Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the Red Cross for Japanese relief


These are new photos of Sandra Bullock leaving her house in New York City. I think Sandra and Louis have been spending a lot of time in New York lately, for whatever reason. And it’s the only city they seem to get consistently pap’d in. I think Sandy looks really good in these photos – she looks healthy and content, and I like that she even gives the paparazzi a smile. So classy.

In addition to getting back to work, hanging out in New York with her son, and generally being cool (and maybe being a lesbian too, of course), Sandra also donated one million dollars to the Red Cross, to help support the people of Japan:

Sandra Bullock gets charitable as she donates $1 million to the Red Cross to support the relief effort for the Japan disaster.

“The American Red Cross is extremely grateful for this generous support from Sandra Bullock and her family,” the organization said in a statement. “This contribution is vitally important as the Red Cross works to provide critical assistance and essential relief items in this time of urgent need for so many people in Japan.”

This isn’t the first time the Oscar winner has shown such generosity. Bullock also gave $1 million to Doctors Without Borders to aid in the Haiti relief effort after the devastating earthquake there in January of 2010.

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Yes, and Sandra has given to all of the big tragedies over the years – Katrina and the Gulf Coast, 9/11, the 2004-05 Tsunami. She’s a giver. She’s got a good heart.

In other Sandy news, In Touch Weekly (via Jezebel) is reporting that Jennifer Aniston is trying desperately to throw Sandy a big pity party. According to the tabloid, Sandy and Aniston are “bonding over their breakups” and Aniston and Courteney Cox have invited Sandra to be part of their First Wives Club. God, I really hope that isn’t true.

To make a donation to the International Red Cross, go here.



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Arianna says:

    first wive’s club ahahahahahhah classic movie!

    I LOVE SANDRA!! why can’t more people be as cool and awesome as she?

  2. TQB says:

    Slightly OT, but if she were gay, I would totally hit that.

  3. Mia says:

    She’s filming a movie, Kaiser.

    Good on her for her donation. I saw a post last night where some anonymous Hollywood exec was admonishing the stars for not putting their weight behind earthquake relief for Japan as they did for Haiti.

  4. brin says:

    Guess we can love you even more, Sandra!

  5. beth says:

    i don’t know why, i find it hard to stay mad with her long for ANY disruptive dalliances i hear she might have with other people’s husbands/boyfriends…

  6. lucy2 says:

    @mia – I’ve seen a lot of press about how Japan is in a better position to deal with this than Haiti ever was, and I think that’s part of the lesser response. But I think supporting relief groups is always a good idea, helps with the immediate response now and even if that’s not as big as something like Haiti, it helps prepare for the next time they’re needed too.

    Now that Sandra’s big donation has been announced, I bet we see other celebs do the same.

  7. Waldemar says:

    Japan refused financial help from the European Union, so the country itself is not in trouble. And the Red Cross deserves every penny it gets, they can use it for other things aswell.

  8. Samsam says:

    zomg celebrities donations are being announced! will it make it so others step up and donate? WELL IT SHOULDN’T!! i dont understand why celebs need to have their names out there about things they do when oh so many others do it anonymously without a word!


    How did I do? ;)

  9. MayBelle says:

    Love her!!! One of my all time favs because she seems so down to earth and real. The fact that she’s donating so much to causes like this just makes me love her more.

  10. someone says:

    Good for Sandy..a class act

  11. original kate says:

    love me some sandra.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    Good on her. She’s one of my faves, has been for ever, and I certainly don’t fault her for giving.

  13. Quest says:

    Jessie is such an ASSHOLE (dumbass)… Sandra girl you’re the best.

  14. Bailey says:

    Sandra is super cool. she is one of those women that makes you proud to be a woman. Like Betty White.

  15. Disbelieving says:

    Take that Jesse! Living whole is the best revenge.

    (Don’t know why I went there but it felt good.)

  16. Kim123 says:

    Where is the outrage? Why did she announce the donation to deflect from the tabloid reports about her being a lesbian? Everytime she donates she announces it. When Brad and Angie announce a donation you would swear they killed a puppy by all the negative comments they receive. I think its great when anyone donates but I’m tired of the double standards.Sandy is great while Angie is a manipiulative fame / media whore for donating millions , right

  17. Ron says:

    Japan is able to pull itself up and together. However, this is a castastophic disaster on a epic scale now and they are really in need of humanitarian relief. They have nearly a million people displaced right now. And radiation issues that are obviouslu so bad that the US has arranged for it’s diplomats and families to leave–not a good sign. I live in So Cal and believe me, if this had happened here we would need all the help we could possibly get.

    Sandy is a great gal.

  18. gee says:

    Good for her! I know a lot of big celebrities donate but do so privately, especially Russle Crowe and Jack Nicholson, but I think putting her name out there puts pressure on others to do the same.

  19. Adnovitam says:

    I donated £25, I wish I could have donated more. Sure, Japan is a ‘rich’ country but they’ve been hit by 3 disasters in 5 days.

    I felt I had to do something.

    Sandra Bullock is just terrific. Huge respect.

    And I liked The Proposal a lot.

  20. OriginalGracie says:

    That’s my girl!! I love her to pieces.

  21. DGO says:

    Both Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston always consistently give a million dollars to tragedies like this. Good on them, and good on the average Joe who gives what he/she can.

  22. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Kim123, as so many like to point out about the Jolie-Pitt donations, it wasn’t Bullock HERSELF who announced it, it was the Red Cross.

    That is, the charity made the announcement, though surely with her permission. Just like the charities that Jolie/Pitt donate to.

    I see where you’re coming from, but I just wanted to clarify that she herself didn’t announce it.

    and I’m glad when ANY celeb donates to a cause like this, or any worthy cause. regardless of their motives, it’s a good thing that they do, and it will likely prompt others to do the same.

  23. Lemon Drops says:

    @Kim- maybe she’s just trying to set a good example. either way a donation that big deserves an announcement.

  24. OXA says:

    She is filming a movie in NY with Tom Hanks and was is always ready to step up and help people in need. As for all thos slagging her off, just remember how surprised everyone was when she announced her son on the cover of People Magazine, won an Oscar and gave not a clue.
    Louis was kept under wraps for months by those who know and love her, even in the midst of her very public split from jessie james. That to me shows the strength of love and respect friends have for her.

  25. REALIST says:

    She is a fantastic woman. I won’t be as explicit as I want to be, but let’s just say that when Jesse goes to the great beyond, I hope it is a very-VERY-warm place.

  26. Kasey says:

    I didn’t even know Anniston and Bullock had that kind of relationship. Anyway, that gave me a thought, a movie with the two of them might be cute and funny, Right? But then even Sandy made that awful ‘All About Steve’ sooooo…..

  27. Alicia says:

    Actually, when Brad and/or Angelina make the donations the announcements also come from the organizations themselves, not them personally. Look at their history and it is Doctors Without Borders or the organizations that speak out.

    But good for Ms. Bullock.

  28. bluhare says:

    I think it’s great she can afford to donate that much money.

    BUT am I the only one sick of the St. Sandy crap? Ever since Jesse James effed her over, her shit doesn’t stink.

  29. mln76 says:

    Good for Sandy I am so worried about everything going on in Japan and am praying for them. I have a friend who lives there he survived the quake etc but isn’t posting on Facebook because he doesn’t want to waste electricity.

    Back to bitching on celebs. I hope Sandra doesn’t let Aniston worm her way into Bullock’s circle. The last thing she needs is to associate herself with that perpetual victim. Sandy is truly a survivor and she isn’t going to be doing ’5 years after Jesse’ covers.

  30. Kim123 says:

    You are right Alicia, SOS Villages Doctors w/o Borders, etc announce the donations from Brad and Angie in a press release and on their websites yet there is still criticism everytime.If an organization releases a statement that Brad and Angie donated money today I guarantee you half the comments will be negative. Comments that they could have donated annoymously.

  31. serena says:

    Now I really love her.

    Jennifer Aniston breakup? Which? And was it important like Sandy’s?
    I don’t really think so.

  32. Jules says:

    It’s a tax write-off. Instead of going to Uncle Sam it will go to the Red Cross.

  33. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Alicia, I don’t know if your comment was directed at me, but…that’s exactly what I said.

    of course the charity has to have permission from the celeb to do so, but it’s not the celeb making the announcement.

    sorry if you weren’t directing that at me, but if so, I just wanted to clarify.

  34. Maritza says:

    Good for her, let’s see how many more celebrities do the same.
    Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston would get along really well, maybe Sandy will convince JA to finally adopt.

  35. Aqua says:

    No matter what size donation one gives I’m sure it is greatly appreciated by the charity of your choice.It all adds up in the end.

    To me no matter what country has been affected by a natural disaster,the people will need help.

    So good on everyone,celebrity or non celebrity for doing/giving what you can to help a country in need. Jesus, I hope this doesn’t come off as smug.

  36. DetRiotgirl says:

    A lot of stars make announcements about donating. I think it’s good, as it reminds the rest of us to do the same. If I had seven million people following me on twitter or facebook, I would feel obligated to make announcements about donating.

    For example, the other day I was browsing through Katy Perry’s twitter feed to see if she had anything to say about her mom writing a book. She didn’t. But, she did have kind of a cute little banter going with Russel Brand about texting the Red Cross with your donation. I honestly didn’t know you could text a donation before that. So, I texted my donation right there on the treadmill at the gym.

    You can donate $10 too by texting REDCROSS to 90999. It takes about five seconds, and every penny counts. They’ll also send you text updates about how relief efforts are going if you want them to. The last update I got was that they had raised ten million dollars for the Japanese Red Cross. My hopes and prayers are with them!

  37. sandy says:

    please Sandra stay away from that fame seeking,non talent, coat tail riding, no substance, drug and or alcohol abuser, slut, Jennifer aniston, you are too classy for her, good on Sandra and jolie pitt, and other celebs/regular peps, private or other wise for helping out, it shows character.

  38. Louise says:

    I think it’s good when a celebrity donates but I do agree with Kim that if it was Angelina Jolie there would be 100 comments about how evil she is. The Jennifer/Sandra story is ridiculous. They aren’t friends. Also Sandra is/has moved on. She’s not wallowing in self-pity so I think she would be embarressed or laugh off being asked to join a pity-me group. Sandra seems to look on the positive not the negative.

  39. Flan says:

    @Samsam: Because everything they do is being discussed, including donations.

    A good thing in my opinion, because it will stimlate them to spend money on charity

  40. Katherine M. says:

    Gee, Sandra should check her donees more carefully. I wouldn’t give a dime to the American Red Cross. I hope this is a misquote and she really gave to the International Red Cross – just using the American Red Cross as a conduit to channel the funds overseas. You usually have to make the donation to the American affiliate of an oveseas charity for it to be tax deductible.

    Except for medical or immediate relief services it’s probably too early to know where to donate money. Japan has plenty of resources so until it’s clear where they are failing to meet their citizens’ needs it may be just a crapshoot where to donate.

  41. fancyamazon says:

    I am glad she donates. I am glad that Brangelina donate. What galls me isn’t the fact that they help out by spreading around their wealth a little, I think that’s fantastic. I am sure there are other celebrities who are donating as well, without all the press. And that is my beef, really. Why do we need a press release with the dollar amount attached? Couldn’t they just do a press conference, a few celebs together, to urge everyone to give a little, and maybe point to some reliable, trustworthy relief organizations? Another thing I don’t like is this gaga buy a bracelet thing. Where is the money going? How is it split up? I don’t trust it and so would not donate in that way.

  42. nnn says:

    Great. Donation to people in need is an act of generosity and help that should never trigger some questions about how it is done, why it is done , ect…..

    I think the question to release the news or not is totally irrelevant.

    It only bothers some people who don’t benefit from that donation. And quite frankly it goes down to a question of personal sensitivity/preference which has absolutely no relevance, no importance whatsoever in the grand scheme of things, nor to the aim.

    Advertising it or not doesn’t lessen the act. If some people feel bothered about the way it is done, publicly or not, it only concerns their sensitivity towards the act or towards the one who does the act.

    It’s their prerogative but their sensitivity/preference doesn’t weigh a dime compared to the help, relieve brought to those in needwho benefitt from that help/donation wether aired publicly or done anonymously.

  43. Majosha says:

    Good on Sandra! I agree that whether they announce it or not, any celeb who gives such a substantial donation should be applauded (as should anyone else who gives whatever they can). I’m sure the Japanese people for whom this money will provide much-needed assistance won’t mind if a press release was issued after the fact.

    @Louise: How do you know that Sandra and Jennifer aren’t friends? Are you part of Sandy’s inner circle?

  44. Newbie says:

    Yeah, yeah. That’s great. But I’m always a little peeved when celebrities do this. I don’t care who it is.

  45. Kim123 says:

    Maritza- JA has been friends with Sheryl Crow( who has adopted 2 boys and is avid supporter and champion for adoption) for years why would hanging w/ SB convince her to adopt .Also how can SB be in a First Wives Club when Jesse was married before?

  46. bernie says:

    what a bitch, give money to japan and the USA is in trouble. lost all respect

  47. Annabel says:

    She is classy, smart, successful, independent and well respected. I think other stars should contribute as much as she has..

  48. ann says:

    i just like every thing that she does,or may am just in love with her.Any donating is really a cool thing. MAY GOD BLESS WITH MORE.