Hugh Hefner’s fiancée Crystal Harris is screwing around with Dr. Phil’s son


Life & Style’s Scene Queens are reporting that Hugh Hefner’s fiancée Crystal Harris, 24 (hahaha), is screwing around on Hef! But she’s not (allegedly) riding some athlete or magician, alas. No, she’s supposedly boning a guy named Jordan McGraw, best known as Dr. Phil McGraw’s son. Ugh. Here’s a photo of Jordan:


Well, it’s not as bad as it could be, looks-wise. Although you would think a smart gold-digger would have just aimed for the golden goose and just boned Dr. Phil. Who cheats on Hef with some son of a B-lister?

Hugh Hefner’s fiancée, Crystal Harris, is doing more than just making music with her former record producer, Jordan McGraw. The Life & Style Scene Queens can exclusively reveal that Crystal — who got engaged to Hef in December — has been caught with another man…and it’s Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan!

We watched the 24-year-old lovebirds cozy up at the Chateau Marmont in LA on March 14. While Crystal was hoping to keep their romance low-key, Jordan didn’t care to hide his affections, kissing her shoulder and trying to hold her hand — still adorned with her 6-carat engagement ring. Despite Crystal’s impending June 18 wedding date to the Playboy founder, sources tell us that she and Jordan are very happy together.

“They’ve been sneaking around because Crystal is supposed to be happily engaged to Hef, and going out in public with Jordan would tarnish Hef and Crystal’s relationship image,” a source tells the Scene Queens.

The pair met through the Organica record label, where until recently Jordan worked as Crystal’s music producer. “Jordan was let go from Organica for dating female clients under the label,” the source says. “Jordan McGraw no longer works for the label,” Michael Blakey, president of the Organica Music Group, confirms to us, adding, “To the best of my knowledge, Crystal is very much in love with Hef.” Says a rep for Playboy, “Jordan and Crystal have a business relationship.”

Crystal’s wandering ways won’t come as a surprise to Hef’s ex Holly Madison, who told us just weeks ago, “Crystal may break Hef’s heart.”

Crystal follows in the footsteps of another of Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson. In her book Sliding Into Home, Kendra reveals that she snuck out to see nowhubby Hank Baskett.

“Our relationship was secret,” Kendra wrote. “[Hank] could only see me in private.”

[From Life & Style]

I mean, on one side, I’m kind of happy for her because she’s out getting hers, you know? If I had to ride Hef, I might throw up on him (and I actually kind of like and respect him, I just don’t want to screw him). So, two 24-year-olds are fooling around. Not a story. Except for that whole “fooling around with another dude while engaged to a 84-year-old man” thing. How dumb is this gold-digger?




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  1. brin says:

    These guys are so much alike, guess she has a type (sarcasm).

  2. Ginger says:

    Hef should have just stuck with Holly, I always got the feeling that she actually had genuine emotion for him…what can he possibly expect from some 24 year old gold digging newcomer???

  3. Zelda says:

    The title alone made me laugh.

    But DrPhil’s son looks like a meth head.

  4. Rita says:

    Maybe Dr. Phil will have them all on his show. “Crystal, what were you thinking”, “How’s this working out for y’all?”

  5. Marie says:

    24 in dog years maybe..As for Hef there isn’t enough money in the world for me to climb on top of that. Yuck

    Edit: @Zelda I agree about the meth head. He looks just as icky as Hef.

  6. guesty says:

    Not gonna make it down the aisle now is she. Ha. Isn’t his other son married to a playmate? I’m pretty sure he is.

  7. Fuzzy Cat says:

    I wonder if the wedding will still be taking place?

  8. mln76 says:

    I love this story on so many levels please let this be real. That smug Dr Phil has a shmuck for a son, wouldn’t it be great if she married him and they got a reality show. Just so Dr Phil couldn’t be as holier-than-though. Poor Hef but reality had to kick in at some point.

  9. Riley says:

    I thought Dr Phil’s son was some right winger Christian zealot who was spreading the word of our Father Jesus Christ to save himself from fire and damnation. Kind of like Kirk Cameron. Guess I was wrong. I hate Dr. Phil and don’t want to think about any kind of McGraw dong.

  10. Eve says:

    But I thought it was true love (hers for Hef)…:(

  11. Marjalane says:

    Reason #2874 why I hate Oprah Winfrey:

    She brought Dr. Phil and all his icky, dysfunctional family into our lives. That family has more dirty baggage than any so-called normal family I’ve ever seen.

    Hate that gross old Hugh Hefner too, so too bad Hugh- live by the skank, get played by the skank.

  12. Anoneemouse says:

    If you listen closely you can hear Holly Madison laughing loudly right now…

  13. sapphire says:

    I would LOVE Hef to be the cuckold here-multiple partners aren’t acceptable for women?

    There isn’t enough money to make me take a Hef ride.

  14. LittleFATMe says:

    Dump her and BEG Holly to come home! Yay!

  15. helen says:

    Nice scab in the middle of your forehead, Jordan!

  16. NayNay says:

    Gross! I personally think all the playboy playmates are nothing but gold-diggin’ whores.

  17. Hautie says:

    “If you listen closely you can hear Holly Madison laughing loudly right now…”

    I thought the same thing! Somewhere Holly is laughing her ass off.

    Oh well. Sleeping with another man will get her booted from the House. Period. Which is really ironic.

    Hef can place his wrinkle limp thing into anyone and it’s is fine.

    But none of those dumb girlfriends are allowed to have a little random d*ck.

  18. OriginalGracie says:

    @Riley: OMG…ME TOO! I hate Dr. Phil and his stupid smug face and every word that comes out of his supercillious smug mouth.

    To think of ANY McGraw dong is just beyond ick, nast. It’s like your eyes would have seizures just seeing it.

  19. danielle says:

    Lol – serves him right. He’s dumb if he thought she loved him.

  20. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @ Hautie…. very descriptive but OH SO TRUE!!!

    Hell, You may hear Holly laughing but damn, SO AM I!

  21. W.O.M. says:

    Dr Phil’s older son is married to a former-Playboy bunny (she’s a triplet & her “spread” involved her sisters). I bet Dr Phil is so proud. HAHAHA!

  22. Just Sayin says:

    “Crystal is very much in love with Hef”- – what 24 year old wouldn’t love a man that craps his depends on the reg?

  23. TXCinderella says:

    24, yeah right. You can tell she is older just by looking at her neck and hands in the first pic. There’s no way she is 24.

  24. Javagirl1 says:

    @ naynay you sound a little jealous.

    I used to get so tired of Dr. Phil talking about how wonderful and perfect he and his family were. This is funny!

  25. Isabel says:

    At least she doesn’t discriminate…liver spots, zits, she’ll take them all.

  26. Jackson says:

    I hate Dr. Phil. Why is his show still on the air? Do people really take advice from that fool? I hope this story is true – it might take his smugness down a notch.

  27. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So in the first pic, young McGraw doesn’t look that bad except that he lookslike someone glued dog shedding to his head. But in the second pic, the douche really shines through. Everyone involved is just…eewww.

  28. ThatBoyLuke says:

    Is she fxcking dumb?


  29. bluhare says:

    So she’s messing around on Hef with this guy who likes dipping his pen in the company inkwell, including her I guess. Like we didn’t see it coming? I just figured he’d be older with more money.

  30. Allison says:

    “24” my ass. I’m 21 and I know what my generation looks like, thank you very much. She looks more like 32 to me.

  31. Quest says:

    baha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Holly i did it for you. LMFAOROFG

  32. margaritachum says:

    24 my ass… i look much younger than her and i’m 27.
    and i think it’s really gross what’s going on with hef and those playmates. does he really believes that those girls really want to ride that for the pleasure or for the fun of it?? or that they truly love him?
    please hef, it’s time to stop with that.

  33. lilred says:

    Yeah,and after the wedding she’ll get pregnant and claim it’s Hef’s dusty old boys that did it.

  34. ChiliSweet says:

    You can look absolutely that adult, even if you’re 24 years old. Just think about partyin, alcohol, bulimia, smoking or dope. At least not unusual these days. Just said.

  35. Miss Marie says:

    We just buried my Uncle who attended the same high school as Hef at the same time. My uncle’s death was mourned by the many who loved him for being a wonderful mentor, kind and thoughtful man. Hef can’t be far behind death’s door. I wonder how many folks truly love him vs. loving his money and status. You reap what you sow. He must be a very insecure man.

  36. Cha Cha Loca says:

    I guess she just wanted a dick that worked.

  37. dahlia1947 says:

    Whaaaat?? This is juicy! Could it be true? Well this is not too smart on her part! And she’s giving the worst body language in the first photo! That’s a full arm block right there.

    I wonder how she was able to be out on her own like this? On the show it looked like there were always bodyguards around even if Hef wasn’t. Weird. And she’s looking really old. Wow.

  38. melinda says:

    @Dread Pirate Cuervo- LMAO! Thanks, I needed that.

  39. SFRowGuy says:

    Oh come on people. Hugh has had multiple multiple girlfriends. What’s wrong with Crystal having multiple boyfriends?

  40. The Truth Fairy says:

    She is pretty but there is NO WAY she is 24!!!

  41. fizXgirl314 says:

    If there aren’t any photos then it didn’t happen…. in this day and age, shouldn’t be that hard…

  42. rissa says:

    ill be 24 friday and there no way we look the same age

  43. anonymous says:

    I think Hollys whole ‘im a little girl’ voice and persona probably didn’t work with Hef, he just seems to be a pretty old soul, literally and figurtively, all 3 of them, Holly, Kendra and the other one would put on that voice, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have that annoying little girl voice thing going on too, don’t know if its just a California celebutart thing but it hurts the ears, Paris Hilton seems to have started the whole thing..anyway Crystal actually sounds like a woman? dare i say if you hear her speak, she doesn’t put on that childish act which probably is refreshing for Hef? as she actually sounds like someone who is maybe more of an adult, anyway that being said realisically Hef regardless should know that he is no longer the hot and happening gigalo he once was so shouldn’t be too too surprised when his younger girlfriends are now going off and doing there own thing. Lifes too short for 20 somethings to be locked down in a 100 year old mansion with an 89 year old man, he literally has curfews put on them so sounds just a bit unrealistic its actually like being home with a great grand father everynight for a 20 something year old. Holly prob would have been faithful but i guess he still wants what he wants.

  44. Rosanna says:

    Holy moly this woman has a bad taste with men 😉

  45. Matt says:

    She is not 24. She could pass for a ‘hard’ 32. In a room with soft lighting.

  46. Anti-icon says:

    You contradict yourself when you ask what Golddigger’s intentions are. Dr. Phil is probably worth way more money than Heffner….or at least a Golddigger would have a better chance of parting with it — because Hef already has sons.

    Don’t you guys watch soap operas? (Funny, but I grew up learning about how to act rich and with manners by watching soaps….I also leaned about Gold-diggers and “Loose” women — cause my grandmother rocked at the explanations……

    Wish granny were alive to provide old school commentary on this Crystal Harris — a gold digger extraordinare!

  47. eternalcanadian says:

    I’m sure Robin McGraw is thrilled both her sons hooked up with women that take off their clothes and pose naked for Playboy. Way to role-model for young women. Gross.

  48. launicaangelina says:

    Cochinos – all of them! Sucio!

  49. Kim says:

    Hilarious. I hope he has a house for her to live in because Hef will dump her ass asap (he better). Yeah she is so with Hef for love-hahahaha! Ugly Sleazebag!

  50. Flan says:

    What? hahahaha

    Reality is sometimes so much funnier than what writers come up with

  51. Alix says:

    Dr. Phil’s boys sure love the Playmates, don’t they?

  52. Cinderella says:

    Dr. Phil may be B-list, but his wallet is A-list all the way. Of course there’s no way to know what Jordan will inherit, so Crystal better think these things through.

  53. Mouse says:

    Holy crap, I was going to guess she was at least 30.

  54. Jag says:

    Wow, she must’ve been sick the day in gold-digging class when they taught to actually get married to the rich guy before letting it be known there’s another guy on the side. Hey Hef, I’m not even close to Bunny material, but I could… no, I can’t even kid about it. lol

  55. madylane says:

    The blue dress pic makes her look a little bit preggers. I wonder . . .

    Could be her way to try to ensure a piece of the Playboy pie!

  56. skibunny says:

    I guess necrophilia isnt all it’s cracked up to be!

  57. Judy says:

    Both sons go for Playboy bunnies and Robin tries to look like one.

  58. Nikki harris says:

    Crystal doesn’t wear her engagement ring out because it’s too big and she doesn’t want to lose it, therefore, that comment was meant to sensationalize this bullshit story.

  59. Browneyegirl says:


  60. cala108 says:

    So I want to know that my fan guy boyfriend is talking crap about is joseph gordon levitt was caught kissing a guy.

  61. group tour says:

    Goes to show that money isn’t everything. She can’t live on money and the old man forever if you get my drift.