LeAnn Rimes defends her emaciated body: “I am completely healthy!”

I’ve been avoiding writing about the latest round of “LeAnn is emaciated, for real” tabloid stories just because we don’t have access to the latest set of photos – you can go here to see LaineyGossip’s photos, plus her side-by-side of LeAnn then and now. In the latest set of photos, LeAnn’s legs are positively twig-like. It’s basically just flesh on bone, and her weight loss is dramatic, obvious, and truly disturbing. Most big media outlets ran stories about how LeAnn is looking these days, which caused something of a meltdown for LeAnn on her Twitter a few days ago. Of course. Because nothing happens to LeAnn if she can’t get all pissy and huffy about it on Twitter. Anyway, she tweeted a bunch of crap of course:

LeAnn Rimes has a message for anyone judging her thin physique: “I am completely healthy!”

The singer, who’s in wedding planning mode in the run-up to getting hitched to fiancé Eddie Cibrian, added on her Twitter page Tuesday, “If people only saw how much I ate.”

Recent photos show the singer, who is known for being in great shape, looking particularly slim. Referring to pictures of herself wearing leg-baring jeans shorts and an off-the-shoulder top as a “joke” and blasting the “judging” and “evil comments” that followed the photos’ publication, Rimes also writes in response to a follower, “OVER It is right! I know how healthy I am, so really that’s all that matters.”

That same day she offered a glimpse into what she eats, citing her recipe to start the day: “Breakfast…poached eggs, whole wheat toast and Italian ham w/ fresh berries!” she wrote.

For those who still don’t believe she’s fit and healthy – and not wasting away as some have trumpeted online – she reminded one follower that “it’s a photo….see me IN PERSON,” and invited fans (jokingly) to see her stark naked.

“Maybe it’s time for a nude pic so peeps can see how I look nowhere near what these stupid pics are trying to make me look like, LOL,” she wrote, making it clear she was kidding.

[From People]

Look, I know a lot of you hate LeAnn, and in all fairness to her haters, LeAnn has given all of you lots and lots of ammunition. She’s a hyper-narcissist, a self-obsessed egomaniacal drama queen nut job who has destroyed her career and any goodwill any of us might have her a long, long time ago. That being said, I’ve started to feel a twinge of pity for LeAnn, much as I have lately felt a twinge for Gwyneth. That’s the thing about self-absorbed, delusional bitches – once the veil comes down, all of sudden they seem fragile, physically and mentally. LeAnn’s freakishly emaciated body is a cry for help, even if she’s too much of a ridiculous a–hole to acknowledge it. Maybe if we let it go, she’ll actually eat (without purging).



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. samihami says:

    The weight loss has really aged her.

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    LeAnn, honey—it doesn’t count as eating when you throw it back up!!!

  3. brin says:

    You are a better person than me, Kaiser.
    I don’t feel any sympathy for Leann because she is still getting the attention she craves. She doesn’t seem to care that it’s mostly negative.

  4. luls says:

    i just hope… 5 years down the road, when shes divorced with a baby, (becuz eddie’s indiscretions have become too many to turn a bling eye to) if she’ll still think that sleazebag was worth her whole career, reputation, physical AND emotional health!

    shes so blinded right now, i feel bad for her….
    (hey, i cant help being human)

  5. Salem says:

    What is she suggesting? That the pictures of her are photoshopped? Or of a different LeAnn? She seems to have absolutely no idea of how she truly looks.

  6. Teresa says:

    Do not like her, but have to agree that this is pretty sad. I have a feeling that the wedding will be off before we know it.

  7. Enny says:

    It’s sad, really. I never thought she had the prettiest face, but she always was so fit and toned, and had a great body. Now the body is scary, and the face is even scarier. I feel bad even saying that, because it’s like kicking her when she’s already down so low she’s starving herself to impress no-class, no-career, no-charm Cibrian. No-self-esteem Rimes, I guess.

  8. Rita says:

    Let’s show her the same sympathy and concern she showed the woman whose life LeAnn so gleefully destroyed. LeAnn is the bitch of a thousand smirks, each one directed at a mother of two small children. My hope is that when those with power and money act with such a lack of conscience and mean spiritedness that there is this thing called Karma that takes revenge for the powerless.

  9. csol says:

    her hair is totally thinned out n LOOKS like someones hair who is not healthy!!! BTW she should go back to her naturally blonder hair instead of the darker blonde she dyed all in the name of looking more like Brandi (which will NEVER happen!)the darker is so unbecoming for her! p.s. there is a WHOLE new sh!tstorm going on in the twitter world!! Cannot wait 2 c how she tries 2 deny these latest allegations! i certainly hope her p.r. person, her mom or dad, her dear friend darrel brown or SOMEONE can make this girl STOP ALL HER MANIACAL BEHAVIOR! Lord knows ol Ed won’t b doing anything as he has never once spoken up in her defense since she has begun to get constantly slammed for her idiocy!

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Delusional, with a side of extremely low self-esteem, a dash of intense insecurity, and an ugly need to not be alone.

  11. SolitaryAngel says:

    @csol: You know, I never realized until you just said it that EC NEVER has defended her! God, these 2 deserve each other.

  12. helen says:

    Be interesting to see what happens if she does die for some reason. NOT THAT I WOULD WISH IT. But when you look at people like Jade Goody- obnoxious reality show star from the UK- people just hated her. Then she died of cancer, and everyone said- oh, she was wonderful! and Peaches Geldof’s mother Paula Yates- she just used up all the credibility she had and was openly drinking and drug using in front of her kids- universally disliked as an annoying druggie famewhore- then when she finally died, people had nothing but good things to say. It would be interesting to see what would happen with this chick.

  13. happygirl says:

    @ Rita ~ preach it sister!! I couldn’t agree more or have said it better myself.

    Happy St Patty’s Day ladies!! :)

  14. Dana M says:

    @Rita- Amen Girl.

  15. Rita says:

    If one is to “feel sorry” and pity for Rimes, is not Lilo entitled to the same and for that matter, what about Charlie, Mel, Christina, and the rest. They’ve said and done things on the spur of the moment but they did not plan and execute that plan in ruining a woman’s life? These people are all millionaires who enjoy the company of A-list celebrities and contacts with powerfull people. Brandi lost her house and home, husband, children, and trust in life and yet, the person whose responsible for this is a millionaire living in a new house with everything she wants while having “no regrets”. The only thing LeAnn lost was 20 pounds and what little sanity she had in the first place.

    However, finding pity for this pitifull person is a positive character trait. I’ll save mine for when Eddie dumps her.

  16. Darla says:

    A lot of times, that kind of weight loss is a result of poor self esteem. This completed warranted in her case,because she is an absolutely wretched, evil human being.

    Or maybe someone hired a gypsy to do a “thinner”.

  17. KatScorp says:

    Ugh, I posted the perfect reply to this thread in the previous Skeletor thread. I was busy catching up on the bomb that went off on Twitter today.

    No. No, I do not feel sad for LeAnn. No, I do not have sympathy.

    LeAnn knew what she was doing from the start. Here is the consequences. I’m normally too empathetic towards people, but LeAnn has shocked me with the depth of her ugliness.

  18. brin says:

    Rita, you said it, gf. Everything that Leann has done is coming back to her, too bad she’s the only one who doesn’t see it.

  19. Rita says:


    Congrats on your twitter. I loved watching the learning process. You’re in good hands with those gals.

  20. Jayna says:

    I’m sure you are healthy, LeAnn. But you don’t look good. There’s a difference. You were losing a few pounds and getting in shape for the wedding and you crossed the line on the weight loss, where you were looking good and now you look bony skinny. The legs tell the story. They look awful and you had nice legs before.

  21. Meerza482 says:

    “LeAnn’s freakishly emaciated body is a cry for help, even if she’s too much of a ridiculous a–hole to acknowledge it. Maybe if we let it go, she’ll actually eat (without purging.”

    Sorry Kaiser but the public is not responsible for LeAnn deliberately starving herself. LeAnn specifically stated in an interview that she consciously carried out an extramarital affair with Eddie because she owed it to herself to be happy. Since then she’s repeatedly proven herself to be selfish to the core. And this manic control over her weight is another one of LeAnn’s selfish ploys to supposedly keep Eddie interested(he likes to bone uber-skinny chics). Moreover, this obsessive dieting is generated from her egotistical desire to compete with Brandi. LeAnn needs to be held responsible for her actions.

    @csol Yup, even I am waiting to see how LeAnn Rimes handles the recent accusation of creating different/fake accounts and stalking, harassing and abusing Brandi Glanville, her friends and supporters on twitter. Apparently, the abuse from LeAnn’s camp got so bad that some of BrAndi’s twitter friends were forced to carry out a behind-the-scenes investigation. And Lo and behold, the logins of these fake accounts were traced back to LeAnn’s phone number.


    This is the true and complete face of the anti-bullying, bible-quoting, preacher of morality,LeAnn Rimes. Sickening!

  22. charity says:

    Rita -totallly agree with you and leann had better get help and fast. she has some down time while in Chicago with her LOVE,if she has time for the gym, she has time for some serious counselling. think she is in deep sh** this time. she will go with him to the set every single day to keep an eye on him. what man has a TAKE A MISTRESS TO WORK DAY she will smother him until he gives up and that is his fate

  23. KatScorp says:

    @Rita: Thankyou! I disappeared after the appt due to another tension headache; was intensely emotional at appt (good tears, don’t worry). The second load of painkillers is kicking in now, so I’m off to bed. Catch up with this tomorrow morning (for me, anyway). Much love, K.S.

  24. Crash2GO2 says:

    The whole thing makes me shake my head and feel sad. Don’t know exactly what you’d call that.

  25. Rita says:


    I was wondering what Eileen’s big news was going to be. I hope everyone who reads this thread clicks on the link Meerza has provided. Then you can decide if LeAnn deserves your pity.

    Great job girls!!!!!

  26. brin says:

    @Meerza482….WOW. Keep us posted!

  27. Happymom says:

    The problem with these severe eating disorders is that they mess with brain chemistry-so in her mind she does look “fine,” or maybe even overweight–she can’t see how disturbingly thin she has become.

  28. guesty says:

    Kaiser! Snap out of it! LOL.

  29. Jackson says:

    I really have no feelings one way or the other on her, other than it’s trashy that she broke up a marriage. That being said, she looks so very harsh. How old is she? I wouldn’t consider her especially attractive but she looked 100% better with more weight on her.

    And Kaiser, your take on what life might be like for her and her soon-to-be husband sounds spot on. Not fun.

  30. Marjalane says:

    If Leann is a true anorexic, which if she isn’t yet, she’s on her way, all this attention about her weight is probably making her happy as hell. It confirms her ideal. Also, it’s all about control and even though Eddie’s her paid boytoy, she knows she can’t control his wandering dong forever. Add the ridiculous standards of H’wood to the mix, and I’m sure she thinks she looks awesome.

  31. Roma says:

    @Marjalane: True anorexics don’t like attention being paid to their weight. They dress more like Rachel Zoe, pretty covered up and baggy.

  32. Isabel says:

    Lainey summed it up with how corrosive Eddie’s new job will be on her. This woman is starving herself, hands down. All of the sunshine and puppy tweets and denials in the world do not hold water against those photos. Her legs are frightening.

    I used to just really despise this chick. Now I’m really worried for her. The’s consumed by dillusion. She was so, so much better looking at a “normal” weight. I don’t think anybody can look at her now and think, “Wow, how beautifuL!”

    I need to add…I understand the backstory on her. I mean, nothing that she’s done in the past couple of years really even comes close to acceptable. But even the worst people can need help. She’s obviously surrounded by enablers. Someone is telling her she looks good. The type of pity that I feel for her is in the same vein as – yes – Charlie Sheen and Lilo. Charlie is a very sick man. He needs help, desperately, and he’s not getting it. Instead, he’s a one man circus. Lilo is surrounded by enablers and yes-men and was raised by fools. I pity her family situation, and I pity the fact that she’s just so far gone.

    Having pity for people who are harming themselves because of some form of mental illness…which includes severe eating disorders…is not unreasonable. It doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s done bad things, and it doesn’t lessen the empathy that I have for Brandi. I simply do not ever feel good about seeing someone suffer.

  33. Jennifer says:

    Maybe she needs to concentrate more on eating than tweeting. Or, maybe she’s discovered the magic of coke which is perhaps why her tweets are all over the place.

  34. happygirl says:

    OH I just love these threads with all my girls here! ;)

    @Meerza482 – WOW. Thanks for sharing so those of us not on Twitter can really get a feel for the CRAZY!!!

  35. YAY says:

    @Darla – A+ for the ‘thinner’ reference!

  36. Melanie says:

    Naturally thin women lose weight when they are depressed. I know this because I do. And I hate it when people bring it up to me. What do they want me to say? Yeah, I am depressed right now and have to force myself to eat?

  37. brin says:

    Hi happygirl!…ITA, nothing like a Leann item to bring us all together!

  38. why? says:

    Letting it go isn’t going to make Leann eat. Why? Because Leann’s weight loss is caused by her relationship with Eddie. Her relationship with EC is not the sunshine and rainbows Leann wants us all to believe, and the turmoil in that relationhip with EC(which is evidenced by the fact that she spends more time on her iphone than she does with EC and the fact that EC doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact she does this) is directly having a negative impact on her weight. 55% of the media turn a blind eye to the negative impact that her relationship with EC is having on her weight, but instead blame other things (prewedding nerves, paps following LR all the time, backlash), while 45% of the media conrrectly identified the source of her LR problems(Eddie Cibrian and his inability to be faithful).

    Leann isn’t going to acknowledge her weight loss because then she would have to acknowledge that her relationship with EC isn’t any better than his relationship with BG. Like Lainey said, why do you think Leann has made it a habit to be on the set with Eddie while he is filming? Now look at her body. The only way Leann will eat is if her relationship with EC ends.We all know that this is not going to happen because she has a point to prove(she is a better woman than BG).

  39. Jezi says:

    I can’t pity her since I was a victim of That harassment. At least be woman enough to say those nasty things under your true account. Then I would have more respect. But she hides behind blessings and peace to all and then lashes out under a fake account. So sad!

  40. dorothy says:

    Forget about if she’s healthy. If she would just look at a photo of herself she would see what everyone else sees….skeletal body, giantic head and horse teeth.

  41. JQ says:

    @Meerza: Wow! Not that I wasn’t already Team Brandi but my stars! Leann needs help for her delusions, that’s for sure. I do not feel sympathy for someone so hellbent on continually hurting the ex-wife of the man who’s children Leann supposedly loves. If she did love them, she would show respect to Brandi, even if she didn’t like her very much. While I almost felt a pang of sympathy for Leann and her obvious eating disorder (she definitely has one if she can’t even acknowledge she looks too thin…that was me once upon a time) that was quickly squelched by seeing that Twitter link. It just proves that I was right all along for thinking Brandi is a true lady who carries herself with class.

  42. why? says:

    No one has pity for Leann beause she created this mess.

    I also think that LR weight loss is a ploy to get sympathy since all of her other attempts to get the public’s and media sympathy have backfired. The sad part is that 55% of the media are falling for LR latest “Woe is Me” act.

    What was the lesson Leann should have learned from those photos of her humping on EC while his son sat nearby? STOP TIPPING OFF THE PAPS.

    She is still tweeting about supporting “her love” and leaking the details of her dates with Eddie in Chicago to People mag, so she can’t get mad when her photo-ops backfire.

    What I don’t get is why her mouthpieces are turning on her. Did she forget to pay them?

  43. Felicia says:

    She very likely doesn’t see how thin she is. I know that sounds crazy but a couple of years ago I went through “a thing” and dropped way too much weight but I did not see it. Even when people would say something I thought they were just trying to be nice by calling me skinny. When I looked in then mirror I saw chunk even though there wasn’t any to be found. It wasn’t until I came out of my funk & my body rebelled with a sudden 40 pound weight gain that I looked at pictures of my ‘skin & bones’ body that I could see how terribly skinny I had been. I am still shocked at those pictures. I think she hears the comments as compliments & truly does not see how skinny she has gotten.

  44. sapphire says:

    Whoever the Twitter account belongs to is seriously nuts-and not that bright. How did he/she/it know that Rimes does on-line banking via her SmartPhone?

    Kaiser, save your sympathy. This chick’s pathology is self-induced.

  45. tango says:

    Yep, I think LeAnns loosing weight and getting a boob job is all in a desperate ploy to please Eddie. He has his ideal and rather than find a woman already like that, he takes one and “suggests” her into being how he wants her. And being LeAnns self esteem is seriously lacking, she does what he wants. Not realizing that sooner or later, Eddie will treat her just like he treated his last wife. And when you have to babysit your partner 24/7 to ensure faithfullness, or are so paranoid he’s going to cheat that the guy can’t even go to work without you hovering, it’s an already doomed relationship.

  46. lucy2 says:

    She’s obviously pretty messed up in the head, but I don’t feel sorry for her because she also appears to be a very nasty person.

  47. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Thanks Meerza, reading that link, whoa that is harsh.

    I have been studying the concept of emotional vampires lately and I think both Leann and Eddie both must be evs and they are sucking the life out of eachother. Leann sucks the energy from Brandi, gives it to Eddie who sucks it out of Leann. That’s my take on the situation.

  48. Marie says:

    Runs over and kicks Kasier in the shin…Hey what the hell?? Next thing you know you will be feeling sorry for Lohan. Kasier go get a drink and take a deep breath and come to your senses.

  49. huh? says:

    Hello ppl…clearly she has an eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder wherein no matter how thin she gets, her mind’s eye sees something different than what we see. Those afflicted often see themselves as ‘fat’ even they’re skin and bones.

  50. TG says:

    Isn’t most of hollywood anorexic? Don’t understand why everyone thinks she is about to die or something. Though I do agree with everyone on here she is a nasty ugly person.

    I can completely understand how one can be dickmatized, especially after being married for 7 years to a gay man, but to do that to another woman and family shows what everyone on here has been saying that she is truly an insufferable twit.

  51. brin says:

    Love the BB gals….think today will be EPIC!

  52. Kbomb says:

    She clearly has some sort of body dysmorphic disorder. Not only does she not think she is too thin, she also thinks she’s pretty. Ew.

  53. Meerza482 says:

    I am an empathetic person but I unapologetically declare that I reserve my sympathy and empathy for those who are truly in need of it. After observing the past and present actions of LeAnn Rimes, it is evident that she is a person who thrives on negativity. If everyone starts with their “poor LeAnn” comments, I guarantee that she will use this sympathy as a sign to be more vile and hurtful to those who disagree with her (her interaction with her fanatics proves it). Sympathy, in fact, is the foremost factor that enables LeAnn to indulge in crazy & nasty antics.

    And LeAnn’s emaciation is NOT a cry for help but a ploy for media’s attention (Eonline called her out for it today) and an attempt to sustain Eddie’s interest. All this stems from her gigantic ego which is satisfied only when she tramples over other people. I don’t think any amount of general public’s “Oh, poor LeAnn, Charlie, Lindsay” is going to force these fame-whores to get help from a nutritionist, anger management guide, drug counselor or therapist. They have full knowledge of the side their “bread is buttered” and its by acting as outrageous as they can get. Yes I do pity the misery-ridden lives of some of these celebs. But when it comes to people who don’t take responsibility for their actions even after doing crazy stuff like almost hitting a baby in their drug-hazed state, strangling and beating up defenseless women, stalking and publicly abusing your fiance’s ex-wife and those who interact with her…my feeling of pity quickly evaporates.

  54. why? says:

    Forgot to add, the movie where “two people who were having problems in their marriages just so happened to stumble upon one another” (LR quote from their ABC interview) is airing today, no wonder she is gushing on her HPD diary about how happy and in love she is to be celebrating 3 years of bliss and happiness with a man she has to babysit because she can’t trust him to be faithful and is so stressed out about his affairs that she is losing weight. I expect a staged pda, dining out, going to a club, airport, or shopping photo-op where LR flashes that $85,000 ring that EC “bought” in 3, 2, 1 because LR and EC are so happy and content in their farce that their attempts to promote their careers hasn’t become predictable at all and of course because Leann feels that she has won over 55% of the media with her weight loss.

    I agree, now that Leann knows that 55% of the media feels sorry for her, her bad behavior on twitter, towards people who disagree with her, and staged photo-ops are just going to get worse.

  55. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘They’ve said and done things on the spur of the moment but they did not plan and execute that plan in ruining a woman’s life?’

    Please, please tell me you are not saying LR is worse than men who abuse (repeatedly) woman (or anyone for that matter)?

    I’ve been through both and I’d choose being cheated on over having the crap beat out of me any day of the week. Cheating doesn’t ruin your life. It is sad and emotional to deal with, but you pick up the pieces and move on. Being abused leaves permanent scars. You usually don’t have nightmares and PTSD from being cheated on, but you do from abuse.

    I’m hoping I misread what you wrote.

  56. Isa says:

    She really has her head up her own butt doesn’t she?
    She follows all the stories about herself. She must be driving herself crazy. How many celebrities do you issuing denials over these “WASTING AWAY!” articles? I can think of none.

    Btw, I’m more inclined to believe she’s anorexic with an exercise addiction. I am not sure, but I think bulemics don’t lose that much weight. But this is purely speculation on my part.

  57. brin says:

    OOO, why?….you are right, “Northern Lights”, A/K/A “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” is on this afternoon. Where’s Detriot girls’ synopsis, that’s all we need to see!

  58. Kimble says:

    I can’t help but think it’s really weird that some of you take this “feud” so seriously …

    If you are NOT LeaAnne or Brandi, picking sides and getting involved with tracing Twitter accounts etc is a little over the top, No? – unless you are sipping Chardonnay with either of these two on a regular basis, and maybe you would like to declare it, your adoration and derision one way or another is a bit … strange!

    I always thought that reading this stuff was a distraction – like picking up a trashy magazine – but it seems like serious stuff if some of these “knowledgeable” posts are to be believed …

  59. JM says:

    Chick has officially entered Kate Bosworth territory. SCARY!

  60. kanderson says:

    I know that everyone is differnt, but…I have been too skinny only once in my life, and I have a sister who dealt with a short-lived ED. I wasn’t trying to lose weight; she was. However, what we both had in common was the fact that our weight loss occured at times in our life when we were experiencing significant stress and some depression. She was struggling in college with feeling out of control (away from home for the first time, probably drinking too much and was in a bad relationship) and coped with it by nearly starving herself (for only a few months – - thank God it didn’t last that long and she had no resulting health problems). When I got too skinny, I was going through the most painful breakup in my life, and literally had no appetite (and I LOVE food). I knew I was losing too much weight by the end of it, but I felt so sick and stressed every day that I couldn’t eat. At first, I guess I liked shedding a few pounds, but then it got out of control.

    Anyway, my point is that I don’t know anyone who turns to anorexia (or bulemia) at a happy, contented time in their lives. Eating is a social, happy thing for well-adjusted people. I’ve lost weight other times in my life – for my wedding, for instance – but it was slow and steady and way within the ‘normal’ range. What LeAnn is doing clearly tells me that she is not in a good place, emotionally.

  61. Rita says:


    You’re correct. My point is that I’m sure Brandi would rather have been slapped around for a couple of days and then divorced with a settlement of millions of dollars rather than having gone through the taunting, bullying, and public disrespect for two years and left with nothing but her own ability to start over.

    If one is going to find a way to sympathize with Rimes and Cibrian, then there’s a rationalization for everything.

  62. Lady D says:

    Ugly inside = fugly outside.

  63. original kate says:

    she doesn’t look healthy, but i don’t recall her having a history of eating disorders. maybe eddie likes tanorexic women and she is dropping weight for him. BTW, one of my gay male friends is convinced that men who go for the super-skinny women (especially when it’s not their normal build) are secretly gay, as they don’t seem to like the physical things that make women different from men (boobs, hips, etc). hmmm…..

  64. x says:

    she looks like joan rivers bwahahahahah!

  65. Jayna says:

    @Kimble, right on.

  66. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I am confused as to why she would want to look like his ex wife?

    Didnt he leave her for LeAnne? Her noodle is loose.

  67. icantbelievethis says:

    @Rita Being abused is way more than dealing with ‘being slapped around for a few days’ and getting millions. And what millions would she have gotten? EC
    didn’t have millions then or now.

    I doubt BG wished she’d been hit by EC. You think it is hard for kids to see mom and dad split and be with other people? Try growing up and seeing a parent beat the other parent.

    There just is no comparison and saying it that way downplays what survivors of abuse deal with on a daily basis.

  68. Rita says:


    ITA. Long term physical and emotional abuse scars. The comparison is not between the victims. The comparison is to consider and compare the narcassitic perpetrators.

  69. DGO says:

    Here’s the thing. When someone has implants that big, they have to stay super thin or else they look chubs. So I think part of her weight loss is because of the bolt-ons, and part of her weight loss is her insecurity because she knows Eddie is with her only because Brandi kicked him out. Must suck to be LeAnn. She has no inner or outer beauty, and her life runs like a bad country song.

  70. Cirque28 says:

    I never would’ve said the old Leann was attractive at all, but now… ouch. Much better looking before.

    It isn’t even *primarily* her weight loss, IMHO. It’s this whole icky, fake, tense from too much Adderall + trying WAY too hard vibe.

  71. dahlia1947 says:

    This chick is delusional! Is it the guilt that’s eating away at her or what? Maybe so, but she’ll just remain in her delusional state of mind.

  72. TeeTee says:

    she calimed on her twitter that she looks bigger in person and that the camera slims her down


    I thought it was the other way around.
    she looks like my grandma’s sister.
    Aunt Mildred

  73. the original bellaluna says:

    @ ican’tbelievethis – Playing devil’s advocate here, but think on this (you don’t even have to answer, because I already know):

    How long after you left the abusive relationship did it take you to stop flinching when a man reached toward you? Any man, be it your father, a stranger, or a boyfriend.

    And after being cheated on, how long did it take you to fully trust the man you’re now involved with? Or any man you’ve been with since? That little niggling suspicion NEVER permeates your thoughts, even when you know it’s ridiculous?

    ALL kinds of abuse leave long-term scars. That’s experience talking.

  74. KV says:

    She’s looking more like Kate Bosworth everyday!

  75. lucky7 says:

    Johnny Depp’s Girl……. You hit the nail on the head with me. I am convinced that eddie didn’t leave brandy and that eddie didn’t want out of his marriage to brandy, and the person that’s convinced me of that is Leann Rimes. She never won the prize, she wasn’t the better woman who took an unhappy man from his home. It must suck to be the woman he was stuck with b/c his only other options were to be alone & broke, or a rich dumb chick who pays for everything. Her vile actions, her harrassment of brandy, her boob job and lipo and now starving herself ALL just to compete and look LIKE BRANDY tells me every single day that eddie doesn’t really give a damn about her, in fact my guess is no one truly does.

  76. icantbelievethis says:

    @theoriginalbellaluna I totally get what you are saying and I can answer that honestly:

    I’ve never gone into a relationship thinking I’d either be hit or cheated on. I think growing up the way I did gave me the outlook that no matter what happened I’d be okay (I’ve already survived more than most). When my ex cheated I never saw it as “what did I do to deserve this”. It was his issue and would’ve happened no matter who he married. I just moved on, finished college, worked alot of hours, etc to make sure I could take care of our child.

    I don’t worry that DH will cheat and don’t flinch. I’m sure I flinched as a kid b/c I was unlucky enough to be surrounded by abusive people, but as an adult I dealt with it by taking control of my life. I had 1 boyfriend hit me and I got him back:)

    I’m not over the abuse though. I will ALWAYS have nightmares. For the rest of my life I will have nights where I wake up sweating with my heart pounding b/c I was reliving what happened. I don’t have nightmares about being cheated on.

    The way I survived is by taking control of my life and constantly reminding myself that no matter what someone else does I am going to be okay. That is why I view things differently. It isn’t that I sympathize with LR (as my grandpa always said ‘you made your bed, now lay in it’). And it isn’t that I don’t sympathize w/BG, but for me it worked better to just let the past be the past and take control of my future. Holding onto what someone else did to you or hating people just keeps those feelings fresh. Plus it gives them importance and power. My ex cheated and now he’s alone and unhappy. I however have a great life, beautiful kid, job I love, etc.

  77. DesertRose says:

    I would almost start feeling sorry for her, cause she does look too thin, and her twitter is a tragic mess, but . . . it seems to me like she’s losing weight to keep her man. And we all know she stole him anyways, so she deserves whatever she gets during her quest to keep him. Insecurity is a bitch, ain’t it?

  78. logan says:

    She sort of looks like she just stepped off the mother ship.

  79. skilo says:

    “That’s the thing about self-absorbed, delusional bitches – once the veil comes down, all of sudden they seem fragile, physically and mentally.”

    Maybe they seem that way to you if you don’t really know them if you are speculating on why they are the way they are or feel the way they do. But if you are the victim of one of those self-absorbed, delusional bitches you will probably feel differently about them. Truth is most self-absorbed, narcissistic, entitled bitches are just mean bitches. Leann wants what she wants and she expects to get it, no matter who she hurts or what she has to do to make it happen. She is a very cold, calculating, tormentor towards Brandi and probably anyone else she feels has wronged her in some way, and yes I promise you she feels Brandi wronged her and not the other way around. Bitches like that will practically slit your throat to get what they want.

  80. why? says:

    I can’t believe this:

    Cheating does have the potential to ruin people’s lives, take for instance all those women who have lost their lives at the hands of their husbands mistresses. Think about nightmares and PTSD suffered by a child who has witnessed a lady(his father’s mistress) kill his/her mother.

    People don’t have PTSD and nightmares from being cheated on? Well thankfully some of those women (Elizabeth E, Jeeny S, Mary Jo E, etc…)who have been cheated on have written books to disprove your theory. Any type of emotional stress can leave a scar, cause nightmares, or can result in PTSD. It’s not just physical abuse that does that. Why do you think that some people report being depressed and losing weight when dealing with the infidelity of their spouse or boyfriend?

    Abuse is abuse and it doesn’t matter that Leann/EC didn’t hit Brandi, the intent is still the same. Tear down or dehumanize a person.

    Brandi wasn’t the one who cheated, yet she had this major smear campaign waged against her as if she was the villian(all because she had something that Leann wanted), in addition she is attacked on a daily basis by Leann’s “fans”. It doesn’t stop there because Leann and her BFF often play with the lives of BG kids on a public forum, and because she doesn’t have the same finances as LR, there isn’t much she can do about it.

  81. icantbelievethis says:

    @why OMG, leave me alone. I was asked a question nicely and I answered it honestly from MY experience. Didn’t say what I thought LR or BG should do.

  82. Macey says:


    Thanks for the link. That Witchy33 is definitely without a doubt LR herself. I wish there was a way to get proof of that to Brandi so maybe she wouldnt have to have her kids around that nut job.

    I dont think there is anything that could happen to LR that would ever make me feel sorry for her. She brings everything on herself just by her own actions. Im still waiting for karma to bite her in her bony butt if it hasnt already. I can imagine Eddie is feeling pretty suffocated with her on the set with him 24/7. who the hell takes their mistress to work with them every day? He’s prolly the butt of many jokes on that set..LOL

  83. wtf? says:

    good, great… a few more pounds maybe she will completely dissappear from my computer screen….can’t wait cause i cannot stand her or her fella

  84. Meerza482 says:

    I think a couple of girls(who are quite close to Brandi Glanville on both FB & twitter) got these fake accounts investigated only after they realized that their contact numbers as well as personal information was being put out, and creepy & nasty comments were being made about their family members by LeAnn’s fanatics. I know, so mafia-like! I’m not a regular or prolific tweeter so I don’t have complete info about the entire scenario. But it is something close to my version.

    As for me, I do not follow LeAnn or Brandi or any other celeb on twitter (I do interact with some of CB visitors online). But I’ve found out that you only have to say “hello” to a Brandi supporter on twitter and you will be stalked online for life. I too have gotten a taste of the abuse dished by LeAnn via her fans. They just have to get a whiff that you sympathize with Brandi and they go berserk in their abusive rants. They give an hourly dose of abuse in hopes that their target will lock/protect their tweets or delete their account. As a newbie, I witnessed the whole song & dance of “you are a slut, spawn of Satan, pile of shit” by LeAnn’s fans on twitter before I finally learned how to block a follower. And believe me when I say that I wasn’t even talking about LeAnn at that time. The entire thing left me highly amused. And considering the fact that I give as good as I get (sans cuss words), I decided to occasionally indulge myself in the comic relief provided by country clown LeAnn Rimes. Also, the accessibility of LeAnn’s lunacy & vitriol on twitter makes her an easy target for jibes, jokes, and comments by us commoners. :p People like me are amused when she asks twele’s to pray for her ‘haters’ but are also disgusted to see her assuming twitter aliases to name-call complete strangers namely, mothers and their babies on a public platform.

    According to the retweets pouring into my account, LeAnn’s alias “witchy” and “brandiwineville” are talking about libel and demanding proof that they are, in fact, LeAnn Rimes. It is to be noted that self-proclaimed ‘pillar of truth’ LeAnn Rimes has previously harassed & lashed out at Brandi through her fake account “wewenlove.” I’ve been told that her ex-husband Deane Sheremet had publicly called her out on it.

    Sorry to butt in chica but you are incorrect in your generalization that physical abuse overshadows other kinds of violence. Emotional abuse, in the form of infidelity, is subtle but equally damaging for an individual and can lead to corrosion of self-esteem as well as self-destructive acts like suicide. Every act of violence(physical, emotional, psychological) is unique & depends on how an individual’s faces and tackles reality. And no I am not trying to start LR/BG argument here. I’m studying violence so different perspective on this subject interest me. :)

  85. Cirque28 says:

    Leann, Leann, Leann, it’s not the circumference of your thighs or the color of your hair that makes a man stick around, stay faithful, or treat you well. (Just ask Jessica Biel.) I know it seems logical to YOU that dimples + very willing to cheat on wife + gives your bank account nice compliments = tru luv always <3 !!!

  86. Cherry Rose says:

    @ ican’tbelievethis – I would just try to ignore why? from now on. It seems if you have a post that sounds at least 1% negative towards Brandi, you’re on Leann’s side.

    Anyway, Leann definitely looked better before, when she had some meat on her bones. Her face didn’t look so harsh.

    And I can’t believe that she is so spiteful and vengeful that she makes up other accounts and gets her followers to harass Brandi and Brandi’s followers or those who are sympathetic towards her. WTF!?! Just reading some of the twitter posts makes me jump.

  87. why? says:

    I can’t believethis:

    I wasn’t even attacking you or accusing you of being on Leann’s side, so what’s the deal with the “leave me alone” post? There you go AGAIN playing the victim (ie- you were just asking a question) and arguing that people are misreading your posts(ie-you did it nicely and honestly).

    Cherry Rose, please go back and read post 55 because this is not at all how ican’tbelievethis is making it out to be. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who interpreted her post just the way she wrote it.

  88. betty says:

    If Eddie had concern for Leann he would tell her, her weight loss is too drastic because he is the only one she would listen to. If he hasn’t that means he could care less. I noticed Eddie hasn’t loss any weight and he could stand to lose a few pounds.. As far as feeling empathy for her that would be a waste of time because she brought it on herself. She is her own worse enemy,she made those choices. If she trusted Eddie she would not have to resort to extreme measures to hold on to him. Eddie has yet to defend her and say he thinks she looks great. Who told her she was healthy? Any rapid lost of weight is not healthy even while dieting and is not recommended by most doctors.She has serious problems mental and physical and Leann is in denial she does not want to spoil her so happy and in love image.

  89. icantbelievethis says:

    @why LOL, I’ve never played or been a victim.

    @cherryrose Thanks:) Normally I do ignore, but I know if I respond it will lead to a outrage and accusations:)

  90. JackieV says:

    Judy Garland, Karen Carpenter, and now Ms Rimes. People like this seem lost to me. It’s seen by some therapists as a form of suicide. Very sad. As a mother myself I have to ask…where is her mother?

  91. brin says:

    @Meerza….Thanks for updating. I can’t imagine being on twitter with Leann and her mob. They are as crazy as she is and I don’t put anything past her or them.

  92. Stephanie says:

    I picture Eddie sitting around LeAnn’s house with dirty shoes on her white furniture drinking beer and yelling at the tv. LR is running around pleased as punch if he tells her to bring him a beer. He probably does go to the gym (trolling for tail no doubt)
    He is a swine and he will betray LR but for now I am sure he says a few nice things and she is “over the moon”. Still, I can’t have sympathy, not after all the venom she has spewed. Her obvious attempt at transforming into his ex is super disturbing and she is grotequely thin. Her actions (bolt ons, severe diet-be it stress or whatever) do NOT equal what she wants us to believe that she and EC are made for each other etc.

  93. penguin says:

    she looks ill. when i saw the top pic b4 she lost the weight i thought thats not fair they’ve posted a pic of her from 10 yrs ago of course she’s gonna have aged significantly. Then i realised that they were only taken mths apart and was like wtf? lol.

  94. Confuzzle says:

    I don’t know who’s worse right now; Leann the ratface or the Brandi tards and their cyberstalking.

  95. almond says:

    Look how much attention this chick is getting, even on this site. Granted, here, it’s all negative, but from all that I’ve read she doesn’t care, just as long as it’s all focused on her. I think she’d suffer infinitely more if she were ignored and forgotten by all.

  96. CB Rawks says:

    How ugly is it when she sings? She and John Mayer should compete to see who can make the ugliest warble face.

    LeAnn, there’s no point listing a bunch of food you ate. If this look is the result, then I’m going to start referring to your massive tapeworm as LeAnn instead. Like it’s Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

  97. Newbie says:

    The only thing I feel sorry about is the fact that she’s gotten all this exposure for breaking up the marriage. About her fake twitter account: seriously, I think it’s hard for women to let go of their men’s exes. They know that what they’ve done is disgusting, and deep down they know that the man they’re with is likely to do the same to them, so they make themselves feel better by bagging on the woman who is just trying to move on a pick up the pieces of her former life. Don’t cheat, people. It hurts all three persons involved.

  98. why? says:


    You do play the victim and act like people are misreading your posts, hence the second post where you once again a) act as if people are picking on you for no reason(ie-leads to outrage and accusations when you respond), and b) argue that people are misreading your posts. I didn’t even attack you or accuse you of defending Leann, and I said basically the same thing that the other 3-4 posters who responded to post 55 said to you(except I included examples), and yet it was you who responded with outrage and trying to turn this into a BG vs LR fight.

    You normally ignore it? First of all I haven’t written a post to you in a long time (it’s been about 3-4 threads) because you haven’t been posting very much in these LR threads. So what exactly have you been ignoring? Unless of course you are telling me that you are the MAT and irena person?

    Secondly when you do post in these LR threads, you haven’t being writing those “BG needs to move on [because LR and EC have something important to promote]” posts. So how odd that the day that LR and EC Lifetime movie airs, the “move on” posts start right back up.

  99. manda says:

    she was always pretty fug. still is. not much different. i liked her better when all i knew about her was her music

  100. Jennifer says:

    Rita’s first comment is right on the mark!

  101. Messenger Of Truth says:


    I, too, have wondered why some (not all) are so passionately participating in this mess. Such abhorrence from both sides. Seems so much more going on in our communities & the world that would benefit from their chutzpah.

    While I’m between Scylla & Charybdis, right now I’m bowing to the almighty Brandi. IMO her recent tweets should be directed to many individuals on both sides…

    “You seem angry and obsessed with me. Please get help and get a life of your own, this obsession with me can’t be healthy. Gdluck!!”

    “Stop obsessing over people you don’t actually know, Yikes ur scary”

    “Some of you all really frighten me and need to get lives of your own.”

    As for high-fives & attagirls for twitter’s Brandi Bunch on turning LeAnn in to the authorities for her shenanagins, mine is on reserve until we see how this all plays out. I’m so hoping to see what happens to a celeb caught in a game like this. If it turns out to be malarchy, I’ll just accept the fact that this game of dirty pool ain’t over yet.

  102. icantbelievethis says:

    @Meerza482 Ty, I do get your point. I should’ve been more clear in that I was saying how I viewed things and why. B/c of what I’ve experienced I see things differently. Had I not gone through that and experienced just cheating I’m sure I would view it differently.

    I never really thought of cheating as ‘emotional abuse’, but you are right it does fit. I’ve always viewed emotional abuse as name calling, verbal threats, manipulations, etc. But again that’s just from my limited experience.

  103. abbizmal says:

    LeAnn, honey, you don’t need to lose a bunch of weight to keep Eddie. He’ll always be there because it is your money he likes, not your bod. That bod looked way better with more meat on it. Much, much better. And the face, even more so. The gaunt look and skinny legs isn’t going to do you any favors.

  104. why? says:

    What I wonder: Why do some(not all) people show up on these gossip sites just to criticize people for passionately participating in this mess? Doesn’t that just defeat the purpose they are trying to make?

    If you are concerned about what is going on in communities, then why be here in these threads criticizing others for posting instead of focusing on those more “important” things in life?

  105. skilo says:

    @why post#105
    Thank You! I was wondering that same thing, they must have invested a lot of time reading our comments to determine that we are way too invested in this. LOL

  106. betty says:

    @Jasper Being thin does not mean being fit or healthy. Leann has not moved on or she would not have her cronies bashing Eddies ex. If she was so happy and in love Brandi would not matter. Why are you commenting on this silly the gossip site?

  107. jemshoes says:

    I get why, Kaiser and others, because I’ve started to feel the same way.

    LR doesn’t get a free pass / Get Out of Jail Free card but it’s come to the point where it’s no longer fun to snark at her / about her. Of course she’s loving the attention and the infamy, but you know at the end of the day, the small, petty “victories” she gives herself on Twitter, etc are empty, futile gestures at convincing herself that her life is perfect. She doesn’t believe her own lies any more than we do, and that’s got to hurt. She knows Brandi’s happier than she is (with real friends, not enablers, and a clean conscience about everything), and no amount of tweeting and plastic surgery can change that.

    So, yes, I do feel sorry for LR but not to the point where I’ll defend her / apologise for any of her behaviour or actions as a “fan.” Because I am definitely not a fan!

  108. Crash2GO2 says:

    @icantbelievethis: Good job avoiding the merry-go-round (seriously) !! :)

  109. Baylor says:

    LOL! LeAnn made a comment on twitter about not having bought a meal yet in Chicago b/c people there are soo sweet! LOL! The jokes write themselves! That can be taken and mean a whole list of things LeAnn!

  110. Isa says:

    I don’t understand how people can follow this mess so closely. I mean, I read the threads here on CB and the comments, but anything more is simply exhausting!

    I do find it fascinating but when I look at Leann’s twitter I get a headache. Then again, I don’t understand Twitter to well.

    I did notice that she seems to mention food in most of her tweets. Sad.

    Also, I hope everyone is very careful. There are some crazies out there. I’ve been harrassed and cvberstalked, it’s really creepy and scary. Luckily, my husband is a police officer and at the mention of this it stopped.
    Just, please, be careful!

  111. Hakura says:

    @Rita“Let’s show her the same sympathy and concern she showed the woman whose life LeAnn so gleefully destroyed.”

    While I hate to admit it… I agree here. I mean, what Kaiser had to say about pitying her initially appealed to me, but she didn’t give anyone else (including the 2 small children caught up in the shit-storm her selfish actions created) that sort of consideration.

    I certainly DON’T wish her ill, or get any kind of cruel satisfaction out of her ‘eating disorder’. But I have a hard time feeling pity when her every greedy, manipulative decision has led her to where she is now. Karma is a bitch… & so is LeAnn. You have to ‘get yours’ sometime.

  112. Messenger Of Truth says:


    Are you cheating on me with icantbelievethis? (We no like cheaters here!) I thought you only talked that way to me…

    Best for me to not respond to your reply this time. I just saw your back & forth with icantbelievethis? & thought I’d make a funny.


    I read a few threads & check out a few twitter accounts every couple days-usually only takes about 10-15 minutes. Some twitter accounts I see are filled with non-stop daily tweets that are either anti-LR or anti-Brandi, and nothing else. Come on, don’t we all know these accounts exist? Yeah, those are the people, I’d say, who are too “invested”. That is why I agree so much with Brandi’s tweets (i.e. “Some of you all really frighten me and need to get lives of your own.”) I didn’t say “All POSTERS on Cele/bitchy are too invested!” I don’t think that at all.

  113. hatekyle says:

    she wrecked a home, now it’s that termite of a conscience, as it is called, that’s been chewing up her mare-ish body and hell-ish soul.

  114. hatekyle says:

    i’m imagining someone getting a terminix endorsement except that that someone is the one being gassed. lol.

  115. nick says:

    she looked fine on the set of Drop Dead Diva last week- they even had a picture of her in the post http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/popwrap/exclusive_first_look_drop_dead_diva_QMa2jmV5cvo7v1Q9nNDNwK

  116. brin says:

    If someone was cyberstalking me and making threats, you better believe I would report them and I applaud the BB girls for doing that.
    Leann and her ilk are nothing more than psycho bullies.

  117. Rita says:



    Just an observation. Strange that when the “twitter-stalkers” were exposed on this thread, a certain LeAnn supporter who never fails to make at least one comment is absent from this thread (Irena). Maybe she’s on vacation or perhads on a movie set in Chicago.

  118. brin says:

    Mornin Rita…..good observation, guess she had one too many green beers!

  119. why? says:

    The only reason ican’tbelievethis is avoiding the merry-go-around is because she knows that she was wrong. She tried to make it out to be something it was not and then when I pointed out that 3-4 other posters said the very same thing that I said, it’s strange that she would even bring up how she is ignoring it when I haven’t even made a post to her in forever and that the only ones I had been really posting to were irena and MAT(so does that mean she is one of those posters), and it’s strange how her “move on” posts pop up on the day that LR and EC Lifetime movie appears, she has nothing else to say.

  120. Jezi says:

    Both Eileen & myself were stalked and harassed to the point where we got sick of it. My son was called a bastard and I was called a neglectful parent and threatened to have CPS called on me. After that I mentioned it on twitter and one of our gals in law enforcement and asked if I needed help. Then told me Witchy33 was confirmed to be LeAnn. We’ve suspected it but never had proof until now. The harassment of Brandi and us has to end and to think this woman is with Brandi’s kids 50% of the time. That’s scary!

  121. why? says:

    Messenger of truth,

    But only after I asked ican’tbelievethis if she was you because she said that she had been ignoring me, but the problem with her own statement is that I haven’t even made a post to her for 3-4 threads and that the only ones I had been doing the back and forth with in those threads were you and irena.

    Strange, I never made any “I don’t like cheaters” posts to you. Remember my posts to you were strickly about Leann being “talented” because you said she was in the top 40 list and on that top 25 list, misrepresenting yourself, and your demands that we provide proof that BG is talented outside of LR and EC. So something just isn’t right here.

    Once again, it makes no sense to keep going on and on about how people are too invested because you are doing the very same thing you criticize others for doing. It’s funny because you say that you are checking BG tweets and other peoples twitter and even show up on this site to write “why are you so invested in this posts” and somehow you don’t think that any of this applies to you? You were so invested in this that you showed up trying to prove to me that Leann has talent and when I asked you common sense questions you were invested enough in this to write a “mistake” post, and when I challenged that post you show up with the “why are some of you so invested” posts. So what is your agenda?

    BTW, there wasn’t a back and forth between ican’tbelievethis and me, she just tried to make it seem that way. She just popped up with the “leave me alone” posts out of nowhere.

    You are just full of contradictions. Now that is funny.

  122. brin says:

    @Jezi…I hope they get her for cyberstalking and harrassment…she needs to be put away, no joke!

  123. Rita says:


    Wow, that’s really f’d up. I consider twitter to be a free for all so the stalking doesn’t bother me that much but of course I’ve never been stalked. However, LeAnn’s aka Witchy’s mental state is such that I worry about Brandi and especially the children’s well being. A woman as vile as Rimes will “go off” when the situation deteriorates with Eddie and then there is a real danger. Take care sweetie. Here for you and your gals whenever you need help.

  124. Jezi says:

    Thank you both. I don’t really care about the nasty tweets and messages but threatening to have CPS called to my house is what pissed me off. I’m probably on twitter much less than Leann who has those boys and still tweets. But don’t threaten a mother with her child. Plus, Brandi really needs that woman away from her children.

  125. Baylor says:

    ” @leannrimes said:

    @Lindsay_Hecker thx babe! Sad thing is I had extra weight on me because of heath issues no one needs to know the specifics on, period. Now, I’ve got them under control and I’m healthy and I get crap for it. Too fat, too skinny…how about thank God I’m finally healthy and not in pain. Sad when people have NO idea what’s going on, but instead assume BS and give you a eating disorder because they need an explanation for something that has nothing to do with them. ”

    So now she has a health issue no one knows about?! Right….

    Later on she says this is her “normal” weight and has been there before. When??! YEah right!!

  126. icantbelievethis says:

    @messengeroftruth hahaha! that was great:) I agree with your entire post.

    @why I haven’t posted in alot of recent blogs about anything (or read them). Haven’t had the time for commenting or reading much, busy work schedule. But I did miss you!

    Since those with multiple IDs are deleted by the admin of this site I think it is obvious I can’t be Irena or Messenger. I can only be myself:)

  127. icantbelievethis says:

    @Crash2Go2 @icantbelievethis: Good job avoiding the merry-go-round (seriously) !!

    hey! I’ve missed reading your comments:)

  128. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ladies, need I remind you, that if you touch sh*t you are going to stink and the sh*t will call you names. But the sh*t will always remain sh*t no matter what you do. I don’t really know what anyone hopes to accomplish with Twitter wars.

    @why, you don’t post anywhere but in these threads either. According to your astute powers of deduction, that should make you someone…else…right? Forgive me, but I have a hard time following lunacy.

    @icantbelievethis: I’ve missed your posts too!!

  129. Eileen says:

    @Crash-you know I respect the HELL out of you, but I beg to differ with your comment. Just like a Facebook or a gossip blog, or hell even a public shopping mall…being stalked and harassed is never to be expected. If someone likes Sara Palin who I despise and I happen to overhear them say they LOVE her at a party, I’m not going to walk up to them and scream they are a drunk, hate their kids, fucking bitch, kids a bastard and then proceed to look up their private information and use that to try to scare and dominate her. People are perfectly entitled to their opinion and shouldn’t be verbally abused for it. That is why CB is so strict on their harassment comment rules and will block someone if they can’t adhere to them. Its wrong no matter where you are.

  130. betty says:

    Baylor that’s one thing about lying when you tell one you will tell twenty-one.If she was overweight I could see a doctor recommending weight loss but she isn’t. Leann has a health problem alright MENTAL health.

  131. Rita says:


    I’ve been waiting for you to post since the begining of this thread. Glad you respect Crash as we all do. A lot of people not familiar with the twitter situation think you gals might taunt LeAnn’s supporters which I know you do not. You are tweeting in an open conversation to each other and Le’s lunies listen in and then ambush you with vular tweets. Some of Le’s supporters have joined you in general conversations about things nothing to do with Le and they are immediately blocked by Le for associating with you in any way. Your group is very easy to ignore but Le herself encourages her people to follow and stalk you. Even Darrell Brown thinks Brandi puts you up to this. If I read things right, Brown is pretending he doesn’t know that Le was WEWE. Everyone knows Le was WEWE.

    What the heck is a man like DB messing around with following Brandi when the musical world is his oyster of opportunity? I think Le’s crazy just rubs off on people around her.

    Take Care and know that I support you always. You are honest and truthful people.

  132. KatScorp says:

    @Baylor: Later on she says this is her “normal” weight and has been there before.

    Seriously? That’s a rediculous statement! LeAnn started off as a normal, chubby (but still a healthy weight) teenager. Between “Sittin’ on Top of the World” and the self titled country-classics album, she lost some weight and toned up – but she still had a natural b-cup chest and was in admirable shape. Perhaps I should upload my photos to show the progression?

    Then tried to break into Hollywood and slimmed down a little – she was dating Andrew Keegan and doing the “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” promotion. She was slim and toned, but not muscular. The thinnest she got was in the “I Need You” video, but she still wasn’t a biological adult so she wasn’t finished growing yet.

    She married Dean who is a fitness freak and she spent more time at the gym. Before “Nothing Better to Do” she had lost her natural B-cup chest and if not for her natural athletic build, LeAnn would have looked built .

    As an example, look at Jennifer Garner. Athletically built, but the muscles stay long rather than bulge. LeAnn went from a b-cup to flat chested because she worked out with Dean and was preparing for the “Family” tour; got thick but not bulging.

    These days, LeAnn’s weight is combining her kickboxing muscles (remember, you don’t make more muscles cells when you weight lift; the cells just expand. Same was fat cells when you gain weight) and the implants. Plus she is fully grown, not like the almost-grown kid in “I Need You”.

    But I figure that she could only be referring to the “I Need You” weight. I can’t be bothered to look it up, but I think she/we were 16yrs old. Combine that with the fact she didn’t have muscles and the implants, and if LeAnn is telling the truth about being the same weight as was previously… then she’s actually making a case against herself.

    LeAnn was really, really thin in the “I Need You” promotion. I actually wanted to get that thin and I stopped eating breakfast and lunch for a three weeks (dinner – my mother would have noticed) trying to wittle down to LeAnn’s size. She wasn’t yet grown up, she didn’t have muscle weight, she didn’t have implants. If LeAnn’s down to that weight, admitting it isn’t proof that she’s okay. It’s proof that she’s not.

  133. brin says:

    Cosign with Rita.

  134. why? says:


    And yet you do not have ANY problems following ican’tbelievethis lunacy.

    Let me break it down for you.

    FACT: Ican’tbelievethis shows up saying that she has been ignoring me, implying that I have been sending posts to her.

    FACT: I haven’t made a post to her for 3-4 threads, but in those 3-4 threads I did go back and forth with MAT and irena in those threads.

    So what are we to conclude?

    Why would ican’tbelievethis show up making it sound like I had been responding to her, when in fact I haven’t been doing that all?

  135. why? says:


    That is precisely my point. You have not been posting in these threads and I haven’t even been doing the back and forth with you(just MAT and irena) when you did post, so it is really strange that you would even post that you have been ignoring me as if I had been sending you posts. It makes it sound as if you have been posting on this sight, but just under a different name.

    30 min after MAT shows up out of the blue, ican’tbelievethis makes a post? Is that just a coincidence? Also MAT shows up saying that I wrote her a “I don’t like cheaters” post, yet I didn’t send her any “I don’t like cheaters” posts(just responses in regards to the top 40 lists and her questions about BG entertainment value), but I remember making that statement to ican’tbelieve this.

    Of course you missed me, it’s why you tried to make something out of nothing with that “leave me alone” post and act as if I had been sending you posts.

  136. Eileen says:

    Thank you Rita-that means a lot coming from you!

  137. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Eileen: You’re absolutely right that no one deserves stalking!! Or the horrible things that have been said. I’d like to make that perfectly clear. And my second point, which was separate, but perhaps not separated well enough, was that I don’t see the point in Twitter Wars if they are an attempt to make Leann see the error of her ways. Sorry to have been unclear – I was on lunch break and in a hurry.

    @Rita-love: What is WEWE?:)

  138. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @katscorp “remember, you don’t make more muscles cells when you weight lift; the cells just expand. Same was fat cells when you gain weight)”

    not to nitpick, but your body can generate more fat cells. Fat cells both expand and multiply; but, like you said, you can’t “lose” fat (only shrink fat cells). otherwise, agree with the point of your post :)

  139. Messenger Of Truth says:

    Messenger Of Truth = MOT

    I’m having more fun than a tornado in a trailer park!

    (Disclaimer: This statement is not directed at any individual. No individual has ever written me a post discussing tornadoes OR trailer parks. I have nothing against trailer parks. Or tornadoes, for that matter.)

  140. icantbelievethis says:

    @Messenger I grew up in a trailer and some of my best friends were tornados . . .

    I love your sense of humor, and your spelling.

    @Crash2Go2 I agree w/you about Twitter wars especially over celeb gossip and sh*t.

  141. Rita says:

    I was stunned to discover Muammar Gaddafi is not only following LeAnn on twitter but is actually using her tweets to stay in power.

    “I don’t understand all the hate. Can’t we just call a truce and make peace?”

    He probably downloaded Crazy Women.

  142. Rita says:


    Morning my sweets!! You don’t know about WEWE???? Over a year ago LeAnn setup a twitter account with the name WeweNluv. She then used this account to send Brandi tweets that whined about how much she was in love with Eddie. The tweets talked about E&L’s “love anniversary”. Brandi responded by tweeting in the open and called out LeAnn for her crap. In the mean time, LeAnn didn’t realize that she’d also linked the tweets to Deane Sheremet who also received Wewe’s tweets. Deane responded,

    “Interesting about your anniversary, considering you were and are still married.” It was Dean’s way of dishing a little smack talk.

    Anyway, the WeweNluv account was quickly closed by LeAnn but all the gossip sites picked up on it. Now it appears that the “Twitter Girls”, have caught LeAnn with a number of twitter accounts that she uses to send Brandi very vulgar and spitefull tweets. The Girls have somehow traced the tweets directly to LeAnn and her inner circle. The most vulgar are from her account named Witchy who is LeAnn’s Mr. Hyde. Truly scarring to think Brandi’s children are around this person.

    Have a great day!!!

  143. Jennifer says:

    Leann has done a lot of downright evil things and that’s why she gets all the negative backlash. It’s so evident that she blames the ex-wife from the way she sets us these fake twitter accounts just to harass the ex-wife. LEANN NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT IT WAS HER OWN EVIL ACTIONS THAT BROUGHT ALL THIS NEGATIVE RESPONSES.

  144. hatekyle says:

    oh this is out of curiosity. i used to read the comments on leann threads on jj and there’s this ferocious leann defender who’s been giving anyone who dare to post even the slightest leann critique a smackdown. i forgot her name (she claimed to be a beauty pageant winner cum blogger or sumthin). i don’t know if she’s been a fixture of this blog as well under a pseudo-name. that poster was said to be using different aliases there.

  145. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Rita: Hiya sweets!! No, I didn’t know about that. Ugh. I have actually been harassed years ago via the internet. They found out where I worked and threatened to ‘report’ me. Animal rights nutjobs. And truthfully, while I never did it, others did the same to them. It was really nasty, and no good ever came out of it. It can be scary really, to get into it with these types of weirdos (read: Leann) because you never know what they might do. That is what I meant by touching sh*t and then smelling of it. You get tainted. I hope I wasn’t misunderstood…

  146. brin says:

    Rita…lmao! Leann has a lot in common with Gaddafi!

  147. Rita says:


    “I hope I wasn’t misunderstood… ”

    I can see where some might have misunderstood but as you can see “almost” everyone will give you the benefit of the doubt and those that don’t want to make an arguement, not a point.

    People who have missed some of the crap Rimes has pulled tend to wonder why people can’t stand her. They see a young woman with a nice smile and a charming “public” persona and can’t associate the incredible meanness behind that smile with the face. That is why the people who know the truth about her repeat it so often.

    The fact is, there are truly mean and nasty people in this world who can not be rationalized as having an addiction, bad childhood, or all the other excuses. They are just bad seeds and LeAnn Rimes is one of them. Most of her harishest critics use to be fans of hers, including me.

  148. betty says:

    @hatekyle That staunch defender has many aliases:Racy,cbme Kaylyn& dozens more!!!

  149. Casey says:

    @Rita: “I can see where some might have misunderstood but as you can see “almost” everyone will give you the benefit of the doubt and those that don’t want to make an arguement, not a point.”

    Yes indeed, I can see so too as I wasn’t very clear. Thank God for graciousness of the ladies here, because I need it.

  150. Anti-icon says:

    Can’t stand LR, and while I cannot handle Twitter/Facebook etc. I am very thrilled that CB regulars are keeping track of this nut job and expose her for what she really is: a sick woman with psychotic destructive intentions. Hope Brandi can protect those darling children from this UNSTABLE woman, LeAnn Rimes. (After the split, the animosity is/can be gone if the “new woman” has ANY respect for what it means to be a mother — clearly Leann has not ONE iota of respect for the mother of Eddie’s children. Actually, neither does Eddie, and that’s the REAL problem. EDDIE CIBRIAN is a HUGE LOSER. And so is his new jump off.

  151. Rita says:

    Well, it’s pretty obvious to me that the Twitter Girls caught LeAnn red handed with her fake twitter accounts and all the vulgarity that went with them. LeAnn asked Darrell Brown to make sure all this goes away so he has asked LeAnn’s supporters to stop harassing Brandi and her supporters.

    Obviously, LeAnn wanted to keep this game going as long as she could because she was the ring leader and enjoying it all but when she got caught, she dumps her problems onto someone else.

    If LeAnn shuts up about the children and stops the photo ops with them, maybe this thing will go away….along with Rimes and her 180 pound gerbil.

  152. why? says:

    Heidi Jr. and Spencer Jr have struck again, once again tipping off the paps so that they could “candid” shots of her and her love holding hands at you guessed it, an airport. If the paps are always hounding LR and EC, then how come they were able to go to Chicago without once being spotted? When will they ever learn? Since 55% of the media felt sorry for her Heidi Jr weight loss, Heidi Jr must have felt that it was okay for her to stage yet another “EC isn’t cheating on me because he holds my hand” photo-op. They stage these photo-ops and then they get mad when the public doesn’t react to them in a favorable manner.

    It must have been killing Heidi Jr. and Spencer Jr to go that long without tipping off the paps.

  153. jessica says:

    I dont know how anyone can feel sorry for her,what eddie did to his wife she did to her husband! What i find wose is that she has to tell everyone on her twitter how “happy” she is. its like she wants to prove to us ppl. i cant stand her!

  154. jessica says:

    btw she probably want to compete with Brandi cause brandi was and still is skinny and she feels in order to keep eddie she must be like brandi!

  155. why? says:

    Heidi Jr said that reality stars were fame hungry, yet I heard she attended the wedding of one of her friends which was being held at Kris Kardashian home and then had the nerve to tweet about how she enjoyed being at the celebration(I’m not sure if she also included a twitpic, but this is Heidi Jr and she has a point to prove). So she hates reality tv stars, yet she is going to break her neck to hang out with them and then make sure to document for her records via her HPD diary.

    This is what I mean, Heidi Jr says one thing and then quickly contradicts herself, so you can never believe a thing that she says. You have to take the opposite of everything Heidi Jr and Spencer Jr do and say.

  156. sillygoose says:

    i saw her interview on the bobby bones show and if u pay attn. closely, it looks like she had done coke, or speed by the way she was moving around. Not saying that’s what she’s doing, but it’s a possiblity, and coke can make u lose weight very fast & alters ur personality making u edgy, irritable, paranoid, insecure, & irrational which explains the bizarre tweets. Rational people, esp. celebs, and stars don’t waste their time reply to every stranger that criticizes them. Leanne needs to fire her pr team, and hire someone to clean up her image, give her a training session on how celebs r supposed to act!

  157. hatekyle says:

    why? why do you keep calling leann heide jr. when she looks more like heide’s grandma. lol.

  158. brin says:

    The Kartrashians and Leann in one place?
    Bet their weren’t enough paps to capture that.

  159. brin says:

    Mornin peeps! Hey Rita! So Leann told Darrell to tell Leann “supporters” (a/k/a Leann) to stop….lol!

  160. Rita says:


    “The Kartrashians and Leann in one place?”

    Need a giggle? On Amazon, for the same time frame of release, Kim Kardashian’s song is out selling LeAnn’s last two releases and is currently out selling Rimes by a mile.

  161. brin says:

    @Rita….how sad for Leann (ha)!

  162. Rita says:

    @Jezi @Eileen

    You guys nailed her but remember who you’re dealing with. ASU, Brown, Rimes are all cut from the same cloth. Brown is such a phoney who slams Brandi and then claims he only wants peace and love. Remember you are dealing with people who claim not to support lies, manipulation, cheating, hypocracy, and bullying and yet support liars, manipulators, cheaters, hypocrits, and bullies.

    If they have any values other than “situational ethics”, they are different than yours. They are like speaking to people whose language one does not understand.

    Eileen, you did a great job and don’t be fooled by their blustering. Every criminal that gets caught wants to deflect their culpability and cut a deal….but the criminals will be back. It’s their nature and character. Bravo!!!!

  163. Eileen says:

    Rita-I seriously wish you were on twitter! Jez, I and others have been working making sure what we are about to expose won’t be justified as anything but what it is. There will be no way she can deny it and we are also lawyering up just in case…even though her fake acct has authorized us to post what we are about to post.

  164. Baylor says:

    I have to laugh at the latest LAX photos. LeAnn is trying to wear loose layers in an effort to not to be labeled too skinny. She still wore those jeans though. Also, she is constantly wearing uncomfortable looking high heeled shoes when traveling. Who does that unless they know/think they are going to photographed? Even other celebs wear comfortable shoes/clothing when traveling and walking around in airports. She is soo obvious it is painful.

  165. Rita says:


    Just want to give you some perspective so I ask, “What is the point?” Her career is finished as is that leash attached to a dong. The BB’s and Brandi need only block any people you don’t want to deal with. The world knows who she is now and that won’t change. So again I ask, “Why do you pursue something so time consuming as exposing what has already been exposed a thousand times?”

    Personally, I want Brown to continue to enable Rimes and the rest of her crazies to attack and scream. Look what two years of their tactics have produced. It seems to make Brandi stronger as she watches the two douches dig their hole only deeper. My God, look at LeAnn. Her tactics have consumed her while Brandi seems to get younger and sexier by the day.

    If the insults and venom have scarred you personally so that you are taking this to heart, then back away for a while. These are very ugly people and when they call me ugly it makes me laugh.

    Many times I’ve wanted to twitter but still choose not to. Kat is now there and you have great friends. I want the BB gals to know, as well as that cum catcher that there are others, you know?
    And I’m the nicest one of that bunch.

    Take Good Care Lovely and don’t lift one finger that is not emotionally healthy for you. LeAnn is destroying herself.

  166. brin says:

    Rita, you are one awesome chick. You just put everything in perspective. I would love to see Leann exposed for the nut case she is I just don’t want her to turn on the BB girls for all the crazy that she does.

  167. jack says:

    I would like to know who that police officer was that had proof of Witchy33 being LR. Something illegal had to have been proven happened before any police can investigate an account and Twitter would determine that first. sounds like the police man did a favor for a friend and hopefully knows they could get fired off the police force for this very unethical and illegal act.

  168. Mike says:

    The BB is defending Brandi, a woman who just posted on her twitter that she just had chewed a bunch of men up and then spit them out. (Nice Woman..not!) How classless to say that knowing one of those men she spit out might have liked her (doubt it) and read her post. The BB;s are demanding sensitivity towards this beast of a woman who clearly is missing a major sensitiviy chip? Pot meets Kettle! lmao!

  169. Mags says:

    @Eileen: I respectfully disagree with Rita, who I know we both respect her comments, that the whole world knows who LeAnn is now. I see on E!, Showbiz Tonight etc. etc.where the stories and comments about LeAnn go back and forth positive and negative, as do the Commentators talking points. For example, on the latest Showbiz Tonight, (Brooke Anderson which used to be anti-LeAnn until her “exclusive” interview at the Grammy’s which Brooke turned and then spoke positively/hopefully about LeAnn), Brooke was most recently hesitant to say anything negative about LeAnn and asked her guest image consultant(?) commentator “if LeAnn could be loved by the public again”. Brooke’s guest said LeAnn absolutely could turn it around and the public WILL love her again. There are many more examples, but that’s the point> Without evidence it’s just unsubstantiated rumor, and the powers that be will keep providing LeAnn cover and gigs, music and acting, and LeAnn will keep her star status and business contacts.
    With legal proof that gets the courts involved, and LeAnn and Brown exposed, Brandi could PERMANENTLY bar LeAnn from having contact with her boys, which will make for a terrible marriage for Eddie. That would hit the mainstream NEWS bigtime, not just the tabloids and web fanatics! Then and ONLY then, would the whole world know how horrible a piece of humanity LeAnn Rimes is! Documented proof IS the ONLY effective measure.

  170. Rita says:

    @Mike @Jack

    Two “guys” on a dead thread. LOLOLOL

    Perhaps you are not aware that the ladies on this site only take bait from people they find interesting enough to go fishing with. Tell Witchy hello for me.

  171. Mike says:

    and i don’t know who it was that said” Brandi’s getting younger and sexier by the day”, but they are totally wrong! Every stupid, vapid, thoughtless, and insensitive word that comes out of Brandi’s silicone-injected mouth, makes her very un-sexy and un-youthful. Kindness and modesty and true confidence are sexy, not shallowness,meanness,and insensitivity! Prob. why she can’t get or keep a man!

  172. Rita says:


    Bows to you always. My concern is for the BB gals. A simple slap suit filed by LeAnn will cost them thousands of dollars to get dismissed. My point is this, if the results do not justify their time, effort, and finances, leave it alone. Another year of embarrasment for LeAnn is not worth one day of burden for the BB gals, IMO.

  173. kc says:

    It seems the wicked Witchy’s flying monkeys have landed here today.

  174. Rita says:

    Most everyone following tweeter knows LeAnn is egging on the taunting but here’s a simple solution:

    Each time a negative tweet is sent to or mentions Brandi, copy the tweet as well as LeAnn’s reply to it and post it on every gossip site where there is a Rimes thread. For instance:

    @Witchy33 Brandi is a bitch

    @LeAnn: LOL, luv it.

    Doesn’t this say it all?

  175. brin says:

    “Shallowness, meanness, and insensitivity”…sounds more like Leann than anyone else.

  176. Mags says:

    Hey Rita, That’s the GREAT thing about Civil Litigation in the USA. The Plaintiff (LeAnn Rimes) has the Burden of Proof. Additionally, wouldn’t cost must to defend (not Dismiss) and the Defendant gets to file papers called “Production of Documents” which are VERY INTRUSIVE and include details that aren’t typically included in a court case, they are mandatory sworn to documents, and they are PUBLIC INFO! These items are too numerous to mention but include items like Twitter, emails, money transfers, telephone logs, US Mail, etc etc! Also, LeAnn’s contacts involved such as Darrell Brown, LeAnn’s Road Mgr, Dean Sheremet etal can also be served with mandatory production of documents and Affidavits of all they have on the subject. Heck the BB, could get a made for TV Movie made about them if they got the true story out. They could/would become celebrities in their own right (not a bad investment, if they got even middle class income)! LeAnn would be a fool to file a lawsuit. She may be childish, stupid and impetuous, however, her lawyers will advise against it. LeAnn won’t initiate a lawsuit.

  177. hatekyle says:

    @rita: i beg to disagree, i’d like to see the BB girls battle that Godzilla. if it gets to thousands of dollars il pitch in 100. lol.

  178. hatekyle says:

    …and then i’ll call for backup – casey heynes.

  179. Eileen says:

    Jack or whoever the hell you are: Its not a police officer that uncovered this information so you can rest easy tonight that no ones job is at stake. *eye roll*

    Rita: thank you for your concern and we are definitely taking it to heart! We aren’t posting anything until all our i’s are dotted & t’s crossed. We’re getting support in places we never imagined and are thoroughly backed up.

    My motivation isn’t to bring Leann down, its to just show that NO ONE deserves to be stalked, bullied or harassed no matter WHO is doing it. And I will not let someone intimidate me just for having an opinion.

  180. why? says:


    Hey irena!

    Your posts sound just like the ones you made when you were posting as Witchy. So isn’t posting this stuff about BGon CB, a breach of the deal you made with the BBs? So since you can not post anything negative about BG on your twitter account, you have found away around it by posting the things here? If you are going to show up here posting on this site, then you might not want to use the very same words you used in those posts you made as Witchy.

    Leann posts about another woman’s kids after she had been asked to stop, so what is your point? How mean, insenstive, and shallow does one have to be to use another woman’s kids as weapons against her on a public forum? Where is LR kindness and modesty as she sits on twitter trying to convince people that a man who would opt to “buy” an $85,000 ring instead of paying his child support cares about his kids?

    So once again when things are not going well for LR and EC you show up trying to make it right by calling BG names and insisting that she is the villian? Calling BG names isn’t going to erase the fact that Leann has been creating fake accounts just to stalk and harass BG and anyone who supports her.

    Speaking of someone who can’t keep a man(Yes, this statement was one of the things that was documented in that letter that was sent by the BBs). Funny how LR is trying to convince people that EC is a good man on twitter (if EC was such a good man why is LR on twitter talking about it instead of being with that “good man”), despite the fact that she was so afraid someone would find out about his affairs that she literally had to babysit him on the set so that he wouldn’t get into any trouble.

    Perhaps if you spent less time stalking and harassing BG under several different accounts and writing what you can’t say on that twitter account here on CB, you wouldn’t have to worry about babysitting EC on the set.

    Those twitter posters had every right to investigate you. Weren’t you posting their personal info on other sites and making threats against them? The sad thing is that they gave you a huge favor and yet here you are taking advantage of their kindness.

  181. Rita says:


    I know you ladies are smart and thorough. You have my full support in what ever you decide. If Rimes pulls any crap, there’s a world of hurt waiting for her. Go with God, and a big stick.

  182. betty says:

    @Mike Brandi had Eddie sorry ass for 13 yrs and didn’t have to scheme,plot and buy him and didn’t police him like Leann does.If he is going to cheat he will cheat. Leann can’t trust Eddie for one second. Pot calling the kettle is right. The way she got him is the way she will lose him what goes around comes around. plus all the neg.qualities you named fits Leann to a tee.

  183. brin says:

    Did you see that “joint plea” Leann just tweeted from her and Brandi for “the sake of their families” to stop. What a psycho. Leann must really be freaking out over this.

  184. why? says:

    That is strange the way that Showbiz Tonight is now pro-Leann and are shying away from calling her out the way they used to. They were always spot on in their asessment of LR. So what changed? I noticed that were beginning to get pro-Leann right before her engagement was annouced(that was when they named LR the most shocking celeb and then LR went off on Tanika Ray and the other guest). Did she pay them off or threaten them with a lawsuit like she did Life and Style when they dared to tell the truth about EC affair with SMJ?

    The expert on Showbiz Tonight thinks that LR will rebound and that people will love her once again? Based on what? The only way Leann will rebound is if she closed the twitter account, doesn’t stage any photo-ops, and stops leaking info to People mag and In Touch. Didn’t they see the comments from the Grammy’s, someone wrote that LR could find a cure for a disease and that still wouldn’t make them support her. Why is Showbiz Tonight doing damage control for LR, it sounds like they were trying to convince record execs and movie producers that LR image isn’t as bad as people are making out to be?

    It just goes to show that the media isn’t at all in tune with the public, their consumers. Leann can’t get her Crazy Women song to chart, with more exposure (via tweets/photo-ops)her Crazy Women single gets further away from the top 40s on the Country Billboards, and you can get an idea of the extent of her fanbase when she asks them to vote on something, and whatever she is supporting fails badly.

  185. Rita says:


    Brandi just retweeted it. LeAnn is kissing Brandi’s ass. Incredible!!! Rimes is terrified about being outed as Witchy33. Old Darrell probably ain’t too smug right now. Right now Rimes is the nail and Eileen is “swinging” the hammer.

  186. why? says:

    Leann isn’t very bright.

    If Leann wants to live her life and wrote that they “don’t need opinions or outside help in order for that to happen”, then shouldn’t she CLOSE THE TWITTER ACCOUNT(including the fake ones) and stop staging photo-ops where she tries to prove that EC loves her because he holds her hand everytime someone says that EC is cheating on her or that EC is with her for the money? If she doesn’t think that people’s opinions are necessary for her to live her life, why then does she then take to twitter to try to fix every flaw that the public points out?

    Once again her actions contradict her words. A person who wants to live their life without any opinions from the outside world, isn’t going to sit on twitter 24/7 telling people about their sex life or tweeting about all the things that the kids at EC son’s school said to her on Family Day or even allow her BFF to tweet about those two little boys.

    Seriously who is guiding Leann? Because the common sense thing to do would have backed up her statement by either making her page private or closing the account.

    So why would anyone take her plea seriously when she is doing the opposite of what she said by continuing to tweet on a PUBLUC FORUM?

    I hope that LR didn’t make any threats(ie-if you don’t do this, then EC will lower child support/alimony even more) to BG when she communicated with her.

  187. Rita says:


    I’ll bet Mike and Jack are aka LeAnn and when she read Eileen’s last post about going to nail the bitch, Rimes panicked.

  188. betty says:

    If Leann was interested for the sake of the”families”she would have stopped a long time ago.If I was Brandi I would not trust her.Leann &Co are the ones that have been keeping this going on.

  189. brin says:

    BB girls should tell BG everything, especially about “witchy”.

  190. Rita says:


    Rimes got scared when she read Eileen’s last post and called Brandi for help. Brandi retweeted Rimes BS but I hope Brandi holds her feet to the fire. Mr.Brown ain’t so smug now that LeAnn knows Eileen has the goods on her.

    I hope Brandi remembers every smirk of the last two years from that witch.

  191. why? says:

    Leann is still on twitter talking about the life she claims she wants to live without any opinions from the outside world. So if Leann wants to live her life without anyone’s opinions why is she using twitter as a means to advertise for a party she is planning, which we all know by now is probably a reference to her wedding?

    Come on Leann, for once practice what you preach and lead by example. It makes no sense for her to ask people to keep their noses out of her business when she is all too ready and willing to put it all out there.It sounds like LR was upset because the news of her fake accounts was getting in the way of her using her twitter to hype up her wedding to EC.

    Leann seems to think that she is invincible and that she will never be held accountable for her actions. That is because she surrounds herself with yes people who are too willing to tell her what they want to hear in exchange for the money. She continues to act so smug.

  192. Baylor says:

    I wonder how they “communicated.” I doubt LR picked up the phone. Wonder if it was through Eddies assistant. Maybe an actual email.

  193. sally says:

    I can’t stand LR but even moreso than LeAnne, I can’t stand that Turkish friend of hers Asu or whatever her name is , the one tweets in atrocious english and always is drunk and proud of being a drunk. I think that she hacks ino people’s computers, cause i saw a tweet from her to someone mentioning that. She’s the prime instigater in this whole mess and is a very vile vile woman. Turks r known throught history as slaughters and have caused a lot of massacres. Can’t stand that bitch!

  194. MaudeLebowski says:

    Michael.K has a hilarious comment on the supposed truce.

    Sally, racism isn’t tolerated.

  195. Isa says:

    Damn, now I’ve been looking at Twitter. I still don’t understand it much!

  196. DGO says:

    Funny how Witchy and LeAnn both posted “Happy Sunday” and talked about having parties. The squinty one ain’t too bright,is she? LOL

  197. Baylor says:

    Mother’s Day is coming up. You know that LeAnn will post kudos to herself and probably talk about Eddie’s boys telling her “Happy Mothers Day” and giving her gifts/cards. Talk about how they made her something at school ,etc. You know she will….

  198. betty says:

    Just read US mag already has an article about a twitter feud between Brandi and Leann ending.I wonder who leaked that info.Leann is such a conniving bitch she does not do anything unless its in her favor. She is trying to do damage control for her using bogus accounts to harass Brandi and also the questions about her weight loss.I knew she couldn’t be trusted or why would would she advertise it if it was a mutual agreement.

  199. brin says:

    Satan in the flesh.

  200. brin says:

    Mornin Peeps! Rita, thanks for the update. I cannot believe all this crap!
    I’m glad we know what actually went on and not Leann’s snowglobe version of things.

  201. bluhare says:

    Whoa. This shit is sick. All of it.