Crusty lovers John Mellencamp & Meg Ryan are still going strong


And they said it wouldn’t last! And by “they” I mean “me”. These are new photos of Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp in LA yesterday – the first new photos we’ve had of them in a little while. Did they realize that they were coming across as kind of gross with their daily photo-ops when John first dumped his wife? Perhaps.

Anyway, Meg Ryan really has won the Jumpoff Prize, hasn’t she? John Mellencamp dumps his wife and takes up with Meg, and they’re still going strong after… what? Like, six months? That’s pretty good, though. Hey, at least his jumpoff isn’t some 20-something “trainer” or something, right? He likes his women like… this. Forty-nine years old and wearing a belly shirt. Ugh.

According to onlookers, “As they strolled on Melrose Ave., Meg and John could barely keep their hands off of each other despite the paparazzi presence.” The were also recently spotted in NYC a few days ago. According to a NY Post report, they were “kissing and canoodling” as they ate at Breslin Bar & Dining Room. It seems that Meg “couldn’t be happier. Not only has she got a great new guy, she’s back in the headlines. It’s not easy going from being one of the highest paid actresses in the world to an anonymous New Yorker. Meg’s loving all this attention again. Meg would much rather be back on the cover of the magazines announcing a hit new movie, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Now folks are much more interested in your private life than if you have a hit movie. Look at Kate Gosselin or Kim Kardashian. They are always on magazine covers talking about their love life.” Is that who Meg thinks she’s “competing” with? Kim Kardashian and Kate Gosselin? Oh, Meg.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. malachais says:

    Put on a bra!! Doesn’t she have an adopted daughter/son?

  2. brin says:

    They can’t keep their hands off of each other because they probably would fall down. Geez….he’s lookin rough, like an old crusty sailor.

  3. melissa says:

    The first word that popped into my mind was……”icky”.

  4. sassenach says:

    Meg is TOO DAMN OLD to not wear a bra. Repulsive.

  5. OtherChris says:

    Remember when she was the cutest little thing and no one could imagine the word “crusty” being applied to her. Now it just . . . fits.

    I do give him credit for not taking up with a 20-year old though.

  6. Emma says:

    Damn. I’m 18 and I wish I look as good in a belly shirt as Meg. She’s so adorable. I wish she hadn’t jacked her face (but is it my imagination or does it look a little better? Maybe it’s wishful thinking.)

    I don’t really care who she sleeps with, honestly. If they’re happy, I say let them be happy and crusty and old together!

  7. Diane says:

    Doesn’t either of them own a comb?

  8. Isa says:

    Meg: no bra and showing belly (WTF???)

    JCM: smoking analoges is so outdated and unnecessary, almost everybody is e smoking nowadays.

  9. Kathy says:


  10. Patty says:

    I used to love her . . . sigh. Now? Ewwww!

  11. Sue says:

    Yes Meg Ryan has an adopted daughter named Daisy who is 6 and is to cute.

  12. Wicked SteppMom says:

    OK, Meg: BRA!! No one wants to see that. Other than that, she doesn’t really look HORRIBLE-she just looks like an average 49 y/o…well, how many *average* 49 y/o’s could wear a belly shirt? (I said could, not SHOULD.)

    John, on the other hand, looks like he needs a bath & a flea dip.

  13. Hautie says:

    And here I was thinking her face is looking normal. She obviously has not went back and purchase the duck lips again. (Thank goodness)

    Though Meg is really thin. And hides it well with all the baggy clothes.

    Yet, I am happy to see her with the curls.

    I am so tired of the burnt up pin straight hair on girls with naturally curly hair. *cough*Goopy.Gwyneth*cough

  14. Darlene says:

    She doesn’t need a bra. Her breasts are small and naturally “up”. It’s not like they’re sagging and around her waist.

    I do feel sorry for his wife. 🙁

  15. Franny says:

    Just because you can get away with wearing something ( her body is as fit and trim as any twenty year old out there ) doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I’m not saying Meg needs to wear muu-muu’s and orthopedic shoes, but a belly shirt? It just screams, ” I wish I were 19 again!” She is too attractive of a woman for that. The same goes for Mellencamp. He looks ridiculous in that hoodie and holey jeans. Perhaps they wouldn’t be called crusty if they were better groomed.

  16. JenJen says:

    Was Dennis “man-arexic” when they were still together? Maybe his gruffness is a turn on to her.

  17. Leticia says:

    IMO he looks dirty and repulsive and smelly. I’m sorry that Elaine Irwin wasted her 20s and 30s on this troll.

  18. the_blonde_one says:

    I’m desparately thankful that those two are, what I assume to be, past breeding age.

  19. Stephie says:

    They both look like they need a shower. Yuck.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I just think they look icky – I mean, come on people, bath, brush your hair and wear some nicer clothes if you think you might get your picture taken! And Meg should cover her routes – it looks like crap?
    Re : wicked stepmom – I agree with the flea dip remark – but get a big bath tub!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    sorry about the spelling above – I meant Meg’s roots (grey and icky)!

  22. Stacia says:

    He looks dingy and used up and she needs to put on a bra. Just because you have size A- does not mean you can go without.

  23. Mizz Tickles says:

    They look like they have something to talk about, it is awesome that John actually fell for a lady OLDER than his ex-wife and both look happy so good for them!

  24. adtwah says:

    He’s disgusting. Smoking is always a turn-off, at least it is for me.

    But I agree that it’s heartening that he chose someone more age appropriate. I suppose they’re a good couple.

  25. wunderkindt says:

    They look like they are morphing into each other, and thier ‘crust’ is gross!

    A cups clearly sag. 🙁

  26. Crash2GO2 says:

    Yeah, she would look classier with a bra and a wee bit longer shirt IMO. But since she is with Mellencamp, clearly classy is not what she is going for.

  27. Jade says:

    She has been with him on his tour since the beggining. They were just in Austin staying at the Four seasons.

  28. Jayna says:

    What happened to Meg? Wow. Her hair is God-awful. And that lip from the side. Ugh. She was so adorable when she was younger.

  29. Bill says:

    is he ever NOT smoking?
    She loves men who smoke.

  30. mln76 says:

    I remember her way back when she was on As the World Turns and cute as a bug I really used to love her then, it’s so sad that she feels she has to compete with the Kardashians the woman used to have talent.

    @malachais and SueMeg actually has two kids an older son with Dennis Quaid and her adopted daughter.

  31. jc126 says:

    I have no use for her, but for some reason I do like seeing him with a woman closer to his own age.

  32. Wes says:

    Quaid, Crowe, Mellencamp. wow

  33. Del says:

    What is the tattoo on his finger?

  34. guesty says:

    She looks older than 49 imo. But they kinda go together in a quirky kind of way.

  35. whatyousay?! says:

    i think yall are just desperate to come up with something to say. she clearly does not need a bra…you need to grow up if that bit of nip protrusion through fabric scares you. her body is great and her face does look better—less like a plastic mold…but the hair? looks like helena bonham carter’s after was on fire in the the movie frankenstein.

  36. junipergreen says:

    I think she is wearing a bra, just not a very good one. You can see it through her shirt in a couple of the pics.

    Man, she really really jacked up her face. I have to wonder what was going through her mind to do that.

  37. picopink says:

    Dang..that second photo looks like Mickey Rourke!!! Not a good look! Meg looks pretty good except for no bra and not combing her hair. Her lips look so much better than they have in years. She could do better..

  38. spinner says:

    She does have a bra on & she can dress any way she likes. I like these 2 together. They fit.

  39. NoFrank says:

    Call me crazy but I really don’t see anything objectionable in the way they look. If I was built like Meg at 49 I’d wear a belly shirt (although I might go for a bra). There’s nothing wrong with letting your gray hair grow out (look at Helen Mirren, for God’s sake) and I’m not seeing where they need a bath; their hair is clean, their clothes are clean. They look comfortable and happy. They just aren’t both dyed and botoxed and painted up the wazoo like the no-talent Kardashians. But then, Meg is, in fact, a talented actress and John is, in fact, a hell of a singer/songwriter so they have actual accomplishments to fall back on. It sucks that he left his wife (although none of us know why so it’s not really for us to judge), and I couldn’t hang with the smoking, but that doesn’t make them “icky” and “old”. Please.

  40. Pillar says:

    Sorry, I think they make a great looking couple. She is in great shape for 49, people.

  41. Cocoa says:

    “She does have a bra on & she can dress any way she likes. I like these 2 together. They fit. ”


  42. Elizabeth Winniman says:

    Meg Ryan, lose the combat boots and belly shirt. It’s not the mid 90’s anymore. Other than that, I don’t mind them. I like 2 similarly aged people together. Aren’t middle aged people allowed to have a relationship? We’re all going to be there at some point!

  43. Fire says:

    I actually like these two together, but I had to laugh at “crusty.”

    I think Meg has eased up on the face “work.” Maybe being in love has made her more secure about aging. And…she’s been dressing like this for ages – why change now??

  44. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    SMH…..NO.. Just NO

  45. Buffy Wilson says:

    I don’t care, I love it. I’ve always been a fan of his and she looks like a 49 year old woman. A belly shirt on me would just be a huge gut shirt. Go on, be crusty.

  46. Danny says:

    Funny comments. LOL about how rough Mellencamp looks. As one who is about the same age it makes me feel a little better that even “the stars” look knarley.

    We need to see if we can get a pic of him and Sean Penn side-by-side for comparison.

  47. wunderkindt says:

    She really messed up her looks.

  48. original kate says:

    mellencamp looks like he reeks of cigarettes, like nicotine is oozing from every pore. nasty.

  49. Ron says:

    Granny and Grandpappy are looking so cute these days.

  50. DiannSteph says:

    I’m with Orig. Kate, he just looks nasty. Must be like kissing an ashtray w/this dude.

    Btw, Meg IS wearing a bra. Trust. I’ve seen plenty of pics of her NOT wearing one and this is what it looks like! Google Images has plenty.

    Recent one:

  51. DiannSteph says:

    I take that back, Meg must be wearing like a sheer top underneath, or a tank. But at least she wore something! Usually, she goes out like the pic I linked above.

    Also, she would look SO much better with pants that FIT her, not so loose fitting w/a belt on. She’s reed-thin, but still. Her hair even looks like crap. Ugh.

    At least Elaine Irwin is still gorge and hopefully will find a man more her age and not a walking ashtray!

  52. melinda says:

    Crustified for sure! They just look smelly. EW.

  53. Maxine says:

    Agree he looks nasty. Meg is ok, but I sure would not have dumped Elaine Irwin for her. He reminds me of her ex Quaid in so many ways, a much shorter version though. Turning 50 & 60 must really be a bitch if you resort to this.

  54. noirod says:

    she can’t be 20 forever, I think she looks great for her age, why do people always knock down women when they age, maybe she should just stay home and hide?? John is 59, he’s not a young chickie either, but I think he looks fine, biker style, he never pretends he’s something that he’s not…I wish them all the best!!!

  55. saucy says:

    love love love her style, always have. who cares if she doesnt wear a bra? jacking her face up-no bueno. but if she’s small enough not to have to wear a bra, why should she? i think she looks adorable. she’s not at a premier, she’s just walking around outside. people are ripping on her for wearing a t-shirt and jeans?

  56. dahlia1947 says:

    HA! I thought it read: Crusty lovers John Mellencamp & Meg Ryan are still going WRONG! lol

  57. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Even the arms of his glasses look like cigarettes…

  58. TXCinderella says:

    They both look as if a bath is in order, as if they just gave up on themselves and settled on each other. Blech!

  59. Bailey says:

    gross. they need a bath, a brush, a toothbrush, a dust buster!

  60. Sasha says:

    Is this the best she could do? Yuck!! Used to be so cute, now she looks like GI Jane. As another poster said, he reminds me of an uglier Dennis Quaid too. Very similar in alot of ways. She sure goes for the bad boys. Have a feeling this isn’t going to end well.

  61. Catherine says:

    Oh yeah, that cig is way hot hanging out of his face. Ugh, I can almost smell the white-trash stink.

  62. Kellie says:

    Meg has a great body, always has. Wish she would dress to show it off more. As for Mellencamp, well, there are no words. He is just nasty looking pretty much sums him up.

  63. candy says:

    I actually think these two look perfect together and if he can keep her from Donald Ducking her lips even better. The cig needs to go!

  64. KCT says:

    Her face does look better in these photos. Maybe he’s weaning her off the Botox and Juvederm. That and being happy too always helps!

    I used to think he was a sexy little thing. He may still be, in the dark, but the ashtray mouth would have to go!

  65. Becky says:

    She looks better than she has in awhile-looks like she’s laid off the lip injections and cut back on the botox and fillers.

    While I do think she’s wearing some sort of a bra or camisole, who cares if she isn’t? If you are small chested and your boobs aren’t saggy there’s nothing wrong with not wearing a bra every now and then as long as you aren’t going to work or to a formal event. I’m in between an A and a B and sometimes if I’m just running out to the grocery store or doing errands I don’t bother wearing one.

  66. Heatherrr says:

    Im with Emma on this one. Crusties, unite!

  67. CeeCee says:

    ew he looks like a dirty old hobo. Old man smell mixed with cigarette smoke oh Meg yuck

  68. Deb says:

    CeeCee is right. He looks like a homeless man I saw on a bench on 3rd Street Promenade this afternoon.

  69. Trashaddict says:

    6 months, that’s a lifetime in Hollyweird. If they last long enough, they can nurse each other through lung cancer.

  70. jemshoes says:

    “Crusty”! 😀

  71. sammib says:

    Wow. You guys are some hard core haters. And I’m picking the average age of most of you is what, 20 max cos you have some real agism happening here. She looks fine. You wish you look like this when you’re 49.

  72. Anti-icon says:

    I think Meg looks cute….(hides). I am one who really liked her….and hated what she did to her face…..and I like the grey hair grow out. And, I’ve always liked her style–very down-to-earth. Her small boobs look fine….she is cute when she leaves everything natural.

    John Mellencamp. Needs to stop smoking…because he has a bad heart condition.

    That is all. Yeah for mature love….I guess. (crusty lovers = funny, until you are the crusty old age they are!!!!)

  73. REALIST says:

    Meg, you’re not in your 20’s-wear a bra!

  74. sunny says:

    yeah john did it again. just cant quit cheating on wives. cant keep a family together. i feel sorry for elaine that john cheated on her with meg. but meg dont care, now shes back in the spot light. yeah well meg will get dumped too. just johns style, he cant keep a gal long enuf. yeah holding onto 16 as long as you can john, changes come around soon but you still aint a man