Christie Brinkley files for restraining order against ex-husband

Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook seems to think it’s really important for him to salvage his name – even though the guy has so little self-awareness that he doesn’t realize every word out of his mouth only makes his situation worse. The online porn addict/real life adulterer gave an interview to 20/20 that will air this Friday. In it, Cook tries to blame every single martial problem on Brinkley, and instead of looking better just looks like a simpering fool. Brinkley fired back at Cook’s comments later that day and has since applied for a restraining order to keep Cook away from their children.

Christie Brinkley has filed a request for a temporary restraining order and a motion for post-judgment relief again her ex-husband Peter Cook, a Suffolk County, N.Y., official confirms to PEOPLE. The motion was filed Wednesday – two days before Cook’s revealing interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters is set to air.

Cook, 49, who has admitted to having an affair with an 18-year-old assistant and an online pornography habit, told Walters during his interview for Friday night’s 20/20 broadcast, “I’m not the … pervert that I’ve been painted to be.” The restraining order would prevent Cook from seeing his children and is not to keep him away from Brinkley, a source close to Cook tells PEOPLE.

“She’s upset because the kids are seen in footage during the 20/20 interview,” the source says. Cook last saw the children when they had dinner on Wednesday night, and they are scheduled to be together this weekend, the source says. Brinkley and Cook halted their messy divorce trial in July when both parties announced a settlement deal. The judge in the case, Mark Cohen, signed their final divorce decree Sept. 29.

The new motion is on the court calendar for Oct. 29, but the court official said it’s unclear at this point whether the parties will actually appear in court or if their lawyers will simply submit statements to the judge in writing.

[From People]

So Cook and Brinkley were officially divorced on September 29th. That means within a week of everything being over and done with, Cook had violated the confidentiality agreement that was part of their divorce settlement. Wow, that really does sound like a trustworthy, upstanding guy.

I think he’s just a narcissist and is incapable of handling people thinking he’s anything less than absolute perfection. He needed his ego stroked by his wife and his 18-year-old girlfriend, and now he’s aware that the general public thinks he’s slime. All that matters to Cook is doing whatever it takes to let him think everyone else admires him again; otherwise his entire ego will crumble. Considering it only took a week for him to mess up, it sounds like Brinkley and Cook’s custody issues will go on for a long, long time.

Here’s Christie with daughter Alexa Ray Joel (her oldest child with ex-husband Billy Joel) at the Save Sag Harbor benefit in New York on August 30th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Wow!! Alexa Joel OR Rumer Willis???? Shall we go there?

  2. jen says:

    At least she got her dad’s talent, right?

  3. Orangejulius says:

    Exactly what I was thinking…

  4. Jackie says:

    She’s got Christie’s smile

  5. Hmm says:

    I’m not going there with her daughter, poor thing. But at this point, why does Christie care? She’s the one who went public and brought out all of these issues and he remained virtually silent, so why shouldn’t he get his side out there? Now, privacy is important to her, please. They both sound self-absorbed and narcissistic if you ask me.

  6. mark says:

    Christie Brinkley should get a restraining order against her plastic surgeon.

  7. chaz says:

    ouch! the great irony of pretty people and their children. yeah, someone should have told all the celebs in the midst of the hollywood baby boom that the “beautiful gene” skips generations. And this time around they’re all sets of twins…yikes. can you imagine a pair of Rumor willis’? 😯

  8. Jinxy says:

    That’s not a good photo of Alexa, she’s prettier than that. We’ve all taken bad photos, I saw her in person at a gig she did and she’s very sweet and very talented. It’s hard enough to make your way in the world with two very famous parents and you mother’s rather messy love life to deal with growing up. I commend Alexa for working and not being an f’d up rich kid.

    If you do get a chance to see her perform live do it! It’s worth the effort.

  9. vdantev says:


  10. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Her daughter—what? She honestly looks like a cartoon character.

    I really am not trying to be ugly and I do apologize….it just struck me when I saw the picture.

  11. Tina says:

    If the header photo had been black-and-white, Christie Brinkley would look completely Asian. What’s with the EYES of white women who undergo cosmetic enhancement on their faces? I’m not saying that Christie Brinkley has had work done because I don’t know. But really, her eyes are getting higher and higher at the outer edges.

    As for Alexa, she is the splitting image of Billy Joel… whose third wife just turned 27 years old in September. Billy Joel is 59.

    Nothing against Alexa, although she does look like a cartoon. lol. But otherwise she seems sweet and let’s give the girl a break. She has been through a HECK of a lot.

  12. doodahs says:

    Just like Rumer, she appears confident and happy in her own skin. Personally, I’d rather see more girls like them than the plastic, annorexic, tanorexic, twiglet stars of their generation. To me, those are the cartoons… but sadly, it’s what’s expected of them and buying in or opting out of a ‘beauty standard’ is often a career making choice.

    With that said, I have nothing against women doing whatever makes them feel beautiful but some of these young girls seem confused. It makes me think of the little girls in their momma’s pearls and shoes. I think (thanks to the internet) it’s been proven that the majority of Hollywood’s leading beauty’s (Angelina, Halle, Charlize, Angie mark II, Megan Fox and many, many more) have all had tweaks, refinements and in some cases, surgeries
    to attain their status. It’s all smoke and mirrors people. I think there is an unbelievably cruel expectation that the children of celebs should be stunning… just remember, the noses that Halle and Angelina HAD – those are the genes that they hand to their kids. So when the kids are classed as not perfect, it’s crazy unfair because their parents often times paid for the ‘perfect’ beauty they have….

    I live in Hollywood, I work in Hollywood and trust me, it gets really old seeing the same noses, lips and boobs everyday. Whenever someone with character walks into the room, there is a collective perking up of interest. There is also a stigma attached to beautiful women here that they are stupid… *sigh*… it just gets old. Women are still fighting for equality. We have the jobs, we earn the salaries and we have the rights but the beauty factor? Well, that takes us right back to the Middle Ages.. hairy warts and all.

    Peace Out.

  13. queenie says:

    True to sociopathic form….none of it is his fault–it’s everyone elses. Why waste your time on monsters that have no conscience? Please, ladies, educate yourselves on sociopaths. They do not think the way a healthy person does. Learn to identify them and run like hell as fast as you can away from them. Read up on Sandra Brown’s, MA work on them. Sociopaths cannot be counseled or fixed. They are incapable of change and will continue to victimize whoever crosses their path.

  14. Gigohead says:

    It’s an unfair comparison. Rumer forces her unlikable face on us. No one is really buying it. She needs to go to school as a back up.

    Alexa on the other hand, has always been on the lower radar. She is not frequently photographed and has some actual talent. Her voice is really good and I think she has an honest shot.

    Rumer on the other hand…not a smidgen of talent. 🙁

  15. Sunnyjyl says:

    I think that Alexa radiates beauty and joy. She IS lovely. ❗

  16. snappyfish says:

    it is just a bad picture of alexa. I have seen photos where she looks rather cute.

  17. dovesgate says:

    The third picture of her isn’t bad. She looks very sweet in it. I think maybe she just needs to tweak her eye makeup a little bit (thicker at the outer corners and thinner over her iris) and perhaps lessen the harshness of her eyebrows.

  18. kate says:

    alexa kind of reminds me of a cross between liza minelli and betty boop. i think her hair is bad – kind of matronly for someone her age. if christie gets her eyes lifted anymore they will be in her hairline.

  19. Jeanne says:

    Wow she has really big features. Of course having Billy Joel as your Daddy it was a crap shoot what she’d look like. The bangs aren’t helping.

  20. Annie says:

    Christie’s eyes have definitely changed shape, the outer corner is much higher than it was in the 80s. It would normally get LOWER with age. Looked much better the way they were, girl next door look opposed to more exotic now which doesn’t suit her. Alexa has her dad’s beautiful big eyes.