Sarah Palin calls Kathy Griffin a “has been” and a “50 year old bully”

Kathy Griffin loves to talk smack about people, and she’s a comedian so it’s part of her job. She gets a kick out of it, and sometimes she crosses a line but usually she seems to know exactly what she’s doing. Hence she goes after Sarah Palin and her family, because Palin is incredibly predictable and can be counted on to humorlessly respond. That’s exactly what she did when Griffin joked that she was going to take 16 year-old Willow, Sarah’s daughter, down. Remember how Sarah said that David Letterman was joking about statutory rape when he accidentally made a joke about Willow? Rinse and repeat.

Sarah Palin grew agitated when Fox News correspondent Jeanine Pirro asked her thoughts about Kathy Griffin playing a character loosely based on her on an upcoming episode of Glee.

“You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me, because you know, she’s kind of this – she’s a 50-year-old adult bully is really what she is,” Palin said over the weekend (via Huffington Post).

“She’s kind of a has-been comedian and she can do those things to me. I would just ask for respect of my children. As she had stated on CNN that her New Year’s resolution was to destroy my 16-year-old daughter, that takes it a little too far,” Palin continued.

“Kathy, pick on me, come up to Alaska and pick on me, but leave my kids alone,” she went on.
Griffin has skewered the Palin family in her comedy routines over the past two years, calling Bristol the “the White Precious,” and joking that Levi Johnston (who fathered a baby with a teen Bristol) is her boyfriend.

The family has fought back before; in February, Bristol brought up Griffin’s near-fatal liposuction experience and criticized her as a comedian in an interview with Fox News.

[From Hollywood Reporter]

Why so serious, Sarah? My mom taught me not to let people know if they bothered me, and to act like I couldn’t care less what they say. Then again, my mom was showing me how to let arguments die on their own, not how to get press coverage. With the Palins, it’s all about how much we talk about them and Kathy loves goading Sarah into her default setting – mad and acting like people are out to attack her family.

Oh and Kathy explained to the Hollywood Reporter why she wanted to “offend a new Palin.” She said that Willow had “called people a fa–ot on Facebook a couple of times. You don’t throw around the f-word without hearing from me about it.” Here’s more of what Willow wrote, which no one from the Palin family has apologized for.



Kathy is shown on 2/22 and on 2/15, where she wore some lingerie to Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday party. Credit: WENN

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  1. Trillion says:

    You can’t take down Kathy Griffin and here’s why: She’s completely honest and without guile about who she is and why she does what she does. The same cannot be said about Palin, needless to say.

  2. Roxanne75 says:

    Oh Kathy is so charming isn’t she. (insert finger in mouth to show gagging reflex) So what, she can do all the mean jokes and people shouldn’t fight back? Awwww…I don’t think so. Funny how if the shoe were on the other foot people would SPAZ if Palin said the crap that Kathy says.

  3. Bodhi says:

    People who can’t laugh at themselves face a long, dreary & disappointing life.

    I’m looking at you Scarah Palin.

  4. neelyo says:

    What’s that saying about choosing your battles? Palin would be wiser to just ignore it but she seems to never let anything slide, no matter how small. All she’s done is given Griffin more material.

    And people need to stop throwing around the word ‘bully’, especially celebrities.

  5. Rita says:

    I agree the best recourse is no response but talking about “bringing down” your sixteen year old daughter is over the line.

    If she’d said that about one of the Obama’s kids, she’d be facing the secret service the next day.

    PS-Don’t forget that this is just the sort of thing that energizes the base and politicians love it, as do comdians looking for an audience.

  6. mln76 says:

    ITA with Trillion Kathy Griffin is actually smart-much smarter than Palin and unabashedly knows how to get publicity for herself and her career is going well. Palin is the one who is marginalized after her inflammatory words backfired and is now so far from being presidential that she is in a feud with a ‘D-lister’.

  7. sandy says:

    has been? well so is palin, holding all these white wash functions, calling Michell Obama phony for wanting kids to eat a balance meal at their school, pot meet kettle, palin is dumb and Kathy got her fame seeking number, now shut up and sit down already, palin looks foolish, team Kathy

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    a great analysis by Pop Ed on this.

    Palin can go scratch.

  9. JustBored says:

    As smart and funny as everyone thinks Kathy Griffin is, threatening to “take down” a 16 year old is a bit much. We have seen the effects of bullying especially on young kids. They do not forget.

    Pick on Palin instead, she can handle it way better than a child can. It’s not funny at all.

  10. Rosanna says:

    For once, Sarah Palin is right on both counts!

  11. JuJuBee says:

    Palin and Lohan are cut from the same cloth. Always whining about people picking on them. Oh well! Don’t go looking for attention and then get pissy when people call you out on your actions.

  12. Hollowdoll says:

    Palin is out of her league. Kathy will always mop the floor with her family, and rightly so. They are an embarassment of riches.

  13. spotchecker says:

    this is too much fun.
    the only person sarah palin is qualified to criticize is charlie sheen, whom i feel would make a most excellent campaign manager for her 2012 presidential campaign, now that he’s totally free to perch on roofs w/ machetes, thus also reminding me of her need to shoot moose from a helicopter.

    call her, charlie. she needs you.

  14. LunaT says:

    It’s not cool to pick on minors, but Palin should worry more about her kids talking smack than Kathy talking smack. Palin wouldn’t know what to do w/out people like Kathy around—if Palin didn’t have anyone to blame (honestly, I’ve never, ever heard her say anything that didn’t include blaming someone for something), don’t think she’d know what to do w/herself.

  15. Tiffany says:

    I am indifferent to Kathy Griffith, take her or leave her. But I did not know about the Palin kid and that derogatory term. Screw peers, that is something is taught in the home or very tolerated. And before someone jumps down my throat for being too sensitive and PC. What is pissing me off in general is no one respects others anymore. Just sheer vindictiveness and name calling is what is resorted to. This site does not allow for that crap and thank goodness. Bitchy is fun and lines are never crossed, this site shows that people can laugh and laugh at themselves.

  16. LunaT says:

    Spotchecker, love it!

  17. mary jane says:

    I wish I hadn’t read this.

    I used to love Kathy so much.

    I think kids should be ignored.

    And I don’t understand why those kids up in Alaska are being targeted by this website either. Such hypocrisy.

  18. spinner says:

    Palin has every right to protect her children. Kathy should leave the kids out of it. What would everyone say if Griffin was doing this to our current First Lady AND her children? Where is the line drawn??

    Don’t like Sarah Palin.
    Don’t like Kathy Griffin.

  19. ghostbuster says:

    i love love love kathy griffin. shes such a smart beautiful woman. she tells it like it is. she never glorifies herself. ita that palin kid used the f word and no one apologized, they made excuses. i get realy annoyed with the palins and their self entitlement. ugh. go kathy, speak your mind 🙂

  20. Kaboom says:

    It’s understandable that Palin would be sensitive about her kids, considering her lack of success at parenting with Bristol. Just a matter of time until the next in line screws up.

  21. Leticia says:

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Palin fan and do not want her for president ever ever.

    But Griffin crosses the line with Palin’s kids. No one would ever go after a Democratic politician’s kids this way. Really a double standard in the press. Al Gore’s son was busted for possession several times when Gore was VP, and the press never touched it. But when the Bush twins were busted for underage drinking, the press and comedians were all over it. And you can’t claim it was because Bush was hypocritical about alcohol, because he was not. By the way, I don’t like Bush either, so don’t toss the hate blanket over me.

    I will say that 50 yr old Griffin has a better figure than Bristol, so I guess I’m mean, too.

  22. Riley says:

    Kathy Griffin is no has been. Bitch is hilarious and at the top of her game.

  23. ghostbuster says:

    obamas children would never get caught saying what willow palin said. that is obviously tolerated at home b/c there was no retraction and where else did she hear it. the palins set themselves up for public scrutiny since they put themselves out there. if you dont want the world to comment on you, then stop being a famewhore

  24. Roxanne75 says:

    wow, why do people hate Sarah Palin? What exactly did she do? Never get a detailed response just a very general one. Funny how people become brainwashed into thinking a certain way yet they consider themselves so “liberal and open”. Look-all politics stinks, both sides. Just got to use your best judgment and a little common sense. We all hate politics but we all forget that everything we do from the laws we live by, taxes, driving, working, EVERYTHING stems from laws and regulations from these people. Ah, what’s the point in this argument? Nothing will ever change. 🙁

  25. Nanea says:

    Why should Kathy leave SP’s kids out of anything? The kids prove they were brought up the way they were, foul-mouthing other kids, then running off to mommy as they can’t deal with the heat.

    It was SP who dragged her kids out onto the national stage so she should live with the consequences, and above all, sit them down and tell them how to behave themselves in public.

  26. sandy says:

    well it makes me angry that jealous palin constantly criticize Mrs. Obama for the world to hear, including her children, for stupid, unimportant things, just to hear herself talk and stay relevant, palin, is ignorant, Michell is classy, palin children are unwed,under age mother and her younger one, willow has a nasty mouth like her mom, Michelle has never responded, take a page from Mrs.Obama, palin.

  27. CallieTrichid says:


    I think there’s a difference between suggesting you’re going to “take down” the President of the US’s kids who are under the age of 10, if I recall, compared to a famewhore’s kids whose mother doesn’t understand are in that position 100% because of herself, and are also almost the age of consent and legal adulthood.

  28. Melanie says:

    Anything for a buck, huh $arah? Who are you anyway? Just go away and your snotty children will be fine.

  29. spotchecker says:

    @ #16 Luna T

    why thank you! very much. just trying to move those ol’ chess pieces into their proper places, at least in my mind. i can dream.

  30. caramia says:

    And so KG goes on insulting, but not in a funny way, another poor slob and she continues to make headlines doing so.
    Sara Palin is a dullard in a crazed zealot way, but Griffin is nauseating,in a gagging reflux way.

  31. mln76 says:

    @Roxanne75 let’s see I dislike the woman because #1 She is ignorant and unintelligent as she has evidenced in several interviews since her campaign for VP in 2008 that she doesn’t know basic things a politician should know like Supreme Court decisions , Constitutional Law, and basic Geography (Africa isn’t a country its a continent)
    #2 She never takes responsibility for anything that comes out of her mouth from her idiotic gaffs of logic, to inciting violence against several politicians (yes I am talking about the crosshair map), to putting down the First Lady for talking about nutrition- yet the first time anyone makes a crack about her and her family she is the first one to whine like a baby.
    #3 She wants to be taken seriously as a politician (eventhough she couldn’t be bothered to finish her term as governor) or luminary or whatever but her and her family are just a bunch of reality show starring idiots that cash in on their dysfunctions (teen pregnancies and all) at any given moment.

    Does that answer your question?

  32. Mshuffleupagus says:

    As far as I’m concerned, calling anyone a fa**ot is open season for receiving insults.

  33. curmudgeon says:

    @Callie Trichid
    The difference is also that Palin is unpopular and Mrs. Obama is sanctified. Admit it. Y’all have no problem with this because you don’t like Sarah Palin so its open season on her and her kids. I’m not a fan of hers, but I think she has a right to respond to K Griffin’s lowbrow brand of humor if she wishes. The bit about the f word is just a deflection and an excuse for a low blow against a minor. If Griffin had any real class she AND Chelsea Handler could make jokes that don’t involve attacking other people. Its ok but its their whole schtick. All cat claws all the time. Way to go girls. Show ’em what women are made of.

  34. Kim says:

    GO Sarah!!!! Not a huge fan but you have to give it to her for calling a has been a has been! I do appreciate that she sticks up for her family/children.

    Kathy used to be funny – now she just seems bitter. It is funny a women who has had so much plastic surgery for weight issues would go after a young girl who hasnt had multiple liposuctions!

  35. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “No one would ever go after a Democratic politician’s kids this way.”

    I guess you never heard Limbaugh refer to Chelsea Clinton as “the White House dog”?

    “Al Gore’s son was busted for possession several times when Gore was VP, and the press never touched it.”

    REALLY? does MSNBC count as “the press”?

    google “al gore’s son busted” and the first five hits are this story from MSNBC, Reuters, abcnews, fox news, and people magazine. so, the press most certainly DID “touch” that story.

    Why do I hate Palin? well, “hate” is probably the wrong word, but I think she is dangerous for the country. she CELEBRATES mediocrity and consistently showed herself to be uninformed in topics that matter when you’re running for office. she thinks being smart and informed makes you an “elitist”. she constantly plays the victim and acted outraged that anyone dare ask her questions about things relevant to the presidency when she was running for office. she encourages xenophobia. she abused her power as governor (that is, before she quit during her first term…). I could go on, but you get the point.

  36. Kim says:

    Sandy – its one thing to criticize an adult EVEN if their kids may hear it, than to directly criticize a young girl to the public. Especially on something as idiotically vain as her weight. No comparison.

  37. Johanna says:

    “But, what about the children”!!! Lol!

    Some of you need to realize that Bristol is no kid. Kid is what came out of her underage (at the time) cooter. As for that other moron, and yes, you rightfully earn that name when you spew hateful obscenities in the attempt to offend (is there any other use for those terms?) no matter what age you are, deserves a good old fashion whipping! Their daughters’ behavior reflect on the parenting they receive.

  38. mln76 says:

    @ Kim Pop eater said it best KG is no has-been.

    it should not go unmentioned that this particular “has-been” scored her third Grammy nomination in a row this year, had a recent New York Times best-seller with ‘Official Book Club Selection,’ has been nominated for six Emmys (and won two) in the past five years and this week will open a limited-engagement run of her stand-up at Broadway’s Belasco Theater. She will also tape four stand-up specials for Bravo, five-year home to her now defunct reality program ‘Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,’ this year alone.

  39. Cheyenne says:

    Ordinarily I would say lay off the kids. Especially when the children are very young.

    But this case is different. Bristol Palin is an adult famewhore who is constantly putting herself out there. Willow Palin is a 16 year old with a foul mouth and an attitude, running around calling people “faggots”. She deserves all the opprobrium she spits at everyone else.

    If Mama Palin can’t take the heat, she should get the hell out of the kitchen. None of this would be happening if she had taken the time to raise her kids right.

  40. NayNay says:

    It is comedy. I guess the truth hurts, which is why she is calling out Kathy Griffin on this. Some people cannot handle the truth. Just think, if she was never in the public eye, asking, I mean, practically begging people to make fun of her, nobody would give two shits about her. She asked for it, and now she got it!!!

  41. Kim says:

    Johanna – when is name calling ok & mature ever?? When is bullying anyone whether 5 or 55 ok? It shows lack of character when your entire career is about bullying people.

  42. Str8Shooter says:

    @Roxanne: I am beginning to think you actually ARE Scarah Paleface, hiding behind your screen name. Surely you can’t be THAT ignorant that you don’t know the vitriol and hatred this evil woman (yes, EVIL) spews on a daily basis. Or that she makes fun of our First Lady for trying to encourage healthy eating in our children. Or that she stands over a defenseless animal she just murdered for her circus sideshow (sorry, REALITY show) and mugs for the camera. Or the fact she stood by and laughed her head off at the rallies where people were calling for violence against Obama; Or the fact she defends her daughters for making homophobic remarks; or, as MLMN kindly pointed out, is a plain MORON??!!!

    Think your argument’s got more holes in it than Scarah’s little ol’ noggin!

  43. mrsezc says:

    Trillion said it best!!!

  44. Droll says:

    Pot calling kettle black. This shows that Palin hasn’t the slightest clue how to behave or react publicly when comedians skewer her. Note to Sarah: that’s a comedian’s job, to highlight the absurdities in politics, society and human beings. Instead of wasting your breath doing your “mama-bear’ schtick, maybe you should concentrate on buffing up on your foreign policy, perhaps you should memorize the American constitution and get a f*cking clue before your witless and hopeless run for election in 2012.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    curmudgeon: The difference is also that Palin is unpopular and Mrs. Obama is sanctified.

    Oh get real, will you? Palin needs to pick her battles better. Going after Michelle Obama for promoting a balanced diet for children, at a time when childhood obesity in this country is going through the roof, with all the attendant dangers of type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure, just makes her look like a f*cking ignoramus. Every time she opens her mouth another stupidity spills out.

  46. NayNay says:

    This family basically aired their dirty laundry for the whole world to see. It is now ‘NO HOLDS BARRED’, as far as this family goes. It’s not like Kathy Griffin is saying anything that isn’t true. Bristol went on Dancing with the Stars, come on now, the whole world saw how pleasanlty plump she was/is. She is no longer a child. Come on, it’s totally open season on this family, as well as, many others.

  47. Kloops says:

    I’m not crazy about Kathy saying she’ll “take down” Willow BUT Palin has put her kids in the public eye and paraded them all over her reality show. And what that girl said on Facebook is despicable. In my opinion, those Palin kids are rotten little brats. I would be astonished if Obama’s kids were to say such bigoted things, but if they did they would deserve to be criticized; however, the Obamas don’t invite a reality show into their kid’s lives so it’s not comparable.

    Oh, and Kathy is a phenomenally successful comedian. She’s most definitely at the top of her game and is raking it in.

  48. flotus says:

    mln 76/#31……sounds as though you are describing our current President!

  49. Relli says:

    @ Praise St Angie, well said…….. golf clap, for real….nice break down.

    I can see some conservative commentators from Pop Eater are here today…UGH! Every time i flip over there read comments i realize why I never stray from CB, i like my gossip with lots of snark and no political proselytizing!

  50. eja102 says:

    I agree that kids should be kept of it.

    I think, once you have a baby, you are no longer a “kid”.

    So suck it up, Sarah.

    as for the comment about the 16 year old, calling people faggot then hiding behind mommy and wanting be a “kid”?
    what about the feelings of the kids she called faggots?

    again, suck it up.

  51. EdithP says:

    Here’s another reason to dislike Sarah Palin, besides her blatant ignorance and goading of others — apparently if I don’t agree with her politics, I’m not a “real” American.

    My people were here LONG before hers were.

  52. Ron says:

    If Sarah Palin wants her kids left out of it, she shouldn’t have put them in front of every spotlight that rolls by in the first place. Her kids are fair game, because Mama Moron put them in the sights.

    Kathy’s response inviting “reality star Sarah Palin and her family” to her NY show is priceless.

  53. kellsbells says:


  54. mln76 says:

    @flotus uhm I don’t even want to hear your logic on that one I am guessing you soley listen to soundbites on Fox News and have never watched an Obama speech/interview. I am not saying that you need to agree with him politically ( I don’t always either ) but to compare him in intelligence or candor to that idiot who abandoned her governership because it was too hard is just plain stupid. If you can show one instance where Obama did something as horrible as irresponsible as the crosshairs map I would love to hear about it. BTW this man has been threatened and demeaned by the very worst elements of the Republican Party who somehow imply that a Hawaiian Birth Certificate isn’t legit and use misinformation to veil their ignorant attacks on him and he has never responded with anything but dignity ( something Sarah Palin could learn from).
    Why doesn’t the Republican Party laud it’s intellectuals and put forward a candidate that is actually reasonable and intelligent then this issue would be mute.

  55. Belle Epoch says:

    First of all, Griffin is a COMEDIAN. She joked, “I think this is Willow’s year to go down.”

    She didn’t say SHE would take on Willow. She didn’t say anything about Willow. I think she was referring to Willow’s homophobic slurs on Facebook – not to mention breaking & entering an empty house, getting drunk, and trashing it. Willow is going to take herself down.

    Palin is the world’s worst mother and her kids are out of control. She parades them in front of the country and then says “don’t talk about them.” Give me a break. If you want them off limits, don’t put them in the limelight for your political gain.

    Track was sent off to Iraq because he cut all the brake lines of the schoolbuses in Wasilla. We all know what Bristol did, give or take a baby. Willow is already a hard drinker and talks smack. The last hope is little Piper. (Trig appears to be Bristol’s, if you read the blogs.)

  56. DrM says:

    Pot. Kettle. Black. In spades.

  57. Peg says:

    I’m not a fan of either one of these media whores. But I would have to side with Palin on this. Kathy Griffin IS a bully and shouldn’t be targeting children.

  58. Jules says:

    @mln76– “idiot who abandoned her governership because it was too hard is just plain stupid”

    You obviously only believe the left wing media’s reasoning for why she left…it was just because she was an idiot right? It had absolutely nothing to due with her being sued into bankruptcy by left wing minions bringing silly lawsuits. And no the state of Alaska would not cover all those expenses.

    “If you can show one instance where Obama did something as horrible as irresponsible as the crosshairs map I would love to hear about it”

    Ok here ya go “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl”.

    “very worst elements of the Republican Party who somehow imply that a Hawaiian Birth Certificate isn’t legit”

    Oh I think everyone believes a Hawaiian Birth certificate is legit. Obama just fuels speculation because he refuses to produce one in court no matter how many people sue to see it. The document he posted online was not a long form birth certificate, it was a certification of live birth. Not the same and those are given to foreigners as well. Even Chris Matthews has become wise to this fact. The fact that Obama’s mom was a citizen is good enough for me. However, I think he is most likely a citizen but has blocked his birth cert & college records because he may have taken advantage of some college scholarship programs that he may not have actually been entitled to. Just my theory. (And if you think no he’s too honest and law abiding–he had 17 parking tickets he refused to pay until he decided to run for office).Otherwise, why not just show the birth certificate in court instead of spending millions of taxpayer dollars to defend against having to show it? If I could bring an end to all speculation by producing a document that might cost a few dollars to get a copy of, I’d do it. Makes no sense.

  59. tango says:

    Teenaged mothers an indicator of bad parenting? Hmm, let’s then examine the birth statistics of major cities and we should remove custody from parents whose teens got pregnant because they’re obviouly lousy parents. ONLY crappy parents have teenagers who get pregnant. Even though Barack Obamas Mom was also a teenager when she got pregnant with him and was also pregnant when she got married. Ohh, the scandal. Big flipping deal. Didn’t Ms. Dunham know she was supposed to finish college and have a career before she got pregnant?

    Sarah Palin should’ve never let her kids have a FB account once she became a public figure. It was a disaster waiting to happen because they’re kids and can be pulled into doing and saying stupid stuff. We all know that teenagers are stupid and reckless – it’s part of their brain chemistry. Why else are teenagers held to a different standard sometimes when committing crimes? Psychologists know that their brains aren’t fully formed, they’re risk takers and reckless. So Willow and Bristol acted like idiots and as such, are branded for life? I expect all of you had perfect teenager lives and never said or did anything embarassing or bad that reflected badly on yourself or your family huh?

    And yes, there was an apology issued for the horrible use of the F word:

  60. bunkins says:

    love Kathy. Willow is not a child she is 16. In many states at that age you can drive a car, a potential murder weapon.
    Boo hoo the Palins, always victims.

  61. hellen says:

    Kathy Griffin has built her career on being a bully. I don’t like that, and if she’ said that about my daughter (no matter what age) I would have responded the same way.

    And I have to disagree with Kaiser: David Letterman not NOT “accidentally” make a joke about statutory rape. He knew exactly what he was saying, and as usual – he backtracked when he caught flak for it.

  62. flotus says:

    Thank you, Jules!

  63. mln76 says:

    @Jules I believe she’s an idiot because she can’t answer simple questions of foriegn policy and geography.

    She left office according to her because she didn’t want to be a ‘lame duck’ I guess Ronald Reagan should have quit in 1986 because who really needed him to preside over the fall of Communism?

    As for Obama’s comment about a knife or a gun how does making an allegory compare to targeting specific people who happen to be elected officials with crosshairs?

    And um I guess it’s all Obama’s fault that Mike Huckabee falsely said Obama was raised in Kenya last week. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

  64. Jules says:

    I really don’t know what kind of society this is if people ok attacks on 16 year olds. You know what, I don’t agree with the Obamas on many things, but I think their children are adorable, and I would never condone ugliness toward them. They have shown up at political events too and to me that does not make them ‘fair game’ just because they left the house with their parents. If some of Palin’s kids have problems, why is attacking them the answer? Gross.

  65. Johanna says:

    Johanna – when is name calling ok & mature ever?? When is bullying anyone whether 5 or 55 ok? It shows lack of character when your entire career is about bullying people.

    @Sarah Palin I’m sorry I mean @Kim

    You make an excellent point. It’s not ok to go around name calling people you don’t like. That applies to Sarah Palin’s daughters. They shouldn’t get offended when being attacked especially when they’re so good at being in the other end of the stick. In fact, if they were smart about it (we all know that’s unfamiliar territory for that family) they would ignore Kathy all together. The fact that she gets to them is the reason she continues to make fun of them.

    @Tango Nobody is saying (at least I’m not) that if you were an underage mother you had bad parenting. It’s the sh*t that comes out of her disgusting mouth that indicates she wasn’t raised with discipline & manners instilled in her. Your 5 paragraph comment is so over the top I bet you had it saved somewhere waiting for the right moment to copy & paste just so you could spew your opinion on an unrelated topic.

  66. mystified says:

    Kathy Griffen is hardly funny. She is a mean and insufferable bore. Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler have more humor in their little pinkies than she has had in her entire career.

    Kathy also needs to quit showing off her aging body in skimpy clothes. It’s great that she keeps in shape but after a certain age one begins to look a little desperate dressing that way –something she always accuses others of being. I suppose her excuse for dressing so tastelessly is that she’s making some attempt at “humor” — the same way that some insecure women use Halloween as an excuse to prance around half naked.

  67. Jules says:

    March 8th, 2011 at 3:16 pm @Jules I believe she’s an idiot because she can’t answer simple questions of foriegn policy and geography

    Not true. I’ve seen her answer plenty of these questions. Very selective memory you have.

    “She left office according to her because she didn’t want to be a ‘lame duck’”

    yes, because she was forced to spend all of her time defending against the lawsuits.

    “As for Obama’s comment about a knife or a gun how does making an allegory compare to targeting specific people who happen to be elected officials with crosshairs”

    WOW. JUST WOW. ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? And P.S. Democrats were the first to use the crosshairs on maps. It is commonplace and that is not why the lady got shot anyway. The shooters friends have been interviewed.

    “And um I guess it’s all Obama’s fault that Mike Huckabee falsely said Obama was raised in Kenya last week. Thanks for pointing that out for me.”

    I didn’t point that out to you, but since you mention it, Huckabee meant to say Indonesia where Obama lived for a few years as a child. Huckabee has now corrected himself from Kenya to Indonesia.

  68. Droll says:

    @flotus and Jules….I suggest you read this article to get a full picture of why Sarah Palin quit, not just rely on Fox news. Her reasons were both cunning and quite unnecessary if she’d taken her oath of office seriously, but I guess the bottom line is the bottom line….,8599,1908800-2,00.html

  69. squirrelfan says:

    How is Kathy Griffin the bully when Willow calls people “faggots” on Facebook on more than one occasion?

  70. Sumodo1 says:

    Kathy Griffin is a gift from…(wait for it) Baby Jesus.

  71. mln76 says:

    I am still waiting for an instance where specific people were targeted with crosshairs. I am still wondering how making a generic statement not inciting violence on any specific person compares with inciting violence against elected officials for their policy choices.

  72. lola lola3 says:

    Love Kathy! Palin’s “kids” are adults. Not tiny children needing her protection. They make money like adults, speak like adults and start fights just like their mommy.

  73. xxodettexx says:

    totally Team Kathy Griffin!

    i have many reasons like, KG is a comedian people – get a life, or Palin brought this on herself and lets be honest is LOVING kathy keeping her family’s name in the news [mo’ money peeps!]… plus, considering WHY kathy is going after willow: i agree that someone that bigoted SHOULD be called out, regardless of their age. god knows her mom isnt teaching her to not use bigoted words like f@ggot and such.

  74. annie says:

    @Jules, you forgot “punish your enemies” and “get in their faces”

  75. spotchecker says:

    @ #55 Belle Epoch

    “..what Bristol did, give or take a baby…”

    f&*(king brilliant.

    # 56 DrM
    also: Griffin. Funnier. In complete sentences.

    # 57 Jules
    you have to admit it’s bad when most repubs won’t vote for her. that’s them, not moi. you want some freedom fries w/ that?

  76. Me says:

    If it was my child, I’d do the same. It’s very easy to bring “mama bear” out when someone is being hurtful to your child/ren. I can’t fault Palin for this – Griffin went overboard picking on a child.

  77. Jules says:

    @Droll–from your Time article:

    “Other legislators lay the blame at the Democrats’ door. “I believe the word came down from national Democrats to local Democrats to do everything in their power to take her down,” says state senator Gene Therriault, a Republican who represents the town of North Pole. “We started seeing a proliferation of ethics complaints against her. It was an orchestrated effort to take her down.” Either way, all sides agree that the relationship is irreparable.”

  78. eja102 says:

    @ 74

    a “child” who is calling other people f*ggots.

    who needs the mama bear protection again?

  79. Grace says:

    @flotus: The surest sign that a person has no valid argument is when they pull out their variation of, “I know you are but what am I.” Your response helped prove mln76’s point better than he/she ever could have.

  80. Jules says:

    @mln76–“I am still wondering how making a generic statement not inciting violence on any specific person compares with inciting violence against elected officials for their policy choices.”

    Ok wonder no more. Here is your answer spelled out for you. Obama was making the gun/knife fight reference about his Republican opposition during the campaign. This could have been interpreted as a call to violence against McCain, Palin, or any other Republican. Not sure why this isn’t extremely obvious.

  81. Bodhi says:

    They have shown up at political events too and to me that does not make them ‘fair game’ just because they left the house with their parents.

    The Palin kids have been exposed to the media WAY more than just showing up to political events. Ma & Pa Palin let a REALITY TV SHOW in their lives & the lives of their children. They purposely exposed them to the media & the public at large. They can’t start complaining that people are paying too much attention to them when they are the ones who orchestrated the attention in the first place.

  82. Cheyenne says:

    Jules: “The document he posted online was not a long form birth certificate, it was a certification of live birth.”


    When I first applied for a passport I went to the New York State Department of Health and requested a copy of my long-form birth certificate. What I got instead was a computer-generated CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, which is valid ID for all legal purposes, including adoption, obtaining a passport, getting a driver’s license or anything else. Stop trying to make a big deal out of a non-issue. All birth records are computer-generated now. If you have a problem with that, it’s too bad.

    The birthers crack me the hell up. Some of those nitwits actually tried to fake a Kenyan birth certificate to “prove” Obama was born in Kenya and therefore his presidency is invalid. It was exposed as a fraud five minutes after it hit the internet. Among other things, it said it was issued in the “Republic of Kenya” in 1961. Kenya didn’t become a republic until 1964. Also, the location in Kenya where they said Obama was born wasn’t in Kenya at all at that time but was actually a part of Tanzania, which was then called Zanzibar. Somebody needs to tell these clowns that if they’re going to put a fake birth certificate out there, at least do their homework first.

  83. jayem says:

    LMAO @ Jules and her anti-Obama rant. He refused to pay parking tickets?! Baaaahahahahahahaha!!! Clearly, that means he isn’t fit for the presidency. BTW, I’m sure in order to even run for president, much less take the oath into office, you’d have to produce proof of your citizenship, seeing as it’s a constitutional requirement. The mere fact that he IS president is proof enough for me that someone did their job and he’s legit. Also, living in another country for any length of time does not invalidate your citizenship here, so I don’t care if he lived in Timbuktu from birth until the very day he decided to run for president.

    Some of you guys and La Palin sound like Dina Lohan. “But she’s just a chiiiiiiiild…” No, she’s YOUR child. Which means if you’d done your job, comedians wouldn’t have anything to make fun of. Notice how the only thing they could attack Chelsea Clinton for were her looks, since she was a well-behaved young lady. In contrast, the Bush twins were out getting drunk while underage. So, the media reported on it. But even then, the First Lady never held an interview/press conference begging everyone to stop reporting on her daughters admittedly teenage behavior. If there was no story, there’d be no skewering. That’s just how it goes.

    Count me as Team Griffin and Team All The Commenters Who Have Basic Logic And Reasoning Skills.

  84. LunaT says:

    @Jules—-OMG. ” Oh I think everyone believes a Hawaiian Birth certificate is legit.” Yeah, just ask FOX News and nutballs like my FIL, who doesn’t believe that Obama is a US citizen.

    As for Palin leaving her governorship, it would’ve been much classier if her speech announcing her plans hadn’t been sprinkled w/reasons why everyone else was doing horrible things and poor Sarah, who was tryin’ so hard, got screwed over by them all in the process.

  85. Kim says:

    Kathy Griffin is about as fugly as they come, inside and out. I find her incredibly creepy.

  86. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @mln76 & @Praise St. Angie: I heart you guys!!!

  87. TaylorB says:

    This story bothers me on several levels, I really do not like when politicians kids are picked on like Willow or Chelsea when she was young(and I don’t include Bristol as she is an adult) but KG is a comic who makes her living making fun, right or wrong and right and left.

    However, if Ms ‘mama grizzly’ Palin would stop telling everyone what a great parent she is and spend some time actually explaining to her kids that calling people f*ggots etc is rude, bigoted, and just flat out wrong she might garner a bit more respect in this situation. As it stands now she espouses being a ‘great pitbull in lipstick parent’ but seems to be too busy with her own agenda to actually follow through with teaching her children how to behave like good examples for others. If those were my kids I would have trotted them out to make a public apology, grounded them and apologised myself to the people they said that to. Even if they were goaded, it still does not make it ok behaviour.

  88. sandy says:

    @kim, palin is the low class bully, if you are worth any thing at all, you need to discuss topics in an intelligent manner, if you disagree with them, especially if you are trying to run for public office,(besides comedians of course) it’s their job to be funny, she is embarrassing her party with her rhetoric, pick on someone who is actually not doing something to improve life for everyone,(M. Obama) it’s insane, should L. Bush not want to teach kids to read? sorry, palin is just being foolish and so are her delusional supporters, get behind some one who is interested in real issues and have a legitimate and intelligent beef, not some fame seeker who just likes to spew hate for the hell of it, then complain when the same thing happens to her.

  89. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “yes, because she was forced to spend all of her time defending against the lawsuits.”

    most ridiculous argument I’ve heard yet. you DO realize that people like, say, Donald Trump, face multiple lawsuits (at the same time) over the course of their ENTIRE lives, lawsuits that have WAY less merit than the ones against Palin, and still manage to run companies, states, hollywood careers, etc…so saying she resigned because she was fighting “all the lawsuits” is really a terrible argument.

    perhaps the suits against Palin were actually legitimate, and not so “silly” after all, and THAT’S why she spent so much time fighting them? either way, it’s a bad argument.

    “Oh I think everyone believes a Hawaiian Birth certificate is legit.”

    no…no, they don’t, and most of that is because of people like Palin and her tea-party ilk. the latest polls indicate that close to 51% among likely Republican voters believe he’s not a citizen. why is this? it can’t POSSIBLY be that some conservatives are perpetuating that he wasn’t born in the US, right?

    “However, I think he is most likely a citizen but has blocked his birth cert & college records because he may have taken advantage of some college scholarship programs that he may not have actually been entitled to.”

    “most likely a citizen”?!!! so, YOU are ALSO perpetuating the doubt. as for his taking advantage of scholarships/financial aid, I give you the best place for debunking myths like that…

    Their conclusion? FALSE.

    “I really don’t know what kind of society this is if people ok attacks on 16 year olds.”

    except that NO ONE has “attacked” her. Griffin made a JOKE that it was her year to “go down” because all of the other Palin’s had taken a turn being made fun of. Did Griffin actually “attack” Willow Palin in any way? no. and she very likely won’t, at least until Willow is 18 and puts herself in the public eye like Bristol did by going on a TV show (Gossip Girl?) and reality-competition show.

  90. Cheyenne says:

    @jayem: Some people in this country woke up on the morning of 11/5/08 and almost shat themselves into a coma when they realized we have a black man for our President. Ever since then, they have dedicated their lives to trying to invalidate Obama’s presidency. Find something, anything, to prove his election was a fake and get him out of office. The only issue they could find that looked remotely promising was the fact that he has one parent born in Kenya. So they have been exploiting that to the max and beyond.

    Oh yeah, and the Obama-is-a-closet-Muslim issue; but unfortunately, even if they could prove he is a Muslim (he isn’t, but that’s by the by), there is nothing in the Constitution that says a Muslim can’t be president.

  91. Evy says:

    Team Griffin all the way !!
    If a “kid” is old enough to call someone a “faggot” on her facebook page then she’s sure old enough to face the consequences…

  92. CoffeeTalk says:

    Team Griffin on this one. She’s a comedian and an entertainer who makes her living talking about people who live in the public sphere and pointing out their absurdities.

    She’s also very much a positive force in the gay arena so anyone who speaks negatively about gay people is gonna get some from Kathy Griffin. More power to her for not sweeping that kind of crap under the rug and ignoring it like it doesn’t mean anything.

    Anyone who says that Democrats don’t get it as badly as Republicans do just need to look at what the media did to poor Chelsea Clinton. The Bushes and Reagans were too old to have young children while they were in office but when Chelsea Clinton came in, oh my gosh. I remember them mercilessly degrading her about her looks and her braces and her big curly hair.

    The Obama children are NOT in the public eye except on very rare occasions and they don’t get into any kind of trouble. You never hear about them because they never do anything obnoxious or incendiary. And thankfully they are too young for the media to think it’s ok to mock them.

  93. Micky says:

    So it’s okay for SP’s daughter to insult people, but not okay for KG to do so?

    Ageism, if I do say so myself.

    If SP’s daughter can dish it, she can also take it.

  94. Jaye E says:

    “Why do I hate Palin? well, “hate” is probably the wrong word, but I think she is dangerous for the country. she CELEBRATES mediocrity and consistently showed herself to be uninformed in topics that matter when you’re running for office. she thinks being smart and informed makes you an “elitist”. she constantly plays the victim and acted outraged that anyone dare ask her questions about things relevant to the presidency when she was running for office. she encourages xenophobia. she abused her power as governor (that is, before she quit during her first term…). I could go on, but you get the point. ” THIS…Yes! Thanks Praise St. Angie.

    @Roxanne75…how’s that for detailed?

  95. swanjaco says:

    Wow, nice to see “Mama Grisly” addressing yet another VITAL ISSUE affecting everyday Americans…the Kathy freaking Griffin issue! Your guns are lonely Sarah, go on & give ’em a nice big ol’ bear hug, why dontcha?

  96. bluhare says:

    #2 Roxanne75: before you get on your high horse about people calling out Sarah Palin’s children you might want to watch your language. Spaz out? RUDE RUDE RUDE.

    Willow Palin is no angel. Aside from what she posted on Facebook, she also called a woman (who was perturbed about Palin taking up a wharf in a fishing village for her reality show when people actually make their living there and it was shut down) an asshole for being upset about it. Nice.

    That being said, Kathy should pick on Sarah like she’s got hives but leave the entitled brat out of it.

  97. Moreaces says:

    Sarah Payme, calling someone a bully, projection much..

  98. anne_000 says:

    if palin didnt want her kids to be scrutinized in the public’s eyes, then she shouldnt have put them on a reality tv show… obama isnt hustling his kids on a reality tv show. instead their parents are trying to keep them out of the public’s attention as much as they can and just lead normal lives, unlike kate gosselin, er dina lohan, er sarah palin and her kids. seriously, like palin wouldnt love it if like her older sister, willow were on magazine covers too and going on dwts and whatever. she even went on dwts to promote her daughter to try to keep her on longer – that’s how bristol stayed on for so long on the show even tho she sucked. palin cant have it both ways – push her kids into the spotlight yet expect everybody to have only good things to say about them. that’s not realistic.

  99. Moreaces says:

    @Kaboom, I completely agree with comment 20

  100. Ivy says:

    Good Lord – even on my precious Celebitchy, there are crazy “birthers” lurking?!? God, is there nothing sacred anymore?!?!

    Good grief – ya’ll are a sad sack of racist a-holes. And why do I say “racist”, you ask? Never, in my life, have I EVER seen anyone question a sitting US President about his freaking birth certificate – and hammer on it endlessly, years later, no matter what kind of indelible proof they’re shown. Never have I ever even heard it mentioned of another president…ever…totally unheard of. It’s not too tough to put 2+2 = a bunch of wackos who waste their lives stewing in their hatefulness instead of actually doing something good and positive with their life, for their communities, and for their country.

    Thank goodness the prevailing sentiment on here is a shred of reason peppered with some intelligence. Maybe there is hope still…oh, and Team Kathy.

  101. ordinarygirl86 says:

    Trillion said it best! Kathy Griffin cracks on everyone who makes themselves the butt of a joke! My understanding was that she mentioned Willow because the girl was allegedly a bully who repeatedly used the word fa**ot when referencing to another kid. The kid went public with the accusation and that’s why Griffin said ‘Willow is goin down’ (I dont think she actually threatened to harm the girl physically at any point) She cracks on Bristol because the girl is a famewhore, etc. It’s not like Griffin doesnt crack on everyone else- Angie n Brad and their children, Suri Cruise, Lindsay, Barack and Michelle etc.

    The thing is none of them take her comedy act so seriously (whether they think it’s insulting or not), they just brush it off whereas Sarah goes on Fox News to cry about it? Seriously?…if she was so offended by her comedy act I think she should have called or spoke to Kathy face to face but whatever. *kanyeshrug*

  102. Dea says:

    Kathy behaves like a mean teenager. Her jokes are not even funny. The most unattracted person both as a comedian and as a woman.

  103. Sunnyjyl says:

    Sarah should be doing her own ‘taking down’ of her daughter for her insufferable public behavior. Facebook and Twitter are public places. Then, a ‘Has been’ comedienne wouldn’t have fodder for comment.

    This is more publicity for Palin, and you know Kathy Griffin is loving it.

  104. bluhare says:

    #100 (Can’t read your name): AMEN!!!

    I couldn’t agree more. I was at the post office a couple of months ago, and there was a table outside with two people manning it. It had the photo of Obama with the Hitler moustache on the front. They asked me if I wanted Obama out before the end of his first term. I said that not only did i NOT want him out, I wanted him to get a second term and, by the way, a lot of you are racists, pure and simple. That took the smiles off their faces. No one will come out and say racism, but that’s what it is.

    Oh yes, and John McCain was born in PANAMA. What about that???

  105. Jules says:

    @bluhare–“Oh yes, and John McCain was born in PANAMA. What about that???”

    That was litigated before the election. He produced his birth certificate and it was decided in court that since his family was serving in the military that he was a US citizen. Not sure if Celebitchy’s moderators will let this bit of truth through since my responses are now being deleted. I have responded to all the silliness, but I guess you’ll never know what I said. Celebitchy doesn’t happen to delete perfectly relevant inoffensive logical comments based on their own beliefs do they? Oh of course not.

  106. Emily says:

    #100 (also can’t read your name) and bluhare, ITA with the whole birther thing being racist. It also seems incredibly desperate to me, too. Like the Republicans couldn’t beat him in a fair fight (considering they had Palin as a candidate, NOT surprising), so they started this whole topic to distract from that.

  107. Ivy says:

    @ Jules

    “I have responded to all the silliness, but I guess you’ll never know what I said.”

    Be still my beating heart – how will we ever live without knowing what you said?!?! Ach, I say thank the good Lord high in heaven for that – now I really DO believe in miracles!

    By the way, where’s Bush’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!?! Teensy Connecticut is way to close to teensy Maine, which is WAY too close to big ole’ socialist/commie/Nazi Canada for my comfort! And I sure don’t ever remember him showing it, you know. Hmfffff…

  108. annie says:

    @Jules, I love ya!

  109. annie says:

    @bluhare, sweety, the racism card is what you libs play all damn day!

  110. CoffeeTalk says:

    I agree as well about the birther thing being inherently racist. And they ARE desperate to find anything to squeeze him out of office.

    Emily is right, they are clinging to this birth certificate crap like it actually means anything.

    They didn’t pull this nonsense when Clinton was elected. Why now? They should only focus on policy stuff but they keep pushing this “He might not be a citizen” ridiculousness. It all just boils down to “He’s not like us, he’s the ‘other’ i.e. he’s black”.

  111. Ivy says:

    @ BFF Jules

    Scrolling up through earlier comments, Mr. Holy Roller, aka Mike Huckabee is a liar, LIAR, L-I-A-R. Sure…he TOTALLY meant Indonesia – like, duh…so silly really. I mean, really? His actual comment, in its entirety (I do believe) was “I would love to know more. What I know is troubling enough. And one thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, very different than the average American. When he gave the back the… bust of Winston Churchill, a great insult to the British. But then if you think about it, his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather, their view of the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya is very different than ours because he probably grew up hearing that the British were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather.” I know your history book is likely a little dusty, but to save you the effort of actually investigating a single fact on your own that wasn’t broadcast on Fox News or through some forward that has been debunked nine ways from Sunday, the MAU MAU REVOLUTION was NOT 3,000 miles away in Indonesia…it was…wait for it…wait for it, my dear…in K-E-N-Y-A! It becomes mighty hard to distance yourself from a silly little slip of the tongue when you specifically reference a particular armed conflict which occurred in the very place you supposedly had a slip of the tongue about in the first place. I mean really…it’s just too easy.

  112. Jules says:

    @CoffeeTalk–“I agree as well about the birther thing being inherently racist. And they ARE desperate to find anything to squeeze him out of office.”

    McCain and Obama were both questioned about citizenship well before the election. McCain went to court and solved the problem before the election. Was the lawsuit questioning McCains’s citizenship racist as well? They tried to prove Hillary Clinton was ineligible to hold her senate seat on a technicality. Was this racist too, or politics as usual do you think? This is a constant thing on both sides. Obama got all of his opponents disqualified on a techicality in his first primary race. Is he too a racist? Or a politician trying to win.

  113. bluhare says:

    Annie, Jules.

    First of all, I’m not your sweety.

    Second, Obama’s birth certificate issue was handled before the election also, but that doesn’t stop you from harping on it ad nauseum. Interesting you state that McCain’s certificate was “litigated” and it was determined he has citizenship as his parents were. Based on that alone, Obama is a citizen no matter where he was born as his mother was a US citizen as well, even though HE was born within US borders.

    Give it a rest. The man is a US citizen, born in the USA out of a woman who was a US citizen. Period.

  114. Cindy says:


    You are right, bullying should not be allowed in any respect, at any age.
    So why should Willow Pallin be allowed to fling around the term faggot, ( yes I typed it out, I won’t shy away from it… as disgusting as it is) Why should Sarah Palin comment on the first lady, her daughters and nutrition…. Still equals bullying….
    and think no one should even think of referencing the Palin kids??????

    And I understand fighting for your kids… As long as I live I will do it….

    However I will teach my children not to use those hate filled terms….

  115. Newbie says:

    Ahhh….looks like Kathy has accomplished what she probably wanted all along: some controversial press and some internet hits.

  116. april says:

    Sarah is just getting back what she constantly gives out. Like attracts like. You spew hatred and vitriol you attract it right back atcha!

  117. spotchecker says:

    kathy griffin’s site today, w/ a link to the cnn site @ sp including:

    “According to ABC News, Griffin responded by offering the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” star complimentary tickets to her new Broadway stand-up show, “Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony,” which runs at the Belasco Theater from March 11-19.

    “As a fellow reality star, Kathy would like to extend free tickets to her upcoming Broadway show to reality-star Sarah Palin and her reality-TV crew,” a rep for Griffin said. “Kathy supports all reality stars regardless of what they say about her.”

    accd’g to gawker where she was also interning today, she’ll be posting a video @ all this ‘to do’ on her site soon. so go and click on her site, know you want to.

  118. Ron says:

    To the halfwit birthers, and that’s insulting to halfwit’s everywhere, Riddle me this: If Obama was not a citizen don’t you think that Hilary Clinton’s team would have pointed that little nugget out? No one in the history of this country has wanted to president worse than her, she would have ripped that one right out of the park if it was true and you would have some equally ridiculous reason to hate President Hilary Clinton that you would we working on. Find some other conspiracy theory to put what little intelligence you have to work.

  119. Sara says:

    Palin should know about has-been bullies, she being one of the worst bullies I’ve ever seen. She is obviously grasping at anything to get herself in the news – it’s been a refreshingly Palin-scarce couple of weeks. I don’t really care for Kathy Griffin all that much but she is honest.

  120. Jazmin says:

    Kathy Griffin is trash-trash-trash-and more trash + ugly and unfunny….She’s the daughter of Shrek & Fiona.

  121. Liana says:

    They tried to prove Hillary Clinton was ineligible to hold her senate seat on a technicality.

    The “technicality” being that she only moved to New York state just so she could run for the Senate and bareky made the residency requirement?

  122. annie says:

    Oh, I don’t think I ever said Obama was not a US citizen and I do believe Jules said the same thing.

  123. Vesper says:

    I believe in taking responsibility for ur actions, and after the crap Willow spouted on a public website she deserves whatever criticism she gets. She is old enough to know better. Perhaps if her parents actually addressed the issue and made her retract her disgusting announcement, or made some sort of apology she wouldn’t be on the receiving end of what she deserves. As for Palin’s comments about Griffin, she is one to talk, I have never heard Palin say a nice thing about anyone outside of her family. Perhaps, she should have focused less of her energy on her career, or however else she spends her time, and spent more energy on teaching her children right from wrong (ie. gay bashing is not acceptable under any circumstances).

  124. Vesper says:

    If Sarah Palin really wanted to protect her family she would never have brought them into the public eye, and that includes involving them in a reality show, making public comments about the inadequacies of their partners (ie. Levi & Bristol) or encouraging them (Bristol) to parade herself on a dance show for which she obviously had no talent. This is one family I wish would just disappear.

  125. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Ivy, #111, to add to your (wonderful!) post, regarding the bust of Churchill and Huckabee’s comments on that…

    Obama didn’t “give it back”…he replaced the bust (that was in the Oval Office) with one of Lincoln (how unAmerican of Obama!!!), and moved the Churchill bust to the White House RESIDENCE. That is, his PERSONAL SPACE in the WH. I hardly see how that could be insulting to the British, considering he wanted the bust in someplace personal.

    so, that’s yet another “mis-speak” by Huckster.

    taking this incorrect information to a higher level was FoxNews, that bastion of truth, who had an anchor that went so far as to say that the WH admitted sending the bust back to Britain to “avenge Obama’s father”.

  126. bibliocephalus says:

    I wracked my brain but could NOT come up with ‘fa_ _ot’ – I had to check the link. How apalling, and sad.

    I too abhor ‘Mama P’ and her entire clan of Alaskan famewhores- BUT shame on Kathy G for engaging her in the press– it merely prolongs her 15″ even longer. Ugh. I refuse to even type the P name online to avoid contributing, even one iota, to their presence in web analytics.

  127. original kate says:

    sarah palin needs to get a J-O-B, stat. and no, twitting incessantly -even under different names- is not an actual job, sarah. or lou sarah. or whomever.

  128. P.M. says:

    Wondering are there any Alaskans among the Celebitches? Cause I’m curious to hear what the citizens of that state think of her and her family. And do agree that she needs to go away, she lost any credibility a long time ago. Don’t suppose the Republicans could find a way to shut her up she does them way more harm than good. Don’t care for Griffin but if Willow posts something for everyone to see she & her mother shouldn’t be surprised to be called on it.

  129. annie says:

    @Praise, the bust is in the residence of the British Ambassador. It was on loan.

  130. TaylorB says:

    What bothers me is that people say Ms Palin is ‘picked on for being stupid’ because she is a Republican. Maybe she is picked on because she is weak and can’t take the heat, every time something doesn’t go her way she b*tches like a tween, how in the h*ll is she going to be a world leader if she spends all her time crying about being picked on?

    Let me ask you this, in a debate between Ms Palin and Ann Coulter, or Ms Palin and Olympia Snowe, or Palin and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, or even Palin vs. Elizabeth Dole, who do you think would win? A woman who bases her entire campaign on pretending to be an ‘every man, Joe six pack’ with a wink and a nod and some talking points even she doesn’t seem to understand, or women who have been well educated in constitutional law, the world economy, trade, and foreign policy, who can think on their feet and take a blow to the proverbial chin without having a tantrum etc.? Agree with the policies or not, all of those women would wipe the floor with her in a debate.

  131. Praise St. Angie! says:

    annie, that is incorrect.

    it’s in the official white house residence.

    it WAS initially reported that the bust was sent back to England, but that was wrong. The Associated Press checked with the WH and was told it’s in the First Family’s residence.

  132. annie says:

    @ Praise, The bust is in the british ambassador’s residence, Sir Nigel Sheinwald’s digs, down the street from the vice presidents place in DC.

  133. TaylorB says:


    I fail to see what the problem is here. Every POTUS decorates or re-decorates the Oval Office as they see fit, so he chose to replace a bust of Churchill with one of President Abe Lincoln, how is that a problem in any way? He probably replaced a few chairs, lamps, and god forbid even a rug… just like Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan etc did.

    Why is it a problem even if it was sent to the Ambassadors residence? It isn’t like he stuffed it in a bag full of dog crap, set it on the doorstep of Parliament, lit it on fire and ding dong ditched. Of all the issues to fret about in politics this may be just about the dumbest one ever.

  134. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ah, F it. it just ain’t worth it.

  135. mia says:

    Kathy Griffin left funny some time ago and now is just mean and spiteful. I don’t laugh at mean and spiteful.

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