Amanda Seyfried gets blitzed on night out with Ryan Phillippe

We’ve heard all sorts of rumors about the state of Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe’s new relationship. Ryan seems to be slipping into old manwhore patterns in that he’s taken on yet another attractive young blonde and has proceeded to step out on her at every turn. For her part Amanda seems accustomed to this, and not to expect anything more from the men she dates. Kaiser finds Amanda annoying, which is understandable given some of the dumb sh*t she says, but I see her as naive and stuck in a rut of dating guys who treat her like dirt. For some women it’s like the default setting you have for dating in your 20s. It takes a lot of work to realize that you’re picking the same type that’s bad for you over and over again. Obviously it doesn’t matter how pretty, successful or loaded you are.

Well Amanda and Ryan were photographed out at dinner together Tuesday night in LA, the same day her Elle cover interview went public. She half-acknowledged the relationship to Elle, admitting “yeah, I’ve been seen out with him,” which sounds to me like it’s casual and she’s being played, but can’t admit it. She looked pretty happy to be papped last night, and she looked a little toasty like she’d had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner.

They were out at a restaurant I’ve never heard of called Craig’s (I guess it’s on Melrose and is new) and Amanda was photographed walking her dog the very next day. So is she calling the paps or are they hounding her? I wouldn’t put it past her to tip them off about her dinner date, especially since she didn’t go to a paparazzi hotspot. It’s possible the paparazzi found them without help however since Melrose is so accessible. Ryan hates the paparazzi and has said that they can be persistent and hard to shake. I don’t see him putting up with photographers in order to date Amanda, but he’s probably happy to string her along while it’s convenient for him. He’s not going to change, but maybe she’ll wise up at some point and realize that she deserves better. It took me until I was about 30, but I like to think that I didn’t take the douches as seriously as Amanda seems to. I probably did.

Here’s Amanda with Ryan on Tuesday night and out with her dog and a friend for coffee yesterday. Her dog Finn got his cone off! Credit: Fame



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  1. brin says:

    She knows his m.o., guess she just loves the bad boys, and who didn’t in their 20’s!

  2. Rita says:

    I thought that was Chelsea Clinton in the top pic.

  3. Dana M says:

    Yeah, bad boys are fun to date- until it gets old. Most of them are hard to fix.

  4. Roma says:

    Your 20s are for dating the seriously hot douches. I think sometimes women can’t appreciate a nice guy until they’ve been broken hearted over a Ryan Phillippe or two.

  5. normades says:

    Youth is no excuse for dating such douchery.

  6. sittingpat says:

    such ignorance. even i know that Craig’s is Ryan’s new place because he is one of the investors. the paps probably have it staked out. as for her dating habits, why am i surprised to hear the gossips believing their own unsubstantiated pulp about people they clearly don’t know? gossip, repeat

  7. mln76 says:

    Yeah you can get away with dating a hot douche(to me Ryan isn’t hot, just pretty) until 27 or 28 then it gets tragic. I hope she smartens up eventually.

  8. Mimi says:

    Aw give her a break. She’s young and having fun. I kinda hope she isn’t taking their relaionship too seriously cuz we all know how Ryan is lol. But other than that I say let a player play.

  9. I Choose Me says:

    Funny, I get the impression that maybe this time he’s the one that’s being taken for a ride. I took her ‘I’ve been seen with him’ comment to mean. Yeah, we’re boning but it’s not serious or anything. She’s not like Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Love Hewitt gushing about her new love or that she thinks/hopes this is the one. Girl’s having a good time boning a hot dude and I’m hoping after what she went through with Dominic Cooper that she’s smart enough not to let another guy use her like that.

  10. Kdub says:

    He was profiled in the recent in style magazine and said he dates around and doesn’t offer a commitment.

  11. Gabriela says:

    Please!!! Explain to me why you don’t like this girl??
    I didn’t see anything dumb in her interview. But hey, maybe I’m dumb too.

  12. not true fax says:

    Everyone is basing their opinions about Ryan’s treatment of Amanda on your reading subtext into a Page 6 story and a false report about Rihanna.

  13. Az says:

    Yeah, if I were hanging out with him, I would HAVE to be drunk 24/7.

  14. Nikki says:

    @ Rita: HILARIOUS, loving the Chelsea Clinton comment!

  15. sandy says:

    i’d hit it, ryan that is, lol

  16. Can says:

    That’s it! I want a pound for every time she’s photgraphed with that handbag.

    Perhaps they’re not an exclusive couple and are together mainly because they like each other’s company and it works for publicity?

  17. lcat says:

    I think she’s naive, but I’m in my 20s and don’t date douche bags. She should have known better after Dominic. She says in Elle that he basically screwed her over and told her he was single just to mess around with her. I’ve lost much respect. Not that I really had any for her.