Elvis has a possible half-sister

Elvis Presley may have a half-sister. According to reports his father had a love child, born to Florence Juanita Sharp, who then gave her daughter up for adoption to a Texas family. The woman, who goes by the name of Eliza Alice Presley (likely to be an assumed name, I doubt her adopted parents named her after her sire) is hoping for a financial settlement from Elvis’ fathers’ estate.

Her representative, Donald Yates, reveals DNA tests carried out in Arizona match the genetic make-up of Elvis’ cousin Donna.

He tells America’s Globe, “I’m 99.99 per cent sure that Eliza Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley are half siblings.”

As well as the scientific proof, Yates reveals his client has “sworn testimony from family members… relating to who her biological father is.”

Eliza Alice Presley has filed papers in Memphis, Tennessee, claiming she’s entitled to be “recognised as his daughter and allowed to inherit her statutory share of his estate”

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I’m disgusted by this. Ms Presley makes no appeal to meet her family (she is a half-aunt to Elvis’ children, a sister-in-law to Priscilla) and has never met her brother. Wouldn’t she like to meet his family and get to know more about her late brother? Nope, she’d just like the cash please.

I’m not sure how much she would be entitled to, but I’m guessing it won’t be much. If she gets anything at all it will be more than she deserves. I’m not sure how much Vernon Presley has left, but I’m guessing she’s hoping for a cut of the Elvis estate.

According to Wikipedia, Vernon Presley was a ‘malingerer’, and the family lived just above the poverty line.

In an unrelated Elvis story, hackers have created an ePassport for him and passed through airport security with it, despite the fact that the passport was for an American, but was in a European cover.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Here are some photos of Elvis’ 1967 wedding to Priscilla Presley along with a still from Blue Hawaii in 1961. Photos supplied by WENN

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  1. Val says:


    Elvis had children? Thought Lisa Marie was the one and only?

  2. RAN says:

    Lisa Marie IS the only known child. This article is about a sister (half sister).

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not sure I fault the daughter. It wasn’t her fault she was adopted and her special other half rose to such fame. She may have had an opportunity to be part of her family’s life if given the chance, but that didn’t happen – I would be bitter about that too, but not sure I’d want to try to force myself into their lives now. If there was money though, no reason she shouldn’t be part of it.

  3. Roma says:

    I’m adopted. There is no way I would lay claim to any of my biological parent’s estates.

    In fact I think the situation is completely tacky and gross. Of course I come from the school of adoptive thought that says the parents who raised you are your parents, not the people who provided the sperm and the egg.

  4. elisha says:

    I SOOOOO side with Helen on this. If she gets money from her biological family, would she still get money from her adoptive family, too? Legally, she’s a member of her adoptive family. What a shadester!! I would be so angry if I grew up never knowing I had a sibling, my parents never recognizing I had a sibling, and then all of a sudden I have that sibling when it’s convenient for them. Same goes if I have an adoptive sibling: they inherit some of my family’s estate, then take off to get some of their biological family’s estate? No way!

    And changing her name to the girl-sounding version of Elvis’s is just as creepy.

  5. Mairead says:

    I’d say Elisha is right – legally she is a member of her adoptive family and the original family rescinded their rights when she was adopted out.

    So I don’t think that in reality she has any claim to any estate. It’s really poor form to even try – even if, say, her efforts to connect with the family over the years were rebuffed.

    In other news, wasn’t Priscilla lovely back then?

  6. anony says:

    Priscilla looks like one of the women in a Waterhouse painting. Lovely.

  7. BellaLuna says:

    Oh Please!!! Whaaaaa. None of you know my mother and you dont have a right to comment about her..blah blah blah. Its painfully obvious that your mother is in in for the $$$$$! And how can you even defend her when she changes her name to that??? That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. You have made your mother and your whole family look even more stupid by posting that comment.

  8. vdantev says:

    😯 Wow BellaLuna. And they call ME arrogant and stupid.

  9. Jeanne says:

    Um, sorry, but who really cares now after all these years? And why do we see no pictures of Elvis’s so-called half sister?