Prince stops the sexy, turns to religion

Prince is arguably a genius musician and songwriter, but what has always made Prince “Prince” is the unabashed hypersexual persona and lyrics.  But all that is over now.  Prince has dedicated his life to religion and his older fans and is no longer interested in the raunch that made him famous.

Talking about his determination, Prince told USA Today, “I did the Dirty Mind tour and pushed that envelope off the table. What I didn’t do, finished. I don’t want to go back. You have to get out of your own way.” He went on revealing the fact that he is a Jehovah’s Witness advocate has also contributed to his decision. Giving credit to the bible, which he often reads, Prince furthermore remarked “that’s another way faith has changed me.”

The hit maker openly admitted he no longer wants to write songs with lusty lyrics and perform dirty dancing on-stage because he does not want to offend his fans, who as time goes by have grown up and had children.

[From Aceshowbiz]

Prince says he doesn’t want to go back and that sometimes you have to get out of your own way.  It’s a little astounding hearing the artist formerly known as an unspeakable symbol being so insightful and aware of someone outside his purple shroud.  But it’s certainly good advice, even for those of us who aren’t 50-year old pop stars.

What a concept, growing with your core audience instead of shamelessly chasing after the children of the listeners who first made you a star.  Hear that Madonna?  Prince, singer songwriter of “Darling Nikki” of all things, has surpassed you in the maturing-beyond-shock-value thing. 

Prince has released a book, “21 Nights,” based on the twenty-one consecutive nights of sold out shows he did in London in 2007.  The book includes some of Prince’s original poetry, exclusive backstage photos and a CD called “Indigo Nights”.  The CD is music recorded at some after-parties during the 3-week run and includes some new songs, sure to be family friendly enough to play in the mini-van when carpooling your kids.

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  1. Tia says:

    A Jehovah’s Witness ?????????? NO WAY !! Aren’t they the wierdos??? OH NOOOOOOOO, not Prince !!

  2. Kaiser says:

    Twenty-three positions in a one night stand…GET OFF.

    Yeah, I loved it when Prince was raunchy. The end of an era.

  3. Cinderella says:

    I’m not gonna lie…I loved his lusty stuff.

  4. Mr. T says:

    I have to respect anyone who is sincere in their belief. I don’t think he’s wearing on his sleeve either (think Kabala, her madgesty).

  5. Samantha says:

    So weird, these last few days I have been watching some of his old videos..No more gyrating on stage?? No more sexual cries!? No more rubbing his body for our viewing pleasure? A sad day indeed. 😥 Even at fifty, I would still hit it. More power to him though if he is doing something that makes him happy.

  6. Roma says:

    He’s been a Jehovah’s Witness for a very long time and has refused to sing some of his signature songs, including “Cream”. He’s out and about in Toronto and is a very approachable, kind person.

  7. Maritza says:

    I always liked his feminine dressing style with his tight pants and high heel shoes. And his gyrating hips, he was so cool I find him attractive even though I always thought he was gay.

  8. Ron says:

    Relgion is a way to stop thinking for yourself. It’s sad to see a pioneer following the heard.

  9. anony says:

    Whatever works for him. I read a hilarious article when he was at the apex of his career. His ‘compound’ or wherever he lived had a large purple triangle like the ‘In God We trust’ symbol kind of but with his symbol on it instead. It was lit up when he was there or en route and none of his workers were to look at him directly much less speak to him unless spoken too. Nuttiness. I always thought he was talented but super eccentric. This is better than him going off at the rails and becoming addicted to drugs, etc. it’s not harming anyone.
    Not sure what a Jehovah Witness advocate means but those people freak me out. They believe hell is on earth and other fun things. 😈

  10. Gracie says:

    I’ve heard reports that he goes door to door, and that people are sometimes quite shocked to see him on their porch.

  11. Hasn’t he said this before?

  12. clare says:

    I’m an older fan and I wouldn’t be offended! He’ll never sing ‘A Love Bizarre’ again? Oh, for shame.

  13. eatavag says:

    i’d rather hear he was totally retiring than hear he’s going all god-crazy. sheesh. 😳

  14. daisy424 says:

    You’re right Ceilidh, a genius at music. Raspberry Beret & D.M.S.R., two of my favorites.

    I remember him performing on an awards show a while back. He was swinging the mike around like a lasso and smacked himself right in the face with it 😳

  15. Codzilla says:

    Ron, don’t be so melodramatic. Being religious doesn’t automatically render someone mindless.

  16. ak says:

    There’s no reason I should like Prince. Jehovah’s Witnesses scare me a little (I have a couple as relatives by marriage). I’m not a dance music person. He was so weird in Purple Rain. But there’s just something about him. I heart the little bugger.

    And I do mean little. I saw his Purple Rain costume on display once. The guy has to be about size two petite.

  17. Wif says:

    Roma, is he still living in Toronto? I assumed after his divorce he would have gone back to the States.

  18. anony says:

    I’m with you Codzilla. I’m not ‘religious’ per se (I sleep in Sundays, I’m lazy..) but I know plenty of nice people who are really religious. Not the kind who tell you you will burn in damnation if you aren’t in their church (the extremists kind of ruin it for the nice folks) but eh. I think people who are considered ‘religious’ get lumped in with the nutty extremists nowadays. It’s not fair really. Maybe sometimes when you have so much fame and money you think ‘what next’? This is the next natural thing for him I guess.
    Didn’t Cat Stevens do something like this? He became religious, changed his name and changed careers I think. At least we got some great songs out of them though..

  19. kate says:

    i love love love prince. i’ve seen him twice and he puts on an awesome show. so sexy, so dirty….


  20. Codzilla says:

    anony: Yeah, Cat Stevens converted to Islam. I remember when I was in college, he released his first album in forever. On my way home from class one day, I saw a line of people seemingly a mile long outside the record store waiting to buy the “new Cat Stevens” album. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your tastes) the songs were all like Muslim chants or something — not exactly what his fans were expecting. 😀

  21. CoCo says:

    No offence anony, but i’m pretty sure they don’t believe in hell at all…

  22. anony says:

    Oh.. so he did an album like that? Oh boy. So funny.. I had no idea it was Islamic music.

    No problem Coco- looks like I got bad info. A friend told me that and I just took it at face value. I thought it was funny though that they thought hell was earth 😆

  23. lanette says:

    i saw him in concert 3x…i love the dirty music….all of his music is great he is sooo talented.

  24. Trillion says:

    So sad. The end of an era indeed. Fortunately he was prolific when he was a lost sinner. I hope its just a phase.

  25. clare says:

    Cat Stevens! Now that’s a blast from the past – back when he was normal!
    Highschool,girlfriends,pot, and the turntable playing ‘Wild World.’ Lots of heavy sighs.

  26. ChoclateThundr38 says:

    Prince has always been a Seventh Day Adventist, learn more about his family and let your mind expand……

  27. breederina says:

    Oh Prince, nothing compares 2u. I will always love him, and if he ever rings my doorbell with a copy of the Watchtower in his little purple gloved hand I am so letting him in.

  28. Roma says:

    Wif, I’ve seen him at his favourite restaurant a few times this year (which is also one of my favourites). I think he has a few different ‘home bases’ but from what I understand he’s still here frequently.

  29. cara says:

    “Sexy mutha Fu*ker – keep shakin’ that ass!” – a classic.

    @clare – Yosef Islam (sp? Cat Stevens) is normal, he’s just muslim and his latest song, “God is Love” is beautiful. You should see Harold & Maude too if you haven’t already, you’ll love it.

    P.s. If anyone noted a few weeks back of how I asked for prayers or positive energy, they worked and hopefully will continue to work (as this issue is far from over) and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Peace

  30. CDP says:

    Coco, u r right, they don’t believe in hell at all. Hell is a religious doctrine, not a bible based truth.

  31. drm says:

    Hey CDP? you a ‘dub?’ Were you raised as one and ‘slummin’ on gossip sites on the web (grin).I was raised a JW and was active in the ‘truth’ until I was 29. My PhD is about the faith actually (I completed it in 2006 and am working on revisions for publication). Baptised, door banger the whole she-bang that was me. Now I’m a practicing Buddhist with a PhD who works in social policy 🙂 Go figure…who says you can’t change??? 🙂


  32. clare says:

    Thank you, Cara, for reminding me that even being Muslim he is still normal, and for recommending ‘Harold and Maude.’
    I hope things are going well for you.

  33. Paulette says:

    Except that Cat Stevens isn’t a normal Muslim, he’s hardcore. He was actually FOR the fatwa against Rushdie.