Pete Doherty is the David Blaine of the plague-ridden undead

In what could be an installment of Stupid Human Tricks: Halloween Edition, Babyshambles frontman, Pete Doherty, is looking to join the ranks of David Blaine in meaningless-stunts-for-attention, by locking himself in a coffin filled with rats for one hour at a Halloween party. Doherty has offered to “perform” the stunt on-stage if the band Dead Kids can make a partygoer cry.

The Babyshambles rocker has offered to perform the ghoulish stunt on stage for one hour at special Halloween event A Plague On Both Your Houses, where his favourite band the Dead Kids are playing – but only if they can scare at least one fan to tears during their song ‘Fear and Fluoride’.

Dead Kids’ singer Mike Title said: “We get all sorts of delinquents at our shows. It must be the name.
“Maybe he needs a bit of joy in his life and Dead Kids make you happy.” A spokesperson for the event, which takes place at a secret London location on October 31, added: “The theme of the party is the return of the plague, so undead, infected guests like Pete will fit in perfectly.”

[From FemaleFirst]

Give me a minute. I have to sit in silent admiration of that spokesperson for finding the most fitting words to describe Doherty I have heard yet. “Undead, infected guests like Pete…” Oh, nameless spokesperson, you deserve an award on this day.

David Blaine is either proud or threatened right now. On one hand he could feel flattered that someone else would take his cue and carry on the practice of doing completely mindless and nugatory stunts in the name of publicity. On the other hand, he could be calling his attorney to put a stop to it because Doherty is stealing his schtick. Either way he’s probably wishing he would have thought of it. Only he’d take breaks every ten minutes and make sure the rats were vaccinated.

Someone is undoubtedly searching for a nice coffin with a cigarette hole to have ready for Doherty.
Having never seen Pete Doherty without a cigarette in hand, I can’t imagine he could make it an hour without one. A nice, big, glass coffin, with a cigarette hole and flask pocket, so everyone can watch Pete and the rats see who can last longer in an enclosed space with the other.

The poor rats, where is PETA when you need them? I can see them now, huddled in the corner of the coffin, trying to get as far from Doherty as possible, fearing the plague that he carries. They didn’t sign up for this.

Here’s Pete Doherty performing at the Loch Lomond 2008 music festival in Ballach, Scotland on 8/2/08. Credit: BIG PICTURES/

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  1. MissMara says:

    To his credit, I recently heard him perform and he rocked! I had very low expectations somehow, but it was an energetic show and it sounded pretty good.

  2. geronimo says:

    Lol, no better man for the job! I’m liking Petey a lot more since he (kind of) got his shit together.

  3. Kate says:

    I really enjoy his music, but as a person….:s

  4. cara says:

    He’s out of his mind, and I love it!! (from afar) But I LOVE babyshambles f*ck forever…it’s a great song.

  5. kate says:

    isn’t the bowler/fedora hat trend played out yet?

  6. Jess Doherty says:

    i love pete!

  7. PennyClearwater says:

    A beautiful, beautiful man and poet.

  8. mark says:

    Uh, who is this guy?

  9. djkfkd says:

    pete is the sexiest ghost around.