.

  11. Nouvel says:

    OMG I am so sorry but this story is so hilarious. Why is it she always has about 10 pounds of hair in her head? Why not wear your own hair?? I have heard stories where people are amazed when they see her in person how much horse hair she has in her head. HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jess says:

    i wonder what her real hair looks like…

  13. california angel says:

    Lol anna, “i wouldn’t like to be in her wigs.” I’m fortunate to have really cooperative hair but I’m sure that everybody has at least one flaw about them that requires a relatively large portion of their salary. For example, I have to spend a lot of money on foundations and concealers because my hormones are not giving my face a break at the moment. If you take the amount she spends and shrink it to a scale, 1/80 of her yearly salary, and figure it into your worth, I’m sure that you could find at least one thing that you spend that much money on to overcompensate for some aspect of your being.

  14. california angel says:

    And by the way I am aware that on a larger scale, it is all ridiculously superficial, but i had a horrible day at work and I want to escape into stories about wigs, o.k.?

  15. ella says:

    pure ignorance, u are all foolish to think that just because she wears wigs and weaves she is not naturally beautiful. another thing, wigs are not the only thing she wears, most of the time she wears pieces/ tracks/ weaves like the rest of hollywood. for instance in some of these photos she is wearing pieces and not full head weaves like all celebrities. so for you wondering what her real hair looks like, look closely and maybe you can see or maybe not because after all that is the blend right?

  16. webbgurl says:

    So, what difference does it make? Women are getting breast implants in droves, and not just movie stars and other forms of plastic surgery. Why is Bey and her wigs and weaves so upsetting? They are just fashion accessories! We were not born with earrings in our ears, rings on our fingers, or piercings through our lips, or tatoos, but alot of people do them. You can wear extensions if you understand, that you are NOT YOUR HAIR. It isn’t that serious people. Do your thing Bey.

  17. :adu says:

    Boy, there are just too many of you who are just plain jealous. Beyonce has everything the average woman would kill for. She has a beautiful body, shaped like a CocaCola bottle, she makes 50+ million a year, the married a guy worth more that 350 million, and what is 1 million on her wigs?

    It is her money, she spends it like she want to. She make a helluva lot of money in her own right. Now what does she have to spend her money on?? Jay-Z more than like pay the housing expense and auto expense. She has no children so she can just spend her money on whatever.

    Jealousy will get us no where. The girl has it going on. No doubting that, she pretty, well built, can sing, and got a multi-million dollar hubby. What else is ther to get. So if the buy wigs, clothes, etc. It’s her money so be it.

  18. Lady says:

    Jealousy Will Get You No Where. Bey would look devastatingly beautiful in a rag dress. It is not the clothes that makes the woman, it is the woman that makes the clothes. And, Bey got it going on, sorry Y’all. Better luck next life around.

  19. Vegas says:

    I love her wigs! I think it’s a great idea if you want to wear different colors, curls, straight, etc. Could you imagine if you were to do all that to your own hair everyday? Wigs are AWESOME!!!!!!!! I saw someone saying something about black women and wigs or fake hair, etc. I say, it’s part of being real. Egyptians, Nubians, etc. all wore different wigs, it’s just one part of a culture and I’m glad that after thousands of years to see people still doing it!

    Everyone is doing the fake thing anyhow. I’m more concerned about women who keep getting boob jobs. I mean, that’s surgery. You start getting into risks, infections, the gel leaking out the bags, etc. Then there’s botox, nose jobs, lip injections, etc. With a wig, you don’t really worry about that mess.

    Keep making the ancients proud! Wear their inventions proudly!

  20. divadi says:

    Tracks, pieces..etc.? that her hair is not beautiful underneath the wigs? her hair is kinky like 90%of African Americans. She did not inherit her moms hair which is curly.She plays it off,and her mom tries to protect her.Beyonce has been wearing fake hair since she was eleven years old. This is not a surprise, as I already figured out how much she has spent from the 1000′s of wigs used. However SHE WEARS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WIGS OF ANY CELEBRITY HANDS DOWN. I resent it when people yell Beyonce to me because I have hair. thank you. am thinking of making a t shirt that says no my hair is real thank you.

  21. divadi says:

    and nobody here is upset. we are just commenting. black american girls are touchy because for heavens sakes 80% wear some form of fake hair, when in the 1950′s Black women were beautiful with their well coiffed hair.

    i feel sorry for the dudes..sometimes maybe they would love to just play in clean natural hair.

    this is not racist it is factist. we’re talking about about drop dead gorgeous Rihanna and her short kinky hair? which is straightened. oh u don’t want to talk about that right? but she is a beauty face wise and she is beautiful with her short hair. Beyonce is tech enhanced attractive lady.

  22. Janine says:

    Well, lets set the record straight! Majority of female celebrities whether they are black or white wear lace front wigs, full lace wigs, extensions, add ons, clip ins, fusion pieces so lets lay off this touchy subject. Not every black woman has nappy or kinky hair as we are all stereotyped to have. That image of what you see on National Geographic or images by photographers who shot pictures of African women in Africa with very dried, knotted and damaged hair does not reflect all of us black women in the United States whether we are mixed or not, being that we all have some kind of multi-cultural background. There are plenty of black women and young black girls who are in grade school who have naturally long hair without tracks, weaves and so forth. Its very annoying to keep having to defend your own hair to folks. Chris Rock has done a film called Good Hair because this good hair vs bad hair scenario in the black community is that big of a deal. So what, Beyonce wears lace wigs, surely her natural hair is not damaged or nappy. Tyra Banks has let her real hair out from under lace wigs and its naturally beautiful and long. I’d love to have lace wigs that I can wear every other week and let my hair rest underneith without having to do anything to it. The point is so what!

  23. nxghosting says:

    she so beautiful in her image feel me download them thanks welcome for these like rare images

  24. HAHA says:

    Why all the hate towards Beyonce?what does her wearing wigs have to do with us?She has the money let her spend it how she pleases. “Alecto”Beyonce is a beautiful woman without makeup like some of us are,however with any “celebrity”not being glammed up how would you expect them to look..plain in a sense because their “STILL HUMAN”,You make it seem as if celebs are supposed to be made out of gold their ordinary people just like us,that just have more money and are viewed in the public eye. As for divad”Rhianna” she’s HOT but drop dead gorgeous….I’d have to disagree she has talent and I am a big fan,I’m not sure about Rhianna’s hair sometimes she wears lace wigs that are short…so we can’t be too sure if some of her hairstyles are achieved with her own hair or with wigs.

  25. Princess says:

    hmmmm i think that these are Beyonce’s real hair or ? Does Beyonce publishes about her fake hair ?

  26. wendy says:

    so,.she use wig all the time!!??

  27. janine says:

    after i read this,.i realize,.B really like fake things huh!!??

  28. Jeni says:

    I also heard Jennifer Lopez has $1 million worth of wigs too! I wonder what Beyone’s hair even looks like – I wonder if we’ve ever seen it…

  29. Strahle says:

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  31. Jane Cole says:

    It had a bit of trouble but now at peace. Anyway I just want to let you people know that NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DOSENT REPRESENT AFRICAN WOMEN.
    Africa is HUGE CONTINENT that has a diverse groups of people everywhere.
    They also wear extentions, briads and all the styles worn in the USA. Many women in AFRICA are beautifull fashionable stylish and Mordern.
    Please make sure to do your research before you start talking TRASH ABOUT AFRICA WOMEN YOU DONT KNOW OR HAVE NEVER MET.
    I am Sierra Leonian
    and my ethnicity is KRIO my language is KRIO
    Please stop this madness its divide and conquer.

  32. wigs says:

    WOW..I can’t imagine she spend a lot of money on that wigs.Maybe it worth it cause she look great.For her kind of work fashion is the best start for success.

  33. Marybell says:

    Most all black females wear wigs – school age, too. Ever watched the news videos of fights and on Jerry Springer -they all go for the wigs and yank them off. Saw one not too long ago – a fight at fast food Rest. The wigs were flying and you should have seen their head without it. It was so funny. wigs all over the floor.

  34. steph says:

    she is extreamly pretty who cares if B wears a wig!!! I dont

  35. Sandra says:

    Why can’t black women just accept the way they are? I think their naturally curly hair is beautiful and it is such a shame that they use fake hair to cover it, adn end up ruining it.
    I see small girls on the street even 4 or 6 year old ones wearing wigs or weaves and it drives me crazy! Teaching a girl from such a small age to dislike the way she is? What is up with that?

    And fake hair is really disgusting, by the way…

    • loxtaz23 says:

      Why do people hate on beautiful women. Who cares if they wear what they wear on there heads.Beyonce. is beautiful with or without make up.and with or without her wigs hair pieces extra

    • loxtaz23 says:

      U know what this is for u Sandra hey u don’t know some people have amune dissorders like alopciea caretakers total universal such. People have no choice ur very rude thank God I don’t know u cause ur very wrong for your shit ur probably so ugly from the inside out!

    • loxtaz23 says:

      U know what this is for u Sandra hey u don’t know some people have amune dissorders like alopciea areata total universal such. People have no choice ur very rude thank God I don’t know u cause ur very wrong for your shit ur probably so ugly from the inside out!