Queen Latifah says it’s nobody’s business if she’s gay

Queen Latifah is taking the same attitude as a lot of celebs whose sexual orientation has been questioned: she says it’s nobody’s damn business. Which is totally true. Latifah says she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation of her life, and she’s not going to give them one – even if it’s the New York Times.

Get it straight: Queen Latifah is not answering your questions about her sexuality.

“I don’t have a problem discussing the topic of somebody being gay, but I do have a problem discussing my personal life,” Latifah, 38, told Sunday’s New York Times magazine.

“You don’t get that part of me. Sorry,” she added. “We’re not discussing it in our meetings, we’re not discussing it at Cover Girl…nobody gets that.

“I don’t feel like I need to share my personal life, and I don’t care if people think I’m gay or not,” she said. “Assume whatever you want. You do it anyway.”

Latifah had been linked to her longtime personal trainer. Last December, she denied rumors that they were getting married.

“People will make up all sorts of things that are not true,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times. “There ain’t gonna’ be no wedding.”

[From Us Weekly]

I would never want anyone – famous or otherwise – to feel pressured to reveal things about themselves that they don’t want to. And even celebrities have the right to choose to keep things private. I do kind of wish Queen Latifah would come out if she were gay, simply because I think she’d be an exceptionally good role model. She’s smart, she’s business savvy, she’s had success in both music and acting, and she doesn’t fit the traditional Hollywood mold of what a woman “should” look like. And she’s always had this confidence about her, which still seeming down to earth.

Queen Latifah just has a ton of qualities I really respect, and I think if she were ever to feel comfortable and want to talk about her orientation, she could really do a lot of good. But she’s right – her private life is her business, and she’s always been that way and has every right to make that choice.

Here’s Queen Latifah with Will Smith, Tristan Wilds, and Jada Pinkett Smith at the premiere of ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ in Beverly Hills yesterday. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin and WENN.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Hell to the yeah.

    I think it’s the Queen’s decision. And I’m not going to yell ZOMG HIPPOCRAT because that’s not who she is – she’s not selling lies to the tabloids, she’s not “dating” a certain person just before her films get released. She doesn’t use her personal life (real or fraud) to sell her stuff, so I respect her privacy.

  2. geronimo says:

    I don’t know, why does she have to be a role model? And a role model for whom? Her saying she’s gay won’t (and shouldn’t imo) add anything to what’s already there. Which is more than enough to admire and respect anyway.

  3. anony says:

    She’s nice and cool. Talented. Seriously who gives a damn? They need to leave her alone. God I would be annoyed too. It’s like the media won’t settle unless she makes it official and they can all clamor for a ‘cover’ and a story about it all.

  4. mel says:

    i guess that’s that. so leave that queen alone…lol

  5. MSat says:

    She’s be a role model to young people (women) who are struggling with the rejection and ridicule they would face if they came out.

  6. breederina says:

    I love so much about this woman. She’s not fronting she’s just telling everyone to back off from her personal life. She doesn’t use any aspect of her personal life to publicize her private so she’s well within her rights to keep it all private. Reminds me a bit of Jodie Foster who has been out for years just not in the media about it but never denying it either. Possibly they both see it as a slippery slope, you give the media an inch and they always fabricate a mile.
    MSat makes the one excellent point and as far as I can see only point in publically coming out if you are in already the public eye.
    None of this applies to ZOAZ. If that one finally came out you’d hear teenage closet doors slamming around the world.

  7. prissa says:

    I agree that it’s her damn business. If she wants to tell it, tell it. If not don’t. I thought heard she got married to her female assistant/trainer a few months back??? Must have been a rumor because I never heard anything else. Off topic… did everone agree to wear a different shade of grey at the premier? 😕

  8. Lola says:

    You go queen La!

    So what if she is gay? Why come out and make that the defining factor of her life like it has become for many gay celebs? And what if she falls for a man later? What then? Lohan is a hetero who fell for a woman if she dates a man, they would have said she was denying her sexuality.

  9. Jen (the other one) says:

    I. LOVE. HER.

  10. aleach says:

    shes awesome and doesnt she seem like shed be cool to hang out with?
    shes absolutely right about the fact that its NO ones business but hers. im sure youd never see her on the cover of People mag “yes, im gay” just to get a paycheck.
    shes an great role model for anyone. gay, straight, whatever.

  11. Tia says:

    Come out already geeezz.. what is the big deal.. sooooo many people are gay.. who the f cares anymore.. she should be out and proud come on QUEEN you are better than that.. stop the BS

  12. Your Mom says:

    Her refusal to answer questions means…


  13. Zoe says:

    I love her, gay or straight and it’s no one’s business at all what she does in the bedroom. I respect her stance, but I think it’ll get in her way very soon and that sucks.
    On a side note: what the hell did she do to her nose?

  14. gg says:

    Okay now don’t be slamming Glay Gaiken now just because he DID come out of his closet. Nothing wrong with coming out of the closet.

    Anyway, wtf is a ZOAZ??

  15. lanette says:

    i agree with the Queen…

    People are going to think what they want anyway….she got that right.

    if she says she isn’t people still will lie and say that she is…

  16. doodahs says:

    If she is gay and her long time partner is her trainer, then maybe they’ve made a personal decision to NOT go public in order to protect her privacy? Sure, Queen is a celebrity by choice but the partners who are not in the bizz surely deserve not to have TMZ pouncing on them when they put out their trash or be hounded by photographers and posted all over the blogs for not wearing make up to the gym or something equally as non-news worthy. Gay or straight, relationships have the right to privacy, so maybe they just don’t want the press?

  17. Rougelatete says:

    You know what it is? It’s freaking sad. It’s sad that in this day and age it’s still an issue. It should be a NON-ISSUE who she spends time with, who she dates, who she marries, who she raises a family with, etc. We should be able to see photos of Queen Latifah and her female partner (because, come on, let’s get real people, she’s gay) doing whatever and give it the same “eh, kinda interesting but whatevs” response we give to pics of Ryan and Abbie or Tom and Katie.

    Also, in regards to Lola: I agree with you up to 90%. The other 10%, well, who’s to say Queen or Lilo are straight or bi? They might be gay? Do we walk around saying….uh, what if Bruce Willis were to start dating a man? No! We don’t. Because we take heterosexuality for being a constant and anything else is, well, considered deviant and transitory. NOT a good perspective, imo. At the same time, however, I totally appreciate Lola’s gay-positive outlook.

  18. Nouvel says:

    VERY WELL SAID Rougelatete !!!!!!!!!!

  19. JaundiceMachine says:

    With you 100% Jaybird.

  20. aleach says:

    gg: no one is slamming Clay Aiken for coming out…good for him.
    however you sticking up for him for coming out yet calling him Glay Gaiken? thats kinda….immature?

  21. gg says:

    check it. It’s called “sarcasm”.

  22. Candy says:

    love her, but she needs to jump out of the closet…NOW.

  23. GimmeABreak says:

    She’s gay. Moving on…

  24. Alexa says:

    I love Queen Latifah too. She seems to be one of the best-liked celebrities in the U.S. Don’tcha think?

  25. Yer Mom says:

    OK, she’s gay. What a shock. Y’all may say it’s nobody’s business, and I agree.

    But she can kiss any romantic roles in movies goodbye. Her movie career is going to go the way of Rosie O’Donnell.

  26. Alecto says:

    She’s already a great role model to everyone. Her personal life is hers. She’s wonderful.

  27. brista says:

    But she can kiss any romantic roles in movies goodbye. Her movie career is going to go the way of Rosie O’Donnell.

    She doesn’t really get roles like that anyway, does she? In her Barbershop movie — or whatever it was called — there was a kiss or two with that guy who lived upstairs, but as far as I know, she doesn’t usually do ingenue roles anyway since most Hollywood movies tend to cast tiny blonde white women for those parts.

    For that matter, I don’t think Rosie O’Donnell ever had a ‘romantic’ role either, before or after the closet.

  28. snappyfish says:

    Queen is right, it isn’t anyones business. She is fabulous, gorgeous, talented and seems so sweet.

    As long as she is happy that is all that matters.

  29. Jeanne says:

    Damn straight, oops I mean that’s right!

  30. Robin Morgan says:

    I Respect her private life but her secret is safe with me i will not tell anyone about it whatever she wants is toatly ok with me.

    Robin Morgan

  31. *PrincessRina* says:

    Queen Latifah is the Business, she’s Talented, Beautiful, Smart(also for keeking {HER} private life private), Professional, Sexy, Savvy, handles (HER) Business, I can go on and on but ima say this, the Woman is Bad Straight Up!
    So stop Hatin! All you Haters helps garbage for dissing my girl on any kindof level.
    Love you Q-Latifah :-*

  32. Laura Alcala says:

    First and most I love you!
    Keep on,doing you baby……
    Aint no one have the f***** right to,tell you what,you,need to do….