Ed Norton proposed to his girlfriend of six years

Shauna Robertson
There was a blurb yesterday in the NY Post that had cuckoo Courtney Love’s response to the news that Ed Norton, 41, had proposed to his girlfriend of six years. Apparently Norton proposed on a trip to India three weeks ago and this is the first we’ve heard about it. Norton used to date Courtney back in the 90s when they did The People vs. Larry Flint together. I guess they’re still friends because Norton was investing Courtney’s money for her and she was raging about it or something. Well Courtney wants to remind us that she dated the guy, and she was gracious about his engagement. I’m sure her remarks are translated to non-crackhead speak in order to make them fit to print.

Courtney Love was shocked by Edward Norton’s engagement to his longtime girlfriend, film producer Shauna Robertson. Norton proposed to her in India three weeks ago but news hadn’t reached Love — who dated Norton in the late ’90s after they starred in “The People vs. Larry Flynt.” At the Cinema Society screening of “Meek’s Cutoff,” Love told us, “Wow, it’s about time. He’s 41, they’ve been together for six years. He needs to have babies. I wonder what kind of ring he got her? He bought me a ruby.” Love flattered Norton, saying, “He has great character. He’s very political. I see him being a senator one day.”

[From The NY Post]

It’s too bad for Robertson and Norton that the news of their engagement is being released through a comment by one of his cracked-out exes. He also dated Salma Hayek but I guess she was too busy counting her diamonds to go to an event where someone could ask her about it.

The last we heard of Norton he was getting dumped by Marvel in a would-be reprisal of his role as The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers. They issued a bitchy statement about it suggesting that Norton was difficult to work with, and then they replaced him with Mark Ruffalo.

Norton also co-founded a social networking charity website called Crowdrise last year. He may have been in India with his girlfriend doing charity work. Congratulations to Ed and Sauna! Sorry we had to find out the happy news from Courtney Love.

Shauna Robertson is shown in 2008. Credit: PRPhotos. Ed Norton is shown on 10/28/10. Credit: WENN.com

Shauna Robertson


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38 Responses to “Ed Norton proposed to his girlfriend of six years”

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  1. Rita says:

    Love them!!! Two very ordinary looking people and one incredibly great actor.

  2. beth says:

    hehe, ‘he needs to have babies’

    he shouldve put a ring to it a long time ago just because.
    anyways, congratulations you two 🙂

  3. EdithP says:

    Shauna is very pretty in a natural kind of way. Kind of looks like a JFK Jr girlfriend.

    I used to think Ed Norton was kind of hot (back in the American History X days), but his voice and the fact that he had sex with Courtney Love really turned me off.

  4. jc126 says:

    The Courtney Love relationship was bizarre, but I really like Ed Norton, for reasons I can’t articulate.

  5. devilgirl says:

    I used to really like Norton, but in recent years I got totally turned off by him.

  6. becky says:

    no! dont

  7. Racheal says:

    Cute couple.

  8. Theresa says:

    I recently watched The People vs. Larry Flynt again, and Courtney was awesome in it! Man, she had a lot of potential as an actress, too bad she’s such a nutbar.

    Shauna is lovely! Looks like he has chosen women with very strong personalities and high profiles in the past, yet I have a feeling that was more due to youthful abandon. I think he needs a smart and resourceful woman now, one that shares his activism and passions outside of the Hollywood machine.

    All the best to them!

  9. Quest says:

    I just love this guy, congrats…Courtney (not so much) bleh

  10. Hollowdoll says:

    LMAO! Congratulations to Ed and Sauna! Funny typo. ;-P

  11. clorismetchum says:

    wow…talk about horse face…

  12. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Is it just me or do thry look like brother and sister?

  13. silken_floss says:

    I’ve lusted after this man forver! Congrats to them both 🙂

  14. ERika says:

    she is pretty. i luve ed norton.

  15. MarenGermany says:

    awwwww. i love him.
    the fact that she doesnt look like any other hollywood famewhore bitch makes him even more sympathic.

  16. wunderkindt says:

    They match each other. Congrats to them!

  17. curmudgeon says:

    She’s pretty but she’s not a robobabe. Refreshing

  18. Jack says:

    I found him so hot in American History X!! He has something about him..

  19. Heatheradair says:

    I keep reading about how people are attracted to people who look like themselves for a variety of reasons – these guys definitely have a brother/sister look – eyes/cheeks/chin – impressive…

  20. lilred says:

    @Scarlet Vixen: no it’s not just you that was my first thought also.

  21. Isabel says:

    They totally look like brother and sister. That’s hilarious. I agree with the previous posters. I do absolutely adooooooooooore Ed Norton, though. I am so glad to hear the news. I hope they are very happy together. 🙂

    And Courtney… “I wonder what kind of ring he got her? He bought me a ruby.”
    Really? REALLY?! Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, that woman is a narcissistic mess!

  22. melinda says:

    @ Scarlett Vixen- I was going to say the same thing.

  23. lili says:

    she is very beautiful and has a warmth to her looks. good choice!

  24. Bodhi says:

    Right on, congrats!

    BOO to the news that he was replaced as Bruce Banner/ The Hulk. I thought he was FANTASTIC in that movie! And in pretty much everything he ever done. Death to Smoochy is HILARIOUS

  25. Jane says:

    Before I read the headline I thought it was a picture of his sister.

  26. Anoni Mus says:

    Awww, he’s off the market… sigh.

    Anyway, congrats to both. I looove Edward Norton, can he have a repeat on HGF? 😉

    I’m loving her look. She seems like a real person, not overly made up. I’m happy he found someone outside the biz, maybe this union can last.

    Yeah, I will never understand how he could even think of getting close to Courtney Love, but my Norton loving self chooses to forget about that unfortunate time period.

  27. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Do you think he looks back at the dating Courtney thing and goes, “what the hell was I thinking?!” I would think one would rather chew off their own arm than admit they banged that trainwreck.

  28. jen says:

    I think dating Courtney is #4 in the “How not to get elected to political office” handbook.

  29. ordinarygirl86 says:

    I always thought that he was stupid to let Salma slip through his fingers ‘the one that got away’! But Salma gets the last laugh in Europe with a husband who seems to worship her and give her designer clothes and diamonds by the truckload!

  30. Frugali says:

    Oh no! My crush is getting married 🙁

    I guess I will have to find a new hottie to obsess about. j/k

    41? wow, is time to settle down.

  31. Anon73 says:

    LOVE me some Ed Norton !! ; -)

    @Theresa – So true that he seems to be into smart / brainy women. But that is what I like about him (in addition to fact he’s a great actor).

  32. sally says:

    Salma to a plain jane with greasy hair? What is he thinkin…

  33. Jennifer says:

    Great actor and smart to boot! Good luck to the both of them!

  34. Becky says:

    Good for them! While I’ve never met Ed Norton, I used to work in Columbia, Maryland where he grew up and met several people who knew him. All of them had nothing but good things to say about him. I remember one woman who went to high school with him saying that although he was in the “popular” crowd (his family is wealthy-his grandfather is a very successful and well known developer in the Baltimore area) he was nice to everyone and very well liked. Maybe that’s what Courtney L. was referring to when she mentioned that he has alot of “character”(: He’s definitely very talented and seems like a genuine person.

  35. sandy says:

    I’ve always admired his acting, nice looking couple, congrats.

  36. Apple says:

    I love that Courtney is still so obsessed over him after all these years. She still regrets dumping him for a loser that really did con her out of a lot of money and ditched.

    She is so petty nice reference that Ed bought her a “ruby” as if she was inferring that she was engaged to him first. Earth to Courtney…oh never mind no one is home.

  37. Alphabitch says:

    God, she is ooogly!

  38. soap says:

    i am happy for ed