Naomi Campbell blames 9/11 attacks for her plane arrest

Naomi Campbell must be running out of excuses for her violent behaviour. ‘Having a bad day’ or ‘under the influence of prescription medication’ must have been taken, because she’s blaming terrorist attacks for her attack on a flight attendant. Naomi verbally abused crew on the flight, before being removed from the plane by police. Naomi spat at the police, but says the attack was provoked by a racial slur.

And now Campbell, who had been a loyal BA customer until the fracas, insists she will never step on board another BA plane, claiming the 2001 terrorist attacks in America have changed air travel forever.

She tells the Evening Standard, “I think after 9/11 you can’t say anything anymore on a plane. I’ve flown British Airways for years, since I was a child. The stewardesses will tell you that I would get on a plane, put on the blanket and go to sleep.

“I’ll never fly that airline again, but nothing’s really lost. I did get my luggage. I was reunited with my (Yves Saint Laurent), and everything was cool.”

San Francisco Chronicle

I’d love to think Naomi was joking about everything being okay because she has her clothes, but I suspect she’s deadly serious.

British Airways is probably breathing a sigh a relief at the fact that Naomi Campbell won’t be flying with them again, while other airlines wait nervously for her next trip.

Naomi is currently serving 200 hours of community service at a homeless shelter in London. For her previous attack on a maid she served a week with a sanitation crew in New York, where she paraded the streets in couture and featured her community service diary in a W magazine cover story.

Naomi Campbell is shown at the “Patrick Demarchelier exhibition held at the Petit Palais” in Paris on 9/29/08. She is also shown on the catwalk at Fashion For Relief on 9/17 and Issa on 9/18. Credit: WENN

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  1. geronimo says:

    Yeah, shame on those terrorists for making Naomi’s air-travelling so damn inconvenient. If ever anyone needed a harsh jail sentence, it’s this woman.

  2. Kaiser says:

    I don’t know… not that I’m giving Crazy McTemperTantrum a pass, but it seems like she’s just stating the obvious. Air travel *did* change. You can’t do or say the same old bull$hit. And a lot of airport security, etc *do* racially profile passengers.

  3. geronimo says:

    Um, not the point in Crazy McTantrum’s case. As unpleasant and selfish and self-absorbed before 9/11 as she has shown herself to be ever since. Love her as a model, loathe her as a person.

  4. Kaiser says:

    G, very true. So many managed to get through the trauma of 9/11 without throwing phones at their assistants’ faces, spitting on people or screaming obscenities at strangers.

  5. KERRI says:

    9/11 is also the reason she hurls her cell phone at a person’s noggin’. 😈 👿

  6. aury says:

    what a dumb bitch. 👿

  7. kate says:

    it couldn’t possibly be because she’s a big ole bitch, could it? nah…that’s silly.

  8. spoonman says:


    Let’s see security and scrutiny should increase on planes when they have been used as missiles in the past.

    Making threats and going ballistic on a plane will get you thrown in jail now.

    Hey Naomi, grow up and live like the rest of us you snot nosed privileged want to be brat. You deserve the same treatment anyone should have on a plane-you are not above the rules of society so get a clue…

  9. Trashaddict says:

    Would it be pushing the politically correct envelope to say that the woman IS a racial slur??
    So can Londoners clarify something for me, how many airlines besides British Air actually fly out of London direct to, say, N.Y.C. these days? What with the fuel crunch leading to route shrinkage??
    With her track record, it’s gonna be tough to fly, eventually.

  10. Kat says:

    Naomi, just admit your a big spoiled angry rich brat, and leave 911 out of it.