Robbie Williams’ wife might join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast

I guess we can assume that Eddie Cibrian’s ex wife, Brandi Glanville, won’t be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There were rumors a few weeks ago that she was in talks to potentially join the show, but now E! is floating the names of two other new would-be castmembers and there’s only one spot. Kyle Richards’ bitchy best friend, Faye Resnick, is supposedly being considered, as is Ayda Field, a 31 year-old actress who used to star on Days of Our Lives and is now married to pop singer and alien abductee Robbie Williams. (Like that will last. Maybe we’ll get to see their breakup on RHOBH.) Here’s more, from E!


Team Truth can officially confirm that Camille Grammer has signed on the dotted line to return for season two and that Bravo is zeroing in on a new castmember. Who could it be?

“There’s two contenders to join the cast,” a source close to production tells us. “It is between Faye Resnick and Ayda Field. If I were to put money on it, I would say Ayda will be the new castmember.”

Field, a pretty blonde soap actress with less plastic surgery (apparently) than the rest of the current cast, is married to pop star Robbie Williams. Hmmm, sounds like both spouses could use the show to give their careers a much needed boost?

A rep for Field would only confirm, “We’ve been approached.”

And, of course, those who watched the first season of RHOBH will remember Kyle Richard’s BFF Resnick, whom Camille Grammer famously referred to as “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick,” in reference to her Playboy spread following the O.J. Simpson trial.

“Faye is shooting for the show already because she is an actual friend of the cast,” explains the insider. “It is still unclear if Faye will remain a friend or become a central character on the show.”

But Bravo had better figure it out fast, because the source tells us that the show started officially shooting on Tuesday!

[From E! Online, The Awful Truth]

Well my vote is for Ayda hands down. She would be the youngest of the cast and she has a husband who is semi-famous enough to rival Camille’s ex. I’ve checked out some pictures of Ayda and the bitchface is strong. Plus they don’t need another plastic surgery victim like Faye Resnick. I’d love to see a younger chick come in and be welcomed and then inevitably backstabbed by Camille and Kyle. Taylor would be nice to her face and then try and passive aggressively start trouble. The Maloof will just be everyone’s milktoast tweaked friend and Lisa will crack jokes and be above it all as usual. (I’m still convinced that Lisa was taking direction from producers at the end of last season to drag up the whole New York fight yet again. That doesn’t seem like something she would do independently.) Poor Kim is supposedly still around, although maybe she’ll withdraw into her own little bubble of chardonnay and pills, blotting out her sister’s nastiness and abuse.

Can you tell how much I’m missing this show? They need to announce when the new season will premiere already, although I’m sure it will be months considering that they just started filming and are still shopping for a castmember.

Ayda and Robbie are shown on 11/16/10 (blonde hair) and 2/16/11 (brown hair). Credit:


Check out this outfit, she’ll fit right in.

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  1. brin says:

    Ayda’s pretty funny so she would provide much needed comedy relief in between all the bitch fighting.

  2. Jenna says:

    “she has a husband who is semi-famous enough to rival Camille’s ex”

    Dude, Robbie may have never really made it in America, but he is one of the biggest stars in the world.

  3. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Wow, there is a BIG difference in Ayda when she has brown hair, she looks unstable.. versus the blonde, she looks happy and pretty..

    HUGE difference.

  4. bex says:

    Robbie Williams is HUGE outside the US. Also I hope they stay together as he seems to have regained his sanity with her.

  5. Bailey says:

    Robbie Williams is not semi-famous. He is a big star outside the US.
    I might just watch this one.

  6. coexxi says:

    Is it only me or are there others who think she messed big time with her face? In the first picture the nose and the lips are very different compared to the 2nd one where she gets out of the car. If I didn’t know she must be the same person I wouldn’t know (haircolor aside)!

  7. Melanie says:

    She is very pretty, but I admit I have no idea who her husband is. I wish Kim would quit, I feel so sorry for her when Taylor lashes out at her. Hate, hate (love to hate) Freaky Taylor!

    • Heidi Ladowitz says:

      I’m an American; from New York City and have been following Robbie Williams since 2003. He was a member of a boyband in England called Take That when he was in his teens, left the band and was the most incredible performer I have ever seen. His concerts live, the audience singing all his songs is breathtaking. He went back to Take that for their 2011 Progress concert..incredible..his albert hall performance on Frank Sinatra..phenomenal..There is no one out there like him. Why he never made in in the U.S. baffles me. Mariah Carey saw him on the Live8 and was so impressed with him. No one lit the audience, not even Madonna, like he did. I’ll watch if she’s on only to watch Robbie..Those eyes..You think I’m a fan..Like Robbie says” Hell yeah..Robbie fan forever..P.S. Youtube Robbie Williams his voice and songs are fantastic..

  8. Celebitchy says:

    @coexxi I think she got a nose job and Botox. She looks so different.

  9. coexxi says:

    @celebitchy: yes, botox! her eyes and her cheeks also look different, but this could be to a certain degree due to facial expression and make-up.

  10. wunderkindt says:

    Who is Robby Williams???

    Of course Camille signed on again! Without RHOBHs, she’d never be seen outside of porn.

  11. Roma says:

    They’ve started casting for Real Housewives of Toronto. I am massively excited.

  12. grazi says:

    If she gets in the show, I might be watching it, just because I want to see Robbie Williams!
    Semi-famous??? are you kidding?? somebody can be an international star even though they are not the most famous in America. I am not British and have know his music for like forever. He is one of my favorite singers btw. 🙂

  13. sorrento says:

    nose job, botox and vodka, move over Camille Grammar…I still haven’t figured out where the word ‘real’ comes in though.

  14. Melanie says:

    Please don’t make us Americans google Robbie. What band is he in?

  15. MB says:

    Robbie Williams was once a member of a UK boy band called Take That. Probably best known in the US for their song Back For Good but one of the most successful acts from the UK. Robbie left to go solo and was very successful in his own right. Americans might know his song ‘Angel’ or ‘Let Me Entertain You’. A quick look on google shows that he is the highest selling solo artist in the UK and has sold over 57 million albums.

  16. Melanie says:

    Thank You! There were like 10 post of Robbie Williams is huuuuuge overseas and nobody saying why! LOLOL~

  17. Muffin Top says:

    Can we please take a moment to talk about Robbie’s Aladdin pants?

  18. machiii says:

    robbie williams, is the best, over here in south america, we love him. hes huge! great entertainer, god knows why he didnt make it in the us…

  19. Melanie says:

    Muffin: Are those high waisted or low slung? The zipper must be 3 feet long.

  20. becky says:

    i dont think thats the song theyre famous for in the us.
    i could put his name to his face but i had no idea he was from take that!!!!
    i remember take that from before i moved to NY in 97 i lived in South America and I was really young but still play take that there at clubs – that other song though…

  21. Relli says:

    i think this will be a great addition. they need someone young(er) on that cast, I know all the ladies think 40 is the new 20. But they could use some young blood on that cast……

    Hey CB & Kaiser I don’t know how into the RH franchise you are but i found a blog that does excellent snarky, recaps… she even endured the dreadful DC and Miami. A Gawker reader as well as a southern lady hailing from Atlanta, i think you will like it!

    also excellent purse porn.

  22. Jilly Bean says:

    Robbie Williams has sold atleast 57 million albums world wide – not bad for Semi famous!!! LOL

    Real housewifes of Toronto – tell me that is an effen joke please…. that makes me want to VOMIT!!!!!!!!

  23. . . . I totally thought that was Megan Fox in the header picture. Well, Megan Fox after a week of hard living and discount botox. (Dark hair, black SUV.) Am I the only one seeing it?

  24. asiont says:

    I don’t know what is wrong with you Americans if you don’t know Robbie, he’s super famous in Europe, a great singer and a funny guy!
    and though I’m not really fond of pop music I love “angels” and “supreme”

  25. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Well she already has the prerequisit pickle puss so she’ll fit right in.

  26. Franny says:

    @Asiont, why does there have to be anything wrong with us Americans just because we don’t know who this guy is? Did he ever try and launch a career here? Toured in the States or promoted his music here? You can’t fault us for not knowing someone who ISN’T famous here. I’m sure there are plenty of American artists who aren’t famous in your home country, I wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with you for not knowing them. Sheesh.

  27. Dilettante says:

    Robbie Williams is amazing. “Rock DJ”, “The Kids are Alright” with Kylie, etc etc. If you don’t know who he is you should check out his music. I still don’t understand how he never made it at all in the US. I think maybe he is a bit too irreverent? Or was, when he first got here? Don’t know.

  28. Mari says:

    For those who don’t know who Robbie is: He had a song here in the States called Millennium back in 1999, I believe, and then a song called Angels after that. Although these did relatively well here, he decided to tour the rest of the world rather than the US.

    And that’s todays edition of *POP UP VIDEO*

  29. Ron says:

    When I worked in BH, he would come in and kind of hang out at the mens cosmetics counter trying to see who would recognize him. I worked in the dept directly across so I had a great view of all of this, he was kind of nice to girls who worked the counter, but would get po’d if he stood there for too long and no one paid attention which happened because he is not big in the States. Sad, but kind of funny all rolled up into a gooey ball of fun to watch.

    His wife looks like a drag queen in the pic of her getting out of the car.

  30. Kiska says:

    I’m from Europe originally and Robbie Williams is well known. He started out in a “boy band” in the UK and then launched his own solo career.
    He did have on hit in the US called “Rock DJ” it was on the soundtrack of “Sweet November” I’m kind of embarrassed I know this much about him but he has quite a flamboyant personality. They’d make a great addition.

    ***Oops, didn’t read all the comments but can see I’m not the only one who knows who this bloke is!**

  31. VV says:

    Really? There are people in this world who don’t know who Robbie Williams is? Take That!? That song Millennium!?

    Peeps need some Brit Pop in their lives!

  32. 80sgirl says:


  33. Emily says:

    What the freakin’ hell is wrong with her leg in the pic where she’s getting out of the car? It looks like she has twice as many bones in it than she should!

  34. Confuzzle says:

    He was way more entertaining when fat and off his gourd from drugs. I wonder when he’ll finally come out.

  35. Addie says:

    I have ALWAYS had a soft spot for Robbie and was VERY dissapointed in him choosing to marry Ayda.

    That Bi##h is not good enought for him.

  36. truetalk says:

    i thought he was gay

  37. Denise says:

    Saying that Robbie Williams is semi-famous is like saying that Oprah is semi famous. I mean, wherever I live in the world, I should know who both of them are, seriously.

  38. Rodrigo Rodriguez says:

    I just read a great article about Robbie Williams on OurStage, check it out:

  39. Kim says:

    Faye?? She would be a terrible choice and boring to watch. They should pass on her.