Charlie Sheen gets TLC documentary, sells t-shirts through his website

In news that seems entirely predictable but still made me roll my eyes, TLC is going to air a one hour Charlie Sheen special called Charlie Sheen: On the Brink on March 20. It’s being co-produced by NBC and it sounds like they’re just going to repackage some of the footage he gave them. The show will also include segments from some of the countless other interviews he’s done in the past few weeks. The format sounds similar to an E! True Hollywood story in that they’re featuring “original interviews on [Charlie’s] rise and fall.”

Here’s more:

TLC is getting into the Charlie Sheen business.

The Discovery-owned cable channel, famous for putting on shows like Jon & Kate Plus Eight and Sarah Palin’s Alaska, has ordered an hour-long documentary entitled Charlie Sheen: On the Brink.

It will chronicle the very public unraveling of the recently fired Two and a Half Men actor’s career and public image.

With behind-the-scenes footage and brand-new expert commentary, including MacKenzie Phillips discussing life as a celebrity who has dealt with drugs and recovery, the show takes viewers inside Sheen’s home and examines the relationships with the women in his life and his children.

The special will also highlight other celebrity meltdowns that have captured public attention and offer insight into what drives this bizarre behaviour.

The special, which is being produced in association with NBC News, is slated to air on March 20 at 10 p.m. (EST).

It is expected to include news footage from Sheen’s 24-7 media blitz, as well as original interviews on the actor’s rise and fall.

[From The Star Phoenix via Fark]

It’s a great idea for a documentary and will surely earn a lot of viewers for TLC. I just wonder how they’re going to fit it all in to a single hour.

An ten minute animated special on Charlie recently aired on Spike TV. It tells Charlie’s story as if all his outlandish claims are true, and really captures his absurdity. (You can watch it on SpikeTV here.) It was produced by that brilliant Taiwanese animation company, Next Animation, who regularly chronicle celebrity foibles in computer animated skits. According to Reuters, the special counted “down 10 to 12 of Sheen’s most outlandish moments, including: Charlie wrecks a hotel room and loses a $150,000 watch; Charlie Sheen rents a mansion and fills it with porn stars who live as one big happy family; Charlie Sheen does the drug Charlie Sheen.” I almost totally forgot about the hotel room incident after all that Charlie’s done since. He redefined the celebrity freak out and then capitalized on it.

Charlie is now offering T-Shirts through his website. They retail for $19.95 and feature Charlie’s wacky slogans like “Tiger Blood,” “Duh Winning,” “Gnarls Gnarlington,” and “I’ve Got One Speed Go!”

What’s next for Charlie – a TLC reality show? You know they would offer it to him, but they probably can’t afford his salary requirements, hence the documentary.

In other Charlie Sheen news I’m not prepared to recap he’s:
Moving next door to Paris Hilton and moving out of his “Sober Valley Lodge”
– Supposedly about to film Major League 3 any day now
Created a short spoof movie for Radar Online with a military theme and featuring music from The Bourne Identity. It shows Charlie dressed in camouflage and going with his buddies to steal his Two and A Half Men trailer. They’re successful at the end, and I was left baffled as to why Charlie was allowed to keep the keys to the trailer. You would think they’d keep that thing on lock down.

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  1. Jackson says:

    Duh, loser.

    Why is he still here? Please let this be minute number 15.

  2. Rita says:

    “they probably can’t afford his salary requirements”

    A month from now, anybody will be able to afford his salary requirements.

  3. Arianna says:

    as much as i hate to admit it.

    i cannot get enough of this guy’s chaosy, downward spiral!

  4. beany says:

    I don’t care how crazy he likes to behave, just don’t let me see that face everyday, please.

  5. Hautie says:

    Oh, I suspect that TLC is not going to make this a positive hour of TV. They are in business to highlight his crazy.

    Because “crazy” sells. And Charlie is all kinds of crazy.

    I have also notice that CBS is continuing to air repeats of 2Men.

    Instead of running the shows that they order more episodes of. (Mike&Molley?)

    I could have swore those new shows were to suppose to start airing two weeks ago.

    But with all the “crazy” Charlie has been offering. CBS has continue to air repeats of his show instead. And they are pulling in big numbers.

    Point of my ramble.

    I would not be surprise if CBS and Charlie find a way to get him back on the air. And Lorre off of the set.

  6. guesty says:

    Seen it. Next.

  7. Jezi says:

    Where’s the other goddess? I only see him pictured with this one.

  8. munchies says:

    I hate his Goddesses. that one above looks dirty and they disgust me.

  9. jinni says:

    I didn’t think TLC could move any further from its original intent and sink any lower, but it seems I was wrong. Why don’t they just change their channel’s name to “Look at These Freaks We’ve Found” channel.

    It’s crap like this that made me stop watching t.v.

  10. Crash2GO2 says:

    The other goddess must be still too banged up to be seen. Nice.

  11. Rex says:

    Won’t be watching it. Really sick of everything Charlie.

  12. Rita says:


    “too banged up”? HMMMMMM

    Morning sweets!

  13. junipergreen says:

    This was fun when it seemed legitimate. Now he seems to have come down off of his genuinely-crazy high and is just milking it. It’s just not interesting anymore. As Willow from Buffy says: Bored now.

  14. someone says:

    He looks high as a kite in that picture…

  15. SHump says:

    TLC has become a disgusting cesspool. I used to love that channel (I’m a big What Not To Wear fan, and when I was pregnant I’d watch any and all shows involving pregnancy and birth) but man have they gone downhill.

  16. mln76 says:

    I remember when TLC used to just do documentaries ala PBS it wasn’t even all about childbirth just interesting stuff on human nature I think one was hosted by John Cleese. Oh well I guess we only have ourselves to blame we’d much rather trainwrecks like Jon & Kate, Sarah Palin, and Charlie Sheen than to actually learn something.

  17. Jb says:

    Yeah, where’s the porn star?

  18. womanfromthenorth says:

    I’m with Rex… enough Charlie

  19. logan says:

    No thank you TLC, won’t be watching. I would sooner watch Kate screech at Jon or Michelle push out another Dugger. Seen enough of Ole Charlie.

  20. Anti-icon says:

    TLC and NBC bringing death as entertainment. What a duo; they might as well add Sheen to their arsenal of idiotic entertainment. Don’t Watch this Mess.

  21. Kim says:

    The girls he has living with him are not cute girls at all. He must really be wasted.

  22. ezra says:

    Are those her drawings on the fridge?

  23. Wiggles says:

    The chickie in these photos looks underaged – which makes my skin crawl to think what she has to do to make him happy – gross. But yeah, the other one didn’t want to marry him, whereas this one said she would – no doubt Charlie had issues with that. As soon as she said she wouldn’t marry him I thought, ‘ohhhh, bitch – you just opened a big can of whoop ass.’
    Sad thing is, there’s probably a line up of these women willing to risk his madness for the sake of fame, money and drugs.
    Charlie is an icon to whores and ranting druggies everywhere – he’s not going away anytime soon, but I sure as hell wish he would. (as you can tell, I’m not a whore, or a druggie LOL)

  24. Grace says:

    TLC constantly amazes me with how low they’re willing to sink. Just when I think they have hit rock bottom, they manage to dig about 50 feet lower.

    And that girl in the picture with Charlie, his latest “goddess” looks like she’s about 16-years-old (a hard 16 though, the kind of 16-year-old who spends excessive amounts of time drinking, doing drugs, and sleeping around.)

  25. MSMLNP says:

    cosign jinni and mln76.

    I remember when TLC used to be legit. It is now like the Jerry Springer channel. Obviously Sheen is impaired and the constant swooping of media vultures give off a laughing at him and not with him kind of vibe. Sad.

  26. Aqua says:

    @ min 76 #16- I know right, the channel use to be about nature,science,history, geography.We use to watch that channel in school and we were encouraged to watch it on our own time.It use to be so GOOD! now it’s just pure stupidity and I find channel 41 is almost the same with all of these housewives shows.I think it says more about us/culture than anything else.

  27. Confuzzle says:

    I am so sick of him. *turns on West Wing reruns for quality viewing*

  28. Hmmm says:

    Charlie who?

  29. CB Rawks says:

    heheheh Nice one, ezra!

  30. Catherine says:

    How horrid of TLC to capitalize on this man. This guy is a train wreck in so many aspects of life and yet they are going to glorify him. How sickening.

  31. nanster says:

    I heard on the morning news today that Charlie has booked a tour – and his first show sold out in 18 MINUTES! He has now added more dates, so I guess he’s taking the crazy on the road. I, for one, will definitely not be attending because I have had enough. You gotta hand it to Charlie, though – he really has capitalized on his situation and has discovered even better ways to part people with their hard-earned money.

  32. Magsy says:

    Go away psycho.I’m sure his scary puss is giving lots of people nightmares.

  33. Kent Vue says:

    I like to visit your site a couple times a week for new entries. I was wondering if you have any other niches you write about?

  34. i dont know but i cant wait